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11/16/2013 14:06:33   
Legendary AK!!!

Please check previous entries to prevent bogging down the thread with old information. After checking and making sure that the information is new and relevant, please include whether it is for a new entry or an edit/addition to an old entry. Remember to check previous threads and Guides first. Remember, no sigs. For pictures, please refer to the Guide to Pedia Screenshots.

These threads are not meant for discussion in regards to any item. If you feel an item is imbalanced please make a thread about it in Game Balance Issues.

These threads are not meant for asking questions. Please use Questions/Answers for that. Only questions pertaining to crucial information that is missing or hasn't been posted by the AQ staff by accident are allowed. For example missing SP costs for a misc or missing BtH numbers regarding a weapon etc.

These threads are not meant for bug reporting. Please report any bugs you find in AQ Bugs.

Any posts that deviate from the AQ Encyclopedia Rules wil be deleted and warnings given out as deemed necesary.

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11/22/2013 1:13:48   
Times Silent Keeper


*glances left and right*


Actual map of the maze. Credits to IMR!

Settling. ~whacky


Kingdom Breaker:

Speak to Valencia privately (i.e. Visit Grumbugly) and select the Kingdom Breaker Shop option.

Valencia: Thank you so much for your support of AQ through the years! Anyone that has bought Guardianship or Z-Tokens prior to today can now access a shop with an exclusive weapon - The Kingdom Breaker.
  • Kingdom Breaker!

    Kingdom Breaker

  • Kingdom Breaker [L. 50]
  • Kingdom Breaker [L. 70]
  • Kingdom Breaker [L. 90]
  • Kingdom Breaker [L. 110]
  • Kingdom Breaker [L. 130]
  • Kingdom Breaker [L. 150]
  • Added to quest.


    The Dragon's Maze!
    Maze of the Mana Dragon!

    A large dragon has lived for many centuries, building up his magical power by draining mana from Lore's very core. To this end, he took shelter deep underground. However, a dragon of his size could not simply be "forgotten," and so to stop enemies from reaching him easily, he constructed the great maze. Adventurers would occasionally stumble into the maze and become lost. The dragon chose the most powerful adventurers from among these and augmented them with pieces of armor enhanced with corruptive dragon magics. These armor pieces eventually mutated the adventurers into part-dragon monsters that he could then manipulate as his servants to help guard the maze.

    «Scene: Entrance to the Dragon's Maze»

    Warlic: Thank goodness you're here, «You».
    Warlic: I felt it only just recently. A powerful and forgotten magic dwells deep within this mountain.
    Warlic: This magic is unlike any I've seen in a long time. It seems to twist both time and space, corrupting them and bending them to its will.
    Warlic: If left alone, it could become quite dangerous to Lore.
    Warlic: However, if you choose to go into the caverns to investigate, I must give you a few words of warning.
    Warlic: First, bring any artifacts that you find directly to me. These magics must be coming from something or someone, and it's best to be on the safe side.
    Warlic: Second, because of the distortions this magic is creating, I cannot heal you myself as I do not know what side effects it might bring.
    Warlic: So instead, use these special potions I've brought along to heal yourself. They should be unaffected by the distortions herein.
    Warlic: Be careful. A dangerous force is at work here.

    Quest for the Dragon Knight set?
  • Let's go! - Enter the maze
  • Maybe later!

      General Information
    • The maze has three wings that you can explore, namely the Stone, Water and Fire wing (from left to right).
    • The potion bag on the floor refills your Full Heal potions (7), the ones Warlic gave. These are different from the ones you use for healing in battle.
    • You can only refill your potions when you return to the "lobby" of the maze, where the potion bag is.
    • Clicking on the potion bag yields the message "You grab as many of Warlic's specialized healing potions as you can carry!"

      Maze Traversal, Traps
    • Once you enter a wing, you cannot exit until you reach the exit point. Beware!
    • If you return to a previously cleared room, you have an unlucky 13% chance of re-encountering a monster.
    • Traps are DEX based. The Stone wing has Earth element traps, Water wing has Ice traps, and Fire wing has Fire traps.

      Completing a Wing
    • To meet the Ancient Mana Dragon (the boss) himself, all three wings must be completed first.
    • The Dragon Champion of a particular wing must be defeated before the wing is considered complete.
    • To access the Dragon Champion, a switch needs to be activated.
    • If you activate the switch within each wing, you get a message "You hear a far-off rumbling..." which indicates that the gate to the Champion has been unlocked.
    • If you attempt to enter a door before activating the switch, you are prevented from entry and a message "This door is locked and won't budge. There must be a switch somewhere..." appears.

      Progress Tracking
    • Once a wing is completed, it is considered complete until you log out, reset it through Warlic, or try on the helmet that the Mana Dragon offers you before taking it back to Warlic.
    • Your progress is saved only upon the completion of the wing. Dying midway through a wing means you will have to redo that particular wing again.
    • If you have already completed a wing, attempting to revisit it yields the message "You've already explored this wing."
    • Attempting to re-enter the Mana Dragon's domain yields the message "You've already fought the dragon."

      Respective Maze Component Rewards
    • Completing each component of the maze unlocks a different shop, namely:
      • Stone: Armor
      • Water: Shield
      • Fire: Weapon
      • Boss: Misc, Pet, Spell

    • Attempting to open a shop that is not unlocked yet yields the message "You haven't found this piece yet!"

      ...I need help!
    • And so you shall receive. Here's the layout of the maze:

      Maze Layout
      Maze Layout (with directions available from each room)

    • You begin in room 'a' for each wing.
    • In certain rooms, you are not allowed to traverse diagonally to another room. This is intentional.

    • Stone wing fastest directions: Up, Up, Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Left, Top Left, Top Left (Switch), Bottom Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Down, Left (Stone Dragon Champion)
    • Water wing fastest directions: Up, Up, Up, Top Right, Top Left (Switch), Bottom Right, Right, Right, Right, Up (Ice Dragon Champion)
    • Fire wing fastest directions: Top Left, Top Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Right (Switch), Top Left, Top Right, Top Left, Top Right, Top Right, Right (Fire Dragon Champion)

    «Stone Wing»
      1 BATTLE: Stone Dragon Champion
      Full Heal

      «You free the Warrior Spirit upon the defeat of the Stone Dragon Champion.»

      Warrior Spirit: Free at last! Thank you!
    • Why did you come here?

        Warrior Spirit: I came here seeking powerful items to wield in battle.... and I found them.
        Warrior Spirit: But once I put them on, I lost control of myself, and before I knew it, I was his servant.

    • Can you tell me of this place?

        Warrior Spirit: The dragon constructed this maze to keep his enemies from finding him.
        Warrior Spirit: This place has kept him hidden for a great many years. He has outlasted nearly every major civilization on Lore.

    • Any advice you can offer me?

        Warrior Spirit: You will need to defeat all of the dragon's champions to reach his chamber.
        Warrior Spirit: Once you do, the central chamber will grant you access to his domain.

    • Leave!

        Warrior Spirit: Again, my thanks. Now I may rest in peace.

        «The Warrior Spirit floats up and vanishes. You return to the lobby of the maze. You also gain access to the Dragon Knight's Hide shop.»

    «Water Wing»
      1 BATTLE: Ice Dragon Champion
      Full Heal

      «You free the Mage Spirit upon the defeat of the Ice Dragon Champion.»

      Mage Spirit: My spirit has been freed! I thank you, noble hero.
    • Why did you come here?

        Mage Spirit: I came here because I felt the powerful magic within, but the magic was too great for me to control.
        Mage Spirit: I suspect that the dragon does not fully command it himself, either.

    • Can you tell me of this place?

        Mage Spirit: I can sense a great build-up of power beneath the maze. The dragon lies below.
        Mage Spirit: I do not know why he has dug himself so deeply underground, but I expect that it cannot be good.

    • Any advice you can offer me?

        Mage Spirit: Do not attempt to wear any of the items you find here without purifying them first.
        Mage Spirit: They are corrupted by a powerful magic, one that seems far greater than the dragon should be capable of producing.

    • Leave!

        Mage Spirit: Then it is time for me to pass on. Take care, hero, for this place is still quite dangerous.

        «The Mage Spirit floats up and vanishes. You return to the lobby of the maze, and also unlock the Dragon Knight's Scales shop.»

    «Fire Wing»
      1 BATTLE: Fire Dragon Champion
      Full Heal

      «You free the Ranger Spirit upon the defeat of the Fire Dragon Champion.»

      Ranger Spirit: The dragon's hold has been broken!
    • Why did you come here?

        Ranger Spirit: I wandered into this maze entirely by accident, sadly enough, and quickly became lost.
        Ranger Spirit: When the dragon offered me the power to escape, I foolishly trusted him. And so, he corrupted me into a draconic minion, bound to serve him.

    • Can you tell me of this place?

        Ranger Spirit: I did get ample time to explore the maze when I got lost in here. It's fairly obvious that the maze itself is a decoy.
        Ranger Spirit: The dragon is nowhere to be found in this maze. You'll have to find another way to reach him.

    • Any advice you can offer me?

        Ranger Spirit: If the dragon offers you power, you must refuse him! His magics are too powerful for a human to bear.
        Ranger Spirit: They will corrupt you completely, turning you into his servant for eternity.

    • Leave!

        Ranger Spirit: Then I shall take leave of you now. Take care.

        «The Ranger Spirit floats up and vanishes. You return to the lobby of the maze, and also unlock the Dragon Knight's Fang shop.»

    «Domain of the Mana Dragon»
    «Once you complete all three wings, a swirling vortex opens in the center of the lobby of the maze, and the option to enter the domain of the Mana Dragon appears.»
      1 BATTLE: Ancient Mana Dragon
      Full Heal

      Ancient Mana Dragon: You waste your time. I cannot be killed by one such as you, no matter how much you struggle.
      «You»: What is this place? And what are you doing down here, anyways?
      Ancient Mana Dragon: You have made it further than any other, so I suppose you have earned an explanation.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: Ever since I was first born, I sought power. But not through squabbles over gold and land, like other Red Dragons.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: I wanted physical and magical might. I wanted to be more powerful than any creature on Lore, even the gods themselves.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: I began to consume magic from every ley line and nexus that I could gain access to.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: Naturally, the gods were not pleased with my actions, and sought to get rid of me.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: But I had not yet gained the power to face them. So I fled to the depths of the planet.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: And from deep within the planet, I began to feed upon the core of the planet, the strongest nexus of magical power.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: Oh, the gods tried to stop me. They sent those strange multi-colored elementals after me, but I killed them easily.
      Ancient Mana Dragon: Now they don't even bother. They know I have surpassed them! And if the gods cannot kill me, then what hope do you have?
      Ancient Mana Dragon: However, you have amused me with your valiant efforts to stop me. And so, you may take this.

      «The Crest of the Dragon Knight appears in front of you.»
    • Take to Warlic

        Ancient Mana Dragon: Now, begone. I must try once more to drain from the planet's magical reserves. Have to keep trying....

        «Scene: Outside the Mana Dragon's maze»

        Warlic: I see.... so the dragon tried to trick you into donning the full set in his presence, before I had time to purify it.
        Warlic: You were wise not to do so. You would have been corrupted almost instantly.
        «You»: How is he able to corrupt humans so easily with these artifacts?
        Warlic: It is a power he has no doubt acquired as a result of feeding on the planet's core.
        Warlic: A foolish move on his part. There is a reason that very few races draw magic from the planet's core. It is simply too powerful for them to handle.
        Warlic: I suspect that once he began to draw from the planet's core, the magic corrupted his very being, turning him into a shell of what he once was.
        Warlic: His magic has grown much stronger, true, but.... you could tell, couldn't you? He has drained too much.
        Warlic: His body and mind are broken. He is no longer able to syphon any further magic from the core because of the damage to his body.
        Warlic: He likely lacks the physical strength to escape from the maze now. That maze has become a self-made prison.
        Warlic: And the magic has taken a mental toll, as well. While he is indeed beyond your ability to kill, he is far from the godly power he sought.
        Warlic: He doesn't have a good grasp on reality.... he may have even forgotten his own name, so lost is he in the power he has gained.
        Warlic: Let this be a lesson, «You». Too much power will corrupt, and it will destroy both your body and mind.

        «You unlock the Dragon Knight's Crest shop.»

    • Try it on!

        «You»: Hey, this is a good look for me.

        «You don the full Dragon Knight set, including the helmet.»

        Ancient Mana Dragon: It seems that while you are certainly stronger than other adventurers, you are not smarter.

        «The Ancient Mana Dragon's eyes turn red. Your body flashes red.»

        «You»: Wait, what's happening.... I feel strange....

        «You sprout wings and turn into a green half-dragon. You then kneel on one knee.»

        «You»: I live only to serve you, my master.

        When you put on the helmet that the dragon offered you without consulting Warlic first, you gave him an opening to corrupt you, and to re-corrupt all of the equipment that you found. Now a mindless slave of the dragon, you spend the rest of eternity guarding his maze from future intruders. Now that you know not to accept presents from strangers, what to try again?
      • Replay
      • Return to Battleon

        «As a consequence of your actions, your progress of the maze is completely erased, and you have to start from scratch once more

    Maze information thanks to In Media Res and Westwind. Maze layout thanks to In Media Res. Second maze layout thanks to Tep Itaki. Correction thanks to Dragoon23. Dialogue for putting on helmet thanks to a post by Daimyo Daimyo in the AQGD newsletter thread.
    Dragon Knight's Hide

    Unlocked when you defeat the Stone Dragon Champion.

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Hide Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Hide Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 120]
  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Hide [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Hide [L. 150 G]
    Dragon Knight's Scales

    Unlocked when you defeat the Ice Dragon Champion.

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Scales Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Scales Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 120]
  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Scales [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Scales [L. 150 G]
    Dragon Knight's Fang

    Unlocked when you defeat the Fire Dragon Champion.

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Fang Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Fang Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 105]
  • Mana Wand [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 120]
  • Aether Wand [L. 120]

  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Fang [L. 135]
  • Quintessence Wand [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Fang [L. 150 G]
  • Akasha Wand [L. 150 G]
    Dragon Knight's Crest

    Unlocked when you defeat the Ancient Mana Dragon.

  • Draconate [L. 105]
  • Dracoform [L. 120]
  • Dragonify [L. 135]
  • Dracomorgrify [L. 150 G]

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Familiar Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Familiar Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 120]
  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Familiar [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Familiar [L. 150 G]

  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Crest Z [L. 11 Z]
  • Hatchling Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 45]
  • Young Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 60]
  • Adolescent Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 75]
  • Adult Dragon Knight's Crest Z [L. 80 Z]

  • Adult Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 90]
  • Mature Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 105]
  • Elder Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 120]
  • Ancient Dragon Knight's Crest [L. 135]
  • Wyrm Knight's Crest [L. 150 G]
  • Settling. ~whacky


    Past Unraveled!
    Hall of Memories

    Location: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6: The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » Click on the arrow » 1: The Past Unraveled

    «Scene: Picnic with Aria and Hans. Scion enters the scene.»

    «You»: ... and so I told her that this is the LAST time I try to milk a giant werecow!
    Aria: Sounds about like-- hey, who's that?
    Hans: I dunno. But given what it normally means when strangers show up, I sense a disturbance in our next course.
    «You»: Greetings, stranger.
    ???: «You»? Chosen of Lore?
    «You»: Depends on who's asking.
    Scion: I am Scion, and you had better come with me right now. The Hall of Memories is unraveling and Abode cannot stop it.
    Scion: It has taken several people, including Falerin himself, and there are transmorphers everywhere.
    «You»: *sigh* Your sense is uncanny, Hans. Yet another picnic ruined. Lead on, Scion.

    Past Unraveled
    The Hall of Memories is falling apart, and the only one who can help (besides you, of course) is the mysterious Scion the Nachtfee! Can you fight through the waves of Transmorphers and find all the lost souls before it's too late?
  • To Battle!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Twillies doesn't like the past! Twillies had big feet back then!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Potion Bag - Refills your potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    Treasure Chest - (Guardian Only)
    The Hollow - The Hollow is here to help!
    Warlic - For once, Warlic is NOT the one responsible for a transdimensional calamity!
    Hans - Hans' special WarpForce training is sure to help!
    Aria - Aria and her pets are here to help!
    Doom Sheep - +0.1 Ranged BTH per sheep, maximum of +20.0 BTH, or 200 Doom Sheep

    To Battle!
  • With Hollow
  • With Warlic
  • With Hans
  • With Aria
  • By Yourself

    «Regardless of choice, you can go to battle, or view a cutscene. Cutscenes were unlocked at various stages of the war. Percentages are recorded beside each cutscene below.»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      «Castle vs Castle [10%]»
    • Castle selection
    • Battle options
    • Fallen Castle
    • Completed War

      «If you attempt to join Krenos' knights, a message "Krenos' team lost the last time this happened. Better not join them...." appears, and you are prevented from joining Krenos' knights. Once you join Serlissa's team, you notice that Krenos' Castle has only 1 HP left. You are given several battle options.»
    • Attack!
    • Defend - There's no need to defend - you can win this war right now!
    • Heal
    • Travel - You travel back to the war camp. --- Returns you back to the Hall of Memories war camp.
    • Update - The war is already up to date.

      «Select the Attack! option to continue.»

      1 BATTLE

      «Once you click on "Have a nice trip", the armies over at Krenos' Castle tumble down the hill. Select "Continue" and...»

      Falerin: Hm? What is that noise?
      «You»: Falerin! We've been looking everywhere for you!
      Falerin: And approximately on time, too. I deduced that you would find me eventually. While waiting, I decided to have a spot of tea with Krenos.
      «You»: That sounds... exactly like you. Well, could hurry it up? We've got nine more people to find, seven of whom are you.

      «The scene fades to black and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Worm War [20%]»

      1 BATTLE: Terrestria
      Full Heal

      Ardendor: Much appreciated Chosen One. Now I can return to my time and join the other Falerin...ses? The Falorian tribe of Manly Men. No wait, there is a kid... Bah nevermind.

      «Ardendor vanishes.»

      Robina: You have defeated Terrestria, the earth sorceress who gained control of the Worm-Men and attacked town! But one question remains unanswered: What force caused Terrestria to attack us? What did she come here for?

      «Over in a dank cave, Zorbak meets up with Kabroz...»

