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RE: Locations/Quests/Events/Shops

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8/5/2011 17:43:35   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Can someone with a Guardian Verification check if Malek replaced Chiku in the Guardian trainer mission in the new Falconreach Tower.
If I remember correctly, you can only do the Guardian training quests once, so you will need a character which is not yet trained.

DF MQ AQW  Post #: 51
8/5/2011 18:00:31   

Yep. Malek has replaced Chiku ^^

Updated, thanks. [Niki]

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8/6/2011 2:16:10   

Thankstaking War! reformat (also needs to remove the post below):

Thankstaking War!

Location: Falconreach -> click on "Thankstaking WAR!" button
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: Nov 21, 2007

Objective: Dr. Voltabolt has challanged you to defeat his remote controlled robot army, headed up by Major Tom Turkey. Defeat all the waves of robots to fight the doc's new creation... the X-304 Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot!
Objective completed: Well done hero! That's one wave of Dr. Voltabolt's robots down! Defeat the rest along with the other heroes of Falconreach to make it tothe X-304 Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

Introduction/War Meter

Wave 1 - (1) Bee-Bot
Wave 2 - (1) Bee-Bot, (2) Beetle-Bot, (2) Tog-Bot
Wave 3 - (3) Bee-Bot, (2) Sneevil-Bot, (2) Tog-Bot
Wave 4 - (1) Bee-Bot, (1) Sneevil-Bot, (1) Tog-Bot, (1) Beetle-Bot
Wave 5 - (1) Bee-Bot, (2) Sneevil-Bot, (1) Tog-Bot, (1) Beetle-Bot
Joke Wave - (1) Techno-Turkey "That is one big turkey!"

Dr. Voltabolt

Corn Kernel
Turkey Tail Feather
Defender's Medal

Chance to find Mmm... Turkey reward chest

Side Quests

Dr. Voltabolt: *Ahem* Dr. Voltabolt, Zupreme High Technomancer... and Dentizt, at your zervice.

  • Talk
    Character: Eh, what's up doc?
    Dr. Voltabolt: AH I zee that you haf come to vitness the power of my latest brilliant invention!
    Character: What is it this time? The world's most deadliest toaster?
    Dr. Voltabolt: (HE HAZ BEEN LOOKINK AT MY PLANS AND SCHEMATICS! I vill haf to hide zem better.)
    Dr. Voltabolt: OF COURSE NOT! I haf decided to show ze world zat science can build a better pumpkin pie zan any normal human can, even vith magic!
    Character: Oh... well zat...er...that doesn't sound to bad. Actually that sounds pretty tasty. Can I try it?
    Dr. Voltabolt: Yes. Well, if you can defeat the Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot (A.K.A The X-304), zen you may haf as much pie as you like!
    Dr. Voltabolt: Ze X-304 is a miracle of modern science! It will show ze world once and for all that science is far superior to magic!
    Dr. Voltabolt: Then ze world will thank me for freeing it from ze chain of magic. Ze world vill thank me... or I will take its thanks by FORCE! HAHAHAH!
    Dr. Voltabolt: (Zat is why I am callink this day "Thankstaking Day")
    Character: That's crazy... YOU'RE crazy! Where do you insane villains come from? Is there something in the water around here?
    Character: So, I have to defeat a pumpkin pie dispenser to eat pie?... hmmmm... I LIKE IT!
    Dr. Voltabolt: Vonderful! Now, I need my assistant... Major Tom Butterbomb (He iz a clone of ze original). Ground control to Major Tom...
    Dr. Voltabolt: Ground control to Major Tom. Your circuit's dead. Zere is something wrong. Can you hear me Major Tom?

    Major Tom falls from above and lands next to Dr. Voltabolt

    Dr. Voltabolt: Ah, good. Zere you are. This is Major Tom ButterBomb, my battle turkey.
    Dr. Voltabolt: I haf trained him to control my Techno-Turkey, the Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot, and my entire robot army by remote control from here.
    Dr. Voltabolt: If you can defeat my little pet and his metal friends, you may haf him. Bring me Corn Kernels and a Turkey Tail Feather as proof of your victories.
    Dr. Voltabolt: ...Oh, and have a Happy Thankstaking <Character>!
    Character: You too, looney!

  • WAR To Battle!
    Choose to battle or return to Dr. Voltabolt

  • Get Pet Turkey
    Dr. Voltabolt: Haf you come to show me ze proof of your victories or are you willing to admit that zcience is superior to magic?

  • DC Shop - Corn & Feathers
    Dr. Voltabolt: If you would like to zave time, you may buy Corn and Feathers from me for Dragon Coins.

  • Heal
    Restore your HP and MP to full

    Ze Reagentz Zhop!
    Battle Turkey Upgrade

    Done, thanks! :D [SamJJE101]

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  • DF AQW  Post #: 53
    8/6/2011 8:15:25   
    Advocator of Wills

    Shop link for Stoneheart Fall: Purple

    Added shop, thanks! ;) [SamJJE101]

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 54
    8/6/2011 16:47:06   
    Voodoo Master

    Frostval - 2006 and 2007 needs Papa Moglin in their NPC lists.

