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Location: Haven on the Horizon, Caught in a Vise, Taking A Stand, The Siege of Haven, A Decisive Blow, One Step Forward, Supply and Demand, Trust, On Broken Wings, Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex, The Runed Fortress, The Elite Patrol, Prison Brawl, Shear Destruction, Dragonrider War Intro, Saellah, An Uncertain Future, Queen of Swordhaven, A Petal Falls, The Royal Resistance - Vind Faction, A Shocking Discovery, Ambition's Crossroads, Grinding Gears, Direct Current, Broken Circuit (Part 1), Broken Circuit (Part 2), Of Duty and Dragons, The Awakened Depths - Vind Faction, Speaker and Slayer, The Descent, Reasons to Fight

Zones permitted
DragonRider War

Quests given
The Runed Fortress
The Elite Patrol
Prison Brawl
Prologue - Longing
Homecoming Hurts
An Uncertain Future
The Third Floor
Escape from Espina Rosa
Starcrossed - The Thorns of the Rose

Shops owned

Haven on the Horizon

???: I heard you were looking for me, Srazhenie?

???: Let them in. They speak the truth.

Caught in a Vise

Mritha: Welcome to the Haven, Kara. And... you, I don't believe I've met?

Mritha: Likewise. I've heard many stories of your exploits before you were frozen. I look forward to working with you.

Mritha: And it seems we've finally been able to open the doors. Although I do wish it were under less dire circumstances.

Mritha: Kara, <Character>, please forgive Srazhenie. As Kara is well aware, most of the dravir are slow to trust, and for good reason.

Mritha: For most of their recorded existence, the dravir were enslaved by dragons.
Mritha: Their recorded existence, that is. The dragons erased whatever culture had come before, and the dravir only knew slavery and subservience.
Mritha: It wasn't until the elemental wars over a thousand years ago that some dravir managed to escape.
Mritha: And even then...
Mritha: They were directionless. All they knew was slavery.
Mritha: Even now, there are dravir who believe the dragons to be their creators...
Mritha: ...although some of the old artifacts we have discovered suggest otherwise.
Mritha: And while the rule of dragons is no longer as widespread as it once was...
Mritha: ...many dravir still dread their return, and are thus exceptionally wary of any potential threats.
Mritha: It took quite some time for them to trust me and especially my dragon partner Odgne...
Mritha: ...but that they could, gives me hope that they may become great allies to the Vind in times to come.

Mritha: I hope so. If what is said about you is true, I can only imagine you've come across enslaved or "lost" dravir in your adventures.

Mritha: They were given no choice but to fight, just as you were given no choice but to defend yourself.
Mritha: The dravir here understand that, and will not hold it against you.

Mritha: Yes, and it is not looking good. I don't know how, but they are definitely on the scent of Haven.
Mritha: I suspect the involvement of The Rose. While they do not have the means to communicate with the dragons...
Mritha:'s possible they're attempting to make use of them to entrap the dravir into an alliance or worse.

Mritha: Then on that front it is fortunate that you arrived before The Rose did.
Mritha: The fear of the dragons drives the dravir to desperation, and we would rather have them turn to us than The Rose for aid.

Mritha: I am stating the facts of the situation.
Mritha: Manipulative or not, you are the leader of the Vind, Kara, and I suggest you take the opportunities that present themselves.
Mritha: Speaking of which, <Character>, I have a task for you. The stories say that you are bonded with a dragon. Is that true?

Mritha: And where is <Dragon> at this moment?

Mritha: The dravir were impressed with the bond I have with Odgne- not of master and servant, but as partners and friends.
Mritha: Perhaps seeing you and <Dragon> would earn you and the Vind more of their respect.
Mritha: But do hurry. I'm sure The Rose and the dragons will not wait for you to return.

Mritha: In the meantime, we'll try to explain the situation to the dravir. Maybe with some careful words, we can come to some agreement...
    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    Mritha: This... This is <Dragon>?

    Mritha: I mean no offense, but you sounded a lot... larger in the stories.

    Mritha: Please excuse my disrespect, mighty <Dragon>!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    Mritha: It's nice to meet you too, <Dragon>!

