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6/11/2009 12:54:48   
In the shadows...

More dialogue for Archimoodes:
[center][b]The Secret Revealed[/b][/center]
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] We ask that you not reveal what we'll tell you to anyone, except the woman who sent you on this quest for knowledge.
[b]Archimoodies:[/b] *muffled screams of rage* 
[b]Archimoodies:[/b] That bad, eh?
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] Hmm...
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] 'Kay... that's 'Request'.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] ...And this is 'Abundant'. Good good..
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] Oh stink.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] So...
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] Whoops.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] That is what happened here. Because of the garbled glyphs- and how that happened we STILL do not know- our prayer went awry.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] ... Yes.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] Since we couldn't EAT it and we had no idea what to DO with it, we decided to get rid of it.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] We knew of a Black Market run by an elf out in the SandSea.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] We were sure that no one would trace this... this stuff... back to us.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] He's a smart half-elf. I'm sure he's just concerned for his health. Have you seen how greasy that stuff is?!
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] We were quite surprised when weapons made of the bacon started turning up around Lore.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] I discreetly investigated and found that the proprietress of a Battle Arena bought the whole mound of it.
[b]Archimoodes:[/b] It comes from a place beyond our understanding, outside our reality.

More locations for Zorbak:
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=6707663][b]Friday the 13th Invasion[/b][/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=7062265][b]Ice Dragon Invasion![/b][/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8930173][b]Friday the 13th Invasion - The Last Stand![/b][/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=11629780][b]Mogloween 2007[/b][/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=11684237][b]Zorbak's Back![/b][/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=13346179][b]The Necromantress[/b][/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=13447206][b]The Outcast[/b][/link]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=15119075][b]Undead Dravir![/b][/link]

New entry for Zorbak's dialogue:
[size=2][center][b]SureWould Forest[/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Mehehehe, I prefer Doomwood... but until those lazy devs open it I'm going to cause some trouble here. Have any Doom weapons?[ul]
[*] [u]Doomwood?[/u]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Ah, stinkering fetid home sweet home. Full of liches, skeletons, zombies and if you get bored there are wimpy Paladins to beat up.

[*] [u]Doom Weapons?[/u]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Yeah Doom weapons are pretty good...if you are a insane, demented, psychotic and have no conscience or moral bearing.

[*] [u]Invite Zorbak[/u]
<Confirmation?> Would you like Zorbak to join in your party? This will replace your current pet.[/ul]

[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Hey "hero". Got a minute?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Hey you, yeah you...I have a job for you.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] What? Can't I be all warm and fuzzykins want-to-save-world blahblahblah too? Meh.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Fine. Whatever. Obviously, you're too smart for me <Class>. Meh, I'll tell you what's really up.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] There's an old dragon cave not too far from here in the Doomwood. It's been taken over by some of Noxus' more... ambitious projects.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] A race of zombie dravir.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] So, yeah, environment, killing off the native werewolves/townsfolk, whatever. They shouldn't be there.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] They have an entire cavern full of... magical orbs. Obviously, they shoudln't have those. *[i]mumble[/i]*
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] *[i]mumbleonemumble[/i]*
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Look, you can destroy them all. Just let me have one. Consider it payback for showing you the cave and letting you know about the danger. 

[size=2][center][b]Friday the 13th Invasion[/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh heh heh heh! Just enough masks to....
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] What!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh, no! I was looking to start a Hockey team and these undead skeletons just happened to be plodding through.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] We were going to use Twig as the puck.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh... haven't you been eaten yet?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] DoomWood... and since you broke all of the ones here I am headed there to get more.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Oh, looks there is one left. Meh heh heh... dang, I wanted that one to be my Ghoulie.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Later.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] See you in DoomWood! Meh heh heh.... 

[size=2][center][b]Ice Dragon Invasion![/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh... cast the wrong teleport spell. where am I?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] ! Dragonmaster Frostscythe how... meh... good to see you again!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh heh heh heh.... this is going to be good. Later!

[size=2][center][b]Friday the 13th Invasion - The Last Stand![/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh, all the heroes keep breaking the masks. I think I have enough to...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] !
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] What?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh, no! I was looking to start a Hockey Team and these undead skeletons just happened to be plodding through.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh, its never to early to start training.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] We're going to use Twig as the puck.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Mind your own business! Shouldn't you be getting kicked around by someone?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Doomwood, outside of Amityvale... and since you broke all of these I am headed there to get more.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Oh, looks like there is one left. Meh heh heh...dang, i wanted that one to be my Ghoulie.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Later.

[size=2][center][b]Mogloween 2007[/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] MMMMmmmm, that smells pretty good.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh heh heh! It Seems like it's missing something... needs more Mognip! A LOT more!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] THAT'S more like it! Meh heh heh! I'm outta her!'

[size=2][center][b]Zorbak's Back![/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Oh, I whouldn't worry about that, Meh heh heh!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] The one and only. *sniff* Yumm. This stuff doesn't smell half as terrible as it looks!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] I'm glad I added all that mognip! If I had left it to you four witches, you whould've ruined it!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] !
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] That pricetag seems a little to high for me.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Ok, I get it, I GET IT! I don't see what the big deal is. It's just candy.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] ...Sweet, delicious, amazing...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] IRRESISTABLE CANDY!!!!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] I'm... not sure. The smell was just too heavenly to pass up! The good news is I don't think it had any effect on me...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Why, yes I think I did.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] ... Figures
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Where did I go just now? All that I remember is an incredible assault on my tastebuds, the taste of pure happiness in the candy form, then...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] ...then I was here.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Oh yeah, the candy! That stuff is GREAT!!! I think I'll eat a little more. Meh heh heh!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Yeah I know.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Oh No! I have to work full time for cute witches with their own Doom Cauldron... could there be a worse fate?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] The 'Oh No' was in massive sarcasm quotes.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] OK. Hey, why don't we just toss the stuff into that huge wormhole right behind you?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] *nom nom nom nom*
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] *moan*
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Ohhhh my tummy feels funny, Uh oh.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Ok, it's OK. I think I'm going to be fine...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] NOPE! NOT FINE! NOT FINE AT ALL!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] CANDY!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Man I feel Terrible. I'm never eating candy again. I signed your contract, Toil, can I go now?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] *sigh* 

[size=2][center][b]The Necromantress[/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh… you guys have an undead invasion and I do not even get an invite?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Oh man… it’s HER! Meh. I’ve seen this girl around here before, *Your Name*! how is my fur? Do I smell ok?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Ebil AND smart… I think I’m in love! ♥
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] She is…. So…. PERFACT! ♥
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] PET!? ♥*rips*
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh… you listen here! The only one who is going to take over the world is me!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] So you might as well that necro-chump club and join me. Or… meh… at least give me your number.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] What….? Meh, she is hot!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Sorry *your name*…. an ebil moglin’s gotta do what an ebil moglin’s gotta do! Hey Necro-girl! Wait for me!

