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RE: Locations/Quests/Events/Shops

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8/28/2011 5:02:01   

Friday The 13th III, Finale! needs to change war tag to the permanent one: http://i43.tinypic.com/t8rad2.jpg

Also needs to correct Location: War Memorial -> Beach Vacation Invasion -> Under Friday the 13 Invasion click on 'To War!' -> Fight the Boss Monster!

Pro Pain! needs to change current war tag to this one: http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x56/Brilliancy/Myworks/Wartaggold.png

Reason is because the boss fight is not available in War Memorial.

Location needs to change to Beach Vacation Invasion! -> Boss Fight

Monster Pro Pain - Boss needs to be bolded

Xan Reward Shop needs title placed towards the left

Also needs to correct Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Other Quests -> Save Lymcrest -> Reward Shop!

Watery Exploration needs to correct Location: SureWould Forest -> Enter waterfall cave besides Robina

Besides Release Date, needs to remove "(Not entirely certain for this)"

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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DF AQW  Post #: 76
8/29/2011 4:10:28   

Waterfall Secret Cave needs to remove Waterfall Secret Cave banner

Also needs to add Objective completed: Behind this waterfall lies a secret cave protected by Dragon Magic!

As well as add monsters' numbers:
(14) Aqueevil
(5) Monsoon Elemental
(13) Puddle
(2) Water Guard

Xan's Volcanic Fortress needs to correct Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Other Quests -> Save Lymcrest -> Xan's Fortress

Level required needs to change to Level/Quest/Items required: The Pure Pool
Release Date needs to change to Aug 10th, 2007

Scaled: Yes needs to change to Scaled Yes/No: Yes

All rewards need to be removed except Elemental Essence

As well as add Next Up: The End?

Also needs to add starting dialogs:
Warlic: I have great news! You did it!
Warlic: The pure elemental water worked. We've started a reaction that will change the river of fire back to water. Lymcrest is safe...
Warlic: ...for a while. Lymcrest is still in danger. It will always be in danger... as long Xan is in possession of the Pyronomicon.
Warlic: We don't have any choice, <Character>. We have to try to sneak into Xan's volcanic fortress and take the Pyronomicon any way we can.

The River of Fire needs to correct Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Other Quests -> Save Lymcrest -> River of Fire

Scaled Yes/No: Scaled needs to change to Yes

Also needs to add Next Up: Fetching Fire

As well as add starting dialogs:
Warlic: Recently the mining town of Lymcrest, to the west and south of here, has been having a lot of trouble with the local elemental population.
Warlic: Something has thrown off the balance between the elements and has driven them mad.
Warlic: To add to their troubles, the river that runs beside town... the river itself... has been set on fire.
Warlic: I would like you to go investigate this river of fire. See if you can help the miners. I will see if I can find the source of the elemental imbalance.

Fetching Fire - Bassault - Boss needs to be bolded

Next Up: Wind Mountain needs to change to Everybody Knows it's Windy

Everybody Knows it's Windy needs to correct Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Other Quests -> Save Lymcrest -> Wind Mountain

The Pure Pool needs to correct Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Everybody Knows it's Windy

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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DF AQW  Post #: 77
8/31/2011 7:07:53   

Return to the Yeti Cave! - Rewards: Ice Master Yeti Dragon Helm (Found after fighting the Slicecicle) needs to be removed, add None and:

Found Xanta's Chest after fighting the Slicecicle

Xanta's Chest needs to change Special Event banner to Frostvale banner, banner also needs to be centered

Directions from Falconreach needs to be removed, also needs to correct Location: Return to the Yeti Cave! -> chest found after fighting the Slicecicle

Under Contents, Ice Master Yeti Dragon Helm needs to correct link

Also needs to add Dialogue section

The Yaga Sisters needs to correct Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> Hero -> Talk -> Yaga

All NPCs (Osnero Yaga, Musuk Yaga, Felst Yaga, Skunch Yaga, and Gilth Yaga needs to remove 'Yaga' in their names - e.g. Osnero Yaga change to Osnero etc - including their entries itself)

Icemaster Yeti's Cave - all rewards need to be removed and add None; and:

Found Yeti Helms

Yeti Helms needs to remove Directions from Falconreach, and replace Special Events banner with Frostvale banner

Also needs to add Dialogue section

Half a dozen PM and all is Done, thanks. [Niki]

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DF AQW  Post #: 78
9/2/2011 2:18:14   

Yaga Stone Circle needs to correct Location: Amityvale -> Thursday -> Quests -> Yaga Stone Circle, Amityvale -> 8 Right -> Up

The Yaw needs to correct Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter

Under Monsters section, Yaw - Boss needs to be bolded

Under Rewards:
Vintage Parasol I, II, III needs to change to Vintage Parasol (I, II, III)
Musty Parasol I, II, III needs to change to Musty Parasol (I, II, III)
Company Parasol I, II, III needs to change to Company Parasol (I, II, III)
Rush of Zardlings needs to change to Rush of Zardlings (All Versions)

