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Quest List by Alphabetical & Type

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Quest Index

Table of Contents:
  • Quest Logs / List - [QL]
  • All Quests - [AQ]
  • Seasonal Events - [SE]
  • Classes and Subraces - [CS]

    To skip to a certain section use Ctrl + F and then the 2 letter combination next to the section in the Table of Contents you wish to view.
    Quest Logs/List

  • Ballyhoo - Quest List
  • Chessmaster Saga - Quest List
  • Darkovia Forest - Quest Log (including War of the Fangs)
  • Dracopyre Legacy - Quest Log
  • Dragonspine Mountains - Quest Log
  • Eclipsus Quest Chain: Quest List
  • Epic Quest - Quest Log
  • Miss Fixit - Quest Log
  • SeekRat Saga - Quest List
  • The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Quest List
  • The Devourer Saga! - Quest Log
  • Underworld Saga - Quest List
  • Zorbak's Hideout - Quest Log
    All Quests

    Numbers / Symbols
    'Til Undeath Do Us Part!
    ...Like a Fox!
    2008 Preview!
    2009 Preview!
    2009 Preview! - Fall and Winter
    2015 Preview!
    4-Leaf Clover Field

    A Cure for Cenara!
    A Day at the Inn
    A Mysterious Visitor
    A Network Divided
    A New power of the Devourer?
    A Seekrat Tail
    Absol-ution I
    Absol-ution II
    Absol-ution III
    Absolix Attacks
    Absolix Falling: Salvation!
    Absolix Final Battle!
    Absolix Rising
    Absolix's Army
    Aftermath of Extinction
    Airship Quest
    Alien Bounty
    Alnaphar - Quest for the Golden Set
    Alnaphar - Quest for the Overlord Set
    Alnaphar - Quest for the Twilight Set
    An Eggcellent Adventure
    An Undiscovered Universe
    An Unexpected Development
    An Unusual Invitation
    Antiguardian Returns
    April Fool's '04 - 100% Ebil
    April Fool's '05 - StickQuest
    April Fool's '06 - Save Twilly
    April Fool's '07 - Quest
    April Fool's '08 - Battleon
    April Fool's '09 - The God must be Loco!
    April Fool's '10
    April Fool's '11 - Mortal Side Effects
    April Fool's '12
    April Fool's '13 - Donovan's Reign!
    April Fool's '14 - Babes of Battleon
    April Fools '15 - Mimes vs Clowns
    April Fools '16 - The Frogzard Hunter
    AQ's 10th Anniversary!
    AQ:IQ Welcome to Lore
    Arena Challenge
    Arena of Enthusiasts
    Arena of Fear
    Aria's Pet Shop
    Aria's Pet Snack Shack
    Artistic Ruins
    Assassin Class
    Assassin Class Masters Preview!
    Attack on Drakonnan!
    Attack on Granemor!
    Attack on the Drakel Domed City
    Azma Lake

    Bad Eggs!
    Ballyhoo - Aaron Stone
    Ballyhoo - Chipmunk Madness
    Ballyhoo - Coraline
    Ballyhoo - Legend of the Seeker
    Ballyhoo - Legend of the Seeker: Season 2
    Ballyhoo - Magic: The Gathering
    Ballyhoo - Rewards
    Ballyhoo - Space Chimp Mission!
    Ballyhoo - The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
    Ballyhoo - The Seeker
    Ballyhoo - Visit Ballyhoo!
    Ballyhoo - Wizards of Waverly Place
    Barry Jotter!
    Barry Jotter and the Lively Hallows Pt. 1
    Barry Jotter and the Lively Hallows Pt. 2
    Battle at Sea
    Battle for the Weapons of Salvation!
    Battle of Flowers
    Battlegrounds - Vampires vs. Lycans
    BattleOn - Main Town
    Battleon's Nightmare!
    Battleon is Under Attack!
    Beastmaster Class
    Become... a Dragon?!?
    Beleqwaya's Mission
    Beneath the Shifting Sands
    Bennuju Wetlands
    Berserker Class
    Big Mecha Attack
    Big Scakk Attack!
    Big Trouble in Little Granemor
    Big Trobble in Little Syna!
    BlARRRney War!
    Blackhawke's Black Heart
    Blarney Surprise!
    Blarney War 2009
    Blarney War 2010
    Blarney War 2011: Dragonchaun
    Blarney War 2012: Sure and Begorah
    Bludrut Keep
    Boog's Tavern
    Book of Salvation
    Bradakhan's Arrival
    Bradakhan: Dracomancer Usurper
    Breaking Point
    Bridge to the Sky - Quest for the Fujin set
    Bug Swarm
    Building Truphma I
    Building Truphma II
    Building Truphma III
    Bun-Bit War
    B.U.R.P. Invasion!

