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Castle Valtrith

Access Point: Doomwood Region -> Castle Valtrith -> Travel, Timeline (Book 3) -> Calamity The Rise of Valtrith/Sorrow/Caitiff's Studies/Doomed -> To Castle Valtrith
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 15th, 2013

Quests Available
Castle Valtrith

Calamity Saga
The 13th 13th!
Forest Hunt
Storming the Castle
Frostval the 13th!
The Evil Artifact
Friday the 13th War
Advance on the Castle!
The Valtrith Tomb
Castle Nostromo
Soul Scrying
Friday the 13th Invasion - Dark Night
Breaking Down

Calamity Saga - Caitiff's Study
Friday the 13th Invasion - Weal
Old Friends
Flight from Sho'Nuff
One Pala-day At a Time
Can We Yix Him?
One Step Ahead
Darkness is Coming
The Mage Tower
Friday the 13th Invasion - Black Winter


Bloody Dooms
Sanguine Dooms

Symone: The Ruins of Valtrith's Castle teem with shadow spawn. Get in there and clear them out! I'll guard the gate so none escape.

  • Calamity Saga
    Symone: The Baron represents the worst of this world's evils. The artifacts gathered to summon him have added more power to a legendary horror.
    • Castle Valtrith - Starts Castle Valtrith quest

    • Caitiff's Study
      Symone: I fear we're in more danger now than ever. Valtrith and... It... could have destroyed us. They're planning something....

  • Doom Upgrade
    Symone: If your Blacksmithing level is sufficient, you can combine Bloody Monster Hearts with your Doom weapon.

  • Heal
  • Leave

    These are available if Shadow Hunter armor is already unlocked:

  • Give Bloody Hearts ShadowHunter Armor
  • Wear Armor!
  • Train Armor

    Other information
  • You can wear and train the Shadow Hunter class if you already unlocked it during Mogloween.

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