You Never Asked - needs to add Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of NoX-Mas

Experience and Gold rewarded need to remove "(exclude if Scaled = Yes)"

ZardSlayer Shop - war tag needs to place towards the left, also needs to add DC tag

ZardSlayer Blade, ZardSlayer Staff, ZardSlayer Shiv need to add (All Versions) beside them

Ze Reagentz Zhop! needs to remove temporary tag and add DC tag

As what Voodoo Master mentioned here, a lot of the dialogs in The Dragon Drakath doesn't have a full stop at the end. You might want to refer to this post here for reference: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=19297213

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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DF AQW  Post #: 79
9/5/2011 9:49:31   
Voodoo Master

" Rescue" needs Aquella's opening sentence:

Aquella: Thank you so much for coming to save me!

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 80
9/5/2011 14:09:03   
Voodoo Master

On " Necromancer Verata", "Next Up: From Ice to....." should be corrected to "Next Up: Necromancer Nicto".

" Ice Princess" should have "Next Up: Don't You Remember?" and "Don't You Remember?" should have "Next Up: Gone Missing".

Done so far. [Niki]

EDIT: The ??? on " A New Beginning" is clearly the Mysterious Stranger. And therefore should be linked to his entry.

At that time we did not know that. I am not sure if it should be linked to Mysterious Stranger, or have its own "???" entry (we have other "???" entries).

< Message edited by NikisArmy -- 9/6/2011 10:13:10 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 81
9/7/2011 12:04:55   
Voodoo Master

" Necromancer Nicto" should have Warlic's and Ash's opening text:

Warlic: The Necromancer Nicto has a stronghold to the west. He has been working for 15 years on a powerful spell to turn himself into... a Liche.
Ash: Wait... a Liche? Don't you mean a Lich?
Warlic: No. A Liche.
Ash: I... are you sure?
Warlic: Who's the all-powerful mage here?
Warlic: Anyways, you must venture into his stronghold, defeat his skeleton minions and stop the spell cast.

  • Quest!

And therefore the quest needs Warlic on its NPCs list too.

P.S- Note that I didn't color their names because the entry doesn't have any other colored NPCs names.

Done, thanks. The pre-quest dialogue made by the quest giver does not entitle the speaker to be included in the NPC list. [Niki]

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 82
9/8/2011 3:23:55   
Voodoo Master

On the NPCs list on " Don't You Remember?" Klaatu's NPC version entry should be linked to his name, not his monster version entry.

Done, thanks. [Niki]

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 83
9/10/2011 1:30:03   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)


needs Skweel's NPC link!

another reward.... Pork Rind Ribbon

Both done (before reading etc...), thanks. [Niki]

< Message edited by NikisArmy -- 9/10/2011 8:27:07 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 84
9/10/2011 16:26:11   
Voodoo Master

" Amityvillain" should have Zorbak's pre-quest text-

Zorbak: Mehehehe, I love amassing minions! The more minions the better!

Done, thanks. [Niki]

< Message edited by NikisArmy -- 9/10/2011 16:53:16 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 85
9/10/2011 19:33:36   
Baron Dante



Vaal: How can I be omniscient when people do not tell me where people do not tell me what they are doing?!

Can we has the bolded part o' the line removed?

Done by owner. [Niki]

< Message edited by NikisArmy -- 9/11/2011 1:44:55 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 86
9/12/2011 12:16:34   
Voodoo Master

Falconreach [War Elemental Attacks!] should have a Rare tag and a Falconreach banner.

Popsprocket [War Elemental Attacks!] should have a Rare tag and a Popsprocket banner.

Oaklore [War Elemental Attacks!] should have a Rare tag and an Oaklore banner.

Shadow of the Wind Village [War Elemental Attacks!] should have a Rare tag and a Shadow of the Wind Village banner.

Sandsea [War Elemental Attacks!] should have a Rare tag and a Sandsea banner.

War tag already marks a rare event (or an on-going war), so Rare tag is not needed. As location banners are based on the quest origin and not on its destination, the decorating flames are enough and no location banner is needed. [Niki]

< Message edited by NikisArmy -- 9/14/2011 7:02:46 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 87
9/16/2011 17:19:29   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Elementize can use an updated image for the "Elements you can choose from"
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 88
9/17/2011 15:31:19   
Advocator of Wills

Here's the image, took it from the DA elementalize interface, since it's not available in Sunbreeze Grove.


