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6/19/2016 18:16:10   
Legendary Nightshade

Correction for Shadow Hunter Armor:

[M7] (i.e. Magic - Sword - Blind) blinds the enemy for 5 turns, not 2.

Also, Archivist hasn't been updated to account for the new skill "Kathool's Madness".

That would be my mistake. Corrected, thanks! I also added the new Archivist skill. ~SZ

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7/29/2016 22:17:02   
Legendary Nightshade

Corrections for Evolved ChickenCow Armor:

- Eggteor Shower does 5 hits of 70% damage, not 4
- Lactose tidal wave is locked to Melee

Additional skill for Archivist:

Pirates Vs Ninjas
DoT Empowerment

Level/Quest/Skill/Items required: None

Effect: 6 hits of 25% damage for 150% total damage. Applies "Dirty fighting tricks from Sho'Nuff!" (see below) to yourself for 6 turns.

Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown: 11 turns (Cooldowns carry over between battles)
Element: Weapon's element
Attack Type: Weapon's type


Dirty fighting tricks from Sho'Nuff! - Enemy is inflicted with "Dirty Fighting", a 5-turn DoT dealing 20-33% weapon damage per turn, with the same element as the weapon.

Added, thanks. There is the pop-up message to add for Archivist when the empowerment effect expires. ~Jorath

Edit: Oh right, I forgot about that. Sorry! Here it is, with an image too:


Ninja and Pirate fury settles.

Additionally, Kathool's Madness has been nerfed; the cooldown has been lengthened, and is now 19 turns. The Mana Cost and damage values are still the same.

Edit 2: And Kathool's Madness remains unaffected by the cooldown effect it has on Attack.

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DF AQW  Post #: 552
8/24/2016 9:43:17   
Legendary Nightshade

In addition to the above-mentioned changes to Kathool and the PvN empowerment expiration message, Ultimate Orb Creation has been buffed; it now skips your opponent's turn 5 times, though the empowerment expiration message occurs after the 4th skipped turn.

Added this and the info on Kathool's Madness, thanks!

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9/4/2016 15:58:17   
Legendary Nightshade

Detail for Runestone - Runeblast:

The DoT does 33% of your weapon damage every turn for 5 turns. Also, color me biased, but I used the skill about a dozen times in multi-battles and all 10 hits always hit the same target, and the target was always the one I selected.

Correction/Clarification for Ancient Exosuit:

Enhancement Systems increases your Boost and Bonus by the listed amounts for the NEXT 5 turns. It does not boost the skill itself.

Merged double posts. ~Karika

All added, thanks! ~Karika

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DF AQW  Post #: 554
9/10/2016 0:41:11   
Level 1 Laughing Tog

Artix class:

Instead of using your weapon min-max, Artix's skills use:

Min: Floor((5 + Level) * 1.1875)
Max: Floor(20 + Level * 2.25)

So at level 80 the Blinding Light of Destiny deals 100-200 damage (plus stat damage).

Basic Attack is 1 hit, 200% damage, 215% damage against Undead.

Purify is 5 hits of 100% damage each for 500% damage.

Restoring Light heals Artix's HP to full.

Daimyo guest:

Basic attack is 2 hits of 100% damage each for 200% damage.

Arf gives Artix +100 Bonus for 9 turns.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 555
9/10/2016 21:41:13   
Legendary Nightshade

Correction/bugfix thing for Cryptic:

Paranoia seems to buff your crit chance, not crit damage. Previously, it did neither, but it looks like it's been patched. Over a test of 100 hits with no equipment and no LUK (so just the 5% base crit chance and Paranoia), I crit 38 times. In a second test of 100 hits with no equipment and 200 LUK (so 15% crit chance and Paranoia), I crit 48 times. I'm guessing Paranoia buffs crit chance by 5% per stack. Crit damage is still 200%, regardless of how many stacks of Paranoia are built up.
DF AQW  Post #: 556
9/10/2016 23:52:27   


Paranoia seems to buff your crit chance, not crit damage. Previously, it did neither, but it looks like it's been patched.