      Zorbak: Brother! I want to commend you once more for thinking up another great plan!
      Kabroz: Zorbie, it wouldn't have worked if it wasn't for you finding that worm-loving sorceress!
      Zorbak: Mehehehe... yes, I guess so. I am quite the EBIL GENIUS, I suppose. Now, all of the graves for miles around have been connected by a series of tunnels dug by Terrestria's Worm-Men!!
      Kabroz: Heehee... Muuhahahaha!

      «The scene fades to black and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Nightbane [30%]»

      «Scene: NightBane's Castle, Throne Room»

      NightBane: They come!! Callox, my loyal warrior! You shall greet them...

      1 BATTLE: Callox
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: NightBane
      Full Heal

      Evina: *sigh* Balius....
      «You»: Lady Evina? Are you okay?

      «Evina turns to look at you.»

      Evina: «You»? I-- um. Yes, I'm fine.
      Evina: Let's get going.

      «Evina leaves the scene as it fades to black. You return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Bradakhan [40%]»

      Bradakhan: NOOOOO!!! Guards, stop them before they reach me! I must find a way to bring the Void Dragons back!!
    • Fight!

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Bradakhan
      Full Heal

      «Kid Fal looks at a defeated and bleeding Bradakhan, supporting himself with his blade stabbed into the earth.»

      Kid Fal: This is going to be good!
      «You»: Oh NO you don't. You're too young to see how this ends. We're going back to the war camp.

      «Kid Fal turns to face you.»

      Kid Fal: «You», I assure you I can handle it! I am a god of age--
      «You»: No "but"s! And if the next words out of your mouth aren't "yes sir", then I'm turning this war around SO FAST that Teen Fal will feel it!
      Kid Fal: With all due respect, I must question your--
      «You»: EXCUSE ME?!
      Kid Fal: *sigh* "Yes sir."

      «You leave with Kid Fal. Galanoth and Cyrus enter the scene.»

      Bradakhan: You-- may have beaten me today--- but I will regain my power-- and return!!
      Cyrus: You nearly destroyed the Dracomancers even as I had brought us back from the brink of extinction. As it stands, the damage you caused will take a generation-- if not more-- to repair.

      «Cyrus begins to transform.»

      Cyrus: No. I cannot allow you to do this again. NEVER AGAIN!

      «Cyrus transforms into a half-dragon. Just as he is about to strike Bradakhan--»

      Bradakhan: I dare you to do it!! Go ahead!!! My ghost will return and haunt you until the end of--

      «The scene zooms to Galanoth, hiding the demise of Bradakhan.»

      Galanoth: Ug.... You really hated that guy, huh?

      «As the scene zooms back out, only Bradakhan's legs can be seen.»

      Cyrus: Hatred... had nothing to do with it, Dragonslayer....

      «You return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Undead War '08 [50%]»

      «Scene: Darkovia»

      «You»: Alright, we tracked you this far! Now come out, whoever's behind this attack!

      «Zorbak enters the scene.»

      Zorbak: Meh!! You haven't beaten us yet!!

      «Zorbak flings a rotten tomato at you.»

      «You»: Ha!! You missed! And why would you throw a rotten tomato at me, anyway?!
      Zorbak: grrrr... It wasn't rotten-- it was UNDEAD! And don't you FORGET it!

      «Kabroz comes in and pushes Zorbak slightly from his position.»

      Zorbak: Hey-- watch it, bro.
      «You»: Kabroz!! So the two of you are back together again, eh??
      Kabroz: HAHAHAHAAA! Yes. And I have created the ULTIMATE BOSS MONSTER that will rip you to shreds!! Prepare to meet your DOOOOOM!!!
    • Fight!

      1 BATTLE: Undead Zard

      «Upon the Undead Zard's defeat, you slowly regenerate your HP.»

      «You»: THAT was NOT a boss, was it?? I mean, PLEASE... give me SOME credit.
      Kabroz: Well... uhhhh... I worked REALLY hard to make Undead Zards. You just don't understand how much research it took... uhhh....
      «You»: Hey, I'm not saying I didn't appreciate the effort. Just that, well, Zards are pushovers. Undead or not.
      Zorbak: Mehehe-- Stand back, Kabroz. While you were figuring out how to reanimate a common and fairly weak creature, I was out being CREATIVE-- as usual.
      Zorbak: NOW WATCH as I redeem our ebil names!!
    • Fight!

      1 BATTLE: Undead Dragon Mutant

      «Upon the Undead Dragon Mutant's defeat, you slowly regenerate your HP.»

      «You»: Okay, now that boss was at least a little scary.
      Zorbak: urg...
      Kabroz: Hey, Twinkle Toes-- Our friend here just beat YOUR boss, too.
      Zorbak: Well, you will NEVER know who put us up to this!!
      «You»: Are you saying that YOU two aren't the ones behind this war?? Perhaps some Mysterious Necromancer put you up to it??
      Zorbak: NO, I am NOT saying that. But-- yes.
      «You»: Maybe I should finish off you two troublemakers. NOW.
      Zorbak: Give us a 30 second head start??
      «You»: 10--9--8--

      «Zorbak and Kabroz swiftly flee, and Teen Fal enters the scene.»

      Teen Fal: My thanks, I can now return to my time. I fear the battle is far from over though.

      «Teen Fal vanishes and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Sinister Seven [60%]»

      «Scene: Sinister 7 Tower»

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Drakath

      «Back outside, the Tower begins to crumble and collapses, burning. Falerin (E) enters the scene.»

      Falerin (E): Well done, Chosen One. Now I can get back to the present and help sort out this mess.

      «Falerin vanishes and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Absolix [70%]»

      «Scene: The Scar, No Man's Land»

      Absolix: You.... What life energy you have! You and your allies have smashed my army-- my perfect army-- and now you come before ME!
      «You»: That's right. You made some pretty good COPIES, Absolix... but like any copies, they weren't the same as the REAL THING.
      Absolix: Hahahaha... Yes, you have shown me the error of my ways. I thought I might gain an advantage in calling forth the mightiest of those who have gone before me.
      Absolix: But I was a fool.... How could I have not realized? THEY WERE ALL DEFEATED!!! Of course they could be beaten again. There is nothing better than-- ORIGINALITY.
      «You»: Well, uh... *cough*... yeah, nothing. So-- uh-- THERE. Now, go back from where you came from, or I will have to MAKE you leave!!
      Absolix: Is that-- A CHALLENGE?!?

      1 BATTLE: Absolix

      «Muscle Fal enters the scene upon Absolix's defeat.»

      Muscle Fal: Thank you! Your arms may be small but your heart is large.

      «Muscle Fal vanishes and you return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Xitra [80%]»

      «Scene: Alternate Battleon. Artix confronts Xitra Regeirk.»

      Xitra Regeirk: You shall pay. You shall all pay.
      «You»: That's enough! You're done, Regeirk!

      «As Xitra charges toward Artix, a stray Bizarre Fleck strikes Xitra and converts him.»

      «You»: He-- he's been-- REVERSED! A stray Bizarre Fleck ... RE-CREATED him!
      Xitra Regeirk: I can't believe what I've done... what I planned to do! From now on I will uphold the honorable ways of the Paladin in this land.

      «Xitra leaves the scene.»

      «You»: Ryuusei, what will you do now?
      Gaiden: My father and I have much to discuss with his analog, and no place else to turn. Our own world is not much safer than this Alternate Lore.
      «You»: You'll come to our Lore, then?
      Ryuusei: We will indeed.
      «You»: Something about this still bothers me.
      Cartwright: What might that be, «You»?
      «You»: How did Xitra Regeirk even know what the meteors were capable of? He seemed to know before they even began. He had to get that knowledge somewhere...
      Cartwright: Now that the flecks have changed him we may never know.
      «You»: Nor what choices could have lead him there.
      Diviara: It is very strange. This world has always had many many undead. But when we were here before... there was no Necromancer ruling over them.
      Ryuusei: Let's not focus on that now. Gaiden is free and the meteor storm is over. That field will keep him a long time. Let's not worry about what we cannot alter.

      «Galanoth enters the scene and the dimensional mirror appears.»

      «You»: Let's go home...
      Galanoth: Goodbye, brother. Take care of your Lore.
      ???: Hold up!

      «Lanfire enters the scene.»

      Ryuusei: Lanfire? Whatever are you doing here?
      «You»: It's... uh... a long story that I'll explain once we get home?
      Lanfire: Indeed. It is quite the tale, but this is neither the time nor place.
      Ryuusei: How... peculiar. It must be quite the explanation.
      «You»: Yeeeeah. So, let's go.

      «Zooming to the dimensional mirror, Galanoth and Artix enter the mirror as it shatters to pieces. You return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
      «Truphma [90%]»

      «Scene: Battleon Townsquare. Paintball splats are everywhere!»

      «You»: We've got the Truphma on the run!!

      «A bolt of lightning strikes the ground and a large cloud of smoke forms, dissipating as quickly as it formed. A Truphma enters the scene riding a massive machine.»

      Leader: ENOUGH!!! You! You and your blasted order have annoyed me for the last time. I weary of your incessant need to try and thwart my efforts.
      Eukara Vox: And I weary of your desire to cause such ruin across the universes.
      Leader: Ruin? Nay, Eukara Vox, this is not ruin! This is order, security, and comfort. What you stand for, and any who fight alongside you, is chaotic. Creativity... Imagination...
      Leader: ...all unorganized, unharnessed, random... It clouds the mind of logic and clarity, stealing away perfected intelligence.

      Eukara Vox: Creativity and imagination is the core to Life!
      Leader: Hahaha! You wish what you believe is the only truth. How selfish, Eukara Vox! This... This is what your precious creativity does. It makes you think you are more than you really are.
      Eukara Vox: And you? Forcing others to adhere to your ideals? What does that make you?
      Leader: Enlightened. Lay down your guns, people of Lore, and believe not the lies of this Guardian.

      «Eukara Vox raises a painball gun and aims it at the Leader.»

      Eukara Vox: You will find, Truphma, Lore is not like the previous victims of your "Enlightenment."
      Leader: So, you are going to fail to protect them like your order has in the past on other worlds?

      1 BATTLE: Truphma Tank

      «A wrecked Truphma Tank is what remains from the battle.»

      Eukara Vox: I told you. Lore. Would. Not. Fail.
      Leader: Such faith you have in them. This is only the beginning, Eukara Vox. You can't save them... all.
      Eukara Vox: As long as you exist, I will be here to fight.

      «Eukara fires a paintball from the gun she's holding. In slow motion, the paintball approaches the Leader. Upon impact, a burst of smoke forms and the Leader vanishes into thin air.»

      «You»: Thanks... Just what I needed.
      Eukara Vox: No! The Truphma got away!
      «You»: Will it be back?
      Eukara Vox: The Truphma suffered a great amount of losses. The Leader will have to rebuild, and once it has, you better believe it will return.
      Eukara Vox: Lore resisted and that... will haunt it for a long time. But for now, let us celebrate. Lore won an incredible victory today.

      «From behind Yulgar's Inn, Donovan exits.»

      Donovan: Could you have possibly taken any longer to get here? If one lick of paint got on any of my clothes I am holding you personally responsible.
      «You»: You're welcome?

      «Donovan partially phases back to the Hall Of Memories as he says:»

      Donovan: Furthermore, I'm not sure why I'm havi---

      «Donovan fully vanishes. You return to the Hall of Memories war camp.»
    «Upon defeating all war waves, Falerin's pieces can be seen merging back into a single entity with Donovan, Cenara and Evina all standing in the corridor. Scion enters the scene.»

    Scion: I love it when a plan comes together. Not too bad when a god does it either...
    «You»: What is your story exactly Scion? Why were you in the hall in the first place and what is your history with Darkovia?
    Scion: Some other time Chosen, some other time. I really have business to attend elsewhere.

    «Scion vanishes.»

    «You»: !!!
    Falerin: Something had made it so that the Hall was unable to read Memory Prime accurately it was rewriting memory registers.
    Falerin: The hall would intend to read and play one event but the address provided would read another instead.
    «You»: So you are saying that Abode got a virus?
    Falerin: No not Abode. The actual physical system. But yes in essence. And given the transmorphers all signs link to Erebus but I have rechecked... Erebus is not involved.
    «You»: Then who?
    Falerin: I do not know. But someone who had access to the Abode inside. Maybe someone Erebus unleashed before, who remained inside shielded from my own inspection.
    «You»: Erebus laid a booby trap in the hall then?
    Falerin: More like a trojan horse.
    «You»: Trojan horse?
    Falerin: A double entendre here. A backdoor into the system someone still had to activate it. And it was not Erebus himself. But once there it did not need to be anyone with Erebus' level of power.

    «The scene fades to black...»
    The Past Unraveled

  • Castle Crusher [L. 7]
  • Castle Crusher G [L. 19 G]
  • Castle Crusher [L. 27]
  • Castle Crusher [L. 47]
  • Castle Crusher [L. 67]
  • Castle Crusher Z [L. 77 Z]
  • Castle Crusher [L. 87]
  • Castle Crusher [L. 107]
  • Castle Crusher [L. 117 Z]
  • Castle Crusher [L. 127]
  • Castle Crusher G [L. 147 G]

  • Thanatos Scythe [L. 7]
  • Thanatos Scythe G [L. 19 G]
  • Thanatos Scythe [L. 27]
  • Thanatos Scythe [L. 47]
  • Thanatos Scythe [L. 67]
  • Thanatos Zcythe [L. 77 Z]
  • Thanatos Scythe [L. 87]
  • Thanatos Scythe [L. 107]
  • Thanatos Zcythe [L. 117 Z]
  • Thanatos Scythe [L. 127]
  • Thanatos Scythe [L. 147 G]

  • Epilogue?

    «Back in the Hall of Memories, everyone has left. The corridor is empty. A black Doom Sheep enters the scene.»

    Doom Sheep?: Now for phase two.
    Doom Sheep?: *Baaah*

    «The scene fades to black...»

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    Tep Itaki


    *pokes the bean* an "updated" map of the dungeon >.> <.<
    The map you provided has been added as well, alongside the official one provided by IMR. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Level 145 version of Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks G is not included in Blackhawke's Black Heart.

    Next time, please don't quote your own post. AQPedia AKs quote posts to indicate they've been handled.

    Added thanks.- Dragoon23

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    From Dragonslayer Class

    Here are the exact locations of the items to collect.

    Nightshade - Click on the tombstone in Obsidia's Lair on the extreme right, beside the one with a helmet on it.
    Pure Water - Click on the water surface in Fairwind Springs.

    As for the other 3 items, you would have to do the "Quest for the Dragon Blade!" quest to get them.

    Dragonbane Ore - Travel Map > Travel South > Dragonbane
    Void Dragon Claw - You have to defeat a Void Dragon (no other variations) and click on it's claw after it's defeat. Common locations are 3: The Void Dragons!, 8: Vartai Secrets! in Dragonspine, and Yulgar > Devourer Saga > Azma Lake.
    Acidrake Blood - After the Acid Dragon is defeated, click on it's corpse. One location to get it would be Yulgar > Devourer Saga > Dragonstone.

    I've checked the quest entry for The Void Dragons!. There's only the female version, which doesn't count.
    I've removed the quest. Thanks! ~whacky

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    The Carnax Dragon


    Has Past Unveiled gone rare now that it isn't located on the Today's Events page in-game or will it be available under the Hall of Memories soon. If not it should be Rare tagged.
    It's temporarily in limbo. ~whacky

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    Harold Saxon

    ^ It's probably just in limbo for now.
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    Times Silent Keeper


    Harvest Festival 2013

    Location: Harvest Portal Painting

    Once a year, the Harvest Goddess Serenia flies through the skies of Lore. As she soars over the war-torn fields, they are revived and restored to their former beauty. All must gather to make an offering of crops and flowers to thank Serenia for her blessings. Those that are fortunate enough to see her should consider themselves blessed to see such a glorious sight...

    «You can skip the cutscene at anytime to where you receive two choices.»

    Kosefira: Helloooo-looo-looo, «You»! You are just in time for my yodeling lesson!
    Doofus von Strudel: Go grab a pint of cider at the Cider House! It rules!
    «You»: Oh wow-- you must be one of the fabled LEDERHOGLINS!
    Doofus von Strudel: That I am! We Lederhoglins like to come out and play this time of year because the cider is sooooo good! Did I mention that this is CIDER?
    Kosefira: So we decided on a name for this holiday, finally! Festival of the Harvest Goddess was a little too long... Mog-Toberfest sounds like it happens in October...
    Doofus von Strudel: -- and Autumnival is just plain weird! My fellow Lederhoglins and I really liked Mog-toberfest... *grumbles*
    «You»: So what is the name you decided on??
    Doofus & Kosefira: HARVEST FESTIVAL!
    «You»: ..............
    «You»: Let's hold a contest to choose a name next year, mm-kay?
  • Samurat Returns!
  • Harvest Quest - Continue below

    «Scene: Cider House. You can skip the cutscene at anytime to where you meet the Nepencreep.»

    «You»: Hi there, Truffle! How are you doing today?
    Truffle: Durrrrrrr! weeeet!
    «You»: Why yes, I would LOVE a mug of cider!
    Truffle: Meep! rrrrr..meepity meep, meeping meepness!
    «You»: Whoa, you need to slow down a bit. Let me put on my Truffle Amulet so I can understand you better.
    «You»: Okay, go ahead-- say that again.
    Truffle: I hope you didn't forget about collecting your offerings for Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!
    «You»: Offerings? Why do we need to do that??
    Truffle: To give thanks for the bounty of Nature throughout the world! The last harvest of the year is needed to carry us through the winter.
    Truffle: Go out and gather your offerings, but beware the dangerous Turkeysaurus Rex! It wants to eat the things you need to collect!
    Truffle: When you have enough, you might see Serenia soaring in the skies as she replenishes the land for our last harvest!
    Truffle: rrrrrutta meep meep!
    «You»: Uh oh-- my Truffle Amulet batteries died. Okay, little one, give me that cider to go! I'm off to gather some offerings!
  • Go!

    «You can skip the cutscene at anytime to proceed directly with the offering hunting.»

    «A Nepencreep bounces its way into the scene.»