Done, thanks. I hope they will update Sunbreeze Grove to include the Bacon too. [Niki]

< Message edited by NikisArmy -- 9/18/2011 4:01:46 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 89
9/18/2011 13:50:33   
Voodoo Master

" It's a Wash" needs Valencia pre-quest text:

Valencia: Well, this is an interesting turn of events.
Valencia: Zuester's latest request came for you, and it seems that he doesn't need anything killed.
Valencia: Especially if they're mages. You know...he sure is hard to please; who knows how many of these "requests" of his you'll have to do.
Valencia: Imagine what his priests go through serving him! Directions for how to get to their temple are in the letter.

Done, thanks. [Niki]

< Message edited by NikisArmy -- 9/18/2011 13:57:08 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 90
9/19/2011 7:25:46   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Friday the 13th III entry can use a rewrite
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 91
9/21/2011 6:44:31   

What? Its Nothing! - title needs to change to Rolith's Question

War Memorial needs to add Quest Available: Death From Below (By clicking Sandsea War -> To War! -> Battle The Dunelord!)

As you see, I linked the top level quests that can be reached from the War Memorial. The Sandsea war is listed. That location contains both Death From Below, and the war waves (which were bugged from day one and never worked with the Memorial).

Dragonsfall - under Rewards, needs to add:
Minor Dragonsfall Blade
Major Dragonsfall Blade
Minor Dragonsfall Dagger
Major Dragonsfall Dagger
Minor Dragonsfall Staff
Major Dragonsfall Staff

Submission for Falconreach rewrite (common/daytime):

Falconreach (Common/Daytime)

Location: Oaklore -> Right -> Ambush in the Bushes -> Hydra Bridge -> Falconreach
Level/Quest/Items required: 3

Quests Available
Reens' Potion Shop
Reagent Search

Alina's Mana Potion Shop
Mana Reagent Search
Rolith's Question
Alina's Answer

Ash's Quests
Sneevil Box Fort
The Elemental Cave
Marsh Madness
Elemental Attack
Creepy Undead Forest
Enchanted Grove
Ocean Reef
Critter Cave
Dr. Voltabolt's Challenge

Ash - Storyline
Sepulchure's Flying Fortress
The Temple Of The Four Winds

Ash - Wanderland
Aria in Wanderland
A Strange Feeling
Mad Haberdasher
Queen of Tarts

Ash - Colorless
Never Say Dye
Dye Another Day
Live and Let Dye

Serenity - Falconreach Inn
The Root of all Sneevil
Sneevil Box Fort
The Crystal Shard
Spirits in the Inn

Guardian Tower
Battle Arena
Head in the Clouds
Guardian Trainer

Portal Quests
The Deep Freeze
Desert Tomb

Twilly - Storyline
The Hatching
A Hero is Bored
The Black Dragon Box
Opening The Black Box
The Sneevil Dumpsite
Egg Recovery
Summoning Help
The Secret Cave

Falconreach Signboard
Ballyhoo Ads
Gryphon Flightmaster
DragonFable Seasons, Holidays, and Events
A DragonLord’s Birthday

Lim's Weapon Shop
Save The Mill!
Circuit City

Lim - Clashening Saga
Collision Course
Blackhole Fun
Mayonnaise Cubed
The Cat who Walks through Dimensions
Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of
String Thing
Your Vote

Choose Your Own Adventure Quest
Back to the Past
Critical Failure!

Aria's Pet Shop
Critter Cave
Lost Pets
Hot Headed
Taming Snailmail
Cat Up A Tree
Stump Hunting
Dementons Treat
The Grinders Paw

Aria - Falconreach Spy Saga
Pet Insurrection
Mission: Improbable

Falconreach Town Hall
Damien's Draft
War at See!
The Irismancer

Falconreach Bakery
Cooking (Minigame)

Falconreach Dock
Fishing Minigame
2 Leagues Under the Sea

Falconreach Theater
Falconreach Idle!
We now return to your show!

War Memorial
Undead Assault
And so it began...
Ice Dragon Invasion
War at See!
Bassault's Assault
Wrath of Xan
Xan Bossfight
Chaos Weaver Web Site
Beach Vacation Invasion!
Hot Plot
Friday the 13th III
The First Pirate vs. Ninja War!
Sandsea War
Death From Below
Assault on the Necropolis

Shops Available
Mysterious Stranger / Mysterious Orb
Doom Shop
Doom Helms
More Doom

Reens' Shop
Reens' Rings

Alina's Mana Potion Shop
Alina's Helm Shop

B.M. Moglin
Name/Gender/Base Class Change
Miasmal Weapons
Skull Ripper Helm
Ripper Wings
Shadow Armor Token
Shadow Class Merge
Special Essences

Serenity - Falconreach Inn
The Inn Shop
Player Suggestion Shop

Ash DragonBlade
Destiny Shop
Mighty 100K

Falconreach Newsboard / Others
Dragonfable Holiday, Season, or Event Shops

Guardian Tower
Arena Rewards

Punt Twilly Shop

Lim's Weapon Shop
Lim's Shop
Lim's DC Shop
DragonLord Weapons

Cysero / Cysero's Superstore of Savings
Capes & Wings
Helms and Capes
Cysero's Weapons
Rare Pets
Cysero's Shop
DC Rings
Mask Shop

