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Location: Friday the 13th - Full Moon, Howl at the Moon, Amityvale (Book 3), The Locket, The Dark Tower, Bitten, The Castle in the Woods, Missed Raven, Bloodwork, Castle Crashers, Blood Feud, Blood and Roses, It Begins..., Doom Amulet, Out of Control

Quests given
Thursday's Quests
Friday the 13th - Full Moon
Swamp Lake
Neron's Request
Blood Patrol: Vampires
Blood Patrol: Werewolves
The Locket

Raven's Quests
The Dark Tower
The Castle in the Woods
Castle Crashers
Blood Feud
Blood and Roses

Play as Raven
Missed Raven

Shops owned

Friday the 13th - Full Moon

Raven: Downhill is an understatement. It's a constant battle to not drown in darkness and necromancy.

Raven: Rooting out vampire infestations is a passion.

Raven: Look, <Character>... I know who you are. I also know what my best friend has to say about you...
Raven: I definitely know when there are too many snarling, drooling furballs for me to handle.
Raven: The only way to save Amityvale is to work together.

Howl at the Moon

Raven: Get away from her monster!!

Raven: Not if I can help it, monster.

Amityvale (Book 3)

  • Blood Patrol: Vampires
    Raven: Magus Neron has sent word that he wants you to go out on patrol. The Vampire Patrol goes north of town.

  • Blood Patrol: Werewolves
    Raven: Magus Neron has sent word that he wants you to go out on patrol. The Werewolf Patrol goes south of town.

    After completion of The Locket:
    Raven: Welcome to Amityvale, <Character>.

  • Talk
    Raven: Thursday has gone missing and we need to find her! Do you remember where the nacklace you found for her years ago came from?
    Raven: We still don't know who the new locket was from and it disappeared with Thursday.
    Raven: Was it the werewolves? The vampires? Someone trying to get her out of town? I just hope, whereever she is, Thursday is ok.

  • Quests
    Raven: Why are both the vampires and the werewolves after Thursday?
    • Swamp Lake
      Raven: Swamp Lake is where Lon and Chaney lived, maybe there a clues there.

    • Neron's Request
      Raven: Magus Neron has requested your presence. He has a task for you.

    • Blood Patrol: Vampires
      Raven: Magus Neron has sent word that he wants you to go out on patrol. The Vampire Patrol goes north of town.

    • Blood Patrol: Werewolves
      Raven: Magus Neron has sent word that he wants you to go out on patrol. The Werewolf Patrol goes south of town.

    The Locket

    Raven: Who could have left that locket in Thursday's room?

    Raven: What is this?!

    Raven: You're supposed to be guarding this room! No one goes in or out but Thursday and I!

    Raven: Then how do you explain the necklace!

    Raven: This isn't funny... who came through here?

    Raven (thinks): Both windows were locked.
    Raven: Thursday... Thursday! Are you sure that isn't yours?

    Raven: Thursday...
    Raven: Thursday!

    Raven: We should go see Magus Neron and <Character>....

    Raven: I don't know, she hasn't been able to get it open. Can't we just take it from her?

    Raven: Thursday, are you ok?

    Raven: We're... we're trying to make it safer.

    Raven: Get her up to her room now! Make sure nothing can get in!

    Raven: We've got to stop this! Before the whole town burns down!

    Raven: For now... the villagers have all been knocked out. The Magus is seeing to them.

    Raven: Ok. Let's go in and make sure she's doing alright.

    Raven: NO!!!

    The Dark Tower

    Raven: Thursday is gone! I need your help!

    Raven: Let... go of me! I need to go after her!!!

    Raven: You were supposed to be guarding her! Why did you leave her alone! WHY? We were supposed to protect her…
    Raven: She’s my only friend and now she might be gone forever!

    Raven: Let’s go...

    Raven: Where is she?! What did you do to her, monster!

    Raven: Thursday is gone.


    Raven: I... I'm sorry, I thought you were... we need to go.

    Raven: No. I'll be better when we find those dogs.

    Raven: Where is she? Let me in there you... you...
    Raven: Flea bitten mongrels!

