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Optimization Academy of Lore: Weapons and Armors

What this guide will do and what it will not do:
This guide is meant to give guidelines of what to do for a character - advice on the best equipment on each category and strategies complementing builds. While the suggestions given within the guide will be adequate in generic situations, it may not answer specific questions that can and will present itself as you play.

To ask for specific advice visit AQ Questions and Answers, Equipment Comparison, or other guides within this forum.

Players are expected to make decisions on their own to build characters to their liking with guidelines of general strategies, understand that a less optimized character is viable to a certain extent.

Ward_Point explains how to use the advice within this guide


*To quick find press ctrl + F on the keyboard and type the numerical code beside the section desired, view the example of [1] Weapons for the decimal numbering system 1 to 96 that are associated with specific elements, for specific pairings in Multielement, type "." followed by from left to right lowest to highest value, for Compression type "/" between the two values*

[3] Weapons
[3.0] No drop
[3.01] Fire
[3.02] Water
[3.03] Wind
[3.04] Ice
[3.05] Earth
[3.06] Energy
[3.07] Light
[3.08] Dark
[3.098] Multielement
[3.1] Fire
[3.2] Water
[3.3] Wind
[3.4] Ice
[3.5] Earth
[3.6] Energy
[3.7] Light
[3.8] Dark
[3.95] Harm
[3.98] Multielement

[4] Armors
[4.0] No drop
[4.01] Fire
[4.02] Water
[4.03] Wind
[4.04] Ice
[4.05] Earth
[4.06] Energy
[4.07] Light
[4.08] Dark
[4.098] Multielement
[4.1] Fire
[4.2] Water
[4.3] Wind
[4.4] Ice
[4.5] Earth
[4.6] Energy
[4.7] Light
[4.8] Dark
[4.98] Multielement


Weapons are separated into Defensive, Mid Defensive, Neutral, Mid Offensive, Offensive Lean with a further Defensive or Offensive nature effect categories to identify the range of procs best paired to a Lean for maximum output. Neutral may use any proc with equal average damage if stats meet Expected stats, no procs can be used at a loss of 2%/1.1 .
For builds that are not of a Pure build's stat progression standard, there is greater damage and BtH compensation from higher procs as a special's damage and BtH is independent of stats and assume a Pure build's progression, special lucky strikes are scaled to Luck, Guardian Dragon is the only special whose Luck is assumed to be of Pure build.
20% proc is the standard value for specials, other proc values will be identified by their value, weapons that toggle among Melee/Ranged/Magic will be above the individual types, 100% procs are found only within Defensive Lean, 10 indicates no special and 20 indicates a special.
Multielement category items have numbers from 1 to 8 behind the decimal that corresponds to an element in numerical order, items of eight elements or more will be without numbers.

Discontinued after March 17, 2010 were weapons of lesser Special Base and Random with no Special Lucky Strike percentages, as of March 21, 2010 Melee and Ranged weapons received a 4/3 Base and Random in comparison with Magic.
Starting on March 21, 2010 weapons have 55.94% more Special BR% in comparison of Bun-Warrior's Sword against The Decapitator.
Discontinued after November 20, 2014 is a multiplicative *1.09 for no proc and *1.02 for 100% procs with no specials, once it was recognized that multiplicative increases damage further than intended when there are at least two boosts.
Starting on November 21, 2014 is an additive +9% for no proc and +2% for 100% procs with no specials, additive and multiplicative boosts interact with each other multiplicatively, this is discontinued as of Game Engine 44.
Discontinued after December 4, 2014 is Special Lucky Strike% being equal to Neutral Armor Lean Stat%.
Starting on December 5, 2014 Special Lucky Strike% is of a Neutral Lean modified by proc rate as with Special BR%.
Starting on January 14, 2019 weapons from 2018 forward is a multiplicative *1.08 for no proc, *1 for 100% procs with specials and *1.1 for no specials, Special BR% was changed from round((1+10/Proc)*(1+0.03*PowLvl)*(1+MIN(2.1462*PowLvl+10.399,200)*(1+0.066*PowLvl)/16/(0.00375*PowLvl^2+0.5625*PowLvl+5.25))) to (1+10/Proc)*(1+0.03*PowLvl)*(1+MIN(2*PowLvl+30, 5*PowLvl, 250)*(1+0.066*PowLvl)/16/(0.00375*PowLvl^2+0.5625*PowLvl+5.25)) and Special BtH from FLOOR(MIN(2.1462*PowLvl+10.399,200)/8+IF(PowLvl<90,MAX(0.7123*PowLvl-19.111,0),MIN(5*PowLvl-400,200))/20+PowLvl/8) to PowLvl/4 + MIN(0.2*PowLvl+1.6, 25).

No Drop [3.0]
Fire [3.01]
D 10
- O Ranged Six-Ton Gun, Drakel Tube from The Dark Forest
- O Melee Volcano Mace
- O Melee S Pumpkin Carver
- O Magic S Pumpkin Dicer
- O Melee G Fangmaw Axe
Water [3.02]
D 10
- O Ranged G Lavistria's Bow
- O Melee Darklaw
- O Melee Plungerizer
Magic S Cinco de Mayo
- O Ranged Trakel Harpoon
Wind [3.03]
D 10
- O Ranged Websplurter
- O Melee S Eggbeater, S Burrito of DOOM, Z Derenian Conqueror
Magic Z Mystic Derenian Conqueror
- O Melee Zhilo's Axe
Ice [3.04]
- O Melee G Auger of Brontus
Earth [3.05]
- O Melee/Magic Z Klaw of El Tigre
Melee Great Forest Axe
- O Melee Long Sword, Short Sword, Z Neko Claws
- Armor Frogzard Sword
Ranged Spear
Magic Wooden Staff, Z Mystic Neko Claws
Energy [3.06]
- O Magic G Fansarin's Machete
Light [3.07]
D 10
- O Ranged G Salvation Bow
- D Melee/Magic Z King's Song
- O Melee Legendary Blade, Mythical Blade, G Salvation Blade
Magic G Salvation Scepter
Dark [3.08]
- O Ranged S Corpse Cannon
- O Ranged Dark Angel Spear
- D Magic Nightmare Blade
Multielement [3.098]
- O Ranged .457 Defender Orb
- D Melee Flaxe
- O Melee Blade of Awe
Ranged Spear of Awe
Magic Staff of Awe
- O Melee G Guardian Blade, G Guardian Dagger
Ranged G Guardian Spear
Magic G Guardian Staff
- O
- Oct Melee G Powerful UltraGuardian Scythe
Ranged G Swift UltraGuardian Scythe
Magic G Arcane UltraGuardian Scythe
- O Melee
- Comp .1/.8 Infernal Bludrut Blade

