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Optimization Academy of Lore: Pets and Miscs

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6/17/2019 23:06:57   
Legendary Ash

Optimization Academy of Lore: Pets and Miscs

What this guide will do and what it will not do:
This guide is meant to give guidance of what is available for a character - advice on the equipment of each category and strategies complementing builds. While the suggestions given within the guide will be adequate in generic situations, it may not answer specific questions that will present itself as you play.

To ask for specific advice visit AQ Questions and Answers, Equipment Comparison, or other guides within this forum.

Players are expected to make decisions on their own to build characters to their liking in terms of aesthetics and playstyle through guidance in general strategies, we acknowledge that a less optimized character is viable to a certain extent.

Ward_Point explains how to use the advice within this guide


*To quick find press ctrl + F on the keyboard and type the numerical code beside the section desired, view the example of [7] Pets for the decimal numbering system 1 to 96 that are associated with specific elements, for specific pairings in Multielement, type lowest to highest value from left to right*

[7] Pets
[7.0] Temporary
[7.01] Fire
[7.02] Water
[7.03] Wind
[7.04] Ice
[7.05] Earth
[7.06] Energy
[7.07] Light
[7.08] Dark
[7.1] Fire
[7.2] Water
[7.3] Wind
[7.4] Ice
[7.5] Earth
[7.6] Energy
[7.7] Light
[7.8] Dark
[7.9] Void
[7.95] Harm
[7.96] Heal
[7.98] Multielement
[7.99] Omnielement

[8] Miscellaneous
[8.0] Temporary
[8.1] Fire
[8.2] Water
[8.3] Wind
[8.4] Ice
[8.5] Earth
[8.6] Energy
[8.7] Light
[8.8] Dark
[8.9] Void
[8.95] Harm
[8.96] Heal
[8.98] Multielement
[8.99] Omnielement


Pets are separated into Defensive or Offensive categories depending on the nature of the effect and available actions. Immobility pets are more effective defensively than single or dual element multiplicative resistance miscs against multielementals that attack with at least three elements.
Multielement category items have numbers from 1 to 8 behind the decimal that corresponds to an element in numerical order, items of eight elements or more will be without numbers.

Discontinued after February 17, 2012, pets are separated into non-Beastmaster whose attack rate is not determined by Cha and Beastmaster whose default attack rate is 67% + .5(Cha-Training Difficulty)+Special Modifer.
Starting on April 23, 2017 pets are able to Lucky Strike.

Temporary [7.0]
Fire [7.01]
Water [7.02]
Wind [7.03]
Ice [7.04]
Earth [7.05]
D S Zard Piņata
Energy [7.06]
Light [7.07]
Dark [7.08]