    Added the NPC links and rearranged them into alphabetical order. Thanks! [SamJJE101]

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 55
    8/7/2011 5:05:09   

    The Cave Of Glaisaurus - title at the top needs to change Cave of Glaisaurus, The

    The City Fights Back! needs correct Location: Popsprocket -> Yix -> Quests -> More -> The City Fights Back
    Also needs to add Next Up: Under the Sea

    The Deep Freeze - Title at the top needs to change to Deep Freeze, The

    Also needs to remove Warlic's Portal banner (the quest is not found there)

    Needs to correct Location: Portal -> The Frozen Cave
    Level/Quest/Items required: None needs to change to Dragon Amulet
    Release Date needs to remove "(? Not entirely certain about this)"

    Experience and Gold rewarded: Random needs to change to Varies

    The Elemental Cave - title at the top needs to change to Elemental Cave, The

    Also needs to correct Location: Falconreach -> Ash -> Quests -> The Cave

    Release Date needs to change to March 15, 2006

    Experience and Gold rewarded needs to remove (exclude if Scaled = Yes)

    (1) Elemental Herald, (2) Elemental Servant - Boss needs to be bolded

    Also needs to add NPCs and Dialogue section, with the additional of None in it

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/7/2011 9:19:33 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 56
    8/8/2011 2:00:04   

    The Blue Lotus - Title at the top needs to change to Blue Lotus, The

    Level/Quest/Items required needs to replace Complete to Completion of

    Also needs to add Monsters number:
    (9) Sandstorm
    (5) Boulder Elemental
    (11) Sandstone

    The Rewards section needs corrections (some links broken):
    Inlaid Blade/Edge

    Iris Fan
    Golden Fan


    Also needs to add Next Up: The Oasis Inn

    The Body Shop - title at the top needs to change to Body Shop, The

    Level required needs to change to Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Gate Keeper

    Needs to add (X) to all monsters, also Opticlops - Boss needs to be bolded

    Can all the Artix's dialog use this color because the current one is too bright: #CC9900

    Also needs to add starting dialog:
    Artix: Now that we have a map of the Necropolis we can really do some damage to those Necromancers!
    Artix: Our first stop is the place they call The Body Shop!

    As well as Next Up needs size 3

    The Cat who Walks through Dimensions - title at the top needs to change to Cat who Walks through Dimensions, The

    Also needs to correct Location: Lim's Shop -> Lim -> Quests -> The Clashening -> Dimension Cats

    Under Rewards, Mr. Poofles needs to correct to Mr. Poofles (All Versions)

    Next Up: Tortoise <- spelled wrongly

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

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    DF AQW  Post #: 57
    8/8/2011 2:15:27   
    Voodoo Master

    The Decair NPC should be first and just than Nythera in the " Embrace Your Destiny" quest's NPC list.

    Same same with Nythera and Elucidas in " The Test".

    (The NPC's links are already in the entries)

    Just those little things.

    We donít enforce alphabetic order for NPC names if their amount is small. On some entries we use the order of appearance or just arbitrary order. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/8/2011 2:30:21 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 58
    8/8/2011 9:09:23   
    Highlord Sendai

    I had an idea for paths connecting places...
    the items bit is for items you find outside of shops, like the Radiant Pearl.

    I am aware of the need to road/path entries. I am waiting for the staff to implement road names before starting this.

    [center](Location tags go here if desired)
    (If applicable, DA tag goes here)[size=3][b]Name[/b][/size][/center]
    [b]Directions from Falconreach:[/b]
    [b]Path Connecting:[/b]  
    [b]Release Date:[/b] 
    [u][b]Quests Available[/b][/u] 
    [link=URL]Quest name[/link]
    (Continue with links)
    [link=URL]NPC name[/link]
    (Continue if applicable)
    [link=URL]Shop name[/link]
    (Continue if applicable)
    [link=URL]Item Name[/link]
    (Continue if applicable)
    [u][b]Dialogue (if applicable)[/b][/u] 
    [u][b]Other information[/b][/u]

    The Vurrmen Ruins needs, <- This is a random quest, I just had a variation with 5 Vurrmans and no Tuskmongers
    (4) Vurrman
    (2) Tuskmonger
    Vurrman Collector - Boss

    The Boxopolis needs,


    (10) Sneevil Gladiator
    (9) Sneevil Ninja
    (3) Sneevil Stack Attack
    King Splurt - Boss

    I know it don't belong here but The Boxopolis should be added the Sneevil's Locations.

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

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    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 59
    8/8/2011 16:16:45   
    Voodoo Master

    There are some names already like "That A'way" or " deepproot"...

    However, there isn't for all of them. Which is why we are asking if they can implement it. ~superjars

    < Message edited by superjars -- 8/8/2011 16:23:38 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 60
    8/9/2011 2:22:05   

    Tomb Traps needs to correct Location: The Sandsea -> Zhoom -> Random Quest!

    Level required: N/A needs to change to Level/Quest/Items required: None

    Everything needs to be aligned according to format, all Monsters need to add (X) in front of them

    Objective completed needs to place below Objective and change to: You have located the treasure of the tomb, and escaped the ancient burial chamber! The Sandsea seems have a million of these hidden tombs! Maybe Zhoom knows where another one is.

    Rewards Nothing needs to change to None, Character and Zhoom's dialogs need to be bolded
    All the posts below needs to be removed

    Too Many Cooks - Level/Quest/Items required: Complete needs to change to Completion of

    Also needs to add Monsters' numbers and boss bolded:
    (5) Carrotstein
    (3) Death By Chocolate
    (6) Unbread Zombie
    (7) Bad Apple
    (3) Devildog
    King Burger - Boss

    Rewards <None> needs to change to None, as well as remove the "Level 15/25/35" beside the weapons

    Also needs to add NPC Necro U. Student

    As well as add starting dialogs:
    Artix: The necromancers are cooking up something horrible and we have got to stop them!
    Artix: There is a section of the Necropolis that is called the Ice Creamatorium, which doubles as the university cafeteria and evil food laboratories.
    Artix: I am not sure what their plans are, but it is something BIG. This will bring us one step closer to taking down the Necropolis!