    Can Haz Vakayshon?
    Cancel the Apocalypse, War of the Giants Part 1
    Can't Wait to be Undead!
    Canyon of the Lost Souls
    Captain Munch Attacks!
    Carnax Rises
    Castle vs Castle - Part I
    Castle vs Castle - Part II
    Castle vs Castle - Part III
    Cat-Astrophe ( Wrath of Lionidas! )
    Cat-Astrophe (Seekrat)
    Catch Lady Tomo's Doves
    Children of the Measurer
    Cigeli Canyon
    Claw Tip Landing
    Confectionary Calamity
    Confectionary Calamity - Part 2
    Conquest & Cat-Napping
    Crystal cave [Crossover AQ/DF]
    Custom Weapon Quest
    Cysero... Returns?

    Dagin Fields
    Dangerous Parallels
    Dark Clouds
    Dark Lands
    Darkness Orb Quest
    Death's Domain
    Deep Lake
    Dense Red Fog: The Tower of Xyphos
    Deren Beach
    Deren: City of Enlightenment
    Dhows' True Form Revealed
    Diamands & Explosions
    Dinozard Island
    Doc Sawbones!
    Doom Dragon: The Fall of Draschemus??
    Doomquake Caverns
    Double O' Dozen
    Dr. Jackel and Mr. Snide!
    Dracomancer Class
    Dracomancer Saga: Part 1
    Dracomancer Saga: Part 2 Rescue Mission
    Dracomancer Saga: Part 3
    Dracopyre Showdown
    Dragon War: Platinum
    Dragon War of Steel
    Dragon War on Granemor!
    Dragonbane Quest
    Dragons, Dragons Everywhere! ( Dragon Morphs! )
    Dragons Gone Wild!
    Dragonslayer Class
    Drakel Attack
    Drakel vs. Elves
    Drakel War!
    DrakelCube P

    Earth Orb Quest
    Ebil Twilly!
    Eclipsus Quest Chain - 1: Irolustre & Kiveras
    Eclipsus Quest Chain - 2: The Dreamsider
    Eclipsus Quest Chain - 3: Awakening Barenford
    Edress Point
    Eggstra-Secret Shops
    Elements of D'awww!
    Emerge from the Shadow
    Endangered Species!
    Energy Orb Quest
    Enter the Portal
    Epic Quest 01 - Sage Uldor
    Epic Quest 02 - The Red Fog
    Epic Quest 03 - Hairy Situation
    Epic Quest 04 - Dark Sickness
    Epic Quest 05 - Big Trouble in Little Granemor
    Epic Quest 06 - The Vision
    Epic Quest 07 - Dragonstone
    Epic Quest 08 - Into Fangmaw
    Epic Quest 09 - Troll-O-Vision
    Epic Quest 10 - Rogue City
    Epic Quest 11 - Sun and Sand
    Epic Quest 12 - Fenris
    Epic Quest 13 - Eigerbuld
    Epic Quest 14 - Queen of Hearts
    Epic Quest 15 - The Shadow Master
    Exodus Attacks
    Exodus Attacks End Dialogue
    Explore Paxia
    Explore the Pyramid