Fire [7.1]
D Fire Vampragon, Undead Fire Giant, S Love Machine, P Flareos > Keyote, Floating Pie > Underwyrmling from Escape the Wicked King, S Baby Egg, Z Sin of Revontheus, SZ Patriot Griffin
O G FireWere, P Ramssy > Juvenile Vampragon from War Of The Fangs: Revival, Vassal's Recovery, Hatchling Dragon Knight's Familiar, S Rose bud
- Skill Flame Bot from GGB
- Comp Harpy Dragon from Play the Harpie, S Drag O'Lantern from Witch Hunt, Z Pumpkin Golem, Z Mini Nulgath, Z Steam Trobble, P Cockatoo Cannoneer, P Luminous Fire Rooster
Water [7.2]
D Water Vampragon, Cephalopod, S Emodjinn > Mizuchi's Disorder > S RhubZard, S Baby Egg
O Glador > Beast's Rest
- Skill Aqua Bot from GGB
- Comp Hummingpotamus, S Cai-Man Warrior from The Cai-Man Island
Wind [7.3]
D Wind Vampragon, Quog > P Griffin > Sphinx, S Turkeysaurus Rex > S Baby Egg, Z Pig Drake
- Comp Harpy Dragon from Play the Harpie
O Oreads' Ado, S Nerfbat
- Comp Hummingpotamus > Eyephoon, Z Champion Weapon Golem, Z Experimental Robocockatrice, P Cockatoo Cannoneer
Ice [7.4]
D Ice Vampragon, Haunted Sword > Avenger's Sentinel > Ice Cream Golem, S Frosty Godfather, Z Diamond Flutterby > Frost Effigy from Secret of the Lost Tower > S Baby Egg, Z Riftwalker, G Nilak
O Ice Cat, G IceWere, P Chilly > G Nerfkitten
- Comp Z Champion Weapon Golem
Earth [7.5]
D Neko Waifer > Earth Vampragon, Hammer Turret > Peace Zard > Z Fu Dog > Geocastellum Cauldron from Geocastellum Set Part 2, S Gym Rat from The Waning of Famine, S Baby Egg, Z Razorclaw
- Skill (Shiny) WoolZard
- Comp Z Experimental Robocockatrice
O S Axiomatic Chipmunk > S Nerfit > Bulbazard, Homely Eye Spy, SP Sabre-Toothed Grenwog
- Skill Tank Bot from GGB
- Comp Can-Can Cannon, S Cai-Man Warrior from The Cai-Man Island, S Drag O'Lantern from Witch Hunt, Z Pumpkin Golem
Energy [7.6]
D Energy Vampragon, Controlled Platopulse > Pikazard, S Carnation bud, P Blood Ruby Rose > S Baby Egg
O Mini Giant Space Braken > Blood Ruby Golem from Blood Ruby Rampage > Sparky Cutiepants
- Comp Can-Can Cannon, Eyephoon, Z Steam Trobble
Light [7.7]
D Light Vampragon > Mau of Seth, Dangerously Adorable Cabbit > S Gildead Leprechaun from Gold Thriller, S Baby Egg, SG Happy Cloud, Z Paladin Chilly, P Royal Cake
O Light Cat, S Lepre-Chan > Dogzilla from War of the Giants Part 2 > Juvenile Lupragon from War Of The Fangs: Revival, Scarab
- Comp Shadowpegasus, Shadowpony, Shadowunicorn, P Luminous Fire Rooster
Dark [7.8]
D Darkness Vampragon, Quester's Skitter, G Nightmaregon > Shade's Notice > Skele-Brain from Chessmaster: Dark Tidings, Guardian Dread Aranacabra > S Lavender bud, S Unlucky Rabbit, S Baby Egg, S Undead Sneak, Z Azrael's Reaper
O Undead Archer, Model 294 from Mecha Knight, S Un-Lead Leprechaun from Gold Thriller, Z Bone Smasher
- Comp Shadowpegasus, Shadowpony, Shadowunicorn, Z Mini Nulgath
Void [7.9]
O Z Twisted Juvenile Void Dragon
Harm [7.95]
O Z Void Drayk > Z My Tiny Void Pwny
Heal [7.96]
D Retro Twilly
- Comp Fairy Godmother, S Frosty Godmother, S Umbral Godmother, Z Soluna
Multielement [7.98]
D .15 Noxious Baby Chimeran, .78 Chiaro Symbiote, G Custom Zard
O .23 Mini Theta, .28 Lunar Spirit Cat, .34 Zaph and Neely, Z .35 Robocockatrice, SG .48 EgGobbler, .57 Solar Spirit Cat, .78 Weapon Golem, S .78 ElBhe Doll, S .4678 Bun-Brain, .125795 Four-Eyed Freak, Golem Stranger, G Mana Golem, S Babby
Omnielement [7.99]
- Comp Z Chickencow Clone, Z Poelala, P Dunamis, P Thernda


Miscs are items that consume resources to passively provide Defensive and/or Offensive boosts, its less efficient than a Skill/Spell below Level 41 and more efficient than Guests above Level 80 unless its a click to activate skill/spell.

Subtractive -Resist miscs discontinued after September 26, 2013 are stronger once armor and shield resistance reaches as threshold, for example a -10% to 19% is 52.63%, while Multiplicative *Resist misc released as of October 17, 2013 are maxed at 50%.
As a reminder, evaluate the shelf life value of your purchases, Urn of Daryngord and Everfrozen Shard are less expensive and more powerful options than Marks of Lorian Deities, but carries the risk of being updated in the future into a Dual multiplicative 50% Resist with unsustainable upkeep like Trophy of Enthusiasm.

Discontinued after March 18, 2014 is multiplicative *1+.01(Damage% Boost*Boost2) once it was recognized that multiplicative increases damage further than intended when there are at least two boosts.
Starting on April 1, 2014 is additive *1+.01(Damage% Boost+Boost2), additive and multiplicative boosts interact with each other multiplicatively.

