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Amityvale (Books 1 and 2)

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Amityvale -> Take me there!, Timeline (Book 1) -> The Orb Saga – Amityvale/The Vampire Tower -> To Amityvale
Requirements: None
Release Date: October 20th, 2006

Zones Accessible
The Graveyard
Doomwood Dock

Quests Available
Haunted House
Crystal Clear Lake
Yaga Stone Circle
The Crypt
The Pit
Nooby Nooby Noob
Tpyo Quest

Castle Ruins
Doomwood Destroyers
Mystery Doors
Undead Assault

Undead Dravir
Zorbak's Legion
Zorbak's (New) Hideout
The Amityvillian
Double, Trouble, Boil and Bubble
Moglin Seeking Queen
Tiny Terrors In Town!
Defend the Brood!

MOP Clearance

Haunted Hedgemaze
The Pumpkin Patch
The Vampire Tower
Well, Well, Well.

Eric Ravenwing
Lady Ravenwing

Thursday Hats
Thursday Necklaces
Thursday Belts
Thursday Capes
Vampire Shop

Lugosi's Shop


Thursday: Hi Welcome to Amityvale! Where it is a beautiful full moon every single day!

  • Talk
    Thursday: Hi! Good to see you. I'm Thursday! I've lived in Amityvale my entire life. I grew up in the old haunted house on the path.
    Thursday: Artix has told me that there are towns where it only night half of the time and only SOME of the houses are haunted.
    Thursday: I think he's just joking. Anyway, the moon is always full and the werewolf howls are so pretty, why would I ever leave here?

  • Quests
    Thursday: Which quest would you like to hear about?
    • Haunted House
      Thursday: I grew up in the haunted house on the hill over on the path, but I've been forced to leave. The spirits and monsters have taken over my home completely.
      Thursday: I was forced to leave in such a rush that I left all of my family's possessions behind, but all I really miss is my Pendant.
      Thursday: It is with some other family heirlooms in a chest in the basement closet; but we had to double lock the door.
      Thursday: The most dangerous spirit in the house lives in the basement closet; we had to keep people out for their own safety.
      Thursday: The two keys to the door are with the Monster in the Greenhouse, and the Monster Under the Bed.
      Thursday: If you happen to find my Pendant while adventuring in there, I would gladly reward you for returning it to me.

    • Crystal Clear Lake
      Thursday: Along the path leading outside of town, you will find Crystal Clear Lake. I spend a lot of time there. It's such a beautiful place.
      Thursday: I even have a small flower garden there. I've worked on it for a long time... do you know how hard it is to find flowers that bloom in moonlight?
      Thursday: But recently I haven't been able to get to my garden. A lot of monsters began showing up...
      Thursday: ... The worst of them is a snarling werewolf who never seems to leave my garden.
      Thursday: Do you think that you could clear a path to my flower garden for me, <Character>?

    • Yaga Stone Circle
      Thursday: <Character>! One of the Five Yaga Sisters who live up by the old Stone Circle came by town and walked right up to me.
      Thursday: They had this sealed letter with your name on it. Do you want to read it?
      Letter to Hero
      Thursday: <Character>, I don't understand what is going on but I've been having terrible dreams. There is a man with a pale face...
      Thursday: He just watches me. It feels like I know him but I know that I have never met him.
      Thursday: I'm getting a really bad feeling, <Character>. It feels like a storm is coming, but worse. I'm scared.

    • The Crypt
      Thursday: <Character>! I've been looking for new flowers for my garden and I heard a rumor about a beautiful rose that blooms in the Crypt.
      Thursday: The Crypt is a huge underground graveyard that's been here even longer then town. It's very easy to get lost in.
      Thursday: Do you think you could go in there and see if you can find me some of the Sanguine Roses?
      Thursday: If you can find any I have some old weapons I can trade you. The more you find, the better weapon I can give you!
      Thursday: Even if you can only find one rose, I'll trade you something. Two roses will be an ok weapon, three and I can trade you an even better weapon.
      Thursday: If you manage to find four roses for me, I'll give you the best weapon I have! You can leave the Crypt whenever you want though.
      Thursday: Remember, try and keep track of where you're going! There's only one door in and out of the Crypt!

