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Optimization Academy of Lore: Shields and Spells

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12/10/2018 21:21:46   
Legendary Ash

Optimization Academy of Lore: Shields and Spells

What this guide will do and what it will not do:
This guide is meant to give guidelines of what to do for a character -- advice on the best equipment on each category and strategies complementing builds. While the suggestions given within the guide will be adequate in generic situations, it may not answer specific questions that can and will present itself as you play.

To ask for specific advice visit AQ Questions and Answers, Equipment Comparison, or other guides within this forum.

Players are expected to make decisions on their own to build characters to their liking with guidelines of general strategies, understand that a less optimized character is viable to a certain extent.

Ward_Point explains how to use the advice within this guide


*To quick find press ctrl + F on the keyboard and type the numerical code beside the section desired, view the example of [6] Spells for the decimal numbering system 1 to 96 that are associated with specific elements, for specific pairings in Multielement, type lowest to highest value from left to right*

[5] Shields
[5.0] No drop
[5.01] Fire
[5.02] Water
[5.03] Wind
[5.04] Ice
[5.05] Earth
[5.06] Energy
[5.07] Light
[5.08] Dark
[5.098] Multielement
[5.1] Fire
[5.2] Water
[5.3] Wind
[5.4] Ice
[5.5] Earth
[5.6] Energy
[5.7] Light
[5.8] Dark

[6] Spells
[6.1] Fire
[6.2] Water
[6.3] Wind
[6.4] Ice
[6.5] Earth
[6.6] Energy
[6.7] Light
[6.8] Dark
[6.9] Void
[6.95] Harm
[6.96] Healing
[6.98] Multielement
[6.99] Utility


Shields are separated into Defensive or Offensive categories depending on the nature of the effect and available actions.
They may have built in Skills/Spells either weapon element or locked to an element a compensation determined by choosing the lowest product of (one of a standard spread armor's eight resistances - shield)/Expected resistance at player level and the quotient of 130/locked element position relative to correct attack element of one of the armor's eight resistances according to the Elemental Wheel Correct 130, Ally 115, Neutral 100, Poor 85 or Opposite 80.
Dual element shields have slightly less resistance to better defend against rare dual element monsters that otherwise hit harder on a single element shield with a standard secondary resistance.
Compression shields are provided for to address Adventurer's lack of a permanent elementalised no drop shield and for utility shields.

No Drop [5.0]
Fire [5.01]D
- Dual S Tortilla Shield
Water [5.02]
Wind [5.03]
Ice [5.04]
- Dual S Tortilla Shield
Earth [5.05]
D S Eggshell
Energy [5.06]
Light [5.07]
Dark [5.08]
Multielement [5.098]
D Adventurer Shield, Guardian Shield, Shield of Awe, UltraGuardian Shield

Fire [5.1]
D Fire Shield v> Adolescent Dragon Knight's Scales, Grakma-Hide Shield from Mecha Knight, P Akriloth's Command, SP Heart's Defender, H Pyro Chrono Shield
- Skill P Protoparagon Mk 3 Defender
- Dual Fur of Igneus, Fate's Betrayal from When Powers Collide, S Memorial Shield
- Comp Cerebus Ward from Underworld Part I: The Hunt for Hollow, S Fireworks Buckler, P Hydro Blaze Shield
O Lord's Narrative, Shield of Agony's Blood
- Skill Z Heroic Shield of the Warbringer
Water [5.2]
D Water Shield v> Transmorpher > Figurehead, Palette Protector from When Powers Collide, Sole > Luna Shield
- Skill Doray, Initiate's Fealty
- Dual Magnetic Bulwark, Sunken Ship Wheel, S Arm Floaty, P Paramount Shield
- Comp Bac-ler, P Hydro Blaze Shield, P Sinmaw's Guile
- Skill Poseidon's Reverance
Wind [5.3]
D Wind Shield v> Rooted Flora Shield
- Skill Virudhaka
- Dual Shield of Sands, Furtive Assassin Shield, Admirable Tower Shield, S Arm Floaty, P Paramount Shield
O Yata Mirror
Ice [5.4]
D Ice Shield v> GA Cryo Chrono Shield, P MegathÝrio Defender
- Skill S Father Time, P Protoparagon Mk 2 Defender
- Dual Furtive Assassin Shield
O Horo-show Void Vindicator
- Skill Pies, Lt. Lore's Shield
- Dual Fur of Igneus
Earth [5.5]
D Earth Shield v> Tectonic Tower Shield > Geocastellum Bulwark, Sol Shield, S Macka-Lot Buckler, P Scales of Custosilva
- Dual Candy Floss Shield, ShadowSlayer Shield, Shield of Sands, Magnetic Bulwark
- Comp P Elightus Guard
O Chimeran Knight Shield, IronThorn, Morningstar Bulwark
Energy [5.6]
D Energy Shield v> Grounded Flora Shield, Umazen Aspis from The Umazon Stirs, Seer's Taladosian Ward, P King's Reign Guard, P Ironbloom Bulwark
- Dual Admirable Tower Shield
- Comp P Elightus Guard, P Sinmaw's Guile
- Skill Asgardian Charge's Sureness
Light [5.7]
D Light Shield > Emancipator's Radiance from The Last Umazen City, Illuminated Solaris Shield, Ikm of Thoth, Learning To Fly, S Broken Mirror Defender, P Light Realm Protector > Sol Shield
- Skill Ethereal Shield, Eye of Naab, P Protoparagon Mk 4 Defender
- Dual Candy Floss Shield, Fate's Betrayal from When Powers Collide
- Comp Daylight Savings Time > S Fireworks Buckler
- Skill Scarab Shell
Dark [5.8]
D Darkness Shield v> Corrupted Flora Shield, Evening's Emblem, Lantern of Souls from Death's Domain Nowhere, Mecha Knight Defender from Mecha Knight > Luna Shield
- Skill Guardian Dread Totem
- Dual ShadowSlayer Shield, Sunken Ship Wheel, S Memorial Shield
- Comp Daylight Savings Time, Cerebus Ward from Underworld Part I: The Hunt for Hollow
O H ShadowWalker's Shield of Time
- Skill S Box of Chocolates > S Eclipse Shield, S Lunar Eclipse Shield