    Face of Silence!
    Facing the Darkness
    Fading Warlic
    Failure to Communicant
    Fairwind Puddle
    Fairwind Spring
    Falcon's Fall
    Falerin's Domicile
    Falgorr Dungeon
    Fern Bully
    Fight for the Future!
    Fighter Class
    Final Countdown
    Find the Dweller
    Fire Orb Quest
    Fire War: Final Battle!
    FireSpawn I - Lair of the Lava Drake
    Firespawn II - The Return of Limkragg!
    First Walk Around Quest
    Flashback: NightBane vs Wolfwing
    Flaming Undead!
    Fortune Trans-PLANT-ed
    Fred on Strike!
    Frogzard Challenge!
    Frogzard Hunter: Part 1
    Frogzard Hunter: Part 2
    Frogzard Hunter: Part 3
    Frogzard Hunter: Part 4
    Frostval 2003 - Robina's Reports: Part 1
    Frostval 2003 - Robina's Reports: Part 2
    Frostval 2003 - Robina's Reports: Part 3
    Frostval '04
    Frostval '05
    Frostval '06
    Frostval '07
    Frostval '08
    Frostval '09
    Frostval '10
    Frostval '11: Gift Delivery
    Frostval '11: Rise of Chillax
    Frostval '12: The Freeze-gion of DOOM!
    Frostval '13: Do Moglin Dream of Electric Sheep?
    Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime
    Frostval '15: Fruitcake Fury!
    Frostval '16: Rise of the Sweater Zombies!
    Frostval in July!
    FunDead War!
    Fusion Dragons: Consequences
    Fusion Dragons: The Assault on Battleon

    Galanoth's Fate
    Galvawk's Plot!
    Gatta Island
    Germinator: Plantation!
    Ghin vs. Awethur!
    Ghost Rusters
    Ghosts 'n Moglins
    Gnuvain's Abode
    Golden Giftboxes
    Golems at Granemor!
    Gong with the Wind
    Granemor Cemetery
    Great Fire War Prelude
    Great Zard Hunt
    Greenguard Forest ( also The Stranger in Greengard )
    Grenwog Festival '06
    Grenwog Festival '07
    Grenwog Festival '08
    Grenwog Festival '09
    Grenwog Festival '10
    Grenwog Festival '11
    Grenwog Festival '12
    Grenwog Festival 2012: Bun Rangers Nitro!
    Grenwog Festival '13
    Grenwog Festival '14
    Grenwog Festival '15
    Grenwog Festival '16
    Grenwog Festival '17
    Grogh Swamplands
    Guardian Arena
    Guardian Dragon War!
    Guardian Tower

    Harvest Festival '07
    Harvest Festival '08
    Harvest Festival '09
    Harvest Festival '10
    Harvest Festival '11
    Harvest Festival '12
    Harvest Festival '13
    Harvest Festival '15
    Haunted House Quest
    Hedge Maze
    Hope Reborn!
    Hunt For The 5 Treasures! (Celtic MC Set)
    Huntress vs. Yulgar
    Huntress, the Hunted!
    Hybee Hive Raid

    Ice Orb Quest
    In the Aftermath of Chaos
    Infernal Inferno
    Infestation! BURP War 2014
    Innard Space
    Insult to Injury!
    Into the Darkness
    Introduction Quest
    Isle d'Oriens
    Isles of Drudgery
    Iz Mah Howse!