[size=2][center][b]The Outcast[/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] ... and that concludes this weeks Ask Zorbak. Thanks for you stupid question. Meh heh heh!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] GAH! Don't you poeple know how to knock?! What do you want? Can't you see that I'm busy?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Forgot how to tie your shoes again, Paladin? Meh heh heh!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh. Why would you care about that place? They are all losers in there. I have a better idea, <Character>...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] ...How about we get some crossbows and make this Paladin 'holey'! Meh heh heh!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh, who's joking?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] I still have my old student I.D. to Necro-University, but why bother with those necrolosers??!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] If you want to face the unstoppable creation of a true Necromancer... PREPARE YOURSELF!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] I call forth my latest and greatest creation...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] "Sheleton!!!"
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] What do you mean 'Really?'!!?? He's a MASTERPIECE!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Silence! Do not let your fear overcome you... Meh, OK... Let it overcome you a little. Tremble with fear at the sight of my terrifying Sheleton!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] That's just pure, raw EBIL leaking out.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Enough of this! Face your doom! Sheleton... ATTACK!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh. Hold on a sec.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Let me see here...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Melf's Anti-Acid Medication? Meh. Um, no...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Detect Visibility? That sounds REALLY useful. Meh.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Belly Zipper "Easy To Install"? Woah... saving that one for later. Meh heh heh...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Here we go! Got it!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh... whoops.... Says Grow fast, not GO fast.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Oh well... close enough. DESTROY THESE FOOLS, my pet!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] What are you waiting for??
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh... What are you looking at ME for?!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Uh oh...
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] What are you noobs waiting for?!?! Start being heroes! SAVE ME!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh... deal!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] There. Now we're even. Get out.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Yeah, they kicked me out. Those losers have no idea what real darkness magic is.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] They were...meh... scared of my unstoppable power!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] But I will show them. Meh. I will show all of them!!!!!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh... heh.. heheh.... Meheheheheheheheehehehe!!!!

[size=2][center][b]Undead Dravir![/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] At last! I'll take this one, mehehe, you can do whatever you want to, just destroy the rest.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Mehehe, yes "hero", it's a dracolich egg! Now all the powers of a DragonLord will be mine!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] The ultimate powe... wait, what?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] I...well... foolish hero! I am the greatest necromancer this world has ever known!

[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] A-HAH! I thought I was a few fighters short. Just what are you doing with my sneevilchauns and my gold?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] You were planning your OWN invasion weren't you? Sabotaging mine and stealing all the glory for yourself!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Is that what these bone-brains told you?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] ... I think there's only one thing to do in a situation like this.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Nope. This!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] New minions! What's yours is mine now. Your minds, your bodies, and your gold!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] And that gold, of course, will be distributed to my loyal, fierce, fighting forces!
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Every last shiny cent. Provided, that is, that you get back to battling
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] You know, I hear there is a LOT of unclaimed gold over in the Necropolis just sitting around in boxes...

[size=2][center][b]A Ghoulish Mistake[/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] I... whoa! How are you, pretty lady?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] I am the all-powerful Zorbak! I'm currently in the process of invading and enslaving my own little town of puny "heros".
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] I... wait, what? Any and all minions of Zorbak, Inc. have sworn affiliation to me. I didn't use your ghouls.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Hey, hey, don't look at me! The one beating up your guys is <<You>>! I... I'm outta here!

[size=2][center][b]Queen of the Jungle[/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Mehehehehe *cough* banana peel *cough* [i]Pssst![/i] You know why Zeuster really wants that belt, right?]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] [i]Shhh! You didn't hear it from me, but Zeuster wants to be the King of the Furies![/i]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] [i]Hssst! I bet he's going to make one of his bird-cow attendants Queen! Are you willing to stand for that?! Look! There is <your character> now, just finishing attacking your Queen![/i] 
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Mehehehe It's been too long since I've had a bit of fun like that! 

Done, thanks! ~PaperClip

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6/11/2009 17:13:35   

New image for Ash!
[link=http://i724.photobucket.com/albums/ww246/red_dragon_131/Screenshots/AshDragonblade.jpg]DA Ash Dragonblade[/link]

Added. I changed the name to "Young Hero Ash Dragonblade" since that's his class name for that armor. ~TLH~

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6/11/2009 18:00:44   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

ChickCalves, Davy Bones and Demoosthenes need both of these

Quests given

Shops owned

Cysero needs this part to be eliminated


Description: Falconreach's Mystical Weapon Smith.

Daimyo needs this part gone.....


Function: To guide your character to the Well, Well, Well quest.
Description: Artix's faithful armor-clad puppy.

Damien needs this part gone


Function: He's a councilor, and in my opinion, Lord Friday XIII in hiding.

Death needs these....

Quests given

Shops owned

and thinks the second image should be underneath the first and bye in a link of an alternative image

Demoosthenes need a proper name title.....like how about it's own

Doomkitten, The doesn't need its description


Description: A being of immense darkness who was summoned by Warlic (after gathering all the right materials) to banish the illusion on the dragon egg.

Fixed, and changed. ~TLH~

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6/11/2009 22:53:39   
In the shadows...

For Zorbak more dialogue:
[size=2][center][b]Queen of the Jungle[/b][/center][/size]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Mehehehehe *cough* banana peel *cough* [i]Pssst![/i] You know why Zeuster really wants that belt, right?]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] [i]Shhh! You didn't hear it from me, but Zeuster wants to be the King of the Furies![/i]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] [i]Hssst! I bet he's going to make one of his bird-cow attendants Queen! Are you willing to stand for that?! Look! There is <your character> now, just finishing attacking your Queen![/i] 
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Mehehehe It's been too long since I've had a bit of fun like that!

For The Irismancer:
This should be at the top instead of what it has:
[size=3][b]The Irismancer[/b][/size] 

Location: [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8214601]The Irismancer[/link]

[u][b]Quests given[/b][/u]

[u][b]Shops owned[/b][/u]

And the picture should be at the bottom.

And Klatu doesnt need that description.

Added and fixed, thanks! ~TLH~

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6/11/2009 23:20:43   
In the shadows...

New entry for Sir Junn:
[size=3][b]Sir Junn[/b][/size] 

Location: [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=6715153]Oaklore Keep[/link], [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16033703]In-Sir-mountable[/link]

[u][b]Quests given[/b][/u]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8284001]The Sweetest Thing[/link]

[u][b]Shops owned[/b][/u]

[center][size=2][b]Oaklore Keep[/b][/size][/center]
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] Welcome to the infirmary! *Whispers* You have not been eating your apple a day, have you?[ul]
[*] [u]Talk[/u]
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] Due to the Vurr'men attacks, Bees and the Sea Serpent -- things have been very busy in here!

[*] [u]Honey Quest[/u]
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] All the knights are allergic to bees and they keep getting stung! We need a good supply of purple royal honey.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] There is an Oaklore Buzzer [b]HIVE[/b] that should have plenty to spare in the woods. I need you to bring me some.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] If your lucky, you might find on of those [b]Old Books[/b] that [b]Maya[/b] is looking for.

[*] [u]Heal[/u]
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] Let me tend to your wounds. We cover all PPO and HMO plans. There you go... good as new!
[i]Restores your health[/i]

[*] [u]Potions[/u]
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] There, I refilled your potions for you. You can ues potions to restore your health and mana during battle. 
[i]Restores your potions[/i][/ul]

[b]Sir Junn:[/b] Hello, <<You>>. I see you've stumbled upon my field hospital.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] You haven't seen Sir Gerry, have you? We could use a pair o' docs here, but it would create an impossible situation.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] Look around. I've got patients with no patience, stuck full of I.V.s, and I just have to hope my work isn't in vein.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] No, the ICU is pretty quiet right now. All the knights left it, insisting they could fight wounded. Lunatics.
[b]Sir Junn:[/b] Please, either grab a bandage roll or find me a nurse who will. I hope you're not squeamish about blood. 


