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BattleOn - Main Town

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12/17/2009 21:54:02   

Battleon - Main Town

The various looks of Battleon through the years
  • Original Battleon (Up till 12 October 2012)
  • Mogloween
  • Frostval

  • Revamped Battleon
  • Mogloween
  • Frostval 2012 ( Plain Tree, Tree Decorated )

  • Battleon bathed in Moonlight

    BattleOn News!
    Explore the town's buildings and talk to everyone you see. Click on the mountains to battle monsters, with new enemies every level! «A short description of the week's new release and shop-related updates / discounts follows.»
  • Today's Event - Click here to journey to today's special event.
  • Travel Map - Click here to look at a large map of the world. Many adventurers are found outside of town!

    «In a clockwise manner from the BattleOn News scroll is Aria's shop, Warlic's Shop, Housing Shop, the Guardian Tower, Zard Hunter Shop, Robina's Archery Shop and Yulgar's Inn. You can also interact with Twilly (nearest to you), Aelthai, Valencia (in the background, near the Inn) and Procly (by the fountain). Also the Rip in the Sky is Isle D'Oriens and the Stat Trainers Camp. Click on the mountains to Battle Monsters, and click on the fountain to fully heal yourself.»

  • Earn Free Stuff! - Opens up a new window

  • Elite Items! - See Valencia » Enter the Z-Token Shop!
  • Character Page - Opens a new window
  • House
  • Ballyhoo and Upgrades
  • Change Characters


    Visit Twilly
    Click on Twilly for quests!

    Twilly: Hiyas! My name is Twilly, and I am a Moglin. This is one of my favorite towns in the whole wide world-- the town of BattleOn!
    • How do I start?

        Twilly: You should start by using the Battle Monsters button, which will take you out hunting for monsters near your level. You'll get gold and experience, which you can use to buy better items and train. Then talk to people you meet to go on quests!

        You can learn some basics by visiting my home village of Rugglum.
      • Visit Rugglum

    • Who is standing by the Inn?

        Twilly: That is Valencia, the rare item hunter!

        She travels all around the land of Lore searching for the rarest and most valuable weapons, armors, pets, and more.

        Talk to her to learn how to get some.
      • Go see Valencia - See below

    • Heard any rumors?

        Twilly: Rumors? Sure! I saw a weird plant creature in the forest. It spit seeds at me!! Maybe that's why it's called a Seedspitter. You should go check it out yourself.

        I hear that there is a special spell you can get in Warlic's mage shop that you can actually turn Seedspitters into potions! How crazy!!
      • Hunt the Seedspitter!

    • Moglin Forest!

        Twilly: The Moglin Forest is my home! I am a Moglin! Want to go with me to the forest and see how many monsters you can defeat? It will be a lot of fun and whoever defeats the most monsters will be famous!
      • Let's go!

    • Anniversary Events

        Twilly: Twillies heard there are special anniversary events. The lands of Lore must have been around for a very long time to have such events! They celebrate our heroes with epic quests and rewards!
      • The Dragon of Time
      • Curse of the Phantom Pixel
          One of Drakonnan's rare and powerful Fire Orbs has possessed Artix! Track him down and free him!

        • Fight!
        • Nah.

          «Choosing fight will lead you to fight 8 battles chosen from Random Adventure with a full heal after the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th battles.»

          BATTLE: Shadowfire Artix
          Full Heal

      • Rise of the Shadow Council

    • Show me my Moral Compass!

        Twilly: Whoopee!! Your Moral Compass is a mystical item that shows you your "alignment"-- whether you are more good or evil or lean toward chaos or unity. Everyone starts right in the middle-- Neutral-- and your alignment changes as you make special choices. When you see "Alignment Choice" in a quest, that will change where you fall on your Moral Compass!
      • View my Moral Compass! ( Open / Closed )

    «When talking to Twilly, clicking to the left of him reveals a hole that leads very, very deep down...»

    The Pit
    You have found a secret! It seems to be some sort of hole. It is really deep, and you hear scary noises coming from it. I would not jump down there until level 10 at least!
  • Jump down!