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/9/2011 3:14:33 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 61
    8/10/2011 5:41:05   

    Tomb Traps needs to add (X) in front all the monsters

    Tower Spirit Shop needs to add Willowshire banner

    The Temple Of The Four Winds - Scaled Yes/No: Scaled needs to change to Yes

    (1) Soaring Themus - Boss needs to be bolded

    Temple Shop - title needs to place towards the left

    Location: needs to be bolded

    Thatch's Pets - title needs to place towards the left

    Under Contents, Chompers the Piranha Series needs to change to Chompers the Piranha (All Versions)

    Togicide Revenge needs to add Monsters' number and boss bolded:

    (X) Ghost-tog
    (X) Zombie Tog
    Mama Tog - Boss

    Also needs to correct Objective completed: You showed those togs who is boss... again!

    Elemental Attack! - The Storm War needs to add Quest Available: The Avatars Arrive!

    Also needs to add Other Information section found at the post below, then remove the post below

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/10/2011 7:43:10 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 62
    8/10/2011 13:49:29   
    Highlord Sendai

    What's Mine is Mine could do with a note saying,
    Not to be mixed up with a Quest of the same name, What's Mine is Mine.

    And vice versa

    Not sure about this and other such cases. Maybe rename the thread titles to What's Mine is Mine (Willowshire) and What's Mine is Mine (Warlic)

    Same with,
    Undead Assault & Undead Assault

    And for the quest Undead Assault (the second link),
    (4) Flying Eyeball
    (3) Slime
    (6) Skeletal Minions
    (3) Draydenfish Zombie
    (1) Deadwood

    [b]Level/Quest/Items required:[/b] N/A
    [b]Release Date:[/b] August 4th 2007

    Worst Prank Ever is actually called, The Worst Prank Ever

    so we need in the title,
    Worst Prank Ever, The and The Worst Prank Ever in Quest Name.

    Also, In Location we need, Outhouse

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/10/2011 14:41:34 >
    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 63
    8/10/2011 16:09:03   
      Stephen Nix
    Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

    Nose For Trouble needs a couple of things....

    (1) Gargoyle - Boss

    in the dialogue,

    Sir Ano: A monster has been terrorizing the townspeople who supply the Keep with food.

    Sir Ano Guest joins in Position A

    Sir Ano: Captain Rolith is planning on sending out Knights to take care of the creature. I know if I- we- take care of it, it'll bring me to his attention
    Sir Ano: What do you say, are you up for helping me?
    Quest! - Continue to the quest

    Sir Ano: There it is, and it's asleep. Let's go! I've got my warcry all figured out! *takes a deep breath*
    <Character Name:> Shhh! You don't just charge in screaming; that's how you get killed! Or immortalized and turned into a tired joke.
    Sir Ano: Good point. I will practice stealth! Like ninjas, I will become one with the with the air, with the shadows, with the cave itself-
    <Character Name:> So long as you don't become one with that pile over there. It smells.
    Sir Ano: *inhales deeply* Eeeew, you're ri-i-ah-AH-CHOO! ... 'scuse me.

    Gargoyle wakes up

    Sir Ano: Whoops.
    <Character Name:> *groan*

    Battle! - You fight the Gargoyle

    Sir Ano: That was exhilarating! Training was never like this! I dodged, I weaved, I struck, I-
    <Character Name:> *snirk* Let me do all the work?

    Complete Quest

    Major Mayhem needs dialogue work,

    Sir Ano: I didn't get to tell you how impressed the patrol leader was when I told him about slaying the gargoyle! He says if I keep on like this...

    Sir Ano Guest joins in Position A

    Sir Ano: He'll make sure to speak to Captain Roltih about me! I know with your help and teaching I will surely to become one of most heroic knights ever!
    Sir Ano: And now there's another chance to stand out. One of the women who works in the kitchen sent her daughter out to pick mushrooms yesterday.
    Sir Ano: I'll stand out and the little girl is saved. It's a win-win. Will you help me hunt? One of the stableboys said they saw her go off into the deep woods.
    Quest! - Continue to the quest

    After a few fights if you go straight at the crossroads

    <Character Name:> I could swear I've seen that mushroom cluster before. You DO have a map, don't you?
    Sir Ano: Where would I keep it? It's not like metal armor provides much of an opportunity for pockets...
    <Character Name:> Isn't the motto of the Pactogonal Knights "Be prepared"? A hero should always anticipate ate the unexpected.
    Sir Ano: No, no, you're thinking of the squadron of Squires who scout ahead patrols.
    <Character Name:> Pfft. I've seen those scouts. Some of them aren't much more than boys.
    Sir Ano: I still remember some of the tracking tricks we were taught. And some of this spoor looks spore-like.
    <Character Name:> Mushrooms? I'm not lichen the sound of that!
    Sir Ano: So, is making bad jokes part of a Hero's standard repertoire? Like putting on emotional armor?
    <Character Name:> Laugh in the face of danger. Use your humor as a weapon to fight off fear. And if the jokes are bad enough...
    <Character Name:> They might just drive your enemies away. That's both an efficient use of energy And entertaining!

    You continue down the other path till you reach the end you see a bunch of mushrooms dancing in front of a fire and a young girl tied up, then the mushrooms approach you.