    • The Pit
      Thursday: Have you heard of The Pit?
      Thursday: It's an old cave under Amityvale. It's supposed to be full of monster who lost their way and got trapped in it.
      Thursday: No one has ever found the end of it. They say it's bottomless! How far do you think you can get?
      • Start Quest! - begins The Pit quest.

    • Mysterious LLC
      Thursday: So three strange teenagers just wandered into town this morning.
      Thursday: They claimed they were a group of super ****hs out to solve mysteries, and when they heard that we found a place creepy they needed to see it.
      Thursday: They struck me as weird, <Character>, almost as strange as the house they're going to investiage.
      Thursday: Maybe you and <Dragon> should go and keep an eye on them.

    • Tpyo Quest
      Thursday: <Character>, I'm flad yuo're here!
      Thursday: A taGA wich cursed teh entire town ans now we can only spaek liek this! Apearantyl some kdis form the town were makign fun of hre speech!
      Thursday: Seh gto angry and castde teh cusre on us as revegne. Teh cusre can only be lifetd by defeatign her!
      Thursday: Hwoever hse has a lot of miniona!
      Thursday: plaese hlep us!
  • More Quests!
    Thursday: You should try exploring the eastern path out of town on your own. But I know some shortcuts to a few interesting places...
  • Shop
    Thursday: Have you found my pendant? That's WONDERFUL! Thank you so much! Please, take one of these as a reward.
  • Fishing
    Thursday: Oh did you want to go fishing at the Doomwood Dock? You can just follow the path leading LEFT out of town!
  • The path?
    Thursday: The path to the east was once covered with rubble but since we cleared it there are lots of interesting places to explore!

  • Heal & Potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Set Home Town
    Thursday: Are you sure that you want to set Amityvale as your home town? It can get pretty spooky here.
    • Yes
      Thursday: Alright, I'm done setting your home town. As the newest citizen you might want to attend the meeting in Town Hall.

    • No
    Dialogue upon completing The Vampire Tower:
    Thursday: <Character>! You did it! You saved the town! You saved me!

  • Talk
    Thursday: I had another dream, <Character>. It was the man with the pale face again but this time you were there too!
    Thursday: He wanted to do something terrible and you stood up to him. I don't know HOW i know, but I know that you saved me.
    Thursday: Thank you <Character>. You're always welcome in Amityvale. I'll never forget what you have done for me.

  • Reward
    Thursday: With the vampire lord defeated things should get back to normal now. Here are some things that the town donated to show their thanks.


    Artix: Hail and well met my friend. It is a great day to battle the evil forces of the undead*! (Subtitle: * According to Artix, Every day is a great day to battle the undead!)

  • Quest! - Go on one of Artix's random quests!

  • Haunted Castle! - begins Castle Ruins quest.

  • Talk
    Artix: Reports of undead activity have been increasing across the land. I have come to Amityvale seeking your help to defeat them!
    • Who are you?
      Artix: Please accept my apology. I was so excited to actually meet you in person that I forgot to introduce myself.
      Artix: My name is Artix von Krieger and I am a Paladin who has dedicated his entire life to battling the undead.
      Artix: You can usually find me battling the supernatural creatures in DoomWood. The highest concentration of undead can be found here!

    • Dragons
      If you don't have a dragon:
      Artix: Lady Celestia believes you are the one who will become a DragonLord! You should talk to Twilly to continue your quest.

      If you do have a dragon:
      Artix: Lady Celestia told me that you hatched your Dragon! Amazing! Have you been feeding and training it?

    • Doom Weapon
      Artix: Doom Weapons!? They are evil weapons that promise great power but carry a terrible curse for those foolish enough to wield them.
      Artix: Worse yet, I fear that I am responsible for the creation of one of them. It is a long tale that ended in a battle against a Master Necromancer.
      Artix: He had just summoned a creature from the Plane of Eternal Darkness. The creature could not be slain so I trapped it's soul in my Battleaxe...
      Artix: As a result of the battle I was severely injured (-30 levels) and my Battleaxe was lost. I wonder if there could be a way to purify it.

    • Necromancers
      Artix: Necromancer's use their dark magic to create undead minions. There is a new Master Necromancer in the land named Noxus.