    Mritha: Yes, those enemies won't know what hit them, indeed!
Mritha: Don't worry. We'll push back The Rose. They won't breach the Haven!

Taking A Stand

Mritha: Yeah.
Mritha: How are you holding up? Working with Clawkin and Dravir must be a new experience for you.

Mritha: I can imagine. But what matters is that you're taking action.
Mritha: You're not standing aside and letting The Rose do as they wish.
Mritha: You're helping to protect those that need protecting!

Mritha: I... Well... I am.
Mritha: When The Rose started hunting dragons, the other DragonLords decided to flee.
Mritha: To hide away and let the politics of Greenguard sort themselves out.
Mritha: They were content to seek refuge for DragonsGrasp while others suffered at the hands of The Rose.
Mritha: I couldn't abide that. Nor could my partner, Odgne.
Mritha: So we left, and eventually, we found Kara.

Mritha: They'd call it "preparing" or "maintaining a stance of non-intervention".
Mritha: They talk about how they don't want the people to be dependent on them, and nonsense about how they must "balance instinct and nobility".
Mritha: I call it cowardice.

Mritha: There were quite a few of us with doubts. But due to DragonsGrasp's isolation, news of The Rose was slow to reach us.
Mritha: When we finally got word of what happened at the Sanctuary... Well, I lost my temper when it was decided to yet again not intervene.
Mritha: Odgne and I left.
Mritha: I still keep in touch with my old friends.
Mritha: I hope, with time, and with more evidence of The Rose's wrongdoings, I can bring them around to join the Vind.

Mritha: Indeed. And I won't give up. While I may hold resentment toward the DragonLords and dragons of DragonsGrasp...
Mritha: ...I hold faith that they'll do the right thing, eventually.

Mritha: ...Oh no.
Mritha: Get ready, <Character>. They're going be on us any moment–

Mritha: They're here! Everyone, get ready! The dragons and The Rose have arrived!

The Siege of Haven

  • Talk
    Mritha: The Rose and the dragons aren't working together- while they've pincered Haven, they fight each other when they meet on the battlefield.

    Mritha: But we're unified, and hold a strong defensive position.
    Mritha: With both sides bent on the destruction of Haven, it's all we can do to survive in the conflict.

    Mritha: Keep that optimism, Niki. I can only imagine things will escalate from here.

    A Decisive Blow

    Mritha: So? What's the plan?

    Mritha: What... what is this?

    Mritha: What have you done to that dragon? Release it at once!

    Mritha: That dragon is chained! We have to stop this!

    Mritha: No, there's no need to apologize. How are you and your people faring, Srazhenie?

    Mritha: A wise decision, Srazhenie.

    One Step Forward

    Mritha: Shh!

    Mritha: Aren't you a bit tall to be a fairy?

    Mritha: Brave talk from an oversized dragon snack.

    Mritha: ...I think we're going to get along.

    Mritha: I agree. We can't stand by and do nothing.

    Mritha: Melissa? What's going on?

    Mritha: That had to have been her plan!

    Supply and Demand

    Mritha: The dravir need more room, Kara. The current arrangements are too cramped for their wings.

    Mritha: That's true! We could ask them for more help. Maybe an alliance?

    Mritha: Unless we can secure the route, it will be a tough proposition.
    Mritha: Many who lost everything risked their lives to end up in Sulen'Eska. Asking them to brave the swamps and face the unknown once again...


    Mritha: Kara... I would be cautious of such sources.

    Mritha: What's on your mind, Kara?

    Mritha: Indeed, I do.
    Mritha: I'll be waiting for you and <Dragon>, below.

    Mritha: I'm sorry, Odgne, but you must stay behind.
    Mritha: We can't risk Rose sentries seeing you so in the skies so far outside the swamp!

    Mritha: We've run missions separately before. This isn't the first, and it won't be the last.
    Mritha: I'll be back before you know it!

    Mritha: So they have!

    Mritha: Yes, I was just saying goodbye to Odgne.
    Mritha: It's never easy being apart from the one you are bonded to, as I'm sure <Dragon> can attest to.