    Major General: What?! I posted scores of sentries! Surely you couldn't have dodged them all!
    Sir Ano: We saw some with their caps pulled over their eyes, napping. you might want to work on that.
    <Character Name:> What would you want with a little girl anyways? It's not like you can mold her into one of your mushroom minions.
    Sir Ano: *snicker* I think I see what you mean about humor.
    Major General: ... I don't get it.
    <Character Name:> Mold. Fungus. You're a mush- ah, nevermind. I guess you just have spore comprehension.
    Sir Ano: But about Jenny? What use could you have for a little girl?
    Major General: We saw her out picking out little cousins! Wouldn't you fight to save your family? Before she could gather too many, we decided to collect HER.
    Sir Ano: You know, I can almost sympathize with your reasoning. I net you're a pretty fun guy when you aren't kidnapping little girls.
    <Character Name:> *wince* Ok, so we'll make sure to work on your punning before you get called to Court.
    Major General: I am the very model of a mushroom major general and I'll teach you that fungi should not be mocked.
    Sir Ano: So you're saying we shouldn't truffle with you, is that it?
    <Character Name:> *snicker* Better.

    Battle! - You fight the MajorGeneral

    <Character Name:> We mashed that mushroom without too much trouble. The next time you're sent out to forage, Jenny...
    <Character Name:> Pick something that can't fight back.
    Sir Ano: How's that for a morel to the story?
    Jenny: *giggle*

    Complete Quest

    Partial Rewrite for There's No Place Like Oaklore

    Scaled Yes/No: Yes

    for the dialogue....

    Sir Ano: <Character Name>, you've taught me so much these past weeks! All about perseverance, keeping cool under pressure, and laughing at danger...

    Sir Ano Guest joins in Position A

    Sir Ano: But every her can use a bit of magical intervention, right? I mean, you've had Warlic and Cysero to help you, and look how well that's turned out!
    Sir Ano: I've heard of a Wizard renowned for his advice. From his Tower in the Jadeite Ruins, it's said he'll dispense great wisdom if one is worthy.
    Sir Ano: From the stories I've heard, he's great! And pretty powerful, too. Surely it couldn't hurt to have him use his ward, wizardly ways to tell me my future.
    Sir Ano: And if he has a spare enchanted weapon or two laying about, accepting those couldn't hurt, either.
    Sir Ano: What do you say, will your journey with me?
    Quest! - Continue to the quest

    Once you get to the end,

    Azza Kadellya: I've been waiting for you, my pretties.
    <Character Name:> Er, Ano, do you have any idea who this is?
    Sir Ano: Don't you know her? You're the one who's been going around being a hero. Have you killed any yagas lately? Maybe she wants revenge.
    <Character Name:> How do you expect me to keep track of every antagonist I've taken out? Really now, I'd need a logbook or something.
    Azza Kadellya: I've been watching you since you met my nauseatingly good sister, the Sandwitch.
    Azza Kadellya: <Character Name>, you've been meddling where you aren't wanted for too long and sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.
    Azza Kadellya: Ruining perfectly laid plans just because you think they're "evil" or "going to destroy the world."
    Azza Kadellya: You've been slaughtering yagas since you were a young hero, just knee- high to sneevil! It's GOT to stop!
    Azza Kadellya: Now you're trying to train more of you? Did you even explain the advantages of being bad to your little pactogonal pupil?
    <Character Name:> What would you tempt him with? The inability to bate a fear of clean water? You villains are pretty a dirty lot.
    Azza Kadellya: It's not too late for you, little Knight. I could use a Captain of the Guard.
    Azza Kadellya: Just think, command of my soldiers, a snazzy black uniform, the ability to chant rousing and inspirational nonsense song as you patrol...
    Sir Ano: Well, I do love a good nonsense song. But no! I would never betray the trust-
    Azza Kadellya: Oooh, "evil is so bad!" Blah blah blah. "It feels good to help people!" Yadda yadda yadda. Well, if you won't take my offer...
    Sir Ano: Nope!
    <Character Name:> I told you so.
    Azza Kadellya: Heroes are so smug when they thing they're right. Fine! I'll get you, <Character Name>, and your little protege, too!

    Battle! - You fight the Azzakedellya

    Sir Ano: Excuse me? Sir Wizard?
    <Character Name:> Doesn't look like anyone's here. Maybe he's off getting his hair and nails done?
    Sir Ano: Look at all his stuff! Stuffed bird on a stick, potion bottles, crystal ball...
    <Character Name:> I wouldn't touch his stuff... magic does funny things to ordinary objects. Have I ever told you about Cysero's laundry?
    Sir Ano: His laundr- Did the curtain just move?

    Sir Ano starts to shake and walks up to the curtain and pulls the rope and out poofs Mar'vel.


    Sir Ano: I was, uh, looking or you! Er, a note. A note from you. Saying when you'd be back.
    Mar'vel: WHY WOULD I- ahem. No need to yell now that I'm right here. Why would I be behind a curtain?
    Sir Ano: Uh...
    Mar'vel: I hope you haven't frightened Winkie, my gnome. He naps behind the curtain.
    <Character Name:> Where were you?
    Mar'vel: In the back, working on a way for ordinary people to fly. Without magic or magical creatures. See, the premise is very simple, really-
    <Character Name:> I'm sure! I'm sure it's fascinating. Honest. But my friend here-
    Sir Ano: Your wisdom and, uh, wonderfulness is widely known! I wanted to ask you if you could tell me about my future, and what in store for me.
    Sir Ano: I'm afraid I'll never be able to be a real hero, and do all the brave and noble things a hero is supposed to do!
    Mar'vel: A hero is not a hero because he is noble and brave, a hero is a hero because he's famous and people fear what he can do!
    Mar'vel: Just get yourself a skilled Public Relations minion and you'll be set.
    <Character Name:> That doesn't sound quite right.
    Mar'vel: Oh, my. Oh, do forgive me. I've confused the speech for advising aspiring villains with the one for idealistic young heroes.
    Sir Ano: You give pep talks to bad guys, too!
    Mar'vel: A wizard's got to pay rent, too, you know! And villains pay really well when you stroke their egos.
    Sir Ano: Riiiiiiight.
    <Character Name:> *Psst! I don't think he's really what you're looking for in an adviser, Ano.*
    Sir Ano: Um. Er. Thanks for your... help... I guess, Sir Wizard. I think we're going to be going now, though.
    Sir Ano: Are you sure you don't want to stay? I could finish explaining my experi-ment. You could take it for a test flight! I'm sure it's ready... almost.
    <Character Name:> Er, no, that's alright. We really need to be getting back to the Keep.
    Sir Ano: I'm sure we've been missed by now, and I miss it! The jousting, the jesting-
    <Character Name:> And the most unstable outhouse in the realm.
    Sir Ano: Really, when you think about it, there's no place like Oaklore!

