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RE: Quests - Read the first post!

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2/3/2014 11:27:48   
  In Media Res
 Happy Summerween!


Trivial: Xov's Fire pt2 is now found in Robina's shop.
Settling. ~whacky

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2/6/2014 20:11:40   
Times Silent Keeper


War of the Fangs: Evolution

«You can skip the cutscene at anytime.»

«Scene: Werewolf Den. A Werewolf minion enters the scene and greets his king.»

Constantin: Ah, you're here. Have you finally found it, then?
Werewolf: Yes, sir. It took some hunting, but we've found the cave we were looking for. It's deep underneath the mountains to the north.
Constantin: It's rather remarkable that we didn't find it sooner. After all, the location of the "Cure" has been known for many years.
Constantin: But the source has eluded us... until now. We need to send our forces to take control of the site immediately.
Constantin: That green sludge has long been used by traitors to cure their lycanthropy and switch sides... but I have another idea in mind.
Constantin: If we adjust its mutative properties just right... we may be able to use it to enhance our lycanthropic powers even more!
Werewolf: And what of the Vampire Clan?

«Constantin raises his paw in anger.»

Constantin: Do you honestly think we're going to give this pwoer to our enemies? Send our force, but keep quiet about it!

«The minion nods, and the scene fades to black. Outside, over the plains of Darkovia, Constantin and his werewolf minion meets Safiria and her vampire minion.»

Constantin: What?! Why are you here?
Safiria: Oh come now, Constantin. YOu think that you flea-bitten mongrels can keep any secrets from us?
Safiria: A little doggie told me that you've found the source of the Cure, and how you plan to use it.
Safiria: And you didn't think to invite us? I'm hurt, I truly am.
Constantin: You would do the same thing in our position, and you know it!
Safiria: Well yes, but I wouldn't have made the mistake of letting you find out.
Constantin: If we're ever to become powerful enough to challenge the growing threat of the Dracopyres, we need to evolve. And if I can eliminate an old rival in the process, all the better.
Safiria: That sounds suspiciously like a declaration of war to me. Very well. We will humor you.
Safiria: And when you lose, don't you worry. We will take care of the Dracopyres for you.

«The scene fades to black...»

War of the Fangs
[0% to 50%]
The Vampires and Lycans have been in the midst of an uneasy truce over their fear of the Dracopyres. But now, they've found a source of great power that they may be able to use to make themselves the dominant force in Darkovia... and neither side wants to let their rivals get their hands on it!

[50% to 100%]
The Vampires and Lycans continue to fight over the source of "The Cure," and now they've sent forces to attack each others' bases! The leaders have returned to their bases to defend their homes, and both sides are giving it their all! Fight hard, because at this rate, the losing side could be completely wiped out!
  • To Battle!
  • Wave Selection
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Five

      «Once you make your selection, the message "You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!" appears. You will then fight the stipulated number of battles.»
  • Back to Town

    «There are two Moglins you can speak to, each supportive of their own clan. Depending on your subrace, you receive a different dialogue.»

      Vampire subrace
      Were-Moglin: *growl* Go away! I have nothing to offer our enemies!

      Vamp-Moglin: Thanks for risking your life in the name of Queen Safiria! Together we will vanquish the furry Lycan menace!
      Vamp-Moglin: If you need to be healed I can help you.
    • Heal me please
    • Let me handle this!
      Vamp-Moglin: There you goes! All healed up! May you slay those foul-smelling Werewolves swiftly!
    • Thank you!
      Werewolf subrace
      Were-Moglin: Thanks for risking your life in the name of the Brotherhood of Wolves! Together we will vanquish the fanged Vampire menace!
      Were-Moglin: If you need to be healed I can help you.
    • Heal me please
    • Let me handle this!
      Were-Moglin: There you goes! All healed up! May you slay those pale-skinned Vampires swiftly!
    • Thank you!

      Vamp-Moglin: *growl* Go away! I have nothing to offer our enemies!
      Human subrace
      Were-Moglin: Greetings, human. Do you come to join the brotherhood of the Lycans?
    • Yes!
    • Not right now... - Ends dialogue

      Were-Moglin: Greetings, human. Do you come to join the kingdom of the Vampires?
    • Yes!
    • Not right now... - Ends dialogue

      «Clicking 'Yes!' to either option above leads you to feel a wonderful new power coursing through your veins. You then join the subrace of your choice, and can return to camp.»
      Werepyre/Dracopyre subrace
      Were-Moglin: *growl* Go away! I have nothing to offer our enemies!

      Vamp-Moglin: *growl* Go away! I have nothing to offer our enemies!
    Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    Constantin - The Werewolf King has ruled his vast network of were-creatures for decades now.
    Safiria - Safiria, Queen of the Vampires, oversees her dark realm from a castle in Darkovia.

    «When Werewolves reached 50% on their war meter, the war camp changed to feature one new monster from each warring side.»
    Xander - This new breed of Dire Werewolf should turn the tide in the lycans' favor!
    Victor - The powerful Vamp Sire Victor will ensure his coven controls The Cure!

    To Battle!
    Which side will you join?
  • Join the Werewolves! - (If you're Vampire subrace) If Safiria knew you were even THINKING about this, you'd have a long, painful time to regret it.
    • Fight Vampires!
    • Werewolf Shop
  • Join the Vampires! - (If you're Werewolf subrace) If Constantin smelled even a HINT of this, you'd find yourself and your intestines quickly and painfully parted.
    • Fight Werewolves!
    • Vamp Shop
    «Regardless of choice»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

      «Repeat the above set X times, depending on the number of waves you selected before. Default is 1.»
      «When Werewolves reached 50%, a mid-war cutscene unlocked for both warring sides.»

      «Scene: Somewhere in Darkovia. One of Constantin's minions finds Constantin.»

      Constantin: Why are you here? You're supposed to be back at our home, defending it!
      Werewolf: I've come to warn you, sir! The vampires have attacked our home!
      Constantin: What?!? Safiria must be desperate to be striking at our home... or perhaps this is a diversion meant to draw our forces away from here.
      Werewolf: We're badly outnumbered, sir. We need help and....
      Constantin: No. I have another idea. Send our spare forces to Safiria's castle.
      Werewolf: S-sir? I don't understand. We're abandoning our home?
      Constantin: Safiria wants us to send our men home, so that she can recall her forces and take control of this site. But I'm not going to play that game with her.
      Constantin: But we need to take control of this site. This mutation is our future. There is no going back now.
      Constantin: I shall return to our lair to assist in the defense. Xander! Keep things under control here. I expect this site to be free of fang-faces when I return!

      «Xander, a new breed of werewolf, enters the scene.»

      Xander: Yes sir!

      «The scene fades to black. Over at Safiria's side, a Vampire Lord reports to his queen.»

      Vampire: My lady, a pack of the beasts have broken off from the attack and are fleeing into the forest.
      Safiria: So Constantin has found out about my attack, and now he's running home to defend his lair.
      Vampire: Um... no, my lady. They appear to be headed towards our castle.
      Safiria: What?! Constantin is perhaps more clever than I thought. He knows that we'll just shift our forces back here if he rushes back to defend his lair.
      Safiria: So instead, he's decided to force my hand by attacking our home.
      Safiria: Well, fine then. If the werewolves wish for this to be our final battle, that suits me fine.
      Safiria: I'll deal with the runts he's sent to our castle. Then we'll exterminate the wolves at their lair and at this site.
      Safiria: I think this will work out nicely. We'll take control over this site and finally exterminate the lycans at the same time.

      «A flock of bats appear from the shadow, and a brand new vampire being forms beside Safiria.»

      Safiria: Mop up the rest of the wolves here.
      Victor: Yes, my lady!

      «The scene fades to black and you return to the war camp.»
    «When Werewolves reached 100% on the war meter, depending on your subrace, you would receive a different end cutscene.»

      «You»: We've driven those bloodsuckers off!

      «A colony of bats gather and Victor appears.»

      Victor: I refuse to allow you to take this place! I will crush you and all of your lycan brethren!

      1 BATTLE: Victor
      Full Heal

      Xander: We are victorious! The site is ours!
      Xander: Plus, our attack force destroyed the vampires' castle, and no one has seen Safiria since. We've crushed our rivals once and for all!
      Xander: Sadly, our own home has been destroyed, too. And we haven't seen any trace of Constantin.
      Xander: But our king is stronger than the vampires are. He will return, I'm certain of it.
      Xander: So let us strengthen our order to prominence once more, and clean up the last of the vampires with these weapons!

      «Click on the treasure chest and:»
    • Get War Reward! - Opens War of the Fangs 2014 shop
    • Skip Reward / Already Have It

    • Play again!
    • Guardian Tower!
    • Leave
      «You»: The lycans have won! We have to get out of here!

      «Xander enters the scene, intercepting your escape.»

      Xander: You're not going anywhere. Time to die, fang-face!

      1 BATTLE: Xander
      Full Heal

      «You meet Victor post-battle.»

      Victor: We've failed.
      Victor: Unfortunately, my scouts report that our castle has been destroyed as well. And we can't seem to locate Lady Safiria... though I hear that Constantin has vanished, too.
      Victor: But our lady cannot possibly be dead. She will return. And when she does, we will use this new power we've obtained to become the rulers of Darkovia!
      Victor: For now, take these tools and use them to crush the last remnants of the lycans!

      «Click on the treasure chest and:»
    • Get War Reward! - Opens War of the Fangs 2014 shop
    • Skip Reward / Already Have It

    • Play again!
    • Guardian Tower!
    • Leave
      «Other Subraces»
      «Both Xander and Victor confront you on the battlefield.»

      Victor: What are YOU doing here?
      Xander: This isn't your fight! Begone!

      1 BATTLE: Xander
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Victor
      Full Heal

      You are not a vampire or werewolf! Talk to the moglopyre or weremoglin to join a side, then return to this war to experience the real ending!
    • Return - Return to war camp

    Werewolf Shop

    [Updated shop as of 18 Feb '14]
    • Lycan Slasher [L. 10]
    • Lycan Slasher [L. 30]
    • Lycan Slasher [L. 50]
    • Lycan Slasher [L. 70]
    • Lycan Slasher [L. 90]
    • Lycan Slasher [L. 110]
    • Lycan Slasher [L. 130]
    • Lycan Slasher [L. 150 G]

    • LycanBow [L. 10]
    • LycanBow [L. 30]
    • LycanBow [L. 50]
    • LycanBow [L. 70]
    • LycanBow [L. 90]
    • LycanBow [L. 110]
    • LycanBow [L. 130]
    • LycanBow [L. 150 G]

    • DuaLight Sword [L. 15]
    • Fearsome DuaLight [L. 38]
    • King's DuaLight [L. 72]

    • Lycan [L. 5]

    [Original Shop]
    • Basic LycanBow [L. 15]
    • Feral LycanBow [L. 38]
    • Royal LycanBow [L. 70]

    • DuaLight Sword [L. 15]
    • Fearsome DuaLight [L. 38]
    • King's DuaLight [L. 72]

    • Lycan Slasher [L. 40]
    • Lycan Slasher [L. 70]

    • Lycan [L. 5]

    Vampire Shop

    [Updated shop as of 18 Feb '14]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 3]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 23 G]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 43 Z]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 63 G]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 83]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 103 G]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 3]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 143 Z]

    • Blood Blade [L. 10]
    • Blood Blade [L. 30]
    • Blood Blade [L. 50]
    • Blood Blade [L. 70]
    • Blood Blade [L. 90]
    • Blood Blade [L. 110]
    • Blood Blade [L. 130]
    • Blood Blade [L. 150 G]

    • VampSpear [L. 10]
    • VampSpear [L. 30]
    • VampSpear [L. 50]
    • VampSpear [L. 70]
    • VampSpear [L. 90]
    • VampSpear [L. 110]
    • VampSpear [L. 130]
    • VampSpear [L. 150 G]

    • Vamp [L. 5]

    [Original Shop]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 3]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 23 G]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 43 Z]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 63 G]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 83]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 103 G]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 3]
    • Vampiric Scythe [L. 143 Z]

    • Basic VampSpear [L. 15]
    • Sharpened VampSpear [L. 38]
    • Royal VampSpear [L. 70]

    • Blood Blade [L. 40]
    • Blood Blade [L. 70]

    • FireBlood Blade [L. 50]

    • Vamp [L. 5]

    War of the Fangs 2014

  • Lunar Light [L. 10]
  • Lunar Light [L. 30]
  • Lunar Light [L. 50]
  • Lunar Light [L. 70]
  • Lunar Light [L. 90]
  • Lunar Light [L. 110]
  • Lunar Light [L. 130]
  • Lunar Light [L. 150 G]

  • Crimson Flame [L. 10]
  • Crimson Flame [L. 30]
  • Crimson Flame [L. 50]
  • Crimson Flame [L. 70]
  • Crimson Flame [L. 90]
  • Crimson Flame [L. 110]
  • Crimson Flame [L. 130]
  • Crimson Flame [L. 150]

    Dracopyre/Werepyre Moglin dialogue thanks to Heroes of the Scape.
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 27
    2/7/2014 23:05:57   

    I guess it's time for me to post a new set of corrections, because otherwise my list is getting too long (I hope you enjoyed the break :P):


    MogBusters! - Twig FTW!: after the drop experiment, when the boulder rolls over Twig, it's Jamog who says the phrase "Right Adamog, whether or not a moglin can lift 100 times their own body weight.";


    Taladosian Relics: the phrase "...I still don't like it." (after Aelthai joins the conversation but before the arrival of Diviara and Tralin) is said by Thorne, not by Zephyros (Zephyros then answers "Neither do I, but etc");


    UnZardly Terror!: perhaps it is worth indicating that the "Skip Teatime!" option toward the end of the quest causes you to skip not only the battle but also the subsequent scene involving Falerin, directly opening the war chest for you and presenting the choice of taking/leaving the rewards;
    Indentation for Fal's dialogue fixed to correctly reflect quest progress. Also added clarification to the thing you mentioned.


    Zorbak and Safiria's Challenge: besides "Yes I do!", there's also an option to answer "No thanks" to Safiria's question "Do you accept the offer?", however the result is exactly the same as if you had agreed; you get a full heal at the start of each cycle and after battles #4 and #8; the monsters encountered are slightly different than those cited in the list: for lvl50+ players, these are Cyclops (56) instead of Cyclops Defender, Titled Warrior instead of Legendary Warrior, and Enchanting Sphinx instead of Sphinx;
    Could I trouble you to report the 'No thanks' thing as a bug? I'm sure Zorbak won't be /that/ happy you rejected their offer for devious plans. :P That button should either be removed (since there's a Go home button right after), or it can just be another button to take you back. As for the monster list, fixed.