Cysero's Orb
House Shop

Grams' Pet Shop

Aria's Pet Shop
Grams Pets
Mogloween Pet / DC Mogloween Pet
Chocolate Bunny

Falconreach Town Hall
Defender's Medal Shop

Falconreach Dock
Fishing (Shop)

Falconreach Bakery

Patch's Barber Shop
Patch's Barber Shop

Trinki's Rings
Trinki's Wings

War Memorial
War Memento Shop

Ash DragonBlade
B.M. Moglin
Cysero’s Orb
Grill Master
Guardian Fred
Guardian Grohl
Guardian Jafar
Guardian Jenni
Guardian Mekiai
Guardian Mindi
Guardian Myra
Guardian Rakar
Guardian Rikah
Guardian Ynnae
Mage Elros
Mayor Rayf
Merchant Cyan
Mysterious Orb
Mysterious Stranger
Patch, the Barber
Sir Jer
Sir Render
Stable Master
Trainer Eckhard
Trinki Bell
Verlaron Knight

Mysterious Orb

Mysterious Orb: Yes?

Mysterious Orb: I am no one. However, you <Character>, are someone whom I find very interesting.

Mysterious Orb: It is a shame you do not possess a Doom Weapon. A <Class> as powerful as you deserves an equally powerful weapon.
Mysterious Orb: Only a true hero like yourself should be trusted with a Doom Weapon. Their greatest powers have yet to be unlocked.

Mysterious Orb: Your Doom Weapon is exquisite. It will continue to bring you evan more power. In time you shall become unstoppable.

Mysterious Orb: It's a shame.

Mysterious Orb: You wish to increase the power of your Doom Weapon using 5 Unlucky Doom Essences? Excellent!
Mysterious Orb: If you have a Dragon Amulet... and you have already upgraded your doom weapon once, then we can begin...
Mysterious Orb: If you have not upgraded yet, travel to Crystal Clear Lake in Amityvale and speak to Chaney in his shop there... then return to me.

Guardian Jenni

Guardian Jenni: Hail, <Class>!

Guardian Jenni: Welcome to Falconreach, the town that is connected to all of Lore!
Guardian Jenni: If you are new in town, you should talk to the little red moglin. He usually knows a lot about what is going on.
Guardian Jenni: Also, be sure to check the Daily Dragon posting in the center of town often. Every week something new is added!

Guardian Jenni: You know... little ball of fur with a tail, and two giant ears? Moglins are adept at healing magic and generally being cute. Well, most of them...

Guardian Jenni: Falconreach is a social and commercial hub. You can find almost anything you need here, and some things you don't. *grin*
Guardian Jenni: You find shops for weapons and potions, a barber shop, and many more. Also, check out Cysero's Superstore of Savings!
Guardian Jenni: He's a little weird but he usually has some really interesting stuff for sale.

Guardian Jenni: The citizens of Falconreach are from all over. People tend to come to visit, and end up never leaving.
Guardian Jenni: It's a great town with a good vibe and lots of action.

Guardian Jenni: If you would like faster means of travel than your own two feet, you may ride our gryphon, Peter. He can be found near the Guardian Tower.
Guardian Jenni: There are many places, however, that are only accessible by foot. Just follow the scent of adventure!
Guardian Jenni: Oh, and before you leave, be sure to rest at Serenity's Inn. The beds are almost always clean, and she makes a mean cup of cocoa!
Guardian Jenni: There is a map there as well, so that should help to get you oriented.
Guardian Jenni: My pleasure. Enjoy your stay!


Guardian: How's it goin?

Guardian: What, you don't know?! I'm a Guardian!
Guardian: Sure, technically I'm a knight but our scope of duties and obligations are much larger.
Guardian: However, mostly my job is to protect this town. It has seen its share of war, and it needs someone to fight for it.

Guardian: Well, I was guarding the East gate the other day and met a hunter..
Guardian: He had just come from Doomwood Forest and was bragging about how much money he'd made off of monster pelts.
Guardian: Aye, but I can't imagine who he could have sold pelts to in Doomwood.. That forest holds nothing but evil.

Guardian: Hey, did you see that cute mage that went by earlier? *whistles*

Guardian1: Come on, rookie, get your guard up! How are you ever going to defend the town if you can't defend yourself?
Guardian2: Whoa, that was deep.

Guardian1: We lost so many...
Guardian2: Welcome, <Character>. If you wish to travel quickly, you may use our gryphon. He is to your right.

Guardian: Hi there, <Character>.
Guardian: Everybody here knows who you are.. you slayed the hydra on Arborvale bridge!

