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AdventureQuest Guardian Upgrade -- Full List of Guardian Content

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5/8/2008 17:58:39   
The Legendary Daragonslayer

Take a look over the list below to learn about every bonus Guardians can find in AdventureQuest! Remember, AQ updates every week and new Guardian extras appear frequently. If you like what you see, Become a Guardian here!

Hi! Are you a new guardian who's excited to enjoy your just-earned guardianship privileges? Or a veteran guardian who wants to know what features you have already unlocked? Or maybe an adventurer who's curious about his or her limitations? Either way, this guide is for you. If you have any correction, feel free to post a with your correction! Replies will be deleted as they are dealt with, to keep the thread clean.

Guardian Perks

Guardian Only Server
Logging in on the Guardian Server.

Discount for Future Guardianized Characters
It only cost $10.00 USD when upgrading additional characters on an account that already has at least one Guardian upgraded character. This is a 50% discount on upgrading more characters on the same account, after the first $19.95 upgrade is done. No price changes planned for WarpForce characters. And the AQ plus $5.00 X-Boost add-on price remains the same.

Higher Level Cap
Guardians and X-Guardians: level 150.
Adventurers: level 135.

More Z-Tokens and Higher Z-Token Cap:
A one-time +1000 Z-Tokens.
Higher chance of dropping from encounters.
Higher token cap (50 instead of 25).

1 Free Golden Giftbox per month
Active Guardians receive 1 free Giftbox a month

Rare Item Upgrading System
Can upgrade rare items you have after they're long gone from the game.
More info here.

More Potions:
Default of 2 each.
A maximum of 30.
Access to potion bags in numerous areas.

Perks in Other Games:
AQWorlds - Access to Guardian Shop.
DragonFable - Access to Ash's Storyline, Guardian Blade, and Guardian Armor and Class.
Mechquest - Access to the Guardian Weapons, Guardian Mechas, and Riptide Mechas.
WarpForce - $10.00USD Discount when Upgrading.
Play Zard Wars
Play Archknight

Wars, Quests, and Events:
Guardian Only Quests
Ability to open the Golden War Chest.
Guardian-only rewards.
Guardian-only guests.

Be capable of using all Abilities (only a few are available to free players).
Take on Special Missions after achieving Level 10 in a class.

Guardian Only Equipment:
[Weapons] [Armor] [Spells] [Miscellaneous Items/Faces/Helmets] [Shields] [Pets] [Guests]

Guardian Only Locations:
Guardian Tower, Yenghaland, Varrinsqu Keep, The Void, and more

X-Guardian Perks

Every Guardian Perk
Receive all of the same Guardian benefits or better.

Higher EXP and Gold Caps:
Can earn 10% more EXP and Gold per day.

Earn more EXP and Gold every battle:
Receive 10% more EXP and Gold per battle.

More Initial Bonuses:
An additional one time bonus of 25,000 Gold.
An additional one time bonus of 500 Z-Tokens.

More Potions:
Default of 3 Potions each instead of 2.
A maximum of 35 Potions Each instead of 30.

ruchia - for requesting this
Cool dragonz - typo finder
Tola - for the Gi's
jimij770 - for Bungles the Penguin's element
Crimzon5 - For coming up with the list and a whole bunch of stuff :P
etching - token bonuses
Encyclopedia AK's - their Index came in handy
Thanks to - PD, James Lu, BlackAces, Assassin, kittycat, spud5008, Apocalyptic Silence, Baron, whackybeanz, moneybags, bluebowser31, Crimzon5, BadHulk, and many other forum members - for submitting info to the Pedia.
Heroes of the Scape for corrections

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9/10/2012 14:38:09   
Legendary AK!!!


