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Dragonfable History & Plot Synopsis

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10/27/2012 3:26:51   

By: Voldy27

Previously by archie

Originally by GhostBear5(Resolute)

Please give me at least 24 hours after an update to update this guide.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Corrections? Suggestions? Please them to me at any time.

WARNING: This guide contains MANY MANY spoilers, so DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT THE GAME TO BE SPOILED! Those in spoiler tags are mostly plot twists.

The DragonFable History and Plot Synopsis guide is a guide, which explains the plot of DragonFable. The storyline. Chain quests, and things like that. It also has at the bottom of each plot reference link and inter-plot references. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

I. Updates

II. Credits

III. History and Plot:
• 1-DragonFable Main Storyline
- 1.1.1- Undead Assualt
- 1.1.2- Prologue and Dragon Egg Saga
- - 1.1.2A- Dragon Training
- - 1.1.2B- The Catering Company
- 1.1.3- War at See
- 1.1.4- Wrath of Xan
- 1.1.5- Arachnattack
- 1.1.6- Willowshire Part 1
- 1.1.7- Beach Vacation Invasion
- 1.1.8- Wind Orb Saga
- - 1.1.8A- Wind Orb Saga-Osprey Cove
- - 1.1.8B- Wind Orb-Saga-shadow of the Wind Village
- 1.1.9- Light Orb Saga and Sandsea War
- 1.1.10- Darkness Orb Saga and the Assault on Necropolis
- 1.1.11- Ice Orb Saga
- 1.1.12- Energy Orb Saga
- 1.1.13- The Great Fire War Saga(Fire Orb Saga)
- 1.1.14- Water Orb Saga
- 1.1.15- Falconreach Spy Saga
- 1.1.16- Willowshire Part 2(Earth Orb Saga)
- 1.1.17- The Final 13th
- - 1.1.17A- Sepulchure
- - 1.1.17B- Drakath
- 1.2.1- Swordhaven Past(Alexander Saga)
- - 1.2.1A- Xan
- - 1.2.1B- Warlic
- 1.2.2- Rift War
- 1.2.3- Rising Fire
- 1.2.4- Atrea
- 1.2.5- Wrath of Wargoth
- 1.3.1- Chapter 3-Prologue, Oaklore and Falconreach
- 1.3.2- Popsrocket under attack

• 2-DragonFable Side Storyline
• 2.1- Crossovers
- 2.1.1- AdventureQuest Crossovers
- 2.1.2- MechQuest Crossovers
• 2.2- Oaklore
- 2.2.1- Sir Valence Saga
- 2.2.2- Sir Vey Saga
- 2.2.3- Sir Ano Saga
• 2.3- Warlic's Zone Part 1(Elemental Caves, Crystal Caves an Plot Spoiler Bags)
• 2.4- The Cysero Rebellion
• 2.5- Amityvale Part I
• 2.6- Ice Dragon War
- - 2.6A- Dragonmaster Frostscythe
• 2.7- Mae Pi vs.Pi Mae and the Monkee War
• 2.8- Warlic's Zone Part 2(Save Lymcrest)
• 2.9- Doom weapons and Deathknights
• 2.10- Warlic's Zone Part 3(Nythera's Saga I)
• 2.11- Bacon Origins
• 2.12-Amityvale Part II(Undead Dravir)
• 2.13- Popsrocket Part 2(Pen pal Saga)
• 2.14- Aria in Wonderland
• 2.15- The Clashening
• 2.16- The First Pirate vs. Ninja War!
• 2.17- Ravenloss Part 1 (Tomix's Saga I: The Hunt for Greed)
• 2.18- Warlic's Zone Part 4(Nythera Saga II: Rise of the Dragonmage)
• 2.19- Dragonsgrasp Saga
• 2.20- True Mortal Saga

• 3-DragonFable Festivals
• 3.1-Friday the 13th
- 3.1.1-Friday the 13th Invasion(October 2006)
- 3.1.2-Friday the 13th Invasion Part II(April 2007)
- 3.1.3-Friday the 13th Invasion III(July 2007)(See 1.1.7)
- 3.1.4-Friday the 13th Invasion-Assault on Necropolis(June 2008)(See 1.1.10)
- 3.1.5-Friday the 13th Invasion-A Ghoulish Attack(March 2009)
- 3.1.6-Friday the 13th Invasion IV (Nov 2009)(See 2.12)
- 3.1.7-Friday the 13th Invasion-Invasive Species!(August 2010)
- 3.1.8-The Final 13th(See 1.1.17)
- 3.1.9-Rift War(See 1.2.2)
- 3.1.10-Rising Fire(See 1.2.3)
- 3.1.11-Wrath of Wargoth(1.2.5)
• 3.2-Thankstaking
- 3.2.1- Thankstaking 2006
- 3.2.2- Thankstaking 2007
- 3.2.3- Thankstaking 2008
- 3.2.4- Thankstaking 2009
- 3.2.5- Thankstaking 2010
- 3.2.6- Thankstaking 2011
- 3.2.7- Thankstaking 2012
• 3.3-Frostvale
- 3.3.1-Frostval 2006
- 3.3.2-Frostval 2007
- 3.3.3-Frostval 2008
- 3.3.4-Frostval 2009
- 3.3.5-Frostval 2010
- 3.3.6-Frostval 2011
- 3.3.7-Frostval 2012
• 3.4- Mogloween
- 3.4.1-Mogloween 2006(See 2.5)
- 3.4.2-Mogloween 2007
- 3.4.3-Mogloween 2008
- 3.4.4-Mogloween 2009
- 3.4.5-Mogloween 2010
- 3.4.6-Mogloween 2011
- 3.4.7-Mogloween 2012
• 3.5-Hero's Heart Day
- 3.5.1-Hero's Heart Day 2007
- 3.5.2-Hero's Heart Day 2008
- 3.5.3-Hero's Heart Day 2009+Friday the 13th
- 3.5.4-Hero's Heart Day 2010
- 3.5.5-Hero's Heart Day 2011
- 3.5.6-Hero's Heart Day 2012
• 3.6-Lucky Day
- 3.6.1-Lucky Day 2008
- 3.6.2-Lucky Day 2009
- 3.6.3-Lucky Day 2010
- 3.6.4-Lucky Day 2011
- 3.6.5-Lucky Day 2012
• 3.7-Grenwog
- 3.7.1-Grenwog 2012

I. Updates

11/6/12: Guide taken over from archie
12/6/12: Started working on it
3/9/12: Info all added, left the coding
11/10/12: Finally back after computer break-down
25/10/12: Coding Complete; information reviewed and added
27/10/12: Posted on Forum
6/11/12: Spelling corrected
18/11/12: Proofread Complete
1/2/13: Back from inactivity, Frostval 2012 section added

II. Credits
Thanks to
archie for allowing me to take over his guide
All the Dragonpedia Masters, whose thread helped me a lot in updating this guide.
The AE team, especially the DF staff for making the game so awesome!

archie's credit

A huge thanks to GhostBear5 for starting and putting a lot of work into this guide.
SlyCooperFan1 for help with Nythera.
Thanks to hardcorenoob74 for a typo.
Thanks to pjc for giving me the guide and then approving it.
Thanks to all 'pedia entry providers, for further information.
Thanks to all of the AE team for Dragonfable!

Ghostbear5(Resolute)'s credits

I want to thank johnc_alcos first as he found all the typos and some sour links
PaperClip of DOOM and bob.builder also helped with some errors
Thanks to Death Lord who suggested this guide be made
And thanks to Artix and his team for making such a great game with an awesome plot!

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10/27/2012 3:29:24   

III. History and Plot
Here I will write down the history of Dragonfable, its lore, etc.
There is a history book located in the Town Hall. This gives you the history of Falconreach.

1-DragonFable Main Storyline

1.1.1 Undead Assault

Hold your applause. The Artix Entertainment presents to you the first war in Dragonfable- Undead Assault!
So how it starts? Well, all by just news:
"Old Man Grizzleguts says, 'There is a strange red glow in the sky. Rumors are spreading faster than peanut butter and jelly on my sandwich... Mmm... peanut butter. Dangit! Now I am hungry. Undead? Oh... right, villagers have spotted flying eyeballs which seem to be acting as scouts and spies for this advancing army. Trees are uprooting themselves and lumbering towards town! The footsteps of the skeletal forces are poisoning the ground causing bubbles of menacing slime to appear! They will reach town soon!'"


Waves and waves of undeads are fought and you manage to find the boss. In a cutscene you see Doom Knight Sepulchure with his doom blade standing on a cliff. Necromancer Klatu appears and tells Sepulchure of their failure in attacking Falconreach. However, Sepulchure takes no surprise and assures that it is within their plan. Klatu retreats before The DoomBlade tells Sepulchure to keep an eye on you, and the DoomBlade itself is to be left in Falconreach instead of being brought away..

Link: Undead Assault
Also see: 1.1.17A Sepulchure

1.1.2 Prologue and Dragon Egg Saga
The Dragon Egg, for a long time was just a story. The staff talked about it forever until finally they started the Dragon Egg Saga with the Oaklore revamps. The first part happens right when you log in for the very first time, and you meet Lady Celestia(aka The Priestess) who is carrying the Black Dragon Box. She climbs of her dragon and walked away with the moglin Twilly. The dragon then tells you you’ll be much more of a challenge in 30 levels time. After she dismounts, she runs into a Gorrilaphant. After defeating this monster, she asks for your name. Twilly spills the beans saying, "But isn't he so-and-so who you said would save the world?" Lady Celestia gets mad at Twilly, and they disappear. You then proceed to Oaklore Keep where you tell Rolith what happened. He orders you after Lady Celestia as the forest is full of Bandits.
Traveling into the forest, you find Lady Celestia run up against Drakath. You defeat Drakath, and he swears you will pay for it. Lady Celestia thanks you, but she set the box down and a Sneevil ran off with the box. 'hoops.
You must now travel to Robina the Hood, who is a trained Sneevil hunter. Well, that Sneevil that gets caught in her trap just happened to be the Sneevil who has the box. Robina is now in possession of the box; you must get gold from the bandits and give it back to the forest creatures to earn the box. Before she hands it over, Drakath and his henchman Krakhim show up, and you must defeat them. When you open the box:

THE EGG IS GONE! The Sneevil tells you that he dumped it in the Sneevil Dumpsite!

Traveling to Valencia, the Rare Item Hunter, Twilly thinks she might know where the dumpsite is. She gives you directions, and you fight monsters of junk to get to your egg when a Vultragon seizes it, thinking it is her egg. You follow her to her nest, where you defeat her for the egg. You now have five eggs, one of which is the Dragon Egg, the others are Vultragon eggs.
You now travel to Warlic the magician, who might be able to tell which egg the Dragon Egg is through his magical powers. After traveling through his tent... er... portal, you find out that the within the Black Dragon Box is the egg that will destroy the world of Lore. Meanwhile, another Dragon box, the White Dragon Box, contains and egg when hatched, will became the savior of Lore. Warlic hopes to avert this. The mage tells you the illusion of the egg that was created for protection.
He needed a spell that was strong enough. After a little mix up, you find out you did NOT just sunny-side up the Dragon Egg. Warlic asks you to retrieve the Ancient Tome of Summoning located on Cysero's half of the tower, separated by a yellow line of tape.
You must venture to Cysero's side of the tower filled with accidents and enchanted dirty laundry. After getting the Tome, you return to Warlic. You learn you need to get a Bag of Fire Yarn, a bag of Salmon, some Wind Nip and some Indestructible Litter. After finding these you return to Warlic, who summons a Doomkitten, the only creature able to sniff out the real dragon egg and destroy the illusion. After finding which egg it is, you must banish the Doomkitten by killing it.
You have found the egg. Twilly has found a 'secure' cave where you can choose which egg you want. Later, in The Hatching, we see your egg hatching. Sepulchure has the White Dragon Box and you have the Black Dragon Box. In a flurry of rainbows, suns, daisy and all that junk, we see Sepulchure's dragon hatch. He quickly skeletizes it and named it 'Fluffy'.
In a flurry of awesome evil and darkness your dragon is hatched. Drats. It was a fake. A sleeping cute dragon sits there, all yours.
From the start of your life in DF, you find Lady Celestia with the Black Dragon Box. Skip head a bit. Ash and Twilly lead you to a hilltop where you see a huge skeletal dragon with a castle on its back. This is Sepulchure's castle. Sepulchure has obviously reanimated the bones of an ancient dragon. Inside, you see Drakath who has brought Sepulchure the White Dragon Box. Sepulchure is angry with Drakath who only brought him the White box, and Sepulchure wanted the Black box as well. After the Dracolich flew over the temple, Drakath and an army of undead robbed the Wind Temple for the box, leaving the temple priests wounded. They say one of the dragons is the Mighty Order Dragon while the other is the Terrible Dragon. There is no way to tell the difference until a final battle. At the end, Sepulchure has the dragon in the white dragon box which he dracolizes. You have the Black.
Links: Sepulchure's Flying Fortress, Temple of the Four Winds
Also see: 1.1.17B Drakath, 1.1.17A Sepulchure

1.1.2A Dragon Training
Lady Celestia has sent you on a walk with your dragon to pick up a special package from a friend. The friend lives in a cave far to the east and the lady cannot make the trip myself. As you get to the cave, you are shocked. The friend of Lady Celestia is...

...The Red Dragon which you met at the beginning! He tries to eat you but your pet dragon stand up to him, telling the Red Dragon that you will be the one to either destroy or save the world (back to the prophecy again). You and your dragon team up and defeat the Red Dragon. Lady Celestia is pleased when you return, and does not seem angry that you defeat her "friend". You are even shocked when you realize that in the package is just some tea leaves...

Lady Celestia tells you that you have to train you dragon since you are the one in the prophecy. Lady Celestia has good feelings that you will be the one saving the world. She wants you to send your dragon into the woods to practice flying through the trees. She also wants you dragon to have combat practices in the woods.
For the final practice, Lady Celestia wants you to guide your dragon and see how well the dragon can handle the world on its own. You manage to collect 5 plants and return to the lady. Congrats! You have finished you dragon training!
Links: Lady Celestia, The Long Walk
Also see: None

1.1.2B The Catering Company
A group of enterprising dragons have come to Falconreach to set up a catering company. They wish to set up in Falconreach in order to eat passing adventurers, as Falconreach is a hub for adventurers and wars. You have to defeat the Chef, the Dishwasher, the Event Planner, the Waiter and the Mastermind to foil their evil plan.
Link: Recipe for a Disaster
Also see: None

1.1.3 War at See
This war happens between the Dragon Egg Saga
Falconreach was attacked (again!)but not by undeads, but by eyeballs!
After you drive the eye monsters away from town, you manage to find the leader of the eyeballs, The Irismancer. He says of himself been able to see the past, present and future. He can see the wars happening, the shadows falling... ...and the one behind it all. You believe that he is talking about Sepulchure and ask him to tell you more about him. However, he said that he would only tell you if you defeat him.
After defeating him, you ask him your questions.
The Irismancer was a Flying Eyeball and a pet of a powerful mage. When other eyeballs were released, he was not. He spent those years over his master’s shoulder learning spells and becoming powerful, until his current form. His power continues growing and draws other eyeballs to him, allowing him to see through their eyes.
The reason that he attack town is to grab a power that the guardians are guarding in the Guardian Tower. Meanwhile, you learn that Sepulchure was a good hero at first. However, when he lost something dear to him, he began to search for more power. He finally gained power by finding the fifth (what happened to the fourth, huh?) doom weapon, the Necrotic Blade of Doom(Doomblade) and became a Doomknight. Doom weapon, if you ask, are powerful weapons purest darkness with corrupt and evil minds of their own. It whispers in the owner's ears, making them fall into darkness, driving them mad or even worse.
Links: War at See, The Irismancer
Also see: 2.9 Doom Weapons and Deathknights

1.1.4 Wrath of Xan
This war happens between the Dragon Egg Saga
Drakath hired Xan to invade Falconreach as Xan owned Drakath's father something. Xan invade and nearly destroyed the town and finish of 299 Elite Knights with 1 single spell. The town was in confusion. You managed to save King Alteon where he told you to be his 301st Elite Knight (what happened to the 300th?) and defeat Xan. You fought Xan but was defeated.
When he was about to finish you when a pyre spy brought some news about Warlic, and Xan was forced to leave you to tend to this news. You managed to be saved by the townspeople, but your fight against Xan does not end here.
Links: Wrath of Xan, Xan Bossfight
Also see: 1.1.17B Drakath, 1.2.1A Xan

1.1.5 Arachattack!
This war happens between the Dragon Egg Saga
You have finally gotten your Dragon Egg. However, your Dragon Egg disappears. Panic strikes, as you find out someone has dug under the cave and got the egg from below. After defeating his spider minions, you find him in the Inn. You want to demand an explanation. It seems that the spiders lived under Falconreach, and the statue as well as the Dragon Egg dropped onto their town square. You told the spider that you wanted the Dragon Egg back but he tells you he wanted your egg.
You defeat him, but he might have escaped. You got your egg back, and you learned when your egg will hatch, which is one year from the appearance of the Dragon Amulet, on June 10th (aka Dragonfable's birthday).
Links: Aracknattack!, The Spidermancer
Also see: None

1.1.6 Willowshire Part 1
The Guardian Tower of Willowshire seems to be the center of the current plot. During Willowshire attack, Gorgok attacked one of the towers in an attempt to get into the basement. After the attack, you could fight into the basement and meet the ghost of Lord Valorus, who said that something very valuable has been taken from the vault.
He was put there almost 1000 years ago to guard the secret of the tower, but locked himself in there. He says someone with the look that reminded him of a Rare Item hunter took it. She is a female (Valencia?). He begs you
to not let the power get into the wrong hands and to warn the other towers. The other towers will come under attack soon.
The Guardians were formed by a few knights looking for some gold. Suddenly, the land was attacked by a bunch of elementals. They fought to the center of the elementals, and were shocked in what they found. The land was ripped for control this object. They used the orbs for good and built the towers to defend them and locked the power within the item. They made a key, which was:

The Dragon Amulet around your neck.

Gorgok the Nature Dragon first attacked one of the Guardian Towers at Willowshire. Willowshire was mostly destroyed, and to this day, the Dravirs have been attacking the town, keeping people from rebuilding it. The Guardians have tried to send messages to King Alteon, but the messages get intercepted. Gorgok was so injured that he is in a healing sleep and guarded by many Dravirs. He is too powerful for any Guardian to destroy, so they need you and your dragon to destroy him. He has awoken from his sleep, and is ready to finish his job. When you meet him, he tells you that dragons have been here much longer then people have, and that he will not stop until this world is under his control.
Note: This place is replaced by the New Willowshire, thus this place is rare. Heroes who completed this area need not to do the first few quests of Guardian Fortuna in the new Willowshire.
Links: Willowshire, Gorgok Returns!
Also see: 1.1.16 Willowshire Part 2(Earth Orb Saga)

1.1.7(3.1.3) Beach Invasion Vacation
A hero's life is never easy. So even if you only wants to head to the beach to build some sandcastles, fiery light monsters will overrun Falconreach beach and they are ruining everyone's good time, so is your vacation.

In a cutscene we see a conversation between Xan and the Necromantress. They reveal that the army is actually Xan's fire monsters in disguise. He says that is only a taste of the power of the Pyronomicon. She reveals the plan: The fire monsters drain the heroes of energy and then the undead come in and destroy Falconreach. He says he is creating something big, and if this fails, his new servants will come in.
After you defeat the army, The Necromantress tells you of the illusion of the army, and you defeat two minions, RotGut and Pro Pain. The Necromantress leaves and speaks to Xan. Both express their amazement. Xan will take the blame, and after the Necromantress has left, Xan tells Sepulchure that someone has been replaced in Falconreach, and is awaiting Sepulchure's orders. Sepulchure says the Necromantress is nearing the end of her usefulness and will need to be eliminated soon.

So you manage to defeat the bosses, ProPain and Rotgut(which is the 300th Elite Knight that has been made into zombie, if you wonder).
Links: Beach Vacation Invasion, Friday the 13th Invasion-Part III, Friday the 13th III, Finale!
Also see: None

1.1.8 Wind Orb Saga
"You know Sepulchure is searching for the Elemental Orbs, and anything Sepulchure wants, you should fight against. If he manages to gather all the Orbs, it will spell the end of Lore, and all you hold dear!" Taken from the old Quest Log. So let the 4-year long hunt for the Orbs began!