New entry for Sir Kuss:
[size=3][b]Sir Kuss[/b][/size] 

Location: [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8284316]Worst Prank Ever[/link]

[u][b]Quests given[/b][/u]

[u][b]Shops owned[/b][/u]

[b]Sir Kuss:[/b] ...Hmmm, I should bring this Daily Dragon article to Sir Valence. He loves sneevils.
[b]Sir Kuss:[/b] Oh no, not again...
[b]Sir Kuss:[/b] ...oh....oh my....oh man, it's EVERYWHERE!
[b]Sir Kuss:[/b] It's in my Sneevil wounds...
[b]Sir Kuss:[/b] WHY... why would you do this?... You're not even getting any experience for this!
[b]Sir Kuss:[/b] You... you're just... you're MEAN. That's what you are. [i](Oh man, this will never wash off)[/i]. 

(You don't really see him)

BTW, what has happened to pjc? i havent seen him recently.

More dialogue for Yix:
[b]Yix:[/b] The sneak attack has launched, <Name>!
[b]Yix:[/b] As we speak, the Togriders, led by General Sneevord, have charged at the masses of undead and cyklons!
[b]Yix:[/b] If we're lucky, they'll take out a huge chunk of our enemies, allowing you and the other heroes to finish up the battle.
[b]Yix:[/b] The undead are pushing closer to where we believe Balthar hides, though, and the Cyklons are replicating at a rapid rate!

@AMO: I know he is still here, but he hasn't been very active lately and i was wondering what happened.

New entry for Pyre Spy:
[size=3][b]Pyre Spy[/b][/size] 

Location: [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8470942]Xan Bossfight[/link]

[u][b]Quests given[/b][/u]

[u][b]Shops owned[/b][/u]

[color=#FF9900][b]Pyre Spy:[/b][/color] *Whisper whisper whisper* 


I think this be deleted.

Right you are, that *doesn't* deserve an NPC entry, it doesn't even speak and it isn't important at all. Also, pjc is busy with real life right now, so... :( Also gratz on your title! ^_^ ~PaperClip

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6/12/2009 20:44:01   
ArchMagus Orodalf

He's still here, ILmaster.

New location for Yulgar:

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16144098]The Search[/link]


[b]Yulgar:[/b] Konnan has been at work at the forge since you returned. He refuses to speak to anyone.
[b]Yulgar:[/b] We must defeat Akriloth, <<You>>. Demento is planning on heading north, would you like to speak with him?

New location for Konnan:

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16144098]The Search[/link]


[b]Konnan:[/b] I...
[b]Konnan:[/b] I can't believe they're gone.
[b]Konnan:[/b] My whole family wiped out...
[b]Konnan:[/b] I've been gone so long...
[b]Konnan:[/b] It seems like I've spent years just standing around in Yulgar's forge, when I should have been home. If... if I had been home....

[b]Konnan:[/b] <<You>>...
[b]Konnan:[/b] <<You>> had to have tried... it's just...
[b]Konnan:[/b] He is a hero, he has saved Falconreach, faced bandits and monsters, I've heard rumors that he even has a pet dragon!
[b]Konnan:[/b] How could they lose so badly to this Akriloth...

[b]Konnan:[/b] Warlic? But... but, he's good...

[b]Konnan:[/b] But... why?

New location for Xan:

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16144098]The Search[/link]

[b]Xan:[/b] You would have been incinerated as well, my young friend.
[b]Xan:[/b] I understand your pain.
[b]Xan:[/b] I lost someone due to the carelessness of someone who I thought was a friend...
[b]Xan:[/b] Just like you.

[b]Xan:[/b] Hah, a hero?
[b]Xan:[/b] That "hero" and his pathetic band should have saved your family. They only look out for themselves though.
[b]Xan:[/b] Galanoth only goes after the dragon, he could have saved your family.
[b]Xan:[/b] <<You>> could have led them away! Instead they were taken from you!
[b]Xan:[/b] My own love, my Jaania... was taken from me by that misfit mage, Warlic...

[b]Xan:[/b] That's what he wants you to think!
[b]Xan:[/b] But who's here now? Offering to help you, train you, so you can get your revenge?
[b]Xan:[/b] Warlic and his little minions, <<You>>... they even attacked me! They stole my book of power, called [b]me[/b] evil.

[b]Xan:[/b] Jealousy, Konnan.
[b]Xan:[/b] Warlic caused the accident that took Jaania from me, and now he tries to steal my power so I can't get her back!
[b]Xan:[/b] They're only interested in their power, not min...
[b]Xan:[/b] ...
[b]Xan:[/b] Ours.
[b]Xan:[/b] You have the gift of magic too, Konnan. I can show you how to bend fire to your will, how to enchant with it, make it live... and make it die.
[b]Xan:[/b] No mere fire dragon will be able to defeat you...
[b]Xan:[/b] And once Akriloth is gone, you can go after the ones that caused your family to die, the one that took my Jaania away from me.
[b]Xan:[/b] <<You>>, Galanoth, Warlic... all of them!!

He's still around, yes, but he's less active. Also, done and thanks! ~PaperClip

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6/14/2009 4:04:28   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

strange he hasn't been editing off any posts recently......

Doomkitten, The needs a picture

So does Archimoodes

Dorthy needs dialogue not just a link to it

Dorthy: Yup!
Dorthy: Awww, come on, wouldn't you do it for a Nooby Snack?
Dorthy: That was fast!
Dorthy: Look out! Something's coming! <character>, you take care of it!
Dorthy: I do believe we may be running in circles.
Dorthy: And if THEY found it weird, then we, Mysterious LLC, KNEW we had to investigate it!

Doug Digg doesn't need the note at the top of the page

Dr. Voltabolt doesn't need this part


Description: Not much is known about this odd technomancer/dentist, but he dislikes magic and magic users heavily and he seems to have some problems when saying s (z) and w (v). He was met first, when he screwed up some of his creations, they have gone rogue.

Dragon needs the function part gone

Dragonmaster Frostscythe needs the function and the description part gone!

Drakath his huge description is not wanted there!

the "Play as Undead to catch Cyklons" parts with his name should be bolded

Dravir doesn't need the description or function!

Duelist Lounge Patrons don't need there description or function plus the picture given should be in an image and not as a link

E.Gon, Evren, Fiam need this part added to their entries

Quests given

Shops owned

Eydis needs a location link


Fae doesn't need its function or description

Felst Yaga needs her function gone!

First Mate Rhubarb needs the function part gone plus a better title to its entry as it is in regular writing!

First Mate Rhubarb
There no Name: anymore!

Fizzle doesn't need the description or function

Ok lets stop there for now!

DONE! Do you sleep, like, ever? :P And have you considered just changing your name to Stephenix? Would be shorter for me when entering your name into the credits. xD
Oh and by the way, unlike all the other notes and descriptions, the one on Douglas Digg is actually important.
Thanks! ~PaperClip

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6/14/2009 11:54:50   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

Sleep I heart it, but lets keep going........

Fluffy doesn't need the description or function

I want Frank to have proper dialogue too!

Frank: Yup! Now let's get to investigating. We should split up! Thelma, you should take the library.
Frank: <character>, you and Nooby... sorry... <dragon> should take the first floor.
Frank: Me and Dorthy will go investigate the upstairs. Alone. Sound like a plan?
Frank: Alright then, it's decided. Let's go!
Frank: Oh, are we at the part where they get separated and come face-to-face with a random generic-enough monster already?
Frank: Quiet and keep running, that thing is catching up.
Frank: Me too... we're all going to die!
Frank: Yeah...
Frank: So why are we running from a ghost when you're clearly capable of taking care of them?
Frank: Quick! Unmask him! He's the Innkeeper! I know it!
Frank: But, if he was just a normal ghost, why would the townspeople be so afraid of him? It doesn't make any sense.
Frank: Well... Thursday said the entire town thought there was something WEIRD going on in this house. They found it creepy...

