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1/13/2012 13:45:42   
Voodoo Master

I want to mention on Storm's entry that he's the one who unlocks and trains the Togslayer armor. Do you think it should be mentioned? And if it should, where should it be mentioned? It's not a shop or a quest...

If you wish, you can copy the buttons to the NPC entry (no need to explain what each button does or include links to the shops). The standard is not to link the NPC to the armor, but rather add a note in the Location entry ([ * ] Togslayer Armor can be found through Storm.) [Niki]

Oh, alright. I think I will just leave it the way it is to keep the entry as simple and clean as possible.

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1/31/2012 12:01:22   
  Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer
DF Pedia

The following need this banner.... http://i.imgur.com/KZGXh.png

King Sneevrick
Snulk <- special event banner can go now

Done, thanks. ~Voodoo

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2/1/2012 13:53:28   
  Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer
DF Pedia

Aryel needs colouring....

Aryel: Stop! You don't want to enter these waters! They are too dangerous now!

Aryel: WHAT are you looking for?

Aryel: We KNOW who Yix is. We're not so cut off from the world.

Aryel: Well, my peop- er, the fish of these seas deserve clean water.

Aryel: Yes, of course!

Aryel: That was YOU?!

Billy The Octopus needs colouring as well....

Billy the Octopus: *BA DUM TISH*

Crabastian needs colouring also...

Crabastian: Naw, mon. We're Crabastian and the Aqua Force, the best underwater orchestra in all the islands!

Crabastian: Too right! I'm the Principal Musician in this here school. I rock the beats with my clawracas!
Crabastian: The groupers adore us! But our lead singer left us for... a human! *scoff*

Crabastian: Naw. Our orchestra hall was completely empty when it settled on the sea floor. It's perfect for rehearsing.
Crabastian: We call this here jam "Through the Water and the Bubbles".

Done, thanks. ~Voodoo

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2/10/2012 13:13:58   
  Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer
DF Pedia

Konnan needs colours....

Yulgar's Shop

Konnan: Wow! A real adventurer! I am honored to make your acquaintance.
Konnan: I am learning how to make basic weapons now. Soon, my mage friend is going to teach me how to enchant them with fire!

Xan Bossfight

Konnan: *thinks* Xan would never do all this without reason. I have to find out why he destroyed town.

A Letter From Home / A Plea For Help

Konnan: <Character Name>, please, you have to help me!
Konnan: I've gotten a letter from my family. Our town is under attack from a giant fire dragon!

Konnan: I've been gone so long....
Konnan: ...If anything were to happen to them I could never forgive myself.
Konnan: Please, you're a true hero. You've saved Falconreach so many times...
Konnan: Please go and defeat this dragon and save my family.


Konnan: <Character Name>! My family, how...I...

Konnan: NO!
Konnan: NO! Why...why didn't I go when they needed me...
Konnan: You...you were supposed to save them!
Konnan: You've taken down necromancers, giant monsters...how could a dragon defeat you?!

Konnan: You failed
Konnan: My family is dead.
Konnan: I don't want to hear your excuses.

The Search

Konnan: I...
Konnan: I can't believe they're gone.
Konnan: My whole family wiped out...
Konnan: I've been gone so long...
Konnan: It seems like I've spent years just standing around in Yulgar's forge, when I should have been home. If... if I had been home....

Konnan: <Character Name>...
Konnan: <Character Name> had to have tried... it's just...
Konnan: He is a hero, he has saved Falconreach, faced bandits and monsters, I've heard rumors that he even has a pet dragon!
Konnan: How could they lose so badly to this Akriloth...

Konnan: Warlic? But... but, he's good...

Konnan: But... why?

Lair of the Guardian

Konnan: *grunt*
Konnan: Nine... TEEEN!
Konnan: *urghhhhh* TWENtyyy...
Konnan: N-no... I c-can't go any further!
Konnan: I...
Konnan: ...I WILL avenge my family!
Konnan: Sixty... Four!
Konnan: Sixty... FIVE!
Konnan: SIXTY SIX!
Konnan: I...
Konnan: I... I am getting more powerful!
Konnan: I can feel the power FLOWING THROUGH ME!


Konnan: Muh…ugh, I…what…?
Konnan: Wh…where am I?
Konnan: No. NO!
Konnan: No! The orb is mine!

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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2/27/2012 17:28:31   
  Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer
DF Pedia

Sek-Duat XV needs corrections under the Sandwitch quest dialogue...