    Mritha: Ha! I'm sure it will develop over time!
    Mritha: Anyway, I'm ready to go now! Let's go find out what Melissa and Niki are up to!

    Mritha: I think... Let's all take a step back. Lower your weapons, Melissa, Niki.

    Mritha: Melissa.
    Mritha: There's five of us here. I don't think this Sir Leon would be able to do much with all of us here.

    Mritha: Now, Sir Leon, what business do you have with the Oculus Tower?

    Mritha: You're not in any position not to.

    Mritha: Then the resistance would be laid bare.

    Mritha: Well, Sir Leon, you've found the resistance, at least.
    Mritha: But the tower is outside our current operational area. If you would like to come with us back to—

    Mritha: I...
    Mritha: With the potential for negotiations with The Rose coming up...
    Mritha: We can't afford to give them more ammunition to use against us in potential talks for peace.
    Mritha: And we certainly can't take such risks just by the word of a wandering knight.

    Mritha: It's your decision, <Character>.

    Mritha: Even if he is lying, one lone scout on the far outskirts isn't going to make a difference.
    Mritha: Besides...
    Mritha: When <Character> pays a visit to "The Shears", we'll know for sure if he's lying or not.
    Mritha: And, Sir Leon, if you are lying...
    Mritha: Well, I have a dragon who I'm sure you'd love to meet.

    On Broken Wings

    Mritha: So, you sent <Character> into Espina Rosa? I had my reservations, Kara, but the Face Nommer worked.
    Mritha: Don't get me wrong, you've been right on target every time, but this one... was just a bit weird.

    Mritha: Still, to leave us in the dark while you were risking life and limb? You are the leader here, Kara, there are expecta--

    Mritha: Aye, as do I. And I hope it will never come to that, Kara. You will ensure that, right?

    Mritha: You can't be serious!!

    Mritha: Dragons that can smell magic, find you, and alert their riders... Kara, please!

    Mritha: I don't approve, at all. I don't care what you think your duties to us are, Kara, think of your own skin for ONCE for Odgne's sake.

    Mritha: But...
    Mritha: Fine.

    Mritha: Done, but she isn't happy about this either. Just thought you should know.

    Mritha: Yes, Kara.

    Mritha: I have a feeling we don't want to know what this past event is.

    Mritha: What is this?

    (after On Broken Wings)

    Mritha: <Character>. I hope you're ready to do what must be done.

  • Past Quests - teleports player to Kara SuLema; access to past quests.

  • Runed Fortress
    Mritha: I just don't understand, <Character>....
  • Patrol
    Mritha: Search the Espina Rosa, <Character>. Don't let Kara's sacrifice be in vain.
  • Brawl
    Mritha: ...
  • Prologue - Longing
    Mritha: ...
  • DragonRider War
    Mritha: ...
  • Homecoming Hurts
    Mritha: ...
  • Uncertain Future
    Mritha: It's good to have Kara back. I hope she is recovering well.
  • Third Floor
    Mritha: I wonder how the Espina Rosa infiltration is going...
  • Escape
    Mritha: The Espina Rosa is heavily fortified and escape is said to be impossible... but I know they can make it out!
  • Starcrossed
    Mritha: So how did your mission go?
  • New Quests
    Mritha: Kara is back, <Character>! She's waiting for you.
    • Visit Kara - teleports player to Kara SuLema; access to new quests.

    The Runed Fortress

    Mritha: Why did she have to go and do a stupid thing like that? A trap! She should have seen it coming.
    Mritha: Leaders make sacrifices, yes, but they don't go blindly charging into danger!

    Mritha: Odgne, yes, really.

    Mritha: Not the same thing!

    Mritha: Melissa is a princess! She is just as much a leader.

    Mritha: Oh Odgne, how am I going to do this? Elves are not Dragons or Dravir. So... so not Dragons or Dravir.
    Mritha: And then, I have <Character> to worry about. There are too many lives in my hands.

    Mritha: I am fortunate to have you, dragon of my heart. I just hope <Character> is doing well.