Fire [3.1]
D 10
- D Ranged/Magic SP El Muchacho
Melee S Dreamweaver’s Scourge
Ranged S Dreamweaver’s Reach
Magic Mana Wand, S Dreamweaver’s Insight
- O Ranged Fire Longbow, Drakel Flasher, Quester's VBG > Black Spot, Bow of Stormfallen
- Skill P Protoparagon Mk 3 Blaster
Magic Flame Djinn Wand, S Pumpkin Chucker > S Card of Hearts
- D Magic
- Spell Book of Burns from Arena of Enthusiasts
- O Ranged Firebolt Crossbow, S Overheated Baby Bottle > Fire Mantik Bow from Robina Hood's Big Monster Hunt, S Bow of Hearts, P Akriloth's Carnage Bow
Magic S Harvest Festival 2015 Spoon
- O Magic Fire Magestaff
- O Melee Hotshot Sword
- D Melee/Magic Z Blood Storm, P Heart's Crusher
Melee Blood Blade, S Snuggle Shiv, Z Lovely Axe, SZ Ramshead's Cleaver from Scourge of the Pumpkin Spies
Ranged S Snuggle Star
Magic Crimson Flame, S Snuggle Staff
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic G Z-Blade Scythe Replica
- Armor P Rastille's Wrath
- Armor P Akriloth's Hatred
Melee Fire Lord's Axe, Quester's Shimmering Axe, Severance > Gourd Smasher from Robina Hood's Big Monster Hunt, S Liberty Torch, Z Nulgath's Wrath, Z Thrale's Scorn
- Skill S Foam Finger from Season of Shipping, S Khainsword from Obsession,
Ranged Flaming Glaive > Sariel's Vigil, Hatchling Dragon Knight's Fang
Magic King's Staff > Vassal's Influence, GA Molten Staff, Torch Foot Brazier from Robina Hood's Big Monster Hunt
- O Melee The Igniting Liquefactor
- D Melee/Ranged/Magic Blade of Agony's Blood
Melee Quenched Blade > G/Z Axe of Agony's Chains
Ranged G/Z Spear of Agony's Chains
Magic G/Z Staff of Agony's Chains
- O Melee Fist of Fire > P Akriloth's Carnage Sword
Magic P Akriloth's Carnage Staff
- D Melee/Ranged/Magic H Pyro Chrono Dagger
- O Melee/Magic Blazing Righteous Claymore from Escape the Wicked King > G Pyromancer's Bloodblade, Z Blazing Bloodzerker's Sword, Z Traveller's Blade, SZ Patriotic Light of Destiny
- Skill P Protoparagon Mk 3 Claws
Ranged/Magic Z Zealous Paladin Lance
- Skill Royal Void Charge from Dark Accession
Melee Katar of Fire > Grakma Butcherer from Mecha Knight, S Blunderlass, SZ Patriot Katana
- Armor G Akriloth Blade
- Guest Super Pzycho Sabre
Ranged Grakma Flayer from Mecha Knight, Z Titan Slayer
Magic Zinn Seed of Fire > Grakma Stinger from Mecha Knight, SZ Arcane Cutlass of Combustion
Water [3.2]
D 10
- D Ranged Mega Saturator > Cephalauncher from Hunt for Treasure
- Skill Anchors Away Bow
- O Ranged Boatman's Bow, S Apple Launcher, S Granny Smith Blunderbuss > X-Etcher
Magic Aqua Pen
- D Ranged Bass Guitar, Beast's Diffidence
- Spell Healing Branch
- O Magic S Mogloween 2016 Spoon
- O Magic Water Magestaff
- O Melee Hook Fist
- O Magic Neophyte Aqvarius
- O Melee SeaSlayer
- D Melee/Magic Z Man'o'War Axe
Melee Giant's Toothpick from War of the Giants Part 1, Mop > Mizuchi's Light
Ranged Mizuchi's Forbearance
Magic Giant's Cotton Swab from War of the Giants Part 1, Latrine Wand > Mizuchi's Design, Prismatic Paintbrush from When Powers Collide
- O Melee/Magic Z General of Cerberus Axe
Melee Hornswaggle, Beast's Literacy, Sacragon Claw, S Musket Blade, S Red Herring Flail from Egads, Exploding Eggs
Ranged Deep Dweller > G King's Lance, S Chainsawthe
Magic Wave Striker, Compass Rose from Pirate vs Pirate, Witching Staff > Beast's Innocence, Shifting Sea Staff from Hunt for Treasure
- O Ranged Kelp Scythe, S Rosethorn Lance
Magic Oyster Mace, S MotherRose Staff
- D Melee S Twig's Swordfish
Magic Cthutlass
- O Melee Fist of Water > SZ Shark Sabre
Ranged Quindent > Pike Pike, Z Aquardiche
- D Magic Poise
- D Melee/Ranged/Magic H Eternal Chrono Dagger
Magic GA Mana Staff
- O Melee/Magic Hydro Righteous Claymore from Escape the Wicked King > Z Hydromancer's Bloodblade, Z Quenching Bloodzerker's Sword, P Titan's Tide
Ranged/Magic Z Serene Paladin Lance
Melee Katar of Water > S Pumpkin Slayer, Z Monolith Mace
Ranged S Pumpkin Reaver
Magic Zinn Seed of Water > S Pumpkin Fang, Z Midnight Wish Dagger, SZ Arcane Cutlass of Tides
Wind [3.3]
D 10
- D Ranged Gas Rat Grenade
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic SP Zombie Hunter's Armaments
Ranged Novel of the Winds, Warhawk, S Corn-Missile Launcher > S Kaze Shamrock Shuriken from Ninja-Chauns
Magic Lyre of Lyrics
- D Magic
- Spell Winds of Change Tome from In The Land That Never Was
- O Ranged Aerodu Shortbow, Winds of Time Bow from In The Land That Never Was
Magic S Snugglefest 2016 Spoon > Feather Buster from Play the Harpie
Magic Wind Magestaff
- O Melee Lucky Lamp
- D Magic S Dark Comedy
-O Magic Vale Sword
- D Melee Belmiah's Splendor > G Rx for Destruction, Mistral's Breaker from Mistral's Request
Ranged Mistral's Summit from Mistral's Request
Magic G Mystic Rx for Destruction, Mistral's Pillar from Mistral's Request
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic SP Zombie Hunter's Armaments
Melee Elvish Edge, Dragonsteel Scimitar > Kusanagi Sword
Ranged Giant Arrow, Quester's Windy Beam Lance > G CycLance, S Kaze Shamrock Naginata from Ninja-Chauns
- Armor P Airenal's Lance
Magic Dragonfang Scimitar, Runestaff
- O Ranged Clockwork Scythe
- O Melee Fist of Wind
Ranged Echo
- O Melee Z Tempest Scimitar
- D Melee Haunted Dragonlord's Might from Last of the Dragonlords
Ranged Haunted Dragonlord's Charge from Last of the Dragonlords
Magic Haunted Dragonlord's Insight from Last of the Dragonlords
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic P Airenal's Cunning, P Neo Airenal's Cunning
Melee/Magic Silver Blade of Victory from Blades of Victory, Cyclonic Righteous Claymore from Escape the Wicked King
Melee Whammer > AQxe, S Kaze Shamrock Sensu from Ninja-Chauns
Ranged Silver Glaive of Victory
Magic Wind Staff, Zinn Seed of Wind > Kazemai Athame, S Kogane Kaze Shamrock Sensu from Ninja-Chauns, Z Luminous Whiff, SZ Arcane Cutlass of Gales
Ice [3.4]
D 10
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic P Megathírio Axe
Ranged Ice Longbow > Lycan Bow
- Skill P Protoparagon Mk 2 Blaster
Magic S Cold Sore > S Snowflake Wand
- D Ranged Ice Cream Scoop
- O Ranged Icebolt Crossbow, S Underheated Baby Bottle
- O Magic Ice Magestaff
