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Castle Valtrith

Access Point: Doomwood Region -> Castle Valtrith -> Travel,
Access Point: Timeline (Book 3) -> Calamity The Rise of Valtrith/Sorrow/Caitiff's Studies/Doomed -> To Castle Valtrith,
Access Point: That A'Way! (Book 3) -> Right -> Up Right -> Down -> Down Right -> Down Left -> Up -> 3 Left -> 2 Down
Requirements: None
Release Date: November 15th, 2013

Zones Accessible
The 13th 13th!
Frostval the 13th!
Friday the 13th War
Advance on the Castle!
Friday the 13th Invasion - Dark Night

Calamity Saga - Caitiff
Friday the 13th Invasion - Weal
Friday the 13th Invasion - Black Winter

Quests Available
Castle Valtrith

Calamity Saga
Forest Hunt
Storming the Castle
The Evil Artifact
The Valtrith Tomb
Castle Nostromo
Soul Scrying
Breaking Down

Calamity Saga - Caitiff
Old Friends
Flight from Sho'Nuff
One Pala-day At a Time
Can We Yix Him?
One Step Ahead
Darkness is Coming
The Mage Tower


Bloody Dooms
Sanguine Dooms

Symone: The Ruins of Valtrith's Castle teem with shadow spawn. Get in there and clear them out! I'll guard the gate so none escape.

  • Calamity Saga
    Symone: The Baron represents the worst of this world's evils. The artifacts gathered to summon him have added more power to a legendary horror.
  • Doom Upgrade
    Symone: If your Blacksmithing level is sufficient, you can combine Bloody Monster Hearts with your Doom weapon.
  • Heal
  • Leave - returns to Doomwood Path (Book 3).

  • Castle Valtrith - begins Castle Valtrith quest.

  • Give Bloody Hearts ShadowHunter Armor
  • Wear Armor! - equips Shadow Hunter class.
  • Train Armor

    Other information
  • Shadow Hunter buttons will appear if you already unlocked it during Mogloween.

    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith for entry reformat and corrections.

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