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Location: Meeting Vaal, The End?, The Navigator, Void Ship, Into the Ynnungaap, Adrift, Void War Intro, Halfway Through, Second Seal, Murky Hall, The Last Chapter: Aspar, Vaaloirr, Inner unSelf, The Feast, Father of Mine, From The Citadel with Love, Marzanna, The Beginning of the End, The End of the Beginning, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

Quests given

Shops owned

Meeting Vaal

Vaal: Who calls?
Vaal: Who DARES disrupt my contemplation?

Vaal: Aaah! A supplicant!
Vaal: Have you come to beg for knowledge, or refuge from that harridans "noble" sacrifice?
Vaal: But wait- you aren't Chaosweavers!
Vaal: How have you come here?

Vaal: Finally, someone who knows the proper address for one as great as I.
Vaal: Only I could have conceived the Judgement Wheel!
Vaal: Only I could have directed the Priests who wove the Soulthreads to form it!
Vaal: And I only deserve to have the first wish!

Vaal: Ah, you see. I fulfil lofty expectations of myself effortlessly!
Vaal: I surpass what people want of me! And all without trying!

Vaal: Yes, yes, thank you. Where was I?

Vaal: Of course. I wanted power, I DESERVED power! I was destined to have more than I could ever wish for.
Vaal: My mother would tell me stories when I was young of how great I would be.
Vaal: It is my RIGHT!
Vaal: So I made the Judgement Wheel. It was SUPPOSED to simply grant wishes.
Vaal: But then one of those meddling priests added a safety measure without my permission or knowledge.
Vaal: How can I be omniscient when people do not tell me where people do not tell me what they are doing?!

Vaal: Exactly.
Vaal: YOU understand!
Vaal: So the Judgement Wheel would grant wishes, but would also JUDGE them!
Vaal: And it judged my wish to be...hmmph!
Vaal: And it will only grant ONE wish per person. GRAAAAH!
Vaal: So in return for my wish, the BEST wish, the only wish I could have and should have made...
Vaal: The wheel unleashed a disease, visited it upon ALL the Chaosweavers in punishment for my *laugh* ambition.

Vaal: Yes and our queen imprisoned both the Priests and ME in the Dark Tower for our actions.
Vaal: But oh, I escaped, yes I did! A paltry little cell like that could not contain my majesty!
Vaal: I escaped back to my home, here in Pellow Village. And then that she-demon, our queen...
Vaal: She and her puny courtier magicians, with what I assume was their last ounce of humanity, RIPPED my beloved village from Ravenloss!

Vaal: *scoff* Simple Human! No, the GATE to Pellow Village is in Ravenloss!
Vaal: The village itself is on another plane, floating somewhere in the Void.

Vaal: Bah! She has succumbed to the ChaosWeaver disease. Kkharinna was always so GOOD and KIND as a ruler.
Vaal: She imprisoned ME, so it is only JUST that this atrocious PUNISHMENT she called down on me turned her into a abomination.

Vaal: JUSTICE! It was justice!

Vaal: I see you understand her true nature, hero. Kkharinna always did think of herself before others.
Vaal: I like you. You would make a MOST excellent flunky.

Vaal: Ah, yes, the Embodiments of the ChaosWeaver spirit!
Vaal: All of the OTHER Chaosweavers went insane. Their insanity has caused their emotions to...separate from them.
Vaal: Those emotions leaked through the gate and the the Void and into Ravenloss.
Vaal: *sigh*
Vaal: Go. Hmmph. You have wearied me with your questions.
Vaal: I am the last sane one here, and I have much to plan if I am going to use the Wheel once more to restore what has been taken from me. My Freedom!
Vaal: My Freedom!

Vaal: Hmmph. Yes. Go. You may leave tribute on your way out.

The End?

Vaal: My, my, the SoulWeaver! And my favorite new flunky!
Vaal: I knew you would be here. EVERYONE wants my prize!
Vaal: I may not be able to use it again, but that does not mean anyone ELSE is permitted to!
Vaal: Not you, not that pathetic excuse for a spirit... not ANYONE!

Vaal: You thought you could ignore me? That I wasn't worthy of battle?
Vaal: You thought you could ignore my brethren? That you dealt with them on your way here?
Vaal: You are NOTHING compared to me, to us! And you did not come CLOSE to annihilating my people.
Vaal: And now that the Gate has been opened...
Vaal: The entire WORLD will fall before the might of my army!