    • The Graveyard
      Artix: I was just about to inside. Want to join me? Just follow me through the archway.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Invite
    Artix: It would be an honor to fight by your side!
    • Friend A - Artix joins you as Guest A.
    • Friend B - Artix joins you as Guest B.
    • Univite (Removes all friends)

    Zorbak: Hey "hero". Got a minute?

    Lugosi's Shop

    Lugosi: Welcome <Class>! Take a look around. I make and sell a wide variety of weapons.
    Lugosi: Do you want to quest for Moonglow? I can use it to make powerful light Dragon Amulet weapons out of any weapons that I sell.

  • Weapon Quest
    Lugosi: For a level 15 weapon, I need the weapon from my shop that you would like enchanted and 10 pouches of Moonglow.
    Lugosi: for a level 22 weapon, I need the weapon from my shop that you would like enchanted and 20 pouches of Moonglow.
    Lugosi: The Moonglow is rare. If I get enough of it, I can charge any of the weapons that I sell with light, and make them Dragon Amulet weapons.

  • Talk
    Lugosi: Me? I'm Lugosi. I moved to Amityvale about 5 years ago, and I decided to settle down here and start my weapon shop.
    Lugosi: Well... I guess I didn't really "decide" to settle down here. It was more like I didn't have a choice. The road was clogged with zombies.
    Lugosi: But I've always been lucky. In a town like this people always need the strongest weapons that they can get! Everything worked out just fine.
    <Character>: I guess that's one way to see it. To me, it looks like you got stuck here and now you're trapped fighting for your life every day.
    Lugosi: I SAID EVERYTHING WORKED OUT FINE! *ahem* So see anything you'd like to purchase?

  • Rumors
    Lugosi: I've heard it said that the recent attacks are all the work of a single, very powerful necromancer.

    Smashing Pumpkin Inn

    Rosemary: Welcome to the Smashing Pumpkin! Amityvale's best (and only) inn!

  • Potions
    Rosemary: I refilled your potions. *Whispers* I even put a little Pumpkin spice in them!

  • Talk
    Rosemary: Oh, so you are new to DoomWood? Let me tell you a little about it.
    Rosemary: The forest is pretty much overrun with skeletons, poltergeist, vampires, yagas, necromancers...
    Rosemary: ... ghouls, fiends, gargoyles, liches, mummies, pumpkin golems, shadow creatures...
    Rosemary: ... undead abominations, lagoon creatures, zombies, and the occasional lawyer.
    <Character>: No Witches?
    Rosemary: The politically correct term is "Yaga".
    <Character>: Politically correct!?
    Rosemary: New age Witches are very sensitive and trying to disassociate themselves with the classic green, wart nosed hag image.
    <Character>: No Problem with Vampires though... right?
    Rosemary: Oh no, Vampires are fair game.
    <Character>: Whew.

  • To Falconreach
    Rosemary: How to get bck to Falconreach? Oh, just leave the Inn and go South (Down).

  • Set Home Town
    Rosemary: Are you certain you would like to set your hometown to Amityvale?

    Town Hall

    The meeting is no longer accessible after completing Zorbak's quest-chain in Amityvale.

    Wednesday: Rest at ease, all of your troubles will be addressed during the Town hall meeting!

    (Choose the "Leave" option to exit the town hall)

  • Attend
    Wednesday: Alright, let's begin. I hereby call this Town Hall meeting to order. Who would like to go first?
    Villager (1): I'll go first mayor.
    The following line below (name and dialogue on the text bubble) only shows in a specific game resolution, otherwise it's blank:
    Villager (1): Things are bad... real bad. There are new monsters and they have started attacking without warning.
    Villager (1): This week alone we lost Freddy, Jason, Michael... and they just got Chucky!
    Villager (2): Poor chucky.... he was such a doll.
    Villager (3): The worst part is no one is doing anything about it... no one except that crazy Paladin in the graveyard.
    Wednesday: OMG! Is that Paladin STILL fighting undead in there?
    Villager (4): Yup, I just passed the graveyard on the way in and he was still there!
    Villager (5): I heard he was cursed and will die if he does not free enough undead each day!
    Villager (4): No way, I heard he does it just for fun. Did you hear those puns he makes when he is fighting?
    Wednesday: Alright, alright! Settle down. The real reason for this meeting is that a bunch of Adventurers from FalconReach have come to town.

