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Ryuusei Cartwright, a.k.a. Robert Twain

Status: Recohered with Alternate Ryuusei, leaving only bits of him within Alternate Ryuusei
Race: Vespirian
Group: N.O.V.A.; Uncreation; The`Galin (questionable loyalty)

  • The Devourer Saga
    **(1) Worlds in Peril
    **(2) In the Aftermath of Chaos
    **(3) The Fall Foreseen
    **(4) A Network Divided
    **(5) The Rise of Omega
    **(6) The Manifestation
    **(7) The Final Battle!

  • The Bizarre Flecks Saga
    **(1) Part I - Double Take
    **(2) Part II - Meteor Storm
    **(3) Part IV - On the Night's Plutonian Shore
    **(4) Part V - Us vs. Regeirk!
    **(5) Part VII - Mostly Harmful

  • Other Quests/Events
    **(1) Absolix Rising
    **(2) Absolix's Army
    **(3) Absolix Final Battle!
    **(4) Frostval Saga 2009
    **(5) Shear Madness: AQ/WF Crossover War!
    **(6) The Hall of Memories - Darkovian Ultimatum
    **(7) Absolix Falling: Salvation!
    **(8) AQ's 10th Anniversary: Act 5 - The Devourer
    **(9) The Future Begins Now: AQ Preview Cutscene
    **(10) Absol-ution IV

    Bio: Ryuusei (left) is a communicant and follower of The`Galin, as well as the leader of N.O.V.A.. He has taken Diviara's place as the general of The`Galin's forces on Lore. He seeks to annihilate all creation, regardless of The`Galin's wishes. His past association with Terra (aka Earth) has left him embittered towards Terrans, and he hates Lore with an almost equal passion.

    Ryuusei becomes Omega (right) and allows The`Galin to possess him. When Lauren is summoned, The`Galin abandons him in the Deep Void, where he and Beleqwaya battle to both of their deaths.

    Unfortunately, he gets better. After returning, he joins with Visia and The Mutant King, and uncreates Absolix. However, Cartwright seems to have changed - he rebukes Absolix for trying to be a villian, and sees Absolix as an actual son.

    The Bizarre Flecks saga reveals that he has a son, Gaiden, who is living on the alternate-Lore with the alternate-Ryuusei. At the epilogue of the Absol-ution quest chain, Cartwright had an epiphany and realized all his life had been spent in evil and corruption. Cartwright decided to recohere with alternate-Ryuusei, to keep alternate-Ryuusei alive (despite his cancer) and strong, while sacrificing himself in the process.

    Function: Cause much chaos on Lore, and finally becomes a battle when possessed by The`Galin. He's also an enemy battle twice.

    [image]http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z240/nmehta3/Ryussei.png[/image][image]http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t222/StephenNix44/Adventure Quest Pedia Pictures/NPC Pictures/TheGalin.jpg[/image]
    Dressed in salvation armor

    Write-up from Reign Man and Falerin. Image from Reign Man and Stephen Nix. Update from Frozen Fire

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