- O Ranged IceRazor
- D Melee G FlameStop Warhammer, Ice Cream Hammer, Frostgale's Breaker from Secret of the Lost Tower, Z Ice Katana
Ranged Frostgale's Summit from Secret of the Lost Tower, H Eternity Spear
Magic G Arcane FlameStop Warhammer, G Darkovian Deception: Vampire, Ice Cream Sceptre, Frostgale's Pillar from Secret of the Lost Tower, Z Mystic Ice Katana
- O Melee/Magic
- Armor P Horn of Tera'Suul
Melee Ice Blade, Giant Frozen Mace, Piraxe, Platinum Dragon Axe > Harvenger, Magnablade from War of the Giants Part 2, Z Kezeroth's Devastation
Ranged Stone Cold Spear, Wolf Spear
Magic Frostbite Staff > Punisher's Decree, Arctic Athame from Going Kukoo
- D Melee Z French Vanilla Ice Katana
Magic Z Magic French Vanilla Ice Katana
- O
Melee/Ranged/Magic P Frigid Devouring Scythe
Melee Fist of Ice
Ranged S Spearmint, S Shivsicle
- D Melee/Ranged/Magic H Draco Cryo Chrono Dagger
Melee Katar of Cold
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic Z Titanite Destroyer, P Megathírio Axe, P Tera'Suul's Drive
Melee/Magic Glacial Righteous Claymore from Escape the Wicked King, S Snownic Screwdriver > Z Cryomancer's Bloodblade, P Devourer of Souls
- Skill P Protoparagon Mk 2 Claws
Melee Number 9, Burden of Insight from Dragonlorn Keep IV: Sorrow's Reach
Magic Zinn Seed of Ice
Earth [3.5]
D 10 - D Ranged Bac-Gun
Magic Geocastellum Focus from Geocastellum Set Part 2
- O Ranged Labyrinth Bow > Bow of Deren, Morningstar Firmheart, S Tsuchi Shamrock Shuriken from Ninja-Chauns, Z Meduso Bow
- Skill Sneakbore Crossbow from Dark Sickness
- Dual Frag Rat Grenade
Magic Coin's Coin > Forest Champion Wand, Z Hunting Horn
- D Ranged S Celtic Bow > Geocastellum Shortbow from Geocastellum Set Part 2
Magic Staff of Twilly
- O Ranged Crossbow, Yeeuh'ha's Plight > High Noon from Going Kukoo, Neko's Bow from Haven
Magic S Grenwog 2016 Spoon
- O Magic Earth Magestaff
- O Ranged Dull Hybee Spear
Magic Z Surviving Malengua
- D Melee Choking Vineblade, S Clovemore > Geocastellum Mace from Geocastellum Set Part 2
Magic Robocockatrice Blade, S Celtic Staff, S Harvest Staff > Geocastellum Staff from Geocastellum Set Part 2, S Jub Jub Stick from Double O' Dozen, S Mother's Day Bouquet
- O Melee/Magic
- Armor P Custosilva's Justice
Melee Cannon's Haste, Saw of Unity from Pirate vs Pirate, Ceremonial Scissors from Season of Choices > Forest Champion Axe, Morningstar Basher, Earthen Werepyre Blade
Ranged Crystal Lance, S PuebLance > Forest Champion Spear, Noxious Chimeran Spear, Forest Demon Scythe, S Tsuchi Shamrock Naginata from Ninja-Chauns
Magic Battle Rose, Summertide, Bludgeon > Wooden Plank
- Armor Mutant King Club
- O Melee/Magic
- Armor G Earthstrike Guardian Dragon Blade
Melee Fist of Earth, Retro Vorpal Edge
- D Melee
- Guest Nightbane Clawclub from Forgotten Memories
Ranged S Carrot Lance
- Guest Nightbane Clawstaff from Forgotten Memories
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic P Fang of Custosilva
Melee/Magic Seismic Righteous Claymore from Escape the Wicked King > Z Terra Bloodzerker's Sword
Melee Katar of Earth, Grass Blade, Paperclip > (Classic) Savage Troll Club from Troll-O-Vision, S Tsuchi Shamrock Sensu from Ninja-Chauns, Z Giant Butcherer
- Armor Frogzard Sword
Magic Zinn Seed of Earth > (Classic) Arcane Troll Club from Troll-O-Vision, S Kogane Tsuchi Shamrock Sensu from Ninja-Chauns
Energy [3.6]
D 10
- D Melee/Ranged Asgardian Cudgel of Sparks
Ranged Z Stun Bow
- O Ranged Bishop's Bow > S Electric Yoyo, Z Poison Bow, Z Galaxythe
Magic S Balloon Baton
- D Ranged Space Gun
- Spell Lightning Rod
- O Ranged
Magic S Measures Totem, S Harvest Festival 2016 Spoon, S Snugglefest 2017 Spoon
- O Magic Energy Magestaff
- O Melee Ionic Slasher
- D Melee/Magic Z Eternity Key, P Blood Ruby Rod
Melee Evil Jim's Guitar Blade from War of the Giants Part 3
Ranged Thunderpoint Spear from The Umazon Stirs
Magic Soothsayer's Rod of Talados, Asgardian Clarity of Voltage
- O Melee/Magic Z Perfectly Balanced Blade
- Armor P Sinmaw Maul
Melee Energy Blade, Emerald Rite
Ranged Energy Dragon Sticker > Drakel Energy Lance
Magic Dueling Dragons Staff
- O Magic S Dead Leg
- D Melee/Magic P King's Reign Blade
Melee Z Harbinger
- O Melee Fist of Energy, S Balloon Blade
Ranged Storm Dagger, S Balloon Bardiche > Z Galaxythe
- D Melee/Ranged/Magic SP Hollowborn Evoker Armaments
Melee/Ranged Asgardian Cudgel of Sparks
Melee Katar of Shock
Ranged Z Gnomish Glory
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic Star Screamer > P Sinmaw's Mastermind, P Ironbloom Warhammer, SP Paragon Fiend Armaments
Melee/Magic Voltaic Righteous Claymore from Escape the Wicked King > Z Star Sabre of Hatred, Z Dynamancer's Bloodblade, Z Regal Dragonblade, Z Voltaic Bloodzerker's Sword
Melee Energy Flail > S Thundersplitter
Ranged S Lord of Thunder's Spear
Magic Zinn Seed of Energy, Hoplite Xiphos from Umazen Civil War > S Lord of Thunder's Staff
Light [3.7]
D 10
- D Ranged Flashbang Rat Grenade
- Spell Guest Zardwart Wand
- O Ranged Light Longbow, CRT-S100, Flashlight, S Gilded Warbow > Bow of Rennd, S Hikari Shamrock Shuriken from Ninja-Chauns, Z Golden Paragon Bow
- Skill Morningstar Just Cross > P Protoparagon Mk 4 Blaster
Magic Book of Adventures
- Skill Morningstar Magical Cross
- D Ranged Sacred Paladin Bow, Soul Slinger from The Return of Artix
- O Ranged Lightbolt Crossbow
Magic S Blarney 2016 Spoon
- Spell Paladin's Gift
- O Magic Light Magestaff
-O Magic S MotherSwan Staff
- O Magic Ancient Deren Mace
- O Melee Shepherd's Crook
Ranged Golden Wing
Magic S Egg Staff
- D Melee S Heartana > Lycan Slasher, Chiropteraxe, Emancipator Falchion from Umazen Civil War, S Shattered Mirrorblade
- Skill Zabura's Hammer from Return to Order
Ranged Lambent Wyrm Spear
- Skill Zakiya's Spear from Return to Order
Magic Staff of Moon Calling, Lunar Light
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic P Light Realm Warhammer
Melee Scarab Axe, S Liberty Beacon, Z Celtic Cleaver
Ranged S Cyclops Trident of Light > Lucian Spear, S Hikari Shamrock Naginata from Ninja-Chauns, H Infinity Lance
Magic Royal Elven Blade, Light Mace, Angelic Sceptre, Sun Sickle > Scarab Mace, Z Fresh Asteraceae