    *All attendants have a large "!" above their heads.*

    Wednesday: Yes, adventures who were attacked by monsters from this area and have come to find the source.
    Villager (1): Adventurer's like the one behind me that probably does not think we all noticed him/her standing there this whole meeting?
    Wednesday: Um, yes. Welcome stranger what is your name?
    <Character>: ...
    Villager (1): Mayor! We had a deal with the Necromancers. We keep our nose outta there business and obey curfew, and they let us be.
    Villager (1): These Adventurers and that Paladin are going to get us in a heap of trouble!
    Wednesday: That is what I thought... at first. Until I heard that they defeated the undead army at FalconReach!

    *All attendants have a large "!" above their heads.*

    Villager (1): Are you serious?
    Wednesday: Yes. I think they... I think they can even defeat the Necromancers!
    Villager (1): If you are wrong.... we might as well start sizing our caskets Mayor. Hey stranger... do you really think you can beat a Necromancer?
    <Character>: *Confident Nod*

    All Villagers have big ! above their heads.

    Wednesday: We leave our fate in your capable hands. We know you will not let us down!

    After completing Zorbak's quest-chain in Amityvale:
    <Character>: Everyone must have gone home after getting a brand new baby dracolich pet. I guess the town meeting is over! My work here is done!

    MOP Members

    Chainsword: I think we should just use my CHAAAAAAAINSWOOOOOOORRRD! They won't stand a chance!
    Eric Ravenwing: Maybe something... a little more subtle might be more appropriate? <Character>, can you help us hunt?

    Other information
  • Pop-up notices on the west(left) side of town:

    First house:
    "Door is locked! Maybe they are at the town meeting."

    Second house:
    "No one is home! Must be at the town meeting."

    Space between the houses:
    "Get lost, kid. Yer not the one I'm lookin' for."
    Note: Trey Surehunter once stood here, sometime before the Earth Orb saga started. The message still pops up even though he left town.

    After completing Zorbak's quest-chain in Amityvale:
    First house:
    "You can hear sounds of roughhousing and 'Awww, good boy!' from inside!"

    Second house:
    "They must be busy playing with their new pet!"
  • Pop-up headlines from clicking things in the Smashing Pumpkin Inn:

    "The Smashing Pumpkin Inn"
    "Rosemary has a Baby Moglin as a pet."
    "Mugs of Hot Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Milk!"
    "Wax made from melted fake Vampire teeth."
    "Killer Tomato Plant!"

  • Occavatra -> RE: Amityvale (All Versions) (8/29/2014 23:32:33)

    Amityvale (Book 3)

    Access Point: Doomwood Region -> Amityvale -> Travel,
    Access Point: That A'Way! (Book 3) -> Right -> Up Right -> Down -> Down Right -> Up -> 4 Left -> Left Up,
    Access Point: Timeline (Book 3) -> Blood and Roses – Roses/Blood -> To Amityvale
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: August 29th, 2014

    Zones Accessible
    Friday the 13th - Full Moon

    Quests Available
    Swamp Lake
    Neron's Request
    Blood Patrol: Vampires
    Blood Patrol: Werewolves
    The Locket

    The Dark Tower
    The Castle in the Woods
    Castle Crashers
    Blood Feud
    Blood and Roses

    Missed Raven

    The Other Well
    A Proper Quest!
    Fishin Impossible
    Food for Thought
    Into the Box
    A Trip to the Store
    What's Mine is Yours
    Efficient Housework
    The Mayoral Menagerie

    Magus Neron

    Bloodflower's Assortment

    Malton and Ronsard

    Malton: Get inside and be quick about it, traveler. The woods here are dangerous at... well, at pretty much anytime.
    Ronsard: Wait, are you sure he/she checks out? They definitely have magic items at the very least.
    Malton: They show no traces of blood or lupine magic. I'd rather the <Class> be safe inside.
    Malton: If they pose any other threat, Magus Neron will assess it.

    (before The Locket)

    Thursday: Welcome to Amityvale, <Character>! Where it is a beautiful night every single day!

  • Talk
    Thursday: I'm so happy you came to visit us in Amityvale, <Character>. I've always wondered about your adventures after you helped me years ago.
    Thursday: So much has changed since then... the Rose came, walls have gone up, people feel safer... even the Moon has changed...
    Thursday: The werewolf howls sound so sad now.... Can you help us find out why?