    They walk outside,

    Sir Ano: Do... do you hear something? A sort of whistling sound?
    <Character Name:> Now that you mention it...

    A giant house lands on Sir Ano

    Sir Ano: OW.

    Complete Quest

    Finally, Victoria's Secret needs small corrections too...

    Captain Rolith needs to be added to the NPC's

    and for dialogue...

    Sir Ano: The King is coming for a visit, <Character>! This is my chance! But before I can worry about that, there's something I need your help taking care of.

    Sir Ano Guest joins in Position A

    Sir Ano: Captain Rolith himself has asked me to deal with a group of bandits which has camped out in the middle of a swamp a ways away.
    Sir Ano: He says it shouldn't be any problem for someone of my skills. I- ah- haven't mentioned yet that you've been helping me...
    Sir Ano: But I will, I promise! In fact, if- when- I get presented to the King, I'll tell him all about you then.
    Sir Ano: You've taught me so much already. But will you help me, this one last time?
    Quest! - Continue to the quest

    You fight your way throw monsters till,

    Harry: Halt!
    Poe: *mumble*
    Sir Ano: Huh?
    <Character Name:> Excuse me?
    Surly: He said "We'll make it so yer own mother couldn't identify ya."
    <Character Name:> Oh. Thank you. Anyways, we're supposed to be here. We're on a mission! That is, we were sent here to-
    Surly: Hey! You, the skinny one with th' big nose. Harry, doesn't 'e look like Wes Lee?
    Harry: Wes Lee?
    Poe: *confused mumble*
    Surly: Yes, ya numbskull. He's th' adventurer what helps them bandits over near Lymcrest.
    Harry: Ummmm. Uh. Oooh. Right. Wes Lee!
    Surly: Ya are Wes Lee, aint'cha?
    Sir Ano: Why, yes. Yes I am!
    <Character Name:> *whisper* This can't have been part of your plan.
    Sir Ano: *whisper* Nope! But who says I can't think fast? Carpe Opportunitas!
    Harry: What did ya say?
    Sir Ano: Nothing. Just sneezing. Both of us.
    Harry: Gesundheit!
    Poe: *mumble*
    Sir Ano: Thank you! I've come with a message from a fellow chief. He, uh, wants me to give it to your leader in person. It's very important.
    <Character Name:> Full of plottings and deviousness and bandit-y goodness.
    Harry: Then yous'd best get moving on to camp. Follow th' path that way and you'll see it over th' hill there.
    Harry: Oh, and watch out for th' chief. He and Fezwig-
    Surly: Ugh, that giant oaf.
    Harry: They got inta a brawl and Fezwig knocked 'im about th' head. He might be a but muddled.

    Continue fighting past random monsters till,

    Roberts: So, they said you were Lee?
    Sir Ano: Yep. Lee. Wes Lee.
    Roberts: Did n't yo do that... thing for... er- what'shisname?
    Sir Ano: The guy you met in that one?
    Roberts: That's the one!
    <Character Name:> That was Macks, all right! He's really good at getting things done. A miracle man, if you know what I mean.
    Roberts: I do, I do! Say... how's about you help me with a little job I've got in the works?
    Sir Ano: Er, sure.
    <Character Name:> *whisper* What do you think you're doing? What did you just agree to do?!
    Sir Ano: *whisper* Shh! Trust me! So... what did you have in mind, Dready?
    Roberts: Weeeell. Y'know the King? The one with the daughters?
    <Character Name:> ...What about them?
    Roberts: I heard tell that he's going to be in some fortress in the woods near Falconreach.
    Sir Ano: You mean... Oaklore Keep?
    Roberts: That's the one! Anyways, I figure, the life of a bandit chief is pretty swanky what with the robbing and the plundering and all, but I figured...
    Roberts: if I could grab me a princess, I could ransom some serious loot outta her daddy.
    Sir Ano: You're going to kidnap one of the princess?
    Roberts: Yup! And you two're gonna help!
    <Character Name:> *whisper* Is this the part where you tell him who your really are? Because I don't think this is quite how you want to get noticed by His Highness.
    Sir Ano: Dready, I'd love to help you, really, I would. There's just one little problem.
    Roberts: What's that?
    Sir Ano: My name is Sir Ano de Berg'rac. You're planning to kidnap my princess. Prepare to die.

    Battle! - You fight Dread Bandit Roberts

    You fight a few more monsters until,

    Captain Rolith: Welcome back, Ano! And <Character Name>, how nice to see you after all this time.
    Captain Rolith: Ano, I have to be honest. This last mission, dealing with the bandits... was something of a test. Sir Reptitious followed you the entire time.
    Captain Rolith: Now, I'm not sure why <Character Name> came with you, but it looks like you didn't mind the company.
    <Character Name:> Er... yeah. Company. Ano? Did you want to break in he-
    Captain Rolith: Yes, yes. I'm sure you want to tell me all about the details of your mission, Ano, but I have news you'll want to hear.
    Captain Rolith: The King is here, and I've shared Sir Reptitious' report and the details of your last few trips with him. He's eager to meet you.
    Captain Rolith: I believe he and his daughters are about to sit down to a meal. Sir Emony will announce you. Congratulations, you've come a long way.
    Captain Rolith: Oh, and one more thing. After his Highness is done with you, there's the Bandit's loot to go through. I'd say you've earned your share.