    Raven: I want my friend back! What have you done with Thursday!

    Raven: Answ-

    Raven: What are you experimenting on, you monster!

    Raven: NO!

    Raven: So you're after her blood too!

    Raven: So you want to make her into a science experiment. You still want to use her, just the like the vampires!

    Raven: You mean your mongrel?

    The Castle in the Woods

    Raven: If there’s another nest of vampires, we have to find it! They might be the ones who took Thursday!

    Raven: Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go, <Character>, we have to find Thursday!

    Raven: All I care about is Thursday. I can put the fires out later.

    Raven: Even if I turn, we still have to save Thursday! I was alone, in the middle of Doomwood, and she was the only one who welcomed me in.
    Raven: She saved my life and I won’t stand by while hers is taken!

    Raven: I don’t. I’m not going to sit and make a list of all the places I haven’t seen Thursday though when I could actually be looking for her!

    Raven: Please, <Character>, we have to find her before it’s too late.

    Raven: Is this… blood?

    Raven: Hmm?

    Raven: What was that?

    Raven: We’ve defeated plenty of vampires…

    Raven: Your “domain”? This is part of the Kingdom of Greenguard under the rule of King Alteon!

    Raven: She’s my friend! I will search until I find her!

    Raven: He… he didn’t know she was gone…

    Missed Raven

    Raven: I'm fine, <Character>. I'm just... thinking.

    Raven: You... really want to know?

    Raven: Thursday is my best friend. She was the only one to help me when everything had been taken from me.

    Raven: I'm not from this area... I'm not even from this continent.
    Raven: I was born across the sea, where magic is revered. Where those without it are treated like lesser beings.
    Raven: My parents weren't "gifted" with magic.
    Raven: My father was a scholar though and worked for the Enchanters Guild.
    Raven: My mother... my mother had a less honorable profession.
    Raven: I don't remember much, but I still remember the white bark of the trees....

    Raven: It... it was my fault.
    Raven: My magic... manifested.
    Raven: It meant that the Enchanters would take me. I'd be swept into the Guild and my parents might never see me again.
    Raven: So, we left in the night.
    Raven: They never blamed me... they always told me it was to find a better life, a life where it wouldn't matter if they had magic or not, but I knew why.
    Raven: I think that was the last time I ever saw them smile....
    Raven: Standing on the deck of that ship, the wind filling the sails, it was almost like we were flying... and they said it was going to be an adventure...
    Raven: Except, we had nothing but the clothes and the food the captain gave us. My parents paid every last coin just to get us across the ocean.
    Raven: We watched the ship sail away from the beach, then turned to face our new "adventure"... and it seemed like we never stopped running after that.
    Raven: We landed after you were frozen, <Character>, and it was a dark time.
    Raven: Elementals still raged, necromancers raised their undead minions from their pick of skeletons, and bandits roamed the woods.
    Raven: My mother was able to fight off some of the danger but we tried to avoid most of it by hiding and travelling at night until one night...
    Raven: ... well, the night never ended. There's nothing quite like the Doomwood anywhere else in the world.
    Raven: My parents were terrified that the Sun had been eaten again.
    Raven: Wolves howled throughout the night, it felt like we were always being watched, even if we couldn't see a thing... then...
    Raven: ... then this thing came crashing through the trees.
    Raven: It was... it was silver and had spikes for hands... my father shouted at me to hide... my mother tried to fight it and...
    Raven: ... they paid for it with their lives. There was nothing I could do... so I ran.
    Raven: Someone was shouting to stop... but I had to get away.
    Raven: With wolves howling, vampires hissing, and whatever that... thing was chasing me, I just tried to hide and find my way to someplace safe.

    Raven: Even in the eternal darkness of Doomwood, there's a midnight....
    Raven: With the wolves howling, the vampires hissing... no one would open their door to me.
    Raven: Who knew if I had been bit, or was some sort of a ploy to get their door open? All I knew was that the wolves were getting closer.
    Raven: That I could still hear that silver monster crashing through the woods....
    Raven: I thought I was going to die, <Character>.
    Raven: That I would be torn to shreds or slowly drained of all my blood. I heard the moans of undead as I ran past the cemetery...
    Raven: Then I saw one last house.
    Raven: One last chance to survive the night.
    Raven: I almost didn't stop.