Sek-Duat XV: The people of The Sandsea have grown... discontent.
Sek-Duat XV: They plot and scheme against me... but they are not to blame. They are like children.
Sek-Duat XV: When a parent makes a strict rule to keep the children safe, the children are expected to throw fits. They know no better.
Sek-Duat XV: But when they break these rules made to keep them safe, they must be...punished. They must learn their place if I am to keep them safe.
Sek-Duat XV: If The Sandsea were a less dangerous place, then I would have no reason to keep such strict rules.
Sek-Duat XV: Therefore, I command you to eliminate one of the greatest threats to my people: The Sandwitch.
Sek-Duat XV: That old crone was cast out of the yaga sisterhood in Doomwood for being TOO CRUEL!
Sek-Duat XV: Her sisters left her to die in the desert but the hatred in her hard has kept her alive all these years. The people fear her.
Sek-Duat XV: They have good cause to fear her. She summons people to her cave in the middle of the night and they are never seen again.
Sek-Duat XV: If you were to eliminate the Sandwitch, and the people had less to fear, perhaps they would have less reason to rebel.
Sek-Duat XV: Go now, and do not return until the outcast has been taken care of, and my people are safe.

Done, thanks. ~Leon

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2/28/2012 11:54:09   
Dwelling Dragonlord

ArchKnight AQ Pedia / OOC / L&L

Sek-Duat XV


Sek-Duat XV: Her sisters left her to die in the desert but the hatred in her hard has kept her alive all these years. The people fear her.

Sek-Duat XV: Her sisters left her to die in the desert but the hatred in her heart has kept her alive all these years. The people fear her.


Sek-Duat XV: I kept searching for the true key to eternal life and I found it! Around 1200 years ago I have the spell to the Yaga sisters for safe keeping.
Sek-Duat XV: As we agreed, they sent their outcast sister to life her in the sands with the spell in her care, so that I could keep watch over it.

Sek-Duat XV: I kept searching for the true key to eternal life and I found it! Around 1200 years ago I gave the spell to the Yaga sisters for safe keeping.
Sek-Duat XV: As we agreed, they sent their outcast sister to life here in the sands with the spell in her care, so that I could keep watch over it.


Sek-Duat XV: But I never expected you to get this far so I will give you the choice. Join me and I will grant you everlasting <> as my undying generals.

Sek-Duat XV: But I never expected you to get this far so I will give you the choice. Join me and I will grant you everlasting life as my undying generals.

Done, thanks. ~Voodoo

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2/28/2012 13:44:54   
  Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer
DF Pedia

Kasuf needs colouring and corrections...

The Hard Way

Kasuf: Fine...fine. I'm tired of running anyway. Just take me away.

Kasuf: AH! If you have come to help us then we still have hope! I will help you with your search but we must escape these ruins first!

Kasuf: It would never work. Once Zhoom sets his mind to a task, he does not lose focus. He could win a staring contest with Jimmy the Eye.

Kasuf: Now you're just being silly. I DO know of a secret way out of these ruins but it may be more dangerous than facing Zhoom.

Kasuf: There is a back door, but there are several desert beasts and doors that stand between us and freedom.
Kasuf: A <Character Class> of your power should have little trouble with the monsters but the doors are another matter. They are deadly traps.
Kasuf: Each of the doors has a timed puzzle attached to it. You must find the right combination of 5 ancient glyphs before the timer runs out...
Kasuf: ...What do you think?

Kasuf: Monsters and deadly traps are fun? I can't believe that I'm putting my life in your hands.

Kasuf: YOU DID IT! We're alive!

Kasuf: I can never thank you enough, <Character Name>. The best I can do is pay you in information.
Kasuf: I'm afraid I don't know much about the Orb of Light but I know another rebel who does.
Kasuf: Our laws prevent me from telling you her name but you can find her in the Oasis Inn.

Kasuf: There is a way that we recognize each other. You must walk into the Inn with a Blue Desert Lotus.
Kasuf: It's ability to survive in the desert against all odds makes it the perfect symbol for our rebellion.
Kasuf: You must go to The Wastelands, to the west of town. You will find a Blue Desert Lotus somewhere there.
Kasuf: Bring the flower into the Oasis Inn. She will know that you are a friend of the resistance and she will approach you.

Kasuf: It is no risk at all. I know that I can trust you. Good luck, <Character Name>!

The Traitor

Kasuf: <Character Name>!?! This is ALL WRONG! I told Sek-Duat I would only meet with ZHOOM!

Kasuf: No! I... I was going to tell Sek-Duat that Zhoom was working for the rebels. You are safe... and so is my daughter.

Kasuf: I found out what Sek-Duat is doing with the rebels. The spell that he stole from the yaga spellbook calls for a strong magical power source...
Kasuf: That power source is the Orb of Light. The spell also calls for 'the life forces of 100 people who call you an enemy'.

Kasuf: The rebels will be undead husks, empty bodies... zombie servants. I... I couldn't risk that happening to my daughter.
Kasuf: I had to make this deal. I'm sorry.

Kasuf: You don't understand what it means to have a child! I HAD NO CHOICE.

Kasuf: You're right. Of course, you're right! I knew he couldn't be trusted. That's why I lied and told him that Zhoom was secretly working with the rebels.
Kasuf: I thought that if I could make Sek-Duat get rid of Zhoom then the others might stand a chance. Only...