Advanced Skinscraper (Rare)
Akriloth Blade
Andy's Graceless Club
Andy's Guardian Club
Algern's Blade G (Rare)
Arcane Curve G
Auger of Brontus (Temp versions)
Axe Tempore
Battleaxe Tempore
Bing Quan
BlackHeart (Rare - 30, 90)
Blade of Awe
Blade of Awe!!! (Contest/Golden Giftbox)
Bleak Guardian Deren Blade
Bonecruncher Energy Mace
Bonecruncher Mace
Bonecruncher Ocean Mace
Bonecruncher Solar Mace
Bottomless Trench Axe
BURP Slayer (Temp)
Buster the Guardian's Incomplete Shard
Cajun Spiced Drumchuks (Rare)
Carnax Blade (Temp)
Chen Quan
Collector's Edition ZardBane (Rare)
Consummate Blade (Rare)
Current Chrono Blade
Custom Sword
Dagger of Awe
Dark Blade of Awe (Temp)
Darklaw (Temp; Rare)
Demon's Horn G
Dian Quan
Dismay Eater
Distorted Dragon Blade
Disturbing Guardian Torment Blade
Dracopyric Flayer V
Dragon Blade (Temp; Rare)
Dragonhand (Rare)
Dread Eater
Dwagon Blade
Dynamic Guardian Eel
Ebil Hacker Hacker (140 - Temp)
Ebil Handaxe G (Rare)
Elite Skinscraper (Rare)
Energy Claws
Erupting Pyrecrag G
FallTide Dagger ( 55, 115 - Rare)
Fangmaw Axe (Temp)
Fist of Legend
Feng Quan
Fire Blade of Awe
FlameStop Warhammer
Frigid Fang G (Rare)
Fruitcake Maul (Rare)
Frostval Staff (Rare)
Frostval Staff Z (Rare)
Frozen Claymore (Rare; Temp)
Frozen Claymore G
Frozen Flagpole (Rare. Not guardian-only but has a boost if one)
Fyre Force
Fyre Force Ultimate
Gaiden's Sharp Guardian Blade
Gatta Axe
Gatta King's Saw
Gauntlet of The'Galin ( 60, 95, Temp)
Ghost Chili Drumchuks (Rare)
Gift Box (2004) (Rare)
Gift Box (2005) (Rare)
Gift Box (2008) (Rare)
GiftBox Weapons (2009) (Rare)
GiftBox Weapon Z (2009) (Rare)
Gift Box I-XXVII - Magic (2011) (Rare)
Gift Box I-XXVII - Melee (2011) (Rare)
Gift Box XI - Melee Z (2011) (Rare)
Gift Box XV - Melee Z (2011) (Rare)
Gift Box XXIII - Melee Z (2011) (Rare)
Gift Box XXVII - Melee Z (2011) (Rare)
Gift Box I-XXX - Melee (2012) (Rare)
Gift Box X-XXX - Melee Z (2012) (Rare)
Gilded Guardian Wing
Grim Eater
Guardian Anchorhand (Rare)
Guardian ArachTuagh
Guardian Bhelma's Blade
Guardian Bhelma's Perfected Blade
Guardian Blade
Guardian Bladehenge (Rare)
Guardian Bright Beam Sword
Guardian Brilhado Blade
Guardian Bun-Guard's Sword (Rare)
Guardian CAD Sword (Rare)
Guardian Changing Staff
Guardian Clover Axe (Rare)
Guardian Crane Fan
Guardian Corrupted Blessed Battleaxe
Guardian Corrupted Hallowed Battleaxe
Guardian Corrupted Sacred Battleaxe
Guardian Dagger
Guardian Darkness Dragon Blade
Guardian Doom Mace
Guardian Doom War Mace
Guardian's Duality
Guardian Dynashamshir
Guardian Energy Dragon Blade
Guardian Face Hammer of Smashing
Guardian Face Hammer of Wrecking
Guardian Frankenglaive (Rare)
Guardian Fangsword
Guardian Frostshard (Rare)
Guardian Frostval Giant's Axe (Rare)
Guardian Fusion Dragon Axe
Guardian Fusion DragonBlade
Guardian Gift Box (2006) (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box (2006)
Guardian Golden Edge I (Rare)
Guardian Golden Edge V (Rare)
Guardian Hourglass Axe
Guardian Hourglass Woodsman's Axe
Guardian Ice Dragon Blade
Guardian Ice Lord's Blade (Rare)
Guardian Jade Sword
Guardian Jathor
Guardian Joy Buzzer(Rare)
Guardian Kragoth's Broadsword
Guardian Light Dragon Blade
Guardian Mayhem Vartai Blade
Guardian Melee Block Hammer I (Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer II (Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer III (Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer IV (Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer V (Rare)
Guardian Melee Block Hammer VI (Rare)
Guardian Melee Gift Box I (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Melee Gift Box II (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Melee Gift Box III (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Melee Gift Box IV (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Melee Gift Box V (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Melee Gift Box VI (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Merridi's Sword
Guardian Mouthful
Guardian Mountain Splitter
Guardian Nefadon Claw
Guardian Nova Knight Broadsword
Guardian Oaklore Hammer
Guardian Oaklore Maul
Guardian Opposcythe III
Guardian Pilaster Crusher
Guardian Pinwheel (Rare)
Guardian Prop Crusher
Guardian Radiant Beam Sword
Guardian Rat Flail
Guardian Rixty Ripper (Rare)
Guardian Royal Blade
Guardian Scargiver
Guardian Stretchy Sceptre
Guardian Sword of Deren
Guardian Sword of the Titans
Guardian Tentei Edge
Guardian Tentei Katana
Guardian Toymaker's Hammer (Rare)
Guardian Transfiguring Blade
Guardian Trench Axe
Guardian Undead BlackHawke's Blade
Guardian Unverander's Blade
Guardian Venerable Axe of Malinius
Guardian Violent Violet (Rare)
Guardian Viridian
Guardian Wind Dragon Blade
Guardian Zardmaster's Blade
Guitar Axe (80)
Harvenger G
Harvest Reaper (Rare)
Heatwave Sabre (Rare)
Hei Quan
High Communicant's Grandeur
Holiday Colossus (Rare)
Holiday Colossus Z (Rare)
Hook Blade
Horo-Show Void Vanquisher ( 128, 148)
Inclement HumbuG (Rare)
Irolustre's Guardian Claw
Irolustre's Guardian Gouging Claw
Kayda Blade
Kayda Edge
Kayda Reaver
KuBrush G
Lian Quan
Legendary Blade (Rare)
Lesser Glamdrung (Rare)
Mirnenbrot Maul (Rare)
Moglord Axe (Rare)
Moglord Axe Z (Rare)
Nepto's Spine
Omelyhis' Reign
Onroth's Fervid Rage
Onroth's Fiery Rage
Orcish Katana
Orcish No-Dachi
Panforte Maul (Rare)
Patriot Blade XII G (Rare)
Perfect Monster Smasher (Rare)
Planet Splitter ( 40, 125)
Platinum Edge (Rare)
Pumpkin Carver ( 105, 135, 145 - Rare)
Pyroclastic Pyrecrag G
Raging Guardian Flare Flayer
Reaper's Toothpick (Rare)
Rum-Raisin Fruitcake Maul (Rare)
Runeblade of Auraxos ( 50, 102)
Rx for Destruction
Sable Guardian Jathor
Scurvy Blade ( 11, 91)
Scythe of FriGid Winds
Scythe of Gelid Winds
Scythe of Glacial Winds
Serrated Hook
Serrated Sacragon Spur
Shadowscourge Pyracepter
Shadow Mistress's Katana (Temp)
Shadowoksen (Temp)
Sharpened Gatta Axe
Sharpened Hook
Shelayleigh (Temp)
Shovel of Doom (Rare)
Shui Quan
Silverspike Dagger ( 32, 112)
Skinscraper (Rare)
Skyscorcher (Rare)
Stollen Maul (Rare)
Super Pzycho Sabre ( 40, 70)
Sword of Reaper (Rare)
Talon Blade
Tech Light of Destiny G
Telescoping Fang
The Erupting Liquefactor
The Great Divider
Tiki Masher (92)
Torturous Guardian Torment Blade
Trench Axe (Temp)
Tuning Blade (Rare - 65)
Ultimate Destroyer
Ultimate Trench Axe
Ultra Ice Katana (Rare)
Unfathomable Trench Axe
Unicorn Bowie (Rare - 77, 137)
Usterik's Dagger G
Usterik's Sword G
Void Vanquisher ( 128, 148)
Voltaic Guardian Eel
War's Guardian Edge
White-Hot Guardian Flare Flayer
Winter Edge Spines
Xi Quan
Zhilo's Axe (Rare)
Zombie Master Axe (145 - Rare)