    Write-up by whackybeanz. Thanks to Dragoon for various images of Battleon. Missing information thanks to Archlist.

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  • AQW  Post #: 1
    12/27/2009 18:12:17   

    Visit Aelthai (Miss Fixit)
    Aelthai: «You», hi there! I'm Aelthai - also known as Miss Fixit, among many other names.
    Aelthai: I bet you're wondering why I'm here! I'm one of the Knights of Order (or KoO if you prefer). We are responsible for making sure Lore retains the balance intended by Lorithia.
    Aelthai: I'm also the AdventureQuest Bugs Head Moderator - and so I was elected spokesKnight for this.
    Aelthai: I'm here today to announce the recent changes, updates, and improvements - fixes, even - we have made.

    «Refer to the Miss Fixit Quest Log for the various missions you can undergo.»


    Visit Procly
    Procly: Hear ye! Hear ye! I, Procly the Town Crier, do declaretitles available!
  • What are titles?
      Procly: Titles are honors earned through various tasks. They can show your status and set you apart from your fellow adventurers! They will also appear on your character page, so have fun collecting and showing them off!
    • Title Shop
    • Leave
  • How can I obtain a title?
      Procly: Titles can be earned by completing various tasks - from certain quests, obtaining kills in wars, plus more! You can also purchase some titles from me in my shop!
    • Title Shop - See above
    • Leave
  • Title Shop - See above


    Visit Valencia
    Battleon » Click on Valencia OR Battleon » Visit Twilly » Hello! » Who is standing by the Inn? » Go see Valencia

    Valencia: Hi! You must have heard about my special Z-Token shop. You can get a lot of exclusive and powered-up items with Z-Tokens!
  • Enter the Z-Token Shop!
  • What are Z-Tokens?
      Valencia: Z-Tokens are a rare currency, worth more than gold! You can sometimes find a few when you battle monsters, or you can buy them if you own a Guardian account.
    • Buy Z-Tokens! - Opens a new window
    • What can I get with Z-Tokens? - See 'Enter the Z-Token Shop!' above
    • What is a Guardian?

        Valencia: Guardians are the elite protectors of Lore! As a Guardian, you are equipped with powerful Guardian Plate and the Guardian Blade, and have access to dozens of special items. You also unlock access to every quest and area in the world!
      • Become a Guardian! - Opens a new window
  • What are Golden Giftboxes?
  • Are there Special Offers?
      Valencia: How nice of you to ask! (It's almost like I planted that question....)

      Yes, there are Special Offer items available with Z-Token packages. See the Z-Token page for the current offers! These Special Offers are more powerful than normal items, and you can visit Ballyhoo to get higher level versions - but only if you buy the package!
    • Purchase the package! - Opens a new window
    • Visit Ballyhoo's upgrade shops!
  • Visit Grumbugly (Visit Valencia privately)
  • Have you heard any rumors?
      Valencia: As a rare item hunter, I have heard of the legend of the Crystal Cave. Some say there is a cache of mighty weapons there. (DragonFable crossover adventure)

      I have also heard there is a new gang travelling around that is trying to bully everyone into doing what they want! People have been saying that they were coming this way!
    • Go to the Crystal Cave!
    • Misfit Monster Gang

    Warlord Wardrobe

  • Storied Sword of Ares [L. 11 Z]
  • Fabled Sword of Ares [L. 40 Z]
  • Heroic Sword of Ares [L. 62 Z]
  • Glorious Sword of Ares [L. 80 Z]
  • Epic Sword of Ares [L. 95 Z]
  • Immortal Sword of Ares [L. 110 Z]
  • Mythical Sword of Ares [L. 125 Z]
  • Legendary Sword of Ares [L. 143 Z]

  • Storied Spear of Ares [L. 11 Z]
  • Fabled Spear of Ares [L. 40 Z]
  • Heroic Spear of Ares [L. 62 Z]
  • Glorious Spear of Ares [L. 80 Z]
  • Epic Spear of Ares [L. 95 Z]
  • Immortal Spear of Ares [L. 110 Z]
  • Mythical Spear of Ares [L. 125 Z]
  • Legendary Spear of Ares [L. 143 Z]