Freddie needs this

Quests given

Shops owned

Frost Moglins don't need the function or description there!

Frostval Future doesn't need the function

Finally a total redo!

G'joob needs dialogue

Long In the Tooth

<Character Name>: Who are you, and did you just THINK that at me?
G'joob: My name is G'joob, I am the lorekeeper for my people.. the Tuskers.
G'joob: And yes, we speak telepathically. We can speak our language our loud but, due to out large tusks, people make fun of the way that we talk.
G'joob: It was just easier to us to learn telepathically.
<Character Name>: That makes sense. Are the Tuskers willing to join us against Aisha and her dragon army?
G'joob: That is up to you. We are a peaceful race. We just want to be left alone.
G'joob: We only learned to fight and wear armor to defend our privacy.
G'joob: But as lorekeeper I know my people's tales. We have had to join with others to protect our way of life before. I think it is time again.
G'joob: You might be able to convince our leader to join with you in order to defend our privacy.
<Character Name>: Great, where do I find him?
G'joob: It's not quite that simple. We are nomads, roaming these frozen waters and making our secret homes in the hollow caves within the icebergs.
G'joob: We change the location every day to ensure our privacy and the entrances are all under water.
G'joob: Once we abandon a cave we let the entrance freeze over, so you will know the right one when you see it. It will be the only one you can enter.
G'joob: But you might find some of our abandoned camps first. Just keep looking.
G'joob: A little while ago someone dumped a bunch of Water Breathing Potions in the ocean so you can breathe the sea water.
<Character Name>: I wonder if I should tell G'joob that the Water Breathing Potions were my fault?
G'joob: That was YOUR fault?
<Character Name>: What? Hey! NO FAIR READING MINDS!
G'joob: Sorry. It doesn't matter anyway. You can breathe the water but it's very, very cold.
G'joob: You will begin freezing to death as soon you enter the water... the cold will slowly drain all of your life so move fast and find our camp!
G'joob: My people are not expecting you and we do not like outsiders... they WILL attack you. Be ready.
G'joob: I would wear something with ice resistance if I were you. Good luck <Character Name>!

Dragesvard War: Beginning!

  • Talk to G'joob:

G'joob: The Tuskers are a proud and solitary people but they see that Aisha only brings destruction.
G'joob: We tend not to meddle in the affairs of any of the other races but that will only buy us this time.
G'joob: There are some who say our home and our peace are being attacked because we stuck our tusks where they didn't belong...
G'joob: ...These Tuskers are fools. My people are stubborn but not stupid. They will see if you give them time.
  • G'joob's Shop:

G'joob: These items are symbols of honor and power from my people. Bring me some Armor Scraps and you shall have them.

(Walk up to him and he'll say...)

G'joob: The Tuskers have asked me to stay here and open trade with the humans! This is a big step for us Thank you, <Character Name>

Galanoth needs something ......let me think, I like this!!!!

Another link in your pictures
Galanoth In Dragesvard with Sword
But it's main picture should be this

As an image!!

Galeocerda 1 and 2 don't need the function part

Gary the Ice Elf needs the word Location: before the links haha

Gasper needs dialogue what I surprise....tisk tisk pjc!

Gasper: Hi!
Gasper: Yup. *wheeze* Gasper's the name. Gasper the Asthmatic Ghost!
Gasper: Amityvale is afraid of me? That's... rather depressing... but nope. Definitely a ghost. See?
Gasper: Yeah... I mean... *Gasp* All I wanted was my head back...
Gasper: So *gasp* can I get my head back? This has been fun guys *wheeze* but *huff* seriously, why are you here?
Gasper: The fact that they *wheeze* find me weird is... kinda sad. *huff* But I think I can tell you why. *wheeze*
Gasper: They must not like the new paint job I started on my house. Come check out what I've got so far. It's in the back.
Gasper: So... *gasp* Groovy paint job, right?

Gerda needs this

Shops owned

Gilth Yaga needs the function part gone!

Goober needs this....

Quests given

Shops owned

Gorgok the function can be eliminated....Think to himself.....avenge means fight for......that'd be cool if he did but that didn't even make sense sense I killed him :(

Grams the description is no longer wanted!

Finally I'll finish with a redone entry its HUGE!!!! Finish with a bang!



Location: Lymcrest Labyrinth, The (Floor 10, Boss Room)

Quests given
He will vanish and you will have to find him in these spots....
Worst Prank Ever, Fiery Heart of Mt Shining Star, What's Mine is Mine, Reagents Search, Save the Mill!, Well, Well, Well, The Mollo Tree, The Traitor, Noxus Fumes, Stocking the Shelves
Then go back to floor 10 in Lymcrest, and you will get your reward.

Shops owned
If you find him he'll give you this temporary....
Foam Rolith's Hammer


Greg: So you managed to catch the monkey, huh?
<Character Name>: What monkey?
Greg: Never mind. Lets get this over with.
<Character Name>: I'm not exactly sure what's going on...who are you?
Greg: The name's Gergor- sorry, Greg! Second best martial artist in the universe!
<Character Name>: Who's the first?
Greg: *sighs* Nevermind that. I challenge you to catch me. Do this and you'll prove you've you've got more speed if nothing else.
Greg: I'm capable of appearing anywhere in LORE in a moment's notice, so good luck keeping up!
<Character Name>: So you'll appear in random places all over LORE and I'll have to find out where you are?
Greg: Nice Exposition. I'll be placed randomly in 10 quests all over the game. Once you find me 10 times, you'll have to find your way back here.
<Character Name>: What then?
Greg: You get to try to hit me with a hammer.
<Character Name>: Ugh, we are not being subtle this time at all, are we Rolith?
Rolith: Heh, This quest will reset if you exit the game, and you'll have to start over. Check the forums for help! You'll need it!

Done, ~TLH~

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6/16/2009 15:00:26   
ArchMagus Orodalf

New location, dialogue, and image for Bjorn:



[b]Bjorn:[/b] OMG IT'S YOU! YAY! YOU SAVED MY LIFE! OMGOMGOMG [i]-pant pant*[/i] Ok, I need to calm down before I pass out agin. Ok... Ok...


This image lacks the water that the old one had.

For Astrid:



[b]Astrid:[/b] That was SOME party. It's been ages since I've had this much fun!


This image lacks the water that the old one had.

For Olaf:



[b]Olaf:[/b] Really? Well I'm glad someone had fun. Thanks for saving our lives <<You>>!


This image lacks the water that the old one had.

Oh, and while your at it, remove Olaf's "Description" and add his "Shops Owned".

For Helga:



[b]Helga:[/b] How do you think that THEY feel... they had to work every shift in every store with no relief... and no customers!


This image lacks the water that the old one had.

For Ingaberg:



[b]Ingaberg:[/b] Thanks for saving us, <<You>>. I really didn't want to end up a person-sicle for Aisha!


This image lacks the water that the old one had.

For Gerda:



[b]Gerda:[/b] I'd tell all my friends how amazing you are... but you saved all my friends when you saved me! Thanks, <<You>>!


The current image in the entry is actually Norsk.