    K'eld Naer: Drakel Civil War: all the temporary weapons available before starting the fights ( Auger of Brontus, Lavistria's Bow and Fansarin's Machete) are actually only selectable by Guardians; there are 4+6 battles before you face Fansarin, with the full heals in between distributed as follows:
    Optional full heal (after clicking Twilly)
    Automatic full heal
    «you decide to fight every Drakel in your way»
    Optional full heal after every second battle except the last
    «confrontation with Fansarin»
    «you choose your guest»
    Automatic full heal
    1 BATTLE: Fansarin
    Automatic full heal
    «capturing Bree-Ha»;
    The entire list of things have been fixed.


    Tomb of Awethur: Plant Dragons have their levels indicated according to the old standard; the highest one encountered in-game for lvl101+ players is lvl100; the others most likely would be respectively lvl 5, 25, 45, 60 and 75, but it's not ruled out that it deviates form this;
    Incorrect level indicators fixed. The ones you mentioned above make sense and fit well too so I've gone to correct them.


    The Return of Awethur: wrong levels for the Plant Dragon again, but this time it's less obvious what the actual levels would be (at charlvl123, I get Plant Dragon (100), and also Woodland Pack (95)); in the initial set of 4 battles, there are no full heals after battles #1 and #3; the phrase by the Guardian Spirit "Huh, maybe you are a Guardian after all" (as cited about midway in the entry, after you track down Awethur) wouldn't be correct in regard to Adventurers -- the actual phrase in-game is:
    Guardian Spirit: Huh, maybe you have the makings of a Guardian after all.
    I've gone to request the monster list for the two battles. The healing part is fixed. The dialogue I've added, and also the part on "Karuna, you stay here while-" since I think that seems to transit well to the next line. If this is a mistake please inform me.


    Truphma Camps: there's one more camp that is not indicated on the picture: on the section of the map east from Battleon, just on the coast of Gulf of Kyed (the button is situated so that it looks as if "Gulf of Kyed" is the name of a quest/location, but actually it's a Truphma camp);
    Added a yellow circle to the map, which took longer to do than I thought. If it's not the new map yet, it may take some time (hours, maybe) before the image is refreshed.


    Granemor - Boog’s Tavern, section "Upstairs": the dialogue with Thalia is now the same regardless of whether you have already saved Lucretia or not (so that you can rescue her as many times as you wish):

    Thalia: Hello, I don’t suppose that while wandering around in my room you’d be willing to help me out with a few things?
  • Save Lucretia!
      Thalia: Can you help me? My friend Lucretia has been kidnapped. I think she was taken to the crypt near the cemetery.
    • Keep her from the Crypt!
  • Help Wun-Eye!
      Thalia: Thank the Earth Lord that you are here again! I received word that WunEye's wife and baby daughter have been captured by Drakels!
    • Help Wun-Eye!
  • Updated dialogue added.~~~~~~~


    Rescue Lucretia: the difficulty of the stat roll depends on the character’s level, ranging between 45 and 81;


    The Kindred: the difficulties of the stat rolls are different from those cited in the entry, I get 41 at lvl11 (lowest possible -- the quest is locked below this level), 55 at lvl45 and 74 at lvl120 [can’t say anything about the other tiers though];
    I've gone to request for the stat roll difficulties.


    Alnaphar - Quest for the Golden Set in the alphabetical list directs to the Twilight Set entry rather than to the entry for the rare Golden Set;
    Fixed. Also linked the other two related quests to their appropriate posts.


    Return to Alnaphar - Quest for the Twilight and Overlord sets: at the beginning of the entry, the explanatory text after the description of the scene uses the old name for the Communicant Set; if your character’s level is below 11, Halliphax won’t let you take either of the quests:
    Halliphax: «You», I cannot allow you to take on this quest until you are just a little stronger.
    The option of refilling potions from the bags (mentioned multiple times throughout both entries) is only available to Guardians [it’s not redundant to indicate this since the bags are not always Guardian-only -- for example, the bags in Explore Paxia quest are open to all players]; in the entry for the Overlord quest, the condition for the additional stat roll if you fall in the Jester Pit can’t be CHA≥(STR or INT) because my main character’s CHA=STR and I still get the STR roll; the difficulties of the early-stage stat rolls in both quests depend on the character's level: the difficulty for the first (DEX) roll is 41(Overlord)/48(Twilight) if charlvl<45 and 55(Ov.)/62(Tw.) otherwise, the difficulty for the second (LUK/DEX) roll is in both cases 109 if charlvl<75 [presumably, will need to be checked by someone who has a character around this level] and 115 otherwise, and the difficulty for the third (conditional) stat roll is 79 if charlvl<75 [again, this is an unconfirmed threshold] and 85 otherwise;
    Added text, guardian only requirement for potion bags added, stat rolls fixed.


    Failure to Communicant: in Story Mode, if you chose to kill the Undead Paladin earlier in the quest, there's an additional short dialogue which you get as in the regular quest mode when the Paladin enters Sham's gold vault after you defeat Sham; the difficulties of the first two (DEX) stat rolls depend on the character's level: for the first one, the difficulty is 68 if charlvl<45(exact threshold) and 82 otherwise, and for the second one it's 89 if charlvl<75(presumably) and 95 otherwise; in the 3rd segment of the quest, the monster list for lvl≥105 players contains Cyberchaun (102) instead of Cyberchaun (100);
    Fixed these except for story mode stuff since I'll need to run that myself first.


    Battlegrounds - Vampires vs. Lycans: in the list of choices to fight the Werewolf King, the link to Were-King (in the first choice) directs to an "Access Denied" page;
    Link fixed.


    Jagged Peaks: the link to Hydra in the list of monsters for lvl80+ players directs instead to the Hydronax page;


    Yulgar's Inn - Upstairs, Talking to Blackhawke, section "Fighter Class quests": since the requirement to Knight training has been raised to Level 10 Fighter, Blackhawke now says "... Or if you are already at least a level 10 fighter, ...";


    Knight Class quest: if you try to train without being a Level 10 Fighter, Sir Tathlin turns you down with the words:
    Tathlin: I appreciate your Eagerness, «You», but before you can undergo this rigorous training, you'll need to keep working with Blackhawke on the basics of being a Fighter. I hope to see you soon.
  • Leave
  • Meet Blackhawke in Battleon!
  • Added.


    Dragonslayer Class: the requirement for the class is Level 10 Fighter (not Rogue) and Scholar; the dialogue following "If you are not in the Dragonslayer Class currently..." only applies when doing the quests for Level >0 (in other words, if your inactive Dragonslayer class level is >0); for quests Level ≥6, Adventurers get a warning from Galanoth prior to starting the quest:
    Galanoth: I will continue to train you, friend, but if you wish to use the abilities of a DragonSlayer of rank 6 or higher, you must become a Guardian!
  • Continue
  • Become a Guardian
  • Fixed, added.


    Quest for the Dragon Blade: in the entries for both paths, Galanoth's monologue is missing a line that comes immediately before he asks you if you wish to search for the Dragon Blade (after the phrase "... and where it will test you."):
    Galanoth: Be warned, friend: it is most elusive. You may not find it on your first attempt. Stay resolute in your courage and you will prove your worth to the legendary weapon.
    Only Guardians get to play through the quest. Adventurers are rejected if they click "Yes I will!" in response to Galanoth's abovementioned question:
    Galanoth: I am sorry, my friend, but the Dragon Blade can only be withdrawn from its stone by a Guardian.
  • Guardian Info (opens new window)
  • Done
    The link to Essences! in the entry for the first path directs to an "Access Denied" page.
  • Fixed.


    I've gone through some other class entries as well which are badly outdated so there are many changes to be made, but I'm not sure if they really are worth updating given that the quests themselves are going to be redone sooner or later. And one more question, would you like to have corrections to the entries which are yet in the subs (since most likely you check these once more before posting)?
    The outdated class entries are a major headache and will probably be changed soon anyway. Still, if you wish to, post them and I'll go through them when I have time to.

    As for current, unposted entries, feel free to post anything you find off, especially typos and missing battles and all those. I may have missed stuff sometimes.

    The above have already been touched on. Those that have not will either be tweaked someway somehow when I get time, or I'll revamp them, so I won't touch them. Yet. I'll put them below. ~whacky


    Carnax Rises: as soon as the monolith explodes, one directly gets the "CARNAX IS HERE! Go To War!!!" screen; the account of the happenings in the section "Prophet vs. Carnax" is not very accurate (Jackel Sano attempts to attack Carnax before he starts talking to you, Riona puts on her blindfold before beginning her speech, Jackel Sano doesn't dodge Carnax's shot -- he gets directly hit and is pushed off-screen after his words "Good luck, Prophet!"); the closing text of the quest is a bit different (except for the first paragraph):

    The Great Scourge of Carnax is now defeated, and the beast's massive body has become entombed in a cocoon of rock. Stonerule can now be rebuilt. [identical]

    A kind family of villagers, unable to have children of their own, have volunteered to take young Danail into their home and care for him.

    Something tells you that the story of Riona Shadowgale, the Prophet who helped save the world from Carnax, is far from over...

  • Return home!

    the shop at the end of the quest is of course no longer accessible;


    The Prophet Returns (The Return of Riona Shadowgale) needs a "Guardian" Tag (and perhaps the alternative location via the War Camp of The Last Stand as well);


    Explore Paxia: the total number of battles before arriving at the Lucian Palace in the 1st segment of the quest is not necessarily 10 -- I've gotten as few as 7 fights and as many as 11 depending on my choices of walking further or climbing higher, but I couldn't really figure out what the exact criterion of completing this segment is; the note "(after each battle)" belongs in the "Climb Higher!" section instead of the "Walk Further!" one, next to the "HEAL" below "3 Random Light-Element monsters."; when reaching the Lucian Palace, my character says "There it is!" (not "I'm here!"), but this seems to happen only if I choose to walk further at the last step (if I choose to climb it just skips directly to the scene with the palace); the phrase "Find the next area!", repeated at the end of each segment of the quest (except the last, 4 times in total), contains a typo in each instance ("are!"); the introductory text to the 3rd segment (visiting Igneus) is: "You follow the advice of Dynamo and travel to the northern peninsula where the small Igneus Chain of mountains is found..."; the number of battles against Xarav's minions when you decline his test seems to be 7 [looks unusual but I checked several times];

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    2/8/2014 0:01:16   
    Heroes of the Scape


    For War of Fangs- Evolution if you are a Werepyre or Dracopyre and you go to either Moglin you will also receive the message: *growl* Go away! I have nothing to offer our enemies!
    Added it. Thanks! ~whacky

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    2/12/2014 7:35:42   

    In response to the post of 2/7/2014 above -- I'm making a new post in order to prevent the previous one from becoming a jumble of interlaced comments and replies.   EDIT: I keep updating this entry with the newer bits as long as it hasn't been handled yet.


    Zorbak and Safiria's Challenge: I do admit there's a chance of it being a bug, but nevertheless I'm reluctant to report it for two reasons: it's not a high-priority issue so it's unlikely to receive any treatment until the quest itself is updated (whenever that may be), at which point it will probably be eliminated in the process, and besides I tend more towards thinking that it could be intentional: Zorbak simply doesn't take your "No" as an answer and reacts to your refusal as if you had agreed -- that fits perfectly well in his character [even if it wasn't meant to be so, I like this scenario better; as to the way of abandoning the quest, one can really use the "Go home" button on the next screen]. Regarding Zorbak's "cackling" that you mention in the entry, do you mean there's an audible sound at that point in the game? If so, that would be a Guardian-only perk.


    Tomb of Awethur: there's a Plant Dragon of a non-existent level listed for players lvl81-101 -- according to the monster entry, a lvl75 dragon would be the closest one to fit that range.


    The return of Awethur: the phrase "Karuna, you stay here while-" indeed belongs there, sorry for having omitted it, I didn't think to include it as it wasn't affected by the correction.


    Truphma Camps: the map is updated (too late to say now, but still); I apologize for giving you extra trouble, I too assumed it wouldn't be too much of a hassle adding one more yellow circle to the existing ones.
    Yeah, images are tricky like that :P But at least it's a correct reflection now.


    Alnaphar -- Quest for the Overlord Set: there's still problem with the condition of the third stat roll (the one which you only get if you fail the previous LUK roll) -- the "or" operator implies that the condition is true if CHA is greater than at least one of the other two stats (STR, INT), which actually is not the case (for my character whose CHA=STR>INT, I get the STR roll). Most likely, the condition is supposed to be CHA>(STR and INT), meaning that CHA should be larger than both of the two. And to be completely accurate, the second part of the condition ("Else use STR/INT, whichever is higher.") should also specify how a possible equality between STR/INT is resolved. [An alternative formulation of the whole thing could be "The stat used for the roll is the highest among your STR, INT and CHA, with the precedence of STR/INT (in this order) in case of equality", if this indeed is the case in-game.] Also, if I may be so bold, I'd suggest adopting a unified approach to the system of threshold levels (45, 75, 105, 135) throughout the whole entry (and the Twilight and Communicant Set entries too) including the stat rolls and the monster lists -- i.e. using "<45" instead of "≤44", "≥45" instead of ">44", and similarly for the other threshold levels; I believe this way it better reflects the correspondence of the quest's difficulty to the tiering of the rewards and also makes the logic easier to grasp for people who are not yet familiar with it.
    I've fixed all the issues mentioned above.


    Alnaphar -- Quest for the Twilight Set: Halliphax checks for your level as soon as you enter Alnaphar, before she says her introductory speech and gives you the choice between the two quests, so her phrase concerning the level requirement doesn't belong in this entry (it would be misplaced even at the very beginning of the entry, but a reminder can nevertheless be placed there if you believe this is needed).
    I've removed it from the entry.


    Failure to Communicant: the dialogue missing in the Story Mode is just the two lines between «You» and the Undead Paladin cited in the entry after your battle with Sham lvl120/135 (in the version corresponding to your choice of killing the Undead Paladin earlier in the quest); I guess you can simply refer to the dialogue as in the previous instances, without having to repeat it in full, however short it may be.


    Battlegrounds - Vampires vs. Lycans!: the previous version of the war seems to have gone rare -- the "Battlegrounds" button on Darkovia map now directs to the current war.   EDIT: Not sure if it's worth bothering with the entry for an already rare quest, but on the YouTube channel mentioned below I came across a relatively recent video which shows (starting from 12:45) that after being defeated by the Werewolf King, the player gets the dialogue and then the shop opens immediately, without giving the option to fight Safiria or access the rewards (unfortunately I couldn't check this part myself while it was available since I wasn't able to beat the Werewolf King yet and I also never allowed him to kill me, so I have to rely on the evidence contained in the video [please ignore the conversation going on in the background, I apologize in advance for the offensive content]).
    I've added a note to say that the option to battle Safiria is skipped if you lost to the Werewolf King. That should fix things.


    Knight Class: this is on the verge of me picking over your every word, but if we're after perfection, then let's go to the end -- the phrase "If you do not have Level 10 Fighter" doesn't quite sound right to me, perhaps putting "aren't a Level 10 Fighter" or "haven't reached Level 10 in Fighter class" would be better?
    You're right; I'm not too good with phrasing things sometimes so :P It's fixed now.