    Kosefira: «You»! That's a Nepencreep!
    «You»: A what?!
    Kosefira: Nepencreeps are bad news for crops! They will eat out all of the nutrients out of the ground before any of the other plants have a chance!
    Kosefira: You need to destroy every Nepencreep you find!
    «You»: Don't worry, I can take care of them!
  • Go!

    «At this point, you immediately proceed with the hunt for the items.»
      1 BATTLE

      See monster list below
    «You found a(n) [fruit/veggie]!»

    List of Fruits/Veggies to find
    Bluestar Flower
    Bread Fruit

    Doofus von Strudel: Keep looking for the rest of your offering! Don't leave this quest or you will lose all of your fregetables.
  • Search on! - Repeat 1 BATTLE as above

    «Once you have collected all 5 fruits/veggies...»

    Doofus von Strudel: You have found everything you need to make an offering! Go on out to the fields and present your items to Serenia.
  • Go!

    Bystander: Look!
    Bystander: Up in the sky!

    «The scene pans up to the sky.»

    Bystander: It's a CloudZard!
    Bystander: It's a Drakel Air Raider!
    Bystander: No, wait--
    Bystander: It's Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!

    «Serenia floats across the fields, enriching them into a lush green once more.»

    «You»: Thank you Serenia! We will have plenty of food to last us through the winter.
    Serenia: You have shown your gratitude, «You». You have also proven that the good deeds of one person can help the many.
    Serenia: The line Chosen shall be blurred between real and unreal.
  • !!!

    Serenia: A new world arises and trouble stirs toward the inevitable collision of past, present, and a future yet to come.
  • !!!
    Serenia: You shall bring salvation, whether it is wanted or not.
  • Thank you!

    «Serenia floats away.»
    «If you clicked the pile of apples in The Cider House...»

    «The apples tumble and reveals Zorbak.»

    Zorbak: Bah!
    Zorbak: You foiled my quest to create a vast army of Undead Apples! For that, you must now have an APPLE for a HEAD!
  • Okay, turn my head into an apple!
      «As Zorbak leaves, the following message "Your head is now an apple!" appears. You then have an apple for a head which disappears upon logging out or by wearing any head accessories.»
  • Don't turn my head into an apple!
    Zorbak: Hmf! Fine, but you owe me!

    «Zorbak leaves the scene.»
    Harvest Festival

    WeaponsSpellsPetsHouse Items
  • Replay Quest
  • Back to Town
    Monster List
    Level 1-9
    Seed Spitter (2)
    Fire Seed Spitter (6)
    Am-Bush (3)
    Brawny Bellflower (8)
    FunGuy (7)
    Kelpy Clarkson (7)
    Nepencreep (3)
    Crazy Cornelius (5)
    Plant Dragon (5)
    Velocigobbler (10)

    Level 10-24
    Frankencarrot (10)
    Pea Ditty (15)
    Tommy Toe (20)
    Am-Bush (20)
    Wood Golem (12)
    Wood Golem (24)
    Razorweed (15)
    Nepencreep (23)
    Crazy Cornelius (20)
    Plant Dragon (25)
    Velocigobbler (25)

    Level 25-44
    Gregg Plant (25)
    Crazy Cornelius (35)
    Am-Bush (40)
    Strong Sunflower (26)
    Potent Poppy (43)
    Tommy Toe (40)
    FunGuy (26)
    Katharine McSeaweed (26)
    Frankencarrot (30)
    Gregg Plant (45)
    Razorweed (35)
    Nepencreep (43)
    Velocigobbler (45)

    Level 45-64
    Am-Bush (60)
    Pretty Purple Flower (60)
    Pretty Purple Flower (50)
    Wood Golem (48)
    Mighty Mandrake (60)
    Tommy Toe (60)
    FunGuy (46)
    Plantasia Marino (46)
    Crazy Cornelius (55)
    Razorweed (55)
    Nepencreep (63)
    Frankencarrot (50)
    Plant Dragon (60)
    Velocigobbler (60)

    Level 65-84
    Acid Spitter (72)
    Am-Bush (80)
    Pretty Purple Flower (75)
    Wood Golem (72)
    Power Flower (80)
    Tommy Toe (80)
    FunGuy (66)
    Carrie Undersea (66)
    Razorweed (75)
    Wood Golem (84)
    Nepencreep (83)
    Frankencarrot (70)
    Crazy Cornelius (75)
    Plant Dragon (75)
    Velocigobbler (80)

    Level 85-104
    Am-Bush (100)
    Wood Golem (96)
    FunGuy (86)
    Jordin Sharks (86)
    Razorweed (95)
    Nepencreep (103)
    Frankencarrot (90)
    Crazy Cornelius (100)
    Plant Dragon (100)
    Velocigobbler (100)

    Level 105-124
    Razorweed (115)
    Wood Golem (120)
    Am-Bush (120)
    Wood Golem (108)
    Frankencarrot (110)
    Nepencreep (123)
    Crazy Cornelius (120)
    Plant Dragon (120)
    Velocigobbler (120)

    Level 125+
    Razorweed (115)
    Am-Bush (120)
    Wood Golem (132)
    Frankencarrot (130)
    Nepencreep (123)
    Crazy Cornelius (135)
    Plant Dragon (135)
    Velocigobbler (135)

    Monster lists thanks to Scakk.

    Rising BURP Kingdom!

    «A Samurat enters the scene.»

    Slim Jim McFarmer: Not you guys again!
    Samurat: That's right, we're back! And this time, we need more food than ever!
    Slim Jim McFarmer: No! Battleon needs this food!

    «Other Samurats enter the scene.»

    Samurat: And Shogun Akunezu needs it more.

    «The scene fades to black. Over at Lolosia...»

    Sailor Boon: So wait, you seriously asked for a day off?
    «You»: Yep! Adventuring gets tiresome. Even heroes need a break once in a while, right?
    Sailor Boon: And all the villains just... agreed to it?
    «You»: Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are. But after they got my memo, they were all really nice about it.
    «You»: A few of them told me that it was for the best, anyways, since they needed some time to work on their evil schemes.
    Sailor Boon: Well.... if it's okay with them, then sure. You've come to the right place my friend, grab a hammock and....

    «Warlic enters the scene.»

    Warlic: Sorry to bother you on your day off, «You», but it seems that Shogun Akunezu is back.
    «You»: What?! I thought all of the villains agreed to take a break today? That's the whole reason I took this day off in the first place!
    Warlic: It seems that Akunezu didn't get the memo. He's stealing more food than ever before, and the farmers say he's building something out in the fields of Battleonia.
    Warlic: So I went to investigate for myself.
    «You»: And?
    Warlic: ....you probably won't believe me if I tell you, so I'd better just show you.

    «Back at Battleonia, a huge tower made of harvested crops and roots stands in the fields.»

    «You»: ....you're right, I would never have believed you.
    Warlic: Akunezu himself is inside, but the castle is likely guarded by a lot of his minions.
    «You»: So much for my day off. *sigh* Alright, I'll deal with this.
  • Battle with Warlic's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4
    «You»: That takes care of the guards outside... now, let's go inside and find Akunezu!
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4
    Shogun Akunezu: Ah, «You», here at last!
    «You»: What are you doing, causing trouble on my day off? You know how hard it is to earn a day off on my adventurer wages?
    «You»: This job doesn't exactly offer a lot of benefits, either! I don't get sick leave or anything. So when I ask for a day off, I expect people to respect it!
    Shogun Akunezu: But... don't you want to know about my nefarious plan?
    «You»: NO! I want you to stop trying to rob the yearly harvest!
    Shogun Akunezu: *sniffle*
    «You»: *sigh* Fine, let's have it. But make it quick, I'd like to get back to my hammock.
    Shogun Akunezu: Bwahaha! Very well then, I'll tell you. It's a long and tragic tale....
    «You»: Not too long, I hope. I think I hear that hammock calling out to me.

    «The scene fades to black and a flashback of the tale begins. In the scene is a caged rat.»

    Shogun Akunezu: You see, I was once a test subject in a Drakel lab. I was subjected to terrible experiments. I endured much pain, not even a wheel to run on.
    Shogun Akunezu: That is, until he came along....

    «The SeekRat enters the scene and breaks the cage open.»

    Shogun Akunezu: With his advanced intelligence and ability to reach tall places, the SeekRat broke the cage open and freed me.

    «The SeekRat places a monocle on Akunezu.»

    Shogun Akunezu: Then he gave me one of his magical monocles, and I, too, became intelligent and able to think for myself.
    Shogun Akunezu: But he and I did not have the same goals, and so I left his side.

    «The scene fades to black and fast forwards several years, where Akunezu has grown. He is seen smithing something with his hammer and anvil.»

    Shogun Akunezu: I saw how the other races looked down on the BURPs, and treated us like rats.
    «You»: You ARE rats.
    Shogun Akunezu: SEE?!? That's exactly what I'm talking about! I could no longer take the blind ratcism.
    Shogun Akunezu: Anyways, I began work on a suit of armor to strengthen myself. I also vowed revenged on the humans, and....
    «You»: Why?
    Shogun Akunezu: Er, what?
    «You»: Didn't you say you were trapped in a Drakel lab? So then why do you want revenge on humans?
    Shogun Akunezu: ...w-well, because humans are....
    «You»: On second though, scratch that question. I'm afraid it'll make this story even longer. Can we just fast-forward to the part where I save the day?
    Shogun Akunezu: NO!

    «Fast forward a few more years, Samurats are scene confronting BURPs.»

    Shogun Akunezu: And so, I attempted to steal from Battleon's food supply.
    Shogun Akunezu: My plan was to treat the food with special chemicals I had created that would gift all of the BURPs who ate it with the same intelligence that the SeekRat once gifted me!
    Shogun Akunezu: But you stopped me, and so I was forced to wait until the right moment.
    Shogun Akunezu: And then, today, you announced that you were taking a day off. I knew it was the perfect time to begin my plan!
    «You»: So you're admitting that you violated the agreement to give me a day off?
    «You»: I hope you've got a good lawyer.
    Shogun Akunezu: ENOUGH!

    «Back to present day...»

    Shogun Akunezu: I've perfected the chemical and I have this castle to help me grow all the food I need. You cannot stop me now!
    «You»: So are we finally at the part where I beat you up?
    Shogun Akunezu: It is you who shall be... beaten up!
      1 BATTLE: Shogun Akunezu
      Full Heal
    «Shogun Akunezu lies on the ground, defeated.»

    «You»: Finally! Time to get back to Lolosia, crack open a Moglinberry Juice, and....

    «Warlic enters the scene.»

    Warlic: «You»! Surely you didn't plan on leaving me to clean up this entire mess.
    «You»: ....

    «You disappear from the scene.»

    Warlic: Hmph, well that answers my question...
    Return of the Samurats!

  • Choking Vineblade [L. 5]
  • Choking Vineblade [L. 15]
  • Choking Vineblade G [L. 28 G]
  • Choking Vineblade [L. 35]
  • Choking Vineblade [L. 55]
  • Choking Vineblade [L. 75]
  • Choking Vineblade [L. 95]
  • Choking Vineblade Z [L. 95 Z]
  • Choking Vineblade [L. 115]
  • Choking Vineblade [L. 135]
  • Choking Vineblade [L. 145 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Settling. ~whacky


    As for Decorate the Battleon Tree, it's essentially the same as 2012's version except for the final portion where Robina gets interrupted:

    «Bree'ha enters the scene.»

    Minister Bree'ha: Enjoy the celebration for now Chosen One. There will never be another wintry Frostval when we are done! Meheehehe!

    «Bree'ha leaves.»
    Frostval Tree Decoration

    • Cold Sore [L. 7]
    • Cold Sore [L. 27]
    • Cold Sore G [L. 47]
    • Cold Sore [L. 67]
    • Cold Sore [L. 87]
    • Cold Sore Z [L. 107 Z]
    • Cold Sore [L. 127]
    • Cold Sore G [L. 147 G]

    • Rock Thrower [L. 7]
    • Rock Thrower [L. 27]
    • Rock Thrower G [L. 47 G]
    • Rock Thrower [L. 67]
    • Rock Thrower [L. 87]
    • Rock Thrower Z [L. 107 Z]
    • Rock Thrower [L. 127]
    • Rock Thrower G [L. 147 G]

    • Wreath Wrath [L. 7]
    • Wreath Wrath G [L. 19 G]
    • Wreath Wrath [L. 27]
    • Wreath Wrath [L. 47]
    • Wreath Wrath [L. 67]
    • Wreath Wrath Z [L. 77 Z]
    • Wreath Wrath [L. 87]
    • Wreath Wrath [L. 107]
    • Wreath Wrath Z [L. 117 Z]
    • Wreath Wrath [L. 127]
    • Wreath Wrath [L. 147 G]

    • Frostbite [L. 7]
    • Frostbite G [L. 19 G]
    • Frostbite [L. 27]
    • Frostbite [L. 47]
    • Frostbite [L. 67]
    • Frostbite Z [L. 77 Z]
    • Frostbite [L. 87]
    • Frostbite [L. 107]
    • Frostbite Z [L. 117 Z]
    • Frostbite [L. 127]
    • Frostbite [L. 147]
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    There has been a rearrangement in the list of Warlic's quests in Warlic's Mage Shop: the quests for the Nemesis and the Solaris sets have been removed from the general quest list and grouped together with the Dragon Knight's set in a new category named Mastercraft Sets, accessible from Warlic's main menu.

    • Mastercraft Sets

      Warlic: Looking for some equipment of legendary power? I may know something, if you're willing to risk your life to face the powers guarding it.

    Also, the pedia description page of the Guardian Tower contains no reference to Nimrod's latest quest called AntiGuardian Returns!

    PS: Sorry if I'm posting in a wrong thread but I couldn't really figure out where else to report changes to existing quest description pages. (There are a few minor things I came across in other entries too which didn't quite correspond to what I see in-game but I guess this is not the right place for an error-correcting session.)
    This is the correct thread you're looking for if you're intending to post updates to any entries belonging to the Quests section, so you're on the right track! :)

    Also, the ones you have mentioned above have been updated. Thanks!

    If the errors are fixes to typos, grammatical corrections (unless the error is intended), capitalization fixes, or British/American translation differences, these don't need to be posted since they're too minor. Feel free to post any thing you feel needs correction (like missing links, typos within the entries themselves and such) and I'll have a look at them. ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Frostval 2013!
    Do Moglin Dream of Electric Doom Sheep?

    «Scene: Outskirts of a snow-covered Battleon. A silhouette of the Guardian Tower can be seen in the background.»

    Zorbak: Meh! I hate snow.
    Twilly: Zorbak is silly. We must have snow.
    Zorbak: And why is that?
    Twilly: If we have no snow we have no cold time.
    Zorbak: That suits me fine. I hate the cold too. I hate this whole season.
    Twilly: But if we has no cold time there would be no Frostval! After all your help saving Frostval last year, surely you've realized how important Frostval is.
    Zorbak: Meh! Don't be such a Moglin head!

    «Twilly leaves the scene.»

    Zorbak: (thinking) I TOLD him I did that for my own reasons. "Realized how important Frostval is..." Meh.
    Zorbak: (thinking) And his pointless nattering about the weather really gets my goat. As if relearning necromancy from the ground up wasn't hard enough without Twilly's inane prattling...
    Zorbak: (thinking) No cold time, no Frostvale. Sometimes I think that Moglin...
    Zorbak: (thinking) ...Has given me an idea.

    «The scene fades to black. Among a snow covered land, Zorbak meets with Bree'ha and a Drakel scientist.»

    Zorbak: It's about time you showed up!
    Scientist: I believe you requested our help.
    Minister Bree'ha: You may want to be a bit more civil, Moglin. I may tolerate your race more than the other interlopers, but I will not brook disrespect from the likes of you...
    Zorbak: Do you even know me?
    Scientist: I know that you are wasting my time, Moglin!
    Minister Bree'ha: You are the necromancer. Didn't you start the year with an unfortunate setback in your power? It is no wonder you need the aid of superior Drakel technology...
    Zorbak: No need to be insulting! Can you do what I asked?
    Scientist: It is possible.
    Minister Bree'ha: The more pertinent question is why do you wish to do such a thing? It would not do to have it interfere with my own plans.
    Zorbak: Because I hate the cold. If I could nudge Lore a little closer to the sun I figure it would warm it up a bit.
    Scientist: Actually, you have it backwards.
    Minister Bree'ha: Typical Moglin, no appreciation for cosmology. You are no better than your peers...
    Zorbak: Backwards?
    Scientist: Yes. Actually, during the cold time Lore is actually close to the sun.
    Zorbak: Close? That makes no sense.
    Scientist: *SIGH* Since Lore is close the energy is spread out over more of Lore, thusly we get less energy in one spot, thusly, it is colder.
    Zorbak: So what you are saying is I need to move Lore further away from the sun.
    Scientist: Precisely.
    Zorbak: Well?
    Scientist: Well what?
    Zorbak: You could do that?
    Scientist: Theoretically. If we have an engine with enough power and place it correctly it could do the trick.
    Zorbak: Wonderful! I need you to get to work on it.
    Scientist: You can't be serious!
    Zorbak: Oh, but I am.
    Scientist: What's in it for me?
    Zorbak: For you? You Drakels are so selfish!
    Minister Bree'ha: You are wasting our time. Bree`ha to Naer - two to stream, G'hup.
    Zorbak: Just think of the prestige. You will have advanced science beyond what any other Drakel has ever accomplished.
    Scientist: Hmmm, this little blue rat creature makes a good point, Minister.
    Minister Bree'ha: Belay that order, Cmdr. Ghup. You are quite right. It would be a real feather in the Drakel cap to permanently shift the orbit of Lore. The tremendous profit it will make us in gold will be very nice also.
    Zorbak: Gold? Who said anything about gold?
    Scientist: We may be selfish, but I am greedy too.
    Minister Bree'ha: I have many of my own expensive projects for my scientists to be funding. Think of all the projects you are being put ahead of. One must pay for that sort of exclusivity...
    Zorbak: How much gold?
    Scientist: How much do you have?
    Minister Bree'ha: Oh, no need to be uncivilized... we are certain whatever the debt you incur, Zorbak, you will make good...
    Zorbak: Really?
    Minister Bree'ha: Oh yes, very certain... as the alternative would be entirely unpleasant for you.