    King Alteon: <Character Name>, it is always good to see you! Sir Ano, I'm pleased to have you dining with us tonight, as are my daughters.
    King Alteon: I've heard quite a few stories about you from Sir Emony when he brought up Captain Rolith's request to have you presented...
    King Alteon: especially after thwarting a kidnapping plot! Please allow me to introduce my daughters, at least one of whom owes her well-being to you, it seems.
    King Alteon: Brittany, my lovely eldest; her clever little sister, Tara; and finally my darling Victoria.
    Princess Victoria: Hello!
    Princess Tara: Pleasure to meet you both!
    Princess Brittany: Good evening!
    Sir Ano: I am truly honored, Sire. I have dreamed for about this moment for years. And, to be honest, I have to thank <Character Name>. Without the hel-
    <Character Name:> Princess Victoria! It is Victoria, right? Your Highness, it is so good to finally meet you.
    Princess Victoria: Er, yes. Thank you. It is very nice to meet you, <Character Name>. For the first time. Ever.
    <Character Name:> Ano, I'm sure you've heard the many stories about Her Highness' selfless charity work?
    King Alteon: Victoria? I didn't know you'd become involved with my charities! I'm not surprised; you always were a role model of selflessness.
    <Character Name:> Oh, yes, your Highness! She's well-known for her work distributing gold to the mon-
    Princess Victoria: The moneyless villagers! That is to say, the poorer townspeople.
    Princess Tara: Gee, Viki, that sounds a bit dangerous. Aren't you afraid of being waylaid by lawless criminals?
    King Alteon: Your sister has a good point, Victoria. I'm familiar with some of the areas where our charities focus.
    King Alteon: There are some unsavory characters there with complete disregard for the law.
    Princess Brittany: Ooh, wouldn't you be afraid you'd be in danger?
    <Character Name:> I'm sure your sister can handle herself, my Lady. I'm quite sure of it. Why, I bet she could come face to face with Robina the Hood herself...
    <Character Name:> ... and be in no more danger than she is now.
    Princess Tara: You wouldn't want to borrow the little mirror I have, would you Victoria?
    Princess Victoria: ......
    King Alteon: Victoria, just what are <Character Name> and your sister implying?
    Princess Victoria: Father, I just... I-
    Sir Ano: You just make it so that the Adventurers who slay the monsters bothering the townspeople get a little something for their troubles, right?
    Sir Ano: I mean, if Robina the Hood- er, if you didn't do that, being a hero would be much less profitable, wouldn't it?
    Sir Ano: And the way I see it, that would be bad in a couple ways.
    King Alteon: Do continue, because I'm very interested in how you're going to rationalize one of my daughters supporting and even directly aiding crime.
    Sir Ano: Well, if the heroes didn't see slaying monsters as profitable, the number of active heroes would decrease. That would do two things:
    Princess Victoria: *gulp*
    Sir Ano: It would make more trouble for your subjects since monster attacks would become more frequent...
    Sir Ano: ... and it would mean there were fewer heroes spending their hard-won gold in the shops and Inns throughout your Realm.
    Sir Ano: So, really, when you think about it, Victoria's actions as Robina's benefit your kingdom's economy.
    <Character Name:> ... Y'know, Ano, that actually kind of makes sense.
    Princess Victoria: Yes, yes it does. It defiantly does. Uh, that's been my motivation this whole time! Helping the people!
    Princess Tara: *snicker*
    <Character Name:> *snicker*
    King Alteon: Hmmm. I can't say as I entirely approve of your methods, but I'm glad to see you taking an interest in the well-being of our subjects...
    King Alteon: Even if your attempts to aid them were rather circuitous. We'll have to have a lengthy talk about just what your plans for the future are, my girl.
    King Alteon: I highly doubt you'll attract a Prince gallivanting around the countryside engaged in such unsuitable activities.
    King Alteon: As for you, Ano, you have quite the sharp mind. Such an ability to finesse the facts of a situation present them in a good light, well...
    Princess Victoria: But...!
    King Alteon: I could have a use for such a silver-tongued young Knight at Court. Sir Vice is in charge of coordinating the Knights who work directly for me.
    King Alteon: See him about a position as a Public Relations consultant. I have high hopes for you, young man.
    Princess Brittany: I'd be happy to show you around Court, Sir Ano. I'm sure someone as brave and gallant as you are must have many stories to tell!
    Sir Ano: Why, I, uh... yes. Yes, I do.
    King Alteon: Speaking of stories... Really, Victoria! Some of the tales I've heard about your alter ego! I hope they aren't all true.
    <Character Name:> Only most of them!
    Princess Victoria: <Character>, you can stop. Helping. Now.
    <Character Name:> Awww, are you sure? I could keep going! I've done so well with Ano, after all.
    Princess Victoria: Quite sure.
    Princess Brittany: He is quite a Knight, isn't he?
    Sir Ano: *blush*
    <Character Name:> As you wish, your Highness. *grin*

    Bandit Loot Shop - Takes you to the shop
    Complete Quest - Ends Quest

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 64
    8/11/2011 4:56:38   

    The T.A.'s Challenge - Level required needs to change to Level/Quest/Items required: None