    Dragonslayer Class: another case of perfectionism, but since you attach so much importance to indentation as a means of outlining quest structure, I have to say -- the horizontal rules delimiting all 4 of the recently added non-Guardian warnings (and possibly one old stat roll in the section for Class Level 3) are not indented properly, implying the end of the whole section rather than that of the inserted part only; also, just noticed that the spoilered phrase in Level 4 quest referring to the necessity of the Quest for the Dragon Blade for collecting the required items seems to be redundant (the other locations listed below it are better, and I believe Dragonbane Ore can't be found in that quest at all).
    The indentations should be fixed now... I hope. The rest of the issues have been taken care of as well.


    Other class entries: I don't exactly feel comfortable posting the corrections to float there as a scolding reminder for you to update the entries. Maybe we can do the other way round -- if/when you decide to update them, let me know and I'll post whatever I have?

    Entries in the subs: I'll post the minor things I came across in the entries starting from the beginning of this year (after Frostval Delivery War 2013), including the typos since you mentioned them specifically. I was ignoring them in the entries up to now because they are less serious than omissions or discrepancies with the game, but I can start listing them too so that we achieve the highest accuracy in every respect that we can. There's just one little problem that I see for the future, namely that every new quest entry in the info subs from you will be followed by my post pointing out the errors there, and I'd certainly prefer to avoid this. Could we possibly agree to do the corrections via an exchange of PMs (only for the new sub entries, for the existing entries I'll continue as before)? In case your inbox is low on free space, you can keep just one message at a time, I'll be saving all my sent ones so if you need any of them later for some reason, I can send it again. You also won't have to send feedback on the changes you'll make because I can easily see them in the sub post. But please, can I at least have the favor of not getting the credit when all the corrections will be just typos? I'm already ending up having my name on too many entries, and the inclusion of the typos will make it much worse. (Besides, if we do it through the PMs, there will be no public evidence that someone indicated the errors, so no one will know. :P)

    The corrections for the fivesix entries of 2014 are below. I didn't include the exact locations of the typos within each entry because they're easier to find using the search feature (Ctrl+F) of your browser/word processor. Do let me know if this is not convenient for you, however. I'll be going through the existing entries at a slower pace for the next few weeks (until about mid-spring) because I won't have as much time, but I intend to keep up with the release of the new sub entries as much as I can, providing the corrections by whichever means we settle on.
    Class entries are... *cough* a big issue most of the times. I may revamp them if time permits but as they are currently it's a headache that I'd rather not touch. :P I'll see what I can do about them.

    Feel free to go ahead and PM me corrections to entries if you feel that way is better for you. You will still be credited for any corrections the same way you would if you posted them here. :)


    Ultimon's Fortress IV: a minor detail: the initial cutscene can be skipped at any time to arrive directly at the war camp; the opening scene contains two gender-dependent phrases as pointed out by Rhowena (don't know if these are reflected in the Pedia entries); the text of the war camp scroll for Wave II was: "Ultimon has summoned a massive shadow creature from the depths of the shadow universe, and his armies continue to pour out of the portals! Can you stem the tide?" [I was foolish enough not to write this out just in case when it was there because I decided you wouldn't want to include the intermediary details, and of course I only saw that you did when it was gone. So I searched the web and finally found it in a video from KingXKok's YouTube channel; perhaps we need to let him know his video is used as a source]; Twilly's line corresponding to "Heal me please" option comes instead after "Let me handle this!" [I checked this part in the entries for other wars too and everywhere it seems to be the same -- is there a reason why this is so?]; there are two more clickies on the war camp screen -- clicking on the central part of the wall (on either side of the war scroll) gives the message: "The massive walls of The Veil, aglow with ancient runes!", and clicking on the sky above the wall: "Dark skies are perfectly suited for a villain like Ultimon!"; the explanatory text «Upon the defeat of 100% of etc» states in the end that if you've already fought both of the initial forms of the gigantic shadow, you skip directly to the final boss battle, i.e. omitting the preceding dialogue too, which is not the case; typos: before closing before it closes [otherwise it's the shadow being who closes] /// affairs of shadow affairs of shadows /// brought to Lore brought through to Lore /// You've did it! You did it! or You've done it! /// lays lies
    Corrected in the preparation entry (not in Info Subs.)


    The Past Unraveled II (Some Think it's Funny but it's Knot): the location of the quest is already known: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6. The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » arrow to the right » 2: Some Think It's Funny, But It's Knot!; there are 4 fights (not 3) in the initial set of battles, with full heals after the second and the last fight; Ancient Deren Mace lvl150 is indicated as Guardian-only in-game; typos [I've included many in-game errors but ignored capitalization issues with the words like "Hall of Memories"]: place in time (in-game typo) place and time /// *Governer* (in-game typo) *Governor* /// A Deery and Doom Sheep enters A Deery and a Doom Sheep enter /// this before «You» (in-game typo) this before, «You» [there are many more omitted commas like this in-game, but this one needs to be corrected due to its wrong meaning] /// off Myr (in-game) off, Myr /// whom it might be (in-game) who it might be /// affected (in-game) effected /// memories not (in-game) memories, not /// self aware (in-game) self-aware /// matter I (in-game) matter, I /// exploited it (in-game) exploited, it
    Fixed in preparation entry.


    Xov's fire II: "«You»: I need to get closer." is also a thought like the previous phrase; in the "Snoop around" mini-quest, all wrong locations lead to 2 battles (unless we count trees as searchable locations), so I wouldn't say there's only a chance to encounter battles when searching the locations; there are only 4 battles (not 6) when you meet Yeeuh'ha (prior to the stat roll), with full heals after battles #2 and #4; the difficulty of the stat roll depends on character's level, ranging between 44 and 81; if you fail the stat roll, Yeeuh'ha says his two lines after the first set of 2 battles in a single speech bubble, and you don't get to fight the second set of battles (for the case when you succeed the roll, the description is accurate); typos: forester forested /// "Xov Arakue." (in-game) "Xov Arakue". /// And see will And she will /// off screen off[-]screen or off the screen [cf. your use of "From off[-]screen" elsewhere in the entry] /// After making your escape, Yeeuh'ha etc After you make your escape, Yeeuh'ha etc [otherwise it's Yeeuh'ha who makes your escape] /// Truphma, have (in-game) Truphma have
    Fixed in preparation entry.


    Ultimon's Fortress Finale!: if you choose not to fight Ultimon at the end of the quest (option "Goodbye!"), he tells you:
    Ultimon: Not going to try and force me to leave yourself? Content to let Mother drag me away in chains? I expected better of you.
    whereupon he gets captured by Mother; if he defeats you in the battle, you aren't taken to Death's Domain but remain outside his fortress (with 1 HP in your health bar) and you get a different monologue from Ultimon before Mother seizes him:
    Ultimon: As I thought, your muscle couldn't back up your mouth. Even in this state, I am still more powerful than you.
    Ultimon: Still, I am impressed. Your shadow must be quite powerful indeed.
    Ultimon: I wonder what will happen if it should ever escape the shadow universe...? Perhaps if I escape, I'll go find out. [same as when you beat him]
    You also get the "Ultimon Finale" shop (the one without Ultimon's Armor) if you were defeated by Ultimon; typos: that one drew that once drew /// shoadw shadow /// late on later on /// he's hide he's hid /// we better we'd better (in-game it's like this)
    Fixed in preparation entry.


    War of the Fangs: Evolution: the healing text of the Were-Moglin and the Vamp-Moglin doesn't come after the option "Heal me please"; the second "Were-Moglin:" in the section for Human Subrace should be "Vamp-Moglin:"; clicking on Constantin's hand: if your subrace is "Werewolf", he will join you as a guest ("The Werewolf King will aid you!"), otherwise you get a message "The Werewolf King will only fight alongside his fellow Lycans!"; clicking on either of Safiria's hands: if your subrace is "Vampire", she will join you as a guest ("Safiria will help destroy your enemies with her vampiress charms!"), otherwise you get a message "Safiria will only fight alongside her vampire brethren!"; the war scrolls for each faction's "inner" camp have identical text which however is different from the text of the "outer" war camp:
    War of the Fangs
    Both the lycans and vamps discovered an ancient site filled with a powerful magic which they believe will enable their species to "evolve" to become more powerful. The truce is broken, and they battle over control of the site.
    In the original Vampire Shop's list of weapons, lvl123 Vampiric Scythe is indicated as lvl3; the faction shops are the same ones as those found in the respective subrace quests (Vampire Gear in Vampire Castle (Vampire Subrace) and Werewolf Gear in Werewolf Lair (Werewolf Subrace), at the bottom of the entry pages in both cases), so in principle the updated versions need to be reflected there as well, despite the entries not being up to the current standards; Crimson Flame lvl150 is marked as Guardian-only in the final rewards shop in-game, plus a new misc. item has been added later on 2/22/2014: Vial of Mutative Slime lvls 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 and 150 G; typos: pwoer power /// force, but forces, but (in-game it's plural) /// YOu think You think /// "The Cure," (in-game) "The Cure", /// each others' (in-game) each other's
    Fixed in preparation entry.


    Aftermath of Extinction + What Does Igneox Say?: I get a different version of the dialogue between ElBhe's phrases "You may have noticed, but etc" and "Anyways, while I've always been etc" in the first scene of the quest [could be due to difference between our characters' Alignments -- mine is Neutral (0,0) figured it out: the dialogue depends on whether the character is male or female]:
    «You»: Yeah, I noticed, but I hadn't really paid it much mind.   [just this one line instead of three]
    typos: grasp! grasp. /// Igenox Igneox
    Fixed in preparation entries.


    Regarding the main quest of Snugglefest which stays the same through the years, there were a few things in the entry for SnuggleFest 2013 which don't quite coincide with what I see in-game in this year's version, although most likely the discrepancies are coming from several years ago (I'm posting these here to prevent them from propagating further into the entry for this year's version):
    the link to Snuglefest Portal Painting in the location of the quest is broken; refilling potions from the bag is a Guardian-only feature; all the special quests except The Matchmaker are open only to Guardians (for Balckhawke's Black Heart this can be indicated in its proper entry, but for the other quests it has to be done in the main quest entry since the links direct to the entire past versions of Snugglefest); the levels of Young Fire Dragon (20) and Red Dragon (35) in Galanoth's mini-quest are indicated incorrectly; for both my main (lvl126) and test (lvl46) characters, the second fight in Galanoth's mini-quest is the same (except for the monster's name) as the first one, i.e. a level-scaled Red Dragon (35) [for a newly created lvl5 character it is the Baby Fire Dragon (5) as it should be according to the entry], plus I don't get full heal after either of the battles, but rather at the end of the mini-quest (after pressing "Help someone else!", as for all the other mini-quests except Riona's and Aquella's); in Safiria's mini-quest, there's a full heal only after battle #2 and upon the completion of the mini-quest; Captain Rhubarb's lines when he gives you his mini-quest are:
    Cap. Rhubarb: Ahoy! Shiver me timbers, you want to help ME, a pirate? I'd be addled to turn ye down! Can you knock that scurvy braken off me hull??
    in Riona's mini-quest, the full heals are only after battles #2, #4 and #5; in Aquella's mini-quest, the full heals are after battles #2 and #3; I don't seem to be getting a separate "SnuggleFest Shop" button after Twilly's concluding lines at the end of the quest -- the shop opens directly when I press "More" on Twilly's last dialogue box [in contrast, for a newly created character below lvl5 I don't get to play the quest at all (the Special Quest buttons are all missing too), but instead I only see the 8 NPCs in a circle, a big red heart around Twilly and the white button "SnuggleFest Shop" as mentioned in the entry]; the link to Snuglefest Portal Painting in the shop directs to the quest entry itself; typos: Ive invited I've invited /// Granemor Cemetary (in-game typo, "cemetary" repeated once more in the description of Num & Skul monster) Granemor Cemetery /// Skraeking Skraeling
    Everything has been corrected in the 2013 entry. Hopefully it's error-free?

    To address the thing about healing dialogues by Twilly: It was a convention set up since before I joined it, so I just stuck to the convention. This may change in the near future though since yeah, I understand how off-order it may look the way it is. ~whacky

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    Mark Chung



    Absolix Rising

    brother of GraceFang, knows that this threat is great enough to warrent his help. For now...

    * warrant

    Failure to Communicant!

    «A Diamyo-lookalike, wearing a slightly different armor enters the scene.»

    * Daimyo

    The Father's Door

    That is not it at all. You are aware of my resurrection, how I cam back like a phoenix, right?

    * came

    I am glad you two were able to come on such short notice. Excepting, of course, that you never did...

    * Expecting
    All fixed. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Aftermath of Extinction
    Necromancers and Paladins

    «Scene: Granemor Cemetery. Artix has brought a few of his followers to Halenro's statue.»

    Artix: We are here to honor Halenro, one of the last paladins left of the original order.
    Artix: Halenro was a noble paladin who saw what I saw: a world that was slowly being overrun by the undead, and by evil forces who sought to do Lore harm.
    Artix: A blight that might overtake the world if we did not stop it... and had we succeeded, I'm certain that Halenro would have been hailed a hero for his sacrifice.
    Artix: But no such tales will be sung of my dear friend.
    Artix: We should be praising him for his efforts to always help the people of Granemor. He has singlehandedly kept the evil undead in this town at bay for so long.
    Artix: And yet, because of my actions, he will no doubt go into the annals of history as some sort of monster or villain.
    Artix: And as if our losses were not punishment enough, it seems the gods themselves disfavor us. The church has excommunicated us all.
    Artix: And Coeuraservi has gone missing. So few of us are left.
    Artix: I simply do not understand. We had victory in our grasp! We were so close to finishing the necromancers off!
    Artix: Were we truly so wrong that fate sought to punish us? I...
    Artix: I do not know.
    Artix: ...I do not know.
    Artix: Paladins, I have something to say.
    Artix: I am leaving the order.
    Paladins: What?!
  • !?

    Artix: It has become clear to me that our actions were not as moral as I had believed. And for that, our powers have been stripped from us.
    Artix: And so, I must return to the path of Good if I am to repent!
    Artix: I will return one day, when I have made amends. For now, farewell.

    «Artix leaves the scene and his fellow paladins chase after him. Over at the Necromancer Order...»

    Morgul: Sometime after they departed Granemor, the Paladin was observed leaving Battleon. The rumors are true: Artix has left the Paladin Order.
    Kaley: That's one less enemy to deal with, for the time being.
    Morgul: We will have our hands plenty full with the Mantle, my lady.
    Kaley: Yes, but we have an advantage that they do not: we have a city.
    Kaley: A city with a graveyard whose ground still contains latent traces of necromancer magic. This location will do perfectly.
    Kaley: Now then, let us go. We have some fresh recruits to train.
    Morgul: Yes, my lady.

    «The scene fades to black. In Zorbak's Hideout...»