    Jagged Peaks
    Jail Time
    Jeremy's Quest
    Joust Training
    Jr. Squires of Order!
    Jypley's Believe it... or Rot

    K'eld Naer / Drakel Madness War
    K'eld Naer: Drakel Civil War
    K'eld Ner
    Kabak's... Back!
    Kairula - Learn About Kairula
    Kairula - Visit Kairula
    Kill the Beast Part One
    Kill the Beast Part Two
    King Malinius Returns!
    Knight Class - 'Emoran Knights
    Knight Class - Demon Knights
    Knight Class - First Five Levels
    Knight Class - Frogzard Knights
    Knight Class - Pria Knights
    Knight Class Quest (Old)
    Kragoth's Campaign

    Layard's Deception
    Leeroy Jenkins!
    Legacy of Xilar
    Legend of Lady Tomo
    Legends of Lore
    Light in the Darkness!
    Light Orb Quest
    Like Father, Like Son
    Liliana's request
    Little Problems
    Lolosia Gets Iced: Snow White Beaches
    Looking for Leads: Ku Ku!
    Lt. Lore: The Revengers Part 3
    Lucretia's Apothecary
    Lupin II
    Lycan Offensive

    Mage Class
    Martial Artist Class
    Mass Mardar!
    Maurinelle's Voice
    Maze of the Mana Dragon
    Meet Memet
    MetalFace's Lair
    Michaelon Entan's Challenge
    Minotaur Maze
    Miss Fixit - Go Fly a Kite!
    Miss Fixit - Krunder and the Anterlops!
    Miss Fixit - Missing: Teenage Dragon!
    Miss Fixit - Quest for the Bloodcrystal Axe
    Miss Fixit - Quest for the Creptus!
    Miss Fixit - Quest for the Viridian!
    Miss Fixit - Quest for the Zale!
    Miss Fixit - Return of the Centaurions
    Miss Fixit - Returns!
    Miss Fixit - Slay Bells!
    Miss Fixit - The Nefadon Scout!
    Miss Fixit - The Robocockatrice!
    Miss Fixit - Thoru the Weather Master!
    Missing Eggs!
    Missing Miss Fixit!
    Mission to Darkovia
    MogBusters! - Don't try this at home....
    MogBusters! - Twig FTW!
    MogBusters! - Twig's Dilemma!
    MogBusters! - Where do Xyfrags come from??
    Moglin Forest
    Mogloween - Main Town
    Mogloween '03
    Mogloween '04
    Mogloween '06
    Mogloween '07
    Mogloween '08
    Mogloween '09
    Mogloween '10
    Mogloween '11
    Mogloween '12
    Mogloween '13
    Monster Herders
    Morgul's Quest Part I - The Dark Orb
    Morgul's Quest Part II - The Obelisk of Darkness
    Morgul's Quest Part III - The Obelisk of Darkness: Continued
    Morningstar Set
    Mt. Thrall (Space: The Fatal Frontier)
    Mu-Glen's Call For Help
    Museum of the Strange and Bizarre
    Mysterious Artifact
    Mysterious Bridge
    Mysterious Crater
    Mysterious Enemy Part 1: Talk to the Hands
    Mysterious Enemy Part 2: Mysterious Menace
    Mysterious Enemy Part 3: Wrath of Carnax
    Mystery of the Falling Star!
    Mystery! AQ Live
    Myth of Trigoras!

    Necromancer Class
    Necromancer Fortress
    Nemesis: Justice Goes Blind
    New Andy Thaws!
    Night of the Grenwog
    NightBane's Fortress
    NightReign and GraceFang are born!
    NightReign Vs. GraceFang!
    Ninja Class
    No Good Deed... Part I
    No Good Deed... Part II
    No Man's Land

    Ode to Seasons
    Operation: Gameocide
    Orc Hunt!

    Pae's Quest
    Paintball War
    Paladin Class
    Paladin Introduction
    Parakkas Unbound!
    Past Blarney Rewards
    Paxia Clans
    Paxia Defense!
    Paxia In Peril!
    Paxia Under Siege! (Prologue to Big Mech Attack!)
    Paxia Under Siege! (Elemental Orbs Saga version)
    Paxian Patrols
    Phantom of the Opera
    Pirate Class
    Pirates vs. Ninjas
    Pirates vs. Ninjas: Round Two
    Plasma Dragon Quest
    Pod 1
    Pod 2
    Preemptive Strike!