    The Elite Patrol

    Mritha: It's too much. Melissa has been wonderful, so supportive and helpful. The fairies are amazing in that they are ready to go at a moment's notice.

    Mritha: Ah, my dearest companion, what would I do without you? My dreams are dark, my days are rushed and bleak.
    Mritha: I just wish it was over. I miss walking among the Dravirs and Dragons and laughing.

    Mritha: Tell Senthris to hold on. We all have to. And then we have <Character>. Sent off to infiltrate a dangerous place...
    Mritha: I hope <Character> is able to do this alone.

    Prison Brawl

    Mritha: We did it. I knew all along my people would never fail.

    Mritha: I know, and they would do anything for me. That is a scary responsibility, to know such passion and dedication.
    Mritha: I wouldn't trade it for all the wonder in Lore.

    Mritha: <Dragon> will have to choose to fight without <Character>, or stay behind and guard Sulen'eska and the Dravir camp.

    Mritha: Aye, it will certainly be different, but we must act as soon as possible.
    Mritha: Seallah must be defeated...
    Mritha: ... and we must assert the true Dragon reign over dragonriders and free them of the disillusion that they have sunk into.

    Mritha: I know.

    Shear Destruction

    Mritha: How? Where?

    Mritha: They took down a tower? Just like that? Kara should know of this. Maybe there are others who would be willing to aid our cause.

    Mritha: Tell Marseltha to accept the leader's invitation.

    Mritha: Have Marseltha bring him straight here. Keep an eye out for our patrols, heart sister. The Rose is certainly on edge now.

    Mritha: I know Kara doesn't like letting strangers in to Sulen'Eska, but we need all the allies we can get, especially now. I hope this isn't a mistake...

    Mritha: Well, greetings, Sir Leon.

    Mritha: You've destroyed a tower. You've hit them and made them vulnerable. And, I daresay you meant to show that to all of Lore.

    Mritha: Oh yes they can. I believe the goals of our two groups -your knights and the resistance here in Sulen'Eska- are aligned, Sir Leon.

    Mritha: Good. I'll bring you to Kara, our leader, and I have no doubt we can find a place for you among our ranks.

    Dragonrider War Intro

    Mritha: We have him. That traitor and soul breaker will pay for all that he has done to dragonkind.

    Mritha: My scouts found his hideout. It's not that far away, easily within flying distance without tiring out our companions.
    Mritha: Dragonriders will take their revenge and right the wrongs.

    Mritha: As soon as I can. What have you in regards of rescuing Kara?

    Mritha: Go. Your sister needs you. We need her.

    Mritha: Odgne, my dearest. We leave soon.

    Mritha: What do you mean?

    Mritha: Ahhh...

    Mritha: That would require that the dragon be without the rider, and <Character> is not in any condition to leave their current assignment.

    Mritha: But, you know what will happen if something goes wrong. Do you think <Character> and their dragon want to take that chance?

    Mritha: No. No, I haven't Odgne.
    Mritha: Could you please ask?


    Mritha: Broken man, you have nearly destroyed all that is great and good regarding dragons. I wanted you dead.
    Mritha: I wanted you wiped from this world so no one could ever do what you have done.
    Mritha: But, Senthris... was very persuasive. She thinks she can fix you.

    Mritha: You can do this. All of our faith is in you, Senthris.

    Mritha: Regroup, people. We have to be ready for when Kara comes home!

    An Uncertain Future

    Mritha: Yes, he was. He has other things to attend to, but he was quite adamant about being the one to rescue you.
    Mritha: Not only for you, but to learn. And he learned much.

    Mritha: What do you mean, Bacaju'?

    Mritha: Know what?!

    Mritha: Tell us everything.

    Mritha: It sounds like she is trying very hard to tell herself she is right.

    Mritha: --dangerous.

    Queen of Swordhaven

    Mritha: We've found a place for it. The Free Dravir Council approved setting it up in Fairglade.

    Mritha: Certainly.

    A Petal Falls

    Mritha: Yes, ma'am.

    The Royal Resistance - Vind Faction
    (before Ambition's Crossroads)

    Mritha: Hey, <Character>.