    Raven: I lost my home, my parents, and almost lost my life... Thursday was the only one who welcomed me in.
    Raven: She saved my life and I will never forget that. She's my best friend, <Character>, and I owe her.


    Raven: Magus Neron needs to talk to you. He says it's important.

    Raven: <Character>? <Character>, please don't... don't say anything about me being bitten.... Not yet.

    Raven: I can't risk it, <Character>. We're here to clean up, report in, and think before we go out searching again.
    Raven: Nothing is going to stop me from trying to save Thursday. I'll meet you at the Magus's lab.

    Raven: I'm here. I'm fine, just worried for Thursday. We're here to check in and then we need to start searching again.

    Raven: .... huh?

    Raven: No. It was... it was my fault.

    Raven: What do you need?

    Raven: We don't have time for that. <Character>, you... you could look at my cells.

    Raven: I've been freshly bitten. What better chance do you have to watch the light infusion as it spreads through my blood?
    Raven: If it will help others, help to find the cure, then it's worth it.

    Raven: We have to. We might not find Thursday before the full moon and this is the fastest way for you to see what you need to.

    Raven: He's not sure, but... she has magic in her blood.
    Raven: Magus, we have to get back out there to find her so if you want to see the... infection in action, we have to do it now.

    Raven: ...

    Raven: The Magus knows you won't be welcome in town so he's copied his notes for you.
    Raven: He wants to work together to try to find a cure, even if it has to be in secret.
    Raven: His only requirement is that the werewolf attacks on Amityvale stop.

    Raven: Then he knows about Thursday! By the Avatars....

    Raven: What is he doing!?

    Castle Crashers

    Raven: Thursday is at the vampire queen's castle?! Hurry, <Character>!

    Raven: Thursday... Thursday was there the whole time?!

    Raven: Has she been turned?

    Raven: ......

    Raven: Thursday! Are you alright? Did she hurt you?

    Raven: You lied! Why didn't you tell us you had Thursday?

    Raven: Why would you want to find a cure for the werewolves?

    Raven: You wou-

    Raven: Thursday!

    Blood Feud

    Raven: That giant bat is taking Thursday towards the Darkness Tower!

    Raven: We can help clear the path.

    Raven: Thursday?
    Raven: Thursday!
    Raven: Thursday!

    Blood and Roses

    Raven: I only hope we make it in time to stop Frydae and save Thursday!

    Raven: Ge-

    Raven: Any vampire that tries to stop us is dust.

    Raven: If it will help with your mission, I can do it.

    Raven: Thank you, <Character>, you are a true hero.

    It Begins...

    ???: <Character>!

    Raven: Amityvale is under attack! I haven't heard from Magus Neron in a while, I needed to get help.
    Raven: And I-
    Raven: And I thought of you.

    Doom Amulet

    Raven: My head... hurts...

    Out of Control

    ???: Magus Neron!
    Raven: An urgen—
    Raven: Oh, uh, hi, <Character>!

    Raven: Hi, Thursday.
    Raven: An urgent report has come in, Magus Neron, directly from Swordhaven!

    Raven: It appears that other rifts have opened across the kingdom of Greenguard.

    Raven: The Queen has declared a kingdom-wide emergency, and the Rose and Knights are to be deployed to the following areas:

    Raven: ...the city of Dragesvard...

    Alternative Side View Appearance
    Baby Raven Appearance
    Kid Raven Appearance
    Design Notes Preview
    Appearance in Friday the 13th: Black Winter

    Thanks to
  • Slayer Zach for alternative side view and Baby Raven appearance images.
  • DF Staff for Kid Raven and design notes preview appearances.
  • Occavatra for Friday the 13th: Black Winter appearance image.
  • Jay for quest links and additional dialogue.
  • Grandpa Oz for additional dialogue.

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