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Darkness is Coming

Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Caitiff's Studies -> Darkness is Coming
Requirements: Completion of One Step Ahead
Release Date: December 9th, 2016

Objective: Touch base with everyone that you have recruited so far.
Objective completed: Time to return to Ash.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Guardian Endnai



*You stand on the clifftop next to the Guardian Tower, looking at the reddening sky as dark clouds close in on Falconreach. You close your eyes and make the attempt to communicate with your dragon again.*

<Character> (thinking): <Dragon>...
<Character> (thinking): I'll find a way, just... hold on tight.

*You open your eyes and enter the interior of the tower where you meet Symone and the others.*

<Character>: The Darkness is coming.
Symone: Indeed. We'll have a big fight on our hands soon.
Ash: Very soon...
<Character>: I just hope that we are sufficiently prepared.
Guardian Endnai: We've closed off the gates, but the attacks are getting progressively more common.
Ispahan: And it's not just here. Reports are coming from all over, multiple places are under siege at the same time.
<Character>: Under siege, you say? Just like a certain city Zhoom and I barely got out of?

*Ispahan appears speechless upon hearing the tone of your question.*

Ispahan: T-
Ispahan: T-that's not my division... I'm not responsible for-
<Character>: Forget it. Atrea's safe, at least for now. And that's all that matters.
Valencia: Are you certain?
<Character>: Yes. We've warned them, and their... "Empress" is keeping the city shielded.
<Character>: Although I wasn't allowed to meet her... it... whatever they are, not yet anyway.
Cinquefoil: Guardians are on the walls, keeping the cultists, undead and other nefarious beings at bay.
<Character>: Is everyone here, inside Falconreach?
Galanoth: Now that you mention it... Artix insisted on being stationed on the outer perimeters. As a "warm up", he said.
<Character>: Artix will be Artix, I suppose.
Elysia: <Character>!
<Character>: Elysia! Is everything alright!?
Elysia: More or less. The Grove was under attack, I had to leave.
<Character>: I'm glad you've made it out of there safely!
Elysia: I heard about <Dragon>...
Elysia: I'm so sorry...
<Character>: Yeah...
Elysia: I'll do whatever it takes to help!
<Character>: Thank you.
Dove: So this is how a Guardian Tower looks from the inside!

*You turn around and your smile immediately drops upon realizing that Dove has arrived to help just as he promised.*

Dove: Neat.
<Character>: Oh. You made it here.
Dove: Yeah, I've been exploring the town.
Dove: Hello, everybody!
Everyone: ...

*Elysia's expression turns to shock and surprise when the sight of Dove catches her attention.*

Symone: <Character>... who is this?
<Character>: He's... "Dove". He said he'll help.
Dove: Correction, I didn't say that I'll help. I'm just here to see how the events unfold...
Dove: Aaaaand if anyone get's injured, I might...
Dove: Ugh.
Dove: Alright, I might "help", I guess.
Lafter: So you are a healer? Good. We can use every healer available.
Dove: I'm not a healer.
Dove: I-
Dove: Oooookay, I am a healer, I suppose...
Dove: Just not in a... conventional way.
<Character>: Could you join Alina and Reens then, please? They are in the medical tent.
Dove: Sure.

*Elysia touches his arm, causing him to stop moving and look at her with a slightly puzzled look on his face.*

Dove: Yyyyyes? What do you want, lady?
Elysia: You're...

*Dove raises his finger to his mouth and his eyes end up reflecting rainbow colors, petrifying Elysia in speechlessness.*

Elysia: ...
<Character>: Elysia? Something's wrong?
Elysia: No.
<Character>: Alright then. I am going to take a walk around the town, assess the defenses and see how everybody's doing.
Ash: When you're done, come find me here. We'll plan our next step.

*Fades to black. You take a walk around Falconreach as the darkness looms in little by little.*

Rhubarb: We've closed off th' bay. No need fer fishin', when thar's storm a-brewin'!

Guardian Endnai: To be frank with you, <Character>... I'm scared. This entire thing is like "dragon-swallowing-the-sun" all over again.

Kordana: Remarkable! And with so archaic equipment too!
Yix: Nothing I used was archaic, thank you very much!
Kordana: Oh, I meant that as a compliment!
Kordana: You've achieved a transfer of consciousness with such limited resources! In this day and age!
Kordana: It's... truly amazing! I'd love to study you!
Yix: O- oh?
Kordana: Ah, I apologize! I didn't mean to word it this way!!
Eirn: Get a room, you two...
Airheart: ...

Zhoom: I'm ready when you are!

Dove: Look at the size of this thing! I called dibs, it's mine.
<Character>: We already have a healing tent...
Dove: The more, the merrier!
<Character>: If you say so... I have a question.
Dove: Yes, under these robes, I'm naked.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: So... what exactly did you mean by "healing in a not conventional way"?
Dove: I punch people and they get better.
<Character>: ...
Dove: I'm not joking.
<Character>: Is this by choice, or...?
Dove: I was... "born" this way.
<Character>: So THAT'S why you can't harm anything?
Dove: Weeeell...
Dove: I can still pick up a stick and beat you with it, if that's your thing.
<Character>: ... You're very difficult to like, you know?
Dove: I'm not here to be liked. I'm here to sightsee.
<Character>: And help people.
Dove: And help people!
<Character>: Carry on...

<Character>: Everything's good?
Galanoth: As good as it can be, <Character>.
Mazurek: We be sailin' together wit' ninjas... 'tis not goin' to get any worse than 'tis.
Thyton: I am not going to respond in any snarky way. I am not going to respond in any snarky way...
<Character>: How about you, Elysia? You seem... bothered by something.
Elysia: I'm fine, <Character>. This... fellow, from earlier, seemed familiar. But I suppose I was mistaken.
<Character>: Alright then, carry on!

Guardian: The paladin Artix is behind these barricades. He's doing a great job at keeping the undead away.

Cinquefoil: These barricades are not pretty, but they will do. They must do...

Alina: Reens is inside, cooking up health and mana potions. We might need antidotes as well. The Cultists-
Rolith: The Cultists are not our major concern. The Rose is. Have you seen how many of them are coming here?
Alina: Rolith, if you start a fight with them again, the Rose will be the least of your problems...

<Character>: Am I ready to go back to the Guardian Tower?

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