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Twin Tides

Location: Dragesvard's Shore -> Quests! -> Twin Tides
Requirements: Completion of Fate's Flow (Part 2)
Release Date: September 23rd, 2022

Objective: The heroism of you and your allies has stirred The Great One to action. But with the Hollow Tytan's seemingly unlimited source of energy, more decisive action may be required.
Objective completed: And peace finds Tyndur's Depths once more.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: 24

(1) Hollow Tytan Limb (Lower)
(1) Hollow Tytan Limb (Middle)
(1) Hollow Tytan Limb (Upper) - Boss

Captain Lestrad
G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema

Blood of the Mountain


*In Swordhaven's Ivory Tower, as Jaania levitates and reads a book, Akanthus meet with her, where he notices that Jaania has conducted another experiment.*

Akanthus: My Lady. From the state of disarray in the tower, I assume you have conducted another... unscheduled experiment?

*Akanthus looks at Jaania's newly created Elemental Spirit, Hesperrhodos.*

Akanthus: ...And this thing must be the fruit of your labors.
Jaania: Good. You've returned. Quite the resounding success, isn't he?

*Akanthus glares at Jaania.*

Akanthus: As long as its presence hastens our departure, I have no complaints.
Jaania: Regarding that, Queen Victoria has been asking how long I intend to keep the airship over Swordhaven.
Jaania: I would like to have more practice before we leave, however.
Jaania: It appears even the simplest of weaving techniques can result in significant complications.

*Scene shifts to the various clothing that Jaania wove across the floor.*

Akanthus: From the scattered trinkets around your office, I'd hazard to say you've managed to grasp the basics.
Jaania: Indeed. But I imagine there is a great difference between weaving simple clothing and weaving the threads of the soul.
Jaania: What scant admonitions against the practice I can find seem to greatly overexaggerate the difficulty.
Jaania: Hm.
Jaania: ...How ever did you procure these texts, Akanthus?
Jaania: Ah, never mind that—
Jaania: I require a more hands-on approach.

*Jaania thinks how she will weave the threads of the soul.*

Jaania: Ah, yes.
Jaania: Princess Brittany's mysterious ailment.
Jaania: She's suffered for so long. But now, with Hesperrhodos at my side...
Jaania: I can fix her. I will fix her.
Jaania: Akanthus, I will need your assistance in preparing the poor girl's chamber.

*Akanthus pauses before abiding Jaania's order.*

Akanthus: ...Very well, my Lady.

*In the ship, the Alliance make their final plans to take down the Hollow Tytan.*

Kord: We did it! We made it! The fresh air! Safety at last!
Mritha: It's not over yet.
Kord: You... you can't make me go back there. I can't.

Kord: I won't!
G. M. Hansa: Trust me. No one's asking you to join us.
<Character>: We destroyed the Tytan's internal power source, but it's only gotten more active.
Kara SuLema: It has to be getting energy from somewhere.
<Character>: ...I bet that "somewhere" is the Wastes. It must be getting power from through the Rift!
G. M. Hansa: From the flow of mana...

G. M. Hansa: Yes. That would make sense.
<Character>: Our next objective should be to close it off, then.
Ostromir: Er...
<Character>: With The Great One keeping the Tytan occupied, we should be able to sail past, and escort Ostromir and Vseslava to the base.
Ostromir: That... might not be possible.
<Character>: What do you mean?
Vseslava: We expended much more mana than we intended in our fungal adventure.
Ostromir: What with creating those wonderful Containment Units, as well as powering our own filters...
Ostromir: Not to mention all that running back and forth!
Kara SuLema: ...You can't close the Rift?
Ostromir: Well, now, I would not say we can not.
Ostromir: Just the probability of us stumbling across a spare functional Ignonimous is quite unlikely.
Vseslava: I am sorry.
Vseslava: We expected the delivery of additional resources some time ago, but with the Magesterium scattered, that has not been possible.
Mritha: You could have mentioned it earlier.
Ostromir: We did not know how much this encounter would take from us!
G. M. Hansa: What if you diverted power from your suits?
Vseslava: Excuse me?
G. M. Hansa: From what I can tell, your suits and helmets are drawing from your reserves, aren't they?
Ostromir: The mad woman is suggesting we travel this land... naked?!
Vseslava: ...As Ostromir so elegantly put it, that would be indecent. And unsanitary.
Captain Lestrad: ...Ahem! Sorry to interrupt.
Captain Lestrad: Not that I wish to doubt the majesty of The Great One, but...
Captain Lestrad: Even if we had a way to close the Rift, would The Great One— would Dragonsgrasp— last long enough for us to reach it?