B.M. Moglin

B.M. Moglin: Pssst. Hey, you. Yeah, you. I'm the Black Market Moglin, stranger. I hear you want to change something. Maybe I can help.

B.M. Moglin: Need to change your name? I have the papers for that. It'll cost you 1000 DC.

B.M. Moglin: You want to change gender? I know a spell. It'll cost you 1000 DC.

B.M. Moglin: Want to change your class? I've always been a fan of magic myself. It'll cost you 500 DC.

Ash DragonBlade

Ash: Hi <Character>! I've got some new information for you! I guess a hero's job is never done.

Ash: I've finally decided, today is the day! I'm going to do it!
Ash: I'm going to go and become a knight, no matter what it takes!
Ash: But you already know that. You can play ArchKnight by logging out and selecting me (Ash DragonBlade) from the character selection list.

Ash: What would you like to know?

Ash: Something really bad is happening...

Ash: There is always a lot happening here in Falconreach.

Ash: These letters arrived for you.


Alta: If you are bored, you should try doing some fishing. I've heard a lot of crazy stories about it lately.

Outside the Auction House

Sir Jer: Hail Zharth! How have you been, friend?
Zharth: I've been well, Sir Jer! Still sewing up a storm?
Sir Jer: Aye. So, what brings you to Falconreach?
Zharth: Well I hoped a caravan from Moonridge just to get away from the monotony of guard duty for a while.
Zharth: I figured I'd take in some sights, and maybe attend an auction while I'm here but the items weren't to my liking.
Sir Jer: Hah! A well-earned vacation, I'm sure. I too came to attend an auction but alas it is as you have said.
Sir Jer: They often bring in new items, however, so it is worth your time to return.
Zharth: Oh? Excellent.
Sir Jer: I spoke to the owner, Gris. He seems t be an interesting fellow.. I believe he will bring in some unique pieces.
Zharth: Fantastic! Hey, lets go grab a smoothie at the Inn and gripe about our jobs while we wait for the next one.
Sir Jer: Excellent Idea!


Bastantus: Lana, this mission is important. You must obtain it and bring it back to prove your courage.


Brump: Heh, the harbour is always so busy this time of day. Even the fish are biting!


Twilly: Have you heard of the Priestess, Lady Celestia? She was supposed to meet me here. Could you ask Rolith in Oaklore Keep?

Twilly: Hiyas! Want to look for the Black Dragon Box? You should ask Robina the Hood, she knows everything about hunting Sneevils!

Twilly: Oh noes, the Black Dragon Box was empty!? Oooh I know! You need to visit the most famous Treasure Hunter in the land!

Twilly: 5 eggs? Wowzers! Which one is the real dragon Egg? I know, use the portal and ask Warlic the mage to help!

Twilly: Amazing <Character>, you have the Dragon Egg! We better put it in a safe place. Hmm... I know a secret cave!

Twilly: It is time! It is time! Quick.... let's go to the cave where your Dragon Egg is!

Twilly: Amazing <Character>, you have the Dragon Egg! We better put it in a safe place. Hmm... I know a secret cave!

Twilly: Cysero gave me a special necklace so I can comes back here whenever I wants! It only works for me though, Aria already tried...

Twilly: Did someone say cake? No cake please!!!!!!!


Cysero: Hiya! I'm Cysero, the Mad Magical Weaponsmith! If you are looking for the highest quality items, step inside my Superstore of Savings!

Cysero: As I said, I'm Cysero, the Mad Magical Weaponsmith! I travel the world looking for rare magical materials and spells.
Cysero: I use those to create amazingly powerful weapons, armor and items that I sell for Dragon Coins! These items are the best!
Cysero: But I really just use the store to fund my various magical experiments! Yesterday I made a dancing sandwich! Neat, huh?

Cysero: <Character>! Feel like going on an adventure?

Cysero: Oh, your left sock? Of course I know where it is. It's.... OHHHH you almost got me that time. You won't get it from me THAT easy! Heh!

Cysero's Orb

Cysero’s Orb: Hi, this is Cysero. I'm not here right now but my orb can help you with all your of your housing needs. Please leave a Message after the chime. *GONG*

Cysero’s Orb: If you want to visit someone's house, just enter in their Character ID below, then click the VISIT button!

Cysero’s Orb: "Greetings Shopper! The Home Of Your Dream Awaits You!" Sorry, I have to say that.
Cysero’s Orb: With all the heroes of Falconreach clearing out monster in every direction, a lot of land has recently been declared safe by King Alteon!
Cysero’s Orb: The King asked Cysero to create a special "real estate orb" to help the heroes find their homes. That's where I come in!
Cysero’s Orb: If you need anything... just let me know! I'll try and get you the exact home that you're looking for!

Cysero’s Orb: Here are three basic starter home styles that you have to choose from. When you know which one you want, click the Buy A House button!

Cysero’s Orb: Ready to buy a new house?

