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Cenara aka GraceFang

Race: Human Dracopyre
Group/Affiliation: Unity; Class Trainers - Shadowslayer / Dracopyre

  • Dracopyre Legacy
    **(1) NightBane's Fortress
    **(2) 4-Way Darkovian War!
    **(3) A Cure for Cenara!
    **(4) NightReign and GraceFang!
    **(5) NightReign Vs. GraceFang!
    **(6) The Hall of Memories
    ****(i) Introduction
    ****(ii) The First Door
    ****(iii) The Second Door
    ****(iv) The Third Door
    ****(v) The Fourth Door
    ****(vi) Tangled Web of Fate
    ****(vii) The Arden Door
    ****(vii) Division by Zero
    **(7) Resistance is Feudal!
    **(8) Become a Dracopyre (Dracopyre Showdown)

  • The Devourer Saga
    **(1) Strange Whispers
    **(2) The Beginning of The End
    **(3) Like Father, Like Son

  • Other Quests/Events
    **(1) 2008 Preview!
    **(2) 2009 Preview! - Fall and Winter
    **(3) Absolix Attacks
    **(4) Absolix Final Battle!
    **(5) The Bizarre Flecks Saga: Part IV - On the Night's Plutonian Shore
    **(6) The Bizarre Flecks Saga: Part VII - Mostly Harmful
    **(7) Morningstar Set
    **(8) ShadowSlayers & NightHunters
    **(9) April Fool's 2013: Donovan's Reign

    Bio: Cenara is a kind and caring woman who is the daughter of Lady Evina and Balius (who later became Nightbane), and Edward/Vampire Slayer E's sister. She lives in Felrood Abbey, and was previously the Avatar of Death. She protects the Abbey, and helps convince Nightbane to fight The'Galin. Cenara will take her brother's place as the ShadowSlayer trainer once E can no longer continue.

    She also appears to have a half-brother, Donovan. In the chaos Donovan caused, Cenara was infected with some of Nightbane's Dracopyric blood. Death left her at this time, but she did not become Forsaken thanks to Dewlok's Moglin magic. A cure found near Granemor kept her alive, and allowed the blood to turn her into a full Dracopyre, GraceFang (the blood also aged her a little). She appears to have full control of her Dracopyric powers, and can shift between forms at will.

    Function: Explores the Hall of Memories with you and acts as a guest in her Dracopyre form.


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