- O Melee Fist of Light
Magic S Bun Baton
- O Melee/Magic Z Ragnarok
Melee Golden Summoner
- D Ranged/Magic S Alchemical Unity from Gold Thriller
Melee Sacred Paladin Hammer, Sacred Paladin Sword, Z Wolfhammer
Ranged Sacred Paladin Halberd
Magic Sacred Paladin Mace, Sacred Paladin Sceptre
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic P Zealot's Wrath
Melee/Magic Radiant Righteous Claymore from Escape the Wicked King > Greater Bright Blade of Victory from Blades of Victory, Greater Bright Blade of Victory Z from Blades of Victory, Z Lumenomancer's Bloodblade, SZ Patriotic Light of Destiny
- Skill P Protoparagon Mk 4 Claws
Ranged/Magic Z Radiant Paladin Lance
Melee The Golden Eye, Paladin Lord's Axe, S Festive Mallet > Kopesh of Seth, S 2021 Club, S Hikari Shamrock Sensu from Ninja-Chauns, Z Golden Paragon Hammer
- Skill Z Twisted Gauntlet of Xano
Ranged Greater Bright Glaive of Victory, Greater Bright Glaive of Victory Z from Blades of Victory, Spear of Seth, S 2021 Scythe,
Magic Zinn Seed of Light > Honourable Light Katana, Crook of Seth, S 2021 Staff, S Kogane Hikari Shamrock Sensu from Ninja-Chauns, Z Golden Paragon Staff, Z Seraph Calamity, SZ Arcane Cutlass of Radiance, P Timekeeper's Staff
Dark [3.8]
D 10
- D Melee/Ranged/Magic P Necragon's Might
Ranged Cataclysmic Crossbow, H Trombones V2
Magic Profane Water
- O Ranged/Magic Thanatos Scythe
Ranged Alchemist's Darkness > Bow of Agony's Wrath, Bow of Granemor, Nocturnal Knightarang, Mecha Knight Bow from Mecha Knight, VampSpear
Magic Book of Death
- D Magic Forgotten's Grim Totem
- O Magic S Blarney 2018 Spoon
- O Melee Z Dark Eye
- O Magic Dark Magestaff
- O Staff of Nilhilus
- D Melee/Magic Z Ceremonial Legion Blade
Melee Chiropteraxe, H Ill Radiance
Ranged Shade's Uncertainty
Magic Quester's Darkened Beam Staff > G Darkovian Deception: Werewolf, H Chaos Web
- O Ranged/Magic Thanatos Scythe
Melee Dark Blade, Evil Battle Axe > Midnight Werepyre Blade, Tongue of Stragath from Race to Free Hollow, H Chaos Fang
Ranged Reaper of Souls from Death's Domain Nowhere, Scythe of Stragath from Race to Free Hollow, Z Reaver of Nulgath
Magic Arcane Scythe, Dark Energy Sceptre, Arm of the Lich from War For The Fangs > Arcane Tongue of Stragath from Race to Free Hollow
- O Magic Peasant's Nightmare > Skull Club
- D Melee Blade of Drakath
Ranged Z Deathbringer
Magic Requiem, Retro Big 100k, Z Everslumber
- O Melee Fist of Darkness > Z Axe of Agony's Wrath
Magic Z Scythe of Agony's Wrath
- O Magic Necrostaff
- O Melee/Magic H Shadowscythe Breaker
- D Melee/Ranged/Magic P Necragon's Might, SP Hollowborn Conjurer Armaments
Melee/Magic Z Hunger
Melee Katar of Undeath > Z Blade of Janus
Ranged Z Grim Scythe
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic Z Agony's Embrace
- Skill Z Anxiety Eater
Melee/Magic Tenebrous Righteous Claymore from Escape the Wicked King > Dreadknight's Cleaver, Greater Dark Blade of Victory from Blades of Victory, Greater Dark Blade of Victory Z from Blades of Victory
- Armor Z Drakath Fiend Blade
Melee Skull Sword, Unlucky Axe, Grievous Key Axe from War of the Underwyrm > Nocturnal Knight Edge, Mecha Knight Sledge from Mecha Knight, Z Atrea Dream Dagger, H ShadowWalker's Dagger of Time
Ranged Grievous Key Halberd from War of the Underwyrm > Greater Dark Glaive of Victory, Greater Dark Glaive of Victory Z from Blades of Victory, Z Zardbie Scythe, H ShadowWalker's Scythe of Time
Magic Grievous Key Mace from War of the Underwyrm, Zinn Seed of Darkness > Ken Boseki, Mecha Knight Maul from Mecha Knight, Z Atrea Dream Rod, Z Eye of the Underworld, H ShadowWalker's Staff of Time
Harm [3.95]
D 10
- D Magic Z Chambered Eternity Love
- O Ranged Z Steampunk Love Bow
- O Ranged/Magic Z Void Spear of War
Multielement [3.98]
D 10
- D Magic
- Oct Moglin Fan from Arena of Enthusiasts
- O Melee/Ranged
- Comp .6/.95 Royal Voidrender from Dark Accession
- Oct Rainbow Raygun
- Comp .1/.4 P Crystalpyre Sharpshooter, .2/.3 Hollow's Typhoon Weather Remote, .2/.6 Hollow's Thunderstorm Weather Remote, .3/.4 Hollow's Blizzard Weather Remote, .3/.5 Z Cello Bow, .4/.7 Z Snowblind Bow
- Quad .1257 Magical Twig of Carnage
- D Magic
- Spell
- Comp .5/.7/.95 Loremaster Tome from Falerin's Memorial
- Dual .18 Tome of Cerberus from The Hunt for Hollow
- O Ranged
- Comp .6/.8 GA Sidbit Slingshot
- Skill .6/.8 Stormshadow Bow from Dragonlorn Keep II: The Frontier of Perdition
- O Melee
- Dual .395 Hacksaw
- O Ranged
- Quad .1368 FourSickle
- O Ranged
- Quad .1368 FourScythe
- O Ranged
- Quad .1368 QuadroSickle
- D Ranged
- Dual .78 Umbral Naginata
- Dual .48 G Darkovian Deception: (Were/Draco)pyre
- O Melee/Ranged
- Comp .6/.95 Royal Voidrender from Dark Accession
- Comp .1/.3 Harpy Talon from Play the Harpie, .3/.8 Carnagebringer from The Greatest Warrior II, .7/.8 Duality from Necromancer Fortress
- Dual Melee .35 Earthshifter Blade, .26 Energyshifter Blade
- Oct KuBrush
- Comp .1/.5 Maple Piercer, .5/.7 SplitRend Lance I
- Dual .695 Hydra's Bite
- Comp .1/.8 Wicked King's Wrath from Escape the Wicked King, .4/.6 Z Blades of Reaping, .8/.95 Z Voidsplinter Sunderer, Z Voidsplinter Tether
- Dual .18 Helbane, .26 Watershifter Blade, .35 Windshifter Blade
- Quin .14678 Eight Bosses Staff
- Oct Prismatic Paintbrush from When Powers Collide
- O Ranged
- Quad .1368 QuadroScythe
- O Melee .1/.8 Cerberus' Fury, .2/.3 P Paramount Blade,
Ranged .1/.6 Time-Twisted Eye of Carnax, .5/.95 Z Gloom Glaive
- O Melee/Ranged/Magic
- Comp .1/.4 Z Ultra Elemental Axe, .5/.6 P Elightus, Z Ultimate Dragon Scythe of Elements
- Comp .1/.6 P Searing Brand, .1/.95 Lorekeeper's Oath, .2/.4 Ultra Omni Knight Blade, .4/.8 G Paragon Ice Blade, .5/.8 Z End of Graves
- Armor .78 Seal of Primal Shadows
Melee Vitae Leech, Vitae Leech, Chaos Axe
- Comp .1/.3 Mighty Warmaster's Reaver, .1/.4 Carnafex Blade, P Crystalpyre Bludgeon, .4/.95 Horo-show Void Vanquisher, .6/.8 S Star Sabre
- Comp .1/.4 Carnafex Spear, .6/.8 S Star Spear
- Comp .1/.4 Carnafex Sceptre, .1/.4 P Crystalpyre Rod, .1/.3 Arcane Warmaster's Reaver, .6/.8 S Mystic Star Sabre