  • Storied Quarterstaff of Ares [L. 11 Z]
  • Fabled Quarterstaff of Ares [L. 40 Z]
  • Heroic Quarterstaff of Ares [L. 62 Z]
  • Glorious Quarterstaff of Ares [L. 80 Z]
  • Epic Quarterstaff of Ares [L. 95 Z]
  • Immortal Quarterstaff of Ares [L. 110 Z]
  • Mythical Quarterstaff of Ares [L. 125 Z]
  • Legendary Quarterstaff of Ares [L. 143 Z]

  • Storied Armour of the Warlord [L. 11 Z]
  • Fabled Armour of the Warlord [L. 40 Z]
  • Heroic Armour of the Warlord [L. 62 Z]
  • Glorious Armour of the Warlord [L. 80 Z]
  • Epic Armour of the Warlord [L. 95 Z]
  • Immortal Armour of the Warlord [L. 110 Z]
  • Mythical Armour of the Warlord [L. 125 Z]
  • Legendary Armour of the Warlord [L. 143 Z]

  • Storied Shield of the Warbringer [L. 11 Z]
  • Fabled Shield of the Warbringer [L. 40 Z]
  • Heroic Shield of the Warbringer [L. 62 Z]
  • Glorious Shield of the Warbringer [L. 80 Z]
  • Epic Shield of the Warbringer [L. 95 Z]
  • Immortal Shield of the Warbringer [L. 110 Z]
  • Mythical Shield of the Warbringer [L. 125 Z]
  • Legendary Shield of the Warbringer [L. 143 Z]

    Write-up by whackybeanz. Correction by Archlist.

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  • AQW  Post #: 2
    7/15/2012 11:34:40   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Aria's Pet Shop
    Adopt a widdle killing machine!

    Aria: Hello! I'm Aria. A long time ago, I met up with the Frogzard Hunter and he taught me how to train animals. So I now run this pet shop in Battleon. Can I help you?
  • Buy Pets
      Aria: Thank you for giving one of my creatures a new home! We get new pets all the time and some times we get a limited supply of rare ones! Be sure to check in daily. If you're looking for pets from the sea you should visit Crusty Joe's on Deren's Docks!
    • Thanks
  • Animal Crates
      Aria: There are special crates that were designed for moving wild pets. One day, a few crates fell off my wagon. If you see any crates on your adventurers you can release the animal instead. But be careful, some are dangerous!
    • Will do!
  • Explore
      Aria: Oh, excuse me for a moment... I need to feed the animals.
    • Alright.

      «Aria leaves to tend to her animals. You can call back Aria at any time. You can click around several things and messages will appear. You can see what each of these 'clickies' messages are below. When you call her back, you get this dialogue.»

      Aria: Is there anything else I can help you with?

      «You get the same options as when you first entered the shop.»
  • Valencia?
      Aria: Valencia is a famous rare item and treasure hunter with some special information to share with you. She is just out back behind my shop feeding her mount. You can go talk to her to quest to battle Drakel robots and find the rare Kayda Reaver!
    • Visit Valencia
    • Maybe later
  • Vampragons!
      Aria: Thank you for giving one of my Vampragons a new home!
    • Thanks
  • Save Animals!
  • Ghost Rusters!
  • Snack Time!

      Aria: Oh come to visit my little trobble? She is so adorable isn't she!
    • Very!
    Crate under Trobble
    *****- Animal crates are used for transporting wild animals.
    Crate beside Trobble
    *****- 'This box is S vil safe' Some of the text is covered by a thick layer of dust.
    Sack beside crate
    *****- Mmmmm... it is labeled animal fuuud! *chomp* *chomp*
    *****- 'Hay' leave me alone.
    Zardling (above Trobble)
    *****- A little baby frogzard, also known as a zardling.
    *****- Feared by the forces of evil everywhere. Platypus of Carnage (TM)
    *****- His bark is worse than his overbite. He looks a little... sleepy... or something.
    *****- Vampragons make great pets! They make other pets great snacks!
    *****- Some of these pets are for the birds!
    Leash beside bird
    *****- Sure are a lot of ropes in here... Luckily, this is a leash.
    Centre rope
    *****- This is a special rope for cows, horses, and dragons.