1.1.8A Wind Orb Saga-Osprey Cove
First Mate Rhubarb tells you that a ship of Water-Breathing Potions was found, and the ninjas took it over. Rhubarb asks you to kill the ninjas, and he gives you a bomb to help you. The potions are hidden in the powder chambers.
After fighting your way through the ninjas, you return to Rhubarb. You accidentally left the bomb on board, and the ship blows. Rhubarb is mad at you, but tells you that now there are Water-Breathing potions in the ocean, that now people can breathe in the ocean.
You travel into the jungle for Rhubarb to a large Mech where Kordana has the Jewel of the Four Winds. Kordana tells you that Drakath took the orb. You travel to a Ninja Dojo where Sneevils have gathered information. You extract it, meeting Okuchi No Okami. You meet Captain Blackberry who tells you where Drakath went. You travel underwater and find him. The Wind Orb strikes you down and carries Drakath off to the Red Betty, where he tries to get the Orb to work. You defeat him, but...

Blackberry takes the orb, and reveals that he leaked the location to Sepulchure, and he sent Drakath to retrieve it. To activate the orb, the wielder must face their greatest enemy. The Wind Orb then was summoned to the Red Betty where Drakath fought you, and now Blackberry can complete the spell he found floating in a chest twenty years ago.

After defeating him, Rhubarb promotes himself to Captain Rhubarb. A little after this, the ocean starts bubbling.

It appears Blackberry is now a Braken, hence, Brakenberry. You must summon your dragon to defeat him. Rhubarb hopes he's dead, but he is unsure.

Link: Osprey Cove
Also see: 1.1.8B Wind Orb Saga-Shadow of the Wind village, 1.1.17B Drakath, 1.1.17 The Final 13th

1.1.8B Wind Orb Saga-Shadow of the Wind village
In the Shadow of the Wind Village, the Pearl of the Four Winds was stolen by someone. Kordana tells you Drakath stole it. Drakath was last seen heading towards Okuchi no Okami's hideout. You go there, and Okuchi offers you a deal. He will return the orb for you and not hurt you if you leave the scrolls with him, or he will kill you if you do not leave the scrolls. If you accept his request...you return the orb to Thyton. Then Okuchi attacks the town, shows how you gave him the scrolls, and the clan kills you. If you deny his request, you can defeat him.
In this cutscene, you learn that Drakath was last seen heading towards fire caves to the north. You head there and meet Drakath, where the Jewel defeats you and carries Drakath off somewhere. You go and defeat Drakath, but...

Okuchi shows up and takes the orb. He tells you that that while Drakath was in his camp, he unlocked the Wind Orb so he could control it. He will use it to summon Honda the Iron-Fisted Giant to the Shadow of the Wind Village. Agent 58, an undercover agent hiding in Okuchi's hideout knocks the orb out of his hands. He is unsure if he summoned him, but he will get the orb and summon him fully. The Sneenja army leaves. Drakath vanishes, telling Okuchi he will tell Sepulchure of his betrayal. You defeat Okuchi, and it appears you have won. Honda however does arrive, and you must call your dragon to defeat him.

Link: Shadow of the Wind Village
Also see: 1.1.8 a Wind Orb Saga-Osprey Cove, 1.1.17 b Drakath, 1.1.17 The Final 13th

1.1.9- Light Orb Saga and Sandsea War
In a harsh landscape called The Sandsea, where sandstorms tear the flesh from your bones, or chased mirages off into the desert. There is a dynasty of rulers called the Sek-Duat. They rule the country with an iron fist. They ruled it when it was a great city, but the sands swallowed the city up, leaving many ruins. The Sek-Duats are cruel, and the Sek-Duat XV was so cruel a rebellion started. He has hired the mercenary Zhoom, a sand elf, to hunt down the rebels so Sek-Duat can imprison them.
Zhoom never gets up, and boasts he could find anyone. It could take a while, but he can find anyone, anything. Nothing stops him. Strong will and determination are his keywords. He is a Ranger, who are nomads. He also runs a Black Market. His mother, the last Sand Elf was killed by one of the Sek-Duats, and Zhoom is only half Sand Elf. He doesn't care, as Sek-Duat is paying him to get the job done, and since he getting paid, he will get the job done, no matter what.
On arriving to the Sandsea, you meet a Rebel, who begs you assist him and the other Rebels to overthrow Sek-Duat XV in return for the location of the Light Orb. The mercenary Zhoom shows up and takes hold of the Rebel. Zhoom thanks you for distracting the Rebel so he could get a hold on him and tells you to talk to him when he returns. When you see him again, he tells you he has found Kasuf, a very clever Rebel. You go inside the ruins where there is only one way in and one way out. Zhoom guards the exit, and you go inside to find him. Kasuf tells you of a back entrance that is guarded by puzzles and sand monsters. You find your way out, and let Kasuf go. He tells you where to find someone who knows where the Orb of Light and you must go the Inn with a Blue Lotus.
You travel into the desert and find the Blue Lotus. When you reach the Inn you find Sha'Rae. She tells you that she is Kasuf's daughter, and that the resistance is just a distraction so the two of you could meet. You're the Rebels only hope in defeating Sek-Duat. She knows all about the Orb of Light, and that it was the Orb of Light that gave Sek-Duat the First all his power. This power allowed him to take over the Sandsea. The First Sek-Duat had many children, but he was paranoid and didn't trust any and hid the Orb of Light somewhere. She tells you to really get in Sek-Duat XV's good graces, you must defeat the Mumragon. She was digging in the Sek-Duat tomb when she unearthed a giant undead mummified dragon. If Sek-Duat doesn't kill you after this, you should be on his good side. The dragon is in the Dynasty Tomb. After leaving, some bandits confront you, claiming to be from Drakath. The resistance is counting on you! After defeating the Mumragon, you are on the good side of Sek-Duat!
Then, Sek-Duat contacts you. He first tells you about a witch. People go into her cave, and never return. He sends you to kill the Sandwitch, a cruel Yaga who was thrown out of the Yaga Sister Circle. You fight through a couple illusions until you meet the real Sandwitch, who tells you that she brings the frightened ones to safety; the ones who are scared. In exchange for letting her live tells you that the Sek-Duat's men came and stole a spell to resurrect Sek-Duat the First. She will hide until the end. In the next task, you have received a message that a Rebel will betray his comrades. Sek-Duat sends you to meet him. The traitor is none other than...

Kasuf! He explains that Sek-Duat told him Zhoom was going to meet him. He was going to tell Sek-Duat that Zhoom was working for the Rebels. Kasuf knows what spell was stolen. It calls for the life force of 100 rebels. He is using the rebels to resurrect Sek-Duat the First! The rebels will turn into an undead husk, and Kasuf will not let that happen to his daughter. He is going to betray the rebels to keep his daughter safe. Kasuf tells you that you do not know what it means to have a single child. You convince him this is wrong, and Kasuf admits he wanted to get Sek-Duat to turn against Zhoom, which would possibly give the Rebel's a chance. You are in the tomb of the Anubis Knight, and one shows up, and you must defeat him, saving Kasuf's life.

Sek-Duat XV has one more task for you, and the reward will be beyond your imagination. Sek-Duat has reason to believe that Zhoom is working with the Rebels, and Zhoom is doing this to get close to Sek-Duat. Zhoom will need a key that Sek-Duat sent to the Lizardmen's Ziggurat, and Sek-Duat wants you to go there and finish him off, as a 'special day' is approaching. Zhoom is there, and tells you that he knew you were working with the Rebels all the time, and that he never turned you in because you made it interesting. Apparently, Sek-Duat told Zhoom the same thing, and wanted to get you there so Zhoom could kill you. You defeat Zhoom, but he refuses to give up. You appeal to his honor, but that fails. At the end, you meet Sphinxter. Zhoom tells you he has you down, but the Sphinxter says...

He has come to kill both of you. Sek-Duat knew one of you was working with the Rebels, so he sent the Sphinxter to kill both of you. Sek-Duat the First will be raised soon. Zhoom is angry that he will not get his payment, so the two of you fight together and kill the Sphinxter.
The two of you travel to the town, where it seems deserted. Zhoom says Sek-Duat doesn't have enough Rebels to resurrect his ancestor. You fight into his castle, where you find a hidden passage behind his throne. At the end of the passage you find Sek-Duat XV, You tell him that you know his plan, but your surprise, he removes his mask and tells you he IS SEK-DUAT THE FIRST!
It has been Sek Duat the First who has ruled the Sandsea these 1500 years. None of the first Sek-Duat's children were worthy to rule The Sandsea, so Sek-Duat found the Orb of Light, which allowed him to turn into a Lich, but as a Lich, Sek-Duat could not experience life. Sek-Duat found the spell he left with the Sandwitch to allow him to experience life. Sek-Duat was intentionally cruel to get the 100 enemies he needed to get his life back. Sek-Duat offers the chance of immortality. If you accept, Sek-Duat tells you that you must die to be immortal. So he kills you, and you are dead. Oldest trick in the book. If you deny it, Zhoom fights by your side against Sek-Duat the First. After defeating him, Zhoom tells you a Lich cannot be killed so easily, and he will return. You entrust the Orb of Light to Zhoom, who is honored that you trust him.

Sek-Duat was not dead, but he captured all the villagers and planned to sacrifice them all, you and Zhoom saved most of them.Sek-Duat wants to kill all out of spite. Some of the Rebels heard Sek-Duat's men speaking of something called The DuneLord. Sek-Duat has summoned it, and it will take a Dragonlord to take down! You have defeated the ancient DuneLord and saved The Sandsea!
Link: The Sandsea
Also see: 1.1.17B Drakath, 2.1.1 AdventureQuest Crossovers, 1.1.17 The Final 13th

1.1.10(3.1.4) Darkness Orb Saga and the Assault on the Necropolis
Moonridge is under attack from the undeads. You manage to defeat the undeads and save Moonridge, together with the paladin, Artix. After that a party is held. However, Sally, a young little girl, caused a undead hidden beneath the stage you and Artix standing on to appear. Artix together with you manages to defeat the undead. To find exactly what happened, you need to find a way into the Necropolis to get to the necromancers. The Mayor has an idea, and sends you and Artix to Zorbak's shack. Zorbak laughs, saying they do not know true ebil, and they kicked him out for being evil or ebil or whatever. He summons Shelleton, who starts chasing him instead. He agrees that he will give you his old student ID if you kill the Shelleton. He gives his ID, but it has a big EXPELLED taped over the front. He will have his revenge. You now can travel into the Necropolis.
At the gate you meet the Gatekeeper. After almost getting through, Artix breaks and attacks the Gatekeeper. After you defeat him, you can move on to The Body Shop, where a Build-A-Beast workshop is located. You must sabotage it, which you do successfully. The bill is sent to Zorbak. You then must enter the Ice Creamatorium where you must use Artix Brand Holy Wasabi to wreck the formula to make zombie vegetables.
Once Wasabi'd, Artix tell you of a flashback where Artix tells of where he was chopping wood. He hears cries for help, and runs to the river where he sees a girl holding on to a rock. He tries to save her, but falls in and they wash downriver, into a cave. They start exploring until they come to a crossroads. To the right is a strange purple glow as to the left where sunlight shines through the rocks. Vayle ventures to the right where Artix follows. "This looks like the Guardian Tower. Vayle, we shouldn't be here". Vayle touches the orb, and she sprouts wings. Artix touches it but denies the evil power that was offered to him.
From then on, Artix could sense evil and the best way to destroy it. They return home to Vayle's brother, where he blames Artix for Vayle's wings. That night, The Green Mist arrives, and everyone in the town was Zombiefied, except Vayle and Artix, who had touched the orb.
You then travel to some marshlands where a large graveyard is located. You follow the track of a purple-robed Necromantress, who is behind the attack of Moonridge.. You then see a confrontation between The Necromantress and Noxus. Noxus orders her to summon Edgar when the time comes. After fighting across the bridge and defeated Edgar, you unveil the Necromantress, who turns out to be...

Vayle! You have destroyed the Spiritcrystal that contained the soul of Edgar, her older brother that she loves. She is angry that you destroyed him and swears revenge on you. She leaves to warn Noxus.

You then mount an assault on the Necropolis, where you attack the army Sepulchure and Noxus have been building. This occurred on Friday the 13th of June 2008. After defeating the army and the Strangeknight that the Necromantress summoned,you travel to the Necropolis, which is completely empty. Artix tells you that you must find the Darkness Orb and take it from Noxus. You find him, but he claims he doesn't have it. He explains that after Artix and Vayle came out of the Guardian Tower, Vayle brought the power out of the tower, making her the Elemental Orb of Darkness. Noxus explains how he had tried to enter the chamber, but couldn't. When he found the power leave the chamber, he was surprised to find the power around the little girl. He controlled the girl, telling her that he would teach her Necromancy so that she could raise her brother, Edgar from the dead.
Noxus has been using her, but not teaching her too much as with the power inside her she was deadly. He admits to killing her brother so he could use her. He used the Green Mist to kill Artix, as he did not know that Artix's exposure to the Orb made him immune to the Green Mist. Then...

Vayle appears. She has heard the entire conversation, and has had enough. She turns on Noxus and joins you. You defeat Noxus, but he is not dead. Vayle, since she is the Darkness Orb decides to stay in the University, as someone else will come and take it. Later, the little girl Sally comes, and claims in as her own dollhouse.

In the furture, when you know that Sepulchure are attacking, you ask for help from Tomix the Soulweaver to separate the Darkness Orb from Vayle's body. He agrees since you have helped him before. Meanwhile...

...Vayle receives a letter. It states that the sender wants the power of the Darkness Orb to complete his plan (Sepulchure?).You reach the Necropolis but do not see Vayle. You find her diary and on it wrote that she had go away to build her own necromantic army. You fight all the monsters and manage to find the cave that Vayle is in. She is extremely angry, not just due to the fact that you disturbs her, but she believing that you are using her. You fight her, and tell her that you want the orb, not her. You promises her that you can let her live without the shadow of the darkness orb. Tomix helps you to separate the orb from Vayle and leave Vayle aside.

Links: The Necropolis, Assualt on the Necropolis
Also see: 1.1.17 The Final 13th, 2.17- Ravenloss Part 1 (Tomix's Saga I: The Hunt for Greed)

1.1.11 Ice Orb Saga
Galanoth, as we see in AQ is a Dragonslayer who also appeared during beta, but was removed and not heard of for some time. He subsequently appeared in Falconreach, challenging you with a rare item hunt, and telling you of his impending plans to investigate Dragonsbane in the north. Finally, with the release of Dragesvard, the featured NPC was Galanoth, the Dragonslayer. His parents were killed by a great Fire Dragon (as we see in Firespawn). He hates dragons, and that is why he a Dragonslayer. He has been chasing the Fire Dragon for many years, and his trail as led him to Dragesvard. What he cannot figure out is what a Fire Dragon is doing on a glacier.
On two different trips, you find a locket with a picture of Galanoth's father and mother, as well as a shimat. A shimat is a Ice Elf shuriken-like weapon. The Ice Elves are thought to be extinct. Using this shimat (which was dropped by a careless Ice Elf named Gary) you gain access to the hidden city of the Ice Elves. After getting considerably far into the city, the Ice Elves spring out on you. Galanoth intentionally gets himself capture so he can learn more about the Ice Elves why you fight your way out. A day or two later, you get yourself captured. Gary has been demoted to jail guard, and he accidentally locks you on the outside of your cell. Gary also forgot to take Galanoth's spear but did take his helmet, so Galanoth strides about with a paper bag over his head (What's so wrong with his face?).
In his time in the prison he learned much. A new Ice Elf queen named Aisha plans on uniting all the native tribes to attack Dragesvard. Among these are the Killguins, the Ursice Savages and the Tuskers. You impress the Killguins and their leader Linus by fighting in their arena, and gain the Ursice Savages respect by bringing to them a Pic-a-nic basket, something that the shaman of the Ursice Savages told you about in his dream. You make your way through the icy water to get to the Tuskers' home, breathing the water due to your mission in Osprey Cove. They are peaceful, but have seen the danger posed by Aisha, and believe that the Ice Dragons may be following Aisha out of fear, and if you got them on your side you may be able avert the impending war. The other peoples of the north have sent messengers to the dragons, to set up a meeting. Aisha turns up with the dragons, and reveals that she has the ice orb and plans to initiate Global Cooling using its power, to cover the whole world in ice, making it a fit habitat for her people. The only thing in her way is Dragesvard, the last human settlement.

Aisha then reveals that her people are dragons, and that she knows that both you and Sepulchure are after the elemental orbs, but that we have no right to have hers. She calls your dragon a traitorous whelp, and sets two of her dragons to kill you and Galanoth.
After defeating Aisha's 3 million minions attacking Dragesvard, the Ursice Savages, the Tuskers and the Killguins, you have to defeat the Ice Dragon General and his pet, the, again demoted, Gary, who hold his potion chest to heal the general. After this victory, you are able to make your way into the depths of the Ice Elf citadel to find Aisha. Before going in to face
her, you reveal to Galanoth that you know some Dragonlords quite well, and that they aren't all like Dragonmaster Frostscythe. You know that she will defeat you if attacking you in dragon form using the power of the Ice Orb, so when your attempt to trick her into fighting in elf form fails ("My default weapon has +3000 to dragons"), Galanoth switches to "Plan B". He gets chewed, but due to the Dragonsbane he has collected and rubbed into his armor, Aisha loses much of her power, and, although fighting in dragon form, her power is much reduced, and you are able to defeat her. Galanoth reveals that he made a sword out of Dragonsbane and, since his spear was broken in the fight, starts using that. The crunching inside Aisha's
mouth leads to his armor becoming cracked and weathered, however he lets it remain this way; this is part of AQ's back-story, as in that game you are never told either where Galanoth obtained the Dragonblade, or how his armor became so cracked. After this you take the ice orb as your reward.
Soon after this, you receive an invitation to go to Olaf's Party, where almost all of Dragesvard's inhabitants have been during your stay. When you arrive, you discover the party goers frozen solid in a swimming pool, and an angry Aisha, who tricked you into coming by sending you the invitation. She wants a rematch while unpoisoned, and, as Galanoth has run out of Dragonsbane, you have to defeat her. You reveal to Galanoth that you are indeed a Dragonlord. Galanoth tells you that he thought that the baby dragon following you around was some kind of horribly deformed dog, and didn't want to hurt your feelings by asking you about it. Galanoth agrees that maybe there is one good dragon in the world, if you raised it, and tells you and your dragon to save the town if you can. After you defeat Aisha once and for all, and save the town from her clutches, Galanoth admits that maybe, just maybe, not all dragons are evil. After this, the townspeople of Dragesvard are freed from their icy prison, and return to their places within the town.

Links: Galanoth, Dragesvard, Aisha
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1.1.12 Energy Orb Saga
Popsprocket is the main gnomish settlement in this part of Lore, built, legend has it, on the remains of an ancient Guardian Tower that held the Energy orb that had been lost for centuries.. Due to the meddling of a team of Aries Battlespire engineers, Popsprocket is a floating city, that has to be kept chained down, or it will fly off into space. It is a centre for research, scientific and technomagical study, populated mainly by Gnomes, although other races are welcome. Dr. Voltabolt studied here before becoming a dentizt. Gnome's naturally inquisitive minds make them excellent researhers, engineers and inventors, but as a side effect, over 70% of gnomes die in mechanical explosions. Its leader is Yix, the current acting High Technocrat of Popsprocket, who has taken command of the cities resistance since it was attacked by hordes of energy Cyklons, and the leaders fled the city. It has been under attack by Energy Cyklons that have pushed the resistance back to a small corner of the city.
A low-level technician called Mechagius Balthar has unleashed hordes of robotic minions upon Popsprocket, and many believe that he must've found the long-lost elemental orb of energy to do so. In order to open up a safe way into the main part of the city, Yix sends you to clear the project delivery tunnels and open up the steam-lock gates for a secret way in. Yix has devised a new weapon that could stop the Cyklons, the parts for which could be found in Popsprocket's Experimental Tool storage facility, near the Mechagryphon hatchery factory, but when you arrive, you find the whole building gone. And the only one that could steal an entire building is...Sepulchure. You travel into the heart of Popsrocket to stop Richard Fizzlesproing's gears that powered the whole city of Popsrocket. You destroy it, and hope to have slow Sepulchure and Balthar down.
You manage to get help for a gnome name Pachebel that helped you to get into Sepulchure's fortress hovering in the distance through his cannon. You slip a invention of the gnome, the 'Magic Eye' onto a flying eyeball so you will be able to know Sepulchure's plan. Drakath and Sepulchure know that the fortress was invaded and is sure that you who do it. You manage to know their plan of invading Popsrocket with an undead army and seize the Energy Orb by force before they found the Magic Eye and destroy it. You decide to gather an army to protect Popsrocket and you began with the sneevils. You find King Sneed and he agree if you gave them boxes, lots and lots of boxes, a HUNDRED THOUSAND boxes.
Then you decide to get help from Captain Rolith. He tell you that he will assist you if you fight of the bandit invasion.You fight off the bandits and Rolith send his togs to assist you. You are now ready for war!