Spells are separated into Defensive or Offensive categories to identify the nature of the effects.
Guests are separated by the type of resource it consumes, Calls are Sp and Summons are Mp.
Multielement category items have numbers from 1 to 8 behind the decimal associated with the element category in numerical order to be identified by, items of eight elements or more will be without numbers.

Spells from December 26, 2007 backwards had no stat damage, on June 12, 2008 they received a 100% stat dmg per hit update.
Starting from January 1, 2008 spells released had stat damage that increases with spell level, their stat damage values standard were discontinued after January 1, 2010.
Starting from February 11, 2010 spells released have 30% less stat damage comparing Dark Wings IV against Fwying Wonder.
The spells with more stat damage than modern ones are listed in the Equipment progression pathways and transitions to modern spells as appropriate.

Fire [6.1]
D Spell Cuddle Cube Pyre, Seeing Red, S Loco Eggsplosion from Egads, Exploding Eggs
- Dual S Summon Amoria
O Skill Blazing Phoenix, S Drop the MOAP, Z Dragonguard Invocation
Spell Fireball ^> Arrows v> 95 Fireball Z, Missile Barrage from Underworld Part IV: Escape the Wicked King, S Liberty's Footsteps, Z Arms of the Dragonguard
- Comp Fires of Desolation, Destruction Burst
Guest Call Firezard > Call Poutine Golem, P Shogun & Ansatsu Contract
Summon InfernoZard
Water [6.2]
D Skill P Sea Titan Slam
Spell Torrentacles from A Cavernous Chronicle, P Sea Titan Wave
Guest S Summon Aquella from Season of Shipping
O Skill Aqua Edge
Spell Rain Bolt ^> Rain Storm > Water Dragon Blast > Sticky Gumn > Goopy Gumn > 105 Blue Blazes, Everlasting Guardian Gumn, Whirl Tide, Dryad Aqua Blast from Trouble A-Poaches
- Comp P Cysero's Teleport Booth, P Cysero's Explosive Teleport Booth
Guest Call Tadzard > Z Call Hydro Badelaire
- Comp GA Call Maple Beaver, S Call Chupacabra
Summon WhaleZard, Summon Gaiden
Wind [6.3]
D Spell ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Green Envy, Biggest Fan <
O Skill Gale Impact, S Necromantic WAHHHHH
Spell Whirlwind > Sonic Boom > Chinook > Brilhado Feathers ^
- Comp P Glacial Gust, P Arctic Tornado
Guest Call Skeeter
Call Windzard, P Shogun & Ansatsu Contract
Summon CloudZard, Summon Eukara, Summon Wind Spirit
Ice [6.4]
D Spell Abominable Assault > Chocolate Syrup
Guest Z Summon Icemaster Yeti
O Skill Arctic Impact
Spell Frost ^> IceBall > Cool "Cupuncture > Algorstorm > Ice Nine > 105 Frigid Fury
- Comp P Glacial Gust, P Arctic Tornado
Guest Call Icezard, Nezujimbo Contract
Summon BlizZard > Summon Mirror Ryussei
Earth [6.5]
D Skill Terrapin Shell from A Cavernous Chronicle, Thorns
Spell Salad Shooter, Sands of Suffocation, S Call Sugar Gobbler
O Skill Terra Crunch, Entangling Vines
Spell EarthStrike ^> Dinozard Bite > Earth Rage, Earth Spikes > Dinozard Chomp, Earth Fury > Dinozard NOMNOMNOM > 115 Gravity Crush, Earthen Werepyre Spirit, S Liberty's Footsteps, SZ Ebil Pencil