For Linus, his name should be King Linus. His new Dialogue in Dragesvard:

[b]Linus:[/b] Hey <<You>>! I would say that you humans have earned your share of the fish in the Freezing Sea. Thanks for saving my people.

For Lief (Dragesvard):



[b]Lief:[/b] With a giant ice dragon holding us hostage to draw out the hero who saved our town?


This image lacks the water that the old one had.

For G'joob:




[b]G'joob:[/b] The Tuskers have asked me to stay here and open trade with the humans. This is a big step for us. Thank you, <<You>>!


This image is the Dragesvard version.

Done, thanks! ~PaperClip

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6/16/2009 15:57:29   
ArchMagus Orodalf

No... you're not done. You didn't do the G'joob entry.

I got that when I did Stephen's post. ~TLH~
So I forgot one. Just shoot me and end it, eh? :P ~PaperClip

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6/16/2009 17:25:25   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

Pokes Arch Stop it! LOL

I keep going!

Grams needs a location...


Grrol Blackclaw needs the description removed!


Harry, Hindeer, Ice Elf Warrior (*New pic coming soon...* ) should be removed as well

needs this....

Quests given

Shops owned

Gryphon needs the function gone!

Guardian Fortuna needs the description gone and I guess the location could be a little lighter like.... just Portal >>> Falconreach

Guffer (Savage Outworlder)

Helga needs...

Shops owned

Helpless Villager needs the function and description removed!

Hot Dogs needs its description removed!

Huff Puff needs this....


Huntmaster Frrwl should have its alternative image switched with its main!

Icemaster Yeti needs two things done...

The description removed, and the other picture should be removed!

All done. ~TLH~

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6/16/2009 18:32:46   
In the shadows...

Wow, there is a bit of commotion here! Might as well join in :P

For Ballyhoo you should get rid of its function, put [Rare] next to her shop, new entry for her dialogue:
[b]Ballyhoo:[/b] Hi, I'm [b]Ballyhoo![/b] Do you want to watch a [b]message from our sponsors?[/b] The higher your level, the bigger the prize!

[i]By viewing advertisement from our sponsors, you earn a [b]prize![/b] The prize could be credits, or special items given to you by the sponsor. You may only get a few prizes everyday.[/i]

[b]Ballyhoo:[/b] Congratulations! You have received ??? gold!

For Doomkitten you should get rid of the text after Summoning Help since its not necessary and I think the note should be taken off too!

For Frostscythe you should get rid of the extra text in his locations!

For Fluffy I don't think Sepulchure's Castle counts as a location.

For Guffer you should get rid of the description.

For Ice Elf Warrior you should delete this: *New pic coming soon...*

For Mr.Puddingshins, I'm not sure this counts as an NPC because its our character that says it not the puppet.

All done....and Puddingshins is so an NPC...long live Puddingshins! ~TLH~

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6/17/2009 11:04:17   
ArchMagus Orodalf

My name is ArchMagus Orodalf. It is very important to capitalize the "M". :P

In the meantime, delete this thread. It's superfluous, as we have this one.

Konnan has a weird tag mistake; get rid of the [/link] after The Search.

Leeta needs:

Quests given

Shops owned

Mae Pi update. Firstly, it shouldn't say "Warrior", it should say <<Class>>. Also, make sure that there are spaces between the colon and the text, and that "Mae Pi:" is bolded.

Now, for his Quests dialogue:

[b]Mae Pi:[/b] I've got a little errand for you.

[ul][*] A Gift:

[b]Mae Pi:[/b] Those no good ninja destroyed my Inn! This be the last straw I tell ya! I'm tired of this foolishness!
[b]Mae Pi:[/b] I need ye to do me a favor, <<You>>.
[b]Mae Pi:[/b] I have a gift for ye to take to the Ninja Inn. Maybe this will get the message across... that I be done with such silly pranks as this. 
[b]Mae Pi:[/b] Careful o them ninja monkee's they be a curious lot and probably won't be happy to see the like of ye comin' in there with a mystery box.

[*] Water You Doing

[b]Mae Pi:[/b] This be ribculous! Dose ninja hab gone doo far! Ib'll dake weeks do get the Inn back do dat homey pirate smell!
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Homey... pirate?... smell?
[b]Mae Pi:[/b] I want you do dake dis bottle do de Inn. Go do the upstairs hallway and open id!
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Um, this is kinda getting out of hand...
[b]Mae Pi:[/b] Oub of hand!? Are ye a pirate or aren'b ye? If ye has become sympathebic do de ninja, den be Braken will seem like a fuzzy, blue moglin!
[b]<<You>>:[/b] So... What's in the bottle?
[b]Mae Pi:[/b] It be air breathin' podion.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Air breathing potion. Right. That makes total sense.
[b]Mae Pi:[/b] Dake id and go!

Malifact's Ghost is missing a location and some dialogue:

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=13447466][b]The Necropolis (DeathKnight Training)[/b][/link]

[b]Malifact's Ghost:[/b] My name is [b]Sir Bram Malifact[/b] the holy [b]Paladin[/b] of truth, justice, and peace! How can I assist you, hero?


[b]Malifact's Ghost:[/b] Ah, I sense that you know the truth about me.
[b]Malifact's Ghost:[/b] Yes, I was the last Death Knight. I was trained as a Paladin and fought for good until I found the ring.
[b]Malifact's Ghost:[/b] All the dark knowledge of necromancy flowed into my mind, twisting it but giving me SO MUCH RAW POWER...
[b]Malifact's Ghost:[/b] After betraying my friends, I found that I had been doomed to haunt this crypt until my items were returned to me.
[b]Malifact's Ghost:[/b] You now have all the knowledge and power of both a Paladin and a Necromancer but, like me, you hunger for more.
[b]Malifact's Ghost:[/b] I will teach you what you need to know, in return for [b]Undead Slayer Badges[/b]. If I gather enough of them, others may come looking for my horde...
[b]Malifact's Ghost:[/b] ... and I can trick that poor fool in returning my power to me!

[color=#CC0000][b]Become A DeathKnight![/b][/color]

[b]Malifact's Ghost:[/b] It is time to unlock the power of the Death Knight.

[*] Unlock Death Knight Armor
[*] Wear Death Knight Armor
[*] Give Armor back
[*] Train Death Knight Armor
[*] Back



Ah, latedog has been reinstated as AK? Good! Now we just need Andy back. I wonder if he's feeling any better lately.

I made a few slight changes to your formats. ;P Otherwise, all done! Do hope Andy is feeling better. ~late

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6/17/2009 23:27:29   
In the shadows...

Good ol'Andy is sick??? I hope he's feeling better. And I see pjc retired as AK, and became a Pie Jumping Cat?

New location & dialogue for Zorbak:
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=13613485]The Body Shop[/link]

[center][size=2][b]The Body Shop[/b][/size][/center]
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Meh, a letter from the school? What do those losers want?
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] ... What? This is a bill for..
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] ...HOW MUCH?!

Added! ~late

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6/18/2009 19:36:20   
In the shadows...

Again a new location and dialogue for Zorbak:
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=6637859]Zorbak's Prank[/link]

[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] SHHHH! Careful hero. You wouldn't want to wake this hungry, giant, sleeping, man-eating bear.
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] HEY BEAR WAKE UP! LUNCH TIME! (Meh heh, heh, this should be fun.)
[color=#000099][b]Zorbak:[/b][/color] Interesting, I'll have to keep an eye on this one.