    Mritha: She's as well as a dragon can be. Currently on perimeter duty to make sure we're not disturbed in our expedition into the ruins.

    Mritha: Certainly.

    Mritha: Well, there are plenty of other DragonLords to help out.
    Mritha: And the Amityvale front isn't nearly as exciting as this!
    Mritha: These ruins are older than old...
    Mritha: Odgne thinks they may have been rebuilt and repurposed multiple times over the ages by different settlers.
    Mritha: With the nomad tribes having left this one, who knows what sort of new discoveries we could make about history here?

    Mritha: Of course! And I'm here to help with that too.

    After completing A Shocking Discovery:
  • About Dragons
    Mritha: I could introduce you to Odgne, a full-grown dragon, if you'd like.

    A Shocking Discovery

    Mritha: For the last time, Ostromir, no, we aren't going to excavate through the ruins unless we have no other choice.

    Mritha: Not to mention it would anger the nomads when they return. It wouldn't do well for us to plunge into a preventable conflict so soon.

    Mritha: That's... We prefer peace here, Ostromir.

    If you select the 'I agree. We're in a rush.' option:
      Mritha: Good thing it's not in your hands then. Queen Victoria specifically doesn't want to anger the nomad tribes any more than we already might.
    If you select the 'No, we must be careful.' option:
      Mritha: Besides, Queen Victoria specifically gave us orders not to disturb the ruins any more than we must.
      Mritha: And it's on her generosity that you're even here.
    Mritha: What are those things? What have they captured?

    Mritha: Maybe it can help us find the focus if we free it.

    Mritha: Well, let's see who or what we've saved.

    Mritha: I could smash it with my sword, maybe.

    Mritha: I, too, am... reluctantly... disarmed by its harmless appearance.

    Mritha: I have so many questions.

    Mritha: Avatars help us.

    Mritha: It's about time we headed back out and met up with Vseslava's group.
    Mritha: Let's hear what they have to say about Prince Eulin.

    Ambition's Crossroads

    Mritha: Understood. I'll begin the search with Odgne at once.

    The Royal Resistance - Vind Faction
    (after Ambition's Crossroads, before Grinding Gears)

    Mritha: Sorry, <Character>. Nothing substantial.
    Mritha: Well, nothing really. Whatever happened to them, it's like they disappeared without a trace.
    Mritha: And the search of the ruins is going slower due to it's own unique threats.
      If you have a Dragon Amulet:
      Mritha: Have you tried... reaching out to <Dragon>? Even though <Dragon> is still young, you're a powerful DragonLord... perhaps...

      Mritha: I'm sorry, <Character>. I should have assumed you already tried.
    Mritha: We will find them. Even if we have to go to the ends of Lore. Or beyond.

    Grinding Gears

    Mritha: Great. Now that we're all reunited, what's our plan?

    The Royal Resistance - Vind Faction
    (after Grinding Gears)

    Mritha: Hey there, <Character>. You must be relieved that <Dragon> is back!

    Mritha: I am. Odgne will keep watch from outside, so we shouldn't be interrupted by anything too unexpected.
    Mritha: Provided the Prince doesn't betray us again.

    Mritha: I certainly trust him less. Kara says we should forgive him for his mistakes, but he'll have to earn that forgiveness from me, at least.

    Mritha: Happy to provide it. Take care, <Character>.

    Direct Current

    Mritha: You're sure? Maybe we're just getting close to the rift.

    Broken Circuit (Part 1)

    Mritha: We don't have much time then, regardless. How's the progress on the focus?

    Mritha: Huh? Yeah, sure.

    Broken Circuit (Part 2)

    Mritha: I heard that!

    Mritha: I'll go with you, <Character>.
    Mritha: I've had enough of these ruins for a while, I think.
    Mritha: And it would be good to pay Odgne a visit in person.

    Mritha: I am glad to hear it. The townsfolk are safe, then?

    Of Duty and Dragons

    Mritha: See ya!

    Mritha: It's been nice. Odgne isn't a fan of the forest, but maybe we can visit again soon.