Armors are separated into Defensive, Mid Defensive, Neutral, Mid Offensive, Offensive categories to identify their Lean that modifies standard weapon output and intake, which are respectively 80%, 90%, 100%, 112.5%, 125%.
Weapon special, Spell slot spell, Pet, Guest, Potions are independent of Lean, Defensive has optimal survival and equipment efficiency while Offensive has optimal battle speed but worst efficiency.
Built in Skills/Spells either follow weapon element or are locked to an element with compensation determined by subtracting .25 if (Mid) Defensive from the lowest product between (select one of the armor's eight resistances - shield)/Expected resistance at player level and 130/locked element position relative to the selected resistance's element according to the Elemental Wheel Correct 130, Ally 115, Neutral 100, Poor 85 or Opposite 70.
Dual element armors have slightly less resistance to better defend against less common dual element monsters that otherwise hit harder on a single element armor with a secondary resistance.

Discontinued after July 17, 2008 percentages are distributed between Base and Random with 100% Stat per hit.
Starting on July 24, 2008 one value represented BRS%, this is discontinued after April 15, 2010.
Starting on May 27, 2010 BR% increased by 37.89% and S% by 77.89% in a comparison of Noble Cyber-Rex Rider against Frostval Spirit Armor, this Interim standard is discontinued after August 05, 2010, armors are separated into Defensive, Neutral and Offensive Leans that determine points available for distribution among output, blocking and resistance this is discontinued after March 7, 2013.
Starting on August 26, 2010 BR% increased by 36.25% and S% by 141.36% in a comparison Lesser Graceful Dracopyre against Fearsome Raiment.
Starting on March 15, 2013 an Armor Lean status condition determines the output and intake modifier that does not determine points available for distribution between blocking and resistance.