Paranoia has always, and always was intended, to increase the chance of doing critical damage. I think confusion just struck at it being stated in its full name, instead of just "critical" or "critical chance".

I second this however, as I have just tested 48/46 Crit(38+10%[or maybe 8%] from LUK), with full Paranoia, and Cryptics Illusionary Veil. Using Elemental Unities ability, and hitting a critical strike on every hit. Tested this multiple times, and found the same in result in 10 battles.
Post #: 557
9/30/2016 7:12:31   

I tested Cryptic's skill damage numbers back in June-2013(post in this thread) and like DJ9K said, Paranoia charges have always boosted critical chance by 5% per charge.
I don't think anything's been changed about the passive and I certainly can't confirm that it didn't do anything before. It always worked, just with crit chance, not crit damage.
I'll agree that the wording is awkward/wrong on the class page, as the only time Paranoia actually affects critical damage is technically when you use Mental Assassination to consume the stacks.

I've clarified the wording to specify Crit Chance. Thanks! ~Karika

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 558
10/4/2016 0:02:16   
Legendary Nightshade

Correction for Mirror Eye Trinket - Mirror Eye:

Cooldown is 9 turns, not 10. Technically, the boost lasts for 5 turns, but 1 turn is "wasted" because you spend that turn actually using the trinket skill itself.

Correction for Soul Purifier - Purify:

The +30 M/P/M lasts for 3 turns, not 2 (includes the turn you use the skill).

Done, thanks! ~Peachii

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DF AQW  Post #: 559
10/23/2016 2:09:31   
Legendary Nightshade

Corrections for DeathKnight Armor:

Garb of Undeath raises your M/P/M by 140 for 4 turns, not 3 (includes the turn you use the skill).

Necrotic Presence appears to start off with 3 charges; using level 80 ??? SoulForged Daggers, the DoT did 14-14 damage initially, then increased by 4-5 Curse damage per turn. It reached the cap at turn 18, doing 95-95 damage (100% weapon damage). The number of charges remains the same while switching between the DoT/HoT, so the HoT also benefits from this.

Lastly, I feel that Necrotic Presence's description should be reworded. Garb of Undeath is not an attack, but it still counts for the purpose of building up stacks of the passive. The only other non-damaging skill, Necrotic Presence Shift, does not increase the number of stacks, but only shifts between the DoT and HoT. Also, unlike Necromancer, the DoT/HoT lasts for only 1 turn, not 99. This is probably to prevent the player from having both effects simultaneously active.

Fixed, thanks. ~Karika

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DF AQW  Post #: 560
10/27/2016 23:45:46   
Legendary Nightshade

Corrections/maybe bugs? for Ancient Exosuit:

Target Nullification Protocol does not have a -100 Bonus 1st turn Blind for a total of 4 turns. It applies a 3-turn, -55 Bonus blind, and that's all that happens.

Damage Limiter Protocol lowers enemy Boost by 40 for 4 turns, not 5.

I'll submit a bug report for these. I dunno if they should be added into the Encyclopedia.
DF AQW  Post #: 561
11/4/2016 10:24:12   
Sakurai the Cursed

Correction for Ranger; Purge does 2 hits of 75% damage, not 70%. With 111 base damage (95-95 +11 from Luk +5 from Dex), it does 146 at 0 stacks (175% crit damage) and 354 at 5 stacks (425% crit damage).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 562
11/5/2016 10:08:16   
Legendary Nightshade

Are you sure that's not just the passive damage boost from specializing in STR/DEX? It stacks additively to each hit, like Ascendant's damage boost.
DF AQW  Post #: 563
11/5/2016 12:32:04   
Sakurai the Cursed

As you can see from the +5 damage from Dex, it's nowhere near my main stat, nor is Str; I use Int/Luk. Every other skill also does the appropriate amount according to the encyclopedia, it's only Purge which is incorrect. But to be fair I haven't tested it on a Str/Dex build to see if the numbers match 80%/90% for those. Guess I'll do that next time I get some free time to test stuff.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 564
1/13/2017 20:41:59   
Legendary Nightshade

Yeah, you're right. Purge does have a base of 2 hits of 75% damage each.