    Grandma Portrait
      Aria: I see you noticed the picture, that is Grams the best beast tamer in all of Lore! It just so happens she is my grandma.
    • Neat!
    Rope beside grandma portrait
    *****- This is a special rope for leashing wild Frogzards.
    Paw Portrait
    *****- Official Certificate of Ultra Mega Cute Cuddly Wuddly Killing Machines!
    Shelf above portraits
    *****- These are... yup, you guessed it! Enchanted Shelves of Shelvage +5!
    Candle on shelf
    *****- Will you light this candle?
    Bird on counter
    *****- The bird is whistling a copyrighted song from another popular game... traitor!
    Blue book on counter
    *****- How to Lose a Guy in 5 Days By Kay Jay Bowling
    Reddish-brown book on counter
    *****- My, Myself, and Iskrema- The Autobiography of an Adventurer By Bill Sharkspear
    Yellow book on counter
    *****- Ultimate Flyrtle Championship- No More Throwing it Yourself! by JJ Oddoobahn
    Choco-brown book on counter
    *****- You're in Trobble Now! - The Ultimate Guide to Everything Trobble By King Steven
    Two bags in front of counter
    *****- Mmmmm... it is labeled animal fuuud! *chomp* *chomp*

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    7/15/2012 13:16:29   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Warlic's Magic Shop
    Master the arcane... and learn how to spell!

    Warlic: Welcome to my magic shop. Here, you can learn new spells, undertake arcane quests, and even use the magic mirror to change your appearance.
  • Buy Magic Equipment
      Warlic: The magic spells that you can learn here can fell even the most dangerous of Dragons. Would you care to look at the scrolls I have available?
    • Beginner Equipment
    • Expert Equipment
    • Back
  • Change Face

      Warlic: You would like to customize your face? I possess a rare mirror that allows those who gaze into it the ability to change their appearance. Would you like to use the mirror? I charge a small fee of 20 gold.
    • Use the Mirror - You can change your gender, face, hair, skin and eyes through this mirror
    • Wow, so many faces!
    • No thanks...
  • Quests
  • Explore Shop
      Warlic: I must check on my experiments. Do not touch anything on the back shelf. There are deadly and unpredictable things there.
    • Sure thing, really!

      «Warlic leaves the scene to tend to his experiments. You can call him back anytime. There are multiple things you can click to get various messages. At the same time, you can drag items from the shelf at the back into the pot at the bottom. All the 'clickies' and "recipes" will be mentioned below.»
  • Class Quests
      Warlic: Magic is the very breath of the universe. Mastering the mystic arts is dangerous and very rewarding. You can begin your magic training as a Mage, or if you have already mastered Mage, you can start training as a more powerful Wizard!
    • Mage Quest!
    • Wizard Quest!
    • Back
  • Mastercraft SetsClickies!
  • Large pot (just above character potrait)
    *****- Too bad we cannot use this mixing bowl... it is HUGE!
  • Dangling Lamp
    *****- Lamps really brighten up my day :-)
  • Purple cloth hanging from ceiling
    *****- Warlic has some nice stuff in here! He must have a great interior decorator.
  • Lamp in the background (left)
    *****- It is bad for your eyes to read scrolls in the dark.
  • Lamp in the background (right)
    *****- The light from the lamps give the items on the shelf an eerie glow.
  • Scrolls on the floor
    *****- These ancient scrolls are written in invisible ink. Or are they just blank?
  • Small pot beside scrolls
    *****- OMG it is... Warlic's lunch? Looks like Chicken Noodle!
  • Large pot beside small pot
    *****- Full of bat wings and frog legs... both taste like chicken.

  • Bag hidden behind blue herb (Only clickable when Warlic is around)
      «Zorbak enters the scene.»