You and Yix are about to plan for the war before a Cyclon name Dave v384.16 appear. He shows you a image of Sepulchure deciding to leave the Cyclon army alone and not attack them, so you will need to fight off 2 armies. Dave says that he will provoke Sepulchure into destroying the Cyclon army. Dave brings you to Sepulchure's fortress before he began provoking Sepulchure. Sepulchure is furious and cut Dave into half and tell you to head back to Popsrocket to get ready for war. You have tried all your might to defend Popsrocket, even trying to ask Dr. Voltabolt for help. Finally, after all the Cyclons and Undeads and killed, you managed to find the Cyclon base and find Balthar. You learn the truth that Balthar is in his lab with his experiments when the Cyclons started to take over when the energy from the Orb saturated the metal. Fortunately, Balthar had hid the orb in a hole and it is safe. Sepulchure is mad that he did not get the orb

When you thought everything has ended, light flickered and Popsrocket has awakened, as Simus Prime. Using your dragon, you managed to deactivate the city and keep the gnomes save. Yix also managed to locate the stolen experimental tool storage facility under water near Osprey Cove. You find it but are surprised to see...

The shed use as a orchestra hall of Crabastian and the Aqua Force, and underwater orchestra! So it seems that the search for the weapons will have to continue some other time.

Links: Popsprocket, Yix
Also see: 1.1.17A Sepulchure, 1.1.17 The Final 13th, 1.2.3 The Atrea

1.1.13 The Great Fire War Saga(Fire Orb Saga)
Yulgar's first apprentice, Konnan needs your help when his hometown is under attack from a giant fire dragon. You reach there and met Galanoth and his blood brother, Demento. The fire dragon, better known as Akriloth is one of the most powerful fire dragons on Lore. She is in the possession of the fire orb, making her even stronger. You have no way but to fight through her minions and defeat her. You manage to find her, but just cannot defeat her. You are spared, but Konnan's town is destroyed. Demento head north, hoping to find a powerful weapon, or power that defeat Akriloth. Konnan was angry upon hearing the bad news. He turned away..

...and find Xan, who tell him to fight Akriloth, the fire dragon, with fire!

Demento manage to find something ancient in the glacial caves, the Ice Scythe. It is crafted from the coldest glacial ice and enchanted, and Demento believed that Akriloth can be defeated by the weapon. Meanwhile Xan, who was teaching Konnan, tried to use him to help himself to defeat Warlic, by teaching him pyromancy. Konnan works hard and increases his power.
Back at the North, you find Izotz, who had stolen the Ice Scythe. You manage to defeat him after he agree to challenge you in a duel. Izotz, angry that he lost, uses his last strength, destroy the Ice Scythe. You gather the pieces and bring it back to Yulgar, hoping he can fix it. Yulgar decided to forge it into something stronger-A Frozen Claymore! Konnan was all ready to take on the job of been a pyromancer, as Xan sent him on his final test. Afterwards which Xan, told Konnan that he is ready to exact his revenge on you as well as the Dragonslayer Galanoth, and even help him to defeat Warlic and rule the land with fire, with his apprentice, Konnan, or perhaps from then onwards, Drakonnan!
At Falconreach, Yulgar's forge has closed due to fire monsters and is going to move east, to Battleon. The Frozen Claymore is completed, and so when it is time, you are ready to fight Akriloth. When Akriloth saw you coming, she was furious. With the power of the Frozen Claymore, you managed to defeat her. with Akriloth defeated, everything seems to have ended. You are about to leave when Nifaria, the Elemental Spirit of Fire appears. She was mad that you have slain Akriloth, which cause an imbalance in elemental power, which is putting fire beings in peril. She wanted you to hatch Akriloth's only son and take him to Lady Celestia so he can bring the elemental realms back.
When you finally returned to Falconreach, you get a letter from Yulgar:

Dear Friends,

I have made my way east. The fire elementals and minions roam the countryside and attack without provocation. There are bands of adventurers that fight the good fight and battle on through. I found a crossroad between several towns and set up a small forge to help supply them with the weapons they need to fight. I saw an explosion to west a few days ago and the fire attacks seem to quell, but now the monsters have begun their attacks anew and fight even more fiercely. I fear they found someone...or something new to fight for already.

Please, friends, heroes, if Akriloth is truly gone, and Falconreach is safe, come east and help defeat these monsters!
Battle on!

You must head east, to save other parts of Lore from fire monsters. Konnan...I mean Drakonnan, had appeared at where Akriloth is killed, and found the fire orb, making him perhaps the most powerful pyromancer in the world, even more powerful than Xan, his own teacher...

You and the townspeople headed east, but Demento wished to stay behind to a longer time. He scourged the land and found some metal (with the words “Xan Brand") written on top, crafted by Konnan. Demento sensed that the fire monsters were not minions of Akriloth, but of some other.
In Xan's cave, Xan was glad that how great Drakonnan was ridding the world and burning. Then, Konnan appeared in a bust of flame and told Xan that the Falconreach townspeople headed north. Demento, hidden in the cave, was spotted. Drakonnan went to hunt Demento.

Demento, realizing the he cannot escape, tries to reason with Drakonnan. Drakonnan, mad with grief, with a spell and KILL Demento

Galanoth, sensed that something is wrong, head back with you. After defeating monsters, you finally manage to find Demento. With his last breath; tell you and Galanoth about Konnan. You have to continue your journey. Yulgar tell you that the town of Ashenvlae was attacked by Drakonnan. The whole town is destroyed and needs your help. After defeating the fire monsters in Ashenvale, Yulgar tells you to defeat the monsters at the Eastern Hills. Even though that the monsters are defeated, Dain Lorilann, Mennace, and Elgert who follows you disappear as you battle your way through the Hills. To your surprise, they are not the only one missing. Many of the other heroes are nowhere to be find.
Fire monsters have now attack Battleon camp. War is coming and the fire monsters have to be defeated, or all of Yulgar's hard work of saving Lore will be wasted. Yulgar said that you will have to find some other source of power. Yulgar mentioned that in the Frozen Claymore was more magic then even he could forge by himself. However, a mage needs to be summoned to make the weapon stronger. Either Warlic and Cysero (Cysero appears) have to be summoned. Then, Cysero called upon Warlic. Warlic decides to tell you to head north to collect Ice Gems and combine the power with the Claymore's to defeat Drakonnan. However, the Ice Katana is stolen when the Guardians of the weapon are sleeping in the night, by someone familiar...
When the fire monsters were all destroyed, you found the General, Varax. He wishes to kill you, so he will be rewarded. You defeat him and Battleon is saved, but Drakonnan still lived. The Frozen Claymore is reforged together with the ice gems, forming the Ice Katana.There is no way but to go offensive and attack Drakonnan.
Even though that you do not know how big Drakonnan's army is, and your allies decreasing, you still have to attack him. You fight off the monsters and found the boss, a Shadowfire Knight. After defeating it, to your surprise...

The Shadowfire Knight was Artix! He said that Drakonnan corrupts minds and hearts of your allies by using fire orb's power to the fullest. Artix is sorry at what he had done but you are just angry at Drakonnan, and decide to attack him with the Ice Katana. Only to your surprise is when Artix tells you that he took the Ice Katana while under Drakonnan's control. The weapon now lies in his deepest dungeons.

Xan himself is mad with Drakonnan for he keeps the fire orbs away from him and even uses his pyromancy magic against him. He was furious when he had a plan...

... of finding Zorbak! He wants Zorbak to head Drakonnan's lair and help you.

It's time for the final battle. Artix brings you to Drakonnan's lair. You are thinking about ways to enter when Zorbak appears. He decides to help you although you disagree. However, he manages to break into Drakonnan's force field, allowing you guys to enter. In the maze, you find Tomix, the soulweaver, Reens, the health-potion master, Alina, the mana-potion master and Oishii. They believe that you should destroy the fire orbs (some that Drakonnan created) to weaken him. Oishii meanwhile tell you of a vanilla scent that was new in the cave. You continue and find the two orbs and destroy them, before entering the throne room to find Sepulchure. Drakonnan appears and fought you. You defeated Drakonnan with the Vanilla Ice Katana (found in the quest) and he jumped towards you. You dodged out of the way and Zorbak pushed the throne aside, causing Drakonnan to fall into the lava. Shortly after, the ground crack and you and Zorbak get off in time. Zorbak was angry and wanted Drakonnan's chair. Zorbak holds out an orb and tell Drakonnan to trade the chair for the orb. Zorbak threw the orb in, which was to power out monsters and Titan Drakonnan appears. After it was defeated, Zorbak appeared with Drakonnan's mask.

Finally, a war fought for so long, has ended. Konnan was in the lava, and Nifaria appeared. Warlic and the goodheroes of Lore gather. The fire orb can no longer be sensed and was believed to be destroyed. Yulgar decided to stay in Battleon and set up his shop there. Zorbak appeared with Drakonnan's mask before Cysero take it, to repay his favor.
Konnan was in a Sepulchure's fortress. He woke up and saw Nifaria. Konnan had survived. Nifiria had the fire orb, and she gave it to Xan. Konnan wanted the orb back, but there is no Nifaria, "Nifaria" is Sepulchure is disguise!

Links: Drakonnan, The Great Fire War Saga
Also see: 1.1.17 The Final 13th, 1.2.3 The Atrea

1.1.14 Water Orb Saga
While fishing at the Falconreach Bay, you catch a Johnnyfish. Its mother seems angry and dunks you into the sea, two leagues under.
Fighting off all the monsters, you meet a water elf named Aquella. Just then, Captain Davey attacks the town, demanding for his locker. He kidnaps Aquella and tells you to bring his locker to him. Aquella was trapped in a bubble and you have to save her, whether you have Captain Davey's locker or not! You talk with Caran and Diawe who were part of Davey's crew. Davey seems to get mad after some time, a bit off like talking to himself, perhaps due to the legendary Kathool Atchoo. You drift into a deep sleep while in the inn, dreaming of being attack by Kathool Adept.
The next day, you know very well that you have to save Aquella. You defeat Captain Davey and get away with Aquella. Captain Davey fled. He was talking to a shadow and wanted his locker back. However the shadow just grows...You questioned on Aquella on how all the water elves disappeared. It seems that she found a beautiful blue orb in the middle of a guardian tower. She sneaked in and played with the orb, the water orb. The other elves caught her and were all extremely angry. She ran away into a cave and when she returned, the city was deserted. You volunteer to check out the city. You enter the guardian tower and find the tower's basement. Just the tower begins falling and knock you unconscious.
You had a dream when you cross some bizarre screens and fight some Adepts when you suddenly arrive at an underwater city. You are surprise how you escape when a voice speak in your head. Anchors drop down and men climb down. The water elves are surprised and you saw the once alive Captain Davey. You are back at the Guardian tower and Davey take the orb away. He escaped and the city trembles soon after. An enormous shadow of the legendary Kathool appears. The Water Orb is the guardian, such that the Kathool will not rise. Now that the orb is gone, everything is darkness, before seeing you starting to change form. You see what happen to Davey. The water orb is in his locker. Tentacles appear and grab his ship and bring it down. You know you have to find Aquella.
It seems you are not the only one hearing those voices. You know you have to find the locker. You hear voices of yourself, except evil, telling you to bring Aquella to the Kathool. Only Caran and Diawe seems to be fine. You fought with the spirit of the evil you. Finally, that's it, you know what to do.
You bring Aquella to an underwater trench and is going into it. Aquella is puzzled and wish to return. For once ,you decided to, then you hear Davey's voice. You wish to fight Davey. He plays with your feelings and caused Aquella wanting to know the truth behind the disappearance of the elves. Adepts rise and attack you. Caran and Diawe then appears and decided to help you defeat Corrupted Captian Davey. When he is defeated, you know you still has one last monster left, the Kathool Atchoo. He tells you of his past and attacked you. He tells you that the human race has come into the depth using yellow machines that looks like ducks. You have no idea what he is talking about.
After defeating him, he sank into the deep. With Kathool Atchoo gone, the water elves returned. The underwater world will be kept save. The water orb, meanwhile...

Has fallen into the hand of Sepulchure, thanks to his spy, Captain Hugo(the half-ghost guy in the inn)

Links: The Locker
Also see: 1.1.17 The Final 13th, 2.1.2 Mechquest Crossovers

1.1.15 Falconreach Spy Saga
The Falconreach Spy was placed after the Beach Vacation Invasion. She/he has stayed silent, leaving no clues who he/she is, until monsters, pets to be exact, are attacking town. Aria does not know what to do and needs your help. To your surprise, the pets are set off by...

Grams, Yulgar's mother and Aria's grandmother. Except that she is replaced by Sabrina, and the real her is in Sepulchure's fortress. You are furious of "Gram" helping Sepulchure as you always think that she is on your side. She sent her prized pets to attack you. You manage to defeat them. "Grams" is angry and turns into someone wearing the Doomknight Armor. You defeat them but she escaped with the help of her wyvern. Back at Sepulchure's Fortress, Sepulchure is angry that "Grams" attack Falconreach, without his permission. "Grams" tries to reason that she is helping him to build an army, but that only makes Sepulchure even angry. She then wishes to continue to spy on Falconreach to get the last Elemental Orb, which is the Earth Orb that is not found. But Sepulchure said that it is impossible to be in Falconreach, or else it would be found long ago. Sepulchure transformed "Grams" back into her real form-Sabrina and send her back into the Darkness Realm, for she had failed the master.
The real Grams, meanwhile is rocking Gravelynn, Sepulchure's daughter in the fortress.

Links: Aria's Pet Shop
Also see: 1.1.7 Beach Vacation Invasion, 1.1.17 The Final 13th

1.1.16 Willowshire Part 2(Earth Orb Saga)
Willowshire Part 2 had overwritten Part 1 and can be consider as a saga as its own. However, this section will continue from Willowshire Part 1 so please read 1.1.6 Willowshire Part 1 for more details.
You return to Guardian Fortuna and she was surprise to hear of Lord Valorus a guardian of Thorn, who had disappeared almost 100 years ago. She wants to know what the secret chamber held but is discouraged when you say that what is held in the tower is gone. It is taken away be a Rare Treasure Hunter. You manage to get some clues on who is the Rare Item Hunter, Someone has head north towards the Badlands. You chase after the Rare Item Hunter and

(no surprise)It is Valencia!

She tells you what happen 1000 years ago, where Badlands was the center of a battlefield. There were flags of Doomknight Helms, giving us clues that Doomknight might exist 1000 years ago. Towers are built to protect the orbs. The Order of the Thorn was charged with building the Willowshire Tower... the Tower of Earth! The two of you had to escape and return to Willowshire. You manage to return, but to your surprise, Guardian Fortuna tells you that the Guardian Tower is under control of the dravirs. The Earth Orb is broken into two, and the rock half is disguised as Geo in front of the Falconreach Guardian Tower. At the Old Guardian Tower, you find Lord Valorus and he tells you what happen, 1000 years ago. The darkness wants to take over the world and Lore is threatened to tear apart. The Elemental Avatars revealed themself and forge an orb of each element for the human commander to guard. Lord Valorus get the Earth Orb but accidently dropped it and caused it to split into two. He gets the stone half and left the nature half aside. Stone half in is the tower while the nature half is lost-which is the Secret of Thorn.

Valencia's father, Trey Surehunter, appear.

He suggests to search the Temple of Gloom, perhaps one of the most mysterious place of Lore. The two of you slowly head into the Temple and find a mine. You decided to continue the journey riding through the mine and manage to ride far enough before the mine explode. You manage to find a map room, containing miniature figures of Lore. Valencia places the fruit you find in front of the light coming from the scale model. The narrow beam of light that was created reflects from the miniature Guardian Tower, reaches the map and indicates a specific spot. Suddenly, someone call Salad appear. He took the food and says like how Fae make the food. You wants to ask about Fae but Salad replied by saying that she can change her form, and she is "not" Fae some of the time.
Salad tells you about Fae who live in the northern part of Surewould Forest. You finally manage to find Fae fighting off En and Tropy. They reveal themself and attack you. Despite you killing them multiple of times, they just reanimate and return, becoming stronger each time. Valencia and you teleport away to prevent more fight.
Trey, with Fae ,is in other part of the forest. She tells Trey that she shapeshift everytime she sneezes. En and Tropy went off to find Gorgok and want him to join them. By defeating Gorgok, they transform him into the EnTropy Dragon and they went off to attack Willowshire. Trey asks Fae where the nature orb is. To his surprise, to Fae, it is her garden stone. When Valencia brings her father the stone half of the stone, Trey fused the two half together and formed the Earth Orb. Then Trey opens a rune and the legendary Blade of Awe is in it. Trey then fuses the Blade of Awe with the Earth Orb. He attacks the three of you and go to find more treasure after summoning the Guardian Dragon. You defeat it, but is now stuck, between life and death. You and Valencia return to Willwoshire and tell Guardian Fortuna what happens. Just then, the EnTropy Dragon attacks Willowshire and demands the Earth Orb. With its power, it turns the residents of Willoshire into EnTropy minions. You go and save the remaining survivors. You decides to know what happens to the nature orb for the past 100 years. Fae seems to have been playing with it. It allows her to shapeshift whenever she sneezes. You find Trey and his stone minions mining in a distance mountain. The EnTropy Dragon is getting nearer. Trey sent his minions to attack you and you as well as Valencia has to attack them. When you destroy Trey's minions, Trey is furious and turns into a titan with the power of the Earth Orb. The EnTropy Dragon has also arrives. Summoning your dragon, you have to destroy both of them. However, when the EnTropy Dragon is defeated, EnTropy magic falls onto Earth Elementals, turning them EnTropic. Trey is hanging of a cliff. Valencia grabs hold of him and you retrieve the Blade of Awe. In a burst of darkness...
[spoiler/] Sepulchure appears and takes the Earth Orb. He commands the EnTropic Earth to attack you. Valencia, Fae and you hid in a cave. Knowing that Sepulchure will get the Blade of Awe sooner or later if you do not do something, she destroys it and hid the pieces all over Lore with your help.
Even though that the Blade of Awe is hidden save, EnTropic Earth is still after it, and are attacking Willowshire. You defeat the leader of the EnTropic Earth and save Willowshire. Guardian Fortuna asks you to head back to Falconreach and defend it. Since Sepulchure has the Earth Orb, he is more dangerous. And now that all the orbs are found, he will most probably invade Falconreach.
Links: Willowshire, Guardian Fortuna, Valencia
Also see: 1.1.6 Willowshire Part 1

1.1.17(3.18) The Final 13th
Havocs are wrecking all over on the places where the other 5 orbs are. Spies of Sepulchure are allocated there. Monsters are climbing the glaciers and attacking Dragesvard. Monsters are attacking Sandsea and people need your help when they still tries to find themselves in the wake of Sek-Duat's wrath. Sho'Nuff Island is under attacked as well. Mechagryphon are messed out and cyclons and other monsters of unknown origins are attacking Popsrocket. In Falconreach, guardians are missing and monsters are attacking. Captain Hugo is spying again, now on Falconreach. Soon, Sepulchure strikes. Chests of boxes carrying undeads are dropped on Falconreach. Archers tried their best to shoot down the boxes while they are in the air but a few stilled dropped on Falconreach. You use all your might trying to defend Falconreach, so are the guardians. But there are too many of them that you are hardly doing any damage. Back at Sepulchure's Fortress...