Guardian Fred

Guardian Fred: Oh, before you go... Don't forget to check the Daily Dragon news post in the center of Falconreach often.. It gets updated every Friday!

Guardian Fred: Oh, just fine now that my shift is almost over. What a day!
Guardian Fred: Just a long day of dealing with merchants and traders on their way in and out of town. They can be a rowdy bunch.
Guardian Fred: This one merchant, Phil. He gets on my nerves with that little dance he keeps doing.
Guardian Fred: Nice guy n' all, but oh my gosh just let me work here. Y'know?

Guardian Fred: Well, you can fish right here in Falconreach, actually. If you head up towards the Guardian Tower there is a road that connects to the bay.
Guardian Fred: I've heard that the fishing is good in Amityvale as well, which is to the South.

Guardian Fred: Try going North towards Verteroche Crossing. The people there are kind and there is usually some employment opportunities.
Guardian Fred: Further North you will find Archmage Warlic, Lymcrest, and other towns.
Guardian Fred: Alternatively, you could head East and visit Moonridge and The Sandsea to name a few.
Guardian Fred: But Beware of Doomwood Forest.. it is an extremely dangerous place.
Guardian Fred: Aye. You know what they say... "All roads lead to Falconreach".

Guardian Fred

Guardian Jafar: Hail, <Class>.

Falconreach Bank

Lira: Welcome to the new Falconreach Bank! How can I help you?


Adeline: It's so peaceful here.


Annapurna: Hi!

Annapurna: Have you come to see the statue?

Annapurna: Oh, me too! This is my favorite place in all of Falconreach!
Annapurna: Every day I come here... it's my spot.
Annapurna: Yeah.. well it is. But that's not why I come here.
Annapurna: Some day, I'm going to become a SUPER GREAT mage like Warlic! He is my hero!
Annapurna: What, you don't think I can?

Annapurna: Really?! Sweet! I'm going to train every single day!
Annapurna: Some day I'll be just as strong and brave a mage as Warlic is! Then I can help defend the town when we're in trouble!
Annapurna: Heehee! You're really nice. Would you like to have some of my spellberries?
Annapurna: Yeah! All the great mages eat them. They help to make your magic stronger! Want some?

Annapurna: Hee hee!

Annapurna: Oh, ok. Well, come back if you change your mind. *OM NOM NOM*

Annapurna: !!!
Annapurna: Don't you know that moglins are good at magic? Most of us have inherent magical abilities!
Annapurna: Oooh! I'll show you. Just you watch!

Annapurna: Oh, are you new to Falconreach?

Annapurna: Oh, then welcome to Falconreach! There is lots to do, so you won't get bored.
Annapurna: Well let's see.. Ash and Twilly always have lots of things going on. You can find them near Serenity's Inn.
Annapurna: Or you could check out the shops. Patch's barber shop is just down the road a little bit, and so is the bakery.
Annapurna: Reens and Alina run the potion shops to the left of Serenity's Inn. They can probably find you something to do as well.
Annapurna: Oh and there's-- There is a lot more, but you said you like to explore so I'll let you find them all.

Annapurna: Oh, so you just came to relax a little bit, huh? Don't worry, I won't bother you.


Miguel: Hail, <Class>.

Miguel: There have been some shady characters prowling around here at night.. I really wish the Guardians would find out what is going on.
Miguel: They're up to no good, I tell ya!


Carri: Hello there.

Carri: Well, I did hear some news about that guild of archeologists, Ancient Dreams.
Carri: Recently one of their members un-earthed a tomb in Doomwood, but no-one has been brave enough to enter it!
Carri: Either you're nuts or you've never been to Doomwood Forest... Only a seasoned adventurer would dare to do something like that.
Carri: Usually they hire adventurers they can trust to clear out the place first, and then they check it out. But nobody wanted this job.
Carri: Well, if you do I'm sure Ileon would be happy.
Carri: He's the archeologist who led the team that found it. He was really mad when they couldn't find anybody to clear the place.
Carri: Yep.

Carri: No, sorry. Ancient Dreams has members excavating sites all over Lore, though. I'm sure you'll run into one of them some time.

Carri: Well, he's the one who found Riverine Keep and Siren's Anchorage, to name a couple.

Carri: Yeah, and those are just the ones I know about. I'm sure there are more, Ileon's very famous.
Carri: One of these days I'll get out of here and explore some of them.. but for now I'm just enjoying living in town.

Carri: Oh, well.. I don't know much about it really. Whatever used to be there has crumbled to dust, but underneath lies a labyrinth.
Carri: It's way up North-East of here. I'd take the gryphon if I were you.. that's a very long walk.

Carri: There's a small inlet off the bay, where the ruins of a temple were discovered. Powerful magic resides there.

Carri: Sorry, that's all I've heard about it. If you want you can ask Jabel, he's the one who told me about it.