      Zorbak: You found my bag! It is one of my favorite possessions.
      Warlic: Ahem. Zorbak. Would you kindly leave my place of business before I call down a meteor storm upon you? It would be a shame to burn down my shop. But it would be worth it.
      Zorbak: Oh... hehe. I'll be quick. So, Adventurer, since you found my bag, I will sell you one of them if you want it!
    • Buy it!

      «A shop opens for you to buy either Bag o' Bones or Big Bag o' Bones. After you close the shop...»

      Zorbak: Have fun!
      Warlic: ......... 3........... 2............... 1.................

      «Zorbak quickly scuttles away from the scene.»

    «You can mix various ingredients from the shelf at the back into the mixing pot on the shelf to cause various results to occur. Mousing over them will give you a short description.»

    Mermazon Kelp
    *****- Used to create world famous Mermazon Sushi. Good for mana potions.
    Frogzard Tear
    *****- Big Frogzard's don't cry. Except at weddings. Useful for healing.
    Moglin Essence
    *****- Made famous in the movie The Dark Jewel.
    Slattwob Dust
    *****- Dust? Have you ever seen a Slottwob even mop?
    Bad Juice
    *****- Sugar and spice and everything... absolutely horrible!
    Magma Leaf
    *****- Spicy, delicious and nutritious! Do not eat -- extremely toxic.

    «The recipes you can make out of the above ingredients are as follows. All effects are temporary and will disappear when you log out, except for faces, where you can keep your face using Warlic's mirror.»

    Mermazon Kelp + Frogzard Tear + Moglin Essence = Backwards potion
    Formula Discovered!

    Uh oh! A backwards potion! Warlic was not kidding... now you are talking backwards. And your name is backwards! Quick make another to fix it.
  • enoD

    Frogzard Tear + Moglin Essence + Bad Juice = Black Face Potion

    Ouch, what the!?!?
    The potion exploded! Warlic is going to be really mad if he sees this. Maybe you should run... or make some more potions! Oh no, you are covered in charcoal!
    (You will turn back to normal eventually)
  • Sizzle

    Mermazon Kelp + Frogzard Tear + Bad Juice = Green Hair Potion
    Formula Dis... ewwwwww!

    Your hair turned green!
    Well, not all discoveries are worthy of an award. The potion you just created turned your hair... hehe... green! It will turn back to normal eventually.
  • Ewww...

    Slattwob Dust + Bad Juice + Magma Leaf = Pet Rock
    Formula Discovered!

    You have created a pet rock!
    Your new enchanted pet rock will join you in battle for the rest of your adventure today. Unfortunately it will disappear when you log out. Rocks rock!
  • Done

    Mermazon Kelp + Frogzard Tear + Magma Leaf = Health Potion Refill
    Formula Discovered!

    You discovered the Health Potion Formula! All of your starting health potions have been refilled.
  • Done

    Mermazon Kelp + Moglin Essence + Bad Juice = Mana Potion Refill
    Formula Discovered!

    You discovered the Mana Potion Formula! All of your starting mana potions have been refilled.
  • Done

    Mermazon Kelp + Slattwob Dust + Magma Leaf = Teleportation Potion
    Formula Discovered!

    You have created a Teleportation Potion! This is a serious discovery! I wonder where it will take you. I hope it is not some rare event or old school style quest!
    (That would be horrible!)
  • Teleport

    «The teleportation potion brings you to Triple Challenge

    Mermazon Kelp + Bad Juice + Magma Leaf = Teleportation Potion
    Formula Discovered!

    Ye've created a Teleportation Potion! 'tis a deadly serious discovery! I be wonderin' where it be takin' ya? By Davie Jones, it best not be some quest fer landlubbers!
  • Avast Ye!