...you saw Grams planning something with Gravelynn. She sent bees, beetles, spiders and other insects to attack the fortress so they can escape. Sepulchure was angry and finds Grams before blasting her with a ray of Darkness. Despite Grams being stopped, the damage to the fortress has already been done and the fortress will crash, right through the mighty Guardian Tower of Falconreach, perhaps to Sepulchure's favor, for this action kills many guardians.

4,000,000 waves of undeads have been fought off. You find Sepulchure near Falconreach. He get ready his DoomBlade and fought you where you lose.
Just then, a baby red dragon flies into the scene. To your surprise, it is...

Akriloth's son! You remember about Lady Celestia, and you saw a scene where she is in Sunbreeze Grove, lying on the ground with a broken cup in her arm, dead.
Sepulchure goes away, and sent more boxes of undead to attack Falconreach. 4,000,000 waves is only 20% of the total...
You return to Falconreach, and to your surprise, the guardian says that the Darkness Orb has been taken away by Sepulchure's minions while you are battling Sepulchure. You immediately head to Dragesvard, trying to protect the Ice Orb. There, you saw Xan riding on top of undead Akriloth. You either have to defeat it to save Dragesvard and let Galanoth to protect the Ice Orb or protect the Ice Orb yourself or let Galanoth deal with the Dracolich.
Either way, the Dracolich and Xan is defeated but Sepulchure gets the Ice Orb. You saw the spy following behind Sepulchure. The spy is...Gary! Sepulchure and Gary disappeared and you have to protect the remaining three orbs.
You head to Popsrocket and see it under attack by an army of undead. They are assembling line with nitro-glycerine sponge. Cyclons and robots in Popsrocket are contaminated. As you sent bombs to attack the monsters, the undeads manage to break one of the chains that held on to the town and Popsrocket crashes. When you recover, you waked Yix and he brought you to find the orb. However it was stolen. You have to keep the other two orbs save.
You reach Sho'Nuff Island and sees pirates and ninjas quarelling on each other. You stop them and tells them that it is Sepulchure that attacks them. You reach Kordana and finds Kordana before telling you what happens. A Pirate-Ninja monkee breaks into the Access Panel and stolen the Wind Orb. Meanwhile, mech Kordana arises and you destroyed it. You tell the pirate and the ninja to tell Rhubard and Thyton what happens while you protect the last and final orb...the Light Orb of Sandsea, the orb that is the opposite of Darkness.
Ash and you head there, and find Kasuf. After all, he had betrayed you and is most probably the spy. While Ash is interrogating him, Zhoom comes in and tells you that the Light Orb has been stolen. You chase the spy and saw him/her standing before a cliff. Ash unveils the spy...it is Sha'Rae, Kasuf's daughter. She wants to destroy the orb, so that Sepulchure cannot get it. Sepulchure and Drakath meanwhile appear. As Sha'Rae jumps, the dracolich Drakath riding gets hold of the orb. The last orb has fallen into the hand of Sepulchure. He "invites" you to his fortress that lies north of Willowshire in the Deadlands. You have to chase him.
When you reached his tower after fighting off all of his spies, you found him as he was about to merge the eight orbs to form the Ultimate Orb. Just as he created the Ultimate Orb...Drakath take his Necrotic Blade of Doom and backstabbed Sepulchure. He combined his power with the Ultimate Orb and Fluffy and became Dragon Drakath.
Sepulchure and you tried to defeat it many times but failed to do so. Finally, you and Sepulchure decide to team up and take Dragon Drakath down once and for all. When Drakath was defeated, the Mysterious Stranger appears and retrieves the Necrotic Blade of Doom and binds himself to the dragon, making him the most power darkness creature on Lore, the Super Mega Ultra Doom Dracolich. His darkness power grows, causing the world to engulf in darkness. You manage to save the villagers of different towns. You then return to Falconreach and helps to protect it. The dracolich grows larger and finally swallows the sun. You felt desperate before Cysero comes up with a "wonderful" idea, get the bacon orb. Only it is not the bacon orb, it is the orbs, through the help of his time machine.
The eight bacon orbs power is combined into one and your dragon is primalize with it. You attacked the dracolich but failed. Then, you hear Fluffy, who tells you to attack the dragon at below the heart. Fluffy sacrifices itself to defeat the Super Mega Ultra Doom Dracolich, and everything ends (or has it?).

Link: The Final 13th! Darkness Attacks
Also see: None

1.1.17A Sepulchure
The name Sepulchure most likely comes from the English word "Sepulcher" of "Sepulchre" which means a tomb, or burial place. In the quest: The Irismancer, he is called by the name Sepulcher. Some of Sepulchure's backstory can be seen in AdventureQuestWorld, but we will talk of his story in DragonFable first. Sepulchure was never meant to exist. The everybody's favorite, or most nefarious doomknight was originally to be Drakath. ( Proof)
It is only thought of during the Undead Assault War. So, that is just Sepulchure's beginning, let's get into the story!
Not much is known about Sepulchure. He attacked the town of Falconreach with his undead army. He apparently has a pet Necromancer named Kato who informs him that the town fought off the invasion. Sepulchure is glad, and says everything is going to his Master's plan. We do not see him again until Frostvale 2006, where he is angry with Icemaster Yeti that the Moglin's healing abilities to not work on the undead. He loses Icemaster Yeti as an ally here. We learn a little about his history from The Irismancer, who mentions that you can Sepulchure share the same path. He used to be a hero with many friends, and when he lost something very dear to him, he felt he needed more power so he would have stopped this event. He became so obsessed with gaining power, and withdrew from his friends and life. His friends discovered his Necrotic Blade of Doom, and saw hot it was poisoning his mind. He wears the armor of the Doom knight. Or more like, the Doom armor wears him. We see of him again in Sir Vey's Quest, where he asks for some Mollo Mind Serum, a mind control. We also learn from Nightshade that Sepulchure 'is just one of the Master's goons'. When you finally confront Sepulchure on your dragon, Sepulchure claims he is just too busy to face you... until now. He declares once he gathers the Elemental Orbs, no power on Lore or any other world will be able to stop them. They have broken the Prophecy. You know nothing of this, and he explains how one dragon will destroy Lore, and one will save it. The dragon to hatch from the Black box will be the destroyer, and since you have the one from the Black, there is nothing to stand it the way. You will destroy Lore and Sepulchure's dragon Fluffy will help. The Master has been setting all this in action while men were still young, and you have almost played your part. His Master bade him not kill you, which is the only reason you are still living.
Further into the future, you saw him invading Popsrocket with the flying fortress, made from the biggest dragon on Lore, ever.
After the Popsrocket invasion ended, you then saw him disguising as Nifiria, trying to get the Fire Orb, and 'kidnapping' Konnan to learn more about Fire Orb's power. Just before the invasion of the Final 13th Invasion, you saw his spy handing him the Water orb and him himself appearing the get the Earth Orb and wanting his minions to get the Blade of Awe.
During the Final 13th Invasion, you tried to fight Sepulchure but lost. You fought his minions on different parts of Lore but were too slow to save the other five orbs. When Sepulchure got all the eight orbs, he invited you to his new fortress. He combined the elemental orbs into a ultimate orb, but Drakath backstabbed him and became Dragon Drakath. You and Sepulchure had to join power to defeat him. After Dragon Drakath is defeated, you only see the Mysterious Stranger appearing and retrieved the Necrotic Blade of Doom. From the quest, we can learn that the "Thing" that he lost is someone called Lynaria. Sepulchure is someone with extremely high endurance for he can still fight with Dragon Drakath despite a hole in his chest.
Link: Sepulchure
Also see: 1.1.17 The Final 13th

1.1.17B Drakath
Similar to Sepulchure, Drakath is also indeed an interesting character. He was a human in DragonFable, a Dragon in AdventureQuest and the Champion of Chaos in AdventureQuest Worlds. He has indeed gone through a lot, from a bandit leader to one of Lore's most powerful villain.
We first meet Drakath when he is after the Black Dragon Box that Lady Celestia has. Here, he claims he is the rightful ruler of this world. He says the box is his key to getting his kingdom. When Robina is about to give us the box, he shows up again. Here he has a grudge against Robina for something. He gives up and leads an undead army to obtain the White Dragon Box located in the Wind Temple. He seizes the Box and gives it to Sepulchure. Sepulchure is angry that he only has one box, but Drakath cannot get the other.
Drakath is mad that you have defeated him, and wants revenge. He goes to Xan, who apparently owed Drakath's father something. Xan agrees to destroy the whole town. He fails, though
When we see inside Sepulchure's fortress, Drakath shows up with the White Dragon Box like Sepulchure wanted, and that he wants the power of the Necrotic Blade of Doom. Sepulchure is mad there is only one box, and says the agreement was for both boxes, and sends Drakath out for the Black box. Drakath apparently has a grudge against King Alteon, as he believes he is the rightful owner of the throne. He hates King Alteon, and will do anything to get the throne. He is also mad that he is denied and not able to attract as much attention as Sepulchure. He most probably hate Sepulchure too, but only follows him to gain power and fame.
Link: Drakath
Also see: 1.1.17 The Final 13th

1.2.1- Swordhaven Past(Alexander Saga)
It started more than 1000 years before the time of DragonFable...
You are a mage named Alexander and are the apprentice of a mage, Brump. You met Warlic and the two of you went on a race to see who will gather the most reagents in the shortest time. After collecting the reagents and returning to the mage tower, you met the other apprentice of Brump...Jaania! You are Warlic fell in love with her, and do everything trying to please. The two of you show off your levitation skills when Jaania asks you to get a reference book from the library in the Mage Tower. When Brump saw the mess you and Warlic has made, he sent the three of you out. Being bored, Warlic summoned a portal, causing Jaania to be surprised. As she steps forward to investigate it, she accidentally falls into the portal. The two of you also jumped inside, trying to save her. It was a fire cave. You (Alexander) recall how you hate fire after what happened when you are young. You manage to defeat the monsters and escape under the encouragement of Jaania.
After the three of you return to the mage tower, Warlic recalls his past. He then summons a fire monster to attack you. Been tired at what Warlic is ding, you decided that it is payback time. The next day, during class, you saw Jaania admiring something called the Elemental Bouquet, a popular gift among mages. You collect the flower and decided to give it to Jaania. However you slipped on ice created by Warlic. Furious, the two of you agree on a duel after school the next day when Jaania walked away.

The next day, you two began fighting again. Jaania, hearing the sound enter the room and tries to stop the fight. Unfortunately, a powerful spell you cast on Warlic is deflected and hit Jaania, trapping him in a crystal. Meanwhile, Warlic's fireball caught you on fire, turning you(Alexander) into Xan...

Links: Swordhaven Past, Alexander
Also see: 1.2.4 Atrea

1.2.1A Xan
Xan is a weird guy. He always has some taste of fun. He finished off 299 elite knights with one spell, turned one elite knight into a monster, or trying to freeze the world of Lore. One good reason why he can control the power of Cyromancy that easily might be due to the fact that he was and Ice Mage- Alexander. He always have some challenges up his sleeves and never really admit defeat. He really hate imps, as much as Warlic. You yourself even have troubles deciding whether to help him or to attack him some of the times. An example is that when he was held captive by Wargoth, you still saved him. Xan himself did not really kill you when he had the chance to do so.
Link: Xan
Also see: 2.8 Warlic's Zone Part 2(Save Lymcrest)

1.2.1B Warlic
Apparently, Warlic and Xan went to the same school. There were very competitive in everything, except when it came to a girl, Jaania, they were out of control. Warlic attacked Xan and Xan was engulfed in fire. The only thing Warlic could do to safe Xan is to turn the fire into healing fire. He lives in constant agony, but the fire is the only thing that keeps him alive. Jaania is trapped in a healing crystal casted by Xan which was originally casted to trap Warlic. He has a father which Warlic defeated. Warlic is one of the most powerful mage but overcasting his spell will kill him, as everytime he cast a spell, his mana points expand and when it reached the maximum, Warlic will die.
Link: Warlic
Also see: 2.8- Warlic's Zone Part 2(Save Lymcrest)

1.2.2(3.1.9)- Rift War
Rifts are opening in parts of Falconreach. The Atealeans need your help. The guardians immediately went to check what happened. When the guardians found the Atealeans, the other end of Falconreach has fire monsters pouring in. Falconreach is under attack. When 8,000,000 waves have been fought, the general appeared; the puppet general-Veyla. Under control of the fire villain Wargoth, is sent to attack Lore, you have to fight him back. Afterwards, she told you of their history. Wargoth came and trapped the Atealeans on Somorah. However, Wargoth's son rebelled against him and frees the Atealeans. However, Wargoth returned, and they have to escape from Somorah, and into Lore.
Links: Friday the 13th - Rift War!, The Puppet General
Also see: 1.2.4 Atrea, 1.2.3 Rising Fire, 1.2.5 Wrath of Wargoth

1.2.3 Rising Fire(3.1.10)
Wargoth is planning something, and he is about to attack Lore soon. Veyla felt Wargoth coming, as Wargoth bent the fire and forcing to enter Lore. Veyla's body burnt and Isiri decided to isolate her, trying to keep her from betraying the other Atealeans. Then, the guardians report the rifts beginning to be active, again. You fight off all the fire monsters, and see a portal, on fire. You are pretty sure that Wargoth is coming though, only to your suprise that it is the Lore's Plane of Fire. Wargoth has controlled Fiamme, the Elemental Avatar of Fire! You are shocked by his power. Alz'ein decided to find for the Professor that helps them to escape Somorah, and you have to help. Isiri then exclaimed something, horrible to the Atealeans...

Veyla has escaped and betrays all of you again! Xan, meanwhile, is attacking the Fire imps when Wargoth appeared, and captured him.

Links: Friday the 13th - Rising Fire, Wargoth Approaches
Also see: 1.2.4 Atrea, 1.2.2 Rift War, 1.2.5 Wrath of Wargoth

1.2.4 Atrea
You head to Atrea and meet with Yolande, as she sent you on the mission to find the Professor (I'll just key in Prof. instead of Professor from now onwards). Since the Prof. does not use magic, but machines (science?), you decide to search Popsrocket, and you are right. Fire monsters have been attacking the town. You find Yix and he tells you that he had sent the Prof. to Falconreach. You immediately think of Lim as you ask him where is the Prof.. To your surprise, he sent the Prof. to the worst person on Lore, the Dentizt Dr. Voltabolt! You fight off his secretaries but the Prof. is not there! You return to Atrea and the Atealeans are all dissapointed. Isiri casts a spell and she thinks that the Prof. might be in the north, in the Deadlands. After fighting monsters, you come across a cave that is guarded by mechanics. As you entered the cave, someone also do so, he is...

DrakonnanKonnan, except the Prof. insisted on calling him the "Apprentice"! He is angry to see you and is about to hit you with his hammer when the Prof. appeared and stopped the fight. It seems that Konnan is the Prof.'s apprentice.

You explained that the Atealeans were under attack and they need his help. However, the Prof. just wants to be left alone. However, you insisted that you have been searching for him to ask for his help. Then a fire imp appeared. The Prof. wants you to catch it or he will hide in somewhere where you will never find. After catching the imp, you three have a talk. The Prof. has to see Wargoth every night in his dream and he believes that their mind might even be connected. You tries to comfort him, telling him they are just dreams but the Prof. denied this idea. He thinks that it's two minds clashing. Two psyches battling. What makes it even worse is that Wargoth wishes to escape him as much as him wish to escape Wargoth. You decided to help the Prof. by entering his dream and find Wargoth. Wargoth found you and was mad that you invade his dream. Konnan tries to attack Wargoth but was unsuccessful as he was thrown on top of you. He then controls Konnan to hit you before attacking both of you with flames. The two of you have to escape from the dream. As you two are about to do so, Wargoth appears again. He plays with the mind of Konnan, causing him to remember what you have done-his whole family, dead. After defeating Konnan the Prof. suddenly appears in the dream and attacked Wargoth. And that is final...the Prof. and Wargoth both tell you to get out from the dream. You are questioned at what happened and ask the Prof. a bunch of questions after escaping from the dreams. However, all he remember is pulling, tearing, before waking up in Somorah and in the care of the Ateala. He has a guess, that...

He himself might be Wargoth! Wargoth wishes to attack the Prof., but is not sure what to do. The Prof., meanwhile, believes that if he is dead, so might be Wargoth. You two decided to find someone who can bend fire like Wargoth. Xan is the first to come into your mind. Just then, you remember that Xan hates imps! The Prof. believes that he is someone important and sends you to rescue Xan from Wargoth. You decided to free Jaania, as she can be someone really important. You head the basement of the mage tower in Swordhaven. Afterwards, the Prof. aligned the elements with the opposite and Jaania is saved, finally. Unfortunately, she is uncounscious...

When Wargoth's minions are finally destroys (Wrath of Wargoth war), the five of you(You, The Prof., Konnan, Xan and Jaania) return to the Guardian Tower. Xan blames you for causing this, for you destroys the darkness dragon, upsetting Darkness and Fire. The fire has no protection, no dragon and its avatar is possesed by Wargoth. You ride on your dragon and tries to save the survivors. When you return, The Prof. says that you must get Warlic back, and it seems that...

Warlic has split into two parts. The Prof. is the human half of Warlic, and Wargoth is the other half. To not upset the balance, the only way to defeat Wargoth is to merge Warlic back, and only Xan and Jaania can do this.

The Prof. decides that he and his apprentice will attack Wargoth in the Dreamscape while you, Jaania and Xan attack him in the real world. You defeat him, but then he turns into a Titan. After you defeat him in Titan form, The Prof. and Wargoth merge together, forming Warlic. However, he can only remember you protecting Falconreach from the Super Mega Ultra Doom Dracolich, and nothing much. He says that he went into a portal to prevent himself from exploding due to overuse of Mana but is split into two instead. Warlic tries to apologlize to Xan but Xan is still angry. Warlic himself is astonished upon seeing Jaania. However, she was so angry at what he has done. In the end, Jaania froze Warlic and Xan in an icy prison...
Links: Atrea, Wargoth
Also see: 1.2.1 Swordhaven Past(Alexander Saga)

1.2.5 Wrath of Wargoth(3.1.11)
Wargoth's final attack begins. He sends his minions to attack Lore, and is after The Prof.. You and Konnan prepare to fight while the Prof. wishes to know more about Warlic, from Xan. After fighting away all the minions, Wargoth appeared. He attacked the three of you (Konnan, the Prof. and you). You tries fighting him but failed. Xan appears and attack Wargoth, but deals no damage and Wargoth prepares a attack that will kill you all. Just then...

Jaania appears and stops Wargoth, causing him to retreat.