    Quest for the Defender Orb
    Quest for the Dragon Blade!
    Quest for the Elemental Orbs
    Quest for the Fire Guardian Armor!
    Quest for the Ice Gems!
    Quest for the Kayda Gems
    Quest for the Terror Set!

    Rare Item Hunts!
    Rats O' War! ( BURPs Ahoy! )
    Rescue Lucretia
    Rescue the Sacrifice!
    Resistance is Feudal!
    Return to Alnaphar: Quest for the Overlord and Twilight Sets!
    Return to Paxia!
    Revengers Part 1
    Revengers Part 2: Superpower Madness!
    Riddle of the Sphinxes
    Ring of Malinius
    Rise of the Loremasters!
    Rise of the Samurats!
    Rising BURP Kingdom
    Robina's Monster Hunt
    Rogue Class
    Ruins of Rundlecrum!

    Safiria's Plea
    Save the Muhrbles!
    Save the Red Betty!
    Scholar Class
    Scouting Mission
    Search For the Red-Nosed ReignDragon
    Search Patrol
    Seed Spitter
    Seeking Silence
    Seekrat's Challenge
    Shadow War, a.k.a. The Other Side - Unleashed!
    Shadows Are Magic!
    ShadowSlayers & NightHunters
    Shards of MegSual
    Shear Madness [Crossover AQ/WF]
    Shhh... It's a Seekrat!
    Shock to the Heart
    Sinister 7 War
    Smoke Mountain
    Snugglefest '05
    Snugglefest '06
    Snugglefest '07
    Snugglefest '08
    Snugglefest '09
    Snugglefest '10
    Snugglefest '11
    Snugglefest '12
    Snugglefest '13 - The Matchmaker
    Snugglefest '14 - What Does Igneox Say?
    Snugglefest '15 - Tweenie Nightmare
    Snugglefest '16 - Date Night
    Something is Fishy in Lolosia....
    Spawn of Carnax
    Spell Scroll Quest
    Star Blecch 2
    Steam Powered Undead
    Stop Bugging Me!
    Strange Friends
    Strange Whispers
    Stretch of the Imagination