Since it's the first time you meet him, it gets top tier. =P Added. ~TLH~

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6/18/2009 21:12:36   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

Ok lets see what we can do today....I've set up a bomb under your chair you have exactly one hour till detonation to do this entry....GO!

Ikea needs a rewrite! its a small rewrite but necessary
...you could have just said "bold these" you know. =P


Location: Dragesvard > 1 Screen Right > House Shop

Quest Given:

Shop Owned:
Ikea Gold Shop
Ikea DC Shop


Ikea: Hi There! Welcome to my House Items shop. My name is Ikea!

Ikea: This is a great! I haven't had a customer in... well, EVER!
Ikea: It's like no one even owned house until recently. Now everyone wants to fill up there houses!
Ikea: I'm getting orders from as far away as Falconreach! Weird, right!

Ikea: Galanoth warned me that not to go to the cave in the iceburg near the waterline. What do you suppose it is down there?

Ingaberg needs this....

Shop Owned:

Jimmy the Eye, Keelia needs the description part deleted!

Jubei needs the function part deleted!

Kid Vayle needs some witching around!

Location: Green Mist, The

Quests given:

Shops owned:

King Linus needs a few things!

Quests given:

Shops owned:

The dialogue should all be together In The Killguin Arena quest dialogue
The spaces represent the different sections of the quest between fights.

Kneibil needs this....

Quests given:

Shops owned:

Knights of DF ok I'll leave you with this question..... Is the function and descriptions of all the knights necessary or no? Some don't have any dialogue so do they need something or no?
No they don't.

Konnan and Xan need an update to their entries.....

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16190739]Lair of the Guardian[/link]
[b]Konnan:[/b] *grunt*
[b]Konnan:[/b] Nine... TEEEN!
[b]Konnan:[/b] *urghhhhh* TWENtyyy...
[b]Konnan:[/b] N-no... I c-can't go any further!
[b]Konnan:[/b] I...
[b]Konnan:[/b] ...I WILL avenge my family!
[b]Konnan:[/b] Sixty... Four!
[b]Konnan:[/b] Sixty... FIVE!
[b]Konnan:[/b] SIXTY SIX!
[b]Konnan:[/b] I...
[b]Konnan:[/b] I... I am getting more powerful!
[b]Konnan:[/b] I can feel the power FLOWING THROUGH ME!
[b]Konnan:[/b] AAAAHAHAHA!

In [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16190739]Lair of the Guardian[/link]
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] AHHAHAHAHA!
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] WHAT?! Come on, I only pur 100 pounds on there...
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] ...
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] Oh, wait a sec... I know what you need...
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] Much better...
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] AAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] That's it.
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] Tame the fire.
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] The world will crumble before you.
[color=#CC0000][b]Xan:[/b][/color] Haha... HAHAHA... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! 

Yulgar does too....
 [b][u]Lair of the Guardian[/u][/b]
[color=#663300][b]Yulgar:[/b][/color] We must defeat Akriloth, <<You>>. Bring back something from the frozen northlands that can take Akriloth down! 

To the above three NPC's we need to add another location....
Lair of the Guardian

Done, Thanks! ~TLH~

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 66
6/20/2009 11:51:32   
ArchMagus Orodalf

New dialogue and loci for:

Yix in

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16193920]Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Gnome?[/link]

[b]Yix:[/b] I'm glad to know you didn't intend this, Mechagius. We hated thinking you'd turned your back on us.
[b]General Sneevord:[/b] So what we do now?
[b]<<You>>:[/b] The Cyklons have been recycled. The Undead are re-dead. Now we need to hammer the dents out of the city's buildings.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Yix, you and the rest of the Gnomes should keep the Energy Orb. You can study it and care for it.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Maybe Balthar can even find a way to harness its energy and create GOOD cyklons.
[b]Balthar:[/b] While I was in my cell, I thought of multiple ways I could have prevented this.
[b]Balthar:[/b] I REALLY didn't mean to have this happen. Or become a prisoner. The cell was small. And dark. And wet.
[b]<<You>>:[/b] What do you say, Yix? Will you keep the Orb safe for me?
[b]Yix:[/b] We would be honored. And just think of all the useful things it can help us do!
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Excellent. Then General Sneevord and I will go pour water on all the sparking Cyklon-parts to make sure they can't rise again.
[b]General Sneevord:[/b] We make done war! REAL good!
[b]<<You>>:[/b] That was the plan!

[b]Yix:[/b] Uh oh. That's-
[b]<<You>>:[/b] What do you mean "Uh oh"?
[b]Yix:[/b] I- I've never seen it say THIS before!
[b]<<You>>:[/b] Uh oh.

Sepulchure in

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16193920]Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Gnome?[/link]

[b]Sepulchure:[/b] That orb was supposed to be MINE!
[b]Doom Blade:[/b] Your minions? Dead undead. No using them again now. And the Master is displeased.
[b]Doom Blade:[/b] He... wishes you to see him. He would like to speak with you.
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] But <<You>> is RIGHT. THERE!
[b]Doom Blade:[/b] [b]Now[/b].
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] *rage*

Necrotic Blade of Doom in

[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16193920]Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Gnome?[/link]

[b]Sepulchure:[/b] That orb was supposed to be MINE!
[b]Doom Blade:[/b] Your minions? Dead undead. No using them again now. And the Master is displeased.
[b]Doom Blade:[/b] He... wishes you to see him. He would like to speak with you.
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] But <<You>> is RIGHT. THERE!
[b]Doom Blade:[/b] [b]Now[/b].
[b]Sepulchure:[/b] *rage*

Done, thanks! ~TLH~

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6/21/2009 12:14:05   
In the shadows...

New image for Yix:

Added, Thanks! ~TLH~

< Message edited by The Legendary Hero -- 6/21/2009 12:31:43 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 68
6/21/2009 12:54:24   
ArchMagus Orodalf

Er... you spelled his name incorrectly. It's actually "ILMaster13", not "LIMaster13". :P
<.< If you check it's spelled right. >.>
Now, for something more constructive:

Pi Mae lacks dialogue.

In [b]Monkee Business[/b]:

[b]Pi Mae:[/b] The Innkeeper of Osprey Cove is my b... biggest enemy, I wish to play a trick on him.
[b]Pi Mae:[/b] His Inn is guarded by dirty pirate apes. Sneak in and clear the way for my ninja monkee's so they can leave him *grin* a little surprise.

In [b]Bad Bananas[/b]:

[b]Pi Mae[/b]: This level of insult is unacceptable! Having someone sneak in and leave me a *shudder* pie!
[b]<<You>>[/b]: Oh... um, wait... how is pie an insult?
[b]Pi Mae[/b]: Those filthy pirates love pie! Don't you see? Pirate... Pi-rate! It's the ultimate pirate insult!
Pi Mae: I am done playing nice! Take these bananas to the pirate inn, they'll ensure those pesly pirates are out of the way for a while!
Pi Mae: Look for the perfect spots for these 5 bananas. With your heightened ninja senses, the perfect spots to place them should sparkle before your eyes.

Done, thanks! ~TLH~

< Message edited by The Legendary Hero -- 6/21/2009 12:58:25 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 69
6/21/2009 13:01:27   
ArchMagus Orodalf

*wink* Yes, it isn't. :P A really minor edit, again for Pi Mae. "Love" ought to be bolded, as should all of the names in that entry.

You didn't bold love so that's not my fault =P ~TLH~

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6/21/2009 13:23:50   
In the shadows...