Corrections for Elemental Unity, Elemental Unity Defender (I-XV) - Elemental Unity:

The enemy is blinded for 4 turns, not 3. Also, it does 17 hits of damage.

Added, thanks. ~Karika

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DF AQW  Post #: 565
2/11/2017 16:40:19   

Correction for Master SoulWeaver Armor; the post implies that all skills are automatically unlocked once you unlock the armor, but this is not the case. MSW shares its skill progression with the base SoulWeaver from Book 1. The number of skills you've trained in SW via Shards of the Spirit-Loom translates to the respective skills being trained in MSW. Here's an imgur album showcasing this.

Added, thanks. ~Karika

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 566
5/10/2017 9:26:35   
Legendary Nightshade

According to Verly, some DoTs are also scaled based on your stats, not just your weapon damage. So far, I've confirmed that Cryptic and enTropy's DoTs get the bonus damage, but FMA, IR, Pyromancer, and KAA don't. It's probably too much trouble to fish out every class's DoT to see if they benefit from this or not though.

Ranger's Purge still needs to be updated; with no extra STR/DEX it does 2 hits of 75% base damage, not 70%. This is a confirmed bug as per Verly's post.

Frost Moglin's (Mega) Blind only lasts for 2 turns, not 3 (unsure if it's a bug, Ash's breakdown says it should last for 3). Wreath lasts for 3 turns, not 2 ( later added in by Ash).

Both Wreath and Blind might need some checking from Verly, if these are intended to last two and three turns respectively after Ash's changes to the skills.

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DF AQW  Post #: 567
6/11/2017 16:28:54   
Legendary Nightshade

Updated skills for DragonLord Armor and its variations using Dragon's Rage. Water Dragon Spirit and Shield Bash are not affected by the artifact. Everything else is, though only certain skills have new popups.


Dragon Soul
10% HP, 9 turn CD
7 hits of 70% damage each, 490% total
Popup: Your soul overflows with energy, bursting out!

30 mana, 15 turn CD
1 hit of 225% damage, guaranteed to crit for 450% total
Also some unknown amount of +BtH, probably the same as normal DL (+100)

Water Dragon Spirit
0 mana, 10 turn CD
Immediately heal 30% MP, no HoT

Shield Bash
25 mana, 13 turn CD
1 hit of 120% damage, 3 turn stun

Wind Dragon Spirit
35 mana, 19 turn CD
Immediately heal 20% HP, no HoT

Earth Dragon Spirit
30 mana, 24 turn CD
2 turns of 80% reduced damage, followed by 2 turns of 50% reduced damage

Darkness Dragon Spirit
30 mana, 8 turn CD
2 turns of +140 M/P/M, 3 turns of +50% Boost (including turn spent shielding)
Popup: The rage of Darkness Dragons fills you with power!

0 mana, 0 turn CD
1 hit of 130%

Dragon Bite
0 mana, 2 turn CD
2 hits of 100% damage each, 200% total

0 mana, 0 turn CD
3 hits of 100% damage each, 300% total

Energy Dragon Spirit
20 mana, 0 turn CD
1 hit of 155% Energy damage to each enemy

Light Dragon Spirit
26 mana, 7 turn CD
1 hit of 175% Light damage, 3 turns of -25 Bonus

Frost Dragon Spirit
30 mana, 8 turn CD
1 hit of 175% Ice damage, 1 turn of -50% Boost/Immobility

Fire Dragon Spirit
25 mana, 6 turn CD
1 hit of 175% Fire damage, 5 turns of 40% Fire WDPT
Popup: The flames of the Fire Dragon Spirit burn even brighter!