Kasuf: ... Zhoom is VERY strong. I couldn't be sure Sek-Duat would be able to finish him so I set a trap.
Kasuf: This temple is protected by an ancient evil called the Anubis Knight, and we're standing in the middle of his home.
Kasuf: I was trying to lure Zhoom to his doom before I turned myself in... but I got you instead.

Kasuf: Well, I was kinda surprised to see you, and I wanted to explain before you... It... slipped my mind.

Kasuf: It's right behind me, isn't it?

Kasuf: But you WON'T... right?

Kasuf: RIGHT?!

Kasuf: Thank you for saving my life again <Character Name>.

Kasuf: What are you going to to about me?

Kasuf: Please, she doesn't have to know.

Dying Light

Kasuf: Wh-what? Who? ...
Kasuf: Where am I?!
Kasuf: What is the meaning of this?!

Kasuf: Wh--

Kasuf: What? No, I--

Kasuf: No! I am not--

Kasuf: I-- I--

Kasuf: Um..

Kasuf: No! I'm not a spy! I... I know I made a mistake with Sek-Duat....
Kasuf: I was trying to keep my daughter safe! I would not make the same mistake again!

Kasuf: No.... no it can't be.... why.... why would you do this?!
Kasuf: You saw my mistake... my regrets with Sek-Duat... Why would you repeat it.... Why would trade one evil for another?

Kasuf: Then.... then why, daughter?

Kasuf: Daughter! NO!!

Sepulchure's Fortress

Kasuf: Please! You must stop him!

Done, thanks. ~Voodoo

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3/2/2012 15:34:26   
  Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer
DF Pedia

Sha'Rae needs colouring and corrections...

The Oasis Inn

Sha'Rae: Thanks for the flower, <Character Name>. You know how I love them. I haven't seen you in so long! How have you been?

Sha'Rae: *whispers* Of course we haven't met. My father said that you were able to be trusted. He didn't mention that you were slow.

Sha'Rae: Are you sure? It took you that long to realize that I called you slow.

Sha'Rae: You don't need to worry about that. The resistance activity in the dunes is a distraction.

Sha'Rae: Yes. We won't get a second shot at taking down Sek-Duat XV, and you are our best hope of doing that.
Sha'Rae: Several very brave rebels have risked their very lives so we could meet safely, so let's not waste time. I understand that you want the Orb of Light.

Sha'Rae: I do. I've studied the orb for several years in secret. I've read every legend and pieced together some of it's history.
Sha'Rae: I'm fairly sure that the Orb of Light is responsible for the Sek-Duat dynasty. Emperor Sek-Duat The First got his hands on it...
Sha'Rae: ... and he used it's power to take control of The Sandsea.
Sha'Rae: One history that I read said that after Sek-Duat The First took power he became increasingly paranoid.
Sha'Rae: He had several children but he didn't trust any of them. He thought that all his heirs were after his power and felt that none of them were worthy.
Sha'Rae: I doubt that a man like that would have trusted anyone with the source of his power. He probably died before telling anyone where he hid it.

Sha'Rae: I thought the exact same thing. I take back what I said about you being slow.

Sha'Rae: Sek-Duat XV already knows that you're working with Zhoom to catch the rebels. You are already in his good graces...
Sha'Rae: But you're going to need to really impress him to get an invite to the palace. I think I know just the thing...
Sha'Rae: ... You have to defeat my mummy.

Sha'Rae: *blink blink*
Sha'Rae: I take back taking back saying you were slow.
Sha'Rae: I said my MUMMY! I unearthed it when I was researching for the Sek-Duat dynasty. I was in their family tomb looking for clues to the orb...
Sha'Rae: ...then I unearthed my discovery. It's a colossal beast, an undead mummified dragon! I unleashed it on the living world.
Sha'Rae: Now it just sits in the tomb and destroys anyone who gets too close. This beast is a thorn in Sek-Duat's side.
Sha'Rae: It seems like he's not comfortable with the idea of a giant mummy dragon walking around in his ancestor's tomb.

Sha'Rae: That's what I hope, anyway. Once you have an invite to the palace you can come and go as you please.... unless Sek-Duat XV kills you.

Sha'Rae: You have the ability to get closer to Sek-Duat then any of the rebels ever will, and with you at his side... we will have the advantage.
Sha'Rae: You will be able to foil his plans... get access to palace secrets... who knows what else?! Not to mention you'll be able to look for your orb.
Sha'Rae: Once you are in the palace, we will contact you again.
Sha'Rae: You will find the mummified dragon in the Dynasty Tomb. Now, get out of here before you're discovered!
Sha'Rae: Oh, and watch your back. Some of the guys in the Inn haven't taken their eyes off you since you came in here.
Sha'Rae: Good luck <Character Name>, we're all counting on you. The future of the resistance is in your hands.

Dying Light

Spy: NO! No, I can't....

Spy: Please, no!