    Taladosian Prequel
    Taladosian Relics!
    Talk Like a Pirate Day Week 2008
    Talk Like a Pirate Day
    Tempest Tantrum
    The AntiGuardian!
    The Aracknight!
    The Beacon
    The Beginning of the End
    The Bizarre Flecks II: Mostly Harmful Special Preview
    The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part I - Double Take
    The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part II - Meteor Storm
    The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part III - Star Blecch!
    The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part IV - On the Night's Plutonian Shore
    The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part V - Us vs. Regeirk!
    The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Prologue
    The Bizarre Flecks Saga: 2011 Preview
    The Bizarre Flecks: Mostly Harmful
    The Bizarre Flecks: Mostly Harmful Aftermath
    The Bloodline!
    The Burning Sands!
    The BURPs are back!
    The Celestial Haven
    The Chimeran!
    The Cure
    The Destroyer: Part 1
    The Destroyer: Part 2
    The Destroyer: Part 3
    The Dollmaker I
    The Dollmaker II
    The Dragon King Part I - Charge of the Vartai
    The Dragon King Part II - To Magmaheart Island
    The Dragon War Finale
    The Dragon War Part I
    The Dragon War Part II
    The Dragon War Part III
    The Dragon's Secret
    The Edge of Extinction
    The Element of Surprise
    The Evil of Omega
    The Fall Forseen
    The Fall of Augerthorne!
    The Fallen Fisherman
    The Farm
    The Fate of Captain Briggs
    The Father's Door
    The Final Battle!
    The Future Begins Now: AdventureQuest Preview Cutscene
    The Grand Pumpkin
    The Hacker
    The Hall of Memories
    The Hall of Memories - A Rose by Any Other Name
    The Hall of Memories - Darkovian Ultimatum
    The Hall of Memories - Division by Zero
    The Hall of Memories - Mysterious Moglin
    The Hall of Memories - Tangled Web of Fate
    The Hall of Memories - The Arden Door - The Harder They Fall!
    The Hall of Memories - The First Door
    The Hall of Memories - The Fourth Door
    The Hall of Memories - The Second Door
    The Hall of Memories - The Third Door
    The Hoard of Alquemada
    The Huntress Arrives
    The Journey Home!
    The Kindred!
    The Last Stand
    The Legend of Frostvale Part 1
    The Legend of Frostvale Part 2: Frostvale Delivery Service
    The MaelStrom Part I
    The Maelstrom Part II - Tide of War
    The Manifestation
    The Maze
    The Memories of a Gecko
    The Misfit Monster Gang!
    The Mutant King
    The Mutant King 2
    The Mutant King Attacks!
    The Network Strikes
    The NightBane Chronicles Part I
    The NightBane Chronicles Part II
    The NightBane Chronicles Part III
    The Not So Epic Tale of the Gecko on a Tree
    The Nova Knight
    The Nyanited Way!
    The Past Unraveled - Prequel
    The Past Unraveled I
    The Past Unraveled II: Some Think it's Funny but it's Knot
    The Past Unraveled III: The Confrontation
    The Past Unraveled IV: Transmorphers: Beast Hostilities
    The Past Unravelled V: Rutan's Reckoned Rule of Semi-Classical organics
    The Pit
    The Prophet Arrives
    The Prophet Returns
    The Prophetís Secret
    The Prophetís Son
    The Protector
    The Restoration
    The Return of Awethur!
    The Return of Drakath
    The Return of Stragath!
    The Rise of Omega!
    The Sea Fiend
    The Space Girls
    The Temple of Hope
    The Temple of Hope (cont. 1)
    The Temple of Hope (cont. 2)
    The Terrible 12 War
    The Transporter
    The Trouble with Trobbles
    The Ultimate Battle
    The Undead at the Monolith
    The Undead Princess
    The Vault
    The Veil - Basecamp
    The Void
    The Void Dragons! ( also Into the Void! )
    The Zard of War
    Thunder Mountain
    Thursday the 12th
    Time Scrolls
    To the rescue of AshenVale!
    Tomb of Awethur
    Town Under Attack
    Transient Immortality
    Trescol - Learn About Trescol
    Trescol - Visit Trescol
    Triple Challenge
    Trophy Hunt
    Trouble From Beyond
    Truphma Camps!
    Truphma Saga 1 - Battleon has a School!?!?
    Truphma Saga 2 - Substitutes are... EVIL?!
    Truphma Saga 3 - Truphma World Jumping!
    Truphma War
    Twily's Kwest! (Jeremy's Quest)
    Twilly Kidnapped!
    Twilly vs. Zorbak: Part 1
    Twilly vs. Zorbak: Part 2

    Ultimon's Fortress
    Ultimon's Fortress Part 2
    Ultimon's Fortress Part 3
    Ultimon's Fortress Part 4
    Ultimon's Fortress Part 5: Finale
    Undead Invasion
    Undead Invasion (Full Attack)
    Undead Invasion (Raiding Party)
    Undead Terror Quest
    UnZardly Terror!

    Vampire Attack: Round I
    Vampire Attack: Round II
    Vampire Castle (Vampire Subrace)
    Vampire Offensive
    Vampire/Werewolf Battles: Part 1
    Vampire/Werewolf Battles: Part 2
    Vampire/Werewolf Battles: Part 3
    Vartai Secrets!
    Visia War
    Visit Frostvale!
    Visit Grumbugly (Visit Valencia Privately)
    Visit the Stat Trainers
    Volu's Pride!