D/MD Demon/Frogzard/Pria/Emoran Knight scales to Level 70 through class levels, offers temporary class armor element weapon with a chance to inflict Bleed and shield, Shield element four turn 40% Daze skill, Guest with 50% chance of damage or 60.5% chance to inflict one turn 25% Daze, two hit accurate armor element skill, four hit armor element skill that inflicts Spiritual Seed/-Dex/Bleed/Blind, Guardians have Mid-Defensive and Defensive Armor Lean toggle, skip turn to allow enemy attacks to connect and automatically attack on second turn, inflict a passive Fire Burn/Status Weakness/Afraid/Damage negation, healing skill, four hit armor element skill that inflicts Burn/Weapon element wheel status(Burn/Poison/Off-balanced/Frozen/Petrify/Paralysis/Blind/Afraid)/Bonus damage on Demon/Afraid.
N Wizard Robes scales to Level 55 through class levels, offers armor element skill, Mp Guests, increased spell boost and cost, optional resistance to element opposite of armor, armor element spell, Guardians receive armor element resistance, spell based on turn charges, spell based on 6.4% of monster health, turn cost mana regeneration, spell with status effect, switch to standard or MC armors at Lv 75. They become utility at higher levels when a compressed slot is available or in quests with less elements finish off an enemy with a boosted spell, Generalist may be preferred for unspecialized boosts.
D/N/O Holy Armor scales to Level 120 through class levels, class title triggers 5% dmg/3 blocking on undead or 3.33% dmg/2 blocking on non-undead demon, offers temporary class armor element weapon and shield triggers 10% dmg/6 blocking on undead or 6.67% dmg/4 blocking on non-undead demon, two turn 2.5 Power Burn and -20%/1.4 Panic toggles, -20% damage skill +25% to each Blinded and Burned enemies, Int and Str stat toggle, attacks from undead use Light resistance/non-undead demon use 2/3 Light and 1/3 Element, Cha scaled status potence on undead/non-undead demon, selects one of three Cha skills standard, two turn 50% Daze or 50% Light EleVuln, Light spell that selects from standard, efficient or overcharged costs, 12.5% melee upkeep toggle with three effects -25% player damage, -12.5% incoming damage, +25% Pet/Guest damage, Overcharged Fire/Light seek five turn Burn spell at 7.5 Power -20 save Harm/Void seeks on undead or at 7 Power -13.3 save Harm seeks on non-undead demon, Guardians have a six turn -20 BtH Blind skill, Dex scaled -9 on undead or -6 on non-undead demon to enemy BtH, three Guests Daimyo heals if +50% upkeep is toggled, Manifestation toggles between +100% damage/upkeep or Light element boost, Apprentice toggles between damage or Cha scaled -BtH to enemy, charge based quickcast heal, Death defiance and selects one of four options charge based Hp heal and 4% Mp heal, two turn charge based Power Burn that Element/Harm seek on undead or Light/Harm seek on non-undead demon, Element/Harm seek on undead or Light/Harm seek on non-undead demon charge based spell attack, charge based Element shield/Light Empowerment/Hp heal, change once per battle among Defensive/Neutral/Offensive Armor Leans, selects from one of three Light skills -100% damage with Hp heal that scales to +150% at 0% Hp, Mp heal that scales like Hp heal, -50% damage that scales to +75% at 0% Hp, End scaled status weakness to undead/non-undead demon, Overcharged Str/Int skill five turn 25% Daze and +25% damage -20 save on undead or +16.7% damage -13.3 save on non-undead demon, Overcharged skill that triggers on Burn/Blind/Panic/Daze to deal +20%/3 damage for each status.