Alpha Orbiter (Rare)
Anagogic Luminous Blade G
Ancient Ancestor Axe
Ancient Chrono Blade
Arcane FlameStop Warhammer
Arcane Holiday Colossus (Rare)
Arcane Holiday Colossus Z (Rare)
Arctic Tempest G
Auric Ebil Scythe
Axe of Mass Mardar G
Bitter Hotspot Staff
Blade of Glorious Purification
Blade of Godly Purification
Blade of Grand Purification
Blood Crystal Axe (135)
Book of Adventures G
Celestial Mana Staff(Guardian Account)
Cold Sore G (Rare)
Custom Staff
Crystal Dagger (Rare - 32)
Dark Comedy ( 86, 149)
Defender Orb
Dessicated Leg (Rare)
Dire Staff of Nihilus
Dismay Eater
Draconic Blade (Temp)
Dragon Scepter (Temp)
Dragon Staff (Temp)
Drakonnan's Red Vengeance (Temp)
Dread Eater
Dread Staff of Nihilus
Ebil Twinkle Wand G (Rare)
Embalmed Leg (Rare)
Enigmatic Luminous Blade
Esoteric Luminous Blade G
Falerin's Divine Decahedron
Falerin's Durable Decahedron
Fansarin's Machete (Temp)
Febrile Thermostaff G
Flushed Thermostaff G
Forgotten's Harrowing Totem
Frigid Gale G
Frigid Plume Staff
Frostval Staff (Rare)
Frostval Staff Z (Rare)
Frozen Magic Flagpole (not guardian-only, but has a boost if one. Rare)
Gift Box I-XXX - Magic (2012) (Rare)
Gift Box X-XXX - Magic Z (2012) (Rare)
Glacial Tuya Ztaff
Grim Eater
GroundSplitter Arcanus
Guardian Arctic Vent Staff
Guardian Bad Luck Blade
Guardian Blackbones
Guardian Blade of Glory
Guardian Bladehenge
Guardian Bright Beam Staff
Guardian Bun-Jester's Wand (Rare)
Guardian Burning Orb Sword
Guardian Changing Staff
Guardian Clockwork Deren Staff
Guardian Corpse Cannon (Rare)
Guardian Darkness Draconic Blade
Guardian Demon Tooth Axe
Guardian Doom Divisor
Guardian Eight Leaders Staff
Guardian Eight Superiors Staff
Guardian Energy Draconic Blade
Guardian Famine's Scythe (Rare)
Guardian Glacial Tuya Staff
Guardian Gradient Sphere Staff
Guardian Harvest Staff (Rare)
Guardian Ice Draconic Blade
Guardian Light Draconic Blade
Guardian Love's Attraction (Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer I (Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer II (Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer III (Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer IV (Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer V (Rare)
Guardian Magic Block Hammer VI (Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box I (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box II (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box III (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box IV (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box V (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Magic Gift Box VI (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Mummy Leg (Rare)
Guardian Permafrost Scimitar
Guardian Protest Sign
Guardian Radiant Beam Staff
Guardian Rockin' Zard Guitar
Guardian Shocking Orb
Guardian Spirit Hunter Scythe
Guardian Staff
Guardian Slaying Bells (Rare)
Guardian Staff of Necromantic Control
Guardian Supercharged Deren Staff
Guardian Tarsal Spur
Guardian's Time-Out Bell
Guardian Thoughtspire
Guardian's Time-Out Bell
Guardian Torch
Guardian Warm Orb Sword
Guardian Wind Draconic Blade
Guardian Wrayth Blade
Helmet of the Fallen (Rare)
High Oracle's Rod of Talados
Hunting Horn ( 40, 112)
Lionidas' Falchion
Lionidas' Greatsword
Lionidas' Kriegsmesser
Lionidas' Machete
Lion's Roar
Loco's Favor (Rare)
MaelStaves (Energy)
MaelStaves (Water)
Magical Twig of Carnage (Temp)
Maurinelle's Ballad
Maurinelle's Chorus
Moglord Sceptre (Rare)
Moglord Sceptre Z (Rare)
Mooncrest Staff
Mourn Staff G (Rare)
Mystic Rx for Destruction
Mystic Unicorn Bowie (Rare - 77, 137)
Naga's Staff
Nightmare Bell ( 91, 141)
Nightmarish Necromant Staff
N00B Horn of Pwny (Rare)
Obsidian Ebil Scythe
Omega Orbiter (Rare)
Phantasmic Necromant Staff
Platinum Edge (Rare)
Polar Volcano Staff
Polar Volcano Ztaff
Ring of Malinius
Rock Thrower G (Rare)
Ryuusei's Guardian Freezing Staff
Ryuusei's Guardian Staff
Sea Scourge ( 35, 135)
Sensational Mana Staff (Guardian Account)
Sextant Staff Temp
Sila's Staff
Skyscorcher Arcanus (Rare)
Staff of Astradex (Temp)
Staff of Awe
Staff of Nihilus
Staff of Perplexity ( 19, 59, 79, 119, 139)
Stellar Mana Staff (Guardian Account)
Subzero Lavadome Staff
Subzero Lavadome Ztaff
Summertide G
Supreme Overlord's Ascendancy
Tear Drop (Rare)
Tsunami Pen
Ultimate MaelStaff (Energy)
Ultimate MaelStaff (Water)
Water Lord's Tear (Temp)
Wave Pen
Winged Lightning Ribbon
Winged Lightning Stroke
Zombie Bane Staff

Absolix Guardian Polearm
Apple Launcher ( 61, 141 - Rare)
Bee Bee Gun (Not guardian-only but has a boost if one)
Blazing Throwing Knives
Cajun Spiced Drumchuks
Captain's Lance (131)
Cello Bow ( 55, 115)
Centaurion Guardian Glaive
Corn-Missile Launcher ( 61, 141 - Rare)
Crimson Ebil Scythe
Custom Spear
Cyclops Trident of Light G (Rare)
Discount VegiSplatic (Normal; Temp)
Dragonbane Gun
Dragon Bow (Temp)
Dragon Partisan (Temp)
Drakel EMP Gun
Drill Lance G
Dripping Tome
Ebon Spear ( 52, 112)
Ebil Cupcake G (Rare)
Eggsessive Guardian Force (Rare)
Enhanced Guardian Absolix Polearm
Eternal Twilight's Dread
Expert Silari Bardiche
Extreme Guardian Absolix Polearm
Flaming Spine Lance
Flying Fish G52
Flying Fish G132
Flying Fish G150
Gatta Spear
Gift Box I-XXX - Ranged (2012) (Rare)
Gift Box X-XXX - Ranged Z (2012) (Rare)
Guardian Absolix Polearm
Guardian Abyssal Quindent
Guardian Apple Blunderbuss (Rare)
Guardian Bright Beam Lance
Guardian Brilhado Spear
Guardian Corpse Cannon (Rare)
Guardian Crude Spear
Guardian Euphotic Quindent
Guardian Fairche Solais
Guardian Firework Spear (Rare)
Guardian First Wind
Guardian Flashlight
Guardian Frigid Spire
Guardian Frozen Dinner
Guardian Gala Blunderbuss (Rare)
Guardian Goblin Spear
Guardian Gold-Shooting Gatling (Rare)
Guardian Grimstalker
Guardian Harvest Reaver (Rare)
Guardian Heavy Water I
Guardian Heavy Water II
Guardian Lhazor
Guardian Licorice Whip (Rare)
Guardian Lordly Lance
Guardian Lunar Vigilante
Guardian Lustrous Fairche Solais
Guardian Nefadon Electrobolt
Guardian Nightstalker Crossbow
Guardian Novel of the Winds
Guardian Paintball Gun
Guardian Perfected Grimstalker
Guardian Quindent
Guardian Radiant Beam Lance
Guardian Second Wind
Guardian Sparkler (Rare)
Guardian Spear
Guardian VegiSplatic
Guardian Weedsprayer L (Rare)
Guardian Weedsprayer LXX (Rare)
Guardian Yoyo (Rare)
Hyberborean Longbow
Hydra's Bite (145)
IceRazor ( 54, 144)
Iconoclast Spear ( 52, 112)
Incendiary Bow ( 10, 110)
Inferno Longbow
JoltJumper Guardian Warbow
Julienne VegiSplatic
Julienne VegiSplatic Z
King Tide Reaper
Lavistria's Bow (Temp versions)
Lucent Wyrm Spear
Luminous Spear G
Luminous Wyrm Spear
Lurid Malevolence ( 105, 145)
Moglord Bow (Rare)
Moglord Bow Z (Rare)
Overcharged BFG (Temp)
Palid Ebil Scythe
Peasant's Nightmare ( 71, 141)
Pumpkin Chucker ( 61, 141 - Rare)
Radiant Longbow
RanGer's Luminous Bow
Sariel's Vigil G
Sawed-Off Gunblade
Scorching Spine Lance
Sharpened Gatta Spear
Sharpshooter's Luminous Bow G
Silari Neutron Blaster
Sinister Curve
Six-Ton Gun (Not guardian-only but has a boost if one)
SPARTAAAAAAN Blunderbuss (Rare)
Spear of Awe
Splendid Mana Staff (Guardian Account)
SplitRend Lance G I
SplitRend Lance G II
SplitRend Lance G V
Therion's Spike
Thule Polearm (Rare)
Umbral Naginata (145)
Ungrounded Flintlock
VegiSplatic (Normal; Temp)
VegiSplatic Dicer (Normal; Temp)
VegiSplatic Slicer (Normal; Temp)
VegiSplatic Z
Vorpal Throwing Knives
Warden's Luminous Bow
Waterlogged Tome
Zard BarraGe
Zard FlinGer
Zard Salvo

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Legendary AK!!!