Links: Friday the 13th - Wrath of Wargoth
Also see: 1.2.4 Atrea, 1.2.2 Rift War, 1.2.3 Rising Fire

1.3.1 Chapter 3-Prologue, Oaklore and Falconreach
Jaania froze you, Warlic and Xan at the edge of the Oaklore Cliff. Years have passed, and you finally manage to break the icy prison. Just then, a dragon in chain appears, not long before a group of soldiers in uniform shot the dragon down with an arrow. The soldiers spot you and try to take you back to Asterid. Rolith apperas, and defeat the three soldiers, saving you. He is glad that you are saved. You follow Rolith deeper into the woods and saw a soldier holding Twilly. He punts Twilly to you. You fight the soldier after either punting Twilly back or helping Twilly. He tells you that Warlic had broken free from the ice crystal and started thawing you with his magic. He also tells you that an organization called the "Rose" is trying to stop all magic, and your help is needed. He wants you to enter the keep and speak to Maya. Then, he and Twilly left.
You enter the keep and meet with Maya. She is surprised that you saw Rolith. He left when King Alteon ordered him to garrison The Rose members there at Oaklore. Patrols have been coming back since then with headaches and she thought that Rolith might have been behing this. You head to Falconreach and you met Ambush by bandits as you did the first time. You see someone mending the bridge connecting Oaklore and Falconreach. Just then, a zombie three-headed hydra appears and you have to defeat it(Maybe the one you defeated years ago?). You reach Falconreach and meet with your dragon. Everything in Falconreach changes. Both Ash and Aria have grown up. You find your dragon beside Twilly, who is always standing one the same stump.
You learnt from your dragon that he has been trying extremely hard to "hatch" you, like what you did to him: sitting on you, singing to you, asking nicely, acting cute, tapping you and even trying to push you off the ledge or the sparkling eye technics.
Links: Chapter 3 Oaklore, Dragon Hatching
Also see: None

1.3.2 Popsrocket under Attack
Airheart, the gnome of Popsrocket, needs your help. Popsrocket has crashed, and she wants you to find her friends. You learnt there that the Rose is behind the Popsrocket attack. The Rose thinks that this so-called gnomish "science" is indistinguishable from magic, and cannot be trusted, hence must be destroyed. Yix is worried, for he does not understand why the Rose, who is trying to stop magic, attacks them. The footage Yix taken gives you all the information. You manage to find Sweeny, a gnome and save her...
Link: Popsmashed
Also see:None

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2-Dragonfable Side Storyline

2.1 Crossovers
It will be boring if all the stories are filled into one game, won't it?

2.1.1 AdventureQuest Crossovers

I. The Crystal Cave: The Crystal Cave, found in Warlic's zone, is a scaled quest where you battle large groups of Vizalain Protectors. At the end, you destroy a Crystal Tree. You pick up a Crystal Shard from this Tree, and give it to Warlic in exchange for some Shard weapons.
In AQ, you can visit the Dwarfhold Mountains to see the Crystal Cave. You must have a Crystal Seed to enter. If you speak to Valencia, you can find another cave where Gypsus, the last Vizalain tells you that humans destroyed the Crystal Tree a long time ago. She tells you to visit the Dwarfhold Mountains and plant the seed there. You go back to the cavern. You plant the seed and a female Crystal Tree, Malachia sprouts from the ground and thanks you.
Links: DF Crystal Cave quest, AQ Crystal Cave quest
Also see: 2.3 Warlic's Zone Part 1

II. Lucky Day: During the 2008 St. Patrick's Day(Lucky Day), a hat from the AQ St. Patty's Day event came through a portal and landed on the head of a Sneevil in Surewood. He went crazy for gold, and this gold fever quickly spread. At the end, Cysero accidentally sent the hat through another portal, which landed somewhere in MechQuest.
Links: DF Gold Fever, AQ Blarney Surprise
Also see: 3.5 Lucky Day

III. The Exodus: The first titan quest was released the day the eggs hatched. You find Cysero, Artix and for the first time, Zhoom all piled up in a 'telephone booth'. Cysero claims that they have time traveled, and they need the help of a Dragon Rider to travel forward in time and destroy an Exodus Titan.
You travel forward in time to the town of Battleon to find your massive dragon as well as a DA already aboard. You are told that the other you have been knocked out. You climb aboard your dragon and destroy the titan. You have saved Battleon from the Exodus.
Link: Titans of Battleon
Also see: None

IV.Fire War and Battleon: The Fire War of DragonFable was a more completed version of that in AQ. The DF fire war clearly explains how (Dra)Konnan turns evil, as well as the attack of Arkriloth on different towns.
The one in AQ can be a repeated history, for it states that Arkriloth wants the fire orb which was taken away from him(by Drakonnan when Akriloth was defeated).
Links: DF Fire War, AQ Dragon War

2.1.2 MechQuest Crossovers

I. Kordana, Pirates, Ninjas: In the quests Ruin of Kordana and The Hunt Begins, you find a Heavy Mech. There, you meet a hologram named Kordana. She says that the security drones went renegade and destroyed the repair robots. She speaks of some 'reset' where reality was rewritten. She asks if Artix still kills undead. She said Artix would remember her; Warlic might, depending on how he merged and "Cysero? Did it land here too?" She says how clever he is for transforming into a mage, and asks you to say hi to him. She says her programming is degrading and she thinks she has been there for over a thousand years. She says the Wind Pearl was taken by Drakath.
Links: Ruins of Kordana, The Hunt Begins!
Also see: 1.1.17A Drakath

II. Lucky Day: In Lucky Day of 2008, the hat from the Sneevils went through a portal that Cysero actually created. It caused the event in MechQuest
Links: Gold Fever The Expert
Also see: 3.5.1 Lucky Day 2008

III. Kathool Adept: The Kathool claimed that you had attacked his land in a yellow machine. You destroyed his adepts, forced him into the depths. The machine is probably the MechQuest Submarine where Val told the MechQuest hero to use when searching the underwater ruins.
Links: Risen(DF), Underwater Ruins(MQ)
Also see: None

2.2 Oaklore
This is the first town you enter for now, and the only place to train before you are level 3.
Link: Oaklore
Also see: None

2.2.1 Sir Valance Saga
The place outside of Oaklore is filled with sneevils. Sir Valance sends you to the Box Fort of the sneevils to get rid of the sneevils. He also sends you to the Sneevil Dojo near Oaklore. When a valuable ironwood box is sent to Oaklore, the sneevils raided the keep, trying to get the box. You invade the Boxopolis and defeated King Splurt and returned the box back to Oaklore, which turns out that the sneevils only want the box itself and not its content.
Link: Sir Valance
Also see: None

2.2.2 Sir Vey Saga
Something has upset the natural balance in Oaklore forest and you have to repair it. First, a group of Forest Furies have stolen Sir Vey's seeds that he will be researching and you have to get the seeds back. Sir Vey then asks you to check the Mollo Tree in the woods that were supposed to be the Furies main food source. To both of your surprise, the Vurr'mens are behind these. You entered the Vurr'men's ruin and managed to get the seeds back, but they were all rotten. Sir Vey assumes that the Vurr'men let the seeds rot on purpose and asked you to get his equipment to test the seeds. He realizes that the fermented Mollo fruit produced a chemical that can be used in mind control. You have to burn all the fruits. After that rewards you with some of his items.

The one ordering the Mollo fruit was Sepulchure!

Links: Sir Vey's Camp , Note from Sepulchure
Also see: 1.1.17A Sepulchure

2.2.3 Sir Ano Saga
Sir Ano is an aspiring Pactoganal Knight who wants to get noticed for heroic deeds, only problem is, he's not very heroic, and so gets you to help him out on his missions to protect the local area. After agreeing to help, in return for any gold or loot that you find, you first defeat a gargoyle that has been terrorizing local townspeople, then go on to rescue Jenny, the daughter of a kitchen worker, who was kidnapped by a mushroom Major-General while out gathering mushrooms. After getting noticed for this heroic acts, Ano feels that he could perhaps do with some magical assistance, as you had with Warlic and Cysero, and so you set off along a crumbling old road to the ruined city where the Wizard lives. On the way, you fight your way through Aggressive Appletrees, Ravens and Boardrakes as well as defeating the wicked witch Azza Kadellya who tries to turn Sir Ano to the dark side. When you reach your destination, the wizard accidentally gives Sir Ano the speech for aspiring villains, rather than that for idealistic heroes, and so you decide that he's not the right kind of advisor for Ano and, realizing that there's no place like Oaklore, you head back to the keep.
Impressed by reports of Ano's deeds, Captain Rolith sends him on a mission to investigate some bandits camped out in a swamp. The bandits mistake Sir Ano for Wes Lee, an adventurer that helps bandits over near Lymcrest. With this disguise, you and he manage to get to see the bandit chief, Dread Bandit Roberts. He asks you to help him kidnap one of King Alteon's daughters, and Sir Ano announces his true identity with a lot of "Princess Bride" references. You then defeat the bandit leader, as well as those that try to stop your escape, before returning to Oaklore and retrieving a trove of bandit loot.

Once there, Captain Rolith reveals that Sir Reptitious was following the two of you throughout the mission, and he is very impressed with your progress, but a little mystified as to why your character was accompanying Ano. Due to Sir Ano's heroic efforts, Rolith has got him a place at a dinner with King Alteon and his daughters. While there, you notice that the middle daughter, Victoria, is actually Robina the Hood and you and her younger sister Tara drop multiple hints about her alter-ego, until Alteon catches on. Despite this, Sir Ano manages to put a positive spin on this, as without Robina distributing gold to monsters, the heroes of Lore wouldn't see slaying monsters as profitable, and the number of active heroes would decrease. This in turn would cause trouble from monster attacks for the King's subjects, and mean there were fewer heroes spending gold in the shops and Inns of Alteon's Realm. The King is not fully convinced about Victoria's actions, but sees Sir Ano's potential as a silver-tongued wordsmith, and thinks he could find a use for him at court with his personal retinue of Knights, as a Public Relations consultant. In the meantime, Princess Brittany, the eldest, takes a shine to him, so everything works out for the best.

Link: Sir Ano
Also see: None

2.3 Warlic's Zone Part 1(Elemental Caves, Crystal Caves and Plot Spoiler Bags)
Warlic's area is the home to many elementals. It is also home to Warlic's tent, which is a magical portal to his tower that he shares with Cysero.
In some quests of the Zone, you can find two Plot Spoiler Bags.
Here are the two bags and their contents, with the blanks. I will not tell you what goes in the blanks, nor will I tell you the subject.
The contents of Spoiler Bag #1 in the Waterfall Secret Cave
'R_bi__ m_g_t_e a _r_i_nc_e_s_!'

Picture of Spoiler Bag #1

The contents of Spoiler Bag #1 in the Fire Cave / Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star

'_l_eo_ is _o___a's _a_he_!'

Picture of Spoiler Bag #2

Link: Warlic's Zone
Also see: 2.1.1 I for Crystal Cave information

2.4 The Cysero Rebellion etc.
On June 16 2006, Lord Asparagus, Maestro911, Nikemorya and Rimblade started a rebellion on the forums. The staff put them
ingame, and they smashed Cysero's orb. Eventually, Cysero's Defenders overthrew the Rebellion, and restored Cysero his position.
Cysero himself was left in charge of the update in 2007 when Artix, Zhoom and many others of the staff members were away. Doing this, the Guardian Tower of Falconreach was first turned upside down, and then turned into a fish. The interior was not change.
Links: Guardian Tower: Fish (screenshot), Guardian Tower: Upside down (screenshot)
Also see: None

2.5(3.4.1) Amityvale
At the first Friday the 13th war (it was around October 2006), after the boss we were going to find the source of this attack. What was revealed was Amityvale, a town under attack by undead (including Ravens, Gargoyles, Pumpkinheads, Zombies, Yagas, etc).
At the end, the Necromantress is surprised at your power. Zorbak sees her and immediately falls for her. She tells you that she works for the Shadowscythe. She calls Jack Strife to finish you and leave. Zorbak follows, asking for her number.
After declaring she is part of the Shadowscythe, she leaves and we do not see her again for a while. She also helps you get through The Fog before you reach the Vampire Tower, and appears to be working with Lord Frydae XIII, but she betrayed him as she works for someone else. In the Beach Vacation Invasion, that army is united with another attack on Friday the 13th, where the two forces are united.

In a cutscene we see a conversation between Xan and the Necromantress. They reveal that the army is actually Xan's fire monsters in disguise. He says that is only a taste of the power of the Pyronomicon. She reveals the plan: The fire monsters drain the heroes of energy and then the undead come in and destroy Falconreach. He says he is creating something big, and if this fails, his new servants will come in.
After you defeat the army, The Necromantress tells you of the illusion of the army, and you defeat two minions, RotGut and Pro Pain. The Necromantress leaves and speaks to Xan. Both express their amazement. Xan will take the blame, and after the Necromantress has left, Xan tells Sepulchure that someone has been replaced in Falconreach, and is awaiting Sepulchure's orders. Sepulchure says the Necromantress is nearing the end of her usefulness and will need to be eliminated soon.

After a while of not showing up for a while, she attacks The Necropolis. She is beaten back.
Another part in Amityvale, you met Thursday.
She complains about having nightmares. She asks you to retrieve her pendant, which she left in her mansion that was overrun by spirits. In the basement is Nightshade who tells you that Sepulchure is just one of The Master's goons. You can exchange the pendant for some of her jewelry.
Then she tells you about a lake that she likes to hang out at. She said she planted garden there and how hard it is to do this. She tells him that a werewolf is there and asks if you could clear a path to the garden.
Once you get to end, you find a werewolf whose name is Lon. He says he was sent here to protect her. Also located here is Chaney, who says that Lon was his brother. He also says that Lon was turned into a werewolf, and that he has been trying to turn Lon human again for a while. He sells you his research papers with which you can upgrade your doom weapon. You also can find a portrait in his shop with the description "There are two figures in this picture. A tall, regal looking man and a woman who looks remarkably like Thursday. Her parents, possibly, but the portrait looks at least fifty years old"
Next, you receive a letter from the Five Yaga Sisters challenging you. They say that they are summoning a beast that will destroy Lore. She wants you to come and try and destroy it. Then Thursday tells you of her dreams. There is a man with a white face who she knows but has never met. He just stands there and smiles at her. You destroy the beast, Guffer.
Finally, there is a path. It takes a whole week to clear, and when it does, monsters storm into Amityvale. After defeating all the monsters, you find a vampire tower. The Necromantress meets you and tells you she will let you through the Fog if you kill a werewolf. After you get through, you fight through Vampiric Ghouls as well as Guardian Ghouls. You also find a tower that looks a lot like the Guardian Tower in Falconreach. The inside of this building looks the same also, although it is littered with Guardian Ghoul. At the end, you find Lord Frydae XIII, who tells you that...

he is Thursday's great great great great great great great great grandfather. He says that he watched Thursday, and has chosen her to be a Vampire like him, and that they will make vampires the rulers of the world. He will make her immortal. He also says that he turned Lon into a werewolf to distract Chaney, as Chaney was getting too close to finding out who Fridae XIII was. He made Lon Thursday's guardian. He also said that the tower was once the tower of the Guardians of Amityvale. When it came under attack, the people wanted whatever was in the basement. Fridae seized this opportunity to turn them all into his Ghouls. He also says that he thought the Necromantress was a servant, but she serves someone else. You then take out Fridae, and at the end, he turns into a mouse and escapes.

In the Town Hall, the lawyer Damien looks a lot like Frydae XIII. He also has a spooky name.
Lord Frydae XIII was not "The Master"
Links: Thursday, The Vampire Tower, Lord Frydae XIII
Also see: None

2.6 Ice Dragon War
In December of 2006, an ice army attack Falconreach. After the heroes of Falconreach defeated the army, you meet Dragonmaster Frostscythe wearing sweet armor and looking awesome. Zorbak comes out of nowhere, and greets Dragonmaster Frostscythe like a friend, as the two obviously know each other. Dragonmaster Frostscythe is demanding 'the orb'(the elemental orb?), but your character and Twilly deny knowledge of such a thing. Zorbak leaves and Dragonmaster Frostscythe summons his dragon, Glaisaurus to his side.
After killing the dragon and breaking Frostscythe's amulet, he shows amazement. He said if he knew who you were, he would have brought a much larger army. He laughs at you not even knowing what you are defending. He then limps away, sneezing, coughing and sniffling.
Links: Ice Dragon War, Dragonmaster Frostscythe
Also see: 2.19 Dragonsgrasp Saga

2.6A Dragonmaster Frostscythe
Frostscythe lived among the people of Dragesvard, but was never truly accepted, because he was half Ice Elf. One day, when he was a young boy, his father found him out on the ice, starving. After this he ran away and found Aisha, who revealed to him the true power of the Ice Dragons, and gave him a Dragon Amulet.
During the Frost War, we can travel to Glaisaurus's cave to get Fire Gems. Also, during Frostvale of 2006, we can also travel to his cave to get more Fire Gems, and in the process, we learn he is not behind the first attacks on Frostvale. During the Frostvale of 2007, we can travel to his cave to learn he has a small army of dragons in training, and then once they are trained he will be unstoppable. We can also find him in the last quest of the Guardian armor, where we have to defeat him.
We learn of his plans here as well. He is obviously looking for some orb, probably located in the basement of the Guardian Tower. What it is, we do not know, but Lord Valorus speaks of it in Willowshire. (The Earth Orb? But why?)
In Aisha's war upon Dragesvard we come across Dragonmaster Frostscythe again, with a new Dragon Amulet and another dragon called Glaisaurus. He is working with Aisha, and helped her gain her throne; she has been crafting Dragon Amulets for him, after you break them, using the power of the Ice Orb. After show him the power of a true Dragonlord, by beating him, his dragon and break his amulet, he threatens that Aisha will kill you, and he can take a real Dragon Amulet from your cold, dead hands.
Link:: Dragonmaster Frostscythe
Also see: 2.19 Dragongrasp Saga

2.7 Mae Pi vs.Pi Mae and the Monkee War
Pi Mae in Shadow of the Wind Village wants to play a trick on Mae Pi, the innkeeper of Osprey Cove, and thus ask you to help. The ninja monkees defamed the pirate inn. The pirates played a prank of their own, leaving a pie for Pi Mae to step on. Pi Mae was angry and played a prank back, leaving bad bananas in the Inn. The pirate innkeeper played the last prank; leaving a potion which summoned a load of water monsters, finally causing a ship to land on top of the Ninja Inn. This was the last straw. The monkees, tired of being the butt of all the pranks turned everyone into monkees, and the fight began between Osprey Cove and The Shadow of the Wind Village.
Link: Monkee War! (Pirates vs.Ninja)
Also see: 2.16 The First Pirate vs. Ninja War!

2.8 Warlic's Zone Part 2(Save Lymcrest)
Warlic asked you to investigate what has happened to the river flowing past the mining town of Lymcrest. It was set on fire and you have to investigate. To your surprise, it was Xan the pyromancer who was behind this. He got hold of the pyromicon, thus stronger. You returned to Warlic and he told you some of his and Xan's past. Apparently, Warlic and Xan went to the same school. There were very competitive in everything. Except when it came to a girl, Jaania, they were out of control. There was some accident and Xan was engulfed in fire. The only thing Warlic could do to safe Xan is to turn the fire into healing fire. He lives in constant agony, but the fire is the only thing that keeps him alive. Jaania is trapped in some crystal. You went to where the river flows and collect some sample for Warlic. Warlic believed that Xan changed the nature of the water itself. He can reverse it only with a spring of purest elemental water in the mountains. You get some samples and Warlic told you something he learnt from the townspeople of Lymcrest. Xan was born under unusual circumstances. As he grew it became apparent that he possessed some natural skill in magic. The miners were made nervous by his skill in magic, which is common with the magically gifted, we are often misunderstood .In this small mining village there was no other children to play with and young Xan was hungry for attention. So Xan tried to get attention the only way he knew how, by causing bad things to happen and hurting innocent people. Xan, of course, was too clever to get caught but everyone suspected that the strange fires in the village were his doing. As Xan grew to be a young man he became proud of the villager's fear... which he mistook for respect. Eventually, tragedy struck and Xan's parents were killed in another mysterious fire, the day that Xan left for the Magic Academy in Swordhaven. After the water is changed back, the both of you went to find Xan. You two decided to sneak into Xan's volcanic fortress and take the Pyronomicon. However, Xan caught both of you. He sent minions after you and you managed to defeat them. The Xan told you to...

Fight Warlic. You had no choice but to do so. However, you did not realize that it was an illusion you fought. The real Warlic cut Xan's power from the Pyromicon and you defeat him. However he became a Lava Titan and you have to defeat him on your dragon.