    Zorbak: I am sure of it, brother. The necromantic ley lines are gone. We cannot draw upon the mana in the planet's core for our necromancy any longer.
    Kabroz: I don't care.
    Zorbak: Therefore I think we shou... wait, what?
    Kabroz: It took me years of study and practice to perfect my necromancy. But not you. You were always gifted with necromancy.
    Kabroz: And now all of those years have been thrown away. I will not waste my time going after that power a second time.
    Kabroz: Especially since I know that you will just beat me to it, anyways. Your natural advantage makes it not worth my while.
    Kabroz: If I am to surpass you as an evil mastermind in this world, my brother, I will have to look elsewhere.
    Zorbak: Then... what will you do?
    Kabroz: There is one area that I have always excelled in: zombification. I think I will perfect my techniques.
    Kabroz: I will raise an army that is unlike any that a necromancer can hope to create.
    Kabroz: And I will perform evil deeds the likes of which you cannot possibly imagine!
    Zorbak: Mehehe! As you wish! We'll make a contest of it, then.
    Kabroz: And I already have the perfect plan in mind.
    Zorbak: Oh?
    Kabroz: Remind me again, dear brother... where did you say they buried all of the casualties from the war?

    «The scene fades to black...»

  • Watch again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Settling. ~whacky


    SnuggleFest 2014: Everything is the same as SnuggleFest 2013 except the new quest.

    What Does Igneox Say?
    SnuggleFest 2014

    «Scene: The Veil»

    «You»: What's the big emergency?
    ElBhe: Well, as you know, this is the week you humans celebrate 'Snugglefest'.
    ElBhe: And you may recall that this has not traditionally been a friendly holiday to me. Last year's pony problems were especially annoying.
    ElBhe: Only problem is... Vale wants to go out on a date today.
    «You»: ....Vale?
    ElBhe: You know, that cute little shadow vixen.
    «You»: Oh, right. Well, why don't you take her up on it?
    ElBhe: I did. But the thing is, I've never been on a date before.
    ElBhe: You may have noticed, but I've got sort of a natural 'charm' in the company of females.
    «You»: I suppose so. I'm probably the only one you haven't fooled.
    ElBhe: Only because I've never 'put the moves on you'.
    «You»: Right, I'm sure that's what it is.
    ElBhe: Anyways, while I've always been quite the charmer, I've never gone on a date. So I'm very nervous about this.
    «You»: Just relax, ElBhe. Be yourself. Or, on second thought, maybe be a less obnoxious version of yourself.
    ElBhe: *ahem* As I was saying... I found a great spot for us to have a quiet, romantic picnic.
    «You»: And, let me guess, it's naturally going to be teeming with hordes of monsters, and I get to clear them out.
    ElBhe: Oh, don't be like that. If it'll help convince you, I can offer you promises of shiny weapons that stab and pew at things.
    ElBhe: That's what you adventurers usually accept as your bribes, right?
    «You»: Fine, I can handle it, ElBhe. You just get ready for your big date.

    «The scene fades to black. You arrive near ElBhe's picnic location and begin clearing the area.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You arrive at the picnic spot. ElBhe brings Vale into the scene.»

    ElBhe: I, um... hope you don't mind, but I thought a nice quiet picnic might be... uh, nice?
    Vale: Oh, ElBhe, a picnic sounds wonderful!
    Vale: And how cute! You were so worried about making our date perfect that you hired a bodyguard to stand watch.
    Vale: You're so thoughtful!

    «Hearts and affection fill the air.»

    ElBhe: Uh, yeah! Exactly! My friend here will make sure we're not disturbed.
    «You»: *muttering* Never imagined I'd be serving as a bodyguard for a kitten and a vixen having a picnic in a monster-infested field....

    «ElBhe turns to face you.»

    ElBhe: What was that?
    «You»: I said that you both can count on me!
    Vale: Good, because I think I can hear some disturbances coming closer.
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    Vale: *sniff* Oh no!
    ElBhe: What's wrong? Did I mess something up?
    Vale: No, it's nothing you did, dear! It's just that... I think I can smell my father headed this way!
    ElBhe: Woah now. I don't know if I'm quite ready for the 'meeting the parents' stage of things.
    Vale: He's probably been looking for me ever since I went missing. And now he's found me!
    Vale: Well, I'm not going back with him! I chose a life with you, and I'm sticking to it!

    «More hearts surround the atmosphere.»

    ElBhe: *muttering* I think I turned on the charm a bit too much this time, «You»....

    «Vale hides behind ElBhe as Igneox enters the scene, bringing along a few of his personal troops.»

    Igneox: There you are! Where have you been all this time?
    «You»: Your dad is Igneox?!
    Vale: Well, yeah. I did tell you that I was being raised to lead the Igneus clan one day.
    Vale: But I left that life behind, father, all of it! Even my name! I'm a new vixen now: Vale!
    Igneox: What a ridiculous name! You sound like a teenager! Now take off that black paint on your fur, and let's go home!
    ElBhe: Man, your name is just two words stuck together. You don't get to mock anyone else's name.
    Igneox: And who is this smart-mouthed little cat... thing?
    Vale: He is ElBhe, my beloved!
    ElBhe: Uh, Vale, might want to tone it down a bit....
    Vale: Why? I'm not ashamed of our love!
    ElBhe: Because you dad's probably already not fond of me, and he'll be even less fond of me when he realizes that 'black paint' doesn't come off.
    Igneox: What do you mean?
    ElBhe: Your daughter is a shadow now. She can't be changed back into one of you.
    Igneox: Is this what the kids are into, now? Painting themselves black and pretending to be dark and misunderstood?
    «You»: You have NO idea, sir.
    «You»: But he's not lying. Once someone becomes a shadow creature, they're forever changed.
    Igneox: So you're telling me that this kitten has corrupted my daughter into some sort of darkness-loving monster?
    ElBhe: Hey, now, watch it with those kinds of descriptions. And she's not a monster. She's beautiful.
    Vale: See, ElBhe? I knew you cared!

    «The romance surrounding the area is too high! Hearts sprout from Vale once again.»

    Igneox: So be it, then! If you're going to choose this creature before your own family, then there is no future for you.
    Igneox: Seize them both!
      2 BATTLES: Igneus Clan Member
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Igneox
      Full Heal
    Vale: Why can't you just respect my choice, father?
    Igneox: Because you're throwing away your family and our heritage! All for some strange creature you don't even know!
    Vale: You're wrong! ElBhe is a wonderful and sweet little kitten.
    ElBhe: (in unison) I am?
    «You»: (in unison) He is?
    Vale: I told you so many times that I wanted to form my own path in life. You just never listened to me. So I ran away.
    Vale: I was lost and scared. I wandered into The Veil by accident, and there were strange shadow creatures everywhere.
    Vale: I can remember them hunting me, begging me to let them take my body and making me promises of power.
    Vale: If I had kept wandering, I would surely have given in to one of them, and become the monster that you claim I am now.
    Vale: But ElBhe found me and saved me from that fate. He took me in, cared for me, gave me shelter and food and safety!
    ElBhe: Of course I did. Once the corruptive nature of The Veil had changed you, I knew I couldn't just abandon you.
    ElBhe: You were now a completely different being, unfamiliar with your new body and powers. Left alone, you could've fallen prey to any number of horrors.
    Igneox: And you think I should thank you for letting her turn into one of you?
    ElBhe: No. If I could have prevented it, I would have. But I failed.
    Vale: And I'm glad you did. If you hadn't, I never would have gotten to know you.
    Igneox: I will not accept this. I know that there is some way to cure you of this madness, and when I figure out how, I will return for you.

    «Igenox leaves, dissatisfied. ElBhe turns to face Vale.»

    Vale: I think it was very sweet of you to stand up to my father like that, dear.

    «More hearts from Vale. Too... sweet...»

    «You»: Truthfully, that could have ended much worse.
    ElBhe: Yeah. I guess this Snugglefest wasn't so bad after all.

    «Queen Fillymeana enters the scene.»


    «ElBhe turns around to face the owner of that familiar voice...»

    Vale: (in unison) ....
    ElBhe: (in unison) ....
    «You»: (in unison) ....
    ElBhe: Why did I open my big mouth?

    «ElBhe flees from the scene with Queen Fillymeana dashing off to chase her cheating partner!»

    Queen Fillymeana: You were to be mine for Snugglefest! I commanded it! Obey your queen, ElBhe!

    «Vale turns around to face the direction where ElBhe and Queen Fillymeana fled towards.»

    Vale: Hey! I won't let you steal MY ElBhe from me!

    «Vale proceeds to chase Queen Fillymeana chasing ElBhe.»

    ElBhe: I was wrong, okay?! I was wrong! I STILL HATE SNUGGLEFEST!

    «The scene fades to black. The end~»
    ElBhe's Weapons of Lurve

  • Love's Grip Blade [L. 10]
  • Love'Z Grip Blade [L. 22 Z]
  • Love's Grip Blade [L. 30]
  • Love's Grip Blade [L. 50]
  • Love's Grip Blade [L. 70]
  • Love's Grip Blade G [L. 87 G]
  • Love's Grip Blade [L. 90]
  • Love's Grip Blade [L. 110]
  • Love's Grip Blade [L. 130]
  • Love'Z Grip Blade [L. 143 Z]
  • Love's Grip Blade G [L. 150 G]

  • Love's Grip Longbow [L. 10]
  • Love'Z Grip Longbow [L. 22 Z]
  • Love's Grip Longbow [L. 30]
  • Love's Grip Longbow [L. 50]
  • Love's Grip Longbow [L. 70]
  • Love's Grip Longbow G [L. 87 G]
  • Love's Grip Longbow [L. 90]
  • Love's Grip Longbow [L. 110]
  • Love's Grip Longbow [L. 130]
  • Love'Z Grip Longbow [L. 143 Z]
  • Love's Grip Longbow G [L. 150 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    2/21/2014 15:44:10   
    Mark Chung


    The Fall of Augerthorne!


    Ulgathi of Gulgin Daar have famiily in Ulgarthi homeland. Homeland under assault by these Drakel and Brilhado.

    * family


    Go to the from and assess the situation. Judge the strength of their forces and return. Learn whatever you may.

    * front
    Typos fixed! ~whacky

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    2/24/2014 12:12:08   


    currently given as: Location: Travel Map » Dragonspine » 15: Fusion Dragons 1
    should be: >> 16 : Fusion Dragons 1
    It's fixed! Thanks! ~whacky

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    2/27/2014 21:34:28   
    Times Silent Keeper


    Note: These are all only suggestions, and may be subject to change anytime before it is posted in the official entry. They should be relatively accurate, but I will reconfirm their accuracy when the day rolls around.

    Epic Quest 11 - Sun and Sand
    Guardian Arena - Beasts of Legend
    Light in the Darkness

    Spellcrafting - Wind
    Guardian Arena - Beasts of Legend
    Crossroads - Skraeling Desert

    Kill the Beast I
    The Tomb of Awethur
    The Chimeran

    Spellcrafting - Bacon
    Gnuvain's Abode - Gogg Form
    Hedge Maze
    These have been added to the official entry. ~whacky

    Stat roll difficulty posted is for L.150 version.

    The Chimeran

    Location: Travel Map » Chimeran Set

    Which power Chimeran set do you wish to quest for?
  • Noxious Z (Lv11Z)
  • Noxious (Lv45)
  • Baneful (Lv60)
  • Venomous (Lv75)
       Poisonous Z (Lv80Z)
  • Poisonous (Lv90)
  • Toxic (Lv105)
  • Virulent (Lv120)
  • Deadly (Lv135)
  • Fatal (Lv150)
  • Leave

    Dialogue is the same until the stat roll...

    How will you search for the Chimera?
  • Search with INT!
  • Search with CHA!
  • Search with LUK!

    LUK search:
    "That way looks good." "You sure?" "Let's find out!"
    Difficulty: 101
    Stat Used: Luck

    CHA search:

    INT search:

    Before Chimera battle dialogue, player character doesn't say eep, instead it's a button (Eep!).

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    3/2/2014 4:50:42   


    I think Ice Yonder would also be a pretty good place to find Goggs.
    I've gone ahead to add this in. Thanks! ~whacky

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    3/5/2014 14:59:10   
    Legendary KoO Snugglebunny


    Didn't see this mentioned, so: The Chimeran set can no longer be found on the travel map -- Warlic now offers a link to the quest via his shop.
    Location updated. Thanks! ~whacky

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    3/5/2014 15:04:41   


    To add on the above , this also applies for the solaris set.
    The travel map location has been removed. Thanks! ~whacky

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    3/8/2014 5:43:47   




    Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Mastercraft Sets » Solaris Set!

    Pretty self explanatory. Should point to Chimeran.
    *cough* Fixed! ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    An Unusual Invitation
    The Clyde

    «You»: (thinking) *deep breath* You know, it's really great to get some time to myself.
    «You»: (thinking) No death threats, no random attacks, wars against maniacs, hunts for mystical and cursed items.
    «You»: (thinking) ...
    «You»: (thinking) I cannot believe how boring this is.
    «You»: (thinking) Maybe I'll give Zorbak a call, see if he's got something planned.

    «Several mercenaries enter the scene, led by Usterik.»

    «You»: (thinking) Here we go.
    Usterik: Are you «You»?
    «You»: Depends, who are you guys?
    Mercenary 1: We're the guys hired to off ya.
    Mercenary 2: Ha! This one don' know what's comin' to him.
    «You»: Alright, let's do this.
      1 BATTLE: Mercenary (Fire version)
      1 BATTLE: Mercenary (Energy version)

      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Mercenary (Earth version)
      1 BATTLE: Usterik

      Full Heal
    «The mercenaries flee for their lives, leaving Usterik behind.»

    Usterik: Guys? Guys!? I thought we were mates!
    «You»: Who sent you?
    Usterik: I'm not telling you anything! We have a code and stuff.
    «You»: If that is how you feel...
    Usterik: Ok, OK! You know, violence doesn't solve everything...
    «You»: ...
    Usterik: This guy living in a mountain up North from here hired us. He gave us these weapons and promised us more if we killed you.
    «You»: (thinking) A guy in a mountain? I could write a book with all this crazy.
    «You»: You'll give me the directions right?
    Usterik: Of course! It would be my honor.

    «The scene fades to black. You arrive at the foot of the mountain where the mastermind is at.»

    «You»: (thinking) That mercenary said that the guy who hired him and his gang are up here somewhere.
    «You»: (thinking) At least it's good exercise right?
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

      1 BATTLE: Razorwing
      Full Heal
    «You arrive at the tower entrance.»

    «You»: (thinking) This guy couldn't live near a beach or something?
    «You»: (thinking) Typical villain hideout.

    «You enter the tower and meet Clyde.»