Class Armors
Adventurers can train to level 10 but do not have access to all skills.

Skills 1-5 are Adventurer. The rest are Guardian:

Beastmaster: Feral Garb, Primal Garb (Guardian)
Berserker: Berserker Hides
Dracomancer: Dracomancer
DragonSlayer: DragonSlayer, Elite Dragon Slayer (Guardian), Golden Dragonslayer, Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse (Guardian)
Fighter: Fighter Armor
Knight: Knight Armor
Mage: Mage Robes
Martial Artist: White Gi, Ancient Spirit Gi (Guardian), Mountain Cudgel Gi (Guardian), Serpent Fang Gi (Guardian), Swift Talon Gi (Guardian)
Necromancer: Necromancer Cloak, Obsidian Cloak (Guardian)
Ninja: Shinobi Shozoku
Paladin: Holy Armor, Golden Holy Armor (Guardian)
Pirate: Sea Scourge, Swashbuckler's Raiment
Rogue: Rogue Outfit, Blarney Rogue Outfit/2/3 (Rare)
Scholar: Explorer's Outfit

Skills 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 are Adventurer. The rest are Guardian:
Assassin: Whispering Raiment
ShadowSlayer/NightHunter: ShadowSlayer, NightHunter
Wizard: ( Generalist's Robe, Pyromancer's Robe, Hydromancer's Robe, Aeromancer's Robe, Cryomancer's Robe, Geomancer's Robe, Dynamancer's Robe, Lumenomancer's Robe, Tenebromancer's Robe)

No Drop Armors
Guardian Leather: Guardian Rogue (Normal; Temp)
Guardian Plate: Guardian Warrior(Normal; Temp)
Guardian Robes: Guardian Mage (Normal; Temp)
Savant's Robes: Guardian Balanced (Normal; Temp)

Deft UltraGuardian Plate: Advanced Guardian Rogue (Normal; Temp)
Insightful UltraGuardian Plate: Advanced Guardian Mage (Normal; Temp)
Mighty UltraGuardian Plate: Advanced Guardian Warrior (Normal; Temp)

Deft Armor of Awe: Awe Guardian Rogue (Normal; Temp)
Insightful Armor of Awe: Awe Guardian Mage (Normal; Temp)
Mighty Armor of Awe: Awe Guardian Warrior (Normal; Temp)

All Armors
Abating Armor of Sensing
Abberant Bulwark
Absolix Pauldrons
Absolix Spaulders
Abyssal Salvation Armor G II (Rare)
Abyssal Salvation Armor G IV (Rare)
Advanced Hunter
Ancient Energy Dragon Form
Anomalous Armor Z
Anthracite Coal Armor (Rare)
Akriloth (Rare)
Algern's Carapace ( 66, 131)
Ancient Spirit Gi
Angry Diretooth Form (Rare)
Aqwarrior Armor
Asault Mecha (not guardian only but has two guardian-only effects)
Baby Darkness Dragon Form
Baby Wind Dragon Form
Big Red Button
Bituminous Coal Armor (Rare)
Black Dragon Rider Armor
Black Pirate Garb
Brown Coal Armor (Rare)
Bunny Jammies (Rare. Not guardian only but has a guardian-only effect)
Calladus Form (Temp)
Charcoal Armor (Rare)
Centaurion Custos Form Secundos
Centaurion Custos Form Septimus
Classic Guardian Armor
Coal Armor (Rare)
Contradiction Cuirass
Corrupted Armor of Awe G I
Corrupted Armor of Awe G II
Cyber Shogun ( 66, 116)
Cyclone Wyvern Rider (103)
Dark Guardian Plate
Deadly Hunter
Death Knight Rider Armor (Rare/Temp)
Deft Armor of Awe
Deft Ultraguardian Plate
Desert Conqueror G
Diretooth Form (Rare)
Dismaying Raiment
Dracopyre of Night (Has Guardian Only Abilities)
DragonRider (Temp)
Dread Raiment
Dwarf Form (Rare)
Egghead (Temp/Rare)
EggButcher (Rare)
EggSlayer (Rare)
Elder Ice Dragon Form
Elemental Fighter
Elite Dragon Slayer
Enhanced Vartai Armor
Enigma Ward Z
Eternal Twilight's Mantle
Falerin's Bespoke Bedizen
Falerin's Worn Waistcoat
Felled Gunfighter ( 72, 112)
Feral Diretooth Form (Rare)
Feral WereWolf Form (Rare)
Female Drakel Disguise
Fire Drayk Form (Normal; Temp)
Flame Guardian Armor and Plate
Frost Guardian Plate and Armor
Frostval Spirit Armor (Rare)
Frostval Spirit Armor Z (Rare)
Full Metal Santa (Rare)
Full Metal Santa Z (Rare)
Frenzied Diretooth Form (Rare)
Furious Diretooth Form (Rare)
Ghost Costume (Temp)
Golden Dragon Slayer Eclipse
Giant Form (Rare)
Giant Head Form (Temp)
Gift Box (2008) (Rare)
Gift Box Armor (2004) (Rare)
Gift Box Armor (2005) (Rare)
Gift Box Armor (2009) (Rare)
Giftbox Armour (2011) (Rare)
Giftbox Armour I-XXX 2012 (Rare)
Giftbox Armour X-XXX - Z 2012 (Rare)
Glacius' Favor (Rare - 20, 100)
Golden Holy Armor
Gokar's Gi (Although some are for normal players the area is now Guardian Only)
Gorgonzilla Costume ( 61, 82, 103, 124, 145 - Rare)
Graceful Dracopyre (Has Guardian only abilities)
Granemor Guardian Plate
Grim Raiment
Guardian Aracknight
Guardian Block Armor I (Rare)
Guardian Block Armor II (Rare)
Guardian Block Armor III (Rare)
Guardian Block Armor IV (Rare)
Guardian Block Armor V (Rare)
Guardian Block Armor VI (Rare)
Guardian Boreal Bolt Plate
Guardian Butterhoof
Guardian Chocobunny
Guardian DarkWolf Rider
Guardian DragonRider
Guardian Eminent Cyber-Rex Rider
Guardian Gift Box I (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box II (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box III (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box IV (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box V (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box VI (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Armor (2006)
Guardian Horsefly Rider (Rare)
Guardian Ice Dragon Rider (Rare)
Guardian IceWolf Rider
Guardian Leather (No-Drop; Temp)
Guardian Leprechaun Power Armor (Rare)
Guardian Mecha Suit (Rare)
Guardian Nova Knight Mail
Guardian Plate (No-Drop; Temp)
Guardian Robes (No-Drop; Temp)
Guardian Snide Transformation (Temp)
Guardian Stiltwalker
Guardian Straightjacket
Guardian Suld Armor
High Communicant's Zeal
High Oracle's Taladosian Robes
Hippocampus (Temp)
Horo-Show Void Vigilante ( 128, 148)
Ice Fall (Rare)
Ice Salamander Rider (Rare/Temp)
Insightful Armor of Awe
Insightful UltraGuardian Plate
Indestructable Plate (Rare)
Jolly Old Armor (Rare)
Lesser Graceful Dracopyre (Has Guardian Only Abilities)
Lesser Dracopyre of Night (Has Guardian Only Abilities)
Light Dragon Form
Lilliputian Form (Rare)
Loco Costume G (Rare)
Lucius, Winged Unicorn (Temp)
Male Drakel Disguise
Martial-Distorted Guardian
Martial-Tainted Guardian
Martial-Twisted Guardian
Mighty Armor of Awe
Mighty UltraGuardian Plate
Minotaur Form
Moglord Tortress (Rare)
Moglord Tortress Z (Rare)
Mountain Cudgel Gi
Mystery Mail
Nightbane's Form
Nightmare Riding Armor (Temp)
Obsidian Cloak
Paradox Plate
Pegasid Rider (Rare)
Pegasid Riding Armor (Temp)
Pit Protector ( 40, 132)
Primal Garb
Protector Armor (not guardian-only but they get a 10% boost on base and random as well as the ability to unlock the Ranged and Magic bonuses on the armor and +2 BtH for all attacks)
Pumpkin Armor (Perm)
Pyromancer's Robe
Rabid Diretooth Form (Rare)
Raydius Dragon Form
Rebellious Burro Rider
Reflective (Rare)
Resistant Burro Rider
Salamander Rider Rare, Temp version still available
Salvation Armor G II
Salvation Armor G IV
Savant's Robes
Sea Squirt Form (Temp)
SeaWarhorse Rider (Rare/Temp)
Serpent Fang Gi
Shadow of Doubt G
Shearhide Form (Temp)
Shiny Boy Armor
SteamJack Armor
Straightjacket G
Sugar Rush Guardian Armor (Rare)
Supreme Overlord's Dynasty
Swift Talon Gi
Tharg Hide
Thunder Hoof
Transformer Armor ( 50, 75)
Troll Form (Perm)
Troll Form (Temp)
Twilly Form (Temp/Rare)
Undead Guardian Plate
Unicorn Rider Rare
Unicorn Riding Armor (Temp)
Vicious Diretooth Form (Rare)
Void Vigilante ( 128, 148)
Warsmith Armour
Water Drayk Form (Temp)
Werepyre Form
White Knight
White Knight Z
Whispering Raiment
Wild Diretooth Form (Rare)
Winged Guardian
Young Earth Dragon Form
Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armour (145)