Carri: You'd need a boat. The whole place is nested against the shore, and flanked by mountains.

Merchant Cyan

Merchant Cyan: Ahh, I love this town. Every time I head to Oaklore I always take a moment to rest here.

Falconreach Theater

Zevox: Greetings, <Class>, and welcome to the luminous Theater Celebritay! Where EVERYONE has a chance to shine!

Zevox: Welcome to The Making of Falconreach Idle, with your host, ME, Zevox, TheaterMaster Extraordinaire!
Zevox: George Lowe and staff members Cysero and Lim all voiced their own NPCs.
Zevox: Serenity, the character, was voiced by Alina while Lime the moglin was voiced by Nythera!
Zevox: Artix voiced himself in the commercial between acts 1 and 2!
Zevox: You might have some questions for your opponents, too. I can answer that!
Zevox: When we use your character in a cutscene, we have to have a character model stand-in for you during the animation.
Zevox: When DragonFable first started, that stand-in was Mr. Guy. (I love his name, don't you?)
Zevox: As the game grew more advanced, so did Mr. Guy. He finally got a total overhaul and became his alter-ego, Mr. Green Guy.
Zevox: Mr. Green Guy can do a bunch of cool things that you, the player, never see but which makes him REALLY useful in cutscenes!
Zevox: Mr. Test Guy is used to make sure we have the monster scaling right when drawing and animating monsters.
Zevox: If a sneevil were taller than YOU, it wouldn't look right! (Or fit into its boxes.)
Zevox: Regardless of how the Guys are used, they're ALL your stunt-men, standing in for you until we're ready to have you play your own part!


Vickie: You know, I heard that Galanoth gave something of his to the Auction House. The proceeds will be donated to something nice.


Nesh: You're in my personal space, bub.

Besides Patch Barber Shop

Sheppie: How've you been, friend?
Guardian Rikah: Good, good. I just got transferred here. It's nice to finally get a chance to relax a little.
Sheppie: Oh? Where were you stationed before Falconreach?
Guardian Rikah: I was part of a battalion charged with guarding some caravans carrying food into Swordhaven.
Sheppie: I see, how interesting.
Guardian Rikah: There have been reports of increasing numbers of bandits near the capitol.
Sheppie: So... you and your team were successful in staving them off, I assume?
Guardian Rikah: I'm not entirely sure, actually.
Sheppie: Huh?
Guardian Rikah: Well, in the time I was there we didn't see a single bandit.
Sheppie: Hmm. Maybe they heard the guardians were coming and decided to stay away, then.
Guardian Rikah: Perhaps.
Guardian Rikah: Something about it still bugs me through..

Falconreach Bakery

Gretel: Mmmmm, hello there, young one... feeling a little peckish?

Gretel: I am Gretel, little one. You look hungry. Very thin. You need to eat more. I can fatten you up with sweets and pies.
Gretel: I'll even teach you how to make them yourself. I can cook many things, some of the more complex dishes may even help you fight better...


Galliver: W'hey there, friend. If you know somebody who needs farming equipment, send em' to me!

Mage Elros: *Sigh* Why do I always get stuck with the menial tasks in this party? That blasted meat shield could be doing this while I study spells.

Trinki Bell: Capes and wings! Necklaces! Rings! Come and buy my pretty things!

Falconreach Armory

Verlaron Knight: The Knight Captain of Verlaron has sent me to claim a certain item from your battalion. To whom may I speak to about this matter?

Guardian Mekiai: For the love of all that is sane do NOT touch that, <Class>. Nor the undead cannon.

Other Information
  • Falconreach Inn can be accessed by entering the door besides Ash
  • You're able to access to the Portal near the cliff
  • Guardian Tower is found at the top of the cliff
  • Falconreach Town Hall offers Stats Training
  • Gryphon Flightmaster can take you to almost any town you want
  • FalconsNest can be entered from going South has been merged into Falconreach
  • Ravenloss can only be entered during the Night-time, through the portal near the River
  • B.M. Moglin can change your Name, Gender, and/or your Base Class for DragonCoins
  • War Memorial can be accessed through the Southern Falconreach

    Done, Thanks! [Niki]

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  • DF AQW  Post #: 92
    9/21/2011 21:15:28   

    Ice Cave

    The mace rewards are listed as

    Sturdy Mjölnir
    Heavy Mjölnir
    Icy Mjölnir

    But they should be Mjor, without the 'nir' suffix

    Done by Peachii, thanks! [SamJJE101]

    Originally it was Mjör, then it was changed into Mjölnir, but now it is Mjolnir. There is a problem storing accent character in the game database, so it had to be changed. [Niki]

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    DF AQW  Post #: 93
    9/22/2011 23:42:41   

    A correction for Falconreach: Death From Below quest needs to be removed

    The Lady (Shop) needs to correct location/link to Night Time Falconreach

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

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    DF AQW  Post #: 94
    9/23/2011 6:57:33   
    Voodoo Master

    " One Rose Shop" should have its Amityvale banner centered.