    All Monsters need (1) beside them

    Monsters, NPCs, and Dialogue sections need to remove the colon

    Rewards section needs to place according to format, remove "*There is the chance you won't get a reward." and add None

    Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009 - title needs to change to Talk Like a Pirate Day, and place towards the left

    Also needs to correct Location: Falconreach -> click on "Talk Like a Pirate Day" button
    Directions from Falconreach needs to be removed

    Under Contents, Pirate Monkey (level 10, 20, 40) needs to change to Pirate Monkey (All Versions)
    Dialog needs to change to Dialogue

    Taming Snailmail - title Taiming Snailmail <- needs to correct typo
    Also needs to add (1) beside all Monsters

    Toys 'R Dangerous - Level required needs to change to Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet
    Also needs to add (8) beside monster Scary Doll

    Elementize, Train/Untrain (Baby Dragon) - under Location, needs to change Lady Celestia to Elysia

    Train/Untrain (Baby Dragon) also needs to remove (Baby Dragon)

    Training Exhibition needs to add Location: ... -> Training Exhibition
    Under Monsters section, needs to remove this "Your choice of"
    All monsters need to add (1) beside them

    Tricks And Treats, Tricks and Treats 09, Tricks or Treats 10' - all monsters need to add (X) in front of them

    Surewould Ranger needs to correct Location: Popsprocket -> Zapp -> Surewould

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/11/2011 5:53:39 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 65
    8/12/2011 19:07:11   
    Advocator of Wills

    Minor correction for Eclipse:

    Character: Even shadows have a limit. As long as the sun is in the sky, there is hope in the light!

    Stoneheart Fall needs to add Sidhe Wings and Wing Merge.

    Sir Plus Capes and Wings need correction: Sooty Villain's Cape.

    Gorgok Returns! needs to add (6) beside Dravir, and a dialog correction:

    Dravir: A DragonLord!! Sound the alarm! Awaken Gorgok!

    Done (some by owner, some before reading this post), thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/21/2011 9:51:48 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 66
    8/13/2011 4:44:57   
    Voodoo Master

    Eclipse needs some reward names corrections-

    The "r" in the word "warning" should be removed from all of the rewards name with this word because it's actually suppose to be "waning".

    Done by owner. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/21/2011 9:46:35 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 67
    8/19/2011 9:11:18   
    Alanna Zelen


    Stoneheart Fall is missing a note for the journal entry hidden on the second screen, up the stairs. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O38lG2XilVy0a59TyQE4DVXtPm3y_OsEMfMC1ObH3IU/edit?hl=en_US is my transcription of the journal's contents. Any typo's are my fault. The duplicate in the last section is also absent so it reads more fluently. The correct title on the cover will need to be checked and added as well.

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/21/2011 10:03:45 >
    Post #: 68
    8/22/2011 10:11:47   

    Walk through Fire needs to remove Previously: Return the Scrolls

    As well as change title to Walk Through Fire

    Also needs to correct Location: Shadow of the Wind Village -> Thyton -> Quests -> Walk Through Fire

    Level required change to Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Return the Scrolls

    Needs to add starting dialogs too:
    Thyton: Okuchi No Okami may be a thief but his information is always good.
    Thyton: Drakath hides in the volcanic caves near the northern coast of the island. He must be awaiting rescue.
    Thyton: There are many perils in that cave, but you have shown that you are a skilled ninja. Make your way through the cave and find the jewel.
    Thyton: You have tracked him well, <Character> and now you have him cornered. Be careful, a cornered animal is often the most dangerous.

    Also needs to correct Monsters section:
    (3) Fire Spider
    (4) Fire Elemental
    (8) Lava Daver
    Drakath - Boss

    Next Up: The Jewel of the Four Winds needs to size 3 and italics

    Water Breathing Potions needs to correct Level/Quest/Items required: None

    The following needs to add Titan Battle tag: <- Added, but it seems a bit cluttered with a banner and 3 tags
    Fire Titan!
    Earth Titan!
    Energy Titan!
    Ice Titan!
    Wind Titan!
    Water Titan!

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/22/2011 10:52:16 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 69
    8/23/2011 3:26:02   

    The 13th Mystery - Under rewards need to add Undead Slayer Store

    Undead Slayer Store needs title placed towards the left

    Also needs to correct Location: The 13th Mystery, Friday the 13th Invasion - The Last Stand! -> Reward Chest, Friday The 13th III, Finale! -> Reward Chest

    Everything that are linked to Frostval Fallout - needs to correct Location: TweatLand! change to Frostval Fallout

    War Memento Shop needs to add DA tag

    Undead vs. Cyklons - title needs to change to Undead vs. Cyklons!

    Also needs to change Assault on Popsprocket banner to Popsprocket banner

    Needs to correct Location: Assault on Popsprocket -> To Battle! -> Play as Undead to catch Cyklons!

    As well as Drakath dialogs need to be bolded

    Under the Sea needs to correct Location: Popsprocket -> Yix -> Quests -> More -> Under the Sea

    Under Rewards section, needs to correct the names of the rewards and remove list tag:
    Island Maid Headdress (All Versions)
    Jellyfish Faceguard (All Versions)
    Crabastian (All Versions)

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/23/2011 4:05:00 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 70
    8/24/2011 2:27:14   
    Fiat Lux


    The quests (1) from "A Bridge Forms" to "A Visit to Cysero" and (2) from "The Yaga Sisters" to "The 13th Mystery" need to have their titles changed to "Bridge Forms, A", "Yaga Sisters, The" etc.