Link: Xan
Also see: 1.2.1 Swordhaven Past(Alexander Saga), 1.2.1A Xan, 1.2.1B Warlic

2.9 Doom weapons and Deathknights
The Doom Weapons were first found in Maryanne's Inn, which was the old Serenity's Inn. After Maryanne left and Serenity took over, Serenity was going to throw them away, but they disappeared. The Mysterious Stranger west of town. He sold them at first for 25k, and then raised the price to 28k. The Mysterious Stranger says you should get one, for their true power is yet to be unlocked. If you have one, he congratulates you.
In the Crystal Clear Lake, you can upgrade the Doom weapon by using Chaney's Research Materials. You can also find Unlucky Doom Essences in the Haunted Castle, with which you can upgrade it even more times. You will then able to merge the weapon to up to level 56 in Braughlmurk Cape, You can also purify the Doom weapons, forming Destiny weapons and can upgrade them throught Artix and also through Braughlmurk Cape up to level 44.
The Deathknight, Sir Malifact is a ghost who you can find by talking to Artix. He says he was a Paladin of truth, justice and peace when he and his friends were defeated. He asks you do find all his doomed equipment. The last thing is his journey, which tells you how he and his friends were arguing about a chest. He opened it and put the ring he found inside on. He becomes colder and says the ring gives him strength and power. He says he doesn't need to eat or sleep, and that his armor is turning black. Some pages are missing, and then his mage friend, Trelix tells you that he is now a DeathKnight, and that he doesn't even now he is. They tried defeating him, but every time he was struck down, he rose up and attacked again! Finally, Stabina his rogue friend writes. She says that he has reformed 100 times, and finally she hid all his equipment throughout the crypt, and says if anyone gathers his armor, he will be a DeathKnight again. Oops... Now you must defeat Sir Bram Malifact, in his DeathKnight armor. Once you defeat him, you are asked, "Could he be reforming somewhere else?" This shows you how corrupting Doom items are, and will be.
Links: DeathKnight Quest, Doom Shop
Also see: None

2.10 Warlic's Zone Part 3(Nythera's Saga I)
Nythera is Warlic's assistant, and is half dragon; her father is a human, and her mother is a dragon that can take both human and dragon form. She is over 200 years old, but only about 17 in dragon years. She committed many misdemeanors with her dragon magic when she was younger, including turning human children into green creatures with an obsession for boxes (Sneevils?) and for playing in her father's alchemy lab, leading to her being banned for using dragon magic for 1000 years. She is taken on as Warlic's apprentice, and wants him to teach her human magic, and help her to access her dragon magic. He sends her to meet the leaders of each of the four local elemental tribes, each enthuses about their own greatness, and Nythera insults and defeats each of them; by doing this she turns them against humans, and doesn't learn anything. Warlic refuses to give her her magic, and over the next 200 years, she starts to turn against him, and when we meet her she is trying to find ways to kill him. She sends you on missions to gather reagents from the local area, so Warlic doesn’t notice anything missing from his store, and then gets you to mix potions for her.

When everything was gathered, Nythera told you to leave. She had probably known you would stop her plans. You decided to hang out with Cysero, when the tower Cysero and Warlic share had an explosion come out. After a pointless chat with Cysero, you get past some of his laundry (AGAIN) and past 2 deformed orbs. You find Nythera and Warlic locked into a battle to the death. After firing multiple shots from their hands and potions, Warlic disappears. He comes behind Nythera, and takes her down. She then...kills him. Your character caught up just in time to see him die. You are aware that there's a Warlic in the future (5 years to be exact) and you know he looks just like the Warlic now dead. Nythera turns into him, without one flaw, and turns back. She then tells you she has sent a challenge to all of the elemental lords, and that they will pay for humiliating her, you tell her you will have to try to stop her, but she warns you of her newfound power, and says she would prefer you to stay alive to defend Falconreach from the angry elementals. Nythera has underestimated the power of the elemental lords, and elementals pour from the mountains in their millions. You and the other heroes of Falconreach struggle valiantly, defeating waves of elementals, planting bombs amongst them and defeating the lesser leaders, while Dragonlords took on titan elementals and dropped bombs from the skies. In a brief respite in the fighting, time was found to hold a funeral for Warlic, with many NPCs giving touching tributes, until Xan shows up, mad that he wasn't the one to slay Warlic, muttering about ways to bring him back. Unfortunately, after this, the defenders were slowly, but surely, pushed back, and all of their efforts proved fruitless, as the avatars of the elemental lords themselves approached, the waves of elementals kept increasing until Falconreach was overwhelmed, and flattened to the ground, with nothing but the Guardian tower left standing. The elemental lords then pulled back, gathering their forces for a strike upon Nythera. Nythera takes on the elemental avatars, but without knowledge of how to control her newfound powers, is easily defeated; she realizes that she needs to bring Warlic back, which she then does. Warlic reveals that he planned to let Nythera kill him, and deal with the consequences, as it was the only way to make her learn responsibility. He defeats the avatars, and they retreat, but he tells you that while he has this awesome power, he tries to let heroes be heroes, and not interfere.

Links: Nythera, The Storm War
Also see: 2.18 Warlic's Zone Part 4(Nythera Saga II: Rise of the Dragonmage)

2.11 Bacon Origins
Zeuster the ChickenCow god wants you to prove your worthiness to him, by completing tasks, before he will reveal the secrets of element Bacon. First you have to defeat a slanderous lion, next scare off some vicious birds that are disturbing his rest, then help Zeuster's Chief priest, Archimoodes, to clean out the dormitory of the novice chickencows by collecting water elementals, while Archimoodes finishes things off with a bit of cleaning magic. Next up, Zeuster wants you to help Aria capture a golden Hindeer, a very rare creature, and then defeat a hydra that has been threatening the cattle of Jeron. After this you have to respond to a challenge against Zeuster by a Minotaur that claims no-one can navigate its labyrinth. Then you have to enter the underworld to help the spirit of Zuester's friend's wife. You battled Death and returned to Valencia. Then Zuester would like you to take care of a ferocious boar that's been on a rampage, scaring the chickcalves. Zuester thinks that you might be worthy but he continues sending you on missions. He wants you take Archimoodes's apprentices here to visit their relatives, the cattle of Jer'yon. Then, Zuester wants you to get the belt of the Queen of the Jungle, Leeta, You defeated her and got the belt when Zorbak appeared and tricked the Jungle Furies that you killed Leeta and that Zuester wants to be the King of Jungle. You managed to escape and Zuester sends you on to the next mission, in the underworld again. You have to return the three-headed guard dog of the underworld but you brought back the wrong one. You brought back the guard-dog's puppy and not itself! You failed and Zuester was disappointed, but he decided to give you one last chance. He wanted you to bring back the chickencow eggs outside their nurseries. They have been chickcalf-napped before they are hatched and you have to find out who did chickcalf-napped them. You entered the Garden of Good and Ebil through a gate guarded by a titan and found out, surprisingly, that the one behind the missing chickencow egg was...

Cysero! He planted them and they grew into Chicken-cow trees. You get back with some of the eggs (seeds?) and Zuester is impressed and decided to tell you the secret of the Bacon Element.
The chickencows have been flourished on Lore for many years. They were doing well and was short of food. Archimoodes prepared a ritual to provide them with a cheap, easy, and abundant source of nutritious feed. However, his apprentices mess with the runes and causes Bacons to drop from the sky. They get rid of it by selling them to Zhoom. Keelia of Aeris Battlespire bought a whole batch of it and created weapons. The elemental orb of bacon is kept in a place that smells like...breakfast.

Links: Zuester, Bacon Origin

2.12(3.1.6) Amityvale Part II(Undead Dravir)
Zorbak tries to get the power of a DragonLord, and he manages to find a cave full of Dracolich eggs. He tricked you into defeating the Zombie Dravirs and Zombie Togs so he can get the eggs. When the Baby Dracolichs are asleep, he tries to enchant them. He then brings you to his lair and he wants you to clean it up. After you finally clean it up, Zorbak's original undead army is angry at what Zorbak has done-raising undead Dracolichs. Trying to protect the dracolichs, you defeat all the undeads. Zorbak is glad that the dracolichs are save but also angry that you have destroyed his army, which was attacking the town during November 13th, 2009. Thus, he wants you to find more man for his army. You go to the Yaga Stone Circle and find those Yagas. The Yagas do not want to join the army hence Zorbak sends his dracolichs to attack them before teleporting away. You are left to deal with the Yagas. After returning to Zorbak's lair, Zorbak and you visit the Vampire Queen, Safiria. After finding Safiria, Zorbak ask her army to join forces with his. Safiria declines, since she has her own plans to attend to. Zorbak decides to attack Amityvale with only his own army. When the villagers see you with Zorbak, they attack you. After fighting the villagers, you tell them that you want them to adopt the baby Dracolichs. Zorbak was furious as he returns to create a larger undead army...
Links: Undead Dravir, Zorbak
Also see: None

2.13 Popsrocket Part 2(Penpal Saga)
Zapp wants you to deliver a letter to his penpal, Snou at where the Ahzite Ore is mined. You agree to help him and when you reach there, you realize everything in the house is larger than normal and you wonder if Snou is a giant. You continue to investigate and defeat the monster in Snou's house. Just then, Snou appears and she is angry at you for destroying her limited-edition "penpals". She decides to make you her new penpal but you manage to defeat her. You return to Zapp and are sorry to have defeated his penpal. He then asks you to visit Amityvale and find Thursday, his new penpal. Unfortunately, on your way there, you accidentally drop the letter. Afterwards, Zapp asks you to deliver a package to Keelia, the battle mistress of Aeris Battlespire. You ask Keelia how does Aeris Battlespire kept afloat and she tells you about them using Ahzite Ores, and the supplier is a giant(Snou?). Zapp then have another letter and asks you to deliver it to the Surewould Ranger, Robina the Hood. After taking out bandits, you ask Robina what is her bandit fighting tactics, which is just to keep fighting. You returned to Popsrocket but to your surprise, Zapp has disappeared. You find giant footprints leading to a steam tunnel and decided to follow it. You find Snou but shockingly realize that...

the so-called penpals are Snou's roommates. She wants Zapp to help her but you ruin her plans. The reason Snou "gnomenapping" Zapp is to get a "Zapp's Amazing AC System" to cool her house down instead of shipping blocks of ice from Dragesvard.

Link: Zapp
Also see: None

2.14 Aria in Wonderland
Aria has disappeared while finding rare pets near Warlic's tent. Ash asked you to check for signs of Aria. While finding Aria, you saw a white toggit which was talking. It tries to enter a tree trunk but was stuck half-way. You push/punt it into the tree trunk before a Dementon appears and shove you into it. You find a castle and realize that the Queen of Tarts has mistaken Aria for the Bakery Witch who is trying to steal her recipe. The queen attacks you, but you managed to escape. You entered a house and see a piece of candy. You eat it and grow bigger. After fighting some monsters, you come across Chesire Twilly which gives you a drink and turns you smaller, far much smaller than before. After defeating monsters and finding Chesire Twilly again, you are furious. Then, Chesire Twilly cast a spell and turned you into normal size. Chesire suggests you to find Kittypillar as he is knowledgeable. After finding him, you have to fight with him before he helps you. He mentions that he will only answer one of your questions before you are tricked. Chesire Twilly suggests that you visit the Mad Haberdasher (Cysero). You ask Chesire Twilly to explain it but he denied. You visited a tea party and saw Cysero, a doormouse and the white toggit. Cysero suggests that you give the Queen a gift to bribe her into freeing Aria. You learn a recipe from Cysero and is now ready to face the Queen.
You find Kittypillar and Aria imprisoned and promise that you will free them as soon as possible. You defeat all of the Queen's guard and the queen is mad. She attacks you, and you defeat her. You ask her to free Aria as you present the Schnozzberry bush to her. The Queen faints after trying one. Meanwhile, you save Aria and leave the queendom. Links: Aria in Wonderland, Aria
Also see: None

2.15 The Clashening
Lim wants you to enact his Had-ron Collider and needs some discard metal. You visit Dr. Voltabolt and get some metal from him. After getting the items, the pair of you try it out at the Falconreach fountain. Cysero appears and destruct it. Lim is mad and plans to try the experiment again some other days. The next time, you find Lim and he is with a machine that produces blackholes. He tells you to press it while you two stays there, "admiring" the black hole. Three hours later, Aria entered the place and tells the both of you that energy and darkness elementals are coming to Lim's shop, most probably attracted to the blackhole,. You fight off all the monsters before Cysero appears. It seems that Cysero messed with the machine so it will not turn off. Sometime later again, you find Lim in Cysero's garden. He is under an apple tree and he is going to shake it, proving that all things go down. However, Cysero appears again and the apples drop into his goo, turning them into apple minions. Lim wants to see Cysero's magic but sent you instead. Cysero is creating mayonnaise in cube form and needs your help. He sent you to gather ice so he can complete his spell. When he finishes it, he created a portrait of himself from mayonnaise and hung it in Warlic's room. Lim asks you to help with the alternate dimension the next time he sees you. He places a cat in a box and talks about the cat entering the alternate dimension, without realizing that the cat has escaped. You chase after the "box" and find Cysero, who is using his magic to merge the cat and a book together. Lim then told you about velocity the next time you see him. He takes out his robot rabbit and Cysero's mail turtle, trying to prove that they can go fast or slow. You fight off the monsters to clear a path and to see the result. Surprisingly, the tortoise reaches the finishing line first. It seems that Cysero has messed with Lim's experiment again, filling the rabbit with schnozzberry oil and a ticking clock. The rabbit meanwhile is somewhere in the desert... Lim finally calls for you for the final experiment, the STRING theory. He wants you to take his telescope and head to the top of the mountain and observe the stars. When you finally return, you see Cysero messing again, and he needs the help of you tow...

Cysero needs to build a time machine! He wants you to borrow the Timey-Blimey thingamahicky from Biff. You defeated Biff and come back with the necessary materials. When the time machine is completed, Cyseroes from other timeline appears. It seems that the time machine is exactly the one you use the fight the Exodus, the titan of the Battleon. And now, which do you think is better, Science, Magic or Magiscience(or maybe Scigic)?

Links: Lim, Cysero
Also see: 2.1.1 III The Exodus

2.16 The First Pirate vs. Ninja War!
The pirates and ninja have been fighting again. They accused each other of invading their town. After some anger, the pirates sent the Treasure Golem to attack Shadow of the Wind Village. Just then, someone reported that someone that fits the description of Drakath was in the battle. Captain Rhubard thinks that it is dishonorable for Shadow of the Wind Village to be destroyed for some other people's crime. Unfortunately, once the Golem is activated, it cannot be stopped, and Captain Rhubard wants you to destroy it.
Links: The First Pirate vs. Ninja War
Also see: 2.7 Mae Pi vs.Pi Mae and the Monkee War

2.17 Ravenloss Part 1 (Tomix's Saga I: The Hunt for Greed)
After the Mogloween 2009, you meet Tomix in Ravenloss. Greed is trying to get the keys to the Equilibrium Gate and enter it. On eof the key, the cloud key is in the Dusk Alley of Ravenloss. You find Greedling, the servant of Greed. You learn from him that Greed wants to be immortal from the Judgement Wheel in the Equilibrium Gate. You have to gather the keys before Greed and save Lore. The two of you go to find the second key in the Weaving Emporium, the Flax key. You meet a girl call Riadne, an Arachnomancer Adept, someone specializes in Chaosweaver. You learn that Chaosweavers are actually Soulweavers split off long ago. They are skilled in mythical arts and power-hungry. They are evil while the good are drained out of them due to a mind-sickness which causes them to be half-human, half-spider. They weave with the wicked Elemental Spirits, not like soulweaver and follow their own desires. Meanwhile, as you find the Flax key, Greed gains some interest in Riadne...
The next key you have to find is the Ember Key in the Market District of Ravenloss. Meanwhile, Greed plans of rushing ahead of you into the Gate when you get all the keys. As you are finding the key, you meet Aspar, the Elemental Spirit of Kindness and Tomix's SoulAlly. You learn some of Tomix's past, where he was at Edelia, the school of Soulweaving. Another boy wantd Tomix to weave a coat from the Headmaster's SpiritLooms, where the seven Corrupted Elemental Spirits, is trapped. Tomix, by doing this caused his face to turn pale, his hair changing to silver and changing his blue eyes into yellow.
Afterwards, you head to Silkwood Park to find the Shell Key, Meanwhile, Greed has gained control of the Chaosweaver and he wants them to destroy the two of you. As you find the key, you also meet Riadne, who is following the Chaosweaver. You then search for the Bolt Key in the Mystlyk Museum. In there, you meet Izaac, Tomix's friend in Edelia and Riadne. Tomix asks Izaac about the Bolt key but unfortuanately, Izaac does not know where it is and you have to find it. As you leave, leaving Riadne behind, she finds the key, hidden. Greed appears and kidnaps Riadne. Izaac was crying, and you tells Tomix that you have to continue, and will find the key and Riadne soon. Tomix manages to translate the runes and find out where the Icicle Key is, in the Penitentiary of Ravenloss, in a pile of food...
Riadne, meanwhile is trying to escape; and Greed meanwhile wants Greedling to do something...
The search for the keys continues as you and Tomix head to the sewer and finds the Aurora key. As Tomix tries to get the key, the wall fell in, trapping Tomix under the rubble. You call for Asparm, which appears in a purple flash. Aspar blasted the rocks trapping Tomix off before bringing you two back the Ravenloss. Tomix then wishes to find Riadne. The two of you head for the Altar hill of the Chaosweaver and manages to find Riadne. However, the Chaosweaver High Priest caught sight of you and attack you trio. After defeating it, you are about to escape, the ChaosWeaver Queen appears. You summon your dragon and defeat it. Riadne tells you the location of the Void key, which happens to be in Altar Hill.
You three returns to Ravenloss and place the keys in the gate before the Chaosweaver attack. Just then Aspar appears and asks about the Bolt Key, telling Tomix he has to find it. After defeating some of the Chaos Weavers, Greedling appears. He pushes the Bolt Key into the Gate and unlocks it. Greed appears and enters the Gate, followed by Greedling. As you two enter the Gate, Tomix wants Aspar to take care of Riadne.
In the Equilibrium Gate is the Pellow Village. As the two of you enter the middle of the village, you see Vaal, the hero of Ravenloss. You wish to seek information about the Gate. The Judgment Wheel was created when Vaal directed the priest of Soulthreads to form it. It is to grant wish, but the priest adds a safety measure to it-it will also judge wishes. It only allows one wish per person. As Vaal made his wish, the Wheel unleashed a disease upon the chaosweaver. The Pellow Village was ripped off by the ChaosWeaver Queen and now floating in the Void.
Greed meanwhile has gotten to the Judgement Wheel, and his wish is granted (or judged). He is now "immortal". As Tomix tries to stop him, but failed, and causes his soul shard to brake. You battle Greed and defeat him. The Judgment Wheel also breaks, for it is not for battle. Just then Vaal appears again...

It seems that he is controlling the Chaosweavers. Vaal now wants to rule the world with the Chaosweavers. As you two returns to outside of Equilibrium Gate, Tomix knows that he still has mission to continue. Aspar has merged with Riadne with Riadne and Tomix knowing. As Tomix leave to hunt for the other two corrupted Elemental Spirits, Lust and Envy, Lust appears. She warns Tomix on how one in his life who is not what he claims to be. You have more quests to complete on the upperworld, and it is now farewell between you and Tomix, although you will meet someday...