D Neko subrace is separated into Sol that applies its passive 5% dmg, 4.25 BtH and 40 charges for 100% dmg boost to pet and guest, a Burn toggle for a 20% increased damage intake and Guardians have an additional Bleed toggle, both statuses are applied through pet and guest. Luna applies its passive and charges to 100% proc bows, guns, wands, Burn and Bleed are applied through weapon attacks.
Offers a Cha based Claw attack skill that seeks between armor's resistance elements with low Elemental compensation, Cha stat toggle, Guardians have a Luck stat toggle, 40 charges for 100% melee worth of Sp heal, 25% dmg increase of Burn and Bleed, Cha based skill that consumes Burn and Bleed to deal dmg.
N Werepyre has a toggle to split stat damage between Str and Int while using both Str and Int for BtH in place of Dex, Magic weapons gain 1/3 more damage to be equivalent of Melee output, elemental seeking skill between Earth and Dark that splits 50% to Bleed and impact dmg, Int and Str stat toggle, elemental seeking between Earth and Dark MP Guest that inflicts semi-high save difficulty -10 Defence loss and 25% Elemental Vulnerability, first time free immobility removal skill, moderate Elemental compensated elemental seeking skill between Earth and Dark, Guardians receive 5% heal from output damage, passive infliction of Panicked, Int and Str based heal skill, Hp conversion to Mp or SP and switch to Offensive lean with 75% dmg boost toggle.
O Werewolf has a 10% dmg trigger on Vampires, skill split 50% to Bleed and impact dmg, Dex stat toggle, armor element Sp Guest that inflicts -6 Defence loss for 2 turns, heal 4% Sp skill cost, low Elemental compensated locked to Armor element skill, Guardians receive 5% Hp + 6.6% End heal, high save difficulty Afraid, End based heal skill, Str stat toggle and switch to Offensive lean with 75% dmg boost toggle.
Vampire has a 10% dmg trigger on Werewolves, a 20% skill cost Bleed toggle, MP Cha stat toggle, armor element MP Guest that inflicts semi-high save difficulty -12 BtH Blind and .30174 Power Bleed, heal 4% MP skill cost, Elemental compensated locked to Armor element skill, Guardians receive 25% Bleed dmg heal, high save difficulty Control, Int based heal skill split 50% to Defence boost, MP Int stat toggle, and switch to Offensive lean with 75% dmg boost toggle that splits 1/8 to dmg based heal.