Dragon Heart
30 mana, 9 turn CD
4 hits of Variable% damage (100% + % of missing HP per hit), 400-800% total

Popup for Dragon's Patience:


Dragon's Patience shines brightly! +X% damage!

As per Verly, X increases by 2 per skill (excluding potions as per my own tests) and caps at 102% in the popup (should be 100%, I've messaged Verly about this bug). Also the damage isn't working exactly right (seems to be capping at ~85% damage bonus at max), which I've also messaged Verly about.

All have been added, apart from the skills that have not changed when equipping Dragon's Rage. Thanks! ~Peachii

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DF AQW  Post #: 568
7/8/2017 20:37:19   
Aura Knight

Male Image for ShadowHunter since photobucket killed the other one

link: http://i.imgur.com/wwh2BDP.png

And a few new images for some of the skill's appearances since those are broken too.

Gun: http://i.imgur.com/QZlQVgq.png
Magic: http://i.imgur.com/J6mcFNg.png
Shield: http://i.imgur.com/VD5UhCr.png
Sword: http://i.imgur.com/hqRj1Y3.png

And here's the link to the Shadow Hunter Armor: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21502390

I didn't expect every link to be broken and I can't post fixes for all so these will have to do for now. At least it's a start.

All added. Thanks! ~Peachii

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 569
9/16/2017 0:10:58   

Not sure if these are needed but here are images for some of the classes with the new face:


Done till here. Need upload images to backup and thus the loooong delay. ~Peachii

CC Dragonlord

Evolved Dragonlord

CC Evolved Dragonlord

DoomKnight (New)



Ascendant (Male only)

Timekiller (Male only)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 570
10/22/2017 7:16:29   
Sakurai the Cursed

Very small correction, but Rogue's Final skill does 32% damage per hit, rather than 31.3%. Discovered this when answering a question in Q&A today about whether LUK is bugged for Rogue; to quote my post from there:


I did some testing on my Rogue and their base crit modifier is only 1.75. She has 0 Luk, and with 41-43 damage her Throw/Surprise were both doing 62-65 damage as expected, but on crits they only did 108-113. Final also seems to do 32% damage per hit rather than 31.3% as the encyclopedia says (for 128% total rather than 125%), as I was doing 23-25 damage, and no matter whether you round (btw, you always round up for DF damage results) at the end or at every stage, 25 isn't possible with 31.3%. 32%, +-0.04%, is the only value that allows for both a low of 23 and a high of 25. It fits your numbers as well: 126 x 0.32 x 1.946 = ~78.46, rounded up to 79 x 4 = 316.

Fixed, thanks. ~Karika

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 571
10/24/2017 4:41:56   
Sakurai the Cursed

So, seeing that crit damage is now a dynamic stat which scales off of Luk, rather than a static value, any "for X% total damage" notes on guaranteed critical skills which took the critical into account are now incorrect. For example, Avatar of Time's Time Storm skill says: "Effect: Attack with your weapon 3 times, each hit doing 61.66% damage for 185% damage, with 100% chance to crit for 370% total damage." Base critical damage is 175% now but increases with Luk, so the 370% number is incorrect unless you specifically have 250 Luk and no more or less; at base, it would be 323.75%. Since it's a variable though, I believe it should just be standardized to not include any "final total" values, like many other skills which simply give the base pre-crit damage and the fact that they're guaranteed to be a critical hit. As far as I can tell this is an exhaustive list of classes or trinket skills that have the now erroneous notes:

Avatar of Time - Time Storm
Bone Exoskeleton - Overload Matrix (fixed Quantum Cannon as well)
ChronoZ - Bow Blast in the "Time blast - Bow Blast (Future Sight Combo)"
Death Knight - Obliterate
DragonLord, Color Custom DragonLord, Evolved Color Custom DragonLord, Evolved DragonLord - DragonEye, as well as DragonEye under the Dragon's Rage artifact section. Also, Darkness Dragon Spirit (and the same under the Dragon's Rage artifact sections) now gives BPD rather than MPM
DragonSlayer - Slayer's Keen Eye
Dread Pirate - Call the Brute Group
enTropy - Decaying Needles
Evolved PumpkinLord - Cleaving Thorn, and not sure if it's necessary but Final on the old armor skills as well
Fleshweaver - SOULBURST
Frost Moglin Armor - Fruitcake Brick
Guardian - Keen Edge
Icebound Revenant - Razor Ice. Also, Fortitude of Frost now gives BPD rather than MPM -> still gives MPM.
Kara - Nature's Wonder, Breeze
MageKnight - Final Blow
Necromancer - Summon Champion, and not sure if it's necessary but Final Blow on the old armor skills as well. Also, Fear Ward now gives BPD rather than Melee/Magic
Ninja - Massive Strike. Also, the DoT effects on Scorpion Venom and Blood of the Lotus deal "As weapon" element damage rather than Poison (though the initial hits themselves are still Poison), Paralyzing Slash is now named Spider Venom, Catalyst is buffed by 25% per effect rather than 20% and also benefits from Spider Venom's effect, Fade into the Shadows now gives MPM rather than BPD, Walk Within Shadows now only gives its currently-listed effect for 1 turn, after which it ends and is replaced by +150 BPD for the following 4 turns, Vanish now gives MPM rather than Dodge and gives 80 Bonus rather than 30, Blurred Vision now gives BPD rather than just Dodge, and there should be a note about the class' increased base critical damage of 225% rather than 175% (man, this armor was practically revamped!)
Pirate - Help from the Locker. Also, Sealegs now gives MPM rather than BPD, and Backstab now gives BPD rather than just Dodge and counter-attacks on enemy hits as well as misses
Pirate Monkey - Bomb Toss
PumpkinLord - Piercing Thorn
Pyromancer - The Phoenix
Ranger - Not sure if it's necessary but Purge on the old armor skills. Also, Spotter's Shot gives +200 Crit rather than +100, Quick Reflexes now gives MPM rather than BPD, and in the notes at the bottom, "This class starts out at 175% Crit damage, unlike every other class having 200% Crit damage. However, each time..." should be changed to "This class starts out at 175% Crit damage, however each time...", and "Using any of the four defensive skills, Quick Reflexes, Cripple, Kick, or Recover will break your focus, resetting it to 0" should read "Using any of the four defensive skills, Quick Reflexes, Cripple, Kick, or Recover will break your focus, subtracting 4 stacks"
Rogue, Ancient Shadow Rogue, DragonRogue, Shadow Rogue - The correction in my previous post about Final Strike for Rogue should also be applied to the other versions, including the one under the Cloak Scrap artifact section of base Rogue, to fix both the incorrect "total crit damage" notes and the incorrect damage values. Also, Stealth now gives MPM rather than BPD
Shadow Hunter - Gun in the "Magic - Gun (Critical Combo)" and in the "Magic - Magic - Gun (Critical Shot Combo)". Also, Night Shield now gives MPM rather than BPD
SnugglePanda - Funky Panda
Summon Destiny Dragon
Summon Young Destiny Dragon
Technomancer - Force-sword
Togslayer - Final Blow

Other misc. notes:
Evolved Chickencow - Chickensive Stance now gives MPM rather than just Melee
Cryptic - Illusion now gives MPM rather than BPD, and there should be a note about the class' increased base critical damage of 200% rather than 175%
DragonRider - DragonScale in both the original and new skillset now gives 150 MPM, and MegaBurn in the new skillset does 400% damage, not 200%
Kathool Adept - Writhe now gives MPM rather than Dodge (unsure if it's still 255 as I don't have the armor)
SoulWeaver, Master SoulWeaver - Soul Aegis now gives MPM rather than BPD
Paladin - Barrier of Sanctuary now gives MPM rather than just Melee/Pierce

All above has been amended, thanks!