  • Quests
    Thursday: Everything that creeps through the Doomwood is after me and I don't know why!
    • Full Moon War! - teleports you to Friday the 13th - Full Moon.

    • Swamp Lake
      Thursday: Just outside of town you'll find Crystal Clear Lake... though everyone calls it Swamp Lake now.
      Thursday: That was where I first met Lon and where his brother, Chaney, lived.
      Thursday: You might be able to find some clue as to what happened... why they came after me...
      Thursday: They said the curse would find me but... it can't be the curse of the wolf. We need to find out more!

    • Neron's Request
      Thursday: <Character>, Raven says that Magus Neron has requested your presence. He has something he'd like you to do.

    • Blood Patrol: Vamps
      Thursday: Oh, <Character>, Raven wanted to speak to you.
      Raven: Magus Neron has sent word that he wants you to go out on patrol. The Vampire Patrol goes north of town.

    • Blood Patrol: Weres
      Thursday: Oh, <Character>, Raven wanted to speak to you.
      Raven: Magus Neron has sent word that he wants you to go out on patrol. The Werewolf Patrol goes south of town.

    • The Locket
      Thursday: It's late, <Character>, I need to go back to my room in the hotel. Raven and the Magus don't think it's safe for me to go home.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    (after The Locket, before Blood and Roses)

    Raven: Welcome to Amityvale, <Character>.

  • Talk
    Raven: Thursday has gone missing and we need to find her! Do you remember where the nacklace you found for her years ago came from?
    Raven: We still don't know who the new locket was from and it disappeared along with Thursday.
    Raven: Was it the werewolves? The vampires? Someone trying to get her out of town? I just hope, whereever she is, Thursday is ok.

  • Quests
    Raven: Why are both the vampires and the werewolves after Thursday?
    • Full Moon War! - teleports you to Friday the 13th - Full Moon.

    • Swamp Lake
      Raven: Swamp Lake is where Lon and Chaney lived, maybe there are clues there.

    • Neron's Request
      Raven: Magus Neron has requested your presence. He has a task for you.

    • Blood Patrol: Vamps
      Raven: Magus Neron has sent word that he wants you to go out on patrol. The Vampire Patrol goes north of town.

    • Blood Patrol: Weres
      Raven: Magus Neron has sent word that he wants you to go out on patrol. The Werewolf Patrol goes south of town.

    • The Locket
      Raven: Who could have left that locket in Thursday's room?

    • The Dark Tower
      Raven: Thursday is gone! I need your help!

    • Bitten
      Raven: We have to find Thursday before it's too late!
      • Start Quest! - begins Bitten quest.

    • Castle
      Raven: If there's another nest of vampires, we have to find it! They might be the ones who took Thursday!

    • Bloodwork
      Raven: Magus Neron needs to talk to you. He says it's important.

    • Castle Crashers
      Raven: Thursday is at the vampire queen's castle?! Hurry, <Character>!

    • Blood Feud
      Raven: That giant bat is taking Thursday towards the Darkness Tower!

    • Blood And Roses
      Raven: I only hope we make it in time to stop Frydae and save Thursday!

    • Missed Raven - begins Missed Raven quest.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    (after Blood and Roses)

    Thursday: Thank you so much, <Character>. You saved my life and now, maybe, Magus Neron will be able to help Raven and the werewolves.

  • Talk - inaccessible.

  • Quests
    Thursday: Tell me everything that happened while I was with the Queen, <Character>!
    • Replay! - see Raven's dialogue.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    Amityvale Inn

    Adrian: Welcome to the Smashing Pumpkin! Amityvale's best (and only) inn!

  • Potions
    Adrian: I refilled your potions. *Whispers* I even put a little Pumpkin spice in them! Just like Mom used to make!