No Drop [4.0]
Fire [4.01]
N G Nightmare Rider
Water [4.02]
MO G Hippocampus
O S Pumpkin Overlord
Wind [4.03]
N G Pegasid Rider
Ice [4.04]
- Skill S ReignDragon Rider
Earth [4.05]
- Skill S Werebunny Form
N G Horse Rider
O Werewolf Form
- Skill Werewolf
Energy [4.06]
Light [4.07]
D G Radiant Warhorse
N G Unicorn Rider
Dark [4.08]
- Skill G Black Dragon Rider
- Skill Vampire
Multielement [4.098]
D Armor of Awe update G Mighty Armor of Awe, G Deft Armor of Awe, G Insightful Armor of Awe
- Dual Skill .28 Luna Neko, .57 Sol Neko
N G Guardian Plate, G Guardian Leather, G Guardian Robes, G Savant's Robes
- Dual .57 Z Derenian Steed
MO UltraGuardian update G Mighty UltraGuardian Plate, G Deft UltraGuardian Leathers, G Insightful UltraGuardian Robes
- Dual Skill .58 Werepyre
- Oct Adventurer update Steel Plate, Leather Armor, Cloth Robes, Student's Robes, Zard Hunter Elite Armor

Fire [4.1]
D Z Pyro Tank Knight from Rogue City
- Skill Wicked King Plate from Escape the Wicked King, Z Quester's Heavy Dragon Gunner
MD Hatchling Dragon Knight's Hide
N Fire Plate, Time-Twisted Carnax Fighter
O Lord's Tenure, P Protoparagon Mk 3 Power Suit
- Skill War's Legacy, Torontossaurus Rex, Rage Beast, S Khandie Gown from Obsession, Z Blazing Bloodzerker, Z Crimson Paladin Rider, Z Headless Horseman, Z Vampyro, P Champion of Akriloth
- Spell Pyromancer Bloodmage
Water [4.2]
D Z Hydro Tank Knight from Rogue City
- Skill FlawFish, Z Defender General of Cerberus
- Spell Mizuchi's Thinker
- Skill Desert Conqueror
N Water Plate
MO Daulfin Rider
- Skill S Gorgonzilla Costume
O SZ Pumpkin Overlord
- Skill Beast's Cunning, Blue Blood, Z Quenched Bloodzerker, Z Striker General of Cerberus
- Spell Z Hydromancer Bloodmage
Wind [4.3]
D Z Aero Tank Knight from Rogue City, S Ghost Costume
- Skill Oreads' Dexterity
MD Defensive Test Armor
N Offensive Test Armor, Defensive Test Armor
- Dual Skill Golden Horror
MO Offensive Test Armor
O Offensive Test Armor, Horde's Outrage, VelociZard Rider from Velocizard Rescue, SP Zombie Hunter's Garb
- Skill Axemaster's Burden from Zhilo's Haunting, Haunted Dragonlord Armour from Last of the Dragonlords, S Tyrannochicken Rex Rider, P Airenal's Might, P Griffinrider Mount
Ice [4.4]
D Z Cryo Tank Knight from Rogue City
- Skill S ReignDragon Rider
N Ice Plate, Punisher's Maxim
O Ice Cream Crusader, P Protoparagon Mk 2 Power Suit
- Skill Horo-show Void Vigilante, Frostgale's Legacy from Secret of the Lost Tower, White Howler, Z Legion Doom Knight, P Graverider Mount, P Hand of Tera'Suul, P The'Galin's Frigid Hatred
- Spell Z Cryomancer Bloodmage
Earth [4.5]
D Bulk, S Doll Form, P Dragonrider Mount, Z Geo Tank Knight from Rogue City
- Skill Geocastellum Robes from Geocastellum Set Part 2, P Scarred Crow
N Earth Plate
MO Frogzard Rider Armor, Ep Pig
- Skill Noxious Chimeran Knight, Z Samurai Warlord O-Yoroi
O Rust Raider from War of the Giants Part 3, Warg from Seeking the Seekers, Morningstar Lineage, P Dragonrider Mount
- Skill Werewolf, Chthonian Count, Z Terra Bloodzerker, P Spirit of Custosilva
Energy [4.6]
D Excelsior Guard Armour from Umazen Civil War, S StarSaviour, Z Dyna Tank Knight from Rogue City
- Skill Quester's Heavy Gunner, S Sugar Rush Armor, P Lazer Blazer
N Energy Plate, G Volt Rider, S Loco Costume
- Skill Asgardian Sparks' Verve, G Big Red Button
O Drakel Power Armor/Mecha Suit, S Deceiver's Fortune from Abducted, P King's Reign, P Cyber Assassin
- Skill Soothsayer's Taladosian Robes, Psionic Vampire, S StarSlayer, Z Voltaic Bloodzerker, SP Hollowborn Evoker Garb, SP Paragon Fiend Mount
- Spell Z Dynamancer Bloodmage
Light [4.7]
D Acolyte's Enthusiasm, G Radiant Warhorse, Z Lumeno Tank Knight from Rogue City
- Skill Champion Holy Armor, Champion Holy Avenger, Champion Holy Arcanist, S School Uniform, Z Crimson Holy Armor, Z Crimson Holy Avenger, Z Crimson Holy Arcanist, Z Paladin Rider,
N Light Plate
- Skill Radiant Winged Guardian, Champion Holy Armor, Champion Holy Avenger, Champion Holy Arcanist, Z Crimson Holy Armor, Z Crimson Holy Avenger, Z Crimson Holy Arcanist
O Umazen Emancipator Armour from Umazen Civil War, Waqaya of Seth, Z Golden Paragon Plate, P Protoparagon Mk 4 Power Suit
- Skill Champion Holy Armor, Champion Holy Avenger, Champion Holy Arcanist, Z Champion Paladin Rider, Z Crimson Holy Armor, Z Crimson Holy Avenger, Z Crimson Holy Arcanist, Z Fiend of Light, Z Golden Fang, GZ White Knight Z, P Champion of the Light Realm
- Spell Z Lumenomancer Bloodmage
Dark [4.8]
D Shade's Mask, Z Tenebro Tank Knight from Rogue City
- Spell Pit Protector
N Darkness Plate
- Skill Algern's Carapace, Z Ebony Sepulchure Form
O Nocturnal Knight Rider, Mecha Knight Powersuit from Mecha Knight, Nulgath, Z Evolved Void of Nulgath, Z Paragon Plate
- Skill LegenDairy, Angel of Souls from Death's Domain Nowhere, Silk Screamer Rider, Vampire, Predator of the Night, Z Anxiety Raiment, Z Doom Knight, Z Legion Doom Knight, P Necragon Guise, P The Decimator, H ShadowWalker of Time, SP Hollowborn Conjurer Garb,
Multielement [4.98]
- Dual .23 Yellow Pirate Costume, .27 S Piratechaun
- Dual Skill .12 Lion Sol Neko, .15 Tiger Luna Neko, .28 Luna Neko, .34 Leopard Luna Neko, .38 Solid Gold Sol Neko, .46 Cougar Sol Neko, .57 Sol Neko, .67 Solid Gold Luna Neko,
- Dual .18 Falerin's Eclectic Ensemble
- Dual .17 Avenger, .23 Red Pirate Costume, .24 H Dragon Leathers, .28 Z Felled Gunfighter
- Dual Skill .15 P Tribal Shaman, .16 Malicious Devil, .18 Z Demonmancer Plate, .24 Heartless Beast, .37 Golden Horror, .58 Advanced Werepyre, .78 Shadow of Doubt, G Abberant Bulwark
- Dual .18 Demonic, G Devilish from Warlic's shop, .58 S Diretooth Form
- Tri .235 Frogzard Hunter
- Skill Chaos Armour
- Dual .23 Black Pirate Costume, .25 S Swamp Troll, .26 S Straightjacket, .58 Z Warlord of Nulgath, .67 S Leprechaun Power Au-rmour
- Dual Skill .14 Z Twisted Cleric of Carnafex, .16 P Tinkerer, .18 P Demon Warrior, .25 S W.H.E.E.L, .26 P Champion of Sinmaw, .56 Novice Hunter, .57 S Green Power Armor, Z Jester Disguise, .78 Ultimon's Armor
- Quad Skill .2578 Shinyaro Form

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