    «You»: Huh...
    ???: Did you get my invitation?
    «You»: You know, sending a letter works just as well. It's also not as violent as sending a party of mercenaries.
    ???: Where's the fun in that?
    «You»: You must be a thrill at parties.
    ???: You have no idea...
    ???: That's Kick, I'm Clyde.
    «You»: Clyde? I expected a more menacing name for a villain.
    Clyde: Villain? I'm not villain. I only wanted to see if what they say is true.
    «You»: They?
    Clyde: The spirits.
    «You»: (thinking) ...this guy is crazy.
    Kick: Clyde, you're scaring him.
    Clyde: Do you know of Omelyhis' Rule? Of Sariel's Vigil? Of Harvenger or Onroth's Rage? Iconoclast?
    «You»: Yes, what about them?
    Clyde: I created all of them and many more.
    «You»: Huh, those are some... interesting name choices.
    Clyde: Thanks! At least someone likes my names....
    Kick: Pfft, they're still weird!
    «You»: Sooo... the mercenaries were a test?
    Clyde: You're still on that? Geesh. Yes, I had to see if you were as strong as they say.
    «You»: Earlier you called them an invitation, what did you mean by that?
    Clyde: Well, my workshop is here so it made more sense to bring you here, you know?
    «You»: What do you really want?
    Clyde: I am here to make you an offer.
    «You»: I'm listening.
    Clyde: I will make you the greatest weapon of all time if you slay this moglin.
    Kick: Wait, what!?
    Clyde: You don't know this moglin, he could be evil.
    Kick: Really!? I'm the evil one?
  • I'll do it.
      «You»: A moglin for a powerful weapon? Why didn't you ask sooner?
      Kick: Clyyyyde!
      Clyde: Ha, you're insane! Lower your weapon, I was just kidding.
      «You»: Aw.
      Kick: Phew.
      Clyde: I admire your ambition, but wow, I was not expecting that answer.
      «You»: Can I still have that weapon?
  • No, I won't.
      «You»: I'm sorry, but no. My job is to protect, not needlessly murder.
      Kick: Phew.
      Clyde: Ha, you are exactly what I thought you were!
      «You»: And you're a madman.
      Clyde: Fair enough, just remember that moral code of yours will be tested on day.
      «You»: What do you mean?
    Clyde: It was interesting to meet you «You». However, I've got work I need to do.
    «You»: But...
    Clyde: We'll talk more some other time.
    Clyde: However, you won't go home empty handed. Kick, give «You» one of the hollows.
    Kick: Ok.

    «You access Clyde's Forge.»
    Clyde's Forge

  • Cannon's Haste [L. 15]
  • Cannon's Haste [L. 40]
  • Cannon's Haste [L. 65]
  • Cannon's Haste [L. 85]
  • Cannon's Haste [L. 105]
  • Cannon's Haste [L. 125]
  • Cannon's Haste [L. 135]
  • Cannon's Haste [L. 145 G]

  • Emerald Rite [L. 15]
  • Emerald Rite [L. 40]
  • Emerald Rite [L. 65]
  • Emerald Rite [L. 85]
  • Emerald Rite [L. 105]
  • Emerald Rite [L. 125]
  • Emerald Rite [L. 135]
  • Emerald Rite [L. 145 G]

  • Severance [L. 15]
  • Severance [L. 40]
  • Severance [L. 65]
  • Severance [L. 85]
  • Severance [L. 105]
  • Severance [L. 125]
  • Severance [L. 135]
  • Severance [L. 145 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Correction thanks to rosaxx50.
  • Settling. ~whacky

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      In Media Res
     Happy Summerween!

    Trivial: Ballyhoo's promo shop now offers upgrades for your Dunamis pet.
    AQ  Post #: 41
    3/9/2014 1:53:32   


    In the An Unusual Invitation write-up above.


    «You»: A moglin for a powerful weapon? Why didn't you ask sooner?
    Kick: Clyyyyde!
    «You»: Ha, you're insane! Lower your weapon, I was just kidding.

    The bolded part should say "Clyde", shouldn't it?
    That's right. Thanks! ~whacky

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    3/10/2014 3:57:34   
    Rafiq von den Vielen


    The 'pedia entry for Random Adventurer lists the level 95 Lord Arrgthas as both in 'Hidden RA' and 'Removed from RA'. He should be removed from the removed section since he is encounterable.
    I've also gone ahead to remove all copies of Lord Arrgthas in the Removed section. Thanks! ~whacky

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    3/11/2014 3:18:45   
    The Forgotten
    Exquisitely pathological


    A slight typo in the dialogue of The Temple of Hope:


    The Orcs, however, if they are seeking aid, must be i serious troubbe.

    The correct spelling (which is as seen in game) is:


    The Orcs, however, if they are seeking aid, must be in serious trouble.
    Fixed! Thanks :) ~whacky

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    3/11/2014 15:37:52   
      In Media Res
     Happy Summerween!


    Typo fix in Spell Scroll Quest:

    Warlic: In all, the eight scrolls hold the knowledge to help you master the 3 spells that have been lost to the ages.
    There's now more than three, so it's now:

    Warlic: In all, the eight scrolls hold the knowledge to help you master spells -- at least three, by my reckoning -- that have been lost to the ages.
    Dialogue changed, revision added! ~whacky

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    3/16/2014 1:53:27   
    Times Silent Keeper


    BlARRRney War!
    Blarney War 2014

    «You can skip this cutscene anytime.»

    «Scene: Somewhere under the rainbow. You and Zorbak come across the Leprechauns.»

    Zorbak: Well well, if it's not the 8-time LOSERchauns! Here to add another trophy to our shelves?
    Sham: Och! Why ya little rodent! I'll--
    «You»: Waitwaitwait! Sham, look, I REALLY don't want this erupting into another war. As such, I've come with a peace offering.
    Zorbak: "Peace offering"? Pfft! We can beat these--

    «Zorbak flies into the background beyond the hills with a giant PUNT!»

    Sham: Ahhh. Gettin' rid o' that snake is much appreciated.
    «You»: ...appreciated to the point of us not getting into another Blarney War this year? *grins*
    Sham: Well, that's the thing. I... uh... actually came here...
    Sham: ...'cause I need your help.
    «You»: What?! So I wasted that punt on nothing?!
    Sham: Aye. Y'see, it started a month ago....

    «Flashback: Lolosia. General O'LepraKhan is leading Leprechauns, all carrying big bags of gold.»

    Sham: The leprechaun parliament decided to start taxin' Lolosia, as their sea travel is a mighty fine business. Plus, they seem to be less well-armed than BattleOn.
    «You»: And I'm guessing that you didn't, say, get any input from the Lolosians about this before deciding?
    Sham: Nay. Why? They're only the ones bein' taxed.
    «You»: I... just, no reason. Keep going.
    Sham: Well, we starting collectin' our fair share. The Lolosians needed a wee bit o' persuadin', but the money started flowin' in.
    Sham: That is, until one day, when outta nowhere this rat name BlackWhisk'r caused an uprisin' against us!

    «BlackWhisker enters the scene with Anchorhand and several of his BURP minions. A ship also sails into the scene in the background.»

    BlackWhisker: Ye won't see another red cent from us as long as me ships be sailin' in Lolosia's waters! Now git out, ye scurvy gits!
    O'LepraKhan: Ha! Make us!

    «BlackWhisker points his sword at O'LepraKhan. A few shots are fired from the ship in the background. Shortly after, blasts surround the Leprechauns which throw them off the scene. The flashback ends.»

    O'LepraKhan: Me... *sniff* me hat....
    Sham: An' that's not the worst of it! Now this rat's got it in 'is head that 'e can plunder MORE gold from the Leprechaun Nation! He's preparin' for a raid to steal all o' our gold!
    «You»: And that's where I come in?
    Sham: Aye! UNCLE SHAM WANTS YOU and yer Guardians to help guard me gold from 'is attack! Whaddaya say?
    «You»: Yyyyyyyyyyyyeah. About that. I'm thinking no, 'cause you kinda brought this on yourself.
    Sham: WHAT?!
    «You»: You were stealing -- yes, STEALING -- money from innocent people. They've got every right to be angry. You can't do that.
    Sham: Since when?!
    «You»: Since forever. I mean, how would you like it if someone decided to "tax" you?
    «You»: Actually, don't answer. Sham, that is exactly what they're doing: they're "taxing" you the same way that you "taxed" them. How you feel right now is exactly how they felt.
    Sham: That's madness!
    «You»: Exactly! Hopefully this will teach you a valuable lesson about taking gold from other people.
    «You»: I'm outta here. Have fun!

    «The scene zooms in on Uncle Sham. His lips tremble, and a tear flows down his cheek.»

    Sham: NOOOOO! You cannae leave me here!
    «You»: Bye!
    Sham: WAIT! «You», I can reward ya!

    «The scene zooms out.»

    «You»: Ooooh, this'll be good. What's a penny-pinching scrooge like you going to reward me with? A pet rock? Free air?
    Sham: A bit o' me own fortune. Ye'll get a precious prize of 10% of the whole thing fer savin' me gold.
    «You»: O_O
    «You»: Wait, really?
    Sham: Aye! Ya know how important me gold is to me! I'll do ANYTHING to protect it!
    «You»: (thinking) Last I checked, he had a literal ocean of gold. Even 10% of that... wow. I could just pay off all the villains to retire and be set for life.
    «You»: (thinking) I wouldn't have to eat at Yulgar's. Well, I still would. I'd just eat more.
    «You»: Well... hm. I guess that there's all the leprechaun peasants and children that need protecting.
    «You»: And there's that whole "two wrongs don't make a right" thing. BlackWhisker is kinda a bad guy, right?
    Sham: So ya'll help?!
    «You»: Well... okay. I'll help stop them, even though I'd rather collaborate and listen to them.
    «You»: But I'm only going to be fighting defensively. Just enough to repel the pirates so that you're safe.
    Sham: Aha! That's the spirit laddie! Go get yer Guardian friends, and we'll make a plan o' attack!
    «You»: Defence. We're defending against them.
    Sham: Meh. Potayto, potahto.

    «The scene fades to black.»

    Blarney War
    The leprechaun nation is under attack by a band of vicious, bloodthirsty pirates! Who will defend its honor? Who will protect the innocent peasants and children? Who is being paid more than any living human ever has been to do this? It's you!
  • To Battle!
  • Guardian mission!
  • Past Blarney Rewards!
  • Leprechaun Power Armor! - You have equipped a special Leprechuan Power Armor! It will disappear when you log out.
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    Treasure Chest - Elizabeth's Katana is now yours to use! (Guardian Only)
    Outline of Zorbak - You punted Zorbak out of the quest. You'll have to find another source of healing... maybe a four-leaf clover?
    Four-leaf Clover - This magical 4-leaf clover just healed you!
    ElBhe - ElBhe, shadowkitty and master mouser! Uh, BURPer? Wait, never mind, you know what I mean.
    Robina Hood - Robina Hood is usually up for stealing from the rich, but she'll make an exception this time.
    Elizabeth - Ninja Master Elizabeth is here to fight her sworn enemies: the pirates!
    Warlic - Warlic the Archmage is here to help!
    BURPs - +0.1 Ranged BTH per BURP (max of +20.0 BTH, or 200 BURPs)

    To Battle!
    Who will join you in battle?
  • Warlic
  • Robina
  • Elizabeth
  • ElBhe

  • By yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «After defeating 100% of the pirate army...»
      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «Blackwhisker confronts you.»

    «You»: Okay, Blackwhisker, you've caused enough damage. Sham's learnt his lesson and won't be taxing the Lolosians any more.
    Blackwhisker: Aye, matey. And we've looted enough gold from 'is soldier scallywags to MORE than pay back the innocent Lolosians.
    «You»: So everyone is happy! Other than Sham, I mean, but he deserves it. I guess that all's well that ends well?
    Blackwhisker: If ye had fairer winds blowin' yer way, then I might be agreein' wit ya. But I know that Sham's payin' ya a fortune, and I wouldn't be much of a pirate if I left YER pile o' gold unplundered!
      1 BATTLE: BlackWhisker the PieRat
      Full Heal
    Blackwhisker: *cough* Is that all ya've got, ya chum-snarfing blowfish?
    «You»: I could ask you the same thing. You're barely conscious. C'mon, scamper off while you're still in one piece.
    Blackwhisker: FINE! But yer a sorry fool if ye're thinkin'... ehh? D'ya hear somethin'?

    «AAAAAAAAAAAAAA-- Zorbak flies into the scene, slams into the ground where Blackwhisker was standing on and knocks him off screen before bouncing off.»

    «You»: ...
    «You»: And don't come back, (mete)or else!

    «The scene fades to black. You return to Sham to collect your reward.»

    Sham: A mighty fine job, mate! Me beautiful gold is safe from those grubby pirate hands!
    «You»: And the rest of Leprechaunia, including the innocent peasants and children, are safe too!
    Sham: Ehh? Aye, yeah, whatever.
    «You»: ...
    «You»: So about my reward?
    Sham: Oy! Close yer eyes, and I'll give ya yer reward.
    «You»: ???

    «Gold sprinkles fly toward you.»

    «You»: Uh. Pretty, I guess? So about my reward....
    Sham: That be yer reward! A powerful blessin' of leprechaun magic!

    «A tutorial simulation runs. A character activates his Shelayleigh's special on a Frogzard, which deals 9999 damage on Lucky Strike.»

    Sham: Now, when yer weapon does its weapon special, ye have a 10% chance of doin' bonus damage based on yer LUK!

    «The simulation ends.»

    «You»: Neat. But what about the rest? Y'know, the 10% of your gold?
    Sham: GOLD? I never said I'd give ya any gold! I said I'd give ya the FORTUNE - me LUCK! An' that's what I just gave ya with me blessin'!
    «You»: ...
    «You»: Wait, no....
    «You»: Nonononono... nono....
    «You»: You... when you said "fortune"--
    Sham: Are ya daft? Ya know how much I love me gold! I won the "Lore's Greediest Miser" contest ten years in a row!
    Sham: What in the name of all me gold would make me PAY you the gold I love so much?? ESPECIALLY when I can do it in exchange fer a bit o' magic??
    «You»: I... there... there's a very good reason why!
    Sham: Reeeeally? I'd love ta hear it.
    «You»: ...


    Sham: Right. Pleasure doin' business wit' ya. See ya next year.

    «The Leprechauns leave.»

    «You»: Wait! There's a chance I might be able to come up with a hypothetical case where it's remotely possible!
    «You»: ...
    «You»: Well, at least I got this glitter....

    «O'LepraKhan enters the scene.»

    O'LepraKhan: «You»! I got m'self a new hat! A beaut of a thcorne, in Irish green!
    «You»: That's... wonderful. I'm really happy for you, I guess?
    O'LepraKhan: And there's enough fabric leftover if ye want one for y'self!

    «The BlARRRney War 2014 shop opens. Once you exit the shop, you can continue with the cutscene.»

    «You»: Huh, this IS a pretty cool hat. Hat's off to you!
  • End

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Guardian Mission!

    «Scene: Battlefield. LepreKhan is stepping on a defeated Anchorhand, whose hat is some distance from him.»

    «You»: How goes the battle, Lucky?
    O'LepraKhan: These buckets o' snot will all pay for ruinin' me hat! YA'LL ALL PAY, I SAY!
    O'LepraKhan: If I cannae ha' me hat, then NONE OF YA CAN HAVE YERS!!

