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Quest Log

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4/2/2010 22:43:10   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Quest Log

Location: Dragon Amulet button > Quest Log, Click on the treasure chest icon next to your backpack while not in a quest.

Traveler's Journal
This quest log is here for you to chronicle your journey across Lore. It will allow you to access the quests you unlock, as well as badges to proclaim your victories!

Some quests will only be accessible by talking to the quest giver and still others will be limited to those who possess Dragon Amulets. You might want to visit quest givers anyway, as they might have special shops or useful information for you!

Go to Release
Takes you to Falconreach, the central crossroads of current Lore

Go to Storyline
A valiant hero in search of adventure, you've met the Priestess and seen her box, been introduced to Twilly and Zorbak, two of Lore's most famous moglins, and battled your way past a three-headed Hydra and a number of bandits. That was only the beginning, because the REAL story starts here...

Dragon Egg Saga
It wouldn't be DragonFable without your very own Dragon companion!

You don't need this quest chain completed to play the rest of the game, but you'll understand more of the backstory plus you'll have a cuddly winged pet to call your very own!

Black Dragon Box
Robina the Hood
Treasure Hunter
The Secret Cave
The Hatching
Lady Celestia

You did it! You are now in posession of the Dragon Egg! Now, how can you make it hatch and become a Dragonlord? Visit your egg and watch over it. The real fun is just about to start!

Every game needs a villain, and Sepulchure fills that role admirably! Playing the different quests will teach you bits and pieces about his mindset and motivation, but the quests here will give you a vital look into this most nefarious of characters!

Sepulcher's Flying Fortress
Temple of the Four Winds
War at See

Wind Orb Saga (Shadow of the Wind Village)
Run of the Kessel
The Hunt Begins
Return the Scrolls
Walk through Fire
Jewel of Four Winds
Honda’s Accord

Wind Orb Saga (Osprey Cove)
Water-Breathing Potions
Ruins of Kordana
Boxes of Ninjas
Captain’s Orders
Red Betty’s Spell
Something Fishy

Light Orb Saga
Meeting Zhoom
The Hard Way
The Blue Lotus
The Oasis Inn
The Dynasty Tomb
Sek-Duat Lives Again
Death From Below

Darkness Orb Saga
Battle for Moonridge
Moonridge: Saved!
The Outcast
The Gate Keeper
The Body Shop
Too Many Cooks
The Green Mist
Artix vs. the Undead
Noxus Fumes
Extra Credit

Ice Orb Saga
A Cold Reception
Un-BEAR-Able Cold
Gary (Quest)
Not So Great Escape
Killguin Arena
Bear Facts
Long in the Tooth
The Snow Fields
Gary’s Fate
Ice Queen
Olaf’s Party

Energy Orb Saga
Pipe Dreams
Richard’s Gear
Patchelbel’s Cannon
Rolith’s Solution
Ex Machina
To War
The City Fights Back!

Fire Orb Saga
A Letter from Home
The Search
Lair of the Guardian
The Ultimate Weapon
Going East
The Mighty Akriloth
Battle of the Eastern Hills!
BattleOn Burns!
Assault on the Enemy
Xan has a Plan
Final Battle!

Water Orb Saga
Two Leagues Under the Sea
Undead Pirate Attack
Aboard Alone
As You Lie Dreaming...
The Rescue
The Tower
The Bottom

Xan Saga
The River of Fire
Fetching Fire
Everybody Knows it’s Windy
The Pure Pool
Xan’s Fortress
The End?

Nythera Saga
Stocking the Shelves
It’s not Fair!
It’s Elementary
Potion Mastery
The Coming Storm
The Storm War

Go to Towns
There are many towns and cities throughout Lore. Explore them all, and prepare for the adventures that await you!

Towns Available
Oaklore Keep
Robina's Zone
Warlic's Zone
Valencia's Zone
Sunbreeze Grove
Osprey Cove
Shadow of the Wind Village
The Sandsea
The Necropolis
Aeris Battlespire

Go to Quests
There is more to Lore than just the main storyline! Our world is filled with many adventures for you to go on, hero! Make sure you explore them all!

Oaklore Quests (Sir Valance)
The Forest
Sneevil Box Fort
Ninja Dojo
Defend the Keep!
The Boxopolis

Oaklore Quests (Sir Vey)
Seed Bag
Food Supply
Missing Fruit
Burn it All!

Oaklore Quests (Other)
The Sweetest Thing
Sir Jing’s Weapons
Vurrmen Ruins
Worst Prank Ever
Sir Koffagus’ Sarcophagus
Growing Problems

Falconreach (Ash)
The Treefort
The Cave
The Grove
The Marsh
Elemental Attack

Falconreach (Aria in Wanderland)
Aria in Wanderland
A Strange Feeling
Mad Haberdasher
Queen of Tarts

Falconreach (Colorless)
Never Say Dye
Dye Another Day
Live and Let Dye

Falconreach (Other)

Amityvale (Thursday)
Haunted Castle
Crystal Clear Lake
Yaga Stone Circle
The Crypt
The Pit
Mysterious LLC

Amityvale (Zorbak's Legion)
Undead Dravir
Zorbak’s Legion
Zorbak’s (New) Hideout
Double Trouble
Seeking Queen
Tiny Terrors
Defend the Brood!