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Legendary AK!!!

Astral Forge
Avalanche Attack 06 (Rare)
Avalanche Extreme 06 (Rare)
Avalanche Slide 06 (Rare)
Basic Lawn Darts (Rare)
Bomb-o-lantern G (Rare)
Borrow G
Brilliant Wyrm Strike
Bun-Rangers Go-Kart Attack (Rare)
Call Guardian Angel Elder (Temp)
Call Nezujimbo G
Candy Corn Tempest (Rare)
Carnax Stomp G
Celestial Forge
Chain Lightning (Guardians get to use it for less MP!)
Champions of Lore ( 64, 89 - Rare)
Champions of Lore II ([url=]64[/url], [url=]89[/url] - Rare)
Chilling Jack Frost in the Box
Dinozard Crunch
Draconic Blast (Temp)
Dragonbane Blast (Temp)
Dragons of Calladus
Drakonnan's Fury G
Drone Strike (Rare)
Drone Strike Z (Rare)
Dull Lawn Darts (Rare)
Earth Fury
Earth Spikes
Enormous Surge
Everlasting Guardian Gumn
[url=]Exhume[/url] (145 - Rare)
Fireball Aleph
Fireball Omega
Fireball S
Fireball Z
Gift Box (Rare)
Gift Box (2004) (Rare)
Gift Box (2005) (Rare)
Gift Box (2008) (Rare)
GiftBox Golem (2009) (Rare applies to all variants adventurers were able to purchase the Z version so long as they had a guardian on the same account)
Giftbox Spell I-XXVII (Rare)
Giftbox Spell XI - Z (Rare)
Giftbox Spell XV - Z (Rare)
Giftbox Spell XXIII - Z (Rare)
Giftbox Spell XXVII - Z (Rare)
Giftbox Spell I-XXX 2012 (Rare)
Giftbox Spell X-XXX - Z 2012 (Rare)
Guardian Blue Blazes (Mastercraft)
Guardian Bomb-o-Lantern
Guardian Clone Shoes III
Guardian Colored Pencils II (Rare)
Guardian Dark Wings I
Guardian Dragon family
Guardian Earthshatter
Guardian Ghost Blast
Guardian Gift Box Golem I (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem II (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem III (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem IV (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem V (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem VI (Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede I (Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede II (Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede III (Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede IV (Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede V (Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede VI (Rare)
Guardian Green Envy (Mastercraft)
Guardian Heckgate
Guardian Ice Beast Attack
Guardian Kite (Guardian)
Guardian Lava Tunnel I (Rare)
Guardian Lumen Ruin
Guardian Mayhem Explosion
Guardian Midnight Rider (Rare)
Guardian Seeing Red (Mastercraft)
Guardian Shadowbat Swarm
Guardian Shadow Wolf Pack (Rare)
Guardian Shocking Kite
Guardian Skyblade
Guardian Stalactite Crush
Guardian Stalactite Smash
Guardian Summon Amoria (Rare)
Guardian Summon Bun-Summoner (Rare)
Guardian Summon Cartwright VII
Guardian Summon Crystal Dragon II
Guardian Summon Crystal Dragon IV
Guardian Summon Dragonchaun II
Guardian Summon Dragonchaun VII
Guardian Summon Eukara Vox V
Guardian Summon Gaiden V
Guardian Summon Grax IV
Guardian Summon Hybee I (Rare)
Guardian Summon Hybee VI (Rare)
Guardian Summon Kiveras VI
Guardian Summon LOCOmotive I (Rare)
Guardian Summon Malinius II
Guardian Summon Malinius VII
Guardian Summon MegaZard II (Rare)
Guardian Summon Memet III
Guardian Summon Memet V
Guardian Summon Mirror Ryussei VII
Guardian Summon Stunning Amoria (Rare)
Guardian Tentacle Fury I (Rare)
Guardian Toy Bomb (Rare)
Guardian ToxiCleen
Guardian Trail Mix (Temp)
Guardian Twig's Ewectwic Boogawoo
Guardian Volatile Poison Arrow
Guardian's Embrace the Shadows
Guawdian Fwuttewing Wonder
History's Guardian Chalk of Chagrin
Insane Candy Hearts (Rare)
Invocation of the Rancorous AntiGuardian G
Invocation of the Vengeful AntiGuardian G
Jack Frost In The Box
Jacques' Guardian Fury
Lawn Darts (Rare)
Light Cross G
Lost Deck of Guardian's OverSoul Cards
Luminous Wyrm Strike
Major Award (not guardian-only but has boost if one)
Moglord War Party (Rare)
Moglord War Party Z (Rare)
Ninjat Flip-Out!
Pointy Lawn Darts (Rare)
Powerword Die (Technically not a spell but it is summoned by the Awe series of weapons)
RoBear Rampage Alpha
RoBear Rampage Beta
RoBear Rampage Gamma
Sands of Suffocation G
Shapeshift (not guardian only but its full power will be unlocked if a guardian)
Sharpened Lawn Darts (Rare)
Sidereal Forge
Spellcraft Series, The (Not Guardian-Only, but if you are a Guardian there is a 50% chance that your ingredient will not be drained of any power.)
Star Forge
Stellar Forge
Storm of Kus G
Storm of Stories G
Storm Tide
Summon Angel Guard
Summon Draklin (85)
Summon EgGobbler (Rare)
Summon EgGobbler Z (Rare)
Summon Ferociously Guarding ElBhe
Summon Guardian Angel
Summon Guardian Antlertops I
Summon Guardian Antlertops VI
Summon Guardian Necropunk II
Summon Guardian Necropunk IV
Summon Guardian Necropunk VIII
Summon Guardian Paladin
Summon Guardian Talvan IV
Summon Hungry EgGobbler (Rare)
Summon Nightmare Eukara ( 108, 141)
Summon Plant Dragon III (Rare)
Summon Plant Dragon VIII (Rare)
Summon Ramleoness I
Summon Ramleoness II
Summon Ramleoness III
Summon Ramleoness IV
Summon Ramleoness V
Summon Ramleoness VI
Summon Ramleoness VII
Summon Rapacious ElBhe
Summon Ravenous EgGobbler (Rare)
Summon Slavering EgGobbler (Rare)
Summon Truculently Guarding ElBhe
Tentacular Tentacular
Thunder Stalker Guardian Strike
Tsunami Tide
Typhoon Tide
Ultraviolent Light (146)
Wave Tide
Whirl Tide