    «O'LepraKhan conjures a magical spell from his Shelayleigh and destroys Anchorhand's hat.»

    «You»: Well. You seem... motivated. Need some help?
    O'LepraKhan: Help? Aye, I'd MUCH appreciate help in ruinin' these pirates' dreams!
    O'LepraKhan: Fer every three hats ya destroy, I'll reward ya with a bit o' me gold. Whaddaya say?
    «You»: Really? Well, I'm already getting a nice paycheck from Sham, but... meh, can't have too much of a good thing!

    «The Guardian Mission scroll appears. You can heal yourself using the four-leaf clover, or refill potions from the potion bag if you have less than four on hand. If you leave the Guardian Mission, your progress will be reset.»

    O'LepraKhan: We'll destroy 'em all, in memory of me beloved hat!
  • To Battle!
      2 BATTLES

      «If you fight a pirate, you will see their hat erupting in flames post-battle.»
  • Collect Prize! - (Quota not met) You have not yet wrought enough vengeance to satisfy O'LepraKhan's thirst!
  • Back to Camp

    «Once you destroy three or more hats, the counter removes three hats from your count and you receive this dialogue.»

    O'LepraKhan: That's the spirit, laddie! Drinks're on me!
      1 BATTLE: Treasure


    Opens when you click on the Past Blarney Rewards button.

  • Mystic Unicorn Bowie [L. 5]
  • Mystic Unicorn Bowie Z [L. 32 Z]
  • Mystic Unicorn Bowie [L. 52]
  • Mystic Unicorn Bowie G [L. 77 G]
  • Mystic Unicorn Bowie [L. 102]
  • Mystic Unicorn Bowie [L. 122]
  • Mystic Unicorn Bowie G [L. 137 G]

  • Unicorn Bowie [L. 5]
  • Unicorn Bowie Z [L. 32 Z]
  • Unicorn Bowie [L. 52]
  • Unicorn Bowie G [L. 77 G]
  • Unicorn Bowie [L. 102]
  • Unicorn Bowie [L. 122]
  • Unicorn Bowie [L. 137 G]

  • Driftwood Shelayleigh [L. 5]
  • Guardian Shelayleigh [L. 5 G]
  • Zhelayleigh [L. 11 Z]
  • Blasa Shelayleigh [L. 25]
  • Oak Shelayleigh [L. 45]
  • Mesquite Shelayleigh [L. 65]
  • Ironwood Shelayleigh [L. 85]
  • Lucky Shelayleigh [L. 105]
  • Fortune Shelayleigh [L. 125]
  • Sacred Shelayleigh [L. 135]
  • Fightin' Shelayleigh [L. 145 G]

  • Gold-BlaZting Gatling [L. 11 Z]
  • Gold-Emitting Gatling [L. 25]
  • Gold-Blasting Gatling [L. 45]
  • Gold-Blazing Gatling [L. 65]
  • Guardian Gold-Shooting Gatling [L. 85 G]
  • Gold-Emitting Gatling [L. 85]
  • Gold-Firing Gatling [L. 105]
  • Gold-Shooting Gatling [L. 125]
  • Gold-Spraying Gatling [L. 145 G]

  • Bladehenge [L. 20]
  • Guardian Bladehenge [L. 20 G]
  • Charmed Bladehenge [L. 40]
  • Opportune Bladehenge [L. 60]
  • AuZpicious Bladehenge [L. 62 Z]
  • Auspicious Bladehenge [L. 75]
  • Fortuitous Bladehenge [L. 90]
  • Felicitous Bladehenge [L. 110]
  • Prosperous Bladehenge [L. 130]
  • Lucky Bladehenge [L. 150 G]

  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmour Z [L. 5 Z]
  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmour [L. 32]
  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G [L. 52 G]
  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmour [L. 77]
  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmour [L. 102]
  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmour [L. 122]
  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmour Z [L. 130 Z]
  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G [L. 137 G]
  • Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G [L. 147 G]

  • Green Power Armor [L. 12]
  • Gilt Leprechaun Power Armor [L. 15 Z]
  • Guardian Leprechaun Power Armor [L. 32 G]
  • Emerald Power Armor [L. 52]
  • Gold Plated Power Armor Z [L. 60 Z]
  • Lucky Power Armor [L. 70]
  • Leprechaun Power Armor [L. 85]
  • Blarney Power Armor [L. 105]
  • Clover Power Armor [L. 125]
  • Solid Gold Power Armor Z [L. 125 Z]
  • Shamrock Power Armor [L. 135]
  • 4-Leaf Clover Power Armor [L. 145 G]

  • Guardian Knotwork Shield [L. 19 G]
  • Knotwork Shield [L. 39]
  • Knotwork Shield Z [L. 39 Z]
  • Bespelled Knotwork Shield [L. 59]
  • Enchanted Knotwork Shield [L. 79]
  • Magical Knotwork Shield [L. 99]
  • Mystical Guardian Knotwork Shield [L. 119 G]
  • Bewitched Knotwork Shield [L. 129]
  • Charmed Knotwork Shield Z [L. 132 Z]
  • Charmed Knotwork Shield [L. 139 G]

  • Summon Dragonchaun I [L. 10]
  • Summon Guardian Dragonchaun II [L. 30 G]
  • Summon Dragonchaun III [L. 50]
  • Summon Dragonchaun Z IV [L. 70 Z]
  • Summon Dragonchaun V [L. 90]
  • Summon Dragonchaun VI [L. 110]
  • Summon Guardian Dragonchaun VII [L. 130 G]
  • Summon Dragonchaun VII [L. 130]
  • Summon Guardian Dragonchaun VIII [L. 150 G]

  • Golden Gween Z [L. 14 Z]
  • Golden Gween [L. 34]
  • Golden Gween [L. 54]
  • Golden Guardian Gween [L. 74 G]
  • Golden Gween [L. 94]
  • Golden Gween [L. 114]
  • Golden Gween Z [L. 134 Z]
  • Golden Guardian Gween [L. 144 G]

  • Clover Essence [L. 14]
  • Clover Essence Z [L. 29 Z]
  • Clover Essence [L. 34]
  • Clover Essence [L. 54]
  • Clover Essence [L. 74]
  • Concentrated Clover Essence [L. 91 G]
  • Clover Essence [L. 94]
  • Clover Essence [L. 114]
  • Clover Essence Z [L. 124 Z]
  • Clover Essence [L. 134]
  • Concentrated Clover Essence [L. 144 G]
    BlARRRney War 2014

  • Meteorbak [L. 7]
  • Meteorbak Z [L. 15 Z]
  • Meteorbak [L. 27]
  • Meteorbak [L. 47]
  • Meteorbak [L. 67]
  • Meteorbak [L. 84 G]
  • Meteorbak [L. 87]
  • Meteorbak [L. 107]
  • Meteorbak Z [L. 117 Z]
  • Meteorbak [L. 127]
  • Meteorbak [L. 137 G]
  • Meteorbak [L. 147]

  • Ninjachaun [L. 7]
  • Ninjachaun Z [L. 15 Z]
  • Ninjachaun [L. 27]
  • Ninjachaun [L. 47]
  • Ninjachaun [L. 67]
  • Ninjachaun [L. 84 G]
  • Ninjachaun [L. 87]
  • Ninjachaun [L. 107]
  • Ninjachaun Z [L. 117 Z]
  • Ninjachaun [L. 127]
  • Ninjachaun [L. 137 G]
  • Ninjachaun [L. 147]

  • BlARRRney Hat [L. 7]
  • BlARRRney Hat [L. 15 Z]
  • BlARRRney Hat [L. 27]
  • BlARRRney Hat [L. 47]
  • BlARRRney Hat [L. 67]
  • BlARRRney Hat [L. 87]
  • Guardian BlARRRney Hat [L. 104 G]
  • BlARRRney Hat [L. 107]
  • BlARRRney Hat [L. 127]
  • Guardian BlARRRney Hat [L. 147 G]
  • Settling. ~whacky


    Sacrifice of Yeeuh'ha
    Xov's Fire III

    Rumors about the state of the Drakel have been flying around Lore. Are they completely converted? Have the Truphma assimilated the Drakel Magiscience? Was Bree'ha truly that capable of such atrocities? Everyone has a question or comment about what is spreading across Lore...

    «Scene: Battleon»

    Rogue: ...all of them? Are you sure? I swear I saw a few that looked normal on my way back from Deren.
    Mage: Well, and I heard he gave up on his family, too.
    Rogue: I can't believe he would do that to family. I mean, he isn't a wonderful person, but... family!

    «You proceed to the town square, outside Yulgar's Inn.»

    Daughter: When is Daddy going to come home from his trip?
    Mom: Soon, love. Soon.
    Daughter: I hope so. Bedtime isn't the same without his stories.

    «You proceed further up, just outside Robina's shop.»

    Robina: I don't know Yeeuh'ha well, I mean, who really knows the Drakel. But, he was supposed to be a great advocate for the Drakel, fair and just.
    Hans: And to be handed over by family!
    Robina: How can someone just... give Xov everything? How do you willingly give your people to such a monster?
    Hans: Something is not right with that girl. You know how they say that too much power isn't good for the soul...
    Robina: Who's betraying who? You know neither of them will honor whatever pact they have going.
    Hans: Figures Bree'ha would find a kindred spirit in Xov. Pathetic.

    «You proceed toward the entrance to the Guardian Tower.»

    Guardian: I don't know about you, but the fact that Bree'ha and Xov have teamed up scares me. If she takes the Drakel, and he helps, who else might she convince to do the same?
    Guardian 2: What is she targets the Vampires or Werewolves next? And if she is successful?
    Guardian: Oh lords... rampaging Truphma'd werewolves?
    Guardian 2: Where is Eukara Vox in all this? Isn't she going to step in and do something?
    Guardian: Ever since she was hurt, she's not been the same.
    Guardian: My family drives me nuts. But, I wouldn't hurt them, torture them, or allow a monster to destroy them.
    Guardian 2: My wife hasn't returned. It's been three weeks. What is she's been... hurt like that?
    «You»: (thinking) There is a gathering of Drakel and Truphma, and those who are turned, in the west. I think it is time I go back there.
    «You»: (thinking) I don't see Ms. Vox out, so perhaps she is holding school even with all this craziness? Why am I even wondering this? Of course she is...

    «Over at Battleon's school...»

    Eukara: The Drakel are ingenius inventors. They've mastered what we call "magiscience": The perfect melding of magic and science.
    Eukara: There are many who think that the two disciplines shouldn't be mixed. But, something like this...

    «Eukara takes out a floating, rotating blue cube.»

    Eukara: ...is one of those items that could really make things much easier on anyone.
    Kimmy: What's it called, Ms. Vox?
    Eukara: It's called the Vezha Effect.
    Jimmy: What's it do?!
    Eukara: Well... its intent is to be able to know just what you want and retrieve it for you. Unfortunately, it isn't always consistently on time. It sometimes takes hours to retrieve what you need.

    «The cube vanishes. Shortly after, an ice cream bowl falls from the ceiling. The ice cream however, falls outside the bowl and splats on the floor. The cherry remains floating above the bowl.»

    Saedee: Um, when did you request that?
    Eukara: Well, I had thought of eating one about an hour ago. I suppose that this serves as an apt demonstration of the devices' capabilities.
    «You»: *Ahem*
    Timmy: Ms. Vox! «You» is here!

    «Eukara turns to face you.»

    Students: Yay!
    «You»: I apologize for interrupting, but I need to speak to you about... matters outside the classroom.

    «Eukara turns back to her students.»

    Eukara: Students, please take your recess now. Saedee, you are in charge. Please record any evil doers on your notepad.
    Saedee: *giggles* Yes, Ma'am.

    «The students prepare to leave when Eukara interrupts.»

    Eukara: Oh, Sam, please stay behind and go into the back until I call for you.

    «The rest of the students leave while Sam goes to the back of the classroom, away from the scene. Eukara turns to face you.»

    «You»: Ms. Vox, please tell me that you're aware of how far Xov has gotten with the Drakel.
    Eukara: I am. And I am astounded at just how compliant most of them were in light of all that we know of Xov.
    «You»: The rumors...
    Eukara: Yeeuh'ha is not dead. Sam! Sam, please bring in our guest.

    «Sam enters the scene, holding a Drakel's hand. As he enters, he enthusiastically chats with the Drakel, progressively revealed to be Tralin.»

    Sam: And then, Mister Tralin, she told us that she would take us on a field trip to these ruins where Lore used to have a lot of adventures. Falconreach.
    Sam: And they had this really cool zoo, or used to. That's where I would spend all my time exploring.
    Sam: Timmy said he wants to find the statue of Warlic. Cassie wants to look for Lim's shop, but Saedee said....
    Sam: She thinks that Cysero's stuff is probably still roaming around there because his magic was even crazier than Ms. Vox's.
    Tralin: Um, Ms. Vox?
    Sam: Have you ever seen a gorillaphant, Mister Tralin? The books all say they are bigger than houses! But I don't think they are. I think they are only half the size of a house.
    Sam: I've never seen a zombiefish, have you? I think that is the weirdest thing. I bet they would make all of our fish zombiefish too if given the chance...
    Tralin: *ahem* Ms. Vox?

    «Eukara turns to face Tralin and Sam.»

    Eukara: Thank you Sam. You may go and play now.

    «Sam releases Tralin's hand and turns to face him.»

    Sam: It was nice meeting you, Mister Tralin.

    «Sam leaves to join the rest of the students.»

    Tralin: Good Lords, what do you feed them here?
    Eukara: Love of Learning, Tralin.
    «You»: Tralin, what do you know of Bree'ha's and Xov Arakue's actions?
    Tralin: I know that every Drakel who has pledged themselves to Bree'ha and Xov has begun moving towards the Kelds. Those who have fled the turning, end up with me.
    Tralin: Since Yeeuh'ha's imprisonment, those loyal to him have nearly lost heart. The Drakel, as a people, is a very fragile thing right now.
    Tralin: It saddens me that Bree'ha would give up his people so easily for power.
    «You»: Yeeuh'ha didn't look good when I last saw him. Leaving him behind was difficult. I don't want to imagine what he is like now.
    Tralin: They are gathering for something big. I dare not go and leave my kingdom vulnerable. Please, go and stop whatever it is that Bree'ha has planned.
    Tralin: Bring Yeeuh'ha to Deren where I can nurse him back to health, please «You».
    «You»: Seems I am returning to the Kelds. I will do my best, Tralin. I have a feeling this will not be easy.

    «You leave the scene.»

    Eukara: What if... this is more than any of us can handle?
    Tralin: If that is the case, Ms. Vox, may the Lords and Lady have mercy on our souls.

    «The scene fades to black. You swiftly arrive near Keld Naer.»

    «You»: (thinking) There are too many of them. I can't hide for very much longer.
    «You»: (thinking) Even though they seem to be moving like moth to a flame, I know I will have to fight my way there, cause trouble, disrupt time and space. The usual...