    «The scene fades to black. Back in Battleon, you enter the scene to see... Kabroz?»

    «You»: ....

    «You swiftly flee from the scene to avoid any shenanigans.»

    Kabroz: Oh no you don't, «You» - get back in here!

    «You return to the scene.»

    «You»: Let me guess Twilly, Kabroz is here to save Frostval this year. Why not? Zorbak did it last year. Next year we can go for broke and Kabak can do the honors!
    Kabroz: While I may no longer be a necromancer, «You», I am quite adept at some other magics you might find equally unpleasant should you not dispense with your dry sarcasm immediately.
    «You»: You're as bad as Zorbak when it comes to asking for help, you know that? Whatever happened to politeness and civility?
    Kabroz: If you expected either of those things from me you clearly hit your head. Twilly and I believe that the Drakel have abducted Zorbak.
    «You»: Are you sure? What would the Drakel want with Zorbak?
    Twilly: He teleported from the lair very suddenly... Warlic says the teleportation used has magiscience elements and that the destination appears to have been K'eld Naer.
    Twilly: But that Naer has protections that prevent him from being more specific.
    Kabroz: Bree`ha has caused many problems before. As to what the Drakel might want with Zorbak...
    Kabroz: The fact that he has been able to start regaining his necromancy, where many others, including myself, failed might have something to do with it...
    Kabroz: Or the fact that he is a Moglin Necromancer at all...
    Twilly: They want to do terrible experiments on him, I just knows it!
    Kabroz: Unless you want my wrath, «You», you will rescue my dunderhead brother. Only I get to kick him around.
    Twilly: Kabwoz!
    Kabroz: Meh, fine. As the Chosen of Lore you are charged with the protection of her people. My brother is one of her people, and unknown Drakel experimentation on my brother could be bad...
    «You»: How bad?
    Kabroz: Try "it could yield fiendishly horrifying results even I could not imagine."
    «You»: That is bad!
    Kabroz: Exactly, so we had better get moving.

    «Attempting to breach K'eld Naer, you encounter some Drakel resistance.»
      8 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    «Inside a Drakel laboratory...»

    Scientist: So what exactly is Bree'ha's involvement with Arakue? That being is anathema to our studies and research.
    G'hup: Precisely why you had better plan on relocating far from here. I have made arrangements with some distant relatives on Deren. If I were you I would make similar arrangements.

    «You enter the scene along with Twilly and Kabroz. The Drakel Scientist turns to face you.»

    Scientist: We have company, G'hup... How DARE you invade my lab? Prepare to die!
      1 BATTLE: Drakel Scientist
      Full Heal
    «You»: Enough of this. Where is Zorbak. We know you have kidnapped him!
    G'hup: Haha. Kidnapped?! Hardly...
    Scientist: What a ridiculous accusation.
    G'hup: It is the Moglin who came to us.

    «A small door opens in the background, revealing Zorbak lying in the compartment, a helmet with many wires attached to his head.»

    Twilly: Oh noes!
    Kabroz: What have you done to him!? Release him at once!

    «Bree'ha streams into the scene.»

    Bree'ha: Why have you come, «You»? Have you been reduced to being a lackey for the Zombiemaker and this healer? How apropos.
    Bree'ha: The Chosen of Lore is already an over-glorified errand person for the gods... why not for every two bit villain and dogooder?
    «You»: That's enough out of you Bree'ha. Release Zorbak at once.
    Bree'ha: That is a problem, I am afraid. Zorbak, of course, can leave whenever he chooses, but at present he appears very much to choose... not.
    «You»: What have you done to him?
    Bree'ha: Given him his fondest wish and desire. A world without winter, and so, without winter, without Frostval.
    Twilly and Kabroz: Sounds dreadfuls! - Sounds marvelous!
    Kabroz: But its just an illusion? Trickery created by Drakel science.
    Bree'ha: Created by Drakel magiscience yes, but not trickery. Just what is reality? Where do the boundaries lie? To your brother, I would wager, the world is very real indeed.
    «You»: However stimulating your simulating may be Bree`ha... It ends now. Release Zorbak.
    Bree'ha: Oh, it's not at all that simple.
    Scientist: You lot really are among the most foolish of the many human races.
    «You»: Why? What are you not telling...
    Bree'ha: Nothing at all. We told you already: Zorbak is within and he does not want to leave. If you disconnect his body now, his mind will remain within the simulation.
    Scientist: But no longer supported by our science, his body will perish...
    Bree'ha: Only from within shall he be freed.
    Bree'ha: Now run along, and return when you are ready to fight through a world designed by the whim of the Moglin himself.

    «You leave the scene along with Twilly and Kabroz.»

    G'hup: I do not fancy his chances, Minister. Are you sure we should allow it at all?
    Bree'ha: All the better G'hup, if «You» succeeds then Zorbak still owes us and will no doubt be furious with him.
    G'hup: And if they fail, Minister?
    Bree'ha: And if they fail, then he will stop being a thorn in my side altogether.

    «The scene fades to black...»
    Frostval 2013: Part I

  • Drakel Ice Blaster [L. 12]
  • Drakel Freeze Blaster [L. 25 G]
  • Drakel Ice Blaster [L. 32]
  • Drakel Ice Blaster [L. 52]
  • Drakel Ice Blaster [L. 72]
  • Drakel FreeZe Blaster [L. 82 Z]
  • Drakel Ice Blaster [L. 92]
  • Drakel Ice Blaster [L. 112]
  • Drakel Ice Blaster [L. 132]
  • Drakel FreeZe Blaster [L. 135 Z]
  • Drakel Ice Blaster [L. 142 G]

  • Cyber Doom Sheep [L. 12]
  • Cyber Doom Sheep G [L. 25 G]
  • Cyber Doom Sheep [L. 32]
  • Cyber Doom Sheep [L. 52]
  • Cyber Doom Sheep [L. 72]
  • Cyber Doom Zheep [L. 82 Z]
  • Cyber Doom Sheep [L. 92]
  • Cyber Doom Sheep [L. 112]
  • Cyber Doom Sheep [L. 132]
  • Cyber Doom Zheep [L. 135 Z]
  • Cyber Doom Sheep [L. 142 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    Thanks for the response, whacky. I, too, think that typos are minor things so I don't usually worry about them (although they do have a potential of being embarrassing, like the omission of "f" in the word "shift" -- this is a real-world example which happened to my colleague during a formal presentation). In any case, their absence is a sign of quality, and for the in-game ones the [AQ Help and Support] forum has a special thread in the AQ Bugs section, which I find is great. Regarding the typos in the pedia entries themselves, so far I've come across only one notable specimen: in MetalFace's Lair, about halfway through the text, MetalFace says:

    MetalFace: If YOO are so brave, somce and get me!

    (On second thought, I sort of like this typo because of its originality, maybe it deserves a right to live? :P)
    Typo killed corrected. :P

    What in fact I wanted to share here are the factual discrepancies that I see between the game itself and the corresponding pedia entries. They may not be vitally important in any respect, but I just wrote them out for the sake of accuracy -- feel free to ignore as many as you wish.


    Thunder Mountain: The threshold levels above which the players start to encounter tougher monsters don't seem to be indicated correctly -- for instance, at level 93 I get to fight in the third section of the quest monsters around lvl90, not lvl105 as I should according to the entry. Also, if one looks at the first section, a lvl12 player would have to fight monsters around lvl45, which is unreasonably high.


    Death's Domain: Explanatory text in the section "Nowhere. Enter the darkness" just under the picture states: "Between areas within Nowhere, you can move to the extreme left and right side of it to enter another area." However, walking over the left/right edge of an area in Nowhere makes you enter the same area from the opposite side. The only way to directly get to other areas is to use the blue glowing portals (the indirect way is via the swirly purple portals).
    This is fixed.


    The Frogzard Hunter quest log lacks the latest quest in the "Other Quests" series: UnZardly Terror!
    The missing quest has been added. Also, I went ahead to format it a little better (now with bullet points! Yay!).


    Guardian Tower, section Stables: Kalen's quest I could use a walk! is mistakenly labeled as Guardian-only.
    Guardian tag removed. It was probably removed when some updates were made to it. Thanks!


    Same post, under the section "Teleporter" contains a link ( The Un-Trainer) which directs to an "Access Denied" page [I keep finding links like this quite often, can start noting them if it would be helpful].
    The Un-trainer now links to the correct monster entry page.


    AntiGuardian Returns!: The location of the quest (Guardian Tower > Nimrod > Quests > AntiGuardian Returns!) is missing at the top of the description page. Plus (a very minor thing, could be due to a bug): when meeting Sage Uldor in the forest, my character says the words corresponding to Good alignment even though his alignment is strictly neutral in both directions (0,0), and has never changed from this position so far (to Lady Tomo later in the quest he does say the correct phrase).
    The location has now been added. Regarding the Sage Uldor dialogue, I'll check with the rest and update it accordingly.


    BattleOn - Main Town, section "BattleOn News!": Robina's Shop is omitted in the clockwise list of BattleOn's buildings; the AQ's Epic 10th Anniversary Event button, present at the top of the game's main screen, is also not mentioned.
    Both of these have been added.


    Warlic's Mage Shop: The "Talk Like a Pirate Day" link at the end of the entry directs to one of the quests ( Captain Munch Attacks!) of this event rather than to the event page itself; the Barry Jotter! quest has its own introductory text from Warlic, not cited in the entry:

  • Barry Jotter!
  • These two have been fixed/added.


    The Nemesis! and the Solaris Set! pages need their locations updated to include their recent rearrangement into the new category "Mastercraft Sets".
    The two locations are now corrected.


    Visit Grumbugly (Visit Valencia Privately): Awe Equipment! -> Awe Item Exchange: only Guardians get to choose the equipment, adventurers just see a "Done" button at the bottom of Valencia's speech bubble; Rentable Rare Items: the entry mentions the renting price of 150 Z (three times), whereas as a lvl93 adventurer I see a price of 200 Z.
    Seems like adventurers pay more. Both of these have been updated.


    Isle d'Oriens: The special cutscene button is no longer available on the main area screen; the Library: the orange/purple books and the back doorway also appear after reading any of the other books first;
    These two have been updated.


    also, the foremost candle reveals the secret passage for the adventurers only prior to unlocking the orange/purple books and the back doorway -- afterwards it displays a pop-up requesting to become a Guardian (most likely this is a bug though);
    You may want to post this in the Quests section of the AQ Bugs forum so that IMR can have a look at it and fix it if need be.


    Falerin's Domicile: the scrolls on the table grant access to quests only to Guardians, so the Time Scroll entries need the "Guardian" tag.
    Guardian tags have been added to the three respective entries.


    Yulgar's Inn - Lounge, section "Talking to Aquella": the second link again directs to Willow Creek instead of Captain Frolgar's quest.
    The link is now fixed.


    Talk Like a Pirate Day: the link at the top of the entry ( Teleport potion in Warlic's Shop) is dead. RIP [:P]
    The dead link has been removed. I have instead re-added a link that directs users to Warlic's Shop now.


    Visit the Stat Trainers: The HP and MP formulas are outdated, cf. Master List of Game Formulae; the trainer pages (except the Combat Practice Trainer) also need to be updated, but perhaps this belongs more to the monsters info sub thread than here. Sorry, just saw in the monsters' thread that the issue is being addressed. [22:40 12/16/2013]
    This is correct. There have been quite some changes made to the combat trainers, and the issue has been raised previously. I'll update this once I get the new information, but no guarantees as to when they can be updated.


    EOF [:P]
    Yay! I'm done too. Thanks for all the corrections and updates! ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Frostval 2013!

    Do Moglin Dream of Electric Sheep? Part II

    «Scene: Drakel Lab»

    «You»: Alright Minister, time to extract Zorbak from the world you created.
    Bree'ha: Oh how little you understand, «You». This is not merely a virtual reality; it is a consensual illusion.
    «You»: Meaning?
    Bree'ha: Meaning that the world created is like a persistent lucid dream. It is created not by the machine itself, but by Zorbak's own mind.
    «You»: Oh really? And does the Nightmare Queen know you are impinging so close on her territory?
    Bree'ha: Lucidity means that it falls outside of the realm of nightmares and thus totally outside her authority. Regardless, the queen and I have a standing agreement.
    Scientist: I wager it will still be a nightmare for them, eh minister?
    Bree'ha: Given that they will be very physically within the projection of his thoughts... I should say so.
    «You»: Wait, what?
    Bree'ha: Three to stream, G'hup.
    Ghup: Three to stream right into the imaging chamber so they can enter the virtual world directly, minister...

    «You, Twilly and Kabroz are streamed away. You appear somewhere in Zorbak's dream, in a necromancer version of Battleon. In the middle of the town square, where the Battleon tree was originally at, a pile of soil can be seen beside a stump, with a gravestone on it. The gravestone has the words "RIP Stoopid Tree."»

    Kabroz: Bah! THIS is what that skull head dreams about?
    Twilly: Twillys don't like this. There's no snow and Battleon looks like a necwomancer decorated it!
    Twilly: ...and the twee, the beautiful twee we decorate every year!

    «Kabroz turns to face Twilly.»

    Kabroz: Treee. T-r-e-e-e, there is no W!

    «Kabroz turns back.»

    Kabroz: "Rest in peace stoopid tree" Mehehehe. Funny but he left an E out of treee.
    «You»: C'mon, we've gotta find Zorbak!
    Kabroz: Then you'd better start clearing out some of these undead Guardians, «You».
  • Battle with Twilly's help
  • Battle with Kabroz's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      8 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    «You reach Zorbak's fortress. Standing beside Zorbak are Krieger, Evil Twilly and Evil Twig. Also, an alternate version of Kabroz is seen, which is swiftly decimated.»

    Kabroz: Not even in your dreams, brother.
    Evil Twilly: Heya's Twilly.
    Twilly: Hi's Twilly!
    Zorbak: Wait, what? Kabroz? What have you done? What is going on? Why are you here with «You»?
    Kabroz: None of this is real, dunderhead. it is all a drakel illusion given weight by your own illusions and even delusions.
    Zorbak: What?!
    Twilly: It's true!
    Kabroz: Seriously? Battleon just happens to look like you built it? Undead Guardians running around? There is a dracolich statue on top of the Guardian Tower!
    Zorbak: I assumed that was my Frostval wish coming true. Notice the distinct lack of snow also.
    Zorbak: I see. So. So what?
    «You»: So you're coming with us.
    Zorbak: I don't think so. My personal League of Dastardly Necromancers shall take you out.
    Evil Twilly: Sorrys Twilly.
    Twilly: It's okay Twillys.
    Kabroz: I'm not.

    «Kabroz fires a dark bolt of magic at Evil Twilly, destroying him into nothing.»

    Zorbak: Really, Kabroz? Was that really necessary?
    Kabroz: Yes.
    Evil Twig: The pain in your brain shall surely entertain... I shall render you into an undead fish sundae. Yummy.
    «You»: Okay, I don't know what that is, but it's definitely not Twig.

    «Kabroz points his staff at Evil Twig.»


    «With another massive dark bolt of magic, Evil Twig is destroyed.»

    «You»: ...You were fooled by that, Zorbak? That didn't sound like Twig at all.
    Zorbak: Yeah, well, I HAD been teaching him diction. Do you have any idea how hard I worked?
    «You»: Not really, but it doesn't matter, Eliza Doolitle... he wasn't real anyway, and you're coming with us.
    Zorbak: I don't think so. Xitra, avenge the fallen! ...And then we'll raise them.
  • Battle with Twilly's help
  • Battle with Kabroz's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      1 BATTLE: Xitra Regeirk
      Full Heal
    «The scene fades to black. Returning to K'eld Naer, something seems off as Zorbak awakens from his dream. Stepping onto the grounds of the Drakel Lab, you realize that everything has become colorless and a dull grey!»

    «You»: Whoa. What is going on here?!
    Kabroz: Are we still in your goofy simulation?
    Zorbak: This is no part of my doing. It looks more like...
    «You»: Truphma!
    Twilly: We better get out of here! There are gifts to deliver, «You».
    Zorbak: Meh great, speaking of...
  • Battle with Twilly's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      8 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    «You»: The entire K'eld will soon be taken over at this rate... this has to be stopped! It appears the corruption by the Truphma knows no bounds.
    Kabroz: I'd say it's an improvement. At least they are much quieter now.
    Zorbak: Mehehehe good one.
    Kabroz: You pipe down! You are the whole reason we are in this mess to begin with. Wait till we get home!

    «Zorbak turns to face Kabroz.»

    Zorbak: Oh you want a piece of me?! I'll turn your bones into jelly! Smear it on some toast, then use your cape to wipe my mouth when I'm finished!
    «You»: C'mon you two, we need to get back to Battleon.

    «Zorbak turns around.»

    Zorbak: Wait... what was that?
    «You»: Oh now what?

    «A Drakel Truphma Tank enters the scene.»

    Trukel: You will go no further, the Queen will not allow it.
    Kabroz: Now there's something you don't see everyday...
    Zorbak: And out here, necromancy's weakened. THANKS, KABROZ.
  • Battle with Twilly's help
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»
      1 BATTLE: Trakel Power Chariot
      Full Heal
    «You»: I'll sort this Truphma mess out later. We are running out of time and those presents have to be delivered on time!
    Twilly: Right «You», Frostval's right around the corner. We need to make deliveries. Besides if Bree`ha can build a machine that makes entire worlds he can handles the Truphma.