  • Talk
    Adrian: Oh, <Character>? Welcome back to Doomwood! My mother, Rosemary, told me stories about you! I'm Adrian.
    <Character>: I'm surprised by how... secure Amityvale seems now. Is it really safer now?
    Adrian: Oh, the forest is still pretty much overrun with skeletons, poltergeist, vampires, yagas, necromancers...
    Adrian: ... ghouls, fiends, gargoyles, liches, mummies, pumpkin golems, shadow creatures...
    Adrian: ... undead abominations, lagoon creatures, zombies, and the occasional lawyer.
    Adrian: The Rose has kept the danger outside of town though. Without them, and with you gone, Amityvale would have fallen long ago.
    <Character>: So, the Rose is a welcome force here?
    Adrian: Of course! Many of the townspeople have joined their ranks and take pride in keeping their homes safe themselves.
    <Character>: No... overzealousness, though?
    Adrian: Well, there were a few issues when they first arrived. They even questioned my mother over her potion making.
    Adrian: When Magus Neron arrived it put an end to those issues. Now, the Rose keeps us safe from the dangers of Doomwood!

  • To Falconreach
    Adrian: How to get back to Falconreach? Oh, just leave the Inn and go South (Down).

  • Set Home Town
    Adrian: Are you certain you would like to set your hometown to Amityvale?
    • Yes
    • No (Back)

    The Thorn

    Sanguinea: Well hello, <Class>, welcome to the Thorn, where you can get a deadly weapon from Amityvale's own "Alchemsmith."

  • Talk
    <Character>: "Alchemsmith"?
    Sanguinea: With Lugosi... gone, the town needed a new smith. With my training as an alchemist I'm able to put a unique spin on my wares.
    Sanguinea: Vampire infestation? I have garlic-infused daggers. Werewolves? I have sword honed with dogwood.
    Sanguinea: I can counter most dangers lurking in Doomwood! My friends don't call me Bloodflower for nothing.
    <Character>: That's fantastic. What do you have in stock?
    Sanguinea: Most of my weapons are reserved for the Rose. I do have a nice set of poison weapons that will work against most monsters though.
    Sanguinea: Just don't go looking for any aggravated slime molds.

  • Rumors
    Sanguinea: I've heard it said that Lugosi didn't just disappear... he was bitten!

    Town Hall

    Magus Neron: Welcome, townsfolk and recruits, we shall address the latest monster reports during this meeting.

  • Attend
    Magus Neron: The East and West gates have been shut by my order due to werewolf and vampire sightings.
    Magus Neron: Border patrols have been sent out in an attempt to push back the monsters and keep them clear of the town walls.
    Magus Neron: Volunteers will soon be sought for the patrols as they move deeper into Doomwood, into more dangerous territory.
    Magus Neron: Are there any other sightings to report?
    Villager (1): Lugosi is still missing, Magus.
    Magus Neron: The patrols have been provided with his description. If any trace of him is to be found, they will find it.
    Villager (2): My niece, Bella, has been talking nonstop about some boy that I know doesn't live in town.
    Villager (2): Her window sill is constantly covered with glittering dust too.
    Magus Neron: I will have one of the recruits come by to seal the window and collect a sample of the dust.
    Magus Neron: Is there anything else of concern?
    Recruit: No traces of the werewolf leaders have been found either, sir.
    Magus Neron: Unfortunately, they've vanished. I fear that we've not seen the last of them either. They will be back for Thursday.

    *All attendants have a large "!" above their heads.*

    Recruit: Is there any hope of being safe as long as she remains in town?
    Magus Neron: We still don't know why they're after her in particular but I will not allow any harm to come to Thursday or any citizen, as long as I can help it.
    Magus Neron: We will continue to hunt the monsters and ghouls that infest the Doomwood until it is finally safe again!
    Villager (1): Magus! Since you arrived the town has been safer than it's been in years!
    Villager (1): Travellers actually come to visit, some of the darkness seems to disperse during the day...
    Villager (1): But that werewolf attack was worse than anything we got before the Rose came. I say if they want the girl, give her to them!
    Magus Neron: Anyone who condemns any citizen to the wolves will know themselves what horrors lie in the Doomwood.
    Magus Neron: I will throw them outside the gates myself at midnight!

    *All attendants have a large "!" above their heads.*

    Villager (1): Are you serious?
    Magus Neron: Just try me.
    Villager (1): All I want is for my home to be safe.
    Magus Neron: Amityvale is my home as well. I don't want to see those inside its walls become worse monsters then those that dwell outside them.
    Magus Neron: I have a feeling that a new arrival in town will be able to help with both our fears.
    Magus Neron: If there is no other business, I must get back to my work.