    Can you remain undetected from the Truphma patrolling these woods?
    Difficulty: 81
    Stat Used: Dexterity

    «If you fail the roll:»

    «If you succeed the roll, you skip the battles and proceed to the dialogue below.»

    «You»: (thinking) Well, what was once a proud and beautiful Keld is now in such a drab state of sorrow. I will work to fix this. I swear it.

    «You arrive at the entrance to Keld Naer, now a complete dull grey.»

    «You»: (thinking) I have to find Yeeuh'ha. Searching may take some time in a city this massive.
  • Find Yeeuh'ha!

    «You begin a mini game. In the background is Keld Naer, and certain buildings can be clicked on. Click on the building to check if Yeeuh'ha is within. If you search in the wrong building, you get the message "Yeeuh'ha isn't here! You have aroused the suspicion of a Truphma grunt." and engage in 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal, before returning to the mini game screen. Revisiting areas lead to a repeat of the 2 BATTLES. The correct building to click on can be found here

    «Once you find the correct building, you get the message "Muffled voices can be heard from outside. One of them sounds like Yeeuh'ha, this has to be the place!". You stay hidden from sight. Yeeuh'ha is seen bounded and on a table, with Xov, Bree'ha and a Truphma Commander watching. A mysterious black figure is in the background.»

    «You»: (thinking) Lady of Light... what is going on?
    Xov Arakue: Have you made your decision, Bree'ha?
    Bree'ha: I have, Lady Xov. Yet, he *is* family. May I try, once more, to persuade him?
    Xov Arakue: IF you must.

    «The black figure speaks.»

    ???: *You are being too kind. That is not your job.*
    Bree'ha: Cousin, please reconsider. All you are doing is causing our brothers and sisters further pain and suffering by not complying and joining the rest of us.
    Yeeuh'ha: I stand by my words. You are wrong, and allying with this monstrosity is a mistake you will regret.
    ???: *See how they devolve and resort to childishness when they do not get their way.*
    Xov Arakue: They must be brought into the fold.
    Bree'ha: I will ask you one more time. Convert and stop this nonsense. A divided Drakel society is a dead one.
    Yeeuh'ha: You've already killed us, Bree'ha. You and your insatiable lust for power.
    ???: *Enough...*
    Xov Arakue: Enough! Your words are useless on one such as this. If he cannot see our ways, he must be made an example.
    Bree'ha: Very well. No one can claim I didn't try...
    ???: *You must make this something that will burn itself into their minds. You must make sure that this will be remembered every time they wake up. You must...*
    Xov Arakue: ...make them understand.

    «Bree'ha steps back.»

    Bree'ha: As you wish, my Lady. His death will be a tragic, but necessary, loss.
    «You»: NO!!!

    «Bree'ha turns toward the direction of your voice.»

    Bree'ha: Do not let «You» interfere!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2
    Xov Arakue: You are too late, «You»! All you have done is secured yourself a front-row seat to watch the death of Yeeuh'ha.

    «Xov takes a step back. White bolts emit from the tip of her staff and electrocute Yeeuh'ha constantly. Shortly after, Yeeuh'ha is shocked to death.»

    «You»: What... what have you done!?
    Bree'ha: What she's done is ensure my victory, human. Yeeuh'ha was in my way... he was always in the way. He was the final step between resistance and compliance.
    Bree'ha: Now that my soft-hearted cousin is out of the way, all of the Drakel will fall to their knees before ME!
    «You»: You are the monster!

    «Xov shoots bolts at you to prevent you from approaching Bree'ha as he begins to leave.»

    «You»: Do not walk away from me!

    «Bree'ha turns to face you.»

    Bree'ha: I tire of your attempts. You are working off of pure adrenaline now, and will fight until you can no longer stand. I have better things to do.

    «Bree'ha leaves the scene.»

    «You»: Why Xov? Why did you have to kill him? You've never killed before now...
    Xov Arakue: It wasn't until now... until now, that it...
    Xov Arakue: It... had to be done.
    Xov Arakue: One by one... they all fall. They all fall down. They all fall...
    «You»: Something's not right here...

    «A group of Truphma enter the scene.»

    Truphma General: Seize the One! Do not let him escape!
    «You»: I have to get back to tell the others... another day you wretched beings!

    «You flee from the scene as the Truphma give chase. The scene darkens.»

    ???: My dear, do not waver, not while we are so close.
    Xov Arakue: Was it necessary? He could have been converted. All can be converted, you said so.
    ???: You doubt me?
    Xov Arakue: If you said all can be converted, but yet the death was necessary, are you not lying?
    ???: I would never steer you wrong, little one. Have I ever, in all the years I have raised you from toddler to adult, ever set you down the wrong path?
    Xov Arakue: You loved me when no one else did. You gave me life when there was none. No, you have not. But... I still do not understand. He died. By my hands. I didn't know I could do that.
    ???: Oh, my child, don't you remember? This is not the first time you've exercised such control over one's life.

    «Xov closes her eyes and bows her head for a moment as a light flashes across the screen.»

    Xov Arakue: But... S-so now it's necessary to take it away?
    ???: Yes. And then, once all is done, we will do the same to Eukara Vox and the Order of Moravion. Balance will be restored.
    Xov Arakue: Balance... will be... will be restored....

    «The scene fades to black, and the Sacrifice of Yeeuh'ha shop opens.»

    To be continued...

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Sacrifice of Yeeuh'ha

  • Drakel Energy Lance [L. 10]
  • Drakel Energy Lance [L. 30]
  • Drakel Energy Lance [L. 50]
  • Drakel Energy Lance [L. 70]
  • Drakel Energy Lance [L. 90]
  • Drakel Energy Lance [L. 110]
  • Drakel Energy Lance [L. 130]
  • Drakel Energy Lance [L. 150 G]

  • Truphma Surge [L. 10]
  • Truphma Surge [L. 30]
  • Truphma Surge [L. 50]
  • Truphma Surge [L. 70]
  • Truphma Surge [L. 90]
  • Truphma Surge [L. 110]
  • Truphma Surge [L. 130]
  • Truphma Surge [L. 150 G]

    Mini game solution thanks to afterlifex.
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    Met a level 50 Vamp Sire in Queen of Hearts. They may or may not be the replacement for Elder Vampires.
    AQ  Post #: 47
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    It is. It was confirmed.
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    Times Silent Keeper


    Void Takeover

    «On March 27, a young girl took over Death's position in the Void. She has two versions of dialogue, the first being an introduction to the Void's monster, the other shown below.»

    Gracie: My drawings have somehow come to life and I need your help! Defeat this big meanie Smittens and you can have a very special pet I made, the Cabbit!
  • Meet Smittens!

  • Normal Fight
      1 BATTLE: Smittens
      Full Heal

      «Smittens' Demise shop opens.»
  • Hard Mode
      1 BATTLE: Smittens
      Full Heal

      «Smittens' DOOM shop opens.»

    Smittens' Demise

  • Cabbit [L. 10]
  • Cabbit [L. 30]
  • Cabbit [L. 50]
  • Cabbit [L. 70]
  • Cabbit [L. 90]
  • Cabbit [L. 110]
  • Cabbit [L. 130]
  • Cabbit [L. 150 G]
    Smittens' DOOM

  • Dangerously Adorable Cabbit [L. 10]
  • Dangerously Adorable Cabbit [L. 30]
  • Dangerously Adorable Cabbit [L. 50]
  • Dangerously Adorable Cabbit [L. 70]
  • Dangerously Adorable Cabbit [L. 90]
  • Dangerously Adorable Cabbit [L. 110]
  • Dangerously Adorable Cabbit [L. 130]
  • Dangerously Adorable Cabbit [L. 150 G]
  • Settling. ~whacky


    April Fool's 2014
    Babes of Battleon

    «Scene: Kamui's Lab»

    Kamui: So this device should be able to help loads of people out. I just need to have you monitor the readings, «You».
    «You»: And you're sure this is safe, for us and Grandmoglin over there?
    Grandmoglin: It'll be fine, dearie, we Moglins can patch ourselves up just fine, no worries!
    Kamui: Don't worry, «You», I've made sure to test fire this on non-sentients first, withering bushes and the like. This is just the first test on a more advanced subject.
    «You»: Well alright, let's get started, I guess...
    Kamui: Great, I'll show you how to read the output display while we wait for the De-Ager to charge up.

    «As the scene fades to black, zooming in to the De-Ager, something can be seen...»

    «You»: Looks like we're as ready as we'll ever be, hit it, Kamui!

    «The device activates but begins to tremble.»

    «You»: Uh, Kamui? I think something's wrong!

    «From off the scene, a familiar voice echoes.»

    Loco: And here. We. Go!

    «The device malfunctions. Magical sparkles appear all over the machinery.»

    Grandmoglin: Oh dear...

    «The device "repairs" itself, now with Loco magic, aimed at Grandmoglin.»

    Kamui: I can't shut it down!

    «A massive blast fires at Grandmoglin, blinding the scene. As you recover from the flash light, Grandmoglin has turned into a baby Moglin!»

    Grandmoglin: A boo bah.
    Kamui: Well, the experiment was kind of a success...
    «You»: What happened?
    Kamui: I'm not sure, that didn't happen in any of the prior tests, and nothing was wrong with the machine an hour ago...

    «Kamui inspects the machine.»

    Kamui: Yeah, nothing looks to be broken...
    Kamui: Let's see; focusing crystal, plutonium power source, note where the power regulator should be, redundant power source, backup generator, the wrench I lost last week...
    «You»: A note where the WHAT should be?!
    Kamui: ...The power regulator, it would seem we have a thief. Let's see who.

    My dearest of friends: You
    are cordially invited to
    Battleon on this find day
    for my annual gala. Don't
    be late, and be sure to
    bring a nappy. You're
    going to need one.

    Yours truly,

    P.S. Make that nappies.

    «You»: Oh right, it's that time of year again isn't it? Of course Loco would try to mess with something.
    Kamui: Loco? I've never met the guy myself, but isn't this a bit small for him? The record I have show his mischief as more large scale. A bit hammy, really.

    «A pie flies from off screen and smacks onto Kamui's face.»

    «You»: Well yeah, messing up a small experiment is odd for him, usually he'd try to mess with all of Bat...
    Both: Oh no... Nappies?!

    A quick teleportation spell from Kamui later...

    «Babies litter Battleon!»

    Kamui: Yes... Yes it is.
    «You»: Loco! We know you're here, show yourself!

    «Loco appears.»

    Loco: Oh goody, I see you got my little invitation! I'm so glad you decided to show up. Between you and me, Battleon's current inhabitants are absolutely dreadful for conversation.
    «You»: What do you want, Loco?
    Loco: Me? Why I just want to enjoy some time in the sun, good conversation, perhaps a nice glass of lemonade, oh and some crumpets too.
    Loco: I know people don't usually have those with lemonade, but I find it so much less pretentious than having them with tea-
    «You»: LOCO!
    Loco: Yeeeeeeesss?
    «You»: What. Are. You. Planning?
    Loco: Why, «You», I'm hurt. You haven't seen me in a whole year and that's the first thing on your mind? And here I thought we were buddies. *sniffles*
    Kamui: We know you took the power regulator of the De-Ager, Loco. I'll thank you to give it back so that we can go about returning everyone to their proper forms.
    Loco: Oh, this old thing?

    «The power regulator appears.»

    Loco: Sorry, can't do it.

    «The power regulator disappears.»

    Loco: See, I planned to use it as a gift for my gracious hosts, but I won't have the opportunity for another decade or so. Terrible shame that, but I suppose I can hold onto it until they're good and ready...
    Kamui: How about this: You give it back now so I can Re-Age everyone and THEN you can offer it to them?
    Loco: You know, I don't think we've met. Hi. Loco, god of pranks, mischief and other fun things, nice to meet you. Now, tell me, did you REALLY expect me to go for that?
    Kamui: Not at all. But I'm a scientist. It's kinda my job to try stupid stuff and see what happens.

    «A short pause later...»

    Loco: You, I like.
    Loco: But really now, don't you think that Battleon's townspeople look so much cuter this way?

    «A baby Artix appears.»

    Loco: I mean lookit those skooshy cheeks! Don't you just want to pinch them?

    «Baby Artix vanishes.»

    Loco: But fine, if you just must insist that everyone act like grown-ups...
    Loco: I suppose I could let my little gift go if you were to do say... a few simple tasks for me, minor things, really, just not something I want to do myself on the only day of the year I get to have some fun.
    «You»: We're not going to pull any tricks for you, Loco.
    Loco: Oh «You», nothing like that! I just want a few toys built to pass the time, along with some other menial tasks.

    «Loco passes a to-do list to Kamui.»

    Kamui: Self-replenishing cream pie dispenser, 9 million volt joy buzzer, wait, what's this one? Removal of some decor in your shrine?
    Loco: Oh me yes! I think «You» should probably handle that one. It's a pair of golems that I got to fancy up the place AGES ago, but after a dozen millenia you need a change, don't you think?
    Loco: Now they're not likely to want to go quietly, they're so attached to me, you see. So you might have to get a bit forceful with them. Do all that, and I'll return Kamui's gadget to you.
    «You»: Alright, Loco, we'll play your game. Kamui, what do we do about the baby Battleonians?
    Kamui: I can take care of them. Or more accurately, I'll have the Moglin interns take care of them, along with the new baby Moglin.
    «You»: Sounds like a plan, I'll head to Loco's shrine then.
    Kamui: Good luck, «You»!
    Loco: Yes, good luck! I'm just going to relax over in Lolosia while you two get to work!

    «Loco puts on sunglasses and fades away. On your way to Loco's shrine, monsters intercept you.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You arrive at Loco's shrine, in the background beside a spaghetti-looking tree.»

    «You»: Well there's Loco's shrine, you there, Kamui?
    Kamui: (transmission) Read you loud and clear, «You». The energies there are giving interesting readings. Hmm...
    «You»: What is it?
    Kamui: (transmission) Give me a minute before you go in, I'd like to check these readings more.

    Shortly after...

    «You enter Loco's shrine.»

    «You»: (thinking) I don't see those golems anywhere, maybe they're deeper in the shri-

    «A rumble fills the shrine.»

    «You»: Well, they WERE deeper in the shrine, I guess.

    «A golem with two heads stomps into the scene. It's massive!»

    «You»: Oh goody, they rhyme. Sorry guys, but I'd rather deal with you than play babysitter!
      1 BATTLE: Rune Golem
      Full Heal

    «The Rune Golem collapses.»

    «You»: ...Oh, I think I can guess.

    «The scene fades to black. You return to Battleon.»

    «You»: Alright, I defeated those golems in your shrine, Loco. Now return the power regulator!
    Loco: Well so you did! Well, I'm a god of my word, «You», so you can have your trinket back. Catch, mop top!

    «The power regulator appears and Loco throws it to Kamui, who swiftly catches it.»