Sunbreeze Grove
The Chef
The DishWasher
The Event Planner
The Waiter
The MasterMind

Warlic's Zone
A Named Elemental
Miner's Barracks
The Crystal Shard

Idol Hands

Valencia (Bacon Origin)
Bringing Home the Bacon
He's (a) Lyin'
Purebred Protests
It's a Wash
Heart of Gold
No Horsing Around
Frenzy at the Forge
Don't Have a Kow
Queen of the Jungle
Triple Threat?
The Garden of Good and Ebil
Inside the Garden
The Secret Revealed
Grrrberus' Revenge
Armor Merge Shop

Valencia (Race Around Lore)
To Oaklore
To Amityvale
To The Sandsea
To Popsprocket
To Dragesvard
To the Islands
Turn in Souvenirs

A Golden Opportunity
Give 'til it Hurts
Bandit Camp
Lumber Mill
Sneevil Forest
Box Fort

Go to Badges
These badges will track your achievements and accomplishments as you journey through Lore. Badges, gotta unlock 'em all!
Badge			Requirements
-----			------------
Egg-sellent		Completion of 'Vultragon'
Widdle Baby Dragon	Completion of 'The Hatching'
Oaklore Navigation	Completion of 'Hydra Bridge'
More Boxes!       	Completion of 'Burn It All!'
PVP Brawler       	Unlock PVP Rank 5
PVP Arena Fighter	Unlock PVP Rank 10
PVP Prize Fighter	Unlock PVP Rank 15
PVP GrandMaster		Unlock PVP Rank 20
Hugs for DoomKittens	Defeat DoomKitten
Sepulchure's Castle	Completion of 'The Temple of the Four Winds'
+1 Pyronomicon		Completion of 'Xan's Fortress'
Death of a Knight	Defeat Sir Malifact
Captain's Orders	Completion of 'Captain's Orders'
Walk Through Fire	Completion of 'Walk Through Fire'
Confront Sek-Duat	Completion of 'Sek-Duat Lives Again!'
Digging the Dungeon	Completion of 'Lymcrest Labyrinth'
Look at it Leam!	Completion of 'Baby Steps'
Cold as Ice		Completion of 'Ice Queen'
Party On, Olaf!		Completion of 'Olaf's Party'
Elemental Chaos		Completion of 'Storm War'
Secret of the Bacon Orb	Completion of 'The Secret Revealed'
Grrrberus!		Defeat Grrrberus
Prepare for War!	Completion of 'Ex Machina'
A Hot Finale		Completion of 'The Final Battle'
For Science!		Meet Lim, Falconreach's new Weaponsmith
Cutest Legion EVER!	Completion of 'Tiny Terrors'
Faceoff!		Completion of 'Your Vote'
Weave with Me		Completion of 'The End?'
Water you doing?	Completion of 'Risen'
Grasping Dragon		Completion of 'Betrayal'
Void Magic		Completion of 'Embrace your Destiny'
Base			Completion of Base Class Training
Guardian		Completion of Guardian Class Training
DragonLord		Completion of DragonLord Class Training
Evolved DragonLord	Unlock Evolved DragonLord Class Armor
DragonRider		Completion of DragonRider Class Training
Pirate			Completion of Pirate Class Training
Ninja			Completion of Ninja Class Training
Technomancer		Completion of Technomancer Class Training
PumpkinLord		Completion of PumpkinLord Class Training
Evolved PumpkinLord	Completion of Evolved PumpkinLord Class Training
DeathKnight		Completion of DeathKnight Class Training
Ranger			Completion of Ranger Class Training
Paladin			Completion of Paladin Class Training
Necromancer		Completion of Necromancer Class Training
DragonSlayer		Completion of DragonSlayer Class Training
FrostMoglin		Completion of Frost Moglin Class Training
SoulWeaver		Completion of SoulWeaver Class Training
Pet Training Mastery	Unlock Grams' Pets
BlackSmith Mastery	Unlock Rank 35 BlackSmithing
Health Alchemy Mastery	Unlock Rank 40 Health Alchemy
Mana Alchemy Mastery	Unlock Rank 40 Mana Alchemy
Fishing Mastery		Unlock 20 Fish in Falconreach Aquarium
DoomWood Fishing MasteryUnlock 40 Fish in DoomWood Aquarium
DoomKnight Armor Owner	Purchase complete DoomKnight Set

-- signifies a Badge yet to come (currently there are no such badges)

Go to Features
This section of the Quest Log offers features you'll find handy as you explore the world of Lore!

Go to Hometown
Returns you to your saved hometown.

Fully heals your HP and MP.

Go to House
Returns to you to your house.

  • Quest Log was replaced on 2012-09-07 with Book of Lore.

    Thanks to
    -- Niki for additional texts.
    -- Peachii for information.
    -- Silver Xoven for location correction and chest image.

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