Vaal: We will meet again, Flunky. In the AboveGround.

The Navigator

Vaal: I was the greatest... the GREATEST! How DARE they leave. They will RUE the day they deserted me....

Vaal: YOU!

Vaal: It's all your fault, you incredibly woolheaded lummox.
Vaal: You moronic machinations ruined... RUINED ME! I was OMNIPOTENT!
Vaal: I WAS THE MOST PRODIGIOUS MAGE OF ALL TIME AND YOU... you... you had to destroy it...

Vaal: When the Judgement Wheel was destroyed, my wish... my destiny was destroyed with it!
Vaal: My magic, my power, my ARMY OF CHAOSWEAVERS... GONE! And I ended up back in prison... studied by The Rose...
Vaal: ... until... until they concluded I was...
Vaal: ... mortal.

Vaal: The weakest ChaosWeaver.

Vaal: Lore isn't fair. It's a cruel, barren planet. Not even the greatest mind in generations can hold an army without power... Now I'm useless.
Vaal: Trapped in this feeble, mortal coil. DOOMED TO A LIFE OF MEDIOCRITY!

Vaal: What would you have me do, SoulWeaver? Destroy more priceless artifacts in your "quest" for redemption? Boring.
Vaal: <Character> has destroyed enough to fill the Void.

Vaal: What do I know of the Void? It's power was nothing, compared to my own.
Vaal: You might take a stroll... I leapt and flew through the winds of the Void!

Vaal: Back?

Vaal: And how do you propose to get back there, SoulWeaver? On the back of a Void Dragon?
Vaal: Beg one of the more powerful ChaosWeavers for a taste of the edge of the abyss? You'd never make it through.

Vaal: A SHIP? Oh, you ignorant fools... please tell me you have a pirate crew!

Vaal: You want to venture into the depths of the VOID on a ship crewed by pirates?!

Vaal: AFRAID! I FEAR NOTHING SOULWEAVER! Not even the spectre of Death that awaits you in the Deep Void.
Vaal: Don't think I don't know what you're doing... you dare to bait me? Lure me in, like a fish on a hook?!
Vaal: I'll come along to laugh as the winds of the Void tear your flesh from your bones.

Vaal: ... fine!

Void Ship

Vaal: It looks like we will have cabins next to each other... so until I finish setting mine up, get lost!

Into the Ynnungaap

Vaal: Of course I did. Take a look.
Vaal: We are here.
Vaal: On the surface area of the void.
Vaal: We need to get here, to the Ynnungaap Core.
Vaal: In order to do so, first, we need to get into the Ynnungaap, known as the DeepVoid.
Vaal: The only way known to me is through here, a place that connects void and deepvoid.

Vaal: It isn't! I've made it spherical on the paper so your simple minds can understand. Now stop interrupting me!
Vaal: As I was saying, the only way is through here.
Vaal: Here is where things get tricky. We will have to voyage through a giant whirlpool which will take us to the other side, to the deepvoid.
Vaal: Area around the whirlpool is dangerous, with void storms raging left and right.

Vaal: Stop. Interrupting! Me!
Vaal: Once we are inside the deepvoid, there is NO going back.

Vaal: It's a one-way vortex. I suggest creating a portal on board that is linked to Ravenloss.
Vaal: Once you "save the day" and are ready to go back, we will have to go through the portal and abandon the ship in Ynnungaap.

Vaal: Someone told me.


Vaal: I am!

Void War Intro

Vaal: What?! I'm not fighting!!

Vaal: I'm not going!

Halfway Through

Vaal: Alee, this is NOT the right time for this, I need Transcendence! I need my weapon to defend myself! Or would you rather let me die?!


Second Seal

Vaal: I didn't sign up for this, this is humiliating...

Vaal: What?! We did what we had to! I did what I had to, even more, I'm not going to help anymore!

Murky Hall

Vaal: Pfff, Seal of Ativa. Childsplay. I would have used something far worse. Or maybe make them use a forbidden magic to open the door.
Vaal: Ha!
Vaal: Something like Tanislav's Last Will. They would have to kill an entire village full of people to make a key to the door.
Vaal: Yeah, that would be fun to watch.
Vaal: How long is this corridor? Why am I even in this place...why couldn't I just stay in Hunter's Paradise...
Vaal: Sometimes my greatness gets the better of me.
Vaal: Oh bother... this again.
Vaal: Eeeeh....

Vaal: This is a really long corridor...
Vaal (thinking): What was that?!
Vaal: What... is this stuff? It certainly isn't a part of this structure.

Vaal (thinking): Riiiight... nope.

Vaal: That voice... Olizabeth!?

Vaal: I... I heard my wif- Where is she?!

Vaal: But... her voice...
Vaal: ... You're toying with me. How did you do her voice?! NO ONE TOYS WITH ME!
Vaal: Ugh! What are you?!

Vaal: Not until I know what you are.

Vaal: Murk? You mean like the fourth alleged child of the First Weaver?

Vaal: You make no sense. The First Weaver died, had four children and they were the founders of the four great weaving families.
Vaal: I know this because I am the descendant of the mighty Oyva!

Vaal: Then from where did this "fourth child founded Murks" come?

Vaal: No, I'm not! I AM A CHAOSWEAVER!
Vaal: You didn't answer my question!

Vaal: There were speculations... why are you asking me this?

The Last Chapter: Aspar

???: .h... .. .

???: .m .?

???: Where am I?!

Vaal's voice: You! Where did you trap me?!

Vaal's voice: Get out of my body!!!

Vaal's voice: On what? No, I don't care! Leave my body!

Vaal's voice: YES!

Vaal's voice: Get lost!

Vaal's voice: .....

Vaal's voice: How do you want to do that? I've been searching for a way out for over 4 hours... before you MOVED IN!

Vaal's voice: How? Not that I... want to know, or anything...

Vaal's voice: To anywhere?

Vaal's voice: You're making this up!


Vaal: I don't recognize these trees.

Vaal: Well, at least I am not in the Void anymore.

Vaal: Address me properly if you wish to have a conversation with me.

Vaal: Then you have obviously never tried to possess one such as me.

Vaal: Oooh no. You got me into this mess by possessing MY body and you will NOT ignore me!
Vaal: Furthermore, it is I who will get rid of you, not the other way around.
Vaal: These trees are really bugging me. I have never seen trees such as these.

Vaal: Then... we are not in the land of dragons?

Vaal: What are you going to do with them?

Vaal: Was that a forbidden magic?

Vaal: What now...?

Inner unSelf

Vaal: You monster!!! You a-ate her! My soulminion!! WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?!

Vaal: Why-why are you doing this? All of this?

Vaal: You...

Vaal: Stop...


Vaal: Are you done?!

Vaal: You... you are insane. You are a demented... psychopath!

Vaal: ... a doorway can be stepped through in both directions.

Vaal: .....
Vaal: What are you going to do now...?

The Feast

Vaal: What are you counting?

Vaal: ... why?

Vaal: He's calling you.

Vaal: Izbor. That's the name of the person you are wearing.

Vaal: His name is Ludomir! Ugh... try to keep up, otherwise people will get suspicious!!!

Vaal: How should I know!? Find out on your own!

Vaal: They'll find the body.

Vaal: Do something.

Vaal: Tripped.

Vaal: And the earth swallowed him whole!

Vaal: And he fell into the stream and drowned!

Vaal: You can! But forget it, there was no stream.

Vaal: Izzy?

Vaal: You're not made from sand, you won't crumble.

Vaal: You tire? I thought-

Vaal: That you had lost your humanity a long time ago, of course.

Vaal: Hmm.
Vaal: I have to think about it.

Vaal: Go with him, this ought to be interesting.

Vaal: Make excuses, figure something out.

Vaal: Ludomir...

Vaal: No.
Vaal: He's undressing.

Vaal: What are you doing...?

Vaal: Summon the rain?

Vaal: What are you doing!?

Vaal: ....
Vaal: I know what this circle means.

Vaal: It's Tanislav's Last Will...

Vaal: ... your disguise is coming off.

Vaal: Why are you doing this ritual on this village?

Father of Mine

Vaal: You had a SoulAlly.

Vaal: SoulAlly. You had a SoulAlly. A red one. When you were alive.
Vaal: Umm... I mean, you ARE alive now, obviously... well... when you were in your original body... shoot.

Vaal: You had a SoulAlly!

Vaal: And he was an Elemental Spirit.

Vaal: You didn't eat him? I thought you ate spirits as well.

Vaal: Oh, you know. I know things. Secret things.

Vaal: And I know everything you know.

Vaal: Mmmmaybe I've already did, and you are imagining me?

Vaal: So where are we going, now that you have eaten an entire village full of innocent people?

Vaal: Oooo, sounds grand!

Vaal: I wouldn't dare!

From The Citadel with Love

Vaal: Whoa...

Vaal: What exactly has changed?

Vaal: Yes yes, you have been mentioning this mana core piece. Why? Why do you want it so?

Vaal: What, immortality? That's all?!

Vaal: Wha... you... thi...
Vaal: This is such a waste! We're talking about the mana core piece here!! Raw power! In such close proximity!

Vaal: .......

Vaal: No, I don't. You want to know why?

Vaal: Because you don't really... die. You live on as memories.
Vaal: As long as there are people who remember your name, who remember who YOU are... you are immortalized as an idea.
Vaal: The idea of you.
Vaal: Take me, for instance! I may be a dead, lingering emanation of my consciousness...
Vaal: ... but there are people in this world that remember my name and all my great deeds! I am going to live forever too!

Vaal: Well, we can agree to disagree.

Vaal: So.
Vaal: How are you planning on getting inside? It's not like you can just barge in, looking like that.

Vaal: You are crumbling! Your skin is coming off.

Vaal: Hmm?

Vaal: Don't you dare!


???: Such a strapping young lady shouldn't wander the streets by herself! Would you like a guide?

Vaal: Oh, if only you could see your expression right now!

Vaal: I have absolutely no idea.
Vaal: But I'm not complaining.

Vaal: Looks like you're stuck with me, buddy, whether you like it or not.

Vaal: Roirr, I can hear your thoughts, remember?

Vaal: So, where were we?
Vaal: Ah, you wanted to get to the main building. Seym, was it? Give me a minute.

Vaal: Straight, left, left, straight, right, straight, right, left.

Vaal: Listen, I've realized that by annoying you I was getting nowhere, so I might as well put that all behind and focus on the positives.
Vaal: For the foreseeable future we will be together, so there's no point in fighting.

Vaal: Why... is it doing that?

Vaal: So.
Vaal: What now? You just plan to... gulp it down? With all the Magesterium watching?

Vaal: Well, that's what you get for abandoning MY body!

Vaal: You're hurt, you know?

Vaal: Yes, you're missing an arm.

Vaal: What the heck is THAT!?

The Beginning of the End

Vaal: The... Shapeless?

Vaal: Why is it called that? It clearly has a shape.

Vaal: But what IS it? What does it do?

Vaal: A harvest, more like.

Vaal: You... might have killed every member of the Magesterium, you know?

Vaal: From what I've just gathered... you might have just liberated the people.

Vaal: How do you plan on killing this thing? How powerful is it exactly?

Vaal: "Oh" what?

Vaal: I'll just wait until... whatever you're doing passes and then I'll ask you again...

Vaal: Listen, I'm not really following your train of thought (and this is saying something, since I can hear your thoughts), care to elaborate?

Vaal: Soooo does that mean we don't have to fight it?

Vaal: That's a really strange custom, this "harvest".

Vaal: Oh yes, and you are such an angel yourself.

Vaal: So... are you going to eat the piece now or...?

Vaal: Will it hurt?

Vaal: or?

Vaal: I say go for the latter.

Vaal: You're so brassy. Is this the woman in you talking?

Vaal: Sweet Avatars, that was something else! Wooo...

Vaal: Stop screaming!

Vaal: We can't have that! Aren't you glad now that I stuck around? I think I've saved you. But now run!

The End of the Beginning

Vaal: Where are we?

Vaal: Oh no... I'm-

Vaal: Stop wallowing! Let me think! I'm not gonna let you die in this dump. What is this place? Why did Secundus send you here?

Vaal: Hush! Someone is coming!
Vaal: Cover yourself! That! Cover yourself with that!

Vaal: Can you... can you jump bodies? Do it now!

Vaal: Nooo! Come back!!!

Vaal: He'll go get someone. You need to run.

Vaal: Then crawl away! We- You need to find a place to hide! And I... need to think...

Vaal: .........
Vaal: What... what will you do now... ?

Vaal: .........

Vaal: ... are we... in...?
Vaal: Roirr...
Vaal: Save his son.

Vaal: You, umm...

Vaal: You are dying. There is no point in denying that.
Vaal: Can't you do... one last thing I ask of you, before yo- before we go?

Vaal: Oh! You owe me. I kept you alive when those two almost killed you!

Vaal: Of course it was me! Soooo?

Vaal: No no no!
Vaal: ... write it down for him.

Vaal: We will see, Roirr. We will see.

Vaal: Roirr... I'm not understanding one thing. All your life you've wanted to achieve immortality and yet... you are a weaver.
Vaal: When weavers die, they become elemental spirits. Immortal elemental spirits. Why-

Vaal: Hold on... does that mean I won't-

Vaal: Or we keep on "living"... ... together!

Vaal: Oh, I think he did.

Vaal: You are not going anywhere.

Vaal: Stay!

Vaal: Oh, I know! Roirr... for someone as clever as you, didn't you realize where we are? When we are?!
Vaal: Your little spirit friend knew what he was doing!

Vaal: But I do.

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One

Vaal: I prefer Vaal, if it's all the same to you.
Vaal: ...

Vaal: You heard the lady. If there's something going on that could affect us, we should know.
    If you select the 'Whatever, I just want to learn how to weave.' option:
    Vaal: Yeah. If it's being dealt with, then it's not really our problem, is it?
Vaal: Ha. How embarassing!

Vaal: Sure. Works for me.

Vaal: You're smart, right? Works for me.
    If you joined 'Raven':
    Vaal: Less work for me. No objections.
Vaal: Maybe they just don't care enough. Weaving can get dangerous, right? So what if a student or two is lost?
    If you select the 'It's up to us to stop the disappearances!' option:
    Vaal: *Yaaaaaawn* I guess it couldn't be easy, could it?

    Vaal: Sure.

    If you select the 'Remain silent.' option:
    Vaal: Works for me.
    If you have sufficiently bonded with Vaal:
    Vaal: Let's see... it was... this way, I think? Oh! <Character>! I... Uh... I seem to have gotten lost.

      If you select the 'Need some help?' option:
      Vaal: Haha, yes, um, that would be appreciated. Thanks. You're not so bad, you know? Not like some of those spoiled stuck-up rich kids. I think... my dorm was that way...

      If you select the 'Um. Good luck.' option:
      Vaal: Oh, I see. Not to worry, I won't keep you from your important business.

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two

Vaal: So uh... If fifteen minutes pass and the teacher doesn't show up, we can leave, right?

Vaal: Sure. On the uh, bright side, it looks like we're all here. No one else has gone missi-

Vaal: Wait wait wait. Wait. Headmaster? Like, the dude at the top of the school?

Vaal: ...I think a tog got to mine.

Vaal: I'm sure s/he was just tired. I get it. Sometimes you need a nap.
    If you select the 'Maybe I'm getting sick...' option:
    Vaal: You don't have to make any excuses.
Vaal: ...Normally I'd be all up for just letting whatever happens happen, but... yeah. This probably isn't a good thing.

Vaal: This again?

Vaal: Looks like you all can't decide again.
    If you joined 'Raven':
    Vaal: ...

    Vaal: ...Same.

    Vaal: I'm thinking! I'm thinking, alright?

    Vaal: Aw, come on, that's just rude! It's trying its best!

    Vaal: I don't think-

    Vaal: -that any of us in the class are responsible.

    Vaal: We're dealing with something that can make people vanish without a trace. I'm keeping an open mind.
    Vaal: What if it replaced one of us? What if it's just pretending to be a student?

    Vaal: Well it is. I've been watching everyone all class, and as far as I can tell, I think it's safe to assume none of us is responsible.

    Vaal: I've got good instincts.

    Vaal: It's missing half of its parts. And data. And parambulators. And all that other stuff.

    Vaal: ...

      If you select the 'Side with Vaal' option:
      Vaal: We've got about the same idea, at least. I think the best way to go about this is to catch whatever's causing the disappearances in the act.

      Vaal: It... can?

      Vaal: Oh. Uh, thanks for backing me up, anyway, <Character>.

      If you select the 'Side with Tek' option:
      Vaal: Not going to get much peace and quiet with you two around, am I?

      Vaal: ...Alright. Alright, fine. I'll help you with your... cube thing.
      Vaal: But I still trust my instincts. And I'm not going to stop keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three

Vaal: Yeah! What Tek said!

Vaal: Yeah but, Edelia's a school, not a forest. And I think we'd all have noticed if the ground was shaking and opening up and swallowing everything.
    If you joined 'Raven':
    Vaal: (...)

    Vaal: (...?)

    Vaal: CAN... YOU... HEAR... ME... NOW?!

    Vaal: Don't sweat it. I know the feeling. Sometimes you just need a nap.

    Vaal: Yeah, apparently, we're supposed to learn about each other. Build bonds or something. Seems easy enough.

    Vaal: If I had to guess, we only have time for one of us... Maybe <Character> can choose who goes today.

      If you select the 'Vaal' option:
      Vaal: Me? Um... You don't know already?

      Vaal: I guess you're not from around here, then.

      Vaal: Me? No. But my family... Ugh. Do I really have to do this?

      Vaal: Alright, alright. So I come from a family of uh, really really good smiths. Tkach. Real famous.

      Vaal: Yeah, sounds about right. So, anyway, naturally, I was expected to go into the family business. Smithing.
      Vaal: I wasn't interested.

      Vaal: I dunno. I'm just trying something different, you know? See if I like it. So far... It's okay, I guess. The whole disappearing people thing is interesting, at least.

      Vaal: Yeah. Of course I got into Edelia, though. My family name has that kind of influence, after all.

      Vaal: I guess I'm just trying to figure myself out. What do you think, <Character>? Everything you expected?

        If you select the 'I can respect that.' option:
        Vaal: Thanks. I know I'm lucky. Sooner or later I'll have to face reality. Sooner than I'd hope, most likely. But reality can't stop Vaal!

        Vaal: Tell you what, Tek, I'll send a letter or something home, see if I can get you some metalwork done on the side-

        Vaal: Tch. Come on, <Character>, we can't let her wander alone when people are vanishing left and right!

        Vaal: All too well! But hey, we're here to work together, right? I think we can compromise a little, at least.

        Vaal: Of course. Comes with the pain of having to talk to family but, whatever. I can deal with it.

        If you select the 'So... you're just spoiled and lazy?' option:
        Vaal: Ha! You could say that. But it's not going to stop me. I'm just that good.

        Vaal: Well, I'm not exactly on the greatest of terms with them...

        Vaal: Ugh. Fine. Fine! I'll do it!

      If you select the 'Tek' option:
      Vaal: You mentioned before, but it's pretty obvious.

      Vaal: That sounds... dangerous.

      Vaal: That's it? No... tragic backstory? No pained struggles?

      Vaal: No, no, it's... quite refreshing, actually.

        If you select the 'I think your mechanisms have a lot of potential!' option:
        Vaal: ...snrk. We done? I think I like my bed better as a uh... thinking platform...

        If you select the 'I didn't understand a word of that' option:
        Vaal: You done, then? ...At least I had plenty of time to think.

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four

Vaal: Wow. Your Auto-Cube-Mecha-Thingy was right, after all. Nice of you to finally show up, <Character>.

Vaal: Well, don't apologize too fast. You're not the last one to show up.

Vaal: Wait. How do you know that's what happened to them?

Vaal: Yay!

Vaal: I'm all for skipping class (because, that's cool), but staying in my room just... waiting... I'll pass.

Vaal: No... this won't do. I get my best nap, er thinking done in class. Definitely not at home.

Vaal: Sounds like too much work for me. Tek's mech even makes little beeping noises. It's perfect.

Vaal: I'll have you know I've sacrificed a lot of my emotional health for that mechanism. It's got the finest Tkach smithwork in it!

Vaal: I think Maz has a problem with me.

Vaal: Fair enough. Guess we're splitting into our groups, then. Although... You've been pretty quiet, <Character>. You're free to stick with us if you want. Or you can go with Valen and Maz if you like their idea better.
    If you select the 'Wolf' option:
    Vaal: More work for me, but I can handle it.

    If you select the 'Raven' option:
    Vaal: Don't worry, I'll be carrying my weight.
Vaal: <Character> and sleep. And here I thought you were an inseparable duo!

Vaal: Yes ma'am.

Vaal: We're almost at fifteen minutes! Just a few more...

Vaal: Aw, come on, we were two minutes off!

Vaal: Sounds good to me. Pack it all up, Tek, we're done!

Vaal: We can use it to just sit back and let whatever's behind this come to us. And then... bam! Catch it. Or something.

Vaal: Eh. A day off every now and then is great, but I really am interested in weaving.

Vaal: That sounds like way too much work.
    If you select the 'Raven' option:
    Vaal: Nice. We can share the work.

    If you select the 'Hawk' option:
    Vaal: Ugh... But really, good luck.
If you select the 'Raven' option in either 'Raven' or 'Hawk' paths:
Vaal: Is... this a chair? Ah, no, chairs don't usually twist like that...

Vaal: Way to go, <Character>.

Vaal: Is that... good?

Vaal: Yeah, I'm definitely not any of those words. I'm just Vaal.

Vaal: Yeah. What size do you need?

Vaal: ...Unless there's something you're not telling us, <Character>.

Vaal: Really. You sleep in class more than I do, and you're telling me there's nothing wrong?

Vaal: Yeah, that's not normal.

Vaal: A truly terrible fate. Sorry, <Character>.

Vaal: How do you feel?

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

Vaal: Tek? This uh... This doesn't look good...
Vaal: Come on, <Character>, wake up!

Vaal: Yeah. Still alive.

Vaal: S/he's awake! <Character>, can you hear me? Can you speak?

Vaal: Tek was trying another thing with her cube, but when she brought it close to you, you drank the rest of that coffee, started shaking, and passed out.

Vaal: Way to go, <Character>. I wanted to try some too! Maybe I can lick some of it up...

Vaal: Aw, man. Even the cube got to have some coffee before me.

Vaal: It all looks the same to me. Same as before, I mean.

Vaal: Nothing yet. Try holding it closer to <Character>, maybe.

Vaal: That's what this is all about? Couldn't you have just added a, like, "find spooky things except for <Character>" button or something?

Vaal: Oh.

Vaal: Thanks, Tek!

Vaal: That's a philosophy I can get behind.

Vaal: Speaking of rush, what's our next step then?

Vaal: You uh, you have a lot of cube things here. Is it possible for you to sort of stick them together? Like a big... blanket of mechathingies?

Vaal: I am? I mean, yeah, I know I am! That's me, Vaal!

Vaal: Too late! Tek said it so it must be true!

Vaal: Yay! So... What do we do with it?

Vaal: Sounds like a plan to me. I don't mind waiting around.

Vaal: Wow, you're so special, <Character>.

Vaal: I'll find an extra pointy stick, don't worry! And if that doesn't work, Tek will figure something out, right?

Vaal: Glad I'm over here. That doesn't look too comfortable.

Vaal: Yeah, yeah, I'm working on it.

Vaal: Does this mean I have to be the bait now?

Vaal: Not happening. Don't you have a cube that can help?

Vaal: Too much work, yeah, I get it. I guess it wouldn't hurt to wait a little longer...

Vaal: Shh. There's someone watching us.

Vaal: We've been fine out here, thanks, Dr. Secundus. How goes saving the school?

Vaal: We're having a study session, Dr. Secundus. Might be our last chance, since the school is closing. <Character>, do you mind coming over here? I have some... um... research to show you.

Vaal: Tek was right!

Vaal: Is it time for the pointy stick?

Vaal: Pointy stick! Pointy stick!

Vaal: Tell us or I'll poke you again!

Vaal: I'm up for it.

Vaal: What if we made the net thingy... squeeze tighter? Squish Sk'aar in all that metal?

Vaal: I can do... all the things you said. I just have to turn some buttons and push dials, right?

Vaal: Okay then, what do you think, <Character>?
    If you choose the 'Vaal' option:
    Vaal: You got it, <Character>.

    Vaal: You... can shut up!

    Vaal: Right. Turn the thingy... push that... Oh, shoot, it's jammed.

    Vaal: No time. I have to hold this servo in place or it won't actuate properly. <Character>, get out of here!

      If you have sufficiently bonded with Vaal:
      Vaal: We've had a good run, <Character>. But this is a job for the best. It's time for Vaal to save the world!

      Vaal: Oh, hey. You're up. I didn't want to wake you, 'cause, you know. Naps are important.

      Vaal: I think... I think we won. Not sure why we're back here though.

      Vaal: Yeah. Really peaceful. That uh, that nap looked nice, actually.

      Vaal: Ha. Yeah, some actual rest sounds good, this time. Scoot over.

      Vaal: Yeah. I could think about this forever.

      If you have not sufficiently bonded with Vaal:
      Vaal: You've got more at stake than us! You better not forget me! Vaal! I'm Vaal!

    If you choose the 'Tek' option:
    Vaal: Ready to poke!

Other information

Vaal is possessed by Roirr in Murky Hall.

Book 1 Front View Appearance
Book 3 Appearance
AdventureFriends 2 Appearance


Also See: Secundus

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