New entry for Sir Prize
[size=3][b]Sir Prize[/b][/size] 

Location: [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=6715153]Oaklore Keep[/link]

[u][b]Quests given[/b][/u]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8284316]Worst Prank Ever[/link]

[u][b]Shops owned[/b][/u]

[b]Sir Prize:[/b] BOO! Gotcha!

[b]Sir Prize:[/b] That [b]Sir Kuss[/b] clown is always trying to out-prank me. I have an idea though. Want to pull the ULTIMATE prank?
[i]Pressing ".....OK?" takes you to the [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=8284316]Worst Prank Ever[/link] quest.[/i]


[i]Thanks to Pink_Star for the location link.[/i]

Added, thanks! ~late

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6/22/2009 17:13:43   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

Ok lets make the good times roll!

Knights of DF needs some serious looking at!

Sir Pryze first.... he needs this

Quests given

Shops owned

Sir Pryze: The PvP (Player vs Player) is underway. Are you ready for a match?
Sir Pryze: It is easy... Just ask to PvP and choose you opponent. Get 5 or more wins and you can get the ultimate PvP weapon!
Sir Pryze: We call it... The Unsqueekable Farce!
Sir Pryze: Defeat one opponent for each of your levels and you shall be able to buy.... The Unsqueekable Farce!
Sir Pryze: The full power of The Unsqueekable Farce! is yet unknown!

Sir Valance needs this....

Quests given
Root of All Sneevil, Sneevil-Jistu Dojo, The Keep Invasion, Sneevil Boxopolis

Shops owned
Ironwood Box

Sir Valance: We must be ever vigilant! Sneevils, the vile box obsessed creatures have been stealing every box in the area!

The Forest

Sir Valance: Sneevils are box crazed goblins which can be found in nearly every forest. Searching their forest might yield a new weapon.
Takes you to Root of All Sneevil

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation

Ninja Dojo

Sir Valance: The Sneevil Ninja Shogun has many spies in the forest. Head to their Dojo where he trains his army and see what you can find out!
Takes you to Sneevil-Jistu Dojo

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation

Defend the Keep!

Sir Valance: While you were gone they started raiding the keep! They must be after the special Ironwood Boxes that were delivered this morning!
Takes you to The Keep Invasion

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation
Note: To do this quest you must of completed Sneevil-Jistu Dojo

The Boxopolis

Sir Valance: King Splurt has gone to far this time! Travel to infamous Boxopolis and confront the leader of these evil creatures. Recover the stolen box!
Takes you to Sneevil Boxopolis

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation
Note: To do this quest you must of completed The Keep Invasion

Reward Chest

Sir Valance: At last! This box contains a shipment of enchanted rings given by Good King Alteon. It cost him a fortune but worth every coin to defend this keep.
Sir Valance: It cost him a fortune but it will be worth every gold coin. These rings are just what we knights need to better defend Oaklore Keep.
Sir Valance: Here, you've earned one. As far as I'm concerned, you're an Honorary Knight of the Pactagonal Table, <Your Class>. Thank you

Treasure Chest
Takes you to Ironwood Box

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation

Sir Vey's Camp

Sir Valance: Sir Vey is one of the kingdom's best naturalists! He studies all the plants and wildlife in Oaklore forest.
Sir Valance: Thanks to you, we have the sneevil problem under control. Would you go help him at his camp?
Help Sir Vey
Takes you to Sir Vey's Camp

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation
Done Exits talking to Sir Valance

Sir Vey needs an entry.......

Sir Vey

Location: Oaklore Talk to Sir Valance

Quests given
For the Birds, The Mollo Tree, A Piece of (Fruit)Cake!, Missing Equipment, Burn It All

Shops owned
Sir Vey's Shop

Sir Vey: Greetings. I was told that someone was coming to help me out around the camp. Is that you?
Sir Vey: I am Sir Vey, a knight of the Pactogonal Table. I am also a naturalist. I specialize in studying the plants and animals in Oaklore forest.
Sir Vey: I am surveying the land, finding ways for King Alteon to use the land without over-using it and hurting the balance of nature here.

Sir Vey: Something has upset the natural balance in Oaklore forest. We have to repair it.

Seed Bag

Sir Vey: The Forest Furies have always been a dangerous monster but they have never attacked without cause.
Sir Vey: But not long ago several of them came into my camp and stole a large bag of seeds. I was using the seeds to test the soil's fertility.
Sir Vey: I can't get more seeds before the end of the season and by then all my research will be wasted. I need you to get those seeds back!
Get Seeds Back
Takes you to For the Birds

Food Supply

Sir Vey: Hmm. It seems like they were just hungry. That's very odd. The Forest Furies usually eat the fruit from a huge Mollo tree in the woods.
Sir Vey: Something must have happened to their normal food supplies to make them so aggressive.
Sir Vey: If this continues they will come back for the seeds and they will be even more dangerous.
Sir Vey: I'll stay here and guard the seeds. You have to go the Mollo Tree and find out why the Forest Furies aren't eating that fruit.
Investigate Tree!
Take you to The Mollo Tree

Missing Fruit

Sir Vey: Vurr'men!!? Those filthy beasts! All they ever do is take from the land and never give anything back.
Sir Vey: They are the ones upsetting the balance here in the forest!
Sir Vey: You HAVE to stop them! Go to their lair in the Ruins and get that Mollo fruit back!
Go Get Fruit!
Take you to A Piece of (Fruit)Cake!


Sir Vey: All the Mollo fruit was rotten? The Vurr'men are wasteful but I've never seen one pass up a meal.
Sir Vey: They must have been letting it rot on purpose... I wonder why.
Sir Vey: I need to run some tests on this fruit that you brought back, but all of my equipment is down by the river. Could you go and get it for me?
Sir Vey: And <Characters Name>... be careful. With the forest this far out of balance, it is a much more dangerous place.
Get Equipment!
Take you to Missing Equipment

Burn It All

Sir Vey: This is a disaster! When the Mollo fruit ferments it takes on special properties!
Sir Vey: It produces a chemical that would make people very suggestible! It's a MIND CONTROL serum!
Sir Vey: I don't know what the Vurr'men have planned but we've got to stop them at all costs or else we will all end up slaves to those rats!
Sir Vey: Go to their tunnels beneath the Ruins. Find the rest of the Mollo fruit... and burn it. Every last barrel of the stuff!
Burn It All!
Takes you to Burn It All


Sir Vey: Great Job <Characters Name>! The balance of nature can be restored now, thanks to you.
Sir Vey: I know that I can trust you. I'll trade you some items that you can use in exchange for your Pouches of Sparkling Sand.
Reward Shop!
Lets you access Sir Vey's Shop

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation
Done Exits talking to Sir Vey

Sir Vivor needs an update....

First off it should be Sir Casm and Sir Vivor as the title as these two are together in Dialogue....

Quests given
Sir Jing's Weapons, The VurrMen Ruins

Shops owned


Sir Vivor: Hey watch this! We developed the fastest way to travel in the Kingdom!
Sir Casm: Ohhh yeah this is reeeeeaallly going to work.....
Sir Vivor: If it does work... maybe we can find the ancient ruins containing Sir Jing's Legendary Lightning Blade
Sir Casm: Suuuuure we will. Just like the last dozen times we tried right?