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 95
    9/23/2011 12:10:52   
      Stephen Nix
    Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

    to the link that's already provided 2 posts above mine by Peachii in Falconreach.....check out the top of that entry... there is a "d" there! lol

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 96
    9/23/2011 18:48:45   
    Advocator of Wills

    Done, with Boss battle link included. Friday the 13th III

    Friday the 13th III

    Location: Falconreach, War Memorial -> Beach Vacation Invasion -> Friday the 13th INVASION -> To War!
    Level/Quest/Items required: None
    Release Date: July 13th, 2007, Jan 1st, 2010

    Objective: The Beach Vacation Invasion has merged with the Friday the 13th war!
    Objective completed: Who could the spy be?!

    Scaled Yes/No: Yes

    War Meter

    Wave 1: (3) Slime, (1) Flame-Ingo, (1) Deadwood, (1) Skeletal Minion, (1) Sunwarrior, (1) LavaGoblin, (2) Eyeball
    Wave 2: (3) Eyeball, (1) LavaGoblin, (1) Sunwarrior, (1) Slime, (1) Skeletal Minion
    Wave 3: (1) Eyeball, (2) Flame-Ingo, (1) Slime, (1) Deadwood, (1) Sunwarrior
    Wave 4: (1) Slime, (6) Eyeball, (1) Flame-Ingo, (1) LavaGoblin, (1) Sunwarrior (1) Skeletal Minion, (1) Deadwood
    Wave 5: (4) Flame-Ingo, (1) LavaGoblin, (2) Eyeball, (3) Deadwood, (2) Skeletal Minion, (2) Sunwarrior
    Wave 6: (3) Flame-Ingo, (1) Skeletal Minion, (1) Slime, (2) LavaGoblin, (2) Deadwood, (1) Eyeball
    Joke Wave 1: (1) Flame-Ingo
    Joke Wave 2: (1) Eyeball


    Defender's Medal
    Unlucky Doom Essence

    The Helmet of Ra
    13th Mask

    Breakwater (I-IV)
    13th Sword

    ConchFritter (I-IV)
    13th Staff

    BeachComber (I-IV)
    13th Dagger




    ORIGINAL: In Media Res

    All monsters are single and scaled, unless noted.

    Wave 1: The first Slime is two Slimes (each at 1/4 HP) and a Flame-ingo (at 1/2 HP). The last Skeleton (yes, Skeleton) is a LavaGoblin (1/2 HP) with two Eyeballs (one unscaled, one 1/2 HP).

    Wave 2: The Eyeball is unscaled. The LavaGoblin (who is at 1/2 HP) comes with two Eyeballs (one unscaled, one 1/2 HP).

    Wave 3: The Eyeball comes with two Flame-Ingoes (all three at 1/2 HP).

    Wave 4: The first Slime has two Eyeballs (one unscaled, one 1/2 HP). The Flame-Ingo has one Eyeball (the Eyeball is at 1/2 HP). The Eyeball is unscaled. The LavaGoblin (who is at 1/2 HP) comes with two Eyeballs (one unscaled, one 1/2 HP).

    Wave 5: The first Flame-Ingo is three Flame-Ingoes (all at 1/2 HP). The LavaGoblin is at 1/2 HP. The Eyeball comes with another Eyeball and a Flame-Ingo (all of which are at 1/2 HP).

    Wave 6: The Flame-Ingo is unscaled. The Skeleton comes with a Flame-Ingo at 1/2 HP. The second LavaGoblin is at 1/2 HP. The second Deadwood comes with an unscaled Flame-Ingo and an Eyeball at 1/2 HP.

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 97
    9/24/2011 7:48:23   
    Advocator of Wills

    Correction for Teral's Gear - Poison Ward Amulet (I-IV) goes below Necklaces, not Trinkets.

    Done, thanks. [Niki]

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 98
    9/27/2011 17:22:25   
    Voodoo Master

    Cloak of Doom!'s war tag should be replaced with a permanent war tag.

    For some reason War Memorial -> Assault on the Necropolis -> Ghost -> Upgrade Doom Cloak! loads Gold War! instead of Cloak of Doom!. [Niki]

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    9/27/2011 20:35:55   
    Advocator of Wills

    The Flying Fortress needs a few corrections:

    Guardian Kain: <Character's Name>! Status Report.

    Sepulchure: I will see to this matter... personally.

    A few more corrections for Aftermath:

    Demento: Akriloth's pride will be his downfall.

    <Character Name>: Akriloth... he has the Fire Orb, he was too powerful.

    <Character Name>: Akriloth is an Ultra-Magma dragon... he's... he's insanely powerful.

    Done, thanks.[Niki]

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