    Loco: And now that you've freed me of that silly "one day a year" restriction, I think it's time I go out and have some fun!
    Loco: ...What's the matter, «You»? Cat got your tongue? In shock that you basically just freed me to have fun year-round?
    «You»: Oh, it's not that, Loco, it's just that you're not actually free.
    Loco: Ahaha! «You», you're so naive. You know what, why don't I just let your resident know-it-all explain it to you?

    «A baby Warlic appears.»

    Loco: Now tell our friends what a good job they did, Wa-Wa.

    «Baby Warlic starts crying!»

    Loco: *Gasp* Now look what you've done, «You»! You made the baby cry!
    «You»: I-*I* made the baby cry?
    Loco: Of course you did! I mean look at yourself! Don't you have any expressions other than 'Grr! Warface!'?
    «You»: ...Well, not while I'm adventuring.
    Loco: See? Your fault! There there, little Wa-Wa...

    «Baby Warlic vanishes.»

    Loco: I guess that means I have to be Mister Exposition then...

    «Loco dons a crown and a sash with the words "Mr. Exposition" printed on it.»

    Loco: See, that was my trick this year. You know all that nasty magic which let my prison recharge? I turned it into those golems.
    Loco: Now, most adventurers wouldn't stand a chance against incarnated magic of that strength, and most monsters naturally know better than to try.
    Loco: But you, you magnificent little fool you, well I knew you could handle it. So great job breaking them into rubble, oh great and mighty hero!
    Kamui: Yeah, we know.
    Loco: So you see, with my brillian- Wait, what?
    «You»: We knew.
    Loco: But, you-
    Kamui: That's why «You» and I basically rigged up a new seal on you. It's an alteration on the one those golems had, but it should work just as well.
    Kamui: It also has a couple of useful bonuses too.
    Loco: ...What bonuses?
    «You»: You can come to Lore no matter the time of year, you just can't do so unless specifically called into my service, and I can dismiss you at any time...
    «You»: And you'll be automatically dismissed if I get defeated or if you think of taking some action against me.
    Kamui: You're still totall free on April Fool's, though. Couldn't get that fixed in my version of the seal, but I'm sure I can try and fix that later, when we're less pressed for time.
    «You»: Thanks for pointing us to the source of your seal, though!
    «You»: If you hadn't done that, Kamui wouldn't have been able to analyze the energy emanating from the golems and figured out how to repair and alter the seal himself!
    Loco: You... You... YOU TRICKED ME!
    «You»: What can I say, Loco? April Fool's.
    Loco: I don't like you any more, mop top.

    «Loco fades away.»

    Kamui: Right, I'll get to work on reinstalling the power regulator so we can turn everyone back to normal.
    «You»: They weren't too much trouble for the Moglins, were they, Kamui?
    Kamui: Nope, aside from Artix attempting to use his axe plushie to attack an anatomy skeleton, everything went smoothly.
    Kamui: I did manage to complete another invention while you were out, maybe you could try babysitting sometime.

    «A short pause later...»

    «You»: Wait, what?

    «Babies of Battleon shop opens. Once you exit the shop...»

    To be continued...
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Babies of Battleon

  • Summon Loco [L. 10]
  • Summon Unglued Loco [L. 30]
  • Summon Bonkers Loco [L. 50]
  • Summon Loony Loco [L. 70]
  • Summon Nutty Loco [L. 90]
  • Summon Screwball Loco [L. 110]
  • Summon Cuckoo Loco [L. 130]
  • Summon Guano Loco [L. 150 G]

  • Babby [L. 10]
  • Babby [L. 30]
  • Babby [L. 50]
  • Babby [L. 70]
  • Babby [L. 90]
  • Babby [L. 110]
  • Babby [L. 130]
  • Babby [L. 150 G]

  • Aria's Rattle [L. 10]
  • Aria's Rattle [L. 30]
  • Aria's Rattle [L. 50]
  • Aria's Rattle [L. 70]
  • Aria's Rattle [L. 90]
  • Aria's Rattle [L. 110]
  • Aria's Rattle [L. 130]
  • Aria's Rattle [L. 150 G]
  • Settling. ~whacky

    < Message edited by whackybeanz -- 4/5/2014 2:03:16 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 49
    4/6/2014 18:13:33   

    Feedback on the post of 2/12/2014:


    Dragonslayer Class: three cases of wrong hr indentation still remain in the sections of Class Level 3 (about in the middle of the section), Class Level 9 (at the beginning) and Class Level 10 (again at the beginning); I’m not sure if this is accidental or not, but the spoilered segment in the section for Class Level 4 is gone completely -- I only meant that there was one phrase in the spoiler redundant (the one stating that it was necessary to do the Quest for the Dragon Blade! in order to get some items from the list), all the rest of the information was very helpful;
    Spoiler portion reinstated without the line you mentioned. Thank goodness for Google cache :3


    SnuggleFest 2013: "- Full Heal" is missing after "Help someone else!" at the end of Robina's mission; regarding the second battle in Galanoth's mini-quest, it seems we've had a little misunderstanding here: what I wanted to say is that I never got to fight Young Fire Dragon (18) [which should be (20) anyway] with either of my "high-leveled" characters as I should have according to the entry -- instead I was fighting Red Dragon (35) just as in the first battle; I also ran the quest with a newly-created character and found that I was fighting Baby Fire Dragon (5) at lvl5 (below that one doesn't get to play the mini-quests at all, one just gets a button to access the shops directly -- perhaps this is also worth mentioning at the beginning of the entry), so in this respect the entry was accurate, but I didn't go further to investigate when/if the monster would change to Young Fire Dragon (20) or directly to Red Dragon (35); a reasonable assumption would be that the second fight is simply identical to the first one except for the name of the dragon [which, for some reason, is the opposite of what one would expect, with Charr munching on broiled villagers and Broyl munching on charred ones], but of course a confirmation from a player in that level range would be great.
    I will be leaving this one as is (except for the level correction), as I'm almost 100% sure the Broyl fight should occur regardless of level, and it not happening is a bug. I'll reconfirm this with the staff. As for the descriptions... .... ... huh, the monster descriptions don't match with each other! Broyl has the same description as Charr (charred villagers). I'll update this when I find out.


    As to the method of communication between us, my only aims are making the process efficient in terms of effort and time for both of us while keeping the forums clean from all the unnecessary petty stuff, that's why I thought organizing it on a weekly basis via the PMs would be a good solution. It would imply me waiting about 1 week after each release before going through the sub entry in order to capture the small changes that sometimes are made after the release, so that by the time you'd be doing an entry for the next release you'd have the corrections to the previous one and could apply them in the same session. An alternative way could be for me to wait until the entries are actually published as independent Pedia pages and do the corrections only then, which would guarantee that I'd be dealing with the final form of the releases and also the locations of the quests would be known which is often not the case until a couple of weeks after the initial release (with the seasonal/rare releases I'd of course be noting the corrections while they would be available but I'd still keep them until the entries were published). In my opinion, the first method is more streamlined and therefore better, despite the possibility of missing some very late changes to the releases; but, since I'm not familiar with the exact type of work you do during the "preparation stage" of the entries, it may be that in fact the second or even some other alternative is preferable from your point of view. So the choice is entirely up to you, I'm ready to go for whichever option suits you best.
    I'm fine either way really, since having a post in Info Subs. means I can keep track of progress (as compared to PM) while PM reduces clutter. If you want me to make a choice though, I'd go with Info Subs. posts so that I can quote the ones I've done and manage my progress. :)

    The preparation stage is just me going through the entries and making sure they have been appropriately credited for corrections, rewards linked if available and all those. I may still miss out on typos and the like after posting so go ahead and post them if you spot any as they come up.


    And regarding the credit issue, it looks like you're absolutely unshakeable in this respect, so I'll stop pestering you about it. You win! :P

    P. S. Please don't think that you are in any way obliged to get involved into this "correction frenzy" with me -- it's just a sincere offer based on my belief that you're doing a lot of work by yourself and a little support aimed at improving the accuracy of the entries wouldn't be totally useless. If you feel that all these corrections are too much or they restrict you in any way, I certainly don't mean to impose myself.
    Yay win! \o/ I'm kidding :P It's just how we do work here; credit must be given where due (regardless of source) :) Anyway, I really appreciate your help in making these entries accurate -- I know how some of them look jarring and need fixes but I don't have the time to look through them always, so another pair of eyes is always helpful!

    I'll go through the corrections when I have the time to (as evidenced by the long gap between quoting completed work in your previous post), so don't worry about me being restricted by them! ~whacky


    Continuing the exchange here, in compliance with the 'no double-posting' rule:
    A double post is allowed if an AK has signed off the post, so feel free to do a separate post if you see ~whacky at the end of a post.


    The spoilered text of the Dragonslayer Class quest entry is fully contained in sol1tud3's post on the previous page, sorry that I didn't remind you earlier. But I have to say your solution of looking it up in Google cache is an excellent one, I also wanted to have a look at the older version of SnuggleFest 2013 and didn't think of doing that.
    This is already settled so yay.


    It's not really worth discussing the SnuggleFest 2013 entry any more since you'll have the ultimate information from the staff, but I was a bit confused by your comment that Broyl fight isn't occurring for all player levels. In my experience, it is occurring for all charlvls ≥5, which is apparently when the 8 NPC missions get unlocked (below that one can only access the final shop -- directly, without doing anything), and the type of the monster I get to fight is the same (except for the name and description) as in the first battle both for a lvl5 character and lvl≥46 characters, the latter being in contradiction with the current statement of the entry. As for the monster descriptions, in-game they are as given in the quest entry, though they do leave an impression of being mixed up, and the mismatch in the Charr monster entry only adds to the confusion.
    I'll get the monster list for this portion of the entry and see what I can do about it once I receive it.


    I completely see your point regarding posting all the corrections in the Subs, and my only concern about it is that it will turn the forum thread into a kind of working field for the two us while becoming an eyesore for everyone else. A solution other than using the PMs could be to delete the correction posts after you'll have applied them to the entry, but this only resolves the issue partially. On the other hand, I believe progress tracking with the PM system can be made equally convenient: each PM will contain corrections to a single entry, and as soon as you'd be done with them you could delete or archive the message. You could even set up a special folder in order to store the pending correction messages separately from the rest of your inbox, allowing you better control. Unless this is too much of a hassle for you, I think it is worth at least trying this way to see if it runs smoothly, and if not, we can always revert to using the Subs for our dirty work. I guess I'll be sending the correction PMs starting from the next release, and for now I'll post the corrections to the recent releases via our usual 'dirty' method (they are based on the sub entries above, so I apologize if you already took care of some of the points in the preparation entries):
    I'll leave it to your choice and will handle either methods of posting, no worries.


    Legends of Lore (including the Gauntlet entry): the missing text for Gauntlet 1 is:
    Lord Barrius: There are hydras, nagas, minotaurs, and rocs roaming the Veil that I'd like you to dispatch. And just to make things interesting, I offer you two choices today.
    The title of the shop for the Challenge Gauntlet 1 is "Legends of Lore: Gauntlet Challenge", and the one for regular Gauntlet 1 is "Legends of Lore: Gauntlet";
    typos: on them monster on the monster /// powerful monsters powerful shadows
    This is corrected.


    An Unusual Invitation: the location of the quest is now known: Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Quests » Next * 3 » An Unusual Invitation!; there's a Full Heal after each fight in the initial set of 4 battles [this changed a few days after the release, and the mercenaries got buffed slightly, I believe];
    typos: directions right? (in-game omission) directions, right? /// are up here (in-game) is up here [unless the guy is living there with his gang :P] /// exercise right? (in-game) exercise, right? /// a party of mercenaries. a party of mercenaries... /// I'm not villain I'm no villain /// on day one day /// meet you «You» (in-game) meet you, «You» /// empty handed (in-game) empty-handed
    All corrected in preparation entry. I'll also add the quest to Robina's shop entry shortly.


    BlARRRney War + Sacrifice of Yeeuh'ha (Xov's Fire III): BlackWhisker is referred to as "Blackwhisker" in the section "After defeating 100% of the pirate army..." (the distinction is often neglected in-game too); Blarney Portal Painting [L. 0 Z] has been added to the Past Blarney Rewards shop in the category "House Items";
    Fixed in prep entry.


    the location of the Xov's Fire III quest is Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » Sacrifice of Hope; the difficulty of the DEX stat roll in this quest depends on the character's level, ranging from 44 to 81; if you fail the roll, you fight 4 battles against Truphma'd/dull enemies with Full Heals after battles #2 and #4, and also skip the subsequent phrase about the pitiful state of Keld Naer;
    Fixed in prep entry.


    typos for "BlARRRney War": starting collectin' started collectin' /// rat name rat named /// in-game there is one less 'y' in 'Yyyy...yeah' /// spirit laddie! spirit, laddie! (if your character is male) or spirit, lassie! (if your character is female) [most likely the distinction also applies to the last phrase in the Guardian Mission] /// Leprechuan Leprechaun /// wit ya (in-game) Sham uses either with or wit' /// yer a sorry fool (in-game) ye're a sorry fool /// off screen off[-]screen or off the screen /// the FORTUNE me FORTUNE /// chance I might chance that I might /// thcorne tricorne /// Blasa Shelayleigh Balsa Shelayleigh /// Fortune Shelayleigh Fortunate Shelayleigh /// Gold-Emitting Gatling [L. 85] Gold-Shooting Gatling [L. 85] /// Gilt Leprechaun Power Armor [L. 15 Z] Gilt Leprechaun Power Armor Z [L.15 Z] /// Meteorbak [L. 147] Meteorbak [L. 147 G] /// Ninjachaun [L. 147] Ninjachaun [L. 147 G]
    typos for "Xov's Fire III": gave up on his family gave up his family /// What is she's been What if she's been /// devices' device's /// bounded bound /// Why Xov? (in-game) Why, Xov? [otherwise the meaning is changed]
    All corrected in respective prep entries.


    Void Takeover + April Fool's 2014: in "Void Takeover", there's also the option to leave without fighting -- the button "Maybe later" just below "Meet Smittens!"; the latter leads to two choices ("Normal Fight" and "Hard Mode"), so these need to be indented; after the fight (either mode), one gets the usual three buttons -- "Play again!", "Guardian Tower!" and "Leave";
    typos (all of them are for April Fool's 2014): test fire (in-game) test-fire /// again isn't it? again, isn't it? [the comma is there in-game, yay! :P] /// The record I have The records I have /// large scale (in-game) large-scale /// from off screen from off-screen /// "Yeeeeeesss?" is spelled with 6 e's in-game /// Well there's Loco's shrine Well, there's Loco's shrine [yay again for the game! :P] /// «You»: Well, they WERE «You»: (thinking) Well, they WERE /// totall free totally free
    Everything has been corrected. I don't count the letter stretches when typing the dialogue so :P They've all been fixed in the prep entry (including the letter stretches). ~whacky

    ^I thought you did! And the number of dots too because there were numerous instances of unusual 4-dot ellipses in-game which were all accurately reflected in the entries... Alright, so from now on I'll stop paying attention to such microscopic details. There has to be a sane limit as to how far one can go in pursuit of accuracy.

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