    «You, Twilly, Kabroz and Zorbak leave the scene.»
    Frostval 2013: Part II

  • Trakel Tome [L. 6]
  • Trakel Tome G [L. 18 G]
  • Trakel Tome [L. 26]
  • Trakel Tome [L. 46]
  • Trakel Tome [L. 66]
  • Trakel Tome Z [L. 76 Z]
  • Trakel Tome [L. 86]
  • Trakel Tome [L. 106]
  • Trakel Tome Z [L. 116 Z]
  • Trakel Tome [L. 126]
  • Trakel Tome [L. 146 G]

  • Trakel Blaster [L. 6]
  • Trakel Blaster G [L. 18 G]
  • Trakel Blaster [L. 26]
  • Trakel Blaster [L. 46]
  • Trakel Blaster [L. 66]
  • Trakel Blaster Z [L. 76 Z]
  • Trakel Blaster [L. 86]
  • Trakel Blaster [L. 106]
  • Trakel Blaster Z [L. 116 Z]
  • Trakel Blaster [L. 126]
  • Trakel Blaster [L. 146 G]

  • Trakel Edge [L. 6]
  • Trakel Edge G [L. 18 G]
  • Trakel Edge [L. 26]
  • Trakel Edge [L. 46]
  • Trakel Edge [L. 66]
  • Trakel Edge Z [L. 76 Z]
  • Trakel Edge [L. 86]
  • Trakel Edge [L. 106]
  • Trakel Edge Z [L. 116 Z]
  • Trakel Edge [L. 126]
  • Trakel Edge [L. 146 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    I don't know if this will make you happy or make you hate me (I suspect the latter :P), but I already have a new list of corrections, longer than the previous one. The entries concerned often belong to other categories than quests, so in principle I should break the list up and post the bits in their respective threads, but I somehow don't feel very comfortable littering the whole forum with my pesky notes, and besides sometimes the entries are interconnected so it's easier to deal with them together. Maybe you would allow me to post everything here? I will clearly indicate the type of each entry (quest, monster, item, pet, etc.) to avoid any confusion.
    Usually we still post them in the respective threads since the respective AKs will handle them. Don't worry about littering them with your notes :P We'll sort them out one by one. And nope, no hate! :)

    A few tiny notes though:
    Monsters: EXP/GP are not in-sync with the ones in game currently. There seems to have been adjustments which were not mentioned. This has been noted and waiting for clarification and updates, so no corrections to this is required.
    Monsters: HP/MP may not necessarily be in-sync since they are estimates. There may have been adjustments to their calculations (I'm not sure), but most of them should be generally still in line, so no corrections to this is required.


    Oh and please don't worry about giving credit for all these tiny things, most of them are too minor to be worth the mention. (I know that you will say it's a rule and you have to do so, but I certainly won't count it as a crime if you omit the credit for such trifles.)
    No matter how trivial the edit is (even a typo correction), we still have to give credit to the one that pointed it out. Won't deviate from this. Just uh, ignore the italicized line at the bottom of each entry if it bothers you. :P


    As for submitting the bug of the secret passage on Isle d'Oriens, I decided that it's not that important since it only leads to a short cutscene. If however a quest is added there later and the bug still remains, then I think it should be reported because the bug might keep adventurers who click on the bookshelves first from knowing that the quest is open for them too.
    Even the simplest of bugs should be reported so that IMR knows about it and could be added to his trivial bug-fixing-to-do-list (if he has any). That way you can rest easy that someone knows about it, and that it'll be eventually fixed! :) ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Frostval 2013!
    Gift Delivery!

    Zorbak wanted to end Frostval but was tricked by Minister Bree'ha! Through your brave efforts, you and your fellow Adventurers and Guardians managed to rescue Zorbak and save Frostval. However, one final task remains: Delivering the gifts before the New Year to make sure that everyone has a happy Frostval!
  • Delivery a gift!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    ---The camp and battle related details are the same as that of Frostval 2012's---

    «After 100% of gifts were delivered, you confront Bree'ha, clad in a blue drakel armor.»

    «You»: That's enough Bree'ha. Zorbak has been returned to Lore and all the presents have been delivered! Your scheme is done!
    Bree'ha: Tell me, Chosen... Do you enjoy wasting time and energy, or is there a script you have memorized that you must superstitiously follow for fear great calamity will befall you?
    «You»: What?
    Bree'ha: In all of your many conflicts, including our own past interactions, has even one person responded to such a demand with "Yes, of course, you're right. I give up now."?
    «You»: Eh?
    Bree'ha: That is simply not how it is done, «You». Does not matter, as you can see, I didn't come for talking. Now either defeat me in armed combat, or be defeated.
      1 BATTLE: Bree`ha: Power Armour
      Full Heal
    «The power armor ceases operations.»

    «You»: Now stand down Bree'ha!
    Bree'ha: But of course, «You». You have won the day. Bravo. I am only sorry you cannot stick around K'eld Naer for more conversation.
    «You»: ?!?
    Bree'ha: And you are very wrong, by the way. My schemes, of which there are several, have not even yet begun.
    «You»: !!!
    Bree'ha: One to stream, G'hup.

    «From within his earpiece, a voice can be heard.»

    ???: Commander G'hup is not here, Minister. He has already departed.
    Bree'ha: Ah, of course. Very well. One to stream, Mister O'frai'un.

    «Bree'ha streams away...»
    Frostval 2013: Delivery

  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 5]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 15]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 25]
  • C.O.Me.T. Z [L. 31 Z]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 35]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 45]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 55]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 65]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 75]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 85]
  • C.O.Me.T. Z [L. 85 Z]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 95]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 105]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 115]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 125]
  • C.O.Me.T. Z [L. 125 Z]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 135]
  • C.O.Me.T. [L. 145 G]

  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 5]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 15]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 25]
  • C.U.P.I.D. Z [L. 31 Z]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 35]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 45]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 55]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 65]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 75]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 85]
  • C.U.P.I.D. Z [L. 85 Z]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 95]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 105]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 115]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 125]
  • C.U.P.I.D. Z [L. 125 Z]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 135]
  • C.U.P.I.D. [L. 145 G]

  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 5]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 15]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 25]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. Z [L. 31 Z]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 35]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 45]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 55]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 65]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 75]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 85]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. Z [L. 85 Z]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 95]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 105]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 115]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 125]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. Z [L. 125 Z]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 135]
  • D.A.S.H.E.R. [L. 145 G]

  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 5]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 15]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 25]
  • Z.A.N.T.A. [L. 31 Z]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 35]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 45]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 55]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 65]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 75]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 85]
  • Z.A.N.T.A. Z [L. 85 Z]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 95]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 105]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 115]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 125]
  • Z.A.N.T.A. Z [L. 125 Z]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 135]
  • S.A.N.T.A. [L. 145 G]

  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 5]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 15]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 25]
  • V.I.X.E.N. Z [L. 31 Z]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 35]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 45]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 55]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 65]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 75]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 85]
  • V.I.X.E.N. Z [L. 85 Z]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 95]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 105]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 115]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 125]
  • V.I.X.E.N. Z [L. 125 Z]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 135]
  • V.I.X.E.N. [L. 145 G]

  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 5]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 15]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 25]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. Z [L. 31 Z]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 35]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 45]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 55]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 65]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 75]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 85]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. Z [L. 85 Z]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 95]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 105]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 115]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 125]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. Z [L. 125 Z]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 135]
  • D.A.N.C.E.R. [L. 145 G]

  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 5]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 15]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 25]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone Z [L. 31 Z]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 35]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 45]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 55]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 65]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 75]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 85]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone Z [L. 85 Z]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 95]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 105]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 115]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 125]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone Z [L. 125 Z]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 135]
  • 'Olive'-Class Drone [L. 145 G]

  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. [L. 15]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. Z [L. 31 Z]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. [L. 35]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. [L. 55]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. [L. 75]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. Z [L. 85 Z]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. [L. 95]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. [L. 115]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. Z [L. 125 Z]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. [L. 135]
  • B.L.I.T.Z.E.N. [L. 145 G]

    Artix Krieger: Happy Frostval to all, and may your wishes come true! Be sure to check your Gift Boxes when they open on New Year's Eve! Remember, you can get your Gift Boxes in the Guardian Tower ONLY until New Year's Eve!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Epilogue

  • Replay Intro
  • Replay Part 1
  • Replay Part 2

  • Back to Town

    Update thanks to Archlist.
    Frostval: Epilogue

    Outside the Truphma'd K'eld Naer...

    «Falerin meets with Xov.»

    Xov: What business have you here, "Lore"-master?
    Falerin: Tread carefully, mirror, for the realms of Creativity and of Knowledge are not nearly as separable as you seem to believe. If you step further on my toes you will make me your enemy...
    Xov: You dare not intervene. You are not permitted.
    Falerin: Wrong on two counts.
    Falerin: First, despite your best efforts when your Truphma attacked me and my envoy, I did in fact appoint successors and join the local pantheon.
    Xov: And secondly?
    Falerin: Contained in the first. Your Truphma attacked me... Be very sure before you raise arms against me, Xov Arakue. You are prepared for the consequences. Toodles, dear.

    «Falerin vanishes. Shortly after, a Truphma form similar to Falerin enters the scene.»

    ???: It is done, Mistress. The form is learned.

    «Xov beams.»

    Xov: Who says there is no strength in imitation? A mere mimicry with no creativity or originality that copies the right template can do so very many things...
    Xov: But first, to complete our deal with the minister. Prepare for action.

    «The scene fades to black and you return to Battleon.»
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    12/31/2013 19:09:41   
      In Media Res
     Strawberry Ice Cream Cake of Order


    Isle d'Oriens:

    «After going through the cutscene in The Safe or reading any of the three library books above, the below objects can be clicked on.»

    Orange/Purple book------------'Lets you read 'The Archmages - History Revealed' and Warlic's Journal respectively.
    Doorway at the back---------'''"Takes you to the Boiler Room
    This is a bug (it was returning you to an outdated version of the library), and I've removed it. Log out/in to get the updated files.
    And it's updated! ~whacky

    < Message edited by whackybeanz -- 1/10/2014 9:35:12 >
    AQ  Post #: 15
    1/1/2014 11:27:03   

    (In response to the post of 12/22/2013 above -- sorry for the delay, switched to some bug-chasing for the last few days :P)

    All right, thanks for the explanations; I guess it'll be better to abide by the laws. Sorry if I went over the top requesting exceptions for me like that -- don't hesitate to put me back in my proper place if I start allowing myself too much again in the future. :P

    Anyway, here's the next batch of corrections, all concerning the quest entries:


    Death's Domain, section Sir Pwnsalot: I guess the latest changes IMR made to untraining are more or less permanent, so they can be reflected in the pedia entry: after untraining a stat, or choosing to cancel the untraining process, one no longer returns to Nowhere but back to the cemetery where one can again call Sir Pwnslot for another untraining session; also, losing the battle now is equivalent to dying, so the third option when you fail to untrain the stat is no longer applicable.


    Crossroads: it needs to be mentioned that the bosses listed at the end of the entry will be level-scaled to «PlayerLevel»+5; in Yonder, the descriptions give an impression that one simply fights any random monster which is just put against the appropriate background, when in fact as a rule one encounters monsters who are native to the chosen environment (not without a few exceptions, though).
    I've fixed both issues. As for Yonder, I tried to add extra wording. How does it look?


    ^It'll suffice to remove the ambiguity, I suppose. But the entry for Sir Pwnsalot still says you return to Nowhere (or to Death (?) ) after fighting him, which is main thing that got changed: you stay in the cemetery after the battle, so you can immediately untrain further by clicking Sir Pwnsalot's grave again (even a message appears telling you "Sir Pwnsalot returns to his grave. You can probably poke him again if you need more untraining."); you only return to Nowhere if you click on the grave inscribed "Nowhere". [12:01 1/10/2014]
    Not sure how I missed that! :P The message has also been integrated into the entry. I've also removed the dying part from the entry.


    Oh and please don't forget to include the new misc. item that has been added to the rewards shop at the end of the latest gift delivery war. And thanks for treating my submissions seriously (should have started with this, perhaps :P). [12:21 1/10/2014]
    You're welcome! :) Any thing that goes into improving the accuracy of the Pedia entries is always appreciated, so thank you!

    Also, didn't know that a misc. was added. MUST GET! The misc. has been added into the entry.


    In Warlic's Magic Shop, there is no link attached to the quest The Face of Silence! (under the "Change Face" menu).
    *waves wand*


    The alphabetical quest list contains the following broken/misdirecting links: An Eggcellent Adventure, Battle Carnax, Cat-Napping, Drakel War, Snugglefest '13 and Wizard Games 2011.
    For the mentioned links, except for Battle Carnax and Cat-Napping, the links have all been fixed. Battle Carnax is a non-existent (or purged) entry so it's been deleted. Cat-Napping was merged into Conquest so now Conquest is renamed Conquest & Cat-Napping, which links to the correct entry.


    "Elements of D'awww!" is misplaced in the alphabetical list, and "Past Blarney Rewards" and "Parakkas Unbound!" need to be interchanged, as well as (strictly speaking) "The Void Dragons!" and "The Void"; also, "Revengers Part 2" is filed under R, whereas "The Revengers Part 1" -- under T; the last seven quests on "Z" with Zorbak's name in them seem to be completely unsorted.
    We can deal with one less entry in the letter 'T' section, so Revengers Part 1 has been moved to R. The rest have also been sorted properly!


    The Bennuju Wetlands, Dark Lands, Gatta Island, Guardian Arena, Leeroy Jenkins!, Mysterious Bridge, Mysterious Crater, Plasma Dragon, Ring of Malinius, Smoke Mountain, The Maelstrom and Well of the Water Lord's Tears quest entries all lack the Guardian tag.
    Guardian tags added. Some entries have gone through a slight formatting change while I was adding these tags along the way.


    In Frostvale, each destination has 2 battles, not just 1.


    Wizard Games 2011: non-magic normal attacks seem to take much higher penalty than 25%, for me they deal about 25% (if not less) of their usual damage, which would mean at least a 75% penalty; perhaps it would also be useful to indicate in the alphabetical quest list that this is the current version of the quest.
    Will check and update accordingly regarding the % damage penalty. As for the current version thing, I've added a small note to the quest in the quest list.


    AQ's 10th Anniversary! quest, Act 2 - Akriloth & The Fire Orb: the difficulty of the stat rolls depends on the player's level, for a low-level character (lvl≤18, this is not an exact threshold though) I get: 1st roll -- 44 DEX, 2nd roll -- 34 STR, 3rd roll -- 34 LUK (Update: at lvl30 the difficulties are 53, 43 and 43 respectively); the text of the 4th roll has a small typo -- "You desperately and endlessly search for ..." (in-game it is correct); the text of the "Legend of the Frozen Claymore" appears to have been slightly changed in-game (I've highlighted the modifications, except for the transposition of the sentences):
      Legend of the Frozen Claymore
      Thus it was written, Yulgar forged a
      powerful magic ice weapon known as the
      Frozen Claymore. Meanwhile, the
      Mysterious Necromancer turned the
      remains of the darkness dragon (which
      were not eaten) into a horrifying
      Dracolich. Drakath stole the Ice Claymore
      and kidnapped many villagers from the
      town. The hero and his friends battled him
      to recover the weapon. It was truly
      dragons gone wild. With the Frozen
      Claymore in hand, it was time for the final
      battle to begin.
    Correction made. Added the new text as a new version, and left the old version in gray.


    Act 3 - Drakonnan & The Great Fire War: After defeating Drakonnan's generals, if you fight him without Zorbak's help, instead of the dialogue between you and Zorbak you only get the (shortened) retort from Drakonnan: HAHAHA! I shall show you the same suffering and torment that I have endured. Embrace your destiny of fiery doom!
    New dialogue added.


    Conclusion - The Dragon of Time, section "10th Anniversary Shop": you only get the regular shop by clicking on the treasure chest itself (not the button on the right) if you haven't completed the Bonus challenge yet; after completing the Bonus, clicking the chest opens the 10th Anniversary Bonanza shop which contains the Horo-Show equipment (the button on the right still opens the regular shop).
    Clarifications added to Bonus and menu sections of the entry. Conclusion remains untouched.


    Battlegrounds - Vampires vs. Lycans!: The monsters listed in the section "After 600,000 of Safiria's forces were defeated..." are the ones encountered if fighting against the vampires. When fighting against the werewolves, the monsters are from the families of Were-Hares, Diretooths and Selkies (in this order), chosen according to the level of the player, presumably in the same way as their vampire counterparts are.
    I've requested for the monster list and will update it when I receive it.


    Jagged Peaks: The introductory text given at the beginning of the entry is the Travel-Map description of the Gatta Island quest. The actual introductory text of the Jagged Peaks, appearing on the opening screen of the quest, is:

    Valencia the Rare Item Hunter has just discovered a NEW way to find rare items!
  • Go!
  • I've edited the incorrect travel map text. I've also included the introductory text above.


    Jagged Peaks (continuation): During the first stage (the initial 4 battles before fighting the Groggles), among the monsters for lvl80+ players I also encountered Giant Cyberchaun (72), who was using 144SP for his skill, but I've never come across a Frogzard or the Warrior Troll (though maybe players of other levels get them); there are full heals after each battle (except the ones marked with an * below) when fighting Groggles; the order of the Groggles is always Groggle, Baby Groggle, Baby Groggle, Groggle, Baby Groggle for the first five battles, then there are either 3 battles ( Groggle, Baby Groggle, Baby Groggle*), 4 battles ( Groggle, Baby Groggle*, Groggle, Groggle*), or 6 battles ( Groggle, Baby Groggle*, Groggle, Baby Groggle, Groggle*, Baby Groggle*); Galvanic Orb (75) and Voltaic Orb (100) are also available in the shops alongside their lower-level versions.
    This is quite a bit of information :o I've added the Galvanic/Voltaic Orbs. The Groggle part has also been added. As for the earlier monster list, I'll request for the monster list and update it accordingly.


    Morningstar Set - In section 4 of the quest (the one which finishes with the battle against The Reaper), there's a full heal after "1 battles from Tier 4a ...", right before the hearts start floating (there's one more "1 battles" before the trap in the same section [no full heal there though :P]).
    'S' removed. Also capitalized the 'battle(s)' word since that's how it's usually shown on other entries.


    Quest for the Terror Set!: the first battle for lvl80+ players is against Zombie Zard (75).
    *waves magic wand*


    Chimeran Set: In the monsters list at the end of the entry, the Harpy monsters don't match those seen in-game (I've encountered Harpy Warrior (65)/ Harpy Warrior (85)/ Harpy Warleader (105) in the quest for Venomous/Poisonous/Toxic set; can't access the highest-level quest yet) -- in fact, the names and levels of the listed Harpy monsters do not match even those indicated in their respective pedia entries; if you fail the second (STR) stat roll, the button says "You didn't budge it... Try again!".
    Harpies received a tier/naming update so they shifted around. I've updated the Harpy encounters. I've also removed redundant "failure roll messages" since those are standard and we never include those. The STR stat roll message has also been corrected.