Goes back to the option of choosing to talk or go to quest

Sir Jing's Weapons

Sir Vivor: Sir Jing was once a great Knight of the Pactagonal Table...
Sir Casm: Ohhh yeah... he was soooooo great......
Sir Vivor: All of the other knights called him "Sparky" because of his special energy weapons. But they were lost long ago in the Ruins.
Sir Vivor: I think that those storm elementals are guarding them but I can't get close enough. Want to try?
Begin Quest!
Lets you access Sir Jing's Weapons

Explore Ruins

Sir Casm: We knights just loooovve going to the Ruins. The locals are just so friendly.
Sir Vivor: He's talking about the Vurr'Men. They are rat people who have taken over the Ruins and won't let anyone close to them without attacking.
Sir Casm: We could reeeaaalllly use your help in clearing some of the Vurr'Men out of the Ruins.
Sir Vivor: Actually Sir Casm, We really COULD use this hero's help.
Sir Casm: I know.... that's what I said.
Sir Vivor: Ok. Sometimes it is hard to tell with you.
Begin Quest!
Lets you access The VurrMen Ruins

My brain hurts..... I'll be back with more tomorrow!

Done, thanks! ~TLH~

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6/22/2009 18:08:37   
In the shadows...

^^^I was about to do those :P

More for Knights of DF:

Sir Pluss:
[size=3][b]Sir Pluss[/b][/size] 

Location: [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=12036654]Oaklore Keep[/link]

[u][b]Quests given[/b][/u]

[u][b]Shops owned[/b][/u]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=7758525]Dragonlord Shops - Oaklore[/link]

[b]Sir Pluss:[/b] I have lots of surplus weapons to sell and I'm open [i]Knight[/i] and day! You will need a [b]Dragon Amulet[/b] to use these weapons.


Entry for Sir Lee:
[size=3][b]Sir Lee[/b][/size] 

Location: [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=6715153]Oaklore Keep[/link]

[u][b]Quests given[/b][/u]

[u][b]Shops owned[/b][/u]
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=12039365]Sir Lee's Shop[/link]

[b]Sir Lee:[/b] If you had to work with that cheerful Sir Pluss, you'd be surly too. D'you need a new weapon?


Done up. ~TLH~

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6/23/2009 15:07:42   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

lets keep this going......

Knights of DF still need stuff

Sir Ano needs another quests that was given.... Victoria's Secret

Sir Comvent needs this.....

Quests given

Shops owned

Sir Render needs this....

Location: Falconreach - Town Hall

Quests given

Shops owned
Defender's Medal Shop

Sir Render: Welcome to Town Hall! Mayor Rayf is in his office to the right, and Damien is to the left, but you can train and access the defenders shop here.


Sir Render: Our great and noble town, Falconreach, often finds itself under attack due to our dangerous location.
Sir Render: During these attacks, brave adventurers like yourself can help defend and can earn Defender's Medals.
Sir Render: Turn in your Defender's Medals here in exchange for our top of the line items, or use them to upgrade older items into better ones! <more>
If you do not see anything you like now, hold on to your Medals, because new items will become available.
Sir Render: Some of the most powerful items might even require you to save up medals over multiple wars!

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation

Defender's Shop

This shop requires Defender's Medals which can only be earned during wars and special events. If you do not have enough medals, or do not see something you want save them. Wars happen all the time and new items show up too!
Lets you access Defender's Medal Shop

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation

Stat Trainer

Sir Render: You can spend your stat points here to improve yourself, Or untrain all your stats if you that you need to.
Lets you go to the Stat Trainer or you can go to the Untrain All Stats

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation
Leave Exits talking to Sir Render

Sir Preeem needs some help....

Quests given

Shops owned

Sir Preeem: Welcome brave Hero! We are the Knights of the Pactoganal Table and we welcome you to join us in tales of glory and adventure!


Sir Preeem: ... and soon we must resume our quest for Furfur's rumored Semi Holy Grande Pumpkin-spice Cappuccino.
And the word *Indeed* appear over the other knights head
Sir Preeem: Sir Tax, you do realize the Knights of the Pactoganal Table are good guys... right?

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation


Sir Preeem: Aye, every Geometry course teaches it!
- Square
- Circle
- Triangle
- Pactogram

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation
Done Exits talking to Sir Preeem

Sir Tax doesn't need the name and it should be this.... Sir Tax

plus it needs this....

Quests given

Shops owned



Sir Tax: Oooh, ooh, and then we can tax all the villagers until they cannot afford food! Then we can send in thugs to beat them up!
And Yellow question marks appear over the other knights heads
Sir Tax: Oh! Right... sorry.... Whew, almost blew my cover there
Sir Tax: Um.... To the Knights of the Pactogonal Table!
The words "Hail! Hail!" appear above the heads of all the knights

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation


Sir Tax: The Pactogram is a symbol of everything that is good and just! All Hail the Knights of the Pactogonal table!
The words "Hail! Hail!" appear above the heads of all the knights

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation
Done Exits talking to Sir Tax

Sir Reeyal doesn't need the name and it should be this.... Sir Reeyal and it needs this....

Quests given

Shops owned



Sir Reeyal: This Captain Rhubarb Crunch is the best! ... and a great source of calcium with Milk!
And Yellow question marks appear over the other knights heads

Goes back to the beginning of the conversation
Leave Exits talking to Sir Reeyal

Done, Thanks! ~TLH~

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6/25/2009 13:41:30   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

Konnan needs some help

Locations are being missed..... A Letter From Home / A Plea For Help, Aftermath

the quests given and shops given need a underline under them!

Also the dialogue needs some work
Under the first dialogue it should have this before it......
Yulgar's Shop

also the Lair of the Guardian needs an underline

Lief (Dragesvard) needs this.....

Shops owned

Lira needs the quest link.....

Falonreach Bank

Lon doesn't need the function or description!

Lord Frydae XIII doesn't need the description

Lord Valorus needs this as its correct shops owned

Shops Owned
Willowshire - Guardian Blades

also the description is not needed!

Lugosi doesn't need the description!

Mae Pi's Father needs this.....

Quests Given

Shops Owned

Mae Pi's Mom needs the same thing.....

Quests Given

Shops Owned

Maestro911 needs its description gone!

Maryann are the description or the images on the bottom of the page necessary.....

Maya can have her description removed!

Mince, the Barber needs a one thing

the function removed as you could already tell in the title

Miner Thirtyniner's function can be deleted!

Mr. Puddingshins needs a new format starting with the title....

Mr. and Ms. Puddingshins

Location can stay there!

Quests Given

Shops Owned

<<Character Name:>> (Imitating as a sock puppet) Ms. Puddingshins: "... Oh, Mr. Puddingshins, you scoundrel!..."

with its picture! note can stay there!

Mysterious Undead NPC (???) needs the description and the first seen part deleted!

Myx its up to you should the description be deleted or not?
Doesn't need it.

Necromancer Nicto needs a link.....

Location: Necromancer Nicto

Noxus needs this.....

Quests Given

Shops Owned

Oakley needs his description removed!

Olaf should have the description replaced by the word Shops owned and the None should be under it!

Old Man needs some help!

- Function and description should be removed!
- Picture should be on the bottom! without the word picture!
- Location bolding should be gone!
- He needs this.....

Quests Given

Shops Owned

- the word dialogue should go before the place where the dialogue took place!
- only one dialogue needed on page get rid of the other word dialogue
Battle for the Armor

should go after the the word dialogue for the first one then once that dialogue is finished have this... on the next line
DragonLord Training

There's still so much to do!

All done. I skipped this I guess...my bad. ~TLH~

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