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Race: Human
Group/Affiliation: Unity

  • Battleon -> Yulgar's Inn

  • The Devourer Saga
    **(1) Huntress vs. Yulgar
    **(2) Battle for the Weapons of Salvation
    **(3) Azma Lake
    **(4) The Protector
    **(5) Attack on Granemor!

  • Quests Accessible through Yulgar (Mail!)
    **(1) Shards of MegSual
    **(2) The Farm

  • Other Quests/Events
    **(1) 2008 Preview!
    **(2) 2009 Preview!
    **(3) 4-War Darkovian War!
    **(4) A Day at the Inn
    **(5) April Fool's ( 2005, 2008, 2009 )
    **(6) Big Scakk Attack!
    **(7) Custom Weapon Quest
    **(8) Cysero... Returns?
    **(9) Ebil Twilly!
    **(10) Fading Warlic
    **(11) Quest for the Terror Set!
    **(12) Ruins of Rundlecrum!
    **(13) The AntiGuardian
    **(14) Kill the Beast Part One
    **(15) Face of Silence!
    **(16) Building Truphma III
    **(17) AQ's 10th Anniversary: Act 2 - Akriloth & The Fire Orb
    **(18) Battleon's Nightmare!
    **(19) Barry Jotter!
    **(20) Ghost Rusters!
    **(21) Children of the Measurer

    Bio: Yulgar is a middle aged man, who is believed to have been a warrior in his younger days. It seems that he had some sort of relationship with Lady Evina. His favorite posession is his old and rusty axe named Betsy. He is renowned for having the only weapon shop in Battleon, and millions flock to his inn to get their hands on the newest equipment. He has a notorious problem for running out of the best items, the so-called rares. He is shortsighted as well, and will kill any mouse he sees. As a side job, he also acts as a DJ for the Battleon Disco.

    Adder is his cousin, and The Huntress mistook Yulgar for him in her quest for the Weapons of Salvation. Yulgar leaves the Inn to fight the Devourer, and he gets a slight crush on The Huntress in the process. His apprentice Hans took his place at the Inn while he was gone.

    Function: Guest. Also sells you various items from various shops. His nightmare version battles you.

    Old Image
    Original Image
    Nightmare Realm version

    Third image from Jin. Second image from Spikerslayer. First image from LightningBlade. Update from Memory of a Nightmare. Update from Dwelling Dragonlord.

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