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Legendary AK!!!

Barbute Helm
Drakonnan's Helm
Helm of Drakonnan
Helm of Drakonnas
Knight Helm

Miscellaneous Items:
All-Seeing Eye of the Sacragon
Alpha Astramorph
Amulet of Drakonnan (1 - Rare)
Amulet of Drakonnan G
Azamay Guardian Darkness Runestone
Azamay Guardian Earth Runestone
Azamay Guardian Energy Runestone
Azamay Guardian Fire Runestone
Azamay Guardian Ice Runestone
Azamay Guardian Light Runestone
Azamay Guardian Paralyze Runestone
Azamay Guardian Poison Runestone
Azamay Guardian Water Runestone
Azamay Guardian Wind Runestone
Azru Stones Gen 1 (Rare)
Bar of Soap (Rare. Not guardian-only but has a boost if one)
Beta Guardian Astramorph
Blood Orb G
Bow Master Emblem G
Bronze Sign (Rare. Not guardian-only but has a special effect if one)
Certificate of Absolute Victory
Charm of Adoration (Rare - 130)
Clan Defender's Memento ( 50, 140)
Commemorative Drakelcube 25
Commemorative Drakelcube 536 (Guardian Only Quest)
Commemorative Drakelcube 16958 (Guardian Only Quest)
Commemorative Drakelcube 34274 (Guardian Only Quest)
Crystal of Restless Shadows G
Dismaying Visage
Dread Visage
EbilCorp Logo (143 - Rare)
Exceptional Astramorph
Feather of the Roc (148)
Fire Sign (Rare. Not guardian-only but has a special effect if one)
Firing Toupee ( 15, 143 - Rare)
FlaminG Skull
FraGrant ShadowKitten Body Spray
Gamma Astramorph Z
Gift Box I (Rare)
Gift Box II (Rare)
Gift Box III (Rare)
Gift Box III-Z (Rare)
Gift Box IV (Rare)
Gift Box IV-Z (Rare)
Gift Box V (Rare)
Gift Box VI (Rare)
Gift Box VI-Z (Rare)
Gift Box VII (Rare)
Gift Box VII-Z (Rare)
Giftbox I-VIII 2012 (Rare)
Giftbox III-VIII - Z 2012 (Rare)
Granemor Captain's Helm
Green Dragon Guardian Ocarina (Rare)
Grim Visage
Guardian Certificate of Expert Victory
Guardian Colossal Shock Collar
Guardian CrabApple
Guardian Cultivated Monocle
Guardian Dragonsblood Charm
Guardian Ear of Corn
Guardian Erudite Monocle
Guardian Golden Helmet (Rare)
Guardian Honorary High School Diploma
Guardian Honorary Postdoctorate Diploma
Guardian Kragoth's Helm
Guardian Mana Ice
Guardian Mask of Calm
Guardian Megalodon Jaw (Rare)
Guardian Nova Knight Armet
Guardian Pirate Hat
Guardian Snide Transformation Formula
Guardian Studious Monocle
Guardian Thunderbird Helm
Guardian Trail Mix
Guardian's Nekonomicon
Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
Guardian Valkyrie Helm (Rare)
Hand Mirror ( 2, 122)
Head of Raydius Dragon
Helm of Drakonnan
Helm of Drakonnas
Hero Serum ( 16, 91)
Horo-Show Void Visor ( 128, 148)
Iron Sign (Rare. Not guardian-only but has a special effect if one)
Legendary Shadow Crystal V1 (149)
Leprechaun Gold (Rare)
Loco's Favor (Temp/Rare)
Lohkaista Shard ( 82, 122, 145)
Luminous Wyrm Helm ( 52, 112)
Magic Mirror (62)
Master Guardian Astramorph
Minotaur's Pride (147)
Moglord Crown (Rare)
Moglord Crown Z (Rare)
Neko Ears G
Novice's Scope
Odoriferous ShadowKitten Body Spray
Omega Astramorph
Pearapplos Basket (50)
Pendant of The`Galin G
PetaSnide Transformation Formula
Poison Arrow Vial(145)
Power Shard I: Dr. Boom
Power Shard II: Invincible Hogg
Power Shard V: Irony Man
Power Shard IV: Logan's Claws
Power Shard VI: Varnak
Prototype Astramorph
PunGent ShadowKitten Body Spray
RanGer's Scope
Rejuvenating Necklace (146)
Shield Generator (Rare)
Shield Generator Z (Rare)
Staff Master Emblem G
Sword Master Emblem G
Taladosian Charm (Rare)
Taladosian Tart ( 86, 149 - Rare)
Void Visor ( 128, 148)
Water Sign (Rare. not guardian-only but has a special effect if one)
Wyrm Knight's Crest (150, Mastercraft)
Zombie Heart (145 - Rare)

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Legendary AK!!!