    «The teleportation potion brings you to Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Recipes thanks to In Media Res. Update to Warlic's menu thanks to The Green Guy and Archlist. Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
    11/15/2012 14:32:32   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Robina Hood's Archery Shop

    Robina Hood: Steal from the rich, give to the... animals! How else do you think monsters get all that loot? I'm the best bowyer in all of Battleon! I've also heard of some interesting rumors...
  • Ranged Weapon Shop
  • Rogue Class
      Robina Hood: *gasp* Are you calling me a Rogue? By the great Tri-farce, I am a Ranger! If you want to be sneaky and play with stabby things you will have to go to Krovesport! (Requires Level 10)
    • Go to Krovesport!
    • Whoops -- sorry.
  • Truphma Saga
  • Quests!
      Robina Hood: You can go to Augerthorne and battle Orcs in order to collect flarinium and power up the awesome Bonecruncher Mace, go monster hunting with me, walk around and search for the elusive Defender Orb and other items...
    • Fight some Orcs!
    • Monster Hunt!
    • The Defender Orb! (special walkaround quest)
    • Next

        Robina Hood: ... challenge the drab Truphma, meet Scakk, investigate the ruins of Rundlecrum, seek out the Horde of Alquemada...
      • Meet Scakk
      • Ruins of Rundlecrum!
      • Treasure of Alquemada!
      • Next

          Robina Hood: .... investigate a mysterious frozen man, quest to stop a half-demon warlord, pursue a RoBear with Jurg the Hunter, or relive Khandie Khain's nightmarish attack on Battleon!
        • New Andy Thaws!
        • Parakkas Unbound!
        • Hunted!
        • Next

            Robina Hood: ... re-live Khandie Khain's nightmarish attack on Battleon, learn about the terrible three-headed dragon Trigoras...
          • Nightmare!
          • Myth of Trigoras!
          • Next

              Robina Hood: ...brave the Maze of the Minotaurs, re-live the moglin's Ode to Seasons, or learn the origin of the ferocious harpies!
            • Minotaur Maze
            • Ode to Seasons
            • [link=]Play the Harpie[/link]
            • Maybe some other time...

          • Maybe some other time

        • Maybe some other time
      • Explore the Shop!
          Robina Hood: Sure, feel free to browse! I'm going to go and do some target practice, just let me know if you need me for anything!
        • Thanks!

          «Robina leaves the scene.»

        • Call Robina Back

          «You can click around for various messages as shown below.»

        • Practice Dummy
          ***** - Practice dummy for honing your skills.
        • Tree (background)
          ***** - Hey, be careful! There's a tree lurking out there!
        • Quiver
          ***** - A quiver of arrows!
        • Poison Bottles on Shelf
          ***** - When regular arrows just won't do, dip them in poison for lethal results.
        • Throwing Knives
          ***** - Not a fan of bows? Try these throwing knives out!
        • Arcane Curve (top right)
          ***** - The Arcane Curve can heal you with its attack!
        • Grim Stalker Bow (below Arcane Curve)
          ***** - The deadly Grim Stalker Bow.
        • Desk
          ***** - A desk with which these arrows doth lay upon!
        • Cello Bow (pinned on desk)
          ***** - The beautiful Cello Bow!
    Update by In Media Res. Corrections thanks to Archlist.

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
    5/7/2016 18:59:38   
    Legendary Scribe of Lore

    Zard Hunter Shop

    Frogzard Hunter: G'day, mate! Welcome to my cozy little place here in town. Would you like to join me on some fun adventures, take the Frogzard Challenge or check out what I have for sale?
  • Frogzard Hunter!
  • Other Quests
  • Frogzard Challenge!
  • My Shop

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
    5/19/2017 11:48:13   
    Legendary Scribe of Lore

    Housing Shop

    Betty Higgins: Greeting! How may we help you today?

  • First time buyer here!
      Betty Higgins: Oh how exciting! I'm Betty Higgins and this is my husband, Marty Higgins! Together we make up the BEST real estate agent team in all of Lore.
      Marty Higgins: That's right, Betty! And boy do we have some nice properties for you to look at today!
      Bulbug: Whoaaaa there, buddy. Tha name's Bulbug and I gots lotsa stuff to sell that goes wit' yer houses. What good be an empty house after all?
      Betty Higgins: It's all very easy! You can buy a house and then use it as a home base for battling monsters. The bigger the house you get, the more features it will have.
      Marty Higgins: Houses range from the humblest tent to magnificent mansion estates!
      Marty Higgins: You can take a home tour to compare prices and features. Find one you like and buy a property from Marty and I. Each property will start as a new plot of land outside town.
      Betty Higgins: Next you need to clear the land of things that will get in the way of building your house-- like trees and monsters. There are SO many monsters in Lore!
      Marty Higgins: Hahaha... You can say THAT again, Betty!
      Betty Higgins: Your house will gain interest and increase in value over time. When you decide to get a bigger house, your old house's value will go toward a new house! Isn't that great?