    Nemesis! (Justice goes blind): Plant Dragon is cited as lvl71 in the forest monster list at the end of the entry, whereas in-game it is lvl75; for some reason, starting from the second section of the entry, the "Visit the Shop" and "Journey On!" buttons are repeated twice in each section, once as the actual options presented on-screen and immediately afterwards with an explanatory comment and the shop's inventory -- I believe they could be united simply as
    You have survived this far and have discovered a mystical shop! You can either:
  • Visit the Shop (Opens the shop and then continues below)
  • Journey On! (Skips the shop)
    ***Shop Inventory***
    «some dialogue (only for section III)»
  • Continue Quest etc.
  • Plant Dragon received a tiering shift, so the level has been corrected in the monster list. The entire entry has received a revamp of sorts, hopefully clearing up whatever repetition there was previously.


    Spell Scroll Quest (Varrinsqu Keep): Refilling potions from the bag beside Warlic is a Guardian-only feature; the formula for Expected INT seems to follow older standards -- it gives values much higher than I see in-game (91=51+40 for lvl99 adventurer with 0 INT); also, adventurers can only combine scrolls to access non-Guardian spell shops; assuming that Guardians have access to all 6 of the spells, the phrase in Warlic's monologue "...master the 3 spells that..." should say "6 spells" for Guardians (if this is not the case in-game, then it should be reported to the devs because potentially this can cause people to miss out on some of the spells).
    I'll have to get the formula from the staff for this. Will update when I get them.

    "...master the 3 spells that..." is the same for Guardians. Could I trouble you to post it on AQ typos? Thanks! :)


    UPDATE concerning the threshold levels on the Thunder Mountain quest: they seem to correspond to the level of the higher tier of the equipment accessible at the end of each section (as this usually is the case in other quests where sets of tiered equipment are obtainable). I reran the quest just as I was approaching lvl105 and the monsters in the third section jumped to lvl105 exactly when I hit 105 myself, leaving little doubt regarding the underlying logic. So I presume the threshold levels for the other sections are: lvl45 for section I, lvl75 for section II and lvl135 for section IV.
    Threshold levels updated.

    And with that, whew! Another long list done. Thanks again! :) ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    Ultimon's Fortress IV

    Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Ultimon's Fortress » Ultimon's Fortress Part 4 OR
    Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Got any Quests? » Let's Check it out! » Ultimon's Fortress Part 4

    «Scene: The Veil, inside Ultimon's Fortress»

    «Ultimon exits from the Shadow Vortex.»

    Ultimon: (thinking) Ah.... it's good to be home.

    «Ultimon turns around to face the vortex.»

    Ultimon: (thinking) I hope the Lorians don't mind if I bring along a few friends.

    «Many shadow creatures exit from the vortex. The scene transitions to the outskirts of The Veil, near Ultimon's Fortress.»

    ElBhe: He's back.
    Lord Barrius: I know. I can feel him. And he can no doubt feel us out here, waiting for him. He's brought some very powerful shadows with him this time, too.
    ElBhe: I'll go get «You» and his adventurer allies to come help us.
    Lord Barrius: A good plan. I'll try to organize some sort of resistance to keep them confined to the castle grounds for the time being.
    Lord Barrius: But I suspect this war will not be as easy as our last. The shadows in there are considerably stronger than normal.
    ElBhe: Then we'd better hope that «You»'s prepared for some challenging battles.
    Lord Barrius: I'm fairly confident that he can handle himself against these monsters. It's Ultimon himself I'm worried about.
    ElBhe: Can't you deal with that problem?
    Lord Barrius: Perhaps, but I doubt that Mother would be happy to see her children fighting to the death. She's generally not fond of them fighting at all.
    Lord Barrius: Besides, «You» is capable. I know the adventurers of Battleon will find a way.
    ElBhe: If you're wrong, then we're going to have a very large mess on our hands. And I only have paws, so you're doing all the cleaning.
    Lord Barrius: If I'm wrong, then I'll simply drag «You» back out of Death's Domain so I can punish him myself.

    «The scene fades to black and you proceed to the war camp.»

    Ultimon's Fortress
    Wave I:
    Ultimon has returned, bringing with him a horde of powerful shadow creatures! Can we stop him this time? And just what is his ultimate plan?

    Wave II:

    Wave III:
    Ultimon's army is seemingly without end. The only way to end this is to close off the portals that he's using to get them here. Can you take on this task?
  • To Battle!
  • Explore Camp
  • Wave Selection
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Five

      «Once you make your selection, the message "You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!" appears. You will then fight the stipulated number of battles.»
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Ultimon's ready sooner than we thought... this is no place for small moglins like Twilly!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    ElBhe - ElBhe the Shadow Kitty!
    Lord Barrius - Click on Lord Barrius' blades if you want him to join you in battle!
    Eventide/Lodestar - Lord Barrius will now battle by your side!
    Eclipse Dragons - +0.1 BTH per dragon shot, max of +20.0 BTH (200 dragons)

    To Battle!
    Wave I/II:
    «As selected above. By default, 1 BATTLE»
    Full Heal after each battle

    Wave III:
    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE: Shadow Vortex
    Full Heal after each battle, repeat cycle «X» times based on selection above

      «When the war meter hit 100% for the first time, a new cutscene 'The Giant Shadow!' appeared in the war camp.»

      «Scene: Inside Ultimon's Fortress»

      Ultimon: (thinking) That «You» is proving more problematic than I imagined. It seems I should have killed him properly when we last met.
      Ultimon: No matter. I'll just deal with this little nuisance now, so we can be off to conquer the rest of Lore.

      «Lord Barrius enters the scene, surprising Ultimon who takes a few steps back. Lord Barrius unsheathes Eventide.»

      Lord Barrius: No, I'm afraid you're going to be staying here for a while longer.
      Lord Barrius: I would prefer not to fight you, however.
      Ultimon: Why not?
      Lord Barrius: Because I want «You» to defeat you at your best. I know that will vex you more than anything else.
      Ultimon: Your faith is most certainly misplaced. But it amuses me. Very well. I'll wait right here.
      Ultimon: «You» will never reach me, anyways. I already have an alternative strategy in place.

      «The scene fades to black. Outside, in the fields of The Veil, a shadow portal appears in the far distance, and a colossal shadow being exits from the portal before closing.»

      «You»: Woah! What is that thing?!
      ElBhe: A very large shadow creature.
      «You»: ....thanks, but I can see that much. I was trying to ask how exactly you guys manage to get THAT big?
      ElBhe: Ordinary shadow creatures typically live in the top levels of the shadow universe. But they lack basic freedoms that you enjoy here.
      ElBhe: So often, the stronger ones will fight their way into the lower levels of the shadow universe, where they can escape some of those restrictions.
      ElBhe: Problem is, the lower levels of the shadow universe are much more brutal lands. Only the strongest shadows tend to survive. The rest get eaten.
      ElBhe: Unless I miss my guess, that shadow over there has been eating pretty well.
      «You»: Your world is really morbid, you know that?
      ElBhe: Duh. Why do you think I prefer to live here?
      «You»: Got any plans for how I can tackle something like that?
      ElBhe: Smack it really hard in the foot until it surrenders?
      «You»: I take that as a no, then. *sigh* Here goes!

      1 BATTLE: Shadow Colossus
      Full Heal

      «The Shadow Colossus disperses and is absorbed into a vortex swirling in the sky.»

      «You»: What's happened? Did that really work?
      ElBhe: Not entirely. It's not dead, it's just trying to shift into a different form.
      ElBhe: A shadow that large will take a very long time to reassert itself into a solid form, so while it's busy with that, you should get back to fighting Ultimon's army!
      «You»: Right!

      «The scene fades to black and you return to the war camp. The war meter dropped back to 50% as more shadow armies pour out...»
      «When the war meter hit 100% for the second time, a new cutscene 'The Shadow Reforms!' appeared in the war camp.»

      «Scene: Ultimon's Fortress»

      Ultimon: You know, I've always wondered something about you.
      Lord Barrius: Suddenly becoming talkative, are we?
      Ultimon: Not really. Just curious.
      Lord Barrius: You're going to be sorely disappointed when I don't tell you anything, then. I have no reason to give you information about myself.
      Ultimon: Nor do you have any reason to be here. You continue to interfere in the affairs of shadow even though you are a mere human. Why?
      Lord Barrius: That's rather dishonest. You know full well that I am not a 'mere human'.
      Ultimon: True. But that still doesn't explain why you bother with this 'keep the balance' job of yours.
      Lord Barrius: That much, you also already know the answer to. I do it because Mother asked me to.

      «The scene fades to black. Outside, from the shadow vortex in the sky, a colossal shadow serpent's head emerges.»

      «You»: It would be awfully nice if that thing would reform into something that's more reasonably sized.
      ElBhe: I doubt you're going to get that lucky.
      «You»: Fine, then. I'll deal with this.

      1 BATTLE: Shadow Serpent
      Full Heal

      «After its defeat, the Shadow Serpent disperses into shadow and forms a vortex again.»

      «You»: It's still not dead? How much abuse can this thing take?
      ElBhe: Never mind that, we have another problem.
      ElBhe: Ultimon's army seems to have no end. Those portals keep producing more shadows.
      «You»: Then I'll just close those portals myself.
      ElBhe: You think you can handle that?
      «You»: No problem, so long as your order can keep the monsters busy while I'm closing them.
      ElBhe: I think that can be arranged.

      «You return to the war camp. With even more shadow army pouring out from the portals, the war meter dropped back to 66%...»

    «Upon the defeat of 100% of Ultimon's army, if you have not fought the first two forms of the gigantic shadow during the period of time you're logged in, you receive the following scroll. Else, skip to the final boss battle below.»

    The gigantic shadow brought to Lore is still out there - and this isn't even its final form! You'll need to weaken something that big step by step if you hope to take it down!
  • The Giant Shadow! « Option appears only if you have not defeated Shadow Colossus
  • The Shadow Reforms! « Option appears only if you have not defeated Shadow Serpent

    Ultimon: So that's it, then? You're just a slave to your Mother's commands?
    Lord Barrius: Not any more so than you.
    Ultimon: I am independent! I have grown strong because I fought and consumed the weak.
    Lord Barrius: It seems to bother you greatly that I have reverence for your Mother. Or perhaps....
    Ultimon: What bothers me is that she sees anything in someone like you, when I am clearly her strongest child!
    Lord Barrius: Oh, is that all this is? So then, you're simply a little child with parent issues?
    Lord Barrius: Does it bother you that she speaks to me, but not to you?

    «Ultimon pounces toward Lord Barrius who swiftly deflects his attack.»

    Ultimon: In a few moments, she won't be able to.
    Lord Barrius: Save it. I told you before, didn't I? I'm not going to fight you. I want you at full strength.
    Lord Barrius: After all, I don't want you making excuses for your weakness when «You» sends you crying back to Mother.

    «The scene fades to black. Outside the fortress, the swirling vortex continues to fill the sky.»

    «You»: Doesn't look like it's picking a nice solid shape this time.
    ElBhe: That probably means it's weakened significantly from your previous fights. Finish it off, «You»!

    1 BATTLE: Shadow Storm
    Full Heal


    «The storm and the vortex disperse from the sky. You've did it!»

    «You»: Alright. Clean things up around here, ElBhe. I've got to take care of Ultimon!

    «The scene fades to black. You make your way into Ultimon's Fortress.»

    «You»: I'm here!
    Lord Barrius: Good timing.
    Ultimon: You've made it further than I anticipated. But this is where it ends.
    «You»: Finally, we agree on something.
    Ultimon: Do you really think you have the strength to beat me, «You»?
    «You»: Your army is gone. I think you're already beaten, whether my attacks can down you or not.
    Ultimon: Armies can be rebuilt easily. There are always more weaklings to fill the ranks, and so long as the original Lorians survive, their shadows can be replenished with enough time.
    Ultimon: Besides... you have yet to see the true nature of my plan.
    «You»: What do you mean?

    «Lord Barrius moves over to join you. Ultimon raises his weapon and stabs himself. The shadows holding his form and armor pieces disperse. The armor pieces fall to the ground, and the glow in Ultimon's helmet disappears.»

    «You»: What?! Why did he just kill himself?
    Lord Barrius: ....I'm not entirely sure. But the death of such a powerful shadow will undoubtedly have ramifications.
    Lord Barrius: Our only hope is that this is truly the end of Ultimon's schemes. The alternative is too frightening to imagine.

    «The scene fades to black...»

    To be concluded...

    «Back outside The Veil, Lord Barrius meets up with you. A treasure chest lays on the ground.»

    Lord Barrius: Excellent work defeating Ultimon. Let's hope that is the last we hear of him.

    «Click the treasure chest and:»
  • Get War Reward!
  • Skip Reward / Already Have It
    Ultimon IV

  • Seal of Primal Shadows [L. 105]
  • Seal of Primal Shadows [L. 120]
  • Seal of Primal Shadows [L. 135]
  • Seal of Primal Shadows [L. 150 G]

  • Chiaro Symbiote [L. 105]
  • Chiaro Symbiote [L. 120]
  • Chiaro Symbiote [L. 135]
  • Chiaro Symbiote [L. 150 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Settling. ~whacky

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    1/12/2014 23:08:44   

    I'm sorry if this is too insistent on my part, but a few things have remained unfixed after our last series of corrections:


    In Frostvale, all three destinations have 2 battles, including Mab's Home and Grumbo's Hut, plus in each instance there's a full heal after the pair of the fights [I forgot to indicate this the last time];


    The full heal also hasn't been added in the Morningstar quest before the fight with The Reaper (between the single battle from Tier 4a/4b and the floating hearts);
    Added, hopefully to the right area.


    The Chimeran quest still contains the wrong link for the Harpy Warrior (85) monster (6th row from top in the list of monsters for the Poisonous set);
    Link fixed.


    A small update for the Nemesis! quest, which I didn't think of earlier: when one first fights Nemesis (130), the quest continues even if one is defeated (this should be foreseeable from the subsequent dialogue but still I came across an old complaint regarding the difficulty of the battle); the text afterwards (You struggle valiantly ...) only appears in the Story Mode or if one loses the fight -- if one wins, one immediately proceeds to the following dialogue.

    Sorry again for making you edit the same entries for the second time. Here's a small consolation prize for you: corrections to an entry I haven't made you edit yet [I admit I can be cruel sometimes :P].


    Granemor, section "Inside New Granemor": Dewlok's text is different if you speak to him before completing The Dark Forest quest:
    Dewlok: Granemor has been rebuilt as a fortress city to hold back the evil of the No Man's Land! Talk to Sage Uldor in Battleon if you want to talk to me about Drakel.
  • Can you heal me? -- proceeds as specified in the entry
  • Undead?
      Dewlok: The undead roam the cemetery and sometimes even the streets! Use the sign to go directly to the part of the cemetery with the most undead and darkness monsters!
    • Okay!
    After completing The Dark Forest and then talking to Sage Uldor in Yulgar's Inn (one has to explicitly start the dialogue under "What do the Drakel want?", just clicking Uldor isn't enough), Dewlok's option "Undead?" gets replaced by "Any Drakels around?", already documented in the entry for Granemor, and his introductory text only contains the first sentence;
    General Herous's name is misspelled as "Horous" in the list of Granemor's buildings (just after Dewlok's dialogues);
    the link Scout mission into No Man's Land! in Sergeant York's section directs to the quest list of General Herous' Tower rather than to the Scouting Mission itself;
    the entry for Boog's Tavern gives an outdated version of Morgul's text after the completion of the first part of his quest -- since the release of the sequels he directly says the initial phrase of the second / third part, or the conlcusion (end of part III), respectively.
  • All fixed up. At the same time I've added Part III to the release dates indices since it was missing, and linked up whatever was not linked in that same entry. Also, I've added other intro texts to the Granemor entry when talking to Morgul. I'm pretty sure I'm right, but if there's any errors in the introductory dialogues do post them and I'll fix it ASAP. ~whacky


    Everything seems to be as you indicated, except for the word "practicer" in Morgul's very first phrase (before completing any of his quests). He says instead "practicioner", which most likely is just a spelling error, but might also be an indication of his lisp, maybe (especially in view of the "Greetingsss" that precedes it)?
    I've corrected the "practicer" word, and changed it into "practitioner" instead. I highly doubt Morgul has a lisp since it never occurs ever again throughout any quest. The greeting was probably him hissing at you. He doesn't like strangers. ~whacky


    Just thought that perhaps it would be worth to indicate at least the difficulty ranges for the stat rolls in AQ's 10th Anniversary: Act 2 - Akriloth & The Fire Orb, in order to make it a little bit more informative (hmm... I'm starting to think you seriously need to come up with a way to get rid of me somehow... :P). These would be:
    Difficulty: «between 44 and 81, depending on your CharLvl» for the 1st roll;
    Difficulty: «between 34 and 71, depending on your CharLvl» for the 2nd and 3rd rolls.
    The ranges have been added. How long did it take for you to find these? o_O

    ^Actually none any longer than I had already spent before, just a couple of days to realise :P that it would be useful to include the range in the entry. The upper bounds were already there in the older version of the entry (besides, they correspond to the values I see for my main character), and you can get the lower bounds by doing a single run with a newly created character. I got some intermediate values too (posted as an update in the previous list of corrections) when my test character leveled up a bit, but I didn't try to determine the exact threshold levels, though I do believe that they follow the same pattern as the ones for the monster encounters do, with the exception that they stop increasing above lvl82. [1/15/2014 04:22]


    And I also just realised that the entry for the Solaris! quest doesn't say there's a button on the Travel Map (just SSW from Battleon) that gives direct access to the quest.
    The alternative location has been added. Thanks! ~whacky

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    Times Silent Keeper


    The Past Unraveled II
    Some Think it's Funny but it's Knot

    Location: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » DracoPyre Legacy! » 6: The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » Click on the arrow » 2: Some Think It's Funny, But It's Knot!