Chronomancer? - Blade of Meanwhile says: "3 hits with 100% chance to crit, for a total of 400% damage," but doesn't specify whether that's before or after taking the crit into account. I don't have this armor personally, so can't test it to be sure, however if it's the same as Chronocorrupter like most of its skills are then it should indeed be 200% total before crits rather than 400%

Perhaps would be great if someone can confirm this.

Also, should the All Armors - Attack entry not be deleted? It's nowhere near an exhaustive list of different Attack button effects, and all Attack button effects are already covered in their class' respective entry anyway.

It's all right to leave the entry as it is. ~Peachii

Edited to fix some errors in the ChronoZ information.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 572
10/31/2017 6:05:16   

DoomKnight Armor with Gnarly Guitar of Doom equipped

Added, thanks! ~Peachii

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 573
11/5/2017 21:21:20   
Sakurai the Cursed

Ascendant's Tolm's Wrath skill does 31% damage on the DoT, not 30%. Tested with 122 damage and 128, it did 38 and 40 respectively, which can only allow for somewhere from 30.47% to 31.14% damage.

Also, as an aside, was the information in my previous post rejected for some reason (aside from the comment about All Armors - Attack, which I understand)? I'm not trying to rush anyone or anything, I know how much it is lol, but I'm just genuinely curious if there's something wrong with it. If not, then it's all good. :D

All's good. Done (with a side note added below the effect), thanks! ~Peachii

< Message edited by Peachii -- 11/14/2017 5:16:56 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 574
12/9/2017 6:55:13   
Sakurai the Cursed

So, Kathool Adept Armor's damage values are kind of confusing (a couple are also incorrect, but I'll get to that later). I think that the damage scaling of this armor should be better clarified, like it is for DoomKnight, because abilities that say, for example, 100-200% damage depending on level, but in fact the class starts at 120% damage when at level 20 and scales up to a maximum of 186% damage at level 40, so saying 100-200% is not only incorrect but also doesn't explain how it scales either (I know I was always confused by that until today when I finally got around to testing it, whether that 200% max was for the old cap when the entry was made or what). Rather than listing a range for each skill though, I think it should say, for example: "100% scaled damage", and have a note like DoomKnight does at the bottom, saying in KAA's case something like:

Scaled Damage = 120% at level 20 up to 186% maximum at level 40+;
What this means is where you see 100% damage, it's 100 x this scaled damage. So at level 40+ it's 186%, meaning 100% scaled damage would be 186%, 300% scaled damage would be 558%, etc.

It should be noted (here, not necessarily in the entry until an actual formula can be figured) that damage at level 30 is ~164-165% so the scaling is not linear, but this way at least the max can be correct now and level cap raises won't require further editing. With that in mind:

Unnerve - 100% scaled damage

Ink Spray - Damage is 100% stat damage only, not affected by weapon damage or scaling.

Fear - Same as Ink Spray.

Attack - 100% scaled damage

Mad - 100% scaled damage

Tidal - 100% scaled damage

Shadow - 25% scaled damage per hit, for 100% total

Corrupt - 50% scaled damage

Mind Twist - 110% scaled damage to non-Corrupt targets / 150% scaled damage to Corrupt targets

Red Tide - 125% scaled damage

Kathool - 300% scaled damage, and perhaps it should be mentioned that it applies the -50 Evil before damage is applied (to fit with the syntax of the rest of the entry, I'd suggest following Mad's example and saying: "Inflicts the target with -50 to Evil resistance for 4 turns, followed by 1 hit of 300% scaled damage to all enemies. This attack will always hit, and has a 50% higher chance to crit."

All of the above corrections have been applied, thank you! [Jay]

< Message edited by Jay -- 9/26/2018 22:58:54 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 575
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