Links: Tomix, Aspar, Riadne, Vaal, Greed, Ravenloss
Also see: 3.3.4 Mogloween 2009

2.18 Warlic's Zone Part 4(Nythera Saga II: Rise of the Dragonmage)
After the storm war, Warlic teaches more about magic to Nythera. As he tells Nythera about her magic, the human magic from his father and the dragon magic from his mother. Warlic wishes to cover the Void element with Nythera. He sends Nythera to the void to study about it. A voice appears, drawing Nythera to it before Warlic teleport her back again. Nythera is angry, since she thinks that the voice will help her learn her magic.
Nythera heads to Sunbreeze Grove, trying to find Lady Celestia, but only meets her apprentice, Elysia. Elysia decides to help Nythera and brings her to Clarionwood, the home of the Creatioux. As Nythera and Elysia enters it, Elucidas, the Creatioux Eldest appears. The Creatioux is a species of good void dragon that does not live in the void. The void itself is actually not an element, for it lacks element, causing it indeed a void. Nythera is furious that she still cannot use her magic. She walks away and drops into a portal, and into the void. Nythera meets the Decadere Dragon, who wants Nythera to be her slave. Elysia tries to save Nythera but is trapped in the void on her own after been blasted off by the energy bolt from the Decadere Dragon...
Nythera finally decides to visit her parents, who might know what to do. It seems that Warlic is there, who contacts Nythera's parents immediately when Nythera goes missing. Warlic decided that she is old enough now to understand the power of the forces she will be working with, and sent her to the Creatioux, who will oversee her.
Elucidas decides that it is time to slowly lift the restriction from Nythera. Meanwhile, he tells you about the void dragons. The "bad" void dragons living in the void is been twisted by the void itself, aligning themselves with the negative aspect of Entropy. The Creatioux give life, nurture and nourish. The Decaderes want to use Nythera and twist her for their own corrupted ends for it was foretold that she will be the Saviour of the Void dragon race. Nythera is happy for once, before she drops into the void again. Fortunately, Elysia appear in time and saves Nythera. As the pair returns to Clarionwood, Elucidas thinks that Nythera's dragon nature must be aligned with her human nature more fully, thus send her to the DragonLords. Nythera meets with Elysia's parents in Falconreach and have a talk. Just then, a decadere appears. Nythera, using her power manages to drive it back to the void. The void portals, meanwhile, seems to have been appearing all over Lore...
As she returns to Elucidas, he realized that Nythera has absorbed the essence of a Decadere Void dragon by absorbing the sparks she saw after defeating the void dragon. Nythera now acts as a bridge between the void dragons. Elucidas decided that he will lift the restriction enough so that she will be able to learn from her ancestor. Elucidas sends Nythera into the underworld to meet Azhura, a void dragon and Nythera's ancestor. Nythera manages to trick Death and finds Azhura, who begins teaching you.
Finally, Nythera returns to Clarionwood with her full power, and Elucidas thinks that she is ready. He sends his best warriors of Creatioux, before finally battling her himself. Nythera defeats the warriors and Elucidas. Elucidas thinks that it is time for Nythera to convince the Decadere that they must return to the Creatiouix, and that they must reunite for the good of the void Dragons.
Nythera flies through Lore and enter the void, ready to face Decair, the Decadere Eldest. She defeats the monsters sent by Decair before fighting Decair himself. After defeating the Decair, Nythera brings the "good" void dragons back, which will resurrect the race.
Links: Nythera, Embrace Your Destiny, Elucidas
Also see: 2.10 Warlic's Zone Part 3(Nythera's Saga I)

2.19 Dragonsgrasp Saga
The Elemental Dragon of Ice is dying. Vilmor, the dragonlord outlaw has escaped from the prison of Dragongrasp. He is trying to find his dragon, the elemental dragon of ice. You summon your dragon, trying to chase Vilmor, but you fail. Captain Lestrad is angry at Inspector Doyle, whose job is to investigate Vilmor. Frostscythe, meanwhile, is discussing with an assasin, Circe. Frostscythe wants Circe to break the bond between Vilmor and the elemental ice dragon, Cryozen.
After you recover, Inspector Doyle wants you to help Channiru, the warden, to get the prison back under control. After saving Guard Reggie who is trapped, you returned to Inspector Doyle. He tells you that he wants you to search for the ruins of Bask, where Cryozen was last seen. You meet a guy call Rileh and ask him about Vilmor, but he knows nothing about him. As you continue your journey, you heard a female voice. It was...

Circe! Frostscythe most probably sent her. She lies to you that the trap was laid by Vilmor.
You wondered why would Vilmor attacked town before Circe told you that Bask was the old hiding place of the Ice Orb. You searched Bask again and discovered a Blue Dragon Amulet.

You believed that all you found is not enough to defeat Vilmor. You think that Vilmor might even have a partner. AS you are deep in thought, Circe uses her power and caused an avalanche. When you wake up, you realize that you are tied to a tree by Vilmor. Vilmor is angry that you meddle with his things for a he has his quest. He had to find Cryozen and someone named Donovan. You wanting to know what happens, Vilmor told you. Donovan and he were friends, and Donovan helped Vilmor to train. They then decided to become Dragonlords, but Donovan just cannot. When Vilmor get to Bask, not heeding the advice of Donovan, Cryozen was blasted into the sky, and now Cryozen is dying. Just then you realise something deadly, Donovan is...

...Frostscythe! Circe appeared. She get explosives from the scales of Cryozen and is about to explode you two. You chase her up the hill before Frostscythe appears. He is not pleased with Circe. He attacked Circe and gained power from Cryozen. Cyrozen Jr. is about to hatch. Frostsythe held Vilmor and to your surprise, Vilmor is a female! Frostscythe was angry at the DragonLord Order, angry at what they had done. He could only be a DragonMaster, not a DragonLord just because he's a half-elf. Frostscythe attack you with Cryozen and you defeat him with your dragon, and then on foot. Meanwhile, Captain Lestrad, Inspector Doyle and Channiru appear. They wished to know the whole story, exactly what happened. Meanwhile, Cyrozen Jr. is hatched...

Links: Dragongrasp, Vilmor, Donovan (Frostscythe), Inspector Doyle
Also see: 2.6A Dragonmaster Frostscythe

2.20 True Mortal Saga
Monsters are gathering in the north, in Dragesvard and True Mortal believes that they are looking for a gate. You go there and find out that to the east through the passage there is a cave that leads to what looks like a fortress in the mountains. You fight through strange creatures called Khy’Rians and fight through their camps. You entered the fortress and found out that the Khy’Rians was made, hatched by a giant (Nivalis) who is finding a gate. True Mortal's belief was correct. He sent you to seek for the forest gate. As you go away, Nivalis sent his minions to attack Stoneheart as you learnt that he is trying to free demon spirit named Isathaara who will freeze the world of Lore. An arrow from the Khy’Rians shattered the orb, which is a lock that keeps Isathaara away from the mortal world. True Mortal tries to reforge the lock while you have to find the Forest Gate. After finding it, you met with Wolf and Bear, the guardians of the Forest Gate. He sent you to fight monsters and they themselves fight you. You take on the mantle of the brotherhood, which keeps the lock safe. After proving yourself worthy, they tell you to speak to True Mortal again and he sent you on the next mission.
True Mortal remembered something that happened years ago. A necromancer came to Stoneheart Fall and asks him questions about the denizens of the Ice Plane. The necromancer, Vae'Kan quickly becomes friend with True Mortal. He told True Mortal that he was researching a means to combine living and necrotic flesh into a creature of undead perfection. He sends you to Vae'Kan, hoping that he will tell you something.
Upon meeting Vae'Kan, you ask him about the Khy'Rians. It seems that Vae'Kan created the Khy'Rians as special golems when he was younger. Their wrappings are soaked in a special formula, the spirit collectors are attached and the spells are cast. The spell summons a spirit of the plane of Ice to inhabit the shell. Vae'Kan’s magic gave these constructs both intelligence and the means of speaking. The intelligence and speech he included were, to his mind necessary, however, he did not count on one fact-they were magically compelled to serve, and still retained intelligence, resentment bred true as well. Vae'Kan suspect they hated him for crafting them in the first place, thus he chose to give them to themselves, in the hopes that they would grow beyond themselves. Instead they sold themselves into the service of Nivalis who promptly took the secret of the Khy'Rian and created an entire army of them. Vae'Kan is searching a way to destroy the Khy'Rians, but that is proving to be a much more difficult task for when he is carrying out his research, he fears that he is losing his humanity. After telling you this, he tells you to leave.
Links: True Mortal, Stoneheart Fall
Also see: None

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3-DragonFable Festivals

3.1 Friday the 13th
Lots of undeads, and lots of war...
Link: None
Also see: None

3.1.1 Friday the 13th Invasion(October 2006)
On the first Friday the 13th (which happened a little before October in 2006), monsters wearing Hockey Masks attacked town. This was the first war where Defender's Medals were the reward. At the end, Zorbak tells you he wanted a Hockey Team and the skeletons just appeared. Zorbak is angry that you destroyed his undead from Doomwood and that he was going to get some more. You fight the Deadwood Destroyer and find a note that tells you...well, just click here.
Links: Friday the 13th Part I
Also see: None

3.1.2 Friday the 13th Invasion Part II(April 2007)
At the second attack that happened in April of 2007. Monsters with hockey masks invaded town. At the end, Zorbak is found trying to put the Hockey team together. He wanted to use Twilly as the puck.
Links: Friday the 13th - Part II, Friday the 13th Invasion - The Last Stand!
Also see: None

3.1.5 Friday the 13th Invasion-A Ghoulish Attack(March 2009)
Undeads are attacking town again. Yulgar will like you to defeat them. Safiria, the vampire queen, is furious that you defeat all her minions-the ghouls. They are weakening and their number is diminishing. Safiria attacks you but you still manages to defeat her. Safiria flees, but you are sure to see her again someday.
Link: Friday the 13th-A Ghoulish Attack
Also see:None

3.1.7 Friday the 13th Invasion-Invasive Species!(August 2010)
The woods near Moonridge have been invaded by the Zards! You have to defeat them and save the town. However, you know that this is definitely not normal. A new type of zard, mentioned by Irwin Dundee the Zard-hunter, is born-the Protozard! Something is also making them aggressive and you have to search. You find a snake-The Yaw, which is attacking you. You have to find where the monsters come from,, or else it is too late.
Meanwhile somewhere in the other places of Lore, and epidemic broke out, when the chemical spills...
Links: Friday the 13th Invasion Species, The Yaw
Also see: 3.3.5 Mogloween 2010

3.2 Thankstaking
No, I'm not giving you any things, I'm goin' to take them away...
Links: Oishii, Thankstaking Storybook
Also see: None

3.2.1 Thankstaking 2006
Dr Voltabolt created a Techno-Turkey to be released on Falconreach, such that it will destroy the town. You fight your war past Dr. Voltabolts clockwork army trying to stop the Techno-Turkey. You manage to defeat the Turkey, and save Falconreach again.
Link: Techno-Turkey Terror
Also see: None

3.2.2 Thankstaking 2007
Dr. Voltabolt is trying to build the best Pumpkin Pie on Lore(???). He wants you to defeat the Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot (A.K.A The X-304). As you defeats Dr. Voltabolt's minions, he congratulates you. After you defeat X(XL)-304, he is surprised, and decided to return some other days...
Links: Thankstaking War, Thankstaking Leftovers!
Also see: None

3.2.3 Thankstaking 2008
Dr. Voltabolt has created a monster to attack Falconreach again. He wants you to test his latest creation, the Turkey Dragon RAWRGOBBLE. You manage to destroy it. Dr. Voltabolt thanks you for the test as he gives you some reward...
Link: Thankstaking 08
Also see: None

3.2.4 Thankstaking 2009
Thankstaking is just here, and now Zorbak returns again, with more undeads! He plans to find Voltabolt so they can join force and destroy you. They find a plot to destroy Falconreach by messing with Gretel's Turducken. It becomes bigger and you have to defeat it. Artix, who has been clearing the undeads, is even angry at the mess that Zorbak has made after the Turducken is defeated.
Links: Zorbak's Thankstaking WAR!, A Feast of Fowl
Also see: None

3.2.5 Thankstaking 2010
Oishii wants to offer the people of Falconreach the Feast of Welcomegiving, where everybody, including Dr. Voltabolt is included. Everyone is welcomed to bring their own dishes, and Oishii herself will be cooking. The next day, everyone return to the town square with their favourite foods. However, Dr. Voltabolt ruins Thankstaking again by promoting his Pressurefied Cookatron 3500 Pressure Cauldron to Oishii, turing the food into monsters. All the monsters were defeated, leaving the JellaTON Mold. You defeat it, and Thankstaking is saved again(and there is still a lot of food out there!)
Link: Welcomegiving War Waves
Also see: None

3.2.6 Thankstaking 2011
It is Thankstaking again. The cornucopia is filled with fruit, Yulgar sent some smoothies, and all the plates are out. All seems right(except that Battleon is overrun by wild boars). Suddenly, Dr. Voltabolt appears, telling you how turkey is bad. This time, he come back with some even more sinister plot, he wants to "aid" it, by shrinking all of you! You fight off all the monster and foudn the Turducken. Just then, Cysero appears. Using his magic potion, Cysero turns everyone back to normal, but he accidentally spills onto the turkey. And you have to defeat it(which of course you does )!
Link: Thankstaking 2011
Also see: None

3.2.6 Thankstaking 2012
The new MOP recruits are on a mission to deliver Oishii's secret recipe for this year's Thankstaking. However, they met with a metal elemental. When fighting it, they left the suitcase with the recipe beside them. Someone(Voltabolt?) stole the recipe, leaving the empty suitcase behind, and learns that not to let the turduckens touch gravy. Late at night, Oishii's kitchen is broken into. Someone pours gravy onto the food, and causes them to invade Falconreach. The MOP recruits, Voodoo and ShadowDragon, raises the alarm and informs you...
Link: Rise of the Turducken
Also see: None

3.3 Frostval
Welcome to the town of Frostvale, where the Frost Moglins are always in danger, and waiting for you to save them!
Links: Chilly, Frostval Storybook
Also see:

3.3.1 Frostval 2006
Right before the season of Frostval, the Moglins disappeared. Maya was found there, begging you to help find the Moglins. Alteon sends the adventurers, and at the end, you find your way to a cave, where you find Icemaster Yeti. You walk in where Icemaster Yeti and Sepulchure are speaking. Sepulchure says that the Moglins cannot heal undead, and that Icemaster Yeti will not be paid. Icemaster Yeti shows his displeasure, and is about to let the Moglins go down a pit. He wants some money for his trouble. You can either: A) Give him your backpack, so Blizzy can hide in the backpack and you can kick it over to the Yeti. The Yeti knocks you out, but Blizzy kicks it back to you and the other Moglins heal you so you can defeat Icemaster Yeti or
You leave then and there and there are no more Frostvale anymore.
Links: Frostval 2006, Icemaster Yeti's Cave
Also see: None

3.3.2 Frostval 2007
Again at the Frostval times, Frostvale is being invaded, but the Moglins have not been abducted. In one cutscene, we see that...

Icemaster Yeti has befriended Chilly, and the Yeti is hiding out in Chilly's basement. The Yeti is a friend now. He had a change of heart at the friendship he saw. The Yeti is revealed to all the people of Frostvale. Blizzy insists the Yeti must leave, and the Yeti submits. Icemaster Yeti says that Xan is leading the forces to destroy Frostvale and their healing magic.

In the next cutscene, you find out that:

The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future appear, and warn you that you must save Frostvale from Xan or all will be lost, as the world will be coated in a sheet of ice. They say he has turned into a different monster called Xanta Clause with the help of the EggNogonomicon, a spell book that contains the secrets of the greatesat Cyromancers. Then Artix comes and exorcises the three spirits. You went to the Yeti cave and defeat Xan with the help of Icemaster Yeti.

Link: Frostval 2007
Also see: 1.2.1A Xan

3.3.3 Frostval 2008
The Frost Moglins have created a special armor that runs on holiday cheer, the Holiday Warrior Frost Moglin Armor. Chilly has designed it with extra firepower to help spread holiday cheer, and defeat any monsters that attack the town. While you were in the magical workshop, all of the townspeople have been turned to coal, and you and Chilly are the only ones left. Without the Moglins to provide Hugs, the best source of holiday cheer on Lore, Chilly gets you to gather Slay Bells, the next best thing to power up the armor.
You have the idea of going to visit Cysero to see if he can help change the Moglins back, he agrees to find out what he can if you clear up his dirty laundry; tracing the magical signature from Blizzy, Cysero finds out that it was Noxus that changed your friends to coal. You discover Noxus hiding in a nearby ice cave, and he refuses to change your friends back. He reveals that Moglins are one of the purest sources of magic on Lore, second only to hugs, and the best way for him to capture this magic was to turn the Moglins to coal and to burn them in a specially designed fireplace. He sets two mercenary Ninja Turtledoves to kill you, which you promptly defeat, and destroy the fireplace. However, Noxus reveals that you have destroyed the Life Essence within the fireplace that was the only thing that could return the Moglins to life, and teleports away. While you and Chilly are feeling despondent, Cysero turns up and, once the problem is explained, tells you that he can create some Life Essence for you if you lend him a portion of your life force; when asked why he didn't do this earlier he explains that you didn't ask about changing them back, only about who had done it. With this, everyone is changed back to normal and you have saved Frostvale again!
Link Frostval 2008, Chilly
Also see: None

3.3.4 Frostval 2009
Moglins on Lore are kidnapped! Just as you are about to head to Frostvale, Icemaster Yeti appears. The Frost moglins are also missing. Frostvale itself had been over-run with golem monsters. Meanwhile, Zadd the golemancer tries to make golems using Moglin hugs. However, no matter what method Zadd tries, he cannot get enough hugs. He finds a Moglin Juicer, which "juices" the moglin out of their hugs exceptionally well. You fight the enhanced golem and find exactly where the moglins are. Zadd, on the other hand, tries to juice Zorbak. Instead of moglin hugs, the power of Zorbak's necromancy is juiced out. It turns a golem into a Frostentein and the fortress of Zadd into a live Ice Dragon. The Dragon is defeated and the moglins are save. However, Zadd has still other plans...
Link: Frostval 2009
Also see: None

3.3.5 Frostval 2010
As you reach Frostvale, you see Twig decorating the houses. It seems much joyous than before, at least before a tog appears. However, Icemaster Yeti and Twig is not very convinced that it is save. You take one more look outside and before you realize it, the pair were gone. It seems that Zadd has kidnapped them again, so as to produce a plushie army for himself. You defeat the guards and enter the factory, seeing the moglins and Icemaster Yeti working. You are angry at how Zadd has ruined Frostval again, and it is time for the "workers" to go on a strike.
Zadd is mad at what you had done, ordering a strike. He sends the plushies to stop you, but they are all defeated, including the one that Zadd gives Twig as a toy. Frostval is saved again.
Link: Frostval 2010
Also see: None

3.3.6 Frostval 2011
It is almost Frostvale, again. You head to Frostval, surprised to see Togs helping the Frost moglins. It seems that Rolith tries to protect the moglins by building stronger walls around Frostvale. He asks you to clear the monsters around the perimeter of Frostvale. When you return, you saw a gigantic tog attacked by an ice golem. Rolith defeats it. He thinks that you attracts the monsters and he will not allow you inside Frostvale. He sends you out, but you break inside again. Rolith is so angry that he attacks you. When you defeat him, Alina appears. Alina is angry at Rolith for containing the holidays in a little box and keeping everything and everyone out. She wants him to share the fun. And after all this, the three of you decided to get some warm moglinberry juice and presents in Frostvale...
Link: Frostval 2011
Also see: None

3.3.7 Frostval 2012
December is here. Falconreach has began snowing. There was a cheery atmosphere in the air, as well as the sound of..wings!? The sky of Falconreach is filled with Mogkees, magical creatures that are basically moglins with wings of... Vayle!!!
A mysterious snow queen, Pallor, tells you to find Vayle before Frostvale, in 10 days(the 21st), otherwise, something bad will happen! You head to the Necropolis(obviously) in search of Vayle. The Necropolis happens to be decorated in Frostvale decorations! You headed to a building named "The Dean of Withches", hoping that there is where Vayle resides. To your surprise, you found...

...Sally, in a ridiculous outfit and calling herself the Greatest Witch of the North. It seems that Sally made Vayle leave the Necropolis, because Vayle did not want to play with her. She went off to go make a red brick road to her Amethyst City as she complains of her minions tripping over rocks in the Necropolis. You head to the Red Brick Road to find her...
Extra Information: Sally, in one of her dialogue in this quest, says, "I can do whatever I want! You can't make me clean! You can't make me eat veggies! You can't make me grow up!". 5 years have past, yet Sally indeed has not grown(like in Mogloween 2012). Somehow Sally might have found a way to prevent herself from growing...

As you tried to find the Red Brick Road, you came across a scarecrow hung onto a tree. He promised to help you find the road if you:
1. Find his friend Ralon and 2. Help him down from the tree. You agreed(if you do not, then you will fail the mission to find Vayle and is attacked by Pallor's minions) and found Ralon. You get the choice of helping him or leaving him alone. You help him(if not Thom, the scarecrow, knocks you out and leave you in the cold, soon frozen and became a block of ice(not again...) due the the effect of the ice elementals) and together, you find the Red Brick Road which leads to a cave with an amethyst glow. You enter the cave and find yourself in front of a gigantic purple skull which calls himself/herself the Great and Powerful Necromancer of SiOO. He/She became furious and attacks you. After defeating the "skull"...