    Perron: I wish that cat would stop yowling... it sounds like a demon!


    Verlyrus: Meow!

  • Quests
    Verlyrus: Mew?
    • The Well
      Verlyrus: Miao! Meow meooooow. Mjau? Meow miau! Mew.
      <Character>: What's that? Little Timmy fell down the well?
      Verlyrus: Hisss! Meow meow. Miao. Meow mew! Meow mew meow, miau.
      Verlyrus: Meow meow, mew miau miau. Meooooooooooow.
      Verlyrus: Miiiau! Meow meow mjau.
      <Character>: ...Maybe I'll check the well just in case.

    • A Proper Quest
      <Character>: So I went to the well, and I definitely did not find Timmy. What are you trying to pull here, cat?
      Verlyrus: Meow? Mew mjau mjau meooow! Meow miao! Hiss!
      <Character>: What's that? You're sorry and you want me to fetch you 10 Vurrmen tails? I can do that!
      Verlyrus: His- Mew? Meow! Meowmeowmeow! Purrrrr.

    • Fishin Impossible
      Verlyrus: Hiss! Meow, mew miau, meow meow mew! Miau!
      <Character>: Look, I'm sorry about the vurrmen tails. Is that what this is about? I'm sorry!
      Verlyrus: Miauuu!
      <Character>: What if I find you something else?
      Verlyrus: Meo-
      <Character>: I know! Cats like fish, right?
      Verlyrus: Purrr. Meooooow!
      <Character>: But I'm awfully busy...
      Verlyrus: Meeew?
      <Character>: Okay, okay, but after this, I'm done.
      Verlyrus: Miau!

    • Food for Thought
      Verlyrus: Meow mew miao!
      <Character>: How are you doing, Verlyrus?
      Verlyrus: Miau! Meow mew, miao mew meoooow!
      Verlyrus: Mew meow mjau. Miao miau. Mew!
      <Character>: You're inviting me to dinner with all of your cat friends? And you want me to take this bag of fish along so they'll like me?
      Verlyrus: Meow...? Mew! Miau! Mjaaaau! Purr.
      <Character>: I suppose I could take some time off from being a Hero(tm) to attend a dinner party with cats.
      <Character>: Alright, give me the directions and I'll meet you there!
      Verlyrus: Miau! Purr. Miaaau. Meow meow, mew. meow!

    • Into the Box
      Verlyrus: Mew! Meow miau? Meow!
      <Character>: Hello, Verlyrus! What can I help you with today?
      Verlyrus: Meow purr, miao mew mew. Meow!
      <Character>: You want me to help clean out your... box? Can't you do that on your own? I'm sure you don't need me to do that for you.
      Verlyrus: Mew? Miau! Meow.
      <Character>: Oh! Not that box. I have some time to help out, I guess.
      Verlyrus: Meow! Miao!
      <Character>: Alright, here goes nothing.

    • A Trip to the Store
      Verlyrus: Meow! Miau mew.
      <Character>: Oh, uh, sure. I have some time to help you with something. What do you need, Verlyrus?
      Verlyrus: Mew! Meow. Miau.
      <Character>: What was that last bit? I didn't quite catch it.
      Verlyrus: Miau.
      <Character>: You're going to have to speak up. I can't help you if-
      Verlyrus: MIAU!
      <Character>: A bag of catnip? I'm not saying I won't help, but where would I even find that?
      Verlyrus: Hiss. Mew meow mjau!
      <Character>: I am NOT stupid! If it's from the shop just down the alley, why can't you get it yourself?
      Verlyrus: Meow mew.
      <Character>: YOU'D be embarassed? What about me?
      Verlyrus: Miau?
      <Character>: I guess that makes sense.
      Verlyrus: Meow miao nya!
      <Character>: Fine, I'll be back in a bit! It's just a trip to the store. How bad could it be?