Sha'Rae: No... you don't understand....
Sha'Rae: He came and he threatened to end it all... he said he would destroy everything if I didn't get him the Light Orb.

Sha'Rae: I know.

Sha'Rae: ...

Sha'Rae: The Light Orb is the last... he needs it to finish his plans...


Sha'Rae: NO!

Done, before reading your post.

??? Umm can we break up these two entries? The one in Sandsea, clearly looks like Sha'Rae and the alt image, the one for Falconreach looks like Hugo.

Wait, please. I need to consult Niki about this one. I think she didn't agree to do that the last time we talked about this matter. ~Voodoo

I don't remember my reasoning back then, by the story we know now, it is valid to assume Sandsea "???" is Sha'Rae and "???" in Falconreach is Hugo.That "???" could be removed and the info split between Sha'Rae and Hugo. [Niki]

Oh OK. Done, thanks. ~Voodoo

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3/2/2012 22:54:56   
Onyx Darkmatter

Isiri's Anomaly dialogue:

Anomaly: Atrea

Isiri: Jatiw <Character Name>, welcome to our city!

Alz'ein's Anomaly dialogue:
Anomaly: Atrea

Alz'ein: Hmmpf. Move along.

New NPC in the Atrea

Yolande: Greetings, Hero. I've heard great stories of your exploits on this world. Will you help us further in establishing our new home?
Yolande: Atrea was our greatest city on Somorah. When the ancient danger arose again on our old world, we pooled all our energy to move it.
Yolande: While we can no longer make out own dimensionial portals, we were able to expand upon one that The Professor showed us.
Yolande: We were unable to control where the city appeared here though... which is unfortunate.
Yolande: Our aversion to light makes us very vulnerable here. The lens above the city keeps us safe at present though.
Yolande: The desert does present... some difficulty for us to protect ourselves during the daylight hours though.
Yolande: Will you help us make our new home more secure, <Character name>?

Yolande: Our position here is still precarious. Will you help us, <Character name>?

Random Quest

Desert Thugs
Yolande: Thugs and Vagabonds have been robbing our city and civilians. Will you stop them?
Fire Below
Yolande: Vile minions of Wargoth have stowed away in the caverns below the city. Can you clear them out?
The Desert's Light
Yolande: The monsters that live in the desert below attack with light, our greatest weakness. Please, clear them away from our city.

New NPC in the Atrea

Moab: Thank you for helping, <Character name>. If you've collected any paraginium, I have items to trade for it.

New NPC in the Atrea

Tek'zen: Don't worry, my love, the light cannot reach us here.

  • Note: The coloring names are something that won't turn out well, feel free to do whatever changes it needs.

    Done, thanks. ~Voodoo

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 509
    3/16/2012 20:22:16   
    Onyx Darkmatter

    Au'Mydas's new Dialogue (Misplaced this entry =X):
    The Golden Kiss

    Au'Mydas: *Sigh*
    Au'Mydas: *(singing softly)* Soft kitty, warm kitty...
    Au'Mydas: Wh—who's there?!
    Au'Mydas: I can get my revenge on the hero that put me in these cells to begin with!
    Au'Mydas: Anything you ask, I can do, me and my golden kiss!

    Done, thanks. ~Voodoo

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    4/25/2012 19:04:54   
      Stephen Nix

    Undead Penguinmancer
    DF Pedia

    Noxus has his main image deleted....here's a new one.


    Done, thanks. ~Leon

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    4/30/2012 18:35:43   

    Drakath's dialogue and locations should have the Walk Through Fire before Jewl of the Four Winds because Walk Through Fire takes place first

    Also the last 2 trivia parts can be taken down because they are no longer relavent

    I changed the quest order, but the trivia could stay as they add a bit of background to the story. Thanks. [Niki]

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    DF AQW Epic  Post #: 512
    5/1/2012 17:08:46   

    Robina The Hood needs this dialogue under Surewould Forest

    1st time entering surewould forest
    Robina:This is too easy...

    Robina:Sorry, these boxes are now rightful property of Robina the Hood and her Band of Merry Women

    Robina: bring me some morer boxes, right?

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by Niki -- 5/2/2012 16:04:45 >
    DF AQW Epic  Post #: 513
    5/3/2012 21:15:00   

    In Drakath's dialogue in the Walk Through Fire section the bold lines actually are the character's so they need to be deleted

    Drakath: You again?
    Drakath: I know more than you think <Character>. Anyways, Sepulchure gives the orders... for now. I can not fail him.
    Drakath: And I can't let you walk off this island with the orb. You can either give me the orb and run away...
    Drakath: ... Or I can take it back, and you can CRAWL away.

    Drakath: There is nothing you can do to me that is worse than the price for failing Sepulchure.
    Drakath: I have a feeling that you will be the one crawling, peasant! If you think you can take the Wind orb from me...
    Drakath: Then come and get it!