Bauble Shield (Rare)
Beaming Shield
Beautiful Crane Umbrella
Bestowed Mogloo
Blowout Shield (not guardian-only but has a special effect if one)
Cheese (Rare)
Cheese Shield G (Rare)
Common Dragonslayer Shield
Composite Frankenshield (Rare)
Compound Frankenshield (Rare)
Conglomerate Frankenshield (Rare)
Corn (Rare)
Corn Shield G (Rare)
Cutting Edge Guard (Rare)
Cutting Edge Guard Z (Rare)
Dark Guardian Shield
Daylight Savings Time (146)
Defender Leader's Shield ( 110, 140)
Demon Wraith Prison
Dimensional (Rare)
Dismaying Totem
Dragonslayer Shield
Dread Totem
Durable Crystal Aegis
Elite Dragonslayer Shield
Eternal Twilight's Regalia
Ethos (Rare)
Farzhad Mogloo (Rare)
Frostval Tree Topper (Rare)
Frostval Tree Topper Z (Rare)
Frostval Wreath (Rare - 5, 35, 65)
Fur of Igneus ( 13, 143
Gift Box (2004) (Rare)
Gift Box (2005) (Rare)
Gift Box (2007) (Rare)
Gift Box (2008) (Rare)
Gift Box Shield (2009) (Rare)
Giftbox Shield I-XXX 2012 (Rare)
Giftbox Shield X-XXX - Z 2012 (Rare)
Gifted Mogloo
Goo (Rare)
Grim Totem
Guardian Advanced Frostval Giant's Shield (Rare)
Guardian Bouncy Trampoline
Guardian Crane Umbrella
Guardian Crystal Skull Shield
Guardian Fusion DragonSlayer Shield
Guardian Ghost Knight Shield
Guardian Gift Box I (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box II (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box III (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box IV (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box V (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box (2006) (Rare)
Guardian Knotwork Shield (Rare)
Guardian Luminous Shield
Guardian Nova Knight Heater Shield
Guardian Resilient Trampoline (Rare)
Guardian Ripple Shield
Guardian Shield (Guardian Tower)
Guardian's Shield of Sands
Guardian Spongy Trampoline (Rare)
Guardian Springy Trampoline (Rare)
Guardian Stretchy Trampoline (Rare)
Guardian Superior Frostval Giant's Shield (Rare)
Guardian Swell Shield
Guardian Twilly Putty (Rare)
Guardian Unlight Shield
High Communicant's Valiance
High Oracle's Taladosian Ward
Horo-Show Void Vindicator ( 128, 148)
Immaculate Crystal Aegis
Logos (Rare)
Lt. Lore's Shield ( 46, 141)
Magnetic Guard
Magnetic Guardian
Magnetic Safeguard
Moglord Shield (Rare)
Moglord Shield Z (Rare)
Monster Claw
Monster Fang
Monster Paw
Monster Pincer
Monster Spur
Monster Talon
Mystical Guardian Knotwork Shield (Rare)
Ornament Shield (Rare)
Pathos (Rare)
Pumpkin Shield ( 91, 118, 145 - Rare)
Ramleoness Cub G
Sackelberry Safeguard
Shield of Awe
Shiny Bauble Shield (Rare)
Shiny Ornament Shield (Rare)
Sparkling Ornament Shield (Rare)
Spell Barricade
Sublime Tower Shield
Supernova Shield
Supreme Overlord's Legend
UltraGuardian Shield
Undead Terror
Void Vindicator ( 128, 148)
Wheat (Rare)
Wheat Shield G (Rare)
Winter Shield (Rare - 10, 50)
Zombie Axe Master Shield (145 Rare)

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Legendary AK!!!


Fiery Godfather G
Friendly Flaming Skull (Rare)
Gift Box (2004) (Rare)
Gift Box (2005) (Rare)
Gift Box (2008) (Rare)
Guardian Bantam Cyberhen
Guardian Bun-Battler (Rare)
Guardian Cornish Cyberhen
Guardian Drag O'Lantern (Rare)
Guardian Firezard
Guardian Frankenspine Jr. (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box (Rare)
Guardian Scorpzard
Inferno Vampragon
Kiwwer Akriloth Guardian Plushie (Rare)
Lead Skull ( 31, 141)
Melting Guardian Afterburner
Red Malzar
Roasted Chestnut (Rare)
Robodeer (Rare)
Robodeer Z (Rare)
Robophant (Rare)
Supreme Overlord's Reincarnation
Tiny Guardian Demon
Ultra FireWere

Blizzard Vampragon
Guardian Possessed Twig
Nerfkitten ( 50, 90 )
Ultra IceWere

Bungles the Penguin ( 10, 40, 70)
Cheerful Hummingpotamus
Friendly Hummingpotamus
Greater Hippobean (Rare)
Guardian Dinozard Ingens
Guardian Fishboy (Rare)
Guardian Goldyfish (Rare)
Guardian Gweez
Guardian Passenger Gweez
Guardian Rock LobZard
Happy Hummingpotamus
Moglord Warboar (Rare)
Moglord Warboar Z (Rare)
Lesser Hippobean (Rare)
Sea Fiend Jr.
Tough Sea Squirt
Tsunami Vampragon
Widdle Orrphel

292 (50)
Eyephoon ( 45, 120)
Fairy Godfather G
Frankenspine's Guardian Remains (Rare)
Guardian Baby Klang (Rare)
Guardian Controlled Platopulse
Guardian Creptus
Guardian Lightning Wyvern
High Oracle's Sacragon
Mini Giant Space Braken G
Robunny (Rare)
Thunderchick ( 18, 138)
Voltaic Vampragon

Azamay Granite Guardian Golem
Gaia Vampragon
Gnarly Peace Zard
Guardian Cheezard
Guardian Experimental Robocockatrice
Guardian Nepencreep (Rare)
Guardian Robocockatrice
Guardian Tofu Koofu
Guardian BunnyBird
Guardian Twily! (Rare)
Guardian Werepup (Rare)
Gween (Rare - 85)
Squirel of Order (Rare)
Teacher's Guardian Pet
Teacher's Helper
Thunder Troll
Young Myte (Rare)

Cheerful Hummingpotamus
Cyclone Vampragon
Deadeye Cupid (Rare)
Eyephoon ( 45, 120)
Friendly Hummingpotamus
Giftbox Pet I-XXX 2012 (Rare)
Giftbox Pet X-XXX - Z 2012 (Rare)
Guardian BirdBunny
Guardian Bun-Bowman (Rare)
Guardian Cadenced Cymbal Monkey (Rare)
Wind Gatta
WraithZard (145 - Rare)
Young Flee (Rare)

Antediluvian Guardian Mummydas
Bright Wolf
Daimyo (Pet) (Rare)
Fairy Godmother G
Guardian Angel (Rare)
Guardian Bun-Bozo (Rare)
Guardian Bun-Brain (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box (2006) (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box I (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box II (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box III (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box IV (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box III (2010) (Rare)
Guardian Gift Box VI (2010) (Rare)
Guardian HanuBoy
Guardian NPC in a Box I (Rare)
Guardian NPC in a Box II (Rare)
Guardian NPC in a Box III(Rare)
Guardian NPC in a Box IV(Rare)
Guardian NPC in a Box V (Rare)
Guardian NPC in a Box VI(Rare)
High Communicant's Oath
Lightcan ( 107, 147)
Light Gatta
Little Shadowpegasus
Little Shadowpony
Little Shadowunicorn
Radiant Vampragon
SliGht Shadowpegasus
SliGht Shadowpony
SliGht Shadowunicorn
Velocigobbler ( 54, 148 - Rare)