- Comp P Primordial Light, P Creation Burst
Guest Call Frogzard, Call Twilly from Forgotten Memories, Call Warrior
- Comp GA Call Maple Beaver
Summon ToadZard, Z Summon Doomquake Minions
Energy [6.6]
D Spell Thunder Wave, Blood Ruby Rain from Blood Ruby Rampage
Guest P Call Blood Ruby Rose
P Summon Blood Ruby Rose
O Skill Electro Impact, S Deck of Hearts, Z Mighty Kaiju Blast
Spell Lightning ^> Current Event > BigZapAttack > Dr. Voltabolt's Lightning > Thunder Stalker Strike > Galvawk's > MegaHyperGigaShock, Z Surge, Z Mystic Kaiju Blast
- Comp P Cysero's Teleport Booth, P Cysero's Explosive Teleport Booth
Guest Call Energyzard, Call Mage
Summon StormZard, S Summon Loco
Light [6.7]
D Skill Your Body Heals at the Speed of Light from Out of Order
O Skill Radiant Might, Your Hand Glows with an Awesome Power from Out of Order, Your Soul Burns Bright as a Beacon from Out of Order, Scarab Swarm
Spell Ray of Light > Vanquish Shadows > Light of Mana, Daybreak > Brilhado Pinions > Sunburst > Fwying Wonder > 115 Star Forge
- Comp Embrace the Shadows, P Primordial Light, P Creation Burst
Guest Call Rayzard
Summon LightZard
Dark [6.8]
D Skill Z Iron Maiden
Spell Graveyard Smash from The Return of Artix
Guest Call Scion from Hostage to Misfortune, Z Call Grimlord, Z Summon Grimlord
O Skill Umbral Impact, Fleshreaver Strike from Necragon Incursion, S Meteorbak
Spell Tendrils of Darkness ^> Bag O" Bones > Mayhem Blast > Darkness Dragon Ambush > Mayhem Beam v> Midnight Werepyre Spirit,
- Comp Fires of Desolation, Destruction Burst, Embrace the Shadows
Guest Call Darkzard > Call Zombie Director, S Ninja Lawyer Assassins Contract
- Comp S Call Chupacabra
Summon NightZard, Summon Brain Spider > Summon Undead Army
Void [6.9]
O Spell Spellcraft
Harm [6.95]
O Spell Archmage Research
Guest Summon Memet
Healing [6.96]
D Skill Catnip Senses, Cure Toxic Poisons, Water of Immortality, Healing Seeds, Mending Vines, Purifying Pollen, GA Sisters of Mercy
Spell Cure Wounds, S Pumpkin Patch, Z Gandolphin, Z Kiss of the Angel of Darkness
Guest Call Twilly from Forgotten Memories
Summon Gaiden
O Spell Light Cross
Multielement [6.98]
D Spell .78 Ultraviolent Light
O Spell Charm, S Candy Hearts, .25 Jacques' Fury, .78 Luminous Blast, .35 Sandicane
.1367 Elemental Rage, .2458 Elemental Scorn, .2578 Sol and Luna
Storm of Kus, SZ Colored Pencils
Guest - Comp Z Call Dunamis
Z Call Thernda
S .17 Summon Dragonchaun, S .25 Summon Plant Dragon, .36 Summon Ramleoness, .37 Summon Necropunk, S .37 Summon LOCOmotive, .58 Summon Antlertops, .678 Summon WarLich, .78 Summon ElBhe, Z Summon Poelala
Utility [6.99]
D Skill Purple Rain
N Skill P Buffalot's Beach Bod, P Arcane Amplification, SZ 2019 New Year's Surprise
Spell Moonwalker's Grace, SZ 2019 New Year's Surprise
O Spell Randomizing Blight, Scrambler Beacon

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