    War for Darkovia!
    War of the Clans!
    War of the Fangs: Evolution
    War of the Worms
    Warlic's Haunted Shop!
    Warlic's Magic Shop
    Warlic's Portal
    Warlord Kragoth Attacks
    WarpForce Crossover Quest! [Crossover AQ/WF]
    WarpForce Teaser
    Warp Wars
    Water Battle Chamber
    Water Orb Quest
    Weapons of Change I
    Weapons of Change II
    Weapons of Change: Interlude
    Well of the Water Lord's Tears
    Werepyre Hideout (Werepyre Subrace)
    Werewolf Attack
    Werewolf Lair (Werewolf Subrace)
    When Zombies Attack!
    White-Washed Walls
    Willow Creek
    Wind Orb Quest
    With Fiends Like These...
    Wizard Class
    Wizard Games
    Wizard Games 2008
    Wizard Games 2011 (Current in-game playable version)
    Wolf Riders!
    Worlds in Peril
    Wun-Eye's Quest
    Wyvern Rider War!

    X Marks The Spot
    Xov's Fire I
    Xov's Fire II
    Xov's Fire III

    Yon Ill Wind
    Yulgar's Attic
    Yulgar's Inn

    Zard Wars: Return of the Zardmaster
    Zard Wars: The ZardMaster Strikes Back (First Time)
    Zard Wars: The ZardMaster Strikes Back (Second Time)
    Zardmaster: Evolution!
    Zhilo's Challenge
    Zombie Raid!
    Zorbak and Safiria's Challenge
    Zorbak's Ebil Mistake!
    Zorbak Presents: Pet Crazy
    Zorbak Quest: Part III
    Zorbak Saga Part 4: Freak Out!
    Zorbak's Trickery
    Zorbak Wars
    Seasonal Events

    April Fool's Days
  • April Fool's '04 - 100% Ebil
  • 2005 - StickQuest
  • 2006 - Save Twilly
  • 2007 - Quest
  • 2008 - Battleon
  • 2009 - The God must be Loco!
  • 2010 - Switched
  • 2011 - Mortal Side Effects
  • 2012 - Possessed
  • 2013 - Donovan's Disaster
  • 2014 - Babes of Battleon
  • 2015 - Mimes vs Clowns
  • 2016 - The Frogzard Hunter

  • 2006: Leprechauns!
  • 2007: The Blarney Strikes Back!
  • 2008: Blarney Surprise!
  • 2009: Lucky Science
  • 2010: Lucky Time Travel
  • 2011: Dragonchauns
  • 2012: Leppies are Magic!
  • 2013: Fortune Trans-PLANT-ed
  • 2014: BlARRRney War!
  • 2015: Fight for Freedom
  • 2016: LepreZards
  • 2017: Battle at Sea

  • 2003
    **(1) The Legend of Frostvale Part 1
    **(2) The Legend of Frostvale Part 2: Frostvale Delivery Service
    ** Frostval 2003 - Robina's Reports: Part 1
    ** Frostval 2003 - Robina's Reports: Part 2
    ** Frostval 2003 - Robina's Reports: Part 3

  • 2004
    **(1) Frostval Invasion!
    **(2) Desert Rescue!
    **(3) Frostval Siege!
    **(4) Frost Dragon War!
    **(5) Frostval Gift Delivery!

  • 2005
    **(1) Save Frostvale!
    **(2) Save Frostvale Part II
    **(3) Save Frostvale Part III
    **(4) Great Frost Wyrm
    **(5) Deliver the Gifts!

  • 2006
    **(1) Part I: Sandy Claws!
    **(2) Part II: Save Frostval!
    **(3) Part III: Icefall
    **(4) Part IV: Jack Frost
    **(5) Part V: The Frost King
    **(6) Part VI: Gift Delivery

  • 2007
    **(1) Part I
    **(2) Part II
    **(3) Part III
    **(4) Deliver the Gifts!