    • What's Mine is Yours
      <Character>: Hello, Verlyrus. How are you doing? Amityvale treating you well?
      Verlyrus: Mjau mew.
      <Character>: Could be better, huh? Isn't that the truth. You know, I never asked. How are you able to afford this house?
      Verlyrus: Mrrow? Meow miau.
      <Character>: What do you mean you don't own it?
      Verlyrus: Mew.
      <Character>: You're just squatting here? Which means... I broke into some person's house in order to talk to a cat?!
      Verlyrus: Nyaa.
      <Character>: No, we're not in this together now! You're a cat! You don't have to worry about laws and- and justice!
      Verlyrus: Meow miao, meooow.
      <Character>: Fine. So, what can we do about this?
      Verlyrus: Miao, nya meow, mew meow purr.
      <Character>: A town meeting with the new mayor? Wait, I thought Amityvale was under control of the Rose!
      Verlyrus: Miuu.
      <Character>: Okay, sure, but politics is not my strong suit.
      Verlyrus: Miao meow.
      <Character>: I'll just see if I can figure out who this house really belongs to. And if they're okay with a box hoarding cat living here.
      Verlyrus: Blep?
      <Character>: No, I won't ask for increased fish rations!

    • Efficient Housework
      <Character>: Hey, Verlyrus. How's it going?
      Verlyrus: Miaau...
      <Character>: Is something wrong? I'd have thought that now that you're the legal occupant of the house, you'd have cleaned it up a bit.
      Verlyrus: Mew. Meow meow mjaaaau!
      <Character>: Really. It's just missing something to tie the room together? It's just a bunch of boxes!
      Verlyrus: Hiss!
      <Character>: Okay, okay, fine. It's just an orderly and sublime assortment of the finest storage containers.
      Verlyrus: Purr.
      <Character>: Right. So, what exactly do you need me to find to help you decorate?
      Verlyrus: Miao meow nya mew.
      Verlyrus: Meow! Mjau miew meow meow mew!
      <Character>: A fish bowl. You want a fish bowl.
      <Character>: Not only that, but a very specific fish bowl from inside the Mayor's house? That seems I don't know... kind of illegal.
      Verlyrus: ...Mjau.
      <Character>: True, he is kind of a jerk. But I don't know if that justifies breaking and entering just so you can have a fancy snack holder.
      Verlyrus: Hiss! Meow miu meooooow miao.
      <Character>: "The fate of Amityvale hangs in the balance?" Alright, alright, I'll do it. But you'll owe me now!

    • The Mayoral Menagerie
      Verlyrus: Miau?!
      <Character>: What am I doing here?! That's what I want to know!
      Verlyrus: ...Mew. Nyaa!

    • Debugging
      <Character>: Okay, I actually managed to get some information—
      Verlyrus: Miau!
      <Character>: No, I didn't bring you any treats. It turns out there's something called—
      Verlyrus: Mew meow mjau!
      <Character>: What do you mean "what took me so long"? I came back as fast as I could! Anyway—
      Verlyrus: Miaaaaao?
      <Character>: ...I am not going to dignify that with an answer.
      Verlyrus: Nya.
      <Character>: AS I WAS SAYING...
  • Talk
    <Character>: Who's a good kitty?
    Verlyrus: Purrrrrrr. Pu- mew? Miau! Hissss!

    Unlocked after completion of 'A Proper Quest!':
  • Talk (Dictionary)
    Verlyrus: Meow?
    <Character>: Let's take a look in the dictionary... Let's see... "Meow". Aha! You're hungry!
    <Character>: I'm sorry! I got rid of the Vurrmen Tails because they were starting to stink.
    Verlyrus: Meow!
    <Character>: Oh! "Meow" not "Meow"! You... want me to build a sandcastle!
    Verlyrus: Hiss!
    <Character>: Yikes! I don't need a dictionary to tell me what that means. I'll study up on my meows and come back later.
    Verlyrus: Purrrrr.

    West Gate

    Burgund: I'm sorry but the West Gate is closed due to a vampire attack.

    Graveyard Entrance

    Ramona: I'm sorry, but the Graveyard is closed due to a zombie infestation.
    Harkness: <Character>? Is it really you? It's me! Rosemary! Well... I go by Harkness now since I've joined the Rose.
    Harkness: If you're staying in town, you should go see my son, Adrian, for a room at the Inn!


    Carrie: I really should get home soon or Mother will be furious with me.

    East Gate

    Brennus: I'm sorry but the East Gate is closed due to werewolf sightings.


    Karloff: Leave me be, <Class>.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines while clicking objects in the Smashing Pumpkin Inn:

  • A beautiful violet rose!
  • Chest full of terrors.
  • Gentle Raspberry Plant!

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