...Vayle appears from behind a curtain. Vayle herself was angry about you, declaring that she will not be used again. You told her exactly what happened but she still angry about the danger you put on her amethyst city. You , by defeating her minions, has opened a road to the amethyst city and it is free for Pallor to attack! Pallor herself tried to align with the darkness such that she will still survives when the true darkness arrived. She thinks that Vayle's wings are the key as stated in an ancient tome and is determined to get the pair of wings. Her minions began to attack Amethyst city and you have to fight them back. After the minions were defeated,Vayle, who is in the Amethyst city, decided to join you into following the fleeing minions and find Pallor. The two of you entered the lair and confronted Pallor. Pallor demands Vayle to share the secrets of the wings with her or she will ripped Vayles wings away from her. She becomes outrageous when she know that the darkness orb, which gave Vayle her power, were destroyed. She attacks the two of you, but is defeated.

3.4 Mogloween
Meet Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble as they send you on adventures that gives you a life of hardship and toil facing troubles, fighting off witches with bubbling cauldrons while you bubble with fear.
Links: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble, Mogloween Storybook
Also see: None

3.4.2 Mogloween 2007
Why Moglins? Well, in Moglins started when the sister, Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble were making some candy when Jack Strife cast a spell on Cysero's old cauldron (now the Sister's cauldron) named Myx. After removing the spell, the sisters get to making candy, but Zorbak put the whole bag of Mognip in the cauldron. The Sisters discover this, and tell you that if a Moglin catches a whiff of this... they will be transformed into a giant Moglinster! Twig smells it, and you must defeat him to turn him back into the ol' fish and ice cweam lovin' Moglin. If a Moglin sees your face with this rage on them, they will transform. So you must go an retrieve all the candy that the Sisters delivered. If you wear a mask, the Moglins won't attack you, but if you don't, they will transform. After retrieving all the candy, you have a large pile of it. Zorbak catches a whiff, and you must defeat him. No sooner after that, he eats the whole pile, and you must summon a your dragon to defeat him.
Link: Mogloween 2007
Also see: None

3.4.3 Mogloween 2008
The Cauldron Sisters have massive orders for candy this year, but their stockpile was stolen on its way to Swordhaven. On a search for the missing candy you encounter a Scary Doll with a wagon-load of candy. As Scary Doll's were last seen in the Necropolis, you head there in search of answers.

Sally, the new master of the Necropolis, wants more friends, and so wants to turn the Moglins back into Moglinsters as they were the year before, because they are cuddlier that way. In order to do this, Sally got her new undead minions to steal the candy and Myx's cousin Sturr to "fix" it so it turns Moglins into Moglinsters. She then distributed it throughout the population. You then go trick or treating again, to retrieve all of the candy. Sally has realized that you are going to ruin her plan, and Jack Strife, in his new incarnation as Jack-O-Dragon has come to defeat you, and he tells you that at midnight he will become a titan monster. You defeat him, and then must summon your dragon to defeat his titan form. The Cauldron Sisters are glad that you have saved Mogloween, but warn you that all this exposure to Mognip-filled candy may have permanently altered the Moglins. Myx sends a strongly worded letter to his cousin Sturr.

Link: Mogloween 2008, Sally
Also see: None

3.4.4 Mogloween 2009
The sisters decide to have a brand new candy recipe for this year. A Cauldron Sister's Special! As the three prepares for the candy, Greed appears. Soon they began quarelling on what to make for this year's candy. Myx wants you to help convince them and stop them quarelling. You helps to sister to make their own candies and get their fliers. Just as you are talking to Myx, Tomix the Soulweaver appears. He is hunting down Greed who is influencing the people of Falconreach. You and Tomix manage to defeat it but it still escape. Even after the defeat, Greed is still strong. You fight of the minions and has to even battle the townspeople, who "were" your friends. Tomix thinks that since Greed's growth in power began with the sisters, it has to also end with the sisters. You collect the ingredient for Myx so that he could create the candy that the sisters are supposed to make this year, from the sisters' candies. Myx manage to merge them into one. However, it tastes perfect! Greed suddenly appears, knocking Myx off his feet. You and Tomix manage to defeat him again. However, Tomix thinks that he has just escaped, into Ravenloss, a town under Falconreach. The moglins decide that they will help saving the town. Meanwhile, Sepulchure is glad of the "distraction" caused by Greed...
Link: Mogloween 2009
Also see: 2.16 Ravenloss Part 1 (Tomix's Saga I: The Hunt for Greed)

3.4.5 Mogloween 2010
Aria and Irwin are talking in the woods near Moonridge when you appears, asking about the Zard infestion. Irwin wants you to trap a zard so that he and Aria can study it. Surprisingly, the Zards appears from the Sneevil Box-fort. You hear a sneevil calling for help and decides to help it. He faints soon after you rescue him before...

...he turns into a Zard, a protozard!

You return to Aria and Irwin with this piece of news. They are shocked. As the woods is invaded by monsters, you have to defeat them. As you guys defeat the monsters around Moonridge, you see a mansion. Suspicious, the three of you check it out. In the house is a secret door. Suddenly...

Zorbak appears. It seems that he is the CEO of the Parasol Corporation which will conquer the world through research. It seems that it is Zorbak's house, his so-called research center anyway. You thinks that Zorbak is the one behind the Zard attacks, but it is not when Zorbak himself does not recognize a zard. However, Irwin thinks that there must be something that draws the Zard here. Just then, Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble appear, summoned by Aria. She wants them to help handling with Zorbak's lab downstair with bees since Zorbak has been finding a cure for bee stings. Toil decides that you should start looking from the laboratory. There is not key to the cages of the hive so you continue to find for it at the sneevil resources department. However, the key is still not therer so you search for the Box Flats, before searching the Box Lunches finally finding a key. You manage to defeat the zards and other monsters before arriving at the Control Center where you met the Red Queen, Sall-ie(Superior Alert Logical Link Information Entity) She was created by Zorbak, and to oversee the security of The Beehive Complex. The epidemic started several weeks ago when a theif stole the vial containing the Z-virus, turning the sneevils into Zard. The Z-virus is actually a highly potent bee venom, something sneevils highly allergic to. Mutation happen, thus turning sneevils into Zard. You want to stop the Red Queen but she says that the Beehive will be sealed in minutes and the experiments under containment will dispatch or infect you. The few of you immediately rush to find the exit, and escape to Beehive just in time. Zorbak is surprised seeing the Beehive sealed, and even surprised when he knows that the Red Queen has declared war using Zorbak's own experiments.

The Zard(bies) are defeated and the uninfected won the war. Mogloween is saved(again) as Zemesis is defeated.
Links: Mogloween 2010, Irwin Dundee/Zardhunter
Also see: 3.1.7 Friday the 13th Invasion-Invasive Species!(August 2010), 3.3.6 Mogloween 2011

3.4.6 Mogloween 2011
The outspread of the Z-virus is finally put under control with the help of the Moonridge Orientation Program(MOP). However, somewhere on the outskirt of the Moonridge Woods, a family is been attacked by Zards, turning them into Zardbie, other than a boy called Andy. You find them and tries to rescue him by bringing him to the MOP tent. However, when a girl finds her, she accidently turns into a Zardbie upon kisssing Andy, causing Chainsaw, a member of the MOP to turn into a zardbie causing the infection to start again.
You decided to bring the boys to find the Cauldron Sisters who know how to cure this. On the way there, you meet a Gorillaphant which turns into a Zardbirillaomgiphant when it attacks Andy. You finally find the Cauldron Sisters who leave Andy alone at a place to rest. Bubble, without the others noticing, touches Andy, turning her into ZardbiBubble which soon infects other creatures in Croft, the home of the sisters. Croft is overrun and you have to defeat ZardbiBubble. With the help of the cat Bubble, you manage to create a curing candy to cure ZardbiBubble, at least.
Link: Mogloween 2011
Also see: 3.3.5 Mogloween 2010

3.4.7 Mogloween 2012
It is Mogloween again. You and Twilly are sitting in the inn. You received a letter from Trouble, telling you that the Cauldron Sisters need your help. It seems Bubble has lost her voice. Bubble(cat) tells the others to search for cat thyme that they need to restore Bubble's voice. They sisters decided to leave Bubble the cat with Myx as they searched for the cat thyme. You enter soon after they have gone. Bubble tells you to find two Cat's whisker plants, two cats eyes chrysoberyl, and two cats tail reeds. When you left, Sally enters the scene and pour something into the asleep Myx. When you return to Croft, you find the witches there, but no Bubble(Cat). When Myx was questioned, she says that she saw a girl with blonde hair carrying Bubble away...

You know at once that Sally is behind this. You ask the M.O.P. to scout the Necropolis out first. In the Necropolis, Sally and Bubble are discussing about cats. It seems that they are trying to create more cats using spells. The M.O.P. enters Sally's hideout through the window. Sally casts a spell on the members of the M.O.P., causing them to turn into cats. You are waiting outside the Necropolis for the M.O.P. to return. However, only some cats appear(to you). You know something is amiss and finds Sally's hideout after trying to chase the cats away. In the hideout, you see Sally activating some sort of device. The pair have created the Furrkenstein, a device ran by cats. You defeated the Furrkenstein who is controlled by Bubble. You tie Bubble to a stick and then put her in a box. Sally left the scene, continue giggling, and telling you that she can make more cats when everyone ate the candy.
You return to Croft and meet with the Cauldron sisters. They began chanting a spell to turn both Bubbles back to normal. However, perhaps all due to you for saying "abracapocus", the spell fails. In the end, Bubble the human has black skin and cat ears and Bubble the cat has gorgon wings.
The MOP cat members meanwhile fought off monsters trying to get to Croft, so that the Sisters can give them candies to change back to their human form. However, they were too late. The Sisters tell them that since Mogloween has past, the spell can only be cast the next Mogloween...
Links: Cure in Thyme, Chapter 7 Croft
Also see:None

3.5 Hero's Heart Day
Lots of hugs and kisses, and love letters been passed all around and... bears!?
Links: Big Daddy, Hero's Heart Day Storybook
Also see: None

3.5.1 Hero's Heart Day 2007
In the Forest of Infinite Terror where Big Daddy lives, trouble is brewing. He tells you that there are too many people with broken hearts, and you must deliver Snuggle-Grams to them to brighten their day. About half way through the event, a powerful elemental named Blowheart stole Big Daddy's box of Snuggle-Grams. He refuses to give them back, claiming he wants to put Big Daddy out of business, as Big Daddy turned everything in the forest pink. You defeat him, return the box, and Hero's Heart Day is saved.
Link: Hero's Heart Day 2007
Also see: None

3.5.2 Hero's Heart Day 2008
Big Daddy tells you that some Snugvils are in his cave where he has something valuable stored. You fight through the Snugvils and find that his thing is gone. Then you fight through the Snugvils to find that the heart-shaped box is opened and empty. Big Daddy reveals that he was once a hero like you. He battled a being called Odium who was anti emotions, love, etc. Big Daddy stored him in a heart shaped box, and now that it is out, you must call you dragon to defeat it. Big Daddy puts him in a safer place.
Link: Hero's Heart Day 2008
Also see: None

3.5.3 Hero's Heart Day 2009+Friday the 13th
Someone is cutting into Big Daddy's profit! Why? Because usually around this time of year, the Forest of Infinite Terror is filled with lovers and the broken hearted day and night! However, people have been seen running out of the forest screaming at night! Big Daddy is sure that some investigation is needed. You fight off the monsters and find out that Lord Frydae XIII is behind this. He is angry at Big Daddy painting the whole forest in pink and how he is spreading "love". He wants you to tell Big Daddy that his minions and himself will come for him during Friday the 13th, when his powers are the strongest.
When you return to Big Daddy, you learn that he has a secret weapon-the Ancient Vault Key. You enter the spider cave and return to Big Daddy with the Key. It is time for you to face Lord Frydae! You manage to defeat him but he says that he is not done yet. Meanwhile, Big Daddy manages to open the vault and awake Queen Safiria from her 200 year nap. Big Daddy introduce her Lord Frydae XIII, whose father was known by Safiria. The plan has succeeded. Lord Frydae XIII has fallen in love!
Link: Hero's Heart Day 2009
Also see: None

3.5.4 Hero's Heart Day 2010
Big Daddy senses some disappointed girls nearby. He wants you to plant a letter that Lord Frydae XIII has for Queen Safiria in Ash's mailbag without him seeing you. Ash, meanwhile is doing his job. When Twilly appears with a Sepulchure Shadow puppet, Ash began running around, and you manage to sneak the letter in, just in time.
In the Forest of Infinite Terror, Ophelia and Lazuli are complaining to Big Daddy about how they feel about Hero's Heart Day, no hearts and no flowers and no sparkles! Big Daddy tell them to wait, and finally after a long time, Ash appears. When Ash finally realize the girls, he is totally embarrassed. As the three are talking, Vampire minions appear. They wants the letter. Bioth Ophelia and Lazuli claims that they have the letter, resulting in the two of them been kidnapped.
You head to Lord Frydae XIII's mansion and defeat all his minions. Lord Frydae wants the letter, before Safiria appears. She is furious that Lord Frydae kidnapped the girls. Lord Frydae XIII turns into a rat and walks away. Ash continues delivering his letters and training.
Link: Hero's Heart Day 2010
Also see: None

3.5.5 Hero's Heart Day 2011
Falconreach is over-run with PINK undeads, and the Orb d' Amour thinks that it is related to Big Daddy's missing. In Falconreach, you find Artix who has been blinded by the pink and that you have to help him as well by slaying the evil. Now that Falconreach is saved, you have to find Big Daddy. The Snugglebear suit you wear will lead the way to where Big Daddy is. You manage to find the undead Liam-Liam, where he tells you that his master will not be pleased. Of course, the one behind this is...

Noxus! It seems that Noxus has harness the power of hugs. He will be able to control the world using it. When his minions hug human, the human's mana will be drained out and transfer to Noxus himself using a potion. Noxus sent his creation, a Bear Hug(ger) to drain your power. You defeat the minion and is about to attack Noxus. You decide to call for back-up, after Noxus tells you that you cannot defeat him. You summon the moglins. According to Noxus, you say, moglin magic is the second greatest source of power on Lore. You decided that you use the potion on the moglins and then the moglins will hug Noxus. Noxus screams when he realizes his plans have failed. Liam-Liam, scared, hugs Noxus. Then, you tell the moglins to hug Noxus. Noxus, drained out of power, is tied to the Chains of WUV. Big Daddy is saved as you guys head back to the Forest.

Link: Hero's Heart Day 2011
Also see: None

3.5.6 Hero's Heart Day 2012
Big Daddy's friend, Sir Stephan has written a whole list of threats to Hero's Heart Day. The #1 threat, surprisingly, is Bears. They are irresponsible, reckless individuals with no respect for the holiday whose huge, hairy claws will melt candy and getting their bear hair everywhere. You have to defeat the Bears and bring them back as prisoner before the next clue.
For the last clue, you and Sir Stephan heads to the inn of Falconreach. A bear named Terni appeared. You defeat it and Terni escape. Sir Stephan, meanwhile, keep bears as the top of the Thread List.
Links: Hero's Heart Day 2012, Sir Stephan
Also see: None

3.6- Lucky Day
It's my Lucky Day; It's your Lucky Day; It's the undeads UNLucky Day(But there aren't undeads in Lucky Day, are there?)!
Links: Lukkhi, Lucky Day Storybook
Also see:None

3.6.1 Lucky Day 2008
The sneevils have stolen Falconreach's town gold. You have to take down these sneevils to recover the town's treasury(Wait, do the sneevils want gold? I thought they are into boxes...). You fight the sneevils and find the boss, Snulk. He wants the gold of Falconreach to make him more powerful. You manage to defeat him and recover the gold of Falconreach.
Meanwhile, you are wondering about the hats the sneevilchauns are wearing. It seems that it causes the sneevils to want gold instead of boxes! You find Cysero but he is apparently not listening to you, causing you to think that the hat will explode, hence the hat gets sucked into a portal and into the era of Mechquest.
Link: Gold Fever
Also see: 2.1.2 II Lucky Day

3.6.2 Lucky Day 2009
Valencia is hunting for a nine-leaf clover, which she has heard is rarer than any other little green plant around. She wants you to help, and she might improve your luck, by some ways. (But it is rare, remember that!)
Somehwere in the Sneevish Woods, the leader of the fighting Sneevish, the incredible Snulk(again) is asking for the Falconreach Gold, and you has(and will) defeat him.
Links: Ninth time's a charm, The Fighin Sneevish
Also see: None

3.6.3 Lucky Day 2010
Somewhere in a castle, the Royal Treasurer Au'Mydas is busy counting his gold coins. Just then, the Irismancer appears. He promised Au'Mydas that he will grant him the power that everything he wanted could be his at the snap of his fingers. Au'Mydas, tempted, agreed. The Irismancer give him the power that everything he kiss from that moment will become gold. The Irismancer wants Au'Mydas to turn the monsters to gold, gilding the cities of Lore and attacking Falconreach. Au'Mydas decides to kiss himself, turning himself gold just to fight you, trying to defeat you after you have defeated his minions. You defeat him and brings him to King Alteon. Warlic is summoned to the court to turn Au'Mydas back to his original form. When Au'Mydas is left alone in a cell, The Irismancer appears. Angry that Au'Mydas has failed, the Irismancer turned him into a pig.
Links: Lucky Day-Glid the World Gold War, Au'Mydas
Also see: 3.5.5 Lucky Day 2012

3.6.4 Lucky Day 2011
A solid rainbow appears in town. The Princess Fairies and her friends begin to climb it. When Queen Maeve sees her daughter flying over the rainbow before the rainbow shatters, she is heartbroken. They suspect that King Sneevrick of the Sneevilchaun take their children since rainbows are Sneevilchaun magic. The fairies have their revenge by taking the Sneevilchauns' gold. However, the fairies are caught red-handed. King Sneevrick wants the fairies to give him his gold, but the fairies refuse. It seems that the fairies children are kidnapped by someone else when they realize that King Sneevrick is speaking the truth. To be exact, one of King Sneevrick's follower does it.
They decides to re-build the rainbow to follow it to the Maker. You manage to gather the shards of the Rainbow and reform it. You cross over it and sees the fairies trapped in a cardboard box. Just then, a sneevilchaun, Arrrghus appears. He wants to take over Sneevrick and be the new king of Sneevilchaun. Next, Drakath appears. Arrrghus decides to fight you but lose, as you defeat him. Drakath escapes, with some plans on his mind. You manage to save the fairies and returns to the fairy forest, where everyone is happy.
Links: Lucky Day-Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge, Arrrgh(us), The Rainbow Shatters
Also see: None

3.6.5 Lucky Day 2012
Au'Mydas sits alone in his cell. Suddenly, someone appears. He promises to return Au'Mydas his golden kiss if he does a favor for him... Au'Mydas returns and stole a pot of gold. Back at Falconreach, a guardian informed you that Au'Mydas had turned two guards into gold, and that Warlic is missing, Au'Mydas is free! The sneevilchaun is also agree that his gold is stolen, and hence you have to find Au'Mydas!
After the gold monsters are defeated, you find Au'Mydas, and defeat him again. You ask him who gave him back the power, when he tells you...

that it is ZORBAK! He tells you to follow the trail of gold coin to find him. It seems that Au'Mydas has double crossed Zorbak, turning him into gold. You battle him and bring him to Falconreach. King Sneevrick, using his magic, turns the both of them back to normal.

Link: Lucky Day-Unlucky Escape
Also see: 3.5.3 Lucky Day 2010

3.7 Grenwog
Easter eggs, Easter eggs, do you have a nose like Grenwog Hare's to sniff them out?
Link: None
Also see: None

3.7.1 Grenwog 2012
Grenwog has been hiding eggs over Lore, trying to make this year's Grenwog a memorable one. Instead, the marshmallow pips turns real, and grows in size. The guardian informs you about it, and you are pretty sure that it comes from Cysero's Garden. You find the Grenwog hare, unconscious and lying on the ground. You wake him, and he tells you what happens. He tells you that the place with the Easter eggs are marked by marshmallow chickcalfs. And you are on your journey to find the eggs!
After finding all the eggs, you return to Falconreach and meets with Ash, who ask you how's the search for the source of the earthquakes going. Suddenly, the ground trembles-a giant marshmallow chickcalf is approaching Falconreach. You want the guardian and Ash help you defeat it but both of them do not want to, leaving you to defeat the gigantic pip on you own.
Links: Grenwog 2012, Grenwog
Also see: None

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