    Deren - Several Years Previously -
    Shortly before the Coming of

    Darin: (thinking) Myr and Cerin are certainly being mysterious. Neither one will give me a clear answer.
    Darin: (thinking) How am I to serve my new role if they will not even entrust me with the truth?
    Darin: (thinking) What do they mean that Tralin has been gone for several weeks now? Gone where?
    Darin: (thinking) First he sends me with that Brilhado to the Temple of Light on Neld and now he vanishes.
    Darin: (thinking) He has not been king long enough to take a vacation.
    Darin: (thinking) How could he possibly leave at a time like this?
    Darin: (thinking) ...

    «In flashes of light, you take Darin's form in the scene.»

    «You»: Uhm Abode... still not right. Every time we try to focus on Erebus' past, I find myself in some other place in time totally unrelated.
    «You»: Now I'm inside Darin! ...inside Deren!
    Abode: Sorry «You». Tracing Erebus without him in the world is proving more difficult than I might have imagined.
    «You»: Why is that?
    Abode: His actions had so many ripples, direct and indirect, that the entire time period is one great big knot in the timeline.
    Abode: Trying to unravel the snarl requires separating the individual threads.
    Abode: Even worse, his own nature leaves echoes. Even with him in exile the timeline is like a minefield with booby traps everywhere for the unwary.
    «You»: But Darin in Deren? What has he to do with Darkovia and Erebus?
    Abode: More than you might imagine. Remember, Diviara Celegra used to serve as a Mysterious Necromancer, which ties him up in the knot along with the rest of them.
    Abode: At this point in history the fate of the Governor and Diviara are very much entwined and this segment pertains to them. In fact...

    «Cerin enters the scene.»

    Cerin: Commander Darin, please report to the audience chamber.
    «You»: Oh? Uh, sure. I'll be along in a moment.

    «Cerin leaves.»

    «You»: You were saying?
    Abode: *Commander* Darin, not *Governer* Darin. Though this is where that changes.
    Abode: But first, one of those traps as I mentioned has just sprung...
    «You»: *sigh* Yes, of course it has.
    Abode: We have transmorphers incoming.
    «You»: Again? I thought Falerin fixed that issue?
    Abode: He fixed the initial memory error. That alone does not clear the hall of interlopers. Just follow this for a bit. I will try to get the timing fixed.
      3 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #3
    «You»: Abode, what just happened?! I can't use my equipment!
    Abode: The Knot appears to be causing more problems than expected. One moment. This should be relatively easy to untangle this time.

    «You are unstuck from Darin's form.»

    «You»: Thanks. As good a fighter as Darin is, I'm going to need all the help I can get, given that I'm probably going to have to fight a million Transmorphers by myself.
    Abode: Incorrect.
    «You»: You mean, that's all of them? :D
    Abode: No. Another who has vested interest in these events seeks to aid you.

    «Scion teleports partially into the scene, his form not fully materialized.»

    «You»: Scion?
    Scion: Hello again, «You». Love the pantaloons.
    «You»: Thank you, they are actually quite comfo... Wait! One problem. Won't doing this alter events and give me a less-than-accurate idea of what happened?
    Scion: An astute observation, Chosen. Although your sarcasm detector may need tuning. You will be using your own abilities, and not those of the person whose place you are currently occupying....
    Scion: Though given your reputation, I am surprised you have not realized the obvious already.
    «You»: What?
    Scion: You will already get an incomplete rendering of events.
    «You»: Huh?
    Scion: You do not think exactly as Darin does so your interactions will vary slightly from his own.
    «You»: ... Huh. True.
    Abode: True as it may be, the simulation takes this into account and guides back toward the original timeline.
    Scion: Even so guided, however, minor discrepancies will remain.
    Scion: It is why, when I run any simulation, I go through at least 3 times to get an accurate reading.
    «You»: That will take forever! We cannot afford the time. I cannot be sure if -- or more likely, how soon -- Erebus will return.
    Scion: Right now you cannot read Dhows' history at all.
    «You»: Point. But that is even more reason I cannot afford repeated reads of the past.
    Abode: Just roll with the punches. I'll keep trying to work out the timeline issue and I can track the original events exactly.
    Abode: Remember: the Hall of Memories can both allow you to replay events and show a projection.
    «You»: So you can alert us to any deviation from historical fact?
    Abode: Yes.
    «You»: Can't I just wait, return to the present and enter when you have worked out the knot?
    Abode: No, because I cannot enter the memories myself and unravel them at the same time. Also, someone else needs to be active within these memories for me to trace and unravel them.
    Abode: Ordinarily my analog and I employ each other for this sort of thing. However, he is not presently available as Falerin has him active on Caelestia.
    Abode: So you can leave at any time but if you do so we have to start the whole thing over again.
    «You»: Lovely. Well back to work. I better get inside before Cerin comes looking for me again.

    «You enter the audience chamber and meet with Cerin, Myr and Giliara.»

    «You»: What is it?
    Cerin: We have just spotted an army of Drakel marching from K'eld Ner.
    «You»: Why would they do that?
    Myr: Relations remain strained and that has degraded since Tralin has taken the throne of a human kingdom. You well know that Commander.
    Cerin: They make up a considerable force. It is possible, given his majesty's warnings, that they come to make war on us.
    Cerin: However, Giliara, who has scouted the way, has determined that they fly Deren's colors. It could be a trick! What do you think?
    «You»: The Drakel have always been far more direct in their behavior before now.
    «You»: But it would be foolhardy to underestimate the Drakel intelligence. Clearly, they have shown themselves to possess a singular cunning.

    «Scion takes over Giliara's character.»

    Scion: Ah, that's better. I wonder though....

    «Scion takes flight in Giliara's form in front of everyone!»

    Scion: So I can fly in this form. How exhilarating!
    «You»: Uh... of course you can "Giliara". Any "Scion" of what kind of weapons they possess?
    Scion: Uh, right...

    «Scion returns to ground.»

    Scion: I saw little evidence of weapons of any sort.
    «You»: Do they have warbeasts with them? Siege engines?
    Scion: None, at least not toward the front. Though I do wonder why they...

    «A Deery and Doom Sheep enters the scene.»

    Myr: What? How did these creatures get into the palace?
    «You»: This is a problem.
    Scion: Ya think, «You»? And here I thought we were going to have a slumber party with them!
    «You»: They're following us.
    Scion: That is very evident.
    «You»: Abode has defenses in place and yet they managed to get in to this particular room anyway. How?
    Scion: Eheh, I guess I left the door open.
    «You»: Ya think, Scion? In that case maybe I can leave you to your tea party with them and I will come back later.
    Scion: Slumber party.
    «You»: ???
    Scion: I had said slumber party, not tea party.
    «You»: Wonderful....
    Myr (in unison): ???
    Cerin (in unison): ???
    Cerin: Who exactly are the two of you talking to?
    Myr: Have you gone insane?
    Scion: Don't worry. I have seen this before «You».
    «You»: I know. Once we finish the transmorphers off Myr and Cerin will not even remember the variation.
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «Tralin appears into the scene.»

    Tralin: You need not concern yourself about the army.
    Tralin: They march under my direction. They are comprised primarily of De'me'thar, outcasts from Drakel society.
    Tralin: They will be taking up residence here even as many of our people are escorted to their estates in K'eld Ner. That brings us to...

    «A yellow glow envelops Tralin.»

    Tralin: Hello «You». Hello Scion of the Nacthfee.
    «You»: Uh... how did you...
    Tralin: I am a communicant of the Creator. That status grants me some degree of awareness of the sort of temporal effect that the Abode employs in its mechanisms.
    «You»: We are not trying to spy on you, your highness--
    Tralin: Don't be silly.
    Tralin: Though, it would not matter if you were anyway. I have nothing to hide.
    Tralin: I merely was interested in whom it might be poking at my memories.
    Cerin: Your... majesty?
    Tralin: No need to concern yourself Cerin. This event never occurred.
    Cerin: But it is occurring right now?
    Tralin: Is it? Then communicate with your lord.
    Cerin: You are my lord, your majesty.
    Tralin: The one who service antedates my own, Cerin. You are a communicant of the Lord of Water. Communicate with said Elemental Lord.
    Cerin: You know? But how?
    Tralin: Because this event never occurred and we are long since it.
    Cerin: Have you hit your head, majesty?
    Tralin: Just attempt to convene with the Lord of Water, Cerin.
    Cerin: Very well. But this seems hardly the right environment to convene in.

    . . .

    Cerin: Silence. I cannot. I receive no answer.
    Tralin: Naturally you do not. You are merely an echo, and as you did not do so originally, you cannot do so now.
    «You»: Uh. That is a risky proposition your majesty. I have seen the Elemental Lords intervene in the Hall of Memories before.
    Tralin: Oh no doubt, when there is direct bearing. Thus the Light and Dark Lord pay close attention to you in Darkovia. But it is far more likely that they are watching now than Calera is.
    «You»: Calera?
    Tralin: A Drakel Title for the Lord that the Elves call Melaris. The Lord of Elemental Water in his male guise.
    «You»: You mean, what with the Elemental Lords' gender being, er, fluid?
    Tralin: Some more than others. The light and dark lord are rather fixed by nature of their choosing to act as consorts to one another, but Water is fluid by nature.
    Tralin: But it is, as far as history says, that form with which Darin and Cerin interact.
    Cerin: This is the doing of the Traveler?
    Myr: What? Why would he do that? He will blow my entire cover.
    Cerin: Cover?
    Tralin: Oh dear. This conversation has gotten us a bit off track.
    Tralin: No one knows that you are about to betray us Myr, no less that that betrayal is an act.
    Myr: If no one knows, Tralin, then how did you just pronounce it?
    Tralin: I did not... Indeed I will not make that pronouncement for many years after the Devourer leaves us in peace.
    Myr (in unison): !!!
    Cerin (in unison): !!!

    «More transmorphers enter the scene.»

    Tralin: This is not correct. No such beings belong in this continuity.

    «The scene of the audience chamber fades into nothingness. Cerin and Myr disappear along with the scene, leaving you, Scion, Tralin and the transmorphers.»

    Abode: Remnants of Erebus polluting the Hall, your highness.
    Abode: I am trying to undo the knot but there are parameters I do not understand. Every time I pull at one thread I reach another snarl.
    Tralin: That is to be expected. Especially as you are directly abutting against a change I myself affected in time.
    «You»: Jano's duplication? So we are near to the time of his death.
    Tralin: Very near, unfortunately.
    Tralin: And that leads us to a problem. If you skip over that period, with time branching there so directly, the Transmorphers could actually do some serious damage.
    Tralin: They could even affect the material present.
    «You»: But how? These are just memories not actual time travel.
    Doom Sheep: How interesting.
    «You»: !!!
    Tralin: He is self aware. That is a serious problem...
    «You»: He is sentient?! Since when are transmorphers sentient?
    Doom Sheep: I am far more than merely sentient, Chosen of Lore.
    MuttonCutlet: I, MuttonCutlet, am Sapient as well!
    MuttonCutlet: In fact, it was I who so recently altered the abode and trapped the Loremaster and the Darkovians within.
    «You»: This is a problem.
    Tralin: Indeed it is. We cannot have this being spreading that information to his fellows. There could be considerable damage to the timeline if he is allowed to act.
    «You»: So, what do we do?
    MuttonCutlet: You die?
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: MuttonCutlet
      Full Heal
    Tralin: As reluctant as I am to intervene in this matter I have no choice.

    «Tralin uncreates MuttonCutlet.»

    «You»: Did you just UNCREATE that Doom Sheep?!

    «Galian enters the scene.»

    Tralin: That no doubt answers the question...
    The`Galin: Is all well, Tralin? When the High Communicant of my wife calls upon my own portfolio, it tends to set off alarm bells.
    The`Galin: Oh. Hello «You».
    «You»: Uh... hey, Galian.
    The`Galin: And a Nachtfee? You must be the one known as Scion.
    Scion: Uh... that's right....
    Tralin: No... all is not well Lord The`Galin. Not well at all.
    Tralin: Erebus' creatures are loose in the hall of memories, and they had potential to spread information about a weak point in time to their fellows.
    Tralin: Were that weak point exploited it would have directly interfered with the events of your own coming... So I uncreated the being to prevent it.
    The`Galin: How did he come by this information?
    «You»: He overheard us talking.
    The`Galin: A bit extreme a reaction then... I think. Uncreation of a being for being in the wrong place at the wrong time even where such as this is risked seems overboard.
    Tralin: I concur, Lord, but I had few options. Though I must admit that it did occur to me that such an act might catch your attention.
    The`Galin: I see... well then. Fortunately for the sheep and for you, you were right.

    «Galian recreates MuttonCutlet.»

    «You»: Did you just uncreate Tralin's uncreation of that sheep?!
    The`Galin: Don't be ridiculous. That is beyond convoluted. I simply recreated it directly. I can create as well as uncreate, you know. My wife and I are but sides to one coin.
    The`Galin: I did, however, omit certain... details... in his restoration.
    MuttonCutlet: Baa! Baa! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    Tralin: I am in your debt, lord.
    The`Galin: You can repay me by promising to call upon me directly in the future rather than asking me to clean up your mess after the fact.
    Tralin: Yes, my Lord.
    The`Galin: Also be aware: given time, this being will go back toward his original sapience. He will not remember these events, but you have not dealt with him for the last time.
    The`Galin: See you soon, «You».

    «Galian vanishes.»

    Scion: That sounds vaguely ominous.
    «You»: Not really.
    Tralin: It IS his month to host Card Night.
    Scion: You play Terran Games with the Uncreator?
    Tralin: Not just with him.
    «You»: Anyway, I guess I have to fight my way through all of these events then?
    Tralin: Perhaps not. I may have an idea. Let me work with the Abode. You continue watching things here.

    «The yellow glow envelops Tralin once more, and Tralin releases control of his character.»

    Tralin: This brings us to the issue at hand. As of now, I have assumed control of the K'eld: it is part of the Kingdom of Deren.
    Tralin: Lord Jano remains in the K'eld as our T'palo and cultural liaison, but I need a royal governor to act as my voice in the city as well.
    Tralin: Brilhado, do I take it by your presence here that you are now a communicant of the Lord of Light?

    «Tralin takes over his own character again. MuttonCutlet disappears from the scene.»

    Tralin: I was able to induce the creation of a "save point" using the Orb of Creation and the Shield of Lorithia.
    Tralin: Unfortunately, it will lock this section of the hall of memories to you.
    «You»: Meaning?
    Tralin: Meaning that you can only resume from this point. You will eventually have to play through these events... but just not now.
    Scion: Sucks to be him.
    Tralin: The limitation applies to both of you, Scion...
    Scion: Frack....

    «The scene fades to black.»
    Funny But It's Knot

  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 10]
  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 30]
  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 50]
  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 70]
  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 90]
  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 110]
  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 130]
  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 130 G]
  • Belmiah's Zplendor [L. 130 Z]
  • Belmiah's Splendor [L. 150 G]

  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 10]
  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 10 G]
  • Ancient Deren Mace Z [L. 10 Z]
  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 30]
  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 50]
  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 70]
  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 90]
  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 110]
  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 130]
  • Ancient Deren Mace [L. 150]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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    Correction thanks to Harold Saxon.
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    Harold Saxon


    When Tralin first sees the Transmorphers, it should say:

    Tralin: This is not correct. No such beings belong in this continuity.
    Typo fixed. ~whacky

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      In Media Res
     Strawberry Ice Cream Cake of Order

    Update: Ballyhoo's Special Offers shops have been recoded from scratch. They've been completely reorganised, but I kept most of the dialogue the same. Also, she now has a lot more shops available!
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    Times Silent Keeper


    Xov's Fire II

    Location: Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 16: Xov's Fire: Part 2

    Rumors whispered in tavern rooms and forester pathways between cities has Lore on edge. After the clandestine meeting between Bree'ha and the Truphma General some time ago, things have gotten out of hand. Smoke rises from areas where K'elds or Drakel settlements have been established, the Drakel seem harder and harder to come across during travels. There are stories of all-out war in some remote areas of the mainland and what few Drakel will stop and speak, speak with fear and fatigue.

    And the name on every tongue is "Xov Arakue."

    Has Bree'ha made his move? Has Xov Arakue finally had success on Lore? Is there really anything anyone can do to stop her? If one civilization falls, will the rest?

    Yeeuh'ha: Why? Everything you have ever done was questionable, Cousin, but... but this?
    Bree'ha: Why not? Think of it. No more will we be oppressed by the others on Lore. It would be all ours to control and do with as we see fit!
    Yeeuh'ha: We have enough trouble caring for our own as it is. What makes you think having an entire world would be easier?
    Bree'ha: It would be easier if we go back and embrace the old ways as a people.
    Yeeuh'ha: So, you came out of hiding in times such as these to betray your own people and argue tradition!
    Bree'ha: I came here because of the potential for more!
    Yeeuh'ha: "More!" Always "more" with you! Why can't you just be satisfied with what there is?
    Bree'ha: Because, Yeeuh'ha, it isn't enough! I am tired of our people being splintered, fractioned, and sequestered off away from each other and the world. We deserve the world.
    Bree'ha: And see will give us that!
    Yeeuh'ha: I've reports that she is walking into our lands and converting OUR people into her mindless creations. How is that necessary?
    Bree'ha: They can be returned, Yeeuh'ha. I've been assured of that. All we would need is the one they call Eukara Vox.
    Yeeuh'ha: And now you are pulling in outsiders to do your work? I thought that was unacceptable in your book!
    Bree'ha: FOR THIS, I WILL MAKE AN EXCEPTION! If it means we get the world, I don't care how she helps, but she will!
    Yeeuh'ha: Against her will? And what of the rest of the people of Lore?
    Bree'ha: You never understood. They don't matter. Only we matter, Yeeuh'ha. Our people. My sovereignty. I will sacrifice them without a second thought.
    Yeeuh'ha: Like you are regarding our people?
    Bree'ha: It's not the same thing!
    Yeeuh'ha: But it is, Bree'ha. I cannot condone this. If you continue down this path, you will do so without my blessing, my support, and my people.
    Bree'ha: I had hoped it wouldn't come to this.

    «Bree'ha strikes Yeeuh'ha with such force that he's knocked off screen.»

    Bree'ha: You will regret turning your back on me.

    «Back in Battleon...»

    Portal: She insisted. If you get her riled, I will haunt you.
    «You»: What?
    Portal: You heard me...

    «Eukara Vox exits the portal.»