    Mritha: Dragonsgrasp could have sent a rider with news! They could have helped!

    Mritha: No. Odgne and I will lead the way. We know where the fortress is hidden.
    Mritha: Now that conflict has come to their doorstep, the DragonLords can't ignore it any longer.
    Mritha: I won't let them.

    Mritha: We're here to help deal with the Proclamation rift that threatens all of Lore!
    Mritha: And you're going to let us in, provide us with resources, and help us as well.

    Mritha: But nothing. You're either opening this gate, or Odgne and I...
    Mritha: ...are tearing it down.

    Mritha: They're here to help too, because as hard as it is to get into your thick skulls, this is beyond anything we've faced before.
    Mritha: And what happened to the Dragesvard refugees? Don't tell me you turned them away too?

    Mritha: Good to hear. Now are you opening this gate for us or not?

    Mritha: How very gracious hosts you are.

    Mritha: I can tell you later. Let's go, everyone.
    Mritha: Welcome to Dragonsgrasp, in all its... ugh... splendor.

    The Awakened Depths - Vind Faction

    Mritha: Never thought I'd be back here... Ugh.

    Mritha: Hi, <Character>. I suppose it's been fine for you, considering your status. And <Dragon>'s status.

    Mritha: I'm glad to be back because I can finally make these... these cowards get off their tails and start doing something.

    Mritha: Oh... it was glorious!

    Mritha: Odgne and I may have burnt a few buildings.

    Mritha: While shouting Moglinberry juice fueled profanities.

    Mritha: And singlehandedly fought off the DragonLords who tried to restrain us.

    Mritha: Haha, you know it! But yes, it was not a most... graceful departure. It certainly left a lasting impression on everyone.

    Mritha: DragonLords put a lot by appearances and tradition and honor. Believe me, it shook a lot of those sleepy, content fools, wide awake.
    Mritha: And now we're back. The DragonLords won't know what hit them.

    Mritha: You know what I mean, <Character>.

    Speaker and Slayer

    Mritha: Oh believe me, this is the last place on Lore I want to be at the moment.
    Mritha: I'm not sure if the stream of refugees from Dragesvard got through that helmet of yours to what little brain there is...
    Mritha: ...but the Proclamation Rift threatens all of Lore.
    Mritha: Including Dragonsgrasp.
    Mritha: The Vind, The Rose, even the Magesterium are working together to stop the impending catastrophe of the Proclamation rifts.
    Mritha: Lore needs the DragonLords.

    Mritha: And when we convince The Great One to help our cause?

    Mritha: Are you DragonLords or sheep?

    Mritha: Whatever.

    The Descent

    Mritha: Especially if you're a Speaker... That's an honorable position. Unless you're choosing to live out here on your own?

    Mritha: The Vilmor incident. She broke her bond with the Great Ice Dragon, Cryozen, forced–

    Mritha: Stop being overdramatic.

    Mritha: Such... weight.

    Mritha: Good luck, you two.

    Reasons to Fight

    If you joined the Vind Faction:
      Mritha: Kara...

      Mritha: Kara, the Vind trusts you and your judgement. There are plenty of lieutenants to manage things while you're away.
    Mritha: Lestrad, you promised to listen to the Speaker, and here he is. Or are you as dishonorable as you are cowardly?

    Mritha: About time!

    Other information
  • Mritha previously appeared in the retired quests/zones Freedom Fighters, Rose War Intro, War of the Dragon Rose - Rose Front -> Rose Camp!, Rose Trap, A New Worry, After the War, The Fairy Court, The War Room, and Choose; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Mritha previously offered the retired quests Rose Bombs, Rose Trackers, Rose Trap, and Help Mritha; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Mritha's Sulen'Eska dialogue has been modified during various Reimagined releases; any retired content has been archived here.
  • Complete On Broken Wings to unlock additional access points:
  • Mritha's Sulen'Eska location and dialogue were adjusted on July 31st, 2020; more information can be found in the July 31st, 2020 Design Notes.

    Armed Appearance

    Also See: Mritha (forum user)

    Thanks to Dratomos for updated dialogue.

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