  • 2008
    **(1) Slay Bells! The Quest to Save Frostval
    **(2) Gift Delivery!

  • 2009
    **(1) Part I
    **(2) Part II
    **(3) Part II - Special Mission
    **(4) Part III - Gift Delivery
    **(5) Deleted & Extended Scenes

  • 2010
    **(1) Part I
    **(2) Part II - Tydlee Wynx Attacks!
    **(3) Part III - Gift Delivery

  • 2011
    **(1) Rise of Chillax
    **(2) Gift Delivery

  • 2012
    **(1) Frostval 2012: Decorate the Battleon Tree
    **(2) Frostval 2012: The Freeze-gion of DOOM!
    **(3) Frostval 2012: Gift Delivery!

  • 2013
    **(1) Frostval '13: Decorate the Battleon Tree
    **(2) Frostval '13: Do Moglin Dream of Electric Sheep?
    **(3) Frostval '13: Do Moglin Dream of Electric Sheep? Part II
    **(4) Frostval '13: Delivery War
    ** Frostval '13: Epilogue

  • 2014
    **(1) Frostval '14: Decorate the Battleon Tree
    ** Special Cutscene
    **(2) Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime
    **(3) Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime - Killing Spree Ending
    **(4) Frostval '14: Delivery War

  • 2015
    **(1) Frostval '15: Decorate the Battleon Tree
    **(2) Frostval '15: A Chilly Request
    **(3) Frostval '15: Stollen Fruitcake
    **(4) Frostval '15: Fruitcake War
    **(5) Frostval '15: Delivery War

  • 2016
    **(1) Frostval '16: Decorate the Battleon Tree
    **(2) Frostval '16: Save the Sweaters!
    **(3) Frostval '16: Attack of the Sweater Zombies!
    **(4) Frostval '16: Gift Delivery!

    Grenwog Festival
  • 2006
  • 2007: Egghead Quest
  • 2008: Egghead Quest
  • 2009: Food Chain
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012: Bun Rangers Nitro!
  • 2013: Night of the Grenwog
  • 2014: Missing Eggs
  • 2015: Bad Eggs!
  • 2016
  • 2017: Double O' Dozen

    Harvest Festival / BURP Wars
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010 and Return of the BURPS (BURP War 2010)
  • 2011
  • 2012 and Rise of the Samurats! (BURP War 2012)
  • 2013 and Rising BURP Kingdom
  • Infestation! BURP War 2014
  • 2015

  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2006 and The Mogloween Secret - Kabroz Returns!
  • 2007 and Witch Hunt!
  • 2008 and Mystery of the Falling Star!
  • 2009 and Frankenspine!
  • 2010 and Monstermaniacs
  • 2011
  • 2012 and Zombieland!
  • 2013
  • 2014 - The Dollmaker Part 1
  • 2014 - The Dollmaker Part 2
  • 2015 - Ghosts 'n Moglins
  • 2016 - Mysterious Artifact
  • 2016 - The Grand Pumpkin

  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012 - Blackhawke's Black Heart
  • 2013 - The Matchmaker
  • 2014 - What Does Igneox Say?
  • 2015 - Tweenie Nightmare
  • 2016 - Date Night

    Classes / Subraces

    Assassin Class
    Beastmaster Class
    Berserker Class
    Dracomancer Class
    Dragonslayer Class
    Fighter Class
    Knight Class
    Mage Class
    Martial Artist Class
    Necromancer Class
    Ninja Class
    Paladin Class
    Pirate Class
    Rogue Class
    Scholar Class
    ShadowSlayers & NightHunters
    Wizard Class

    Dracopyre Showdown (Dracopyre Subrace)
    Vampire Castle (Vampire Subrace)
    Werepyre Hideout (Werepyre Subrace)
    Werewolf Lair (Werewolf Subrace)

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