    «You»: Ms. Vox! Are you well?
    Eukara: I am getting better. An argument with Portal is exhausting, so I need to make this quick.
    «You»: Yes... I was threatened.
    Eukara: My apologies, «You». Through my research, I believe I know exactly what we can do to defeat Xov.
    Eukara: Unfortunately, a more pressing matter has arisen.
    «You»: What possibly could be more important than that?
    Eukara: Remember the conversation you overheard? You sent me a message and I sent Kastio to keep watch.
    Eukara: Xov attacked the Drakel settlements, outright, without resistance in many cases. Many have fallen to her.
    «You»: What?!
    Eukara: I wish that all I was doing is playing a joke on you, «You». Kastio brought back the report, detailed in all its terrible glory.
    «You»: Then, Bree'ha and Xov are indeed working together to... destroy the settlements and the Drakel? That makes no sense, though.
    Eukara: I know little of Bree'ha, aside from the scatterings of tales in Nel's Library. You need to go see if there is anything we need to do, or even can do.
    «You»: Right away, Ms. Vox.
    Eukara: Meanwhile, I will work on further development on the weapon to neutralize Xov.

    «The scene fades to black. On your journey toward K'eld Naer, you come across the greying lands of the Drakel territory, along with Truphma and Truphma-ed Drakels.»

    «You»: It is... as Kastio reported.

    «From offscreen, a voice calls.»

    ???: An enemy of Xov is out there. Go, and bring the traitor to us.
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You»: (thinking) I never imagined... I know Bree'ha would do almost anything for power, but to stoop this low?
    «You»: I need to get closer.

    «You proceed to snoop around the ruins around the area. Click on spots in the background to search them. For each spot you search, there is a chance for you to encounter 2 BATTLES, followed by a Full Heal. Revisiting already searched spots reactivates the same battles, if it's a wrong area. You can choose to leave at anytime, which will return you to Battleon. When you search the correct area, you arrive at a cell and find Yeeuh'ha trapped within.»

    Yeeuh'ha: Amazing, «You». I would like to one day learn how it is that you find your way to the perfect places when needed the most. Can you get me out?
    «You»: Who… who are you? Forgive me, but your injuries...
    Yeeuh'ha: Heh, I guess I look as bad as I feel. I am Yeeuh'ha.

    «From off-screen, someone has noticed your infiltration!»

    ???: There is the infiltrator! Intercept now!
      6 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
    «You»: Yeeuh'ha? But why?
    Yeeuh'ha: My cousin is beyond sanity and help. He's given our people willingly to that monster. He thinks...
    «You»: She will give him power?
    Yeeuh'ha: They are lying to each other. My people, «You»... they are dying. And I am in here, unable to do anything.
    «You»: I will try to get you out, Yeeuh'ha.

    Pick the lock!
    Can you unlock the cell and free Yeeuh'ha?
    Difficulty: 81
    Stat Used: Dexterity

      «If you fail the stat roll, Yeeuh'ha continues being trapped in the cell.»

      Yeeuh'ha: Thank you for at least trying. You didn’t have to come here.
      «You»: But I did. No one deserves this kind of life. No one.

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2

      Yeeuh'ha: They are everywhere. My brothers and sisters, turned... to these, these creatures.
      Yeeuh'ha: I had hoped, one day, that there would be a better peace on Lore between mine and yours.
      «You»: Many have resisted Bree'ha and Xov, so don’t lose heart. And, there will be that peace. You just need to hold on a little longer, Yeeuh'ha.

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2

      Yeeuh'ha: They are too numerous. Go, «You». Go, and tell of what is happening. Bring help, please.
      «You»: But, Yeeuh'ha...
      Yeeuh'ha: GO. NOW!
      «If you succeed the stat roll, the cell lock is released and Yeeuh'ha comes out from the cell.»

      Yeeuh'ha: Thank you. We should hurry.
      «You»: This way.

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2

      Yeeuh'ha: They are everywhere. My brothers and sisters, turned... to these, these creatures.
      «You»: Many have resisted. Do not lose heart.

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battle #2

      Yeeuh'ha: They are too numerous. Go, «You». Go, and tell of what is happening. Bring help, please.
      «You»: But, Yeeuh'ha...
      Yeeuh'ha: GO. NOW!
    «After making your escape, Yeeuh'ha returns to his cell and Bree'ha confronts him.»

    Bree'ha: You have one more chance.
    Yeeuh'ha: You will get nothing from me.
    Bree'ha: I will get whatever I desire, Yeeuh'ha, no matter the cost.
    Yeeuh'ha: I know there is resistance, Cousin. There will always be resistance so long as the people believe your actions are wrong.
    Bree'ha: But, my dearest Cousin, I know how to break them so thoroughly, they will have nothing left in them to fight with.
    Bree'ha: And break them, I shall. Then, all will be mine.

    «The scene fades to black...»
    Xov's Fire II

  • Yeeuh'ha's Plight [L. 6]
  • Yeeuh'ha's Plight [L. 26]
  • Yeeuh'ha's Plight [L. 46]
  • Yeeuh'ha's Plight [L. 66]
  • Yeeuh'ha's Plight [L. 86]
  • Yeeuh'ha's Plight [L. 106]
  • Yeeuh'ha's Plight [L. 126]
  • Yeeuh'ha's Plight [L. 146 G]

    To be continued...
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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    Truphma Saga recap

    «Select the Saga Recap! button in the introductory text to the quest.»


    «You»: (thinking) What are Bree'ha and a Truphma doing together?

    «The Truphma and Bree'ha enter the beach hut behind them.»

    «You»: (thinking) What is this... Truphma's business here? I'd better listen.

    «You arrive at the entrance to the beach hut.»

    Truphma: ...that is her wish.
    Bree'ha: And her terms?
    Truphma: For now, she proposes an alliance. You, above all others, seem to understand her drive. If you work with her to bring this world under her fist, you will have a part in it.
    Bree'ha: Others have made such promises.
    Truphma: Others were not Xov Arakue, Sir Bree'ha.
    Bree'ha: Indeed. Tell your queen, Commander, that I am interested. We can work out the details upon a later date. For now, I will start spreading the message and make way for *your* queen.
    Truphma: Very well. I will return to her and she will be in contact with you.
    «You»: (thinking) Oh... this isn't good.

    «The scene fades to black. Later, last Frostval, in K'eld Naer...»

    Scientist: So what exactly is Bree'ha's involvement with Arakue? That being is anathema to our studies and research.
    G'hup: Precisely why you had better plan on relocating far from here. I have made arrangements with some distant relatives on Deren. If I were you I would make similar arrangements.

    «You enter the scene. The Drakel Scientist turns to face you.»

    Scientist: We have company, G'hup... How DARE you invade my lab? Prepare to die!

    «Later, outside the Moglin Village of Frostvale...»

    «You»: Now stand down Bree'ha!
    Bree'ha: But of course, «You». You have won the day. Bravo. I am only sorry you cannot stick around K'eld Naer for more conversation.
    «You»: ?!?
    Bree'ha: And you are very wrong, by the way. My schemes, of which there are several, have not even yet begun.
    «You»: !!!
    Bree'ha: One to stream, G'hup.

    «From within his earpiece, a voice can be heard.»

    ???: Commander G'hup is not here, Minister. He has already departed.
    Bree'ha: Ah, of course. Very well. One to stream, Mister O'frai'un.

    «Bree'ha streams away. Later still, inside the Truphma'ed K'eld Naer...»

    Xov: What business have you here, "Lore"-master?
    Falerin: Tread carefully, mirror, for the realms of Creativity and of Knowledge are not nearly as separable as you seem to believe. If you step further on my toes you will make me your enemy...
    Xov: You dare not intervene. You are not permitted.
    Falerin: Wrong on two counts.
    Falerin: First, despite your best efforts when your Truphma attacked me and my envoy, I did in fact appoint successors and join the local pantheon.
    Xov: And secondly?
    Falerin: Contained in the first. Your Truphma attacked me... Be very sure before you raise arms against me, Xov Arakue. You are prepared for the consequences. Toodles, dear.

    «Falerin vanishes. Shortly after, a Truphma form similar to Falerin enters the scene.»

    ???: It is done, Mistress. The form is learned.

    «Xov beams.»

    Xov: Who says there is no strength in imitation? A mere mimicry with no creativity or originality that copies the right template can do so very many things...
    Xov: But first, to complete our deal with the minister. Prepare for action.
    Xov: Mirror? That is wrong on so many levels, "Lore"-master.
    Xov: Though such foolish assumptions serve my purposes well enough for now. If it is a mirror you want, a mirror you shall get. For my Truphma, have, indeed, mirrored you...

    «And now, the continuation...»
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    The Green Guy

    You made a typo with the recoding for Ballyhoo - I get a button that says "Buy Aritx Points" now, after looking at the Greenguard set & asking what it takes to get it.

    Derp. Clear your cache and it should be fixed. ~IMR

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    Trivial update: Ballyhoo's Special Offers shop now has the Heart Crusher and Heart's Defender package set, and the text for the Glass Cannon shop has been changed to reflect that it's now rare.
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    Times Silent Keeper


    Ultimon's Fortress Finale!

    Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Ultimon's Fortress » Ultimon's Fortress Finale! OR
    Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Got any Quests? » Let's Check it out! » Ultimon's Fortress Finale!

    «Scene: Ultimon's Fortress. The fortress suddenly rumbles.»

    «You»: What was that?!
    ElBhe: Whatever it was, it came from outside.


    «Outside the fortress, a swirling vortex forms, lightning striking everywhere. Tendrils appear from the vortex.»

    «You»: What the heck is going on?
    Lord Barrius: ....oh dear. I know this sensation. It's Mother.
    «You»: Wait... you mean THE Mother?
    ElBhe: The one who created the shadow universe and all of its inhabitants? Yes.
    «You»: What is she doing here? Didn't you say she was still asleep?
    Lord Barrius: It seems that gathering a large army was only part of the overall plan. Ultimon wanted to conquer Lore and turn it into a place to escape from the influence of the shadow universe.
    Lord Barrius: But he must have known that there was always a chance that he'd fail. After all, he knew that Lore wouldn't just allow his brethren to sweep in and take over.
    Lord Barrius: Which is why he set up a secondary plan. While he was in the shadow universe, he somehow drew Mother's attention.
    «You»: How'd he manage that?
    ElBhe: Well, Mother's normally in a state of slumber. So usually, a shadow only gets Mother's attention if it does something very, very bad.
    Lord Barrius: I can think of one shadow that one drew that kind of attention by murdering every one of its brethren across an entire plane.
    Lord Barrius: What he did, though, is irrelevant. The results are what matters.
    «You»: So what happens when a shoadw does something so bad to draw Mother's attention?
    Lord Barrius: It gets dragged down to one of the deepest planes in the shadow universe and sealed there for all of time.
    «You»: ....this Mother of yours doesn't mess around with her punishments.
    Lord Barrius: Unfortunately for us, however, Ultimon killed himself before he could be caught and sealed away by Mother.
    Lord Barrius: Naturally, as a shadow, he won't be dead forever. But by doing so, he can temporarily hide from her wrath.
    Lord Barrius: And you can be sure that she'll ravage all across this universe looking for him.
    «You»: So in his mind, if the shadows can't have this universe, then he'll use Mother to make sure that no one can.
    Lord Barrius: Exactly.
    «You»: So, how do we stop it?
    ElBhe: We don't.
    «You»: Er, what?
    Lord Barrius: I may be her favorite child, but I can tell she's very angry. I can't calm her down in this state. At best, I could only keep her busy for a while.
    ElBhe: And the gods of this universe can't stop her by force. She's the creator of their shadows. She's in another league as far as sheer power's concerned.
    ElBhe: So the world's gonna end. On the plus side, we have the best seats in the house to watch.
    «You»: This is serious!
    Lord Barrius: Well, there may yet be one way. When a shadow dies, normally it is reformed in the shadow universe late on, provided its counterpart isn't also dead.
    Lord Barrius: Yet Ultimon obviously wouldn't want to reform himself there, because he'd be easily caught by Mother and it would spare this universe from destruction.
    «You»: So you're thinking that he's hide the bits of his essence here in Lore, to conceal himself from Mother, yet leave traces large enough for her to know that he's here?
    Lord Barrius: Exactly right. Meaning that if we gather the bits and pieces of his essence back together and force them to reform quickly enough....
    «You»: We give your Mother a target for her anger, and she doesn't take it out on the rest of Lore.
    ElBhe: It could work. Mother's been asleep for so long that it'll take her time to awaken fully.
    «You»: How can we track his essence down? And how can we get to all of the locations across Lore where his essence may be hiding?
    ElBhe: I can help you with that. I can track down shadows, even pieces of them, pretty easily. Then it would only be a few quick shadowsteps to get there.
    Lord Barrius: In the meantime, I'll try to keep Mother's rage under control. But you have to hurry, «You».
    «You»: Where to first, ElBhe?
    ElBhe: I think I can feel one underwater, near the Maelstrom. Hope you can hold your breath a while.

    «The scene fades to black. Over at the Maelstrom...»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «Shadow essence gathers to form Ultimon's head.»

    ElBhe: There's one. Defeat it in battle and I can send it back to my owner so we can start reforming him!
      1 BATTLE: Ultimon's Essence
      Full Heal
    «The essence disperses.»

    ElBhe: I've sent it back. I can already feel another one in the Western Expanse, so we better get moving.

    «While in search for Ultimon's Essence in the Western Expanse, you get intercepted by more enemies.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You find another part of Ultimon's Essence.»

    ElBhe: There we go. Another one located. Take care of him!
      1 BATTLE: Ultimon's Essence
      Full Heal
    «The shadow essence disperses.»

    ElBhe: I can feel one more, and this one's in Darkovia. Hope you're not scared.
    «You»: Not a bit. Let's go, ElBhe.

    «Darkovia's minions are not treating you well either in your search for Ultimon's Essence.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «You find Ultimon's Essence in a clearing within Darkovia.»

    ElBhe: Last one, «You». Let's finish up, and hurry!
      1 BATTLE: Ultimon's Essence
      Full Heal
    «The last of Ultimon's essence disperses.»

    ElBhe: That seems to be all of them.
    «You»: Take me back to his fortress, then. And quick!

    «Back in The Veil, the shadow essences of Ultimon merge together, and Ultimon reforms.»

    Ultimon: No... no! You fools! How did you know about... you've ruined everything! I can't allow this!
    ElBhe: Hrm, I think we missed some pieces. He seems somewhat weaker than he was before.
    Ultimon: What do you expect? I tore myself apart and scattered most of my magical essence across Lore in order to conceal myself.
    Ultimon: It was a gamble, but one that was going to work. Mother couldn't find me, and she would have taken her rage out on you!
    Ultimon: But it seems you've foiled my very last plan, «You». So what happens now?
    «You»: You go home to your Mother, Ultimon.

    «You have two options:»
  • And here's a beating for the road! (Challenge Battle)
      Ultimon: Oh, so just because I'm not at full strength, you think you can beat me now? Fine then, let this be our last battle!

      1 BATTLE: Ultimon
      Full Heal

      Ultimon: I can't believe it...! I underestimated you, «You».
      Ultimon: I imagine your shadow must be truly monstrous in strength, for you to be strong enough to best me.
      Ultimon: I wonder what will happen if it should ever escape the shadow universe...? Perhaps if I escape, I'll go find out.

      «The dialogue continues below»
  • Goodbye!

    «Shadow tendrils wrap around Ultimon and lift him off his feet.»

    Ultimon: No! Mother, please!
    Lord Barrius: You made a mistake in angering her. Mother is not the forgiving type.
    Lord Barrius: But at least you got the attention you were craving. Even if it's not the sort of attention you may want.

    «Mother takes Ultimon along with her and disappears from the scene.»

    «You»: It's sort of hard to imagine that someone so powerful can be so terrified of anything.
    Lord Barrius: No matter how powerful a shadow becomes, there are always a few things that they fear. One of them is their Mother.
    Lord Barrius: Fortunately, we likely won't have to worry about him again. Mother rarely lets go of those she imprisons.
    ElBhe: Let's not stick around. Even if it's just a symbol of his influence, this castle still kinda creeps me out.

    «The scene fades to black. Near Ultimon's fortress, a shadow vortex opens and swirls...»

    ???: It seems my dear Mother couldn't keep her attention focused on me while she was occupied with finding that other shadow.
    ???: I suppose I owe him my thanks for that. It certainly isn't easy to escape from such confinements alone, after all. But now that I'm out....

    «A very, very familiar purplish limb sticks out from the portal.»

    ???: ....I suppose that I owe a few people a visit.

    «The scene fades to black...»
    Ultimon Finale

    «Opens if you did not choose to fight Ultimon.»

  • Mighty Twilight Mirror [L. 105]
  • Mighty Twilight Mirror [L. 120]
  • Mighty Twilight Mirror [L. 135]
  • Mighty Twilight Mirror [L. 150 G]

  • Deft Twilight Mirror [L. 105]
  • Deft Twilight Mirror [L. 120]
  • Deft Twilight Mirror [L. 135]
  • Deft Twilight Mirror [L. 150 G]

  • Insightful Twilight Mirror [L. 105]
  • Insightful Twilight Mirror [L. 120]
  • Insightful Twilight Mirror [L. 135]
  • Insightful Twilight Mirror [L. 150 G]
    Ultimon Bonus

    «Opens if you fought and defeated Ultimon in the challenge battle.»

  • Ultimon's Armour [L. 105]
  • Ultimon's Armour [L. 120]
  • Ultimon's Armour [L. 135]
  • Ultimon's Armour [L. 150 G]

  • Mighty Twilight Mirror [L. 105]
  • Mighty Twilight Mirror [L. 120]
  • Mighty Twilight Mirror [L. 135]
  • Mighty Twilight Mirror [L. 150 G]

  • Deft Twilight Mirror [L. 105]
  • Deft Twilight Mirror [L. 120]
  • Deft Twilight Mirror [L. 135]
  • Deft Twilight Mirror [L. 150 G]

  • Insightful Twilight Mirror [L. 105]
  • Insightful Twilight Mirror [L. 120]
  • Insightful Twilight Mirror [L. 135]
  • Insightful Twilight Mirror [L. 150 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Settling. ~whacky

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