    All done (apart from 3 "The End?" quests), thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/24/2011 4:14:54 >
    Post #: 71
    8/24/2011 3:12:03   

    Triple Threat? needs to correct Location: Bacon Origin -> Triple Threat?

    Mega Death - Boss needs to be bolded

    Undead Dravir! needs to correct Location: Amityvale -> Zorbak -> Quests -> Undead Dravir

    Also needs to remove this in dialog:

    Zorbak: Hey "hero". Got a minute?

    Undead Dravir!
    Heal and potions

    Undead Dravir!

    Zorbak and Character dialogs need to be bolded

    Also needs to add Monsters numbers:
    (5) Zombie Dravir
    (4) Zombie Tog

    The Vampire Tower needs Scaled Yes/No: Scaled change to Yes

    Also needs to add Monsters' numbers:
    (1) Doomwood Werewolf
    (2) Dark Drinker
    (2) Vampiric Ghoul
    (8) Guardian Ghoul

    What's Mine is Mine needs to correct title to What's mine is mine

    Also needs to correct Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Elementals - Random Quest

    Scaled Yes/No: Scaled needs to change to Yes

    Also needs to add starting dialogs:
    Warlic: Something has thrown the elementals in the area out of balance.
    Warlic: My friend in the mining town of Lymcrest are having some problems with them.
    Warlic: Several of the mine shafts in the area have become infested with dangerous elementals.
    Warlic: If you can clear out one of the shafts the humans and dwarves who live there can start to get their town back on track.

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/24/2011 4:25:27 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 72
    8/25/2011 3:06:42   

    Gorgok Returns! needs to remove Falconreach banner

    Also needs to correct Location: Falconreach -> Portal -> Willowshire, Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Gorgok?

    As well as add starting dialogs:
    Guardian Fortuna: I hoped that I would never see the day, but Gorgok has returned.
    Guardian Fortuna: We've been trying to rebuild since the dragon's first attack but the Dravir that it controls destroy things as fast as we can build them.
    Guardian Fortuna: Its wounds from the last battle have healed. It has grown too strong for an average hero or even a guardian to defeat...
    Guardian Fortuna: ...and it is preparing to finish Willowshire off with its renewed strength.
    Guardian Fortuna: We will never find peace until Gorgok is destroyed!
    Guardian Fortuna: It will be a hard fight but even if you don't finish Gorgok, any small defeat will cause the Dravir to fall back.
    Guardian Fortuna: That will give us a small hope of taking our town and our Guardian Tower back! Will you help us?

    Willowshire needs to add rare tag (since it has been replaced by Willowshire Outpost)
    Directions from Falconreach needs to be bolded and remove size 2
    As well as add Level/Quest/Items required: None
    And Release Date: June 16th, 2006

    Willowshire Outpost needs to correct Directions from Falconreach: Falconreach -> Travel -> Willowshire
    As well as add Level/Quest/Items required: None
    And Release Date: Aug 27th, 2010

    All the dialogs need to be bolded

    Willowshire - needs to correct Directions from Falconreach: Falconreach -> Travel -> Willowshire
    And Release Date: Aug 27th, 2010

    World Cup 2010 Shop needs title placed towards the left, as well as add DC tag

    World Cup Tournament Shop needs to change Falconreach banner to Special Events banner
    Also needs to remove Temporary tag, and add DC tag

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/25/2011 5:56:21 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 73
    8/26/2011 8:58:36   

    Stephen Nix reflected and I've been thinking whether the banner in Blackwyn Tomb should be removed since it took place in two locations.

    I'm thinking that striked locations means they aren't available anymore for that particular quest, so banners can be placed. So I'd to ask for some opinions. Thank you very much!

    We Three Spirits - Scaled Yes/No: None needs to change to No

    Also needs to add Experience rewarded: 0 and Gold rewarded: 0

    Next Up needs size 3 and remove the bold

    We're Gonna Need More Fire...:

    Ice Dragon Golem - Boss needs to be bolded

    Also needs to add NPC Blizzy

    Well, Well, Well - AKA The Well - title needs to change to Well, Well, Well. <- including the full stop at the end

    Also needs to correct Location: Amityvale -> 6 Right -> Take the southern path when you reach a split

    Level required: Any needs to change to Level/Quest/Items required: None

    Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Gnome? needs to change 'Assault on Popsprocket' banner to Popsprocket banner

    Also needs to correct Location: Assault on Popsprocket -> Boss Battle and Cutscenes! -> Balthar!

    Xan Bossfight needs to remove Special Events and Xan's banner, and add permanent war tag: http://i43.tinypic.com/t8rad2.jpg

    Also needs to correct Location: War Memorial -> Wrath of Xan -> Face Xan's Wrath

    Level required: Any needs to change to Level/Quest/Items required: None

    Under Monsters section, Xan - Boss needs to be bolded

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

    < Message edited by NikisArmy -- 8/26/2011 11:00:52 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 74
    8/26/2011 11:18:28   
    Legendary AdventureGuide!


    Banner has two roles, one is geographic marker and the other is saga marker. And the geographic location could be either the location where the quest was given, or the place where the quest occurs.

    For some quests we don't know exactly their geographic location, only the place where the quest was given, for others we can rather easily tell.

    I don't want it to be too complicated, but as the game is not consistent on those matters, we can't be all deterministic about it.

    What about quest like Inroad that is given in Stoneheart Fall but happen in Dragesvard? Personally I would want it to have the Dragesvard banner, but since it is a complication, I will choose the point of origin which is Stoneheart Fall.

    Blackwyn Tomb have two different locations is stats from (even if one was temporary), so no banner should be used. Same observation should take place to NPCs too.

    Anyone is welcome to reply here if he or she has another opinion or suggestion.

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