    Done, thanks. ~Leon

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    5/4/2012 17:36:34   
      Stephen Nix

    Undead Penguinmancer
    DF Pedia

    Dravir needs its colour in the pedia...

    Dravir: A DragonLord!! Sound the alarm! Awaken Gorgok!

    Gorgok needs his colour in the one section of the dialogue....

    Gorgok: Nythos Drel Schalak'l D'bri Nothos Shye!

    Gorgok: Ahhhh! A little Dragon Rider. A little DragonLord with his little dragon!

    Gorgok: Should I come back later? You two seem busy.

    Gorgok: O rly?

    Gorgok: Leave it alone! Dragons have been on this world for eons longer than you wretches!
    Gorgok: You are lesser creatures and yet you still put up against a fight.
    Gorgok: That little "resistance" needs to be taught a lesson and I will not leave until I crush every last human who stands up for that town!
    Gorgok: You insects need to learn who your masters are!

    Noxus needs his colours added to the pedia....

    The Gate Keeper

    Noxus: The army is almost complete!
    Noxus: The world shall be wrapped in the eternal embrace of darkness...
    Noxus: HEAR ME, denizens of the Necropolis!
    Noxus: I applaud your skill and effort. But we have little time to complete our most grand project.
    Noxus: An army of 100 million undead unlike anything the world has ever seen before!
    Noxus: I expect every Necromancer in the Necropolis to redouble their efforts....
    Noxus: Especially you... Necromantress.

    Noxus: Look at them. Thousands of loyal soldiers for Sepulchure. Your skill continues to impress me.
    Noxus: However, as my top student, your recent defeat in Moonridge is quite unsettling.
    Noxus: I expect you to redeem yourself by making an example of those two meddling heroes with your latest... creations.
    Noxus: Now, my student.... ALL MY STUDENTS... BACK TO WORK!
    Noxus: Sepulchure's flying castle will be here soon, and Sepulchure expects an army almost twice this size!

    Artix Vs. The Undead

    Noxus: They will be coming your way very soon, my pupil.

    Noxus: Make certain that you do. I find your previous failures very disturbing. It is unlike you to fail so utterly.

    Noxus: There will be no holding back this time, Necromantress. When the time comes, summon Edgar.
    Noxus: Do I make myself clear?

    Noxus: Do I make myself clear?

    Noxus: Very good.

    Necropolis: Last Stand

    Noxus: Necromantress! To my side!

    Noxus: All of our work...destroyed! Sepulchure will be furious unless we hand him those who are responsible.
    Noxus: <Character's Name>, Artix, and the other heroes of Falconreach have broken through our defenses.
    Noxus: I want you to unleash your latest creations, the Strangeknight and his Shadowhounds, on them.
    Noxus: This is your chance to avenge your brother. Do not fail his memory!

    Noxus: Good! Use your hatred to fuel your magic! Let the Darkness Orb magnify it! Destroy them!

    Noxus Fumes

    Noxus: Ah good, Artix and <Character's Name>. Right on time.

    Noxus: Give YOU the Darkness Orb? You could not control its power. I would never hand it over to you...even if I had it.

    Noxus: Don't you fools understand yet?
    Noxus: Artix, the day that you and Vayle came out of the Guardian Tower, Vayle brought the power with her...
    Noxus: ...Lady Vayle IS the Elemental Orb of Darkness now...
    Noxus: ...and I alone control her!

    I had spent months trying to enter the chamber beneath the Guardian Tower...
    ...But on that day I felt the power of the orb leave the chamber on its own.
    ...Imagine my surprise when I felt all that dark power flowing from a little girl...
    ...I knew that the orb had chosen to bind with this girl, and if I couldn't control the orb...
    ...Then I would control the girl. After I 'saved' her from the town we watched it burn together...
    ...and I began to teach her.

    Noxus: When you are a necromancer, child, there is no such thing as "too late".

    Noxus: I can teach you, if you like. Simply focus on your brother's energy... image capturing it in a bottle.

    Noxus: He just wants to live again, that is all.
    Noxus: We will find a way, Vayle. If you become my student, I will teach you all that I know and we will find a way to bring him back.

    Noxus: It will take much hard work on your part, but yes... I promise, Vayle.

    Noxus: Since that day I have been using her... the power inside her... for myself.
    Noxus: I had to be careful not to teach her too much. With the Orb bound to her, she could easily overpower me.
    Noxus: The years passed and I raised her as a necromantress.
    Noxus: In time, with her help, I became Dean of Necromancy University and she became my star student.
    Noxus: Once you two troublemakers are finished, she will be able to rebuild Sepulchure's undead army in a matter of moments.

    Noxus: Raise her brother? Necromancy is using dark power to control the dead... not revive them.
    Noxus: Necromancy may have that kind of power but I've never seen it.
    Noxus: Besides, how would I control her if I returned her brother to her? What would have been the point of killing him in the first place?