Annoying Evil Candy Cane (Rare)
Befouling Guardian Poxcorpse
Bothersome Evil Candy Cane (Rare)
Bucanneer Monkey ( 82, 98)
Cimmerian Vampragon
Dismaying Araņacabra
Dread Araņacabra
Ebil Toys (not guardian-only but has a special effect if one)
EgGobbler II (Rare)
EgGobbler III (Rare)
EgGobbler IV (Rare)
EgGobbler V (Rare)
EgGobbler Jr. (Rare)
Eternal Twilight's Harbinger
Grim Araņacabra
Guardian Darkzard
Guardian Doom Sheep
Guardian Eclipsus Moglin
Guardian Obelisk of Darkness
Guardian Something (Rare)
Guardian VampraCon
Gween (Rare. Transformed - 85)
Infuriating Evil Candy Cane (Rare)
Irritating Evil Candy Cane (Rare)
L'il Guardian Drac (Rare)
Little Shadowpegasus
Little Shadowpony
Little Shadowunicorn
Maddening Evil Candy Cane (Rare)
Mini Bird of Prey G
Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks G (Rare)
Rocko & Socko ( 109, 149 - Rare)
Scabbed Rose
SliGht Shadowpegasus
SliGht Shadowpony
SliGht Shadowunicorn
Something G (Rare)
Twillmare (141)
Warped Guardian Moglin
Wounded Rose
Vampire Bat (Rare)

Baby Vampragon
Big Clone (listed as fire but same as weapon of player)
Clone (listed as fire but same as weapon of player)
FireLight Vampragon
Little Clone (listed as fire but same as weapon of player)
Guardian Honey Buzzer
Maple Leaf Turkey'12 ( 26, 139)
Retro Twilly G

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Legendary AK!!!

Angel Guard
Daimyo (Rare)
Dragons of Calladus
Dragonslayer Twilly
DragonZard ( 95, 135)
Draklin (Rare - 85)
Draykwing (Fire) (Elite Dragon Slayer)
Draykwing (Light) ( Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse )
EgGobbler Z (Rare)
Eukara (Version V)
Ferociously Guarding ElBhe
Graggy (Temp)
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel Elder
Guardian Antlertops I
Guardian Antlertops VI
Guardian Bun-Summoner (Rare)
Guardian Gaiden V
Guardian Hybee I (Rare)
Guardian Hybee IV (Rare)
Guardian Malinius II
Guardian Malinius VII
Guardian MegaZard II (Rare)
Guardian Memet III
Guardian Memet V
Guardian Necropunk II
Guardian Necropunk IV
Guardian Necropunk VIII
Guardian Paladin
Harryl Woodson ( 86, 149 - Rare)
Hungry EgGobbler (Rare)
Lava Rock Minion
Long-Horned Arctin
LOCOmotive (Rare)
Nezujimbo ( 96, 150)
Nightmare Eukara ( 108, 141)
Ninja Tortoise
Orc War Party (Rare)
Plant Dragon ( 50, 150 - Rare)
Poelala ( Robina's Monster Hunt)
Poison Cloud (Rare)
Ramleoness I
Ramleoness II
Ramleoness III
Ramleoness IV
Ramleoness V
Ramleoness VI
Ramleoness VII
Ravenous EgGobbler (Rare)
Slavering EgGobbler (Rare)
Sparky The Dragon
Summon Cartwright (Version VII)
Talvan (Version IV)
Truculently Guarding ElBhe
TwEbil KinEbil
Vampire Bat (Temp)
Vampire Warrior
Wandy the Water Witch
Werewolf Warrior

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Legendary AK!!!


Class Quests:
Assassin: 50% of Skills Guardian Only.
BeastMaster: 55% guardian-only: Lv.6-10 Training + Battle with the Tyrant King
Berserker: 55% guardian-only: Lv.6-10 Training + Battle with the Badger Tribe
Dracomancer: 55% guardian-only: Lv.6-10 Training + Battle with a renegade DragonSlayer
DragonSlayer: 50% guardian-only: Lv 6-10 Training
Fighter: 55% guardian-only: Ability to use skills Lv.6-10 + Take on challengers of your own.
Knight: 55% guardian-only: Lv.6-10 Training + Battle with another kingdom.
Mage: 55% guardian-only: Ability to use skills Lv.6-10 + Battle with the Serpent Witch.
Martial Artist: 80% Guardian-only + Martial Artist Tournament.
Necromancer: 55% guardian-only: Lv.6-10 Training + Protect the Dark Orbs.
Ninja: 55% guardian-only: Lv.6-10 Training + A duel with your teacher.
Paladin: 55% guardian-only: Lv.6-10 Training + Battle with an undead necromancer.
Pirate: 55% guardian-only: Lv.6-10 Training + Retrieving the last treasure of the Island.
Rogue: 55% guardian-only: Ability to use skills Lv.6-10 + Hunt down an enemy rogue.
Scholar: 55% guardian-only: Ability to use skills Lv.6-10 + take down a Drakel machine gone loose.
ShadowSlayer/NightHunters: 50% of Abilities are Guardian Only.
Wizard: 55% guardian-only: Lv. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Training + Battle with Varnak.

All Quests:
Absolix Final Battle (Special Mission)
Absolix Rising (Special Mission)
Alnaphar (Not guardian-only but Halliphax will join you if one)
Bennuju Wetlands
Blarney War 2011: Dragonchaun (Special Mission)
Canyon of the Lost Souls
Carnax Saga ( Guardian-only side-quests)
Crossroads (Can be accessed without Valencia and has a complete list of locations)
Custom Weapons Quest
Dark Lands
Doppleganger Quest
Dragonbane Quest
Epic Quest (Warlic's Portal)
Gatta Island
Germinator: Plantation!
Greenguard Forest
Guardian Arena
Hunt the Orcs
Jagged Peaks (Some items are guardian-only)
Leeroy Jenkins!
MetalFace's Lair (Last 3 floors guardian only)
Mysterious Bridge
Mysterious Crater
Mystery! AQ Live
Paintball War (Special Mission)
Plasma Dragon Quest
Quest for the Defender Orb
Quest For the Kayda Gems
Ring of Malinus
Riona Returns
Shear Madness - AQ & WF Crossover War!
Sinister 7 War
Smoke Mountain
Spell Scrolls
The MaelStrom
The Maze
The Undead Princess
The Void
Time Scrolls: Dragon War, Drakel War, Carnax War
Trophy Hunt
Undead Terror
Visit Valencia (Change your guardian-armor's color and forge your Awe weapon)
Well of the Water Lord's Tears

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11/24/2013 14:20:08   

Most of the Miss Fixit Quests are Guardian only as well I believe
AQ AQW  Post #: 10
3/11/2018 11:51:05   

You ALSO get a gaurdian Firewere if you buy gaurdian on the same day you created your Charactor. he levels with you just like the other gaurdian stuff so hes a pretty good starting pet to get. i just started playing again and made an account and the same day i bought X-Gaurdian and i had him in my inventory. Artix actually tells you about it at the end of the tutorial i believe
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