Temporary [8.0]
D Health Potion, Heart of the Ramleon, Poison Neutraliser, Regenerative Spritzer
N Ambush, Mana Potion, Shining Aura
O Dead-Eye Straight
Fire [8.1]
D Optic, - Amulet of Drakonnan, G- Helm of Drakonnan, Z- Kitsune Mask, Z- Magma Leaf, SP Spirit of Love
- Weapon Z- Deflecting Seal I
- Guest Grakma Harbinger from Mecha Knight, Infernal Djinn Lamp
- Skill Hatchling Dragon Knight's Crest
- Comp Z Mark of The'Galin, SZ- Mother's Charm Necklace
- Dual - Flaming Skull, Z- Urn of Daryngord, Trophy of Supreme Enthusiasm
O Z * Fire Orb
- Guest Infernal Djinn Lamp, S Salamandr Seed Pack
Water [8.2]
D Layard's Loyalty, - Pirate Hat > Codpiece, Mizuchi's Repast, Tears of Daw, - Legendary Shadow Crystal V1: Hydra, S BlARRRney Hat, S Shark Jaw, Z- Mermazon Kelp, SP Spirit of Grenwog
- Weapon Z- Reflective Seal I
- Spell - Eye of Sacragon
- Comp Z Mark of Sylvanus, Z Mark of Serenia, SZ Father's Day Tie
- Dual Z- Everfrozen Shard
O Greater Water Orb
Wind [8.3]
D Liliana's Ring, - Urn of Prevailing Winds, - Feather of the Roc, Yasakani Jewel, - Legendary Shadow Crystal V1: Roc, S Ravenous Talisman from The Waning of Famine, SP Spirit of Change
- Weapon Power Shard: Varnak, Z- Bulwark Seal I
- Spell Sphinx's Riddle > Legendary Shadow Crystal V2: Sphinx
- Comp S Father's Day Sock, Z Mark of Loco
- Dual - Certificate of Capable Victory, - Thunderbird helm
O Z* Wind Orb
- Guest Friendship Bracelet, G Gemini Pendant
- Skill Elven Sniper Assist
- Comp Frostgale's Remorse from Mistral's Request
Ice [8.4]
D Void Visor, Horo-show Void Visor, - Mask of Calm, SP Spirit of Frostval
- Comp Z Mark of Falerin, SZ- Mother's Charm Necklace
- Dual Z- Everfrozen Shard
O Waffle Cone, Z* Ice Orb, H* 10th Anniversary T-Shirt
- Comp Frostgale's Remorse from Mistral's Request
Earth [8.5]
D Bell Shell from A Cavernous Chronicle, Morningstar Badge, - Clan Defender's Memento, - Minotaur's Pride, Underarmour, Polygalactase Process, - Legendary Shadow Crystal V1: Minotaur, Legendary Shadow Crystal V2: Chimera, Z- Treasure Box, SP Spirit of Rejuvenation, SP Spirit of Harvest
- Guest S Green Dragon Ocarina
- Comp S Father's Day Sock, Z Mark of Sylvanus
- Dual Honorary Diploma, - Leech Head, Z- Head of Raydius Dragon
N Roots of Daw
O - Guest Friendship Bracelet, G Gemini Pendant
Energy [8.6]
D Blood Ruby from Blood Ruby Rampage, - Shock Collar, Murderator Gauntlet from Arena of Enthusiasts, G- Helm of Drakonnas, S Troofle Fur from More Troofles, More Troubles, Z Taladosian Pendant, SP Spirit of Freedom
- Comp Mecha Knight Power Core from Mecha Knight, Z Mark of Loco, Z Mark of Lorithia, SZ Father's Day Tie
- Dual - Thunderbird helm, Z- Urn of Daryngord
N Spark of Daw
O Z* Energy Orb
- Guest Friendship Bracelet, S Taladosian Tart
- Spell Power Shard: Dr. Boom
Light [8.7]
D Irt of Seth, Brilliance of Daw, - Brilliant Solaris helm, - Evil Eyeglasses, - Luminous Wyrm helm, Z- Golden Goblet, SP Spirit of Luck
- Comp S- Mother's Charm Earrings, Z Mark of Serenia, Z Mark of Lorithia
- Dual Honorary Diploma, - Crystal of Restless Shadows, Trophy of Supreme Enthusiasm
O * Light Orb
- Guest * Paladin's Oath
- Spell Z Radiant Prism
Dark [8.8]
D Catcher's Mask, Liquid Courage, Old Belfount Souvenir Snowglobe from The Return of Artix, - Legendary Shadow Crystal V1: Naga, Z- Shikyo Mask, Z 13th Mask, SP Spirit of Mogloween
- Comp Mecha Knight Power Core from Mecha Knight, S- Mother's Charm Earrings, Z Mark of The'Galin, Z Mark of Falerin
- Dual - Flaming Skull, - Certificate of Capable Victory, - Crystal of Restless Shadows, - Leech Head, Z- Head of Raydius Dragon, Guardian Dread Visage
O Cagliari's Spectacles, * Ring of the Twilight Copse, Z* Dark Orb
- Guest Infernal Djinn Lamp
Void [8.9]
D Horo-show Void Visor, Void Visor
Harm [8.95]
D Horo-show Void Visor, Void Visor
O Z Mana Trap
Heal [8.96]
D Vial of Mutative Slime
N - Skill G Essence Orb, S Azamay Egg
Multielement [8.98]
D - Magic Mirror, Pendant of The'Galin, Cyclops Eye, Legendary Shadow Crystal V2: Cyclops, - Holy Wasabi, - Lohkaista Shard, - Beleqwaya's Gift: Diamond of the Body, S Zardade, S- CrabApple, Z Mana Trap
O S * CrabApple
Omnielement [8.99]
D Sight Beyond Sight, S Ear of Corn, Z Warlic's Oblivion Sphere
- Comp Z Protocea
N S Ear of Corn, Z Binding Seal I
- Skill Shadowfeeder Pendant, Legendary Shadow Crystal V2: Gogg, S Love Potion #730, S Clever Disguise from Abducted, Z Prime Chaos Orb
O Cat Scratch Fever, Axe Master Emblem, * Bow Master Emblem, * Scope, Spear Master Emblem, * Staff Master Emblem, * Sword Master Emblem, Wand Master Emblem, Fire of Daw, Goggernaut Helm, S Aria's Rattle, P* Blood Contract

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