      Betty Higgins: Marty and I also sell Guards for your home, preventing any raids while you are away adventuring. All other housing items are sold by the Ogre merchant Bulbug, so don't forget to visit him as well!
      Marty Higgins: If you sell your house, all your house items are safely transferred to any new house you buy.
      Marty Higgins: Well, that's it. Now go tour some houses!

    • Take a Tour of Homes!
      • Comprehensive Housing Guide!

        Betty Higgins: While we have many homes available, we will only be touring 1 model and location from each tier. First you will see the outside of a house, then the inside and a list of features. We hope you see something you like!

        Forest Tent

      • Back
      • See the next model!



        Provides a picture frame where you can view your pictures.
        Provides a guard house.
        Adds 2 slots for each equipment type.

        Beach Tiki Hut

        «Click the arrow to enter.»

      • Back
      • See the next model!



        Provides a picture frame where you can view your pictures.
        Provides a guard house.
        Adds 4 slots for each equipment type.
        Refills owner's potion stock to 5.
        Refills visitor's potion stock to 3.
        Increases the number of house item slots to 25.

        Darkovia Log Cabin

        «Click the arrow to enter.»

      • Back
      • See the next model!



        Provides a picture frame where you can view your pictures.
        Provides a guard house.
        Adds 6 slots for each equipment type.
        Refills owner's potion stock to 10.
        Refills visitor's potion stock to 5.
        Increases the number of house item slots to 31.

        Forest Log House

        «Click the arrow to enter.»

      • Back
      • See the next model!



        The Log House offers more potions, a painting frame, and even more extra item storage.

        Darkovian Stone Mansion

        «Click the arrow to enter.»

      • View next room!



        Provides a picture frame where you can view your pictures.
        Provides a guard house.
        Adds 6 slots for each equipment type.
        Refills owner's potion stock to 10.
        Refills visitor's potion stock to 5.
        Increases the number of house item slots to 31.

        «Stone Mansions have multiple rooms, including a bedroom and stables.»



        Provides a Battle Viewer Parchment.
        Allows an overview of the house, and a view of the neighbourhood.
        Provides powerful temporary weapons to the owner.
        Mighty mounted armors to carry you into battle.

      • Back
      • Visit an Estate!

        Frostvale Mansion Estate

      • View property!



        Much larger homes have estate properties.
        Provides a guard house.
        Adds 12 slots for each equipment type.
        Refills owner's potion stock to 20.
        Refills visitor's potion stock to 10.
        Increases the number of house item slots to 44.

        «Clicking View Estate shows the houses estate.»



        With an Estate, and the right buildings, you can get a whopping 25% discount off prices for Stat Training!
        Manage your resources and upgrade buildings to their maximum potential.
        Build and command your army, sending them into wars.

      • Comprehensive Housing Guide!

        Betty Higgins: Well that concludes our Tour of Homes! What would you like to do now?

      • Tour Houses Again
      • Go Back to Shops

    • Buy Home or Guards - Opens Higgins Real estate Shop.
    • Maybe later.
  • Buy a Home or Guards - See Above
  • Back to Town

    Betty Higgins: I hope you find the home of your dreams!

    «Click Bulbug the Ogre to interact with him.»

    Bulbug: Well hello 'der. If you are looking for accessories to complete your perfect home, you have come to tha right fella.

  • Visit Housing Shop! - Opens Bulbug's House Extras Shop.
  • Maybe another time.

    Bulbug: Come back soon and get something else so's I stay in business, okay?

  • Bulbug - Bulbug, the ogre housing merchant!
  • Globe - You can use World Portals to build your own army!

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