*The entire Alliance falls silent before reminding the Rift's location.*

Galanoth: The Rift is deep in the Northlands. Even on dragonback, I doubt we would make it in time.
Mritha: There has to be something we can do!
<Character>: We're not giving up.
<Dragon>: We'll just have to help The Great One fight the Tytan! | *Heroic roar!*
<Dragon>: We can find a way to close the Rift thing later. | *Surprisingly well reasoned growl*
Mritha: Right! Of course! The Great One could use our help!
Kord: I knew it. You want to go back to the Tytan!
<Character>: Yes! Galanoth, can you talk to The Great One? Ask them if there's anything we can do to help!
Galanoth: Of course.

*Galanoth's eyes glow green as he speaks with The Great One.*

Geno: We're kind of in the middle— of something!
Kratos: You little ones want to help, do you?
Geno: The creature draws its power from beyond.
Kratos: Find a way to cut it off.
Kara SuLema: We won't reach the Rift in time. And even if we could, Ostromir and Vseslava don't have the mana to bring it under control.
Geno: Hrmph.
Kratos: It is connected from below the ocean. By its legs.
Geno: Attack it there.
Kratos: Cut it off, destabilize it.
Geno: Maybe only distract it.
<Character>: Got it. Come on, <Dragon>. Let's take down a Tytan. | So. We need a way to get to the Tytan's legs.
Mritha: Odgne and I will keep watch. | Odgne and I will lend you our wings.
Kara SuLema: What about us? Is there any way we can help?
G. M. Hansa: I, for one, am exhausted. And I doubtless imagine The Golden Hand feel the same.
Vseslava: Not like we could do anything to help in our current state.
<Character>: Kara, please, take care of everyone.
Kara SuLema: Are you sure you don't want to rest a little longer?
<Character>: You know we don't have time for that.

*You and Mritha ride their dragons to legs of the Hollow Tytan as The Great One hold the Hollow Tytan back.*

  • Summon Titan Dragon To Battle! (DA Required) - equips DragonRider; begins gauntlet.
  • Join Mritha on Odgne! - equips DragonRider (Odgne); begins gauntlet.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Dragesvard's Shore.

    *After defeating the limbs of the Hollow Tytan, The Great One fall to Tyndur's Depths with the Hollow Tytan.*

    Geno: We have you now!
    Kratos: Your path, your power...
    Geno: All the way to that abhorrent tear and beyond!
    Kratos: That flow shall be forever severed!

    *As The Great One fall to Tyndur's Depths with the Hollow Tytan, they cast a green squiggly line spell that travels through the Hollow Tytan to below Tyndur's Depths and to the Northlands Rift; Vilmor and Cryozen Jr look at the events unfolding in a cliff as The Great One closes the Rift; after the rift is closed, all of the fungi from the Rift wither.*

    Vilmor: ...Looks like they didn't need our help, after all.
    ???: *Solemn chirp*
    Vilmor: Yes, there's still a lot to clean up, isn't there?

    *The Great One's mountain, which contains Dragonsgrasp, and Dragesvard are standing nearly each other in Tyndur's Depths following the battle; scene fades to black as The Great One takes a rest.*

    Geno: Hmm... That was quite... the exertion.
    Kratos: Some rest... is in order.
    Geno: We wonder...
    Kratos: How... will the world be different when we wake?
    Geno: ...
    Kratos: ...
    Geno: We hope the little one will remain, at least.
    Kratos: ...The human isn't too bad either.

  • Complete Quest

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