    Noxus: That's right. The Green Mist was a deadly disease that I created to wipe out that village... YOUR village, Artix.
    Noxus: If I had known that your exposure to the Orb made you resistant to my corruption I would have made other... arrangements.
    Noxus: Especially considering what a thorn in my side that both you and <Character's Name> have become.
    Noxus: All that ends here and now. I will finish you like I should have years ago. I will re-create the undead army...
    Noxus: ... and I will continue using Vayle as my puppet, for as long as I can use her brother as bait.

    Noxus: Vayle! You misunderstood me. Let me make it clear to you.

    Noxus: BAH! I was going to have to kill you for the Orb eventually, child. Now is as good a time as any.
    Noxus: COME! Face NOXUS and know the power of a TRUE NECROMANCER!


    Noxus: <Character>! I'm not sure how you found me, but welcome to my home away from home.
    Noxus: My work, how demanding you are. I think that you've failed to capture the spirit of the season.
    Noxus: Or you'll what? Kick me out of my SECOND home? Take most of my power from me, AGAIN?
    Noxus: Did it ever occur to you that I might have done this to THOSE Moglins because they are YOUR friends?
    Noxus: This is EXACTLY what I'm saying.
    Noxus: You took everything from me! I had no choice but to look for a new source of power.
    Noxus: In my studies I discovered something interesting about moglins...
    Noxus: ...As sources of magic go these little creatures are one of the purest, most powerful sources on Lore...
    Noxus: ...Second only to hugs, of course.
    Noxus: I researched some extraction methods and the best way to remove all of their magic store it for MY purposes...
    Noxus: ...Is to transform them into coal...
    Noxus: ...then use them to warm my cave. The magic give off from their destruction would be stored in a specially designed fireplace.
    Noxus: Of course, most any moglin would do but I chose Frostvale because of YOU They are your friends and I owe you!
    Noxus: Actually I was hoping to capture you as well but you got very lucky.
    Noxus: I will erase you from the history of Lore, starting with this absurd celebrating in your honor... Frostval.
    Noxus: I plan on replacing it with my OWN celebration in My honor. I'm going to call it NoX-Mas. What do you think?
    Noxus: Thank you.
    Noxus: I guess that you might say something like that.
    Noxus: You are right to assume that I don't currently have to power to stop you...
    Noxus: ...Thankfully I'm very wealthy so I hired people to do that for me.
    Noxus: Allow me to introduce the Two Ninja Turtledoves!

    Noxus: Well, hero... you have nearly everything that you came to accomplish..
    Noxus: Too bad for you that you just destroyed the ONLY hope that the frost moglins had of being returned to life! HAHAHAHA!
    Noxus: That was no ordinary fire in that fireplace... That was Life Essence!
    Noxus: Life Essence is a very rare, VERY expensive magical element... and the only thing capable of returning your friends to life!
    Noxus: REVENGE IS MINE, <Character>. Remember this day! I know that I will... HAHAHA!
    Noxus: The day I tricked you into dooming all of Frostvale.
    Noxus: Have no fear, <Character>. They won't be trapped like that forever. I can build another magical fireplace in time...
    Noxus: ...Then their magic will be MINE! AHAHAHAHAHAH!
    Noxus: Our business is concluded. Return to your little blue friend and tell him that you destroyed the only hope of seeing his father again!
    Noxus: Oh, and <Character>...?

    Greatest Hug of All

    Noxus: <Character>, I don't know how you found me... AGAIN... but welcome to my home away from home. Away from home.

    Noxus: Ah, so. He thinks to outwit me? He does not know the POWER I command!
    Noxus: Or will, once I send new minions out into Lore to hug all its citizens!

    Noxus: HUSH, minion!

    Noxus: Yes, the greatest, most powerful magic on Lore. Is Hug magic.
    Noxus: Stronger even than the magic of moglins.
    Noxus: Which is why that little red-hatted love-freak was taken.

    Noxus: It is good to see you appreciating my work for once, HERO.
    Noxus: Yes, he finally got it right on Hug Potion #9.
    Noxus: It linked me to my minions in such a way that when they hugged humans, draining them of mana, it would transfer the magic power to ME.

    Noxus: Exactly.
    Noxus: And since YOU'RE here, I have the opportunity to absorb your mana.

    Noxus: I should say not. Liam-Liam is too useful to sacrifice.
    Noxus: No... what YOU need, <Character>, is my greatest, most huggable creation!
    Noxus: A Bear Hug.

    Done, thanks. ~Voodoo

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 515
    5/4/2012 19:56:49   

    I can't take screenshots but here it is



    Quests Given

    Shops owned


    [image]Link to pic[/image]

    Done, thanks. [SamJJE101]

    < Message edited by SamJJE101 -- 5/4/2012 22:01:19 >
    DF AQW Epic  Post #: 516
    5/4/2012 23:06:58   

    Dr. Voltabolt needs Appointment in his list of locations

    he also needs his new Dialogue


    Dr. Voltabolt: Hmph.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Arggchhh. Stiupit robotz, SILENZE!
    Dr. Voltabolt: ?!
    Dr. Voltabolt: Do you haf an appointment?
    Dr. Voltabolt: Vat can I help you vith, <Class>?
    Dr. Voltabolt: I am afraid your Professor iz in anozher office.
    Dr. Voltabolt: I could not offer ze type of help that he wished to haf. I vas a little too... aggresif.

    Lim needs his new dialogue and Appointment added to his list of locations


    Lim: You honestly think that Falconreach is the safest place for someone to hide out in?
    Lim: Statistically speaking Falconreach is one of the most likely places to be attacked!
    Lim: We've been attacked by undead, gargoyles, elementals, trees, squirrels, light flamingos...
    Lim: ... skeletons, more skeletons, dragons, dracolichs, evil overlord.
    Lim: Pretty much anything that can move has attacked here.
    Lim: He needed some kind of protection so I thought maybe Voltabolt could help him.
    Lim: Can you think of anyone else nearby who might be able to help a stranger get some mechanical protection quickly?
    Lim: Good luck getting in without an appointment.

    Thanks to voodoo master for this dialogue.. I just borrowed it from his Appointment entry

    Done before reading this post, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by Niki -- 5/5/2012 2:48:59 >
    DF AQW Epic  Post #: 517
    5/25/2012 1:27:20   
      Stephen Nix

    Undead Penguinmancer
    DF Pedia

    Guardian Grohl needs the banner to be erased as there is more than one location

    Removed the banner, thanks. ~Leon

    < Message edited by Leon ShadowHart -- 5/25/2012 1:51:06 >
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    5/25/2012 16:38:30   
      Stephen Nix

    Undead Penguinmancer
    DF Pedia

    Browser needs colouring added....

    Browser: FUNGUS!
    Browser: My plans are foiled again!

    Slushroom needs colouring and an image added...

    Slushroom: Ffffffoser.
    Slushroom: Ffffhank fffou, Ffffash, fffut ffour Fffrinfresss is fin finofer castle! (*Thank you Ash, but our Princess is in another castle!)

    Slushroom: Fffeesh... fffive feee a bbbreak, fffeere. I fffforfffot fffy bbbafoooka at ffffome! (*Sheesh... give me a break here. I forgot my bazooka at home!)


    Done, thanks! ~Voodoo

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 519
    5/25/2012 18:14:25   

    Robina The Hood needs this dialogue added after Quests

    • The Black Dragon Box

    Robina:Oh, this black box is yours you say?

    Robina: Sneevils really do like their boxes!

    Robina:I will make you a deal. If you help me with my Quests here in the forest, I will let you have the box.... agreed?

    Done, thanks. ~Leon

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    DF AQW Epic  Post #: 520
    5/25/2012 23:03:24   
      Stephen Nix

    Undead Penguinmancer
    DF Pedia

    Images for new NPC's....

    San Robin






    Edit: Aww man you beat me to those.......ok alt images ftw!

    Done (some by Leon ShadowHart), thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by Niki -- 5/26/2012 7:05:36 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 521
    5/25/2012 23:45:27   

    Konnan needs to have hi alternative picture now.

    And we need an image of the Professor

    Done by owner.[Niki]

    < Message edited by Niki -- 5/26/2012 7:07:13 >
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    5/30/2012 14:01:09   
      Stephen Nix

    Undead Penguinmancer
    DF Pedia

    Meringue needs some colour and corrections....

    Meringue: Ahoy <Class>! Take a look around. Lookin' is free!

    Meringue: I'm Meringue. I may be the only person ever to grow up in Osprey Cove.
    Meringue: Folks come n' go as they please but I've always been here, and I always will. I buy "salvaged" weapons and rework them into my own design!
    Meringue: As long as pirates need weapons, I'll be here to sell them!

    Meringue: I've heard the crew aboard the Red Betty is sick of how Cap'n Blackberry treats 'em. Might be a mutiny soon!

    Done, thanks. ~Voodoo

    < Message edited by Voodoo Master -- 5/30/2012 14:10:47 >
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    7/20/2012 19:45:01   

    Alz'ein's alternative image.


    Location: Atrea, The Spire


    The Spire

    Alz'ein: <Character>. You may be strong, but you lack finesse.

    Alz'ein: You want to fight me? Hah. Not now human, not now.

    Alz'ein: Ask.

    Who are you?
    Alz'ein: Alz'ein Yngerhav, known as Broken Horn. The greatest riftwalker and undefeated champion of the Milkgrass Arena.
    Alz'ein: And the only Atealan ever who refused to become an unael.

    Alz'ein: Riftwalker. A warrior who has trained in extreme conditions so hard, that they can cut reality with a single slash.
    Alz'ein: A warrior whose punch can shatter dimensions. You don't even have to be quick, because you can be anywhere… in a single slash.
    Alz'ein: We are tough. We are one step ahead of you.

    Alz'ein: Unaels are some kind of champions. Or whatever. If someone saved the world, he became one. Or something.
    Alz'ein: Then they either fused with The Empress or stayed on Somorah to save it over and over again. Extremely boring, if you ask me.
    Alz'ein: Nirios and Isiri are the last unaels. I was given a choice to become one. I refused, it's not for me.

    The Empress?
    Alz'ein: She is the voice of the atealans. She is a nation within one being. She is the Ayar Lat'quah. She is The Empress.

    Etaos's location and new dialogue...

    Location: Atrea, The Spire

    The Spire

    Etaos: Jatiw human, your mischief skills are quite impressive… imagine what you would be able to do with illusions.

    Etaos: Not a chance, I will not let you enter my mind, you are not truly a Cryptic yet.

    Etaos: You’ve got some questions I presume?

    Who are you?
    Etaos: The name's Etaos A'ravi, Nirios' twin brother and the most accurate cryptic in Atrea. I'm also a really good dancer.

    Etaos: The mind is the most powerful weapon. That's our credo. Cryptics do not need any weapons, we use our minds to cause pain. Or pleasure.
    Etaos: We do not have to be "one with the shadows", we can simply fool our enemy to see what we want him to see.
    Etaos: Cryptics may seem weak and fragile, but we still are hardly ever wounded, thanks to our decoy illusions.
    Etaos: The most powerful techniques, created long time ago by unaels, affect not only mind, but also the brain structure and neurons.
    Etaos: The only limit to your power…… is your imagination!

    Etaos: Sorry, I know too little about unaels to tell you anything useful. My brother is one of them, he can explain it to you.
    Etaos: Now, to think about that, my brother isn't the only one. Isiri is also an unael.

    Isiri's alternative images:



    I only took pictures 2 and 4. 1 is similar to 2, just zoomed in and 3 and 4 look almost the same except 4 is cropped better.


    Location: Atrea, The Spire


    The Spire

    Isiri: May The Empress bless you <Character>. I can feel you are close to magic, just as me. Splendid!

    Read signs!
    Isiri: I am sorry <Character>, but you can't read from zodiac signs yet, you have to be a true Ascendant.

    Isiri: What is troubling you?

    Who are you?
    Isiri: I am Isiri D'alia Chromia, highest Ascendant in Atrea, one of the unaels and The Empress' most trusted seer.

    Isiri: Ascendant is a mage who can bend the power of cosmos to his will, gaining powers from the six zodiac signs of our people.
    Isiri: Six claimed zodiac signs, the zodiac signs which do not have an unael are not claimed, thus ascendants can't read from them.
    Isiri: In battle, apprentice ascendants use the original six signs for their advantage. However…
    Isiri: …more experienced ascendants can combine signs, which can lead to interesting effects. Such as temporal immortality.

    Isiri: Hmm, how should I explain this… Unaels are atealan equivalent of your "heroes". Or to be more precise, the "Chosen Ones".
    Isiri: Back on Somorah, when one of our people was respected by the community, fulfilled his destiny or had a great power within himself…
    Isiri: …he became the Unael. Then our purpose, as ascendants, was to "ascend" his very existence and connect him with the cosmos.
    Isiri: Finally, he could either become one with The Empress, or, literally, take one of the zodiac signs and descend back onto Somorah.
    Isiri: If he chose to descend, the zodiac sign he took became his tool of heroism and ascendants could now read from it.
    Isiri: Me and Nirios are the only unaels left, the other ones have either died or became one with The Empress.

    The Empress?
    Isiri: She is the voice of the atealans. She is a nation within one being. She is the Ayar Lat'quah. She is The Empress.

    Nirios needs a link in location:

    Location: Atrea

    Veyla's alternative images...



    The first picture is not such a good one (isn't cropped properly and Veyla's face is far from being Photogenic), but I added the other ones. The second one is a bit better than the current main image so I put it instead.

    Wargoth's alternative images:




    "Wargoth-alt-2" is actually good enough to be a main image. But it's too big - The maximum size allowed for direct images (not linked ones) is 75K. This one is ~163.5K. Try saving it as a jpg file to make it smaller.

    ...And Jaania's fullbody frontview and frames (as posted by geopetal.)



    About the images, please choose whichever fits (or you like) best.

    All done, thanks! it was decided that the Spire will be considered an area within Atrea, and not a separate one. Therefore, crossing out the location "Atrea" is not necessary. ~Voodoo

    < Message edited by Voodoo Master -- 7/21/2012 17:13:20 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 524
    7/21/2012 16:02:19   

    Hey, I think we should have an image of Veyla when controled by Wargoth

    Heartdragon just gave us two of these in the post above yours. ~Voodoo

    < Message edited by Voodoo